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T410 won't turn on unless i push hard under keyboard

Q: T410 won't turn on unless i push hard under keyboard

My dead T410 turns on only if I kept pushing hard on under the Alt button of the keyboard. When I leave it free it turns immediately off. I guess there is a loose connection but i cannot find out what. Where should i focus? What is the most common issue ?

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Preferred Solution: T410 won't turn on unless i push hard under keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


This just started happening. My T420s won't turn on using ON button -- it blinks a bit but nothing happens -- but it will turn on if I push and hold down the down-arrow button. The only problem is I have to keep holding the down-arrow button down. As soon as I lift off the down-arrow button it crashes. Wierd I know. Any ideas? I mainly want to use this laptop in the expansion tray with an external monitor so I am thinking of trying to put a pad on the down arrow button that a closed top will hold down but this is a bit of a kluge...

A:T420s won't turn on using ON button but will turn on if I push and hold down arrow button

OK ... first I gotta know .... what made you try holding down the down-arrow key?    Does the T420s have the "paper clip reset" hole on the bottom? This is the procedure for an X1:  https://is.wfu.edu/help-articles/hard-reset-for-lenovo-x1-carbon/ My T440s and T480 both have the hole....the hole is not in the same place on all the machines of course, but you get the idea.Or maybe you already tried this trick?  

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I have to hit the reset button every time I turn my computer on. After i hit the reset button everything comes up just fine. But every morning when i get up I turn the power to my computer on and it has a blank screen the two DVD drives blink and the hdd led stays lit up bright. but then when i hit the reset button it comes up just like normal. can anyone tell me why this is? It's not affecting anything that I can tell just annoying. I do not have to go into BIOS and change anything after this occurs. Windows starts just like normal and there does not seem to be any thing else wrong with my pc.

Thanks for the help guys this site is the best!

the system specs listed are current

A:I have to push the reset button everytime i turn my pc on.

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I read all information if forum related to my subject,  but unfortunately, my battery is unremovable. also, I try to press the power button and nothing happened. what should I do?Please help me.my laptop model is pavilion 15-au-123ca and I bought it 2 months before

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i am using hp ay079TX model laptop and i purchased this in september2016 in india.i used to turn off my laptop with normal shut down process and sometimes it is not turning on when i presses power button.normally a gentle touch will be enough to turn on.through internet i learned that many minor issues in eletronic gadgets can be resolved by giving power supply for short time.i tried this by connecting my power cable to laptop for 30 sec then i pressed power button,it turned on nicely.this happened 5 times till now from date of purchase.i want to know why it is happenning and how to resolve this issue,currently i live in germany 

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Hello all,

This really sucks I might have to make this fast. Every now and then my keyboard will get scramble and if I press (example "q" i get a comma or "y" or something like that. If any body might know any solution please e-mail [email protected] with "Your Keyboard Solution" in the subject line. My keyboard is a: "standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2", compaq model no: KB-0133.

I've tried hijack this 1.98 (have not posted issue to them yet), ad-aware 6.0, spykiller 2004, system mechanic 4, editing the registry myself (file by file ), Registry First Aid, scanned with pandasoftware.com.

VIPost: This all started when I used MyIE2 browser. Used to only pertain to- when I had MyIE2 open for awhile then my keyboard would just start getting scrambled. I'd have to close MyIE2 to make the bug go away, so I could use Word or Notepad. Now it just does this whenever I have any program running. Then I will have to guess which program it is, close it then the keyboard will work again. So please, if any body might know any solution please e-mail [email protected] with "Your Keyboard Solution" in the subject line.

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Iam installing a new modem and I need to know how and how ahard to push the PCI modem card in. I know you gotta push it in to wher the support braket thing linesup/hits the chasis of the PC. But when I push, it does not give! If I push the right side of the card, it goes in, only the right side goes in. So how hard do you push? Any tipis? I don't want to break this PCI modem card. Any help is appr eciated ASAP. Thanks a lot.

A:HELP! How hard to I push the PCI card in?

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I have AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE with CM Hyper 212 Plus cooler with 1 push fan I also have a SickleFlow case fan 120mm running @2000 RPM. Does it make difference to add another pull fan to become push-pull system?

Rear case fan<<<<<Pull<<<<<heatsink<<<<<Push
Rear case fan<<<<<heatsink<<<<<Push

And if yes how much is that difference in temp?

P.S my CPU temperature is 50 ?C (122 ?F) while Idle moreover it's Winter on my country.

Thank you

A:CM Hyper 212 Plus One(push) OR Two(push-pull) fans?

In all machines I've built even with only 1 fan I'd come to around ~44-45C with Prime95 and Furmark.
I'd go for this example and maybe changing out the thermal compound to MX-4 or the Artic Silver (99.9%)
This will give you temperatures around 40-45 AT MAX with the '955 (got it myself)
Used to have 212+, it's the best.

EXHAUST (BLOW OUT) hot air at the REAR and at the TOP.

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i need the part number for just the keyboard cable not the whole keyboard assembly. i have searched on ebay for this but without part number makes it hard to find just the cable and im not able to find a part number on thle itself just on the keyboard.thanks!!

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Hi, my Lenovo T410 laptop won't start. I hit the power button and it looks like it's about to boot up. The thinklight blinks on as normal, the cd drive is checked, the caps lock button blinks on, then nothing. No display, and keyboard is unresponsive. Power light remains on; if I leave it a while the fan comes on. I can turn the machine off using the power button, but the problem remains next time I switch it on. I've tried removing power and battery, pressing power button 10 times then holding power for 30 secs, before replacing power and battery, but nothing happens. I've tried using a different keyboard. I've tried plugging in an external monitor. No change.  This problem appeared after I left it on overnight. I have a hunch that it went into hybernation mode, perhaps, and that it disrupted some important function which it was unable to complete. Not sure though. Any help gratefully received.Many thanks,Pete


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A:T410 won't boot, blank screen and keyboard unrespo...

Welcome to the forum!
Sorry, to hear about your problem. Could you try connecting the T410 to an external monitor and check if at least you can see the boot logo?

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After building my new machine,
Gigabyte 945GCM(X)-s2
E6550 2.33 Duo Core
Gigabyte 8500 GT 512 Mb
Sata 80 Gb HDD
Windows XP

I noticed when i open the clip when you install your processor on the mobo, it's quite easy and without any effort what so ever. But after i put the processor into place with the golden arrow pointing in the correct direction and the processor completely laying flat. I noticed when i go to close the clamp you actually have to give it some force. I played around with it for like 10 minutes just trying to put in very gently seeing if something was getting caught....but nothing.

What i'm asking is it normal for the clamp to be a little hard to push down. I'm able to clamp down the processor, but i thought it would require no effort at all. Maybe i'm just nervous. The processor is already mounted and so is the heatsink and fan. The computer has been running fine for about 4 days now.

I just wanted to hear some advice from the experts.

A:Is the motherboard mounted lever suppose to be hard to push?...

If you have the motherboard out of the case and lying flat, you should be able to literally place the CPU on the socket (in the correct position) and it will drop into the holes and the lever will go down and lock the CPU in the socket.

It shouldn't require much force, but there may be a little lump sticking out on the socket that the lever needs to go over to get it down that holds it in place so it doesn't fall open.

If it's not going down then there has to be something wrong. Check for any bent CPU pins but don't force the lever, and if there are any bent pins, don't bend them back: they will probably break off.

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I have a T410 and need a new hard drive. Will a hard drive with the following specifications work with a T410? I was hoping I could get a 1TB drive, even though the highest listed on the official Lenovo website is 500GB.1TB Mobile Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 9.5 MM 2.5 InchAnd if the above doesn't work, would this one work?500GB 7200 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 32MB Cache 7 MM 2.5 Inch Performance Mobile Hard Disk Drive (WD5000LPLX)thanks guys!

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Hello, Model: 2522-DM1 I'm looking for new hard drive for upgrading my exisitng 320GB HDD but i have one question thatwhat will be the maximum hard drive capacity support in my system?? In lenovo site it has mention max 500GB HDD and 250GB SSD but when i go through forum and other online utility where it has mention that it can support upto 1TB HDD,SSHD and SSD. see below linkhttp://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for//thinkpad-t410-series someone please clarify this.. if 1TB is supported then i would intereset in seagate SSHD 1TB 32GB NAND (P/N:ST1000LX001) and also i have seen Toshiba SSHD which is also good but i need expert's suggstion on this.

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There are ultra bay adapters for the T410, as well as many other T-series laptops so you can install a 2nd hard drive in place of the CD or DVD drive.  I have the adapter and drive but for some reason the computer doesn't recognize the drive in the bay.  You can hear the drive attempt to power on and spin but after it boots there isn't any sign of the drive.  Are there some steps I'm missing, something I need to change?   I just updated to a 240GB SSD, so the 2nd drive is the OEM 250GB HDD it does still have the OS installed, which would be wiped if I could just get the drive to load so I could format it and use it as a storage drive.  I'm running Windows 10 64bit.  

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I want to remove the monitor, basically gut it, and turn the keyboard and trackpad of my laptop into a keyboard with built-in mouse for my desktop. It's an old laptop that I was thinking about throwing away anyway, so I might as well turn it into something useful.

look at attachment.

I want be able to connect that to my desktop with USB and be able to use it as both keyboard and mouse (have both the keyboard and trackpad work)

My desktop is right next to my bed, so I sometimes swing the monitor around and put the keyboard and mouse on the bed. But it's damn hard to use a mouse when you have bedsheets and blankets and other stuff that's soft as a surface.

Also, I can't have any compatibility problems, it needs to work with all 3 systems in my house that I may want to connect it to. Mac OS, Windows XP/Vista, and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora)

A:I want to turn my laptop keyboard and trackpad into an all-in-one keyboard and mouse

would anyone happen to know, and can give me a step-by-step?

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Windows 10
Start - Settings - Ease of Access - Keyboard

Everything here is off. If i turn on the On-Screen Keyboard no keys are Highlighted (indicating they are depressed/stuck )
When I use the hard keyboard and sometimes even the onscreen keyboard its as if either Ctrl, Alt Win or something are pressed down as it just types shortcuts.

-H- typed into chrome browser address bar via onscreen keyboard types as normal
-H- typed into chrome browser address bar via hard keyboard brings up -Chrome://history- But now also on the onscreen keyboard Ctrl is Highlighted.
I click on the onscreen keyboard to deactivate the now highlighted Ctrl button and try again. Now things are different, as now both the onscreen keyboard and the hard keyboard both bring up ?Chrome://history- when -H- is typed ( Shift is not depressed )

This seems to randomly cycle one min onscreen keyboard works fine, next the keyboard works fine or they either work or none of the work rendering the computer useless.

I cant help feel it?s a software issue but im no pro and I don?t have an additional external keyboard to try but as the onscreen and hard keyboard work ok for a while sometimes I assume something is up and that?s what brought me here.

Hopefully this is clear enough to be understood and to help others who may have the same issue.

Thank you so much for your time.

In -Device Manger ? Keyboards-
The keyboard driver is dated 2006 so tried to update the driver but s... Read more

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I am trying to get to the screws that tighen the hinges so I had to remove the top cover and I had to disconnect the powerboard and touchpad ribbons I was wondering if it would hurt anything if I could pop the battery in and turn it on without the keyboard or screws in to make sure the connector cables were in right as long as I did not continue to actually work on it. Will this mess anything up Ii am working on  a HP 15 laptop pc G9D74UA#ABA is the product number!

A:Can you turn on while keyboard is out

Hi, From my memory, BIOS will check and stop going further. Regards.

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Sometimes when I turn on my computer, the keyboard light is on, and I don't need it to be.  Other times, the light is off and it would really help to have it on.  I haven't been able to figure out how to turn the keyboard light on or off. Please help if you can. Thanks!

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How do I turn this off? I feel like I'm finishing the life of that bulb on my keyboard. I don't use the keyboard backlight very much so I was wondering if I can turn this single light button off. 

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Guys, my keyboard it not working.

There is a new one on order.

But to turn on my wireless I have to hold down the 'fn' key and also 'f2' as the keyboard is not working is there any other way of turning the wireless card on?


A:Turn on wireless without keyboard

On-screen keyboard perhaps? I see it has a Fn key. Type without using the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard).

Yup, just tried it and when you you click on Fn, the F1 through F12 keys are shown, so it should work.

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Every time I want to type something the onscreen keyboard appears and I have to move it, I have looked long and hard for a check box but can't find any way of turning it off, is this possible? how is it done?

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I have a new HP Envy 14 Ultrabook.  It has a backlit keyboard.  I know many people like that "feature", but I don't.  I assumed it would be easy to turn off the light in the control panel (e.g., in the device's settings), but there is no option.  I can hit the F5 key to turn off the general lighting, but then that F5 key glows blindingly bright all the time.  I want to either completely disable the keyboard backlights, or equivalently set the light level to be dim to the point of being completely off.  But I can't find any setting to do that in the power options, device properties, etc.  Nor has this question been satisfactorily answered in any other forums that I could find.  Thanks in advance for your help.

A:How can I turn off or dim the keyboard backlight?

 F5 is to turn off, there is no option to DIM keyboard backlight.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3v29Hyag_o 

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hi,I just got a probook 440 g4Y7Z88EAit seems it should have keyboard backlight, but I cannot turn it onit's actually missing the specific icon on the keyboard.... any advice please ?


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A:can't turn on keyboard backlight

Hi, The specs clearly says: HP Premium Keyboard The HP spill-resistant keyboard is designed using a thin layer of Mylar film under the keyboard. The 101/102-key compatible keyboard features a full-pitch key layout with desktop keyboard features, such as editing keys, both left and right control and alt keys, and function keys. US and International key layouts are available. NOTE 1: Includes a separate numeric keypad (HP ProBook 450 and 470 only.)NOTE 2: Backlit keyboard available as an option.Does your f5 key has a symbol like this  ? if not then your machine does NOT have backlit keyboard. Regards,

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I have a netbook/notebook with some keys do not work anymore. I am now using an external keyboard but it does not funtion exactly as the built in keyboard. Using the built in key, I can turn some features like turning on the wifi by pressing fn keys and F8. But with the external keyboard, it does not work. I cannot turn on WIFI anymore or any other feature that this netbook has.
I am considering replacing the built-in keyboard but do not have budget as of the moment. I tried google but it did not help.
I have U135DX, I believe, it's the model number. It's MSI, running windows 7 starter. These are the information. I hope that will help.

A:How do I turn on WIFI without the keyboard.

Some wireless adapters allow you to enable/disable radio in their advanced settings but I am not sure if this would work for a wireless adapter disabled via the keyboard.
You could disable the wireless adapter you have and purchase a USB wireless adapter like this.

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When I use the touchscreen on my ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Win8 and tap in a text box, the onscreen keyboard immediately pops up.  Since this a laptop, I have a physical keyboard and don't want the onscreen keyboard to appear.  How can I turn off the onscreen keyboard so it does not appear whenever I touch the screen? Thanks.Kevin

A:How to turn off the on screen keyboard

Hi Kevin,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per you are query we understood that you are facing issue with On Screen Keyboard on ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Open On-Screen Keyboard by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking On-Screen Keyboard.
Please click the below link the check the default setting on On-Screen Keyboard.

On-Screen Keyboard
Hope this helps!
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Hi I just got my Edge 14" yesterday, and the keyboard backlight isn't on, does anyone know where the setting is or what the keyboard shortcut is to turn it on? Thanks in advance!

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A:Turn ON keyboard backlight?

Did you try "Fn + Space"?

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A:how to turn on hp 15 light on keyboard

Hallo, Firstly does your machine have lights or not ? What is it ? You can't turn any light without having a light first. Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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Hey i have a Lenovo Y50 and after a few years of use the keyboard has started to die so i have decided i want to use a normal keyboard instead of the built in keyboard, how do i turn the built in keyboard off? i can do it with my other laptops but i can not find how to do it on my Y50, i ask this because i like to put my keyboard over the laptop keyboard and i can not do this with the Y50 because the keeyboard feet keep pressing keys.Thanks.

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Windows 7 told me how to turn on the onscreen keyboard but I cant find where it tells me to turn it off. I'd think the logical place to tell me that would be with the turn on instruction. But nope I gotta go to the source of real information Windows 7 forum. Have a nice day.

A:Turn off onscreen keyboard

Type keyboard in search.


Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard

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im using a small laptop with an external keyboard.
the keyboard from the laptop seems to have a problem.
it types random keys as if something stick is holding it down.
^that happens at random times and occurs with random keys.
i've decided to use this external keyboard.
how can i completely shut off my laptop keyboard?
i've tried the control panel>hardware>devicemanager. and it didnt help. i've tried the
uninstall keyboard, but it's reinstalled when my laptop's rebooted.
thank you guys, and i need help ASAP!

A:how do i turn off my laptop keyboard?


The only way I know is to disable device installation, then disable the keyboard driver. So first import the attached registry tweak, then disable the laptop keyboard in the device manager and reboot.


You won't be able to install new devices, including new flash drives, USB drives, etc, unless you disable the policy by changing the dword parameter to 0.


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I have my laptop plugged into an external monitor, and want to be able to use the laptop's keyboard while the laptop is folded completely flat.  I can't seem to find this option in settings.  
Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

note: using a Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 running windows 10

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Just purchased laptop.  The keyboard backlighting came on when I started it, but I installed Windows 10 Creators update.  Also, the Ethernet connection to the router isn't reconized after uptate to Windows 10

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I have a new ENVY computer how do I turn on the light on my keyboard?

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A:How to turn on keyboard light?

Hi, Normally it's the f5 key - see the image below.  Regards, DP-K

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i am trying to turn off my on screen keyboard. I have tried going to to the ease of access and the box is not checked and i have restarted my computer. I want to permanently turn it off as i never plan to use it. I have looked and i do not see any 3rd party software installed. Is there a way to do this?

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On a T400 (I recently acquired),  how do I turn on the keyboard light or the keyboard backlight?

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A:T400: How Turn On the Keyboard Light?

The ThinkLight toggles on/of with keypress of Fn+PgUp - the one with a light bulb symbol on it at the top right hand corner of the keyboard.

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hello , i actually have a problem with the backlight keyboard on my toshiba qosmio x70 a ,, the only option to turn off or on the backlight is through Bios , altho i can't turn off/on the keyboard using the "fn+z" , i can't also set a timer for the backlight to turn off after a while .help !

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I just got my Toshiba laptop Tuesday and I'm having a hard time turning Windows Defender on. I saw the tutorial, but I'm almost totally blind and I use the Jaws screen reader, so I can only use the keyboard and not the mouse.

I pressed the windows key, which used to bring up the search box, but now does something weird, and started typing defender, which brought up the Windows Defender app. When I pressed enter, a dialog box, or what sounded like a dialog box, popped up and said Windows Defender has been turned off, but there's no option to enable it, just a message that says to go to action center but doesn't do anything and a close button. I tried to go to Action Center, but it was really confusing. I found something that let me turn it on, but it still says it's off when I go to check it.

Not sure if the Norton the laptop came with is balking me and not letting me use Defender or what. I tried to uninstall the truckload of programs from Norton using add or remove programs, but I assume it opened Norton to do the uninstall because I heard Norton internet security dialog, but that was all it said. I'm not sure if it was uninstalling or what, as Norton doesn't work at all with Jaws. I called Toshiba because I was having a few more problems that they were able to fix, but when I asked about Defender, they transferred me to their paid tech support people who wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to do remote access, when all I wanted were instructions on how to do it my... Read more

A:How to turn on Windows Defender using the keyboard

When you have a third-party antivirus installed, Windows Defender is turned off. If you want to turn it on, you must remove other AV software. Running two AVs is a bad idea, and Microsoft won't allow it with Defender.

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I have been having a few problems with my 2 Dells 4300, 8200, and they were about the same. Kept looping on startup. I fixed the 8200 by installing a 'clean' HD, and I would like to try that with the 4300. (How do I wipe it clean, I did 'delete' the 'windows' partition on the last XP install, tried it a couple times, no go)

So on the 4300, I start it up, and it cycles to the XP window, and it may give me a message to hit any key or it will go through a scan routine, and cycle again. When I hit any key', it cycles to the desktop only one time. After the first time, the mouse and keyboard turn off.

Also, I have to press F1 after bios load, to get it going but it would still start.
Also, this problem STARTED after I unplugged it to work on the other computer. (bad battery?)

At the very least, what program could I use to 'wipe' the drive and start with a clean slate?

A:Mouse/Keyboard turn off after XP window

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I am on excel 75% of my day.  I just got an HP and the top line of keys are different than that last keyboard.  I use to use F4 to repeat an action and it does not do that on the HP.  Can you help me please.

A:How do I turn off sticky keys on the keyboard?

Have you tried Fn key plus F4?

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 I know this has started to be covered already but the discussion was never finished. This was the original post: I have discovered that the keyboard backlighting won't turn off. The backlight on/off key is labeled as F5. I press it, but nothing happens. I've also tried pressing fn+f5, but that doesn't do anything either. I had been leaving the backlight on, but now I want it to only be on when I press the f5 key. Why won't the backlight turn off? I am having the exact same issue. I followed the instrustions of the helper, which were: Can you please get to the Desktop Screen of Windows by pressing the Windows Key and ?D? keys together and then press the F5 key? As you might know, F5 is used for refreshing a Window/Page. Do you see the Desktop Icons getting refreshed? This is to make sure that the F5 key is working or not?If you got confused with that suggestion, please open MS Word and then press the keys ?Fn? and ?F5? together and let me know whether you get the ?Find and replace? Window? I didn't understand the first part, but the second part I got. I opened Word and pressed Fn and F5 together and can confirm that the 'Find and Replace window appeared. However, I have no idea what to do from here or how to fix the problem, please help me. Also bear in mind please that I am 16 years old and know pretty much nothing about computers. Also, I only got this laptop for Christmas 2015 and am not very familiar with everything yet. 

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I've got a hp slimline tower and when I turn it on it does turn on but my monitor and keyboard doesn't turn on can anybody advice me with what the problem can be I would be most greatful also lately when it did turn on my windows updater doesn't update

A:Monitor and keyboard doesn't turn on

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Hey my first post, thanks in advance for the help.

I just picked up a Toshiba Satellite A305 Home Premium 64bit SP1 (best buy)

A couple little bugs I would like help with though.

I was playing with the on screen keyboard and now I cant get it to stop opening up on start up. I have tried to check/un-check the box for it, apply/OK nothing seems to keep it off. --FIXED

While we are at it how about adding a icon for IE or Firefox to the task bar they disappeared with the 3D flip icons. If I drag anything down there I only get a red circle with a line through it.--FIXED
Any help would be appreciated.

A:On screen keyboard wont turn off??

Hi Wayoutwest,

Is this for a tablet PC On-Screen Keyboard or the normal On-Screen Keyboard?

Check to see if this tutorial can help you.

On-Screen Keyboard

Hope this helps,

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I tried to turn on my computer today and nothing happened, only the keyboard backlight flashes every 3 seconds. I tried holding down the power button for various amounts of time (30s, 60s, 90s) and the keyboard stops flashing, that's it. I'm running Windows 10 and there was an update a couple days back. I'm not sure if that's relevant at all. Any help on getting my notebook up and running again would be great. Thanks!

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