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Thinkpad E440 - on screen indicator bars for brigh...

Q: Thinkpad E440 - on screen indicator bars for brigh...

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Preferred Solution: Thinkpad E440 - on screen indicator bars for brigh...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


About a week ago the indicators which show volume, brightness and other function features disappeared. I can still turn these up and down, but don't have an indicator showing me the levels.
I'd like to know why this happened rather suddenly? And how can I fix it?  
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Thinkpad E440 - on screen indicator bars for brigh...

mind if you write what laptop this is about? since if yours isnt a x series then you posted in wrong section.

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About a week ago the indicators which show volume, brightness and other function features disappeared. I can still turn these up and down, but don't have an indicator showing me the levels. I'd like to know why this happened rather suddenly? And how can I fix it?  

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I believe this is being posted in the proper topic.

I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition on a HP Pavilion a1630n.

I've started taking an interest in security and done some work making my computer safe. However, today I lost the green volume indicator bars that used to come up when I adjusted the speaker volume from my keyboard.

On a HP laptop it is a software program called Quick Touch that handles this duty but I can't seem to find a comparable program for my operating system and model of computer.

A:Missing On-Screen Volume Indicator Bars

This is not likely tied to your efforts into security. If it is relivant, you still need a workaround.

Diffrent programs render things in diffrent ways. Video and sound do not often compete.

If a client based program(config bad) is not effecting your screen(can't fix it), it's probably time to uninstall the driver.

Try this:
Obtain the current driver set for your device.
Uninstall everything(program wear in Add/Remove..) related to your product. !!Don't Reboot!!

Remove the device from "Device Manager", selecting the "delete driver" option in the prompts.

Use your archived source to install a new driver environment.
Reinstall the programs that allow you acces to the device(profile programs)

Let me know how it comes out.

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About a week ago the indicator bar which shows what's happening with volume, brightness, and other functions disappeared, but the functions still work and can be changed.  Besides adding Skpye and a conexant audio device apps, and usual windows updates, I don't think anything has changed?  Why did the indicator disappear and how do I get it back? 

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A:No on-screen indicator bars for brightness volume ...

Okay, so problem solved, though I'm not sure what I did exactly. On the off chance that the conexant audio app was the problem, I uninstalled it. When windows rebooted, i got a message that I had no audio device and that windows was trying to fix the problem. To confirm this, I tried to watch somethng on Netflix and sure enough, no sound. However, a moment later when i went back to Netflix, I had sound AND the indicator bars have returned, AND the audio device is on my laptop, showing that it was installed (could it be reinstalled?) today! 

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Hello guys, I have a problem with my beloved Thinkpad X260 relating to the CapLocks. Today the CapsLock screen indicator (native pop-up) has stopped showing up in my screen and it is quite an inconvenient as I need to do guess work when introducing password and working on emails. Is there anyway to make it appear or manage this? Thanks in advance for your help   

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I've been having similar issues as the other people on this board with the OLED screen.  It started off, only being an issue when below a certain percentage and would go back to normal after incrases the brightness, then eventually became where it didn't matter the brightness. Sometimes it would be blue bars across the screen, when it's really bad, the screen would have a dark red hue and black bars. Sometimes the blue bars would go away if I turn off the display, but eventually come back.  But I sent it in for repairs, but the issue is, the problem is the issue isn't consistent. According to the website they managed to fix the device all in one day, is there anyway to figure out what they did to the laptop? I'm worried they recieved the laptop and when they  turned on the laptop, they didn't see the issue and just sent it back. Because right before I shipped it, the screen was working fine at that moment. I'm only trying to get everything done, before semester starts back in January and before my warranty expires. (While the OLED screen is very beautiful, I honestly don't trust it to hold up.) 

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Hey..how are you!

Hope you can help...Just upgraded from ME to XP home and volume indicator bars are missing. Volume keys are working on keyboard to control volume...but no green bars..

Thanks in advance for your help.



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I have Thinkpad E440. It stopped working after turning it on after sleep. I browsed thru the forums and found it could be problem with motherboard. I ordered a new motherboard and replaced the old now. Now, when I turn on the power, 1) the power light turns on for a few seconds2) I see the fan turns on as well.but, the system won't start.I also tried removing the CMOS battery and disconnecting it for cpl of days and connecting. still no luck.Appreciate any suggestions to fix this.  

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Hi,I am shopping for a new laptop and am looking at the E440, E540, T440, and T440s. I would like to know the maximum RAM that can be installed in the E440 and E540. I can't find this information anywhere. Also, this is called the "E Series" on the website, but here it says "Edge". I assume this is the same thing?  I also went to Crucial.com to look at memory and see how much the maximum was, but they do not show the E Series, only the Edge. Thanks,Kkb

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A:Maximum RAM on E440 and E540 Thinkpad laptops

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
The maximum memory that can be installed in a Lenovo ThinkPad E440 and E540 is 16GB.
The E stands for Edge series.
Best regards,

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My Lenovo thinkpad edge e440's optical drive is not functioning. When the disc tray release button is pressed the tray won't open and there is a blinking green light on the exterior optical drive housing and a sound like the motor inside is trying to push open the tray but can't. If I use a paperclip to press the manual release button and load a disc the opical drive doesn't rotate the disc once closed. The laptop makes some noise as if the optical drive is trying to rotate the disc but after a while goes silent as if there wasn't a disc in there in the first place. 

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Dear All, I bought Thinkpad Edge E440 almost two weeks ago. The problem is it randomly lags and stutter without reason. For example I was writing documents on Microsoft Word, plays music on foobar2000 and doing some light browsing (only few tabs) but randomly the music lags for 1-2 seconds. It doesn't skip, it lags or stutter (sorry I don't know the right term). Also sometime it took awhile to open a new tab on firefox web browser while usually it took instantly.Another example is I play two online games, World of Tanks (WoT in short, a tank simulation game) and Ghost Recon Phantoms (a shooting game). When I play both game, the gameplay went smooth but randomly it lags or stutter like 1 second on more, then it went smooth again and then stutter again. The game doesn't became slow (which is called FPS drop if I am not wrong), the display just stop moving and mouse/keyboard become unresponsive during the lag/stutter period. On the other hand I also played WoT on my Pentium 4 PC and it went smooth without any lags, though of course the settings is inferior to my E440 laptop (Ghost Recon Phantoms can't be played on my Pentium 4 so I won't compare it). Also sometimes the audio sounds 'spiky'. As I searched online, people said that this is called/related to Latency problem and I should use LatencyMon to check it. After using LatencyMon I found several 'culprits' which causes big latency such as NDIS.sys, ACPI.sys, ATAPORT.sys, storport.sys, etc. I also tried to ... Read more

A:Thinkpad Edge E440 Random Lags, Stuttering, Latenc...

Hallo Tahta, i have the same problem with my E440 (in Germany it's named S440) The touchpad lags sometimes for 1-2 seconds or stutter a little bit. I am using Debian on this Laptop. So it can't be a driver issue on Windows. I have changed the sensitivity of the touchpad and it did become a little bit better. The laptop has Core i5-4210, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Greets Sebastian

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 I ran a hardware scan via the Lenovo Solution Center and my laptop passed every test but three contained in the "storage devices" subsection. The tests were the - Targeted read test- SMART short self test- SMART drive self test. with a result code of WHD01V01I-UL7A6K. My OS is windows 10 64-bit. What do these failed tests mean? Is there a way to fix them?

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Hey guys, Just reading the manual for the E440, currently looking at buying it and saw that they is the possibliity for a M2 SSD. Apparently the wireless is integrating so I am assuming that there is a slot next to the battery. Can anyone confirm. Cheers.

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A:M2 SSD - E440 14" touch screen

Hi Lambshanks,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per your query we understood that you are looking M2 SSD & Wireless on ThinkPad E440.
As you have mentioned only Wireless card, we assume that you wanted to know about Wireless LAN.
In this regard we want to assist you that the system is having Wireless LAN.
The M2 SSD optional is for Wireless WAN. In that you can use either M2 SSD card or Wireless WAN.
For complete details on that you can check with this link, on page 71.
Hope this helps. 
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Hi, On my Lenovo Thinpad P52 running windows 10 the HDD LED indicator is always ON (almost never blink). I noticed that on all windows 10 version (and also in debugging mode without any services in msconfig)The LED blink normally during boot and for 1 or 2 minutes after the windows login. And after that, it never blink and remain always on (except during sleep)I don't noticed any I/O with task mananger and the little utility LED CONTROL show no disk access.I have 3 SSD (2 nvme, one intel build in by lenovo and one samsung 950 pro with samsung drivers) and 1 2,5" SATA (samsung)both windows and samsung drivers tested with same reslut.Drivers, BIOS and OS fully updated (with Lenovo Vantage) Thnaks if you notice the same or/and have a solution.

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Hi, I'm using a ThinkPad W510 but I notice that the HDD light is always on, though there's no significant I/O task. I remember the HDD light is blinking only when you're doing something with the hard disk, and most of other time, it stays off. The machine is run with Windows 8. Don't know if there's anything wrong with it. Does anybody have the same situation? \ Thanks alot


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A:ThinkPad W510 HDD LED indicator always on

Hi tuananh87vn,
Have you checked to see what programs and servcies are still runnning?
Can you start in safe mode and see if the problem persists?
I suspect one of your services is in the background using up a lot of processing.

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Hi, I am unable to find any driver, which could enable CAPSLOCK indicator on my Lenovo Thinkpad E460.Please help me find out the driver or any procedure to follow which leads towards solution. Thankyou Mateen

A:Capslock indicator in Thinkpad E460?

Hello and welcome,
How you get there may vary with OS, but try this (Win 10):
Search "display", select "display settings", "advanced settings", "display adapter properties", then the "screen configuration" tab.  There should be a checkbox "enable on-screen display" and below that a few options.

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Hello, where can I find the charging indicator on the Thinkpad Yoga? When I'm charging the machine (turned off) I don't see any light or other charging indicator. Is this normal? ThanksRegardsRango

A:Thinkpad Yoga Charging Indicator

Hi Rango,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to inform you that Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga doesn?t have a dedicated indicator for charging status.
The illuminated dots in the ThinkPad logo on the outer lid of your computer and on the palm rest show the system status of your computer:
? Blinks for three times: The computer is initially connected to the power.
? On: The computer is on (in normal mode).
? Off: The computer is off or in hibernation mode.
? Blinks fast: The computer is entering sleep or hibernation mode.
? Blinks slowly: The computer is in sleep mode.
Hope this clarified your query!
Best regards,

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Recently I realized my caps lock indicator on the screen is different from the one from before, any causes of this, and how do I revert it back? My other on-screen indicators, like my fn lock and backlit keyboard still works as intended. 

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Just a week ago my thinkpad T430 had refused to start after I had swapped out a battery.Just on battery power the laptop is completely powerless, holding the power does nothing, there is no indication of power as far as i can tell, nothing. When plugging in, the only sign of light is the battery indicator, there isn't anything else. Holding to the power does nothing.The battery LED pulses 2 short 1 long 1 short, stops and repeats. What can I do to fix this? Do I need a new FRU (motherboard), can I replace the motherboard for one with dedicated graphics without compatability issues?Can soldering fix the issue?  

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I have a type 20M9 Thinkpad P52 which works great. However I have encountered a small issue with the WiFi indicator light that is staying very dimmly lit after shutdown. This adds a very small but noticable battery drain when the machine is off the grid. All of the indicator lights work nominally when the machine is powered on. Latest drivers, BIOS and W10 updates are installed. This happenes both on battery and plugged in. This is the only indicator light on which this occurs. The light goes away afer reconnecting the battery ( plugging out and in).  I am suspecting a software bug since the issue goes away after reinserting the battery but still I do not exclude a possibility of a small hardware issue.   Has anyone got information about this and if not I would like to submit it as a fault for future reference. I have attached a photo taken with night mode on so do bear in mind that in reality the led appears less bright than on the picture.    

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After accepting a Lenovo update, the caps lock indicator stopped working. I re-installed Caps lock indicator - r09vu09w.exe and restarted the laptop several times, but it's still not working. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! 

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My laptop: Dell Latitude E5550 - 15.6" FHD - Core i5 5300U - Intel HD Graphics 5500 - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - 8 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD.

Does anybody know what drivers/software is responsible for displaying On Screen Volume and Screen Brightness Indicator (while pressing Fn+F2,F3,...) ?

What I've found so far that the Dell QuickSet may does the work (link to this solution: No Level Indicator When Using Keyboard Audio Volume Controls), but I couldn't find a compatible version of this soft with Dell Latitude E5550.

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my x1 Carbon screen freezes randomly and vertical grey bars appear on the screen, it unfreezes after a couple of minute or if a repeteadly press the left bottom of the screen. I replaced the screen and it still does it. Any suggestions. I believe I have a 2nd generation x1 carbon 

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I have this really annoying problem and I'm about to conclude that it's time to buy a new video card but I'm hoping there is another way to fix this.

Please Look Here: http://www.geocities.com/lorenzopelswijk/verticalbars.html

Those lines keep coming up every once and a while. Whenever they appear, the only way to remove them is to shut down my PC, wait for a couple minutes and then start it again.

Sometimes this happens after a couple of hours of running my PC, and sometimes it takes days. It's not stable at all.

I've scanned my PC for viruses and errors but nothing seems to fix the problem. I've updated to the latest ATI Radeon drivers with no luck. Also someone posted that he has this problem and tried to format his PC but still the same.

I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (updgraded it to Pro long time ago by changing the BIOS).

If there is anyway I can fix this without replacing the card I would love to know how.

Thnaks in advance.

A:Very Annoying Vertical Bars on My Screen (Keeps Recurring) Please See Screen Shot

Your graphics card is dying.

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Hello I have issue on my x1 carbon 2016 (win10).When dark color thing is displayed then screen brightness is dimmed.When bright color thing is displayed then screen brightness is brighter. So I think this is "Dynamic Brightness" or "Adaptive Brightness" feature.But in fact, those setting are disabled (off) but still brightness is changed automatically. I already upgraded all drivers but still same. Anyone has similar issue? Please advise. Thanks

ScreenHunter_18 Nov. 03 14.19.jpg ?156 KB

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Hi,I but a M90z for Christmas to my husbad office, I thought it was going to be so stylish.Unfortunatelly the black little window that control the brightness of the monitor is not dissapear from the screen .when we touch the buttoms in the bottom, dissapear for a second but it pop up again. Appreciate any help . thanks

A:Thinkcentre M90z - Monitor black windows for Brigh...

Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I have the same issue on my M90z

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For whatever reason, my signal strength seems to consistently drop, but only when I'm in my basement. I have perfect signal strength when I'm upstairs. Strangely enough there never used to be a problem and it just started out of nowhere. I want my internet speed back, it's frustrating, can someone please help me!?

I have a Dell Inspiron 7377.

A:Signal Strength Drops Constantly From 5 Bars to 2 Bars

It depends on where the Wireless Access Point is located, and how many other A/P's are on the same channel(s) as the Access Point. Also if the power is dialed down on the Wifi, that can also cause issues.

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I have always found the slider visual that pops up when the keyboard volume +/- is used very useful. All of a sudden it has gone. This is not the icon in the notification area but the one that appears whether full screen or whatever.

Help would be appreciated. I should say that I have already searched here for a solution.

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.


A:On screen volume indicator


Have a look at 3RVX its a bit

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On my keyboard when I want to raise or lower volume it use to show how far I turned it up or down with the little lines in the screen. But now they are not showing. It always showed before.
Any help would be so appreciated.

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I tried zooming out on firefox the font is so tiny.  I tried resizing the width and length on screen and that didn't help. What should my display settings be at If I have a Compaq FS7600 or do i need a new screen? I'm using Windows 7. My graphics card is a radeon HD 7770.  My mother board is a:

A:Screen is cut off and there are sizing bars

Max resolution for that monitor is  1280 x 1024 / 60.0 Hz, while the mentioned card has a maximum resolution far beyond that.
Your onboard graphics supports 1920 x 1080, which exceeds your monitor also.

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Sometimes (actually most of the time) when i restart/shut off my comp and turn it back on when i start windows it gets to desktop, freezes and then blue and white diagonal bars fill the entire screen and i have to turn my comp off. does anyone know what this problem could be?

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My On-Screen Volume bars ( the bars that appear when i adjust my volume on the bottom of the screen) have decided to not display themselfs anymore. Anyone know what happend !?

A:On-screen volume bars gone :(

Hello Rickick,

Is the "volume" (small white speaker) icon still in the bottom right corner in the taskbar notification area? If not, then you might see if this may be able to help restore it.

Notification Area - System Icons

If the volume icon is still there, then see if restarting the computer may help. If not then try reinstallinf the audio drivers.

Hope this helps,

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Hello guys,

I've got a problem and I need your help!

When surfing a month ago, 4 vertical bars appeared on my screen
( http://www.geocities.com/lorenzopelswijk/verticalbars.html )! After
restarting they kept reappearing. At first I
thought it was a virus, but after downloading Ad Aware and various
other virusscanners, nothing happened. Finally I bought Norton
Antivirus 2005 and still it found nothing..
So, I re-installed windows XP, but to no effect. Then I erased my C
drive. Nothing happened. Then I erased my other drive with all my
music, anime and other valuable stuff, but still the bars appeared!
After completely re-installing my computer the problem had remained!

But, I've found out that that the bars don't appear as long as I don't
install the driver of my videocard. Ati Catalyst. But then my internet
is all slow and crazy and I can't play any games without it. So I
downloaded the latest driver and various other, but still to no
effect. So what to do! My computer works just fine, but it really
sucks if your surfing or watching movies with 4 bars constantly on
your screen. I'm not a computerexpert, so don't asks me to look inside
my computer as I've never looked inside one nor know anything about
how it works. I've had my computer for 2 years and haven't had any
problems with it before. Does anyone know what the **** is wrong with
it? Please reply and deliver me of this evil... Read more

A:Vertical Bars on my Screen?!

Looks to me like its time to replace that videocard. If its still under warrantee, that would be my next step.

PS. Ask for some help before you delete your valuable data next time. You should never be forced to surrender your data.

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Can I get an on screen volume display for my HP keyboard?

I already installed the drivers for it, as well as the software that comes with it. The thing is, that when use the volume knob or hit mute, it indicates it in a lil popup bubble in the system tray...

On my old multimedia keyboard, it showed on my monitor, like as in it showed a number of bars to indicate the volume..

Is there any software I can get to make it display it on my monitor like that, instead of putting it in the popup bubble?


A:Solved: On screen volume indicator...

Never mind, problem solved. Works on laptops and desktops too.


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I bought a new laptop, and would like to have an indicator that constantly shows whether caps lock is on or off, that would display on the screen or task bar.  Currently, there is a tiny light on the caps lock button, but it's on the right hand side of the button, so it's not easily viewed unless I move my hand out of the way, and it also turns off when the light of the backlit keyboard goes out.  Thanks.

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Have new Dell 1520 laptop with vista. It had this really cool on screen Volume indicator bar that popped up when adjusting volume. It is not the one in the system tray it was a git larger horizontally displayed in the top left corner of the screen...very cool. It quit working and I can't find the control.. Not sure if it's a dell thing or Vista. Any ideas?


A:on screen Volume indicator bar missing

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T460, Windows 7 Pro When I select Caps lock or Num lock, there is no on-screen display.I re-installed the latest Lenovo Power Management Driver and Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7, but no success. When I open the Display Settings >> Display adapter properties >> Screen configurations, the section "Indicator settings for Numlock and Capslock" is missing so there is no option to enable it.   I know that starting with T470, it is no longer an option, but I really need it in T460, as there are no caps lock indicator lights on my laptop.  Thank you.

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Hello again, and thanks again for any assistance.  The thread subject says it all:  I'm wondering how to enable the on screen CapsLock indicator, the green capital "A" in the hut-looking structure, that appears in the bottom, right corner of the screen?  When I hit the CapsLock key on my quite new T430 the letters shift from lowercase to uppercase but no indicator appears.  Thank you.


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A:How To Enable The CapsLock On Screen Indicator On ...

I have a related problem. My Caps Lock and Sound Volume on-screen indicators work fine, but the Brightness indicator has disappeared after about a week of use. The brightness changes, but the indicator never shows up. Uninstalling and afterwards installing the latest On Screen Display software didn't help.

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Got a computer im working on and Im stumped...

Its a Dell Inspirion B120, and when in windows... their are to 1 inch thick black bars on both sides of the screen horizontally.

It is a windows issue, because it doesnt appear when in bios, and executing diagnostic tools outside of windows.

Any ideas?

A:Black bars on both sides of screen

Try uninstalling, then reinstalling the video drivers.

If it continues, I'd say that the video chip/card is dying.


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Can somebody tell me why this is happening from time to time? I have no idea about what the problem may be and I couldn't find it on Google.

I assume that it is something with Windows 7, maybe a corrupted system file or something, please help me out here!!

A:Weird black bars on screen.. help please

Update or reinstall your Display driver from the Support Downloads webpage for the Device maker.

If this fails, check your logs and system resources for clues to OS corruption or hardware problems: troubleshooting steps

Have you done a lot of tweaking or used registry cleaner crapware which almost always corrupts Win7?
If so, clean reinstall adapting these steps to get a perfect reinstall, then refrain from tweaking: Reinstalling Windows 7

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Okay, this problem has been irritating me for quite some time now. My issue is this: I open a game called Ultima Online and click full screen with the highest resolution available. My result: a blown up play screen with two bars on each side of my screen about two inches thick cutting off my gameplay. I had this exact same issue with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and changing the resolution to 1080p quickly solved this. I also have a flickering problem with Ultima Online when I enter full screen, which many people have had issues with and few found solutions. A big thing with them is that they use Razor and that causes the flickering, but I do not use Razor... My question is, does anyone know how to fix this or have any suggestions I can try? My operating system is windows 7 64 bit, laptop toshiba qosmio x505-Q880, i7 processor, 18.4 inch HD display with a Nvidia GTS 360M graphics card, so my GPU is not the issue here. My uncle plays Ultima Online as well with the same operating system on a desktop with a 22 inch widescreen 1080p monitor and has no issues at all. the game looks great and works fine. He does use an AMD graphics card, so if there are any Nvidia Control Panel options I could change that would be an easy fix.

Things I have tried:
Reinstalling the game with a fresh download of the client
updating graphics driver (it's up to date)
playing with some of the graphics options in the Nvidia Control Panel, but alot of them I don't know what the do
tried turning ... Read more

A:Black bars on either side of screen

no responses?

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I've recently re-installed Vista on a friends PC. Now it has wide black bars on both sides of the screen. How can I resolve this please.

Thank you for any help.

A:Black bars full screen

Have you installed the graphics driver for the system.

If so please provide the system specs.

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Some examples: http://i.imgur.com/K3G7q7U.png

They come and go at seemly random times, moving the mouse behind them, or changing the display behind the bars makes them go away temporarily. I've updated my graphics drivers, and never had this issue before upgrading from W7 to W8.1

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12141 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1924 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1430696 MB, Free - 934194 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 59 MB; H: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 35981 MB; J: Total - 1907727 MB, Free - 1145440 MB; L: Total - 715402 MB, Free - 584760 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z68XP-UD3
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:After upgrading from W7, glitchy bars on screen.

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