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Handbrake users -- best settings to convert H264 to H265

Q: Handbrake users -- best settings to convert H264 to H265

Hi there

Converting 1080p MKV files encoded in H264 to H265

What's the best setting to use keeping original quality as much as possible -- a 2hr film currently with my H264 encode is around 4GB for MKV file.

The source is full HD 1080p captured from SKY Q minibox. Quality on playback is excellent but I want to store a lot of these on an external HDD so want to compress the size down a bit.

(note you need to use an HDMI splitter to get stuff off the SKY Q minibox otherwise the capture device won't see anything (DRM).

The capture device doesn't unfortunately capture in H265 which is why I need the conversion step.

I would like to get about 50% of that size with H265 - but not sure of the settings in Handbrake I should use.

Any video editors here --help please !!!!!

I'm not bothered if the final container is MKV or MP4 so long as it's encoded H265 and quality is very similar (preferably identical) to original file.


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Preferred Solution: Handbrake users -- best settings to convert H264 to H265

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi there

It seems that the new "Standard" video streaming codec for 1080p full HD will be H265 instead of H264 -- advantage of this is that apparently for the same quality file size will be 50% less -- great for those with either capped usages or slow downloads or even for those who watch streamed video on their mobile phones (Sky sports for example using the Sky Go service !!).

Anybody know when we can start seeing this codec go mainstream.

Looks like you might need a new phone however -- unless Samsung etc can release a Firmware update --no reason why they shouldn't but corporate greed might rear it's ugly head again and require us to buy new ones even though the latest set of smart phones are absolutely first class.

The h.265 codec is finally complete, here's why it's going to matter


A:H265 to replace H264 for video streaming

looks good , ,low bandwidth and size ,with quality, being the best benefit i guess ,not for me though , i still use a flip phone that i cant even get the pictures off of ,and a desktop computer ,lol

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I have a 1080p video (BBC's Planet Earth documentary),but it is in .m2ts format, and i wont to convert it into something more convenient, like .mov,or .mp4,or even .m4v with H.264I tried using various software ,but i get a huge (50 GB) file and i can't play it in either of my players I put constant quality, could it be because of that ?

A:Convert .m2ts with Handbrake

sorry, but we cannot assist with this, unfortunately.

from the rules page:

Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out.Click to expand...

closing thread, thanks for understanding.


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Hi there

Using Plex for 1080p with 6Ch and codec HEVC H265 transcoding always seems to take place and video pauses frequently even on megafast Network connection.

If I drop the audio to 2CH then it works fine seems PLEX has problem with the AUDIO rather than the video codec --strange though.

It all works at 720p whatever audio but I do prefer the full 1080p on decent TV's.

Is there any way to either "Pre-transcode in advance" or fix the audio problem -- 2Ch is OK but full 6 Ch is great for some movies.
Using HEVC H265 saves HUGE amounts of disk space at 1080p and will be even better for 4K UHD TV too.


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Q: h264

I pulled some video from a security camera system and the files came in as a h264 extention. I'm looking for either a player for the extention (windows media, divx, quicktime, etc. are not working) or a codex pack to make them work with the h264 extention. Or a final option some freeware to convert the file to an avi or mpg file.


I havre several PCs which are hot-desked with many users.

Can I make cretain IE security settings (Internet Options/Security/Local Intranet/Sites/Advanced) available to all users without having to change these settings one at a time for all users on all PCs.

Thanks in advance.

A:IE settings for all users

If they are XP Pro or Windows 2000 Pro, you can set a Local Policy.

Start > run > gpedit.msc

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I run Windows XP Pro. I want to set one user settings the way I want
and have all other users have the same desktop, bkmks, screen savers,
programs load, etc. etc. It is time consuming to set up all the same
programs for each user.

I have read about permissions, group policies, roaming profiles, etc
I am confused what to do.

I don't connect to a network it is just for one laptop computer with
two other users profiles.

thanks in advance

Mark S

A:< Same Settings for all Users >

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I am trying to apply settings for all our users on windows XP workstations, for example language settings or power settings. The problem is that when I change a setting on the adminstrative account I find that it doesnt take effect in the other user accounts. Does anyone know how to apply the settings for everyone on the workstation?

A:Settings for all users

Group Policy is what you are looking for,you can find out more here:
www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/ planning/management/groupsteps.asp - 101k - 10 May 2004

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-What is the difference between baseline and main profile in SUPER?
-What does those levels mean? i.e. 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 2 /............./ 5 / 5.1

Thank you

A:H264/AVC Levels


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Hey there

I allways exported my movies as Quicktime with H264 codec, and they allways work.
Now, i have installed windows vista x64 and i cant see movies with this codec.

Whats the problem ? Help me please

A:H264 codec

Hello oirartnoc,
It looks like you will have to install the x64 codec pack.
Found this, take a look and see if it helps.
Good luck, post your results.

How do I get H.264 AVI's playing in Vista x64? - Rage3D Discussion Area

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I have a lot of video files that are in the .mp4 container with H264/AAC codecs - now the problem is, 2 of the files appear as "corrupted data" on my PS3 even though they seem to have the same codec. Is there some more detailed aspect of the codec that may be causing this problem, and if so, is there any way to fix it?


A:PS3 playing mp4 H264/AAC

Any ideas?

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Recently when I restarted my computer, it started up without my settings (background, files, etc.). At first I thought them to be lost, but in Documents and Settings I found my user name folder (John Smith) with all of my files and data in it. However, there is also a new folder (John Smith.JOHN) which seems to be the "user" that my computer is starting up to (i.e. the favorites in this folder match the favorites that are now being displayed on my computer). This new "user" is not listed in the Control Panel Users menu.

How can I delete this new folder and get my computer to start up with my old settings? In other words, I wish to delete "John Smith.JOHN" and only have "John Smith." It should be noted that the "Administrator" folder in Documents and Settings has the exact files as the new John Smith.JOHN folder. I would like to be the sole administrator and have my old files back in that folder. I cannot figure out how to do this since I cannot delete "John Smith.JOHN" while I am logged in as this profile. Again, I cannot switch users as this "user" does not exist except in the Documents and Settings folder.

Thank you sincerely for your help and advice.

A:Users in Documents and Settings

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I recently reinstalled Win Xp. I use Windows Explorer quite frequently. When I open the tree :My Computer
+ Local Disk(C)
+ Documents and Settings
+All Users
+Default User

How did I get Owner ? All the other times I've installed XP(many),the "Owner" has been my name that I give the computer.

A:Documents and Settings-users

Is it a recovery disk or an actual Install disk? Just create a new user and delete the Owner one.

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I use this folder to keep icons on the desktop for our users. A few computers in one of the labs have this folder missing. Students probably got to messing around and deleted it.

Is there anyway to rebuild this folder to serve it's purpose or am I going to have to re-image the machine?

A:C:\documents and settings\all users is gone!

Hi Seth

You might first check to see if those pesky students changed the folder's properties to hidden - just as a prank [set the View in Windows Explorer to show hidden files temporarily].

That's the nice thing about having a backup image handy = they are great for computer labs at schools.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

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When I send something to my desktop, it does not go where I think it should. I have 2 users in my C:\Documents and Settings. (I did not put either of them there). I sign in with Username. It does not go there in Username, Desktop. It goes to Username.ROOTS, Desktop, and shows on my desktop. If I put something in Username, Desktop, it does not go to my desktop. I do not have a Username.ROOTS shown in User Accounts. No other accounts. If I go to User Accounts, and make Username1, and sign in with it. Then delete Username, will it get rid of Username.ROOTS. Also will it make a Username1.Roots, and use it. I would like to get rid of these extra accounts in Documents and Settings.

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I'd like to get some input from Windows 7 users regarding the User Account Control (UAC) feature, whether you use it or not (and why/why not if you choose to add) and opinions on it's usefulness, effectiveness, etc. and of course, whether you find it just plain annoying.


A:Windows 7 users UAC settings

While I always suggest that users leave UAC settings alone, I don't follow my own advice. I set UAC to off on my systems. Needless to say I take every other precaution to insure that the system is well protected and safe. New users should certainly leave it at default, and more experienced users are safe setting it to a lower setting - but still on. An easy way to manage uac is with a simple third party app name tweakuac: http://www.tweak-uac.com/home/ .

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Since the search engine doesn't work on this forum, I'll create a new post. I'm trying to set up different IE security settings for the different users on my XP Home machine. Specifically, I want more strict settings when my kids are logged in.

I can't seem to figure out how to change the settings for a specific user. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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I am using windows Vista. I have a Documents and Settings folder and a Users Folder. They seem to be exact duplicates. The Users seems to be in use more than the Documents and Settings. I would like to delete one or the other but do not want to corrupt my system. Is it safe to delete one and if so, which?

Is this a result of running a registry optimizer?

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Some time ago I tried to simplify my logon users.
This has not caused a problem, but now my owner name is M7070N\HP_Administrator
And my File/Folder ownership is varied between Administrators and M7070N\HP_Administrator

I would like to clean this up … and learn how… “Safely”

I would like to retain all my current settings …
change the logon ownership name back to just plain “Administrators” …
remove the HP_Administrator folder from my Documents & Settings … and maybe the All Users …
and change all the file/folder ownership names back to just plain Administrators.

Or is this just plain not worth messing with ?

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XP Pro - 4 Users - All have Admin rights - 2 users all normal - 2 users settings all gone-cannot reset-Start Menu left side blank-cannot change Internet Options on IE - background colors in all settings boxes appears grey - Windows Media Player repeats setup wizard over and over when trying to play music - cannot change anything ???

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We have a Windows Server computer with many many individual user accounts. Is there a way to make changes to core settings (such as printer choice) for all users, or do I need to log in to each account individually?

Edit: Sorry, I put the [Windows 10] tag on the post, reflexively.

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My issue is IE6 in W2K, how could I make all users or any new users for that matter, make there internet settings all the same. specifically the homepage, privacy websites. Any suggestions...

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Hi, I've recently started using Windows XP (Pro) with two user-accounts, one for my girlfriend and one for me, to keep all our preferences and documents seperated.
This works great for the most part, but today I noticed a weird thing. It seems that the choice of default webbrowser is not user-dependend? When I choose Firefox as the default browser in my settings, it is automatically the same for my girlfriend. When I change her specifically back to IE, my setting is also changed.

Is this a shortcoming in the personal settings, or am I overlooking something?

Thanks, Peter

A:Multiple users and personal settings


the user interface in Windows XP does not provide an option for setting the default browser for each user.

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Kaspersky tells me there is a 2 viruses in my Document and Settings and I have tried there and in USERS/All users, etc and it to is ACCESS IS DENIED and I want to confirm that Kaspersky DID delete all traces of that virus.
HOW do I get this get to these folder to check? Ask my mother or my priest for permission to access my own computer that i bought and paid for. Of course I am misguided as i believe that I should have access to my own computer.

But don't want to get started on my rant about Microsoft 7 and "permissions" and "access" to my computers. the ole "pay us but don't expect any access"

anyone know how to get around this madness?


Login as an administrator.

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In Win2k and XP you have a C:\Documents and settings\All Users folder by default. My questions is can I make every user that logs into this XP Pro PC use that folder and settings folder with out creating a new folder for each user. i.e. Mofo logs on to that PC and C:\Documents and Settings\mofo folder gets created and new settings are in effect and more disk space is used. I want every user that uses this PC to have the same exact desktop and settings and when Mofo changes the desktop then the next user that logs on to this PC gets that change.



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Today I tried to add an account to my Windows 10 computer (Version 1607 Build 14393.321). Not something I do very often so I Googled it. When I select Settings - Accounts, I do not see the option for "Family and other users" like the screen image below. This image is not from my machine - it's from a site that shows how to add an account.

What I see is shown in the screen shown below. If I click on the big + box for "Add someone else to this PC:, I do not get a screen that says "Add a child or an adult?" and then "Lets create an account".

When I click on "Other People" and then the PLUS box for "Add someone else to this PC" it takes me to the inset box in the 2nd screenshot below. From there, I can select Users, then from the Action option, New User, then fill in the boxes. I have no idea why what happens on my PC is totally different than the several web sites I found that take you through this process. Any ideas are appreciated.

A:Family & Other Users does not appear in Settings - Accounts

The instructions and the screenshot on the other site you mention describe how it's done in Windows 10 Home and Pro. You are using Windows 10 Enterprise by the looks of it.

On Windows 10 Enterprise edition:
Select the Start button, then select Settings > Accounts > Other people > Add someone else to this PC.


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Hi, got a question, need ur guys help here...
how come when i put some link in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Favorites , it doesnt reflect on all the users who log in to the computer..

whereas if i put a notepad here
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop

i will show on everyone.


A:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Favorites

Each user has a separate folder even when the only user is also the administrator. In
XP, the obvious reproduction of a duplicate default can clearly be seen by opening the
"doc+settings" folder to see the process there. Try copying the file to a user named in
the desktop. Favorites is mainly for the IE6.0 browser links dragged off a web page.

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i got a terrible headache , i spent all the afternoon to browse my Documents and Settings & users folder , no way , i was not able!

today i installed photoshop cs4 32 bit on my w7 32bit

i tried to browse Documents and Settings ->denied access

i tried to customize cs4 keyboard shortcuts and and menu

i tried to browse the folder user
i found my name , clicked on application data ->access denied

i was not able to browse these folders

i tried Add_Take_Ownership.reg , nothing

i'm really sad

is there a way to take control of my pc
i'm the administrator
i want to browse my pc
i bought w7 ultimate(ultimate only to have 2 language ,mine and my girlfriend) and it was not cheap

is there a way to take Ownership of my pc?


ps i'm almost disperate
have a great day

A:Documents and Settings & users not accessible

hi drugo, you could try a system restore prior to when you had problems System Restore or if that fails a repair install Repair Install hope that helps you

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I can't seem to find my personal settings after my machine loads my account settings. As of Friday, they were all there from Favorites to Recent Docs etc. Even some files on my C:\ are missing. Should I run a system restore or does anyone have an other advice?


A:Can't see users profile settings, i.e. Favorites

hello & welcome to TSF,

this sounds like your system has been infected with this type of change

it is most likely maleware or a trojan maybe a virus

follow this link


please read all instructions & follow them / save all logs from scans to the desktop for ease of reposting / if you have probs. with any of the steps make a note to add with your new post


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I am looking for ideas on how to back up my users settings. I need ideas beyond, windows system back up, or coping the users folders. I want something that will back up all there settings and then allow me to redeploy on any other system. Example I have a user that is currently connected to the domain, would like to remove her account from the domain and just let her be a local user or maybe give her a new computer and her just be a local user. I want all of this users settings, outlook, bookmarks, right down to icons on her desktop to move along with her. Is there a good, somewhat easy way to do this, maybe a good set of tools, some special software? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance.

A:Best practices for backing up users settings?

I am thinking of maybe exporting that.. my original post is not really what you would use.. Use a flash drive to put that users info on , maybe ?

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One of my users wants to use a different Office Assistant in MS Word. Pain in the *** I say, but it's a simple change so I go to make it.
She can't change it logged on as herself due to access restrictions. I try to map the drive as the admin but can't due to conflicting credentials or something of that nature. Then I log on as admin and make the change, but of course the change isn't propagated into the users account. And this brings me to my point. I'm new to administrating on a corporate level so bear with me...

We have our users locked down, and that won't change. So, when one of them wants a change to their system that requires admin rights, how do I do it and make sure the change happens to the user's account as well. Is there some way I can log on as admin in their account? With the above example what's the solution?


A:Admin trying to make changes to users settings

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I looked up the programs running in the background on my computer and at least 6 of them are caused by worms. Norton does not detect them and adaware doesn't remove them. In the meantime when I looked under documents and settings I see there are two sets of user folders. One set is the user name.my computer name, the other is just the user name. One set has a different "date created" than the other, but the newer set has most recent files, etc. How do I get rid of one set?

I have an emachine running XP. 120 GB hard drive and 2800 processor. Thanks

A:two sets of users under docs and settings

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Hello everyone! Just faced a problem where my "users" link under PC settings have just completely dissapeared... Also when i got to: "Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts" i see the links:
Change your account typeManage another accountChange user account control settings
but if i click on one of these links - nothing happens. I am logged as administrator and using Win8 64bit. Thanks in advance

A:Users link under PC settings dissappeared!

Same problem here!!! Windows 8 Pro (italian)

I have an user account connected with hotmail.

Even enabling and using the users "Administrator", i can't access to Users settings, i can't access to the UAC setting... like someone have disabled it.

I have some problem in services too (descriptions are gone!)
And when i click to some "uac" protected buttons i have this error

I have do a lot of thing, sfc, chkdsk, anti malware (from normale and safe mode, with or without administrator user)

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I have an HP Compaq Elite 8300 with a very bare-bones install of 8.1 Enterprise. We have it connected to a 75" Samsung Smart TV and is used to give presentations in a boardroom-type setting. What i am trying to do is set the DPI settings for all users to 150% Whether they have logged in or not.
I found a Technet article saying to change the following registry setting:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current\Software\Fonts

but to no avail.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Im working with windows 2000 and have been hooked up to a small peer to peer network. However we have now changed to having to log on to the server due to new software and machines. Now that I have a new Identity whenI log on to the server...none of my old setings are there ... its like starting fresh with a new pc. Is there a way to copy or import all my settings from my old identity to my new one...for example: my Outlook express contacts, account & preferences? And I mean everything like desktop background etc. Otherwise its gonna take a bit of pissing around to get it all back to the way I had it before

Would appreciate any help on this one... thanks

A:Copying users settings between identities

You can set up Roaming Profiles on a host machine.

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I'm running XP with two users. I'd like to have most of the programs, but not all of the folders available, both on this PC, the laptop, and on my home network. ( I realize that programs can only run on the PC they are loaded on ).

For example, when my wife signs on using her User name, I'd like for her to get Outlook with all of the files and folders, same as my settings. Right now, she gets Outlook, but not the same folder setup.

I'd also like to share all of my folders on the network, but only on my User name, not hers, and vice versa.

Is this possible, or is it too complicated for XP?


A:Setting up Multiple Users with same settings?

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I’m installing a scanner on a windows 2000 machine that will be used by 4 users. I would like to set it up so when a different user logs in the scanner settings (OCR settings, pixel resolution, etc…) are the same for everybody. How can I do this?


A:keeping same settings for all users in win2000

anybody have an idea?

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Recently I had problems trying to figure out how to get 720p h264 high definition blu-ray copies mp4 video files to play on my computer. I have an HDTV, computer with a High Definition graphics card, and an HDMI output port to connect my computer to my tv using HDMI cables. Now, I fooled around for the longest time because my main problem was that the mp4 files I downloaded were slow, glitchy, jumpy, and all. The audio worked fine, but the video was the problem.

Some suggestions I saw online were to download certain programs (example: quicktime, vlc media player, etcetera). I already VLC and Quicktime so I skipped those suggestions. Then there were suggestions for downloading codecs (example: ffdshow, cole2k media codec pack (advanced), etcetera). In the past I had problems with another computer for different reasons and the suggestions people made to me were the codec packs I named. I tried to install and everything and they did not work so I thought nothing of it when I was suggested this time around to download and install them. I tried a few other things but eventually came back to the codec packs suggestion. I downloaded Cole2k media codec pack (advanced) first. I installed it and that came to fix the problem. So tada! My blu-ray rip movies were working and they looked beautifully on my HDTV playing from the computer.

Well, today, the problem has started happening again. Exact same problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the codec pack, and it did not wor... Read more

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System: Q9550 stock (2.83 x 4) - 4GB ram - vista u 64 - 9800gx2(x2) (1gb total)

Problem: I cant seem to get mkv files to run smooth (using vlc). For the most part, playback is ok, but during certain scenes (often very busy ones), it freezes up and skips 6-10 secs.

Now i'm sure I have way more than enough firepower to run these cpu intensive files as I was reading about people with similar problems with P4 and such...

Also note, I tried switching between ffdshow and coreavc pro, without much result, videos react the same with both.

THanks in advance all!

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I only recently found out you shouldn't use your administrators account to work online when possible. Is there a way to get all my bookmarks, desktop settings, and various configurations to another user account? Any help appreciated.

A:Is there a way to import settings/history between users on a computer?

Hello ,

i know this states (corrupt) but i beleive that this is what you want to do

should work any way

follow the link


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Is there a way to establish exact desktop settings for multiple domain users on a single workstation? We're not using roaming profiles in this situation as they can be problematic. We're having to do this manually and it is terribly time consuming. Thanks for any advice.

A:identical desktop settings for multiple users

Create Local Policies should work.

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I am looking for a third party software to allow myself to do all the following, on a networked computer.
I am setting up multiple users as local users and not adding them to the domain, but I have added the workstation to domain. I need the users to have internet access.
When starting/restarting Windows, I want to auto-logon the users I have set up. I want to load up to the Switch User screen as the default screen on startup.
On the switch user screen, I want the user to be able to double click on thier name and go straight to their desktop without prompting for a password.
I would like to be able the change the lock screen to the switch user screen, for the: On resume, display logon screen (option) and not log off the current user when it switches from thier desktop to the switch user screen.
I know this is a lot. If I need to install more than one third party software to do this, that will be fine too. Any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Managing multiple users and system settings

Logging on Automatically is easy enough to do. Log On Automatically at Startup

For the other stuff you may need to go into the Group Policy Editor, look through there and work with the settings, I can't say precisely which settings would have the desired effect.

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Hi, I am using win xp prof. media center edition, and using modem/router to access internet, and have set my pc to have a static IP address so I can use the port forwarding features in my router to allow programs to access the internet. But, I think it is each time a different user logs into windows OR randomly, the settings I have specified in:

control panel/network connections/local area connection-properties-TCP/IP properties

They change from my specified IP addresses that work (IP address,subnet mask,default gateway,and DNS server addresses) to the "obtain an IP address automatically".

This leaves other users unable to have a working internet connection (they don't know how to put back the correct settings in the TCP/IP properties box) so does anyone know why windows is doing this, or perhaps if It could be a program doing this (unlikely) and how to stop it, so that my manually inputted settings are always there and dont disappear?

Any help much appreciated.

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We are on a domain, but a lot of our people work in the field. We are trying to find something other than a GPO.

Our Medical records system requires specific IE settings. I cannot manually change all settings now due to existing GPO's that are in place. If I were to get a clean install computer not on our domain and manually set the IE settings as needed, can I then
export those settings and have those exact settings apply on all domain users computers? If so, how do I do that? I need specific steps so since I am not well versed in this. I saw one post where someone said, import/export file, then export the file. That
doesn't help. How do I do that? What type of file is then output? How do I apply that file to other users computers. Example, we need trusted sites zone edited, but cannot, because there are existing GPOS. I just want to set IE settings, export those settings
and then have them apply to all domain accounts.

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Hi all

New user here. I'm pretty good with Windows and computers in general, but can't figure out this new problem. I started worked from home recently, and find myself easily distracted by going online (facebook, etc) or going through my personal files on my computer.

I download an app called Cold Turkey which works well for blocking websites and programs I shouldn't be using during work hours. This is great.

To block myself from my personal files, I installed another hard drive to save my work files on. Then I created a standard user (my work account) and blocked it from accessing my personal hard drive. (My C: drive is separate SSD). I then made another standard user for my personal desktop, and used the parental settings to not allow me to login to that account during work hours. I let my wife create a password for the admin user, which I am not allowed to know, and I only change settings with her letting me into the admin user.

In summary, as it stands:
work user: standard, no access to personal drive
personal user: standard, restricted to login during non-work hours only
admin user: full rights, only my wife knows the password

Now, the problems. I can't install new software under my work user or my personal user without my wife being home to insert the password. This is annoying and unnecessary and sometimes I need to install something for work and I have to wait until later when she's home.

Second, there is one program in my personal user desktop that i... Read more

A:Custom security settings for users needed

The 3rd party program you need is YOU.
A married man should have the maturity to control their use of a computer.

noun: maturity
the state, fact, or period of being mature.
"their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic"
synonyms:adulthood, majority, coming-of-age, manhood, womanhood More

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Hi All

I would like to know if someone could help me with the following issue.

Currently I am setting up a stand alone machine which has one admin account and multiple user accounts.

I want to be able to allow users to change their network adaptor settings without windows 7 prompting them for the admin password and username. I am happy for it to ask for the users credentials when they are doing the change, but currently they need the admin password which I do not want to give to them. The network Configuration Operator account type still prompts for the admin password, not the user password

Is there a way to downgrade the account required to change the network adaptor setting? The computer itself also has duel nics.

My other issue, which is somewhat unrelated is that when I apply a SSLF GPO to the laptop, it prevents the user from even getting to the credentials menu, and comes up saying an unexpected error occured.

If someone could help with my main problem though that would be appreciated.


A:Network Adaptor settings and normal Users

Hello CeJay;

Is this to be a Windows 7 Home Premium or Pro version stand alone machine?


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