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X230 Cannot connect bluetooth device

Q: X230 Cannot connect bluetooth device

I have a Lenovo X230 2324-3XU, and I cannot pair my bluetooth headphones to the computer. I can turn on the bluetooth with the Fn+F5 function, but the bluetooth icon doesn't appear in my icon tray, and I can't use the Add Device to discover the headset. Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?

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Preferred Solution: X230 Cannot connect bluetooth device

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: X230 Cannot connect bluetooth device

welcome to the community. if you have system update installed, has it offered you any updates lately?if you don't have system update installed, you can find it in the x230 driver matrix here:http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/research/hints-or-tips/detail.page?&DocID=HT073834the specific link to the win7 32/64bit version is:http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS012808you should also compare su to the matrix as su can sometimes lag behind the matrix in showing the most recent driver versions. hth.

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I recently came across a nice X230 which did not have the Bluetooth installed. I followed the instructions toinstall these drivers as given on a post in this forum.  The drivers are now shown on my C drive but nowhereelse.I am unable to pair with a set of headphones that have paired no problem with an android phone, win 10 lenovoand also a linux lenovo. The X230 runs win 7 pro. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.Bobmac1.NB New member living in Scotland wishes a good new year to one and all.

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Windows 7. O/S sees the speaker and installs drivers but will not allow me to connect. I also need to fix my utils.dll. Can someone help please? I have logged on as admin. I have also added another incoming port. Still device to connect is grayed out.

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i have resetted my windows 10 and install driver but it still does not workplease help me, or the hardware is fail?

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I'm running Windows 8.1 on a Surface Pro 3.  I'm able to turn on Bluetooth and connect to some bluetooth devices.  I also have three "Bluetooth Smart", or BLE, devices.  I believe this stands for Bluetooth Low Energy.  Windows
8.1 is supposed to support it.  Typical BLE devices are sports accessories like heart rate monitors and bike speedometers.  My device manager shows that I have the Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator driver and LE Generic Attribute Service installed

When I try to connect to two of my BLE devices, I get a message that says, "That didn't work.  Try again and make sure your heart rate monitor is still discoverable.
The closest I've found to troubleshooting is this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3020785

I downloaded the hotfix but when I try to install it, it doesn't install and says that the fix does not apply to my computer.  I'm not sure this is my problem anyways, because the symptom "After you confirm the error message, all discoverable Bluetooth
devices under new Windows UI disappear." does not happen with me. I just get the error message with no ability to pair the device.

I'm wondering if anyone else has any ideas, solutions or experience with this problem.

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The initial pairing work they both identify each other and simultaneously send a confirmation passkey (6 digits) and I just press the OK button on both devices , mobile and PC (is it supposed to be that way ?).
After that the connection is initiated for a few seconds and then it's lost and the device appears as disconnected

Where is the problem ?


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Just purchased this laptop. My understanding is it's supposed to have full Bluetooth connectivity out of the box. I've tried everything, read all the instructions and knowledgebase, etc. Downloaded 2 different driver packages from my product page and searches, neither installs, saying 'not right for this device' or something like that. Tried to install Energy Management and Bluetooth drivers, no help. What's going on? I need a solution. I paid money for good Bluetooth headphones to pair with this laptop. Thank you.


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A:Can't connect to or discover Bluetooth device desp...

p.s., the Microsoft Bluetooth drivers are installed and I checked for updates, these are current

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Hello,The dev manager shows the following linesBluetooth Radio  HP Integrated Bluetooth module  Microsoft Bluetooth enumeratorfor both devices, windows states the the device is working properly and that the driver is up to dateYet when I want to 'add' a bt within reach, it does show me the device with a yellow exclamation mark and will state (in properties, hardware tab) "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" So I don't understand what driver windows is complaining aboutIn properties of the Bluetooth module it says that the driver is 6.01 by MicrosoftI installed HP assistant who says that everything is up to dateAny Idea how to proceed from here would be most welcome

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I have searched through Bluetooth articles and couldn't find any relevant answers. I have a HMDX Jam bluetooth speaker and cannot connect it to my Sony Vaio W7 HP (2012) laptop via Bluetooth, although it connects with the line-in cable no prob (screenshot 1).

The speaker connected instantly to my Android tablet, so I know the speaker is functioning correctly.

The problem seems to be in 'pairing'. When I connected the speaker to my Asus tablet, it asked for the pairing code, which I entered in, and the combo were up and running.

When I attempt to connect the speaker to my laptop, it is recognized but I am not asked for the 'pairing code'. I also see that when I right-click on the bluetooth icon in the taskbar, that 'Allow a Device to Connect' is greyed out (screenshot 2). I presume that is why the pairing code dialogue box is not opening. As you can see from the screenshot, I have ticked the 'Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer' tick-box.

When I double-click on the speaker icon in Devices, I get the message that the operation failed to initialize (screenshot 3).

Also, when I took screenshot 1, I firstly tried to send it via bluetooth from my phone to the laptop, it failed. The devices are 'paired but not connected' and after three attempts I gave up and got the cable out.

I have attempted to put as much relevant info here as I can think of. I would also like to add that I have virus troubles at the momernt and am in the process of posting... Read more

A:Bluetooth speakers: 'Allow a Device to Connect' greyed out

Hi again,

Well its been a couple of days since I posted the above. In the mean time I continued to search for help elsewhere, and in fact have been able to resolve the issue.

It turns out W7 is not very well adapted to Bluetooth. I found a few other similar posts, reading through the replies the concensus seemed to be that W7 is good for keyboards and mice but not much more. As I say I'm only going on what I've read as replies to similar problems.

The solution appears to be to download Bluetooth driver software from the following link, Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom

I tried this and Bingo, works straight away. Have to say that it's not ideal, still haven't got the devices to pair, so it's a manual connection each time. But at least I can now use the speaker as intended. Edit: I was wrong, after a reboot I switched on Bluetooth and the speakers connected immediately. So I'm very happy!

Interestingly, on the Sony own Youtube video on how to connect your Bluetooth device to a Vaio laptop, the 'Allow a Device to Connect' command (when you right-click the Bluetooth icon in system tray) was greyed out as well, so it appears its not a settings issue as I suspected.

I think the real solution it to get in touch with Sony support and/ or HMDX Jam, which I'll do in the near future. At the moment I'm happy to have the speaker play via Bluetooth so I can get on with more pressing issues.

Thx, Chig

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I can't connect my Bluetooth speaker, the "allow a device to connect is grayed out" on the Bluetooth Devices pop up menu.

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I spent many hours trying to figure out how to connect my two Windows 7 64-bit PCs to my Bluetooth stereo audio device (the Motorola S705) and so I thought I'd post my solution in case it helps anyone else.

A Bluetooth-capable Windows 7 PC can pair, but can?t connect, to a stereo audio device (like the Motorola S705 SoundPilot) via Bluetooth. The PC and the audio device may pair, but then Windows 7 provides the following error messages: ?Device driver software was not successfully installed. Bluetooth Peripheral Device. No driver found.?

It may be worth noting that I had no problem connecting my Bluetooth audio device to my cell phone or Windows XP PC. And the Windows 7 PC was able to connect to other Bluetooth devices, such as mice or keyboards.

Even though the Windows 7 PC may have a working Bluetooth driver that connects to some Bluetooth devices (like mice or keyboards), the Windows 7 PC does not have the necessary A2DP & AVRCP (audio-capable) Bluetooth software & drivers installed. This software deficiency may occur, especially if the PC has been upgraded from an earlier version of Windows or the PC maker has simply not provided the latest driver update.

If the PC has an add-on Bluetooth adapter/dongle, download & install the latest driver directly from the Bluetooth dongle maker?s website, if possible.

If the PC has Bluetooth built-in, download & install the latest Bluetooth driver directly from the PC manufacturer,... Read more

A:How to pair/connect Bluetooth audio device to Windows 7 PC.

I installed the dongle and tried to add my Samsug M390 phone. The pairing timed out as I was entering the passkey on my phone. My phone recognized the Acer Aspire One netbook computer but the computer does not recognize the phone. Successive tries have not successfully paired the devices. How do I add the phone to my computer's recognized devices now?

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My setup:
Windows 7 64bit Prof (on a suped up PC)
Asus BT211 - BT 2.1 + EDR (full A2DP support with latest Win7 64bit drivers - Broadcom Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR driver version (4/8/10)
Sony DR-BT101 Headphones - (Microsoft says they're compatible)

All BT devices successfully installed and appear to be working. I can even find the A2DP device if I show all hidden devices in Device Manager. The headset pairs with no problems, Remote, Headset, Handsfree Telephony, and Audio Sink Services are available under device properties. However, non of the headphone services are available under "Playback Devices" or "Recording Devices".

When I right-click on the Bluetooth system tray icon and select "Open Settings" then click on the "Audio" tab I can see all of the active services from my headset. All services show "disconnected" below them. When I right-click on a service (with the headphones on and in connectible mode - steady flashing blue) I can select "Connect" (the only place in Win7 I've found the connect function). When I try to connect, it shows "Connecting" for a minute or two then goes back to "Disconnected". The headset never appears to respond.

SO... basically it appears everything should be working, but for some reason it isn't. I can PAIR but I can't CONNECT. I can install services but I can't actually use any of them.

I've tried everything, there must be something... Read more

A:Bluetooth headset pairs but won't connect, not avail as playback device

Try Microsoft Fix-It - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/w...nabled-devices

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My bluetooth headphones (bluephonic) keep disconnecting. I've gone into the bluetooth settings and disabled the "shut off device to save power" setting and that doesn't help. They will play sounds for 5 or 10 minutes, and then disconnect every time. I have to go back into bluetooth devices to re-connect every time. This doesn't happen on my iPhone. All of my bluetooth drivers say they are up to date.  I'm on AC power, not battery. Windows 7X64. While on AC, I'm on high performance power mode. The bthserv service is running, the btwdins service is stopped. There aren't any other bluetooth services listed on the task manager.  Suggestions?

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Does X230 support Bluetooth low energy (aka Bluetooth Smart or BLE)? Thanks!

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Even though I have set the mouse setting to not wake up the computer it still does so.  This is very annoying since the computer wakes up while it's in my bag and starts overheating. One solution would be to remove the bluetooth USB dongle every time but isn't there a way to turn this off? Here is the setting I changed. Not sure if that one applies to the bluetooth mouse but I could not find another one.  

A:How can I stop my bluetooth mouse from waking up my X230 while it's in my bag (overheating...)?

> Not sure if that one applies to the bluetooth mouse
Yes that should apply to Bluetooth.
Incidentally, all of my Bluetooth mice (Lenovo, Dell, Logitech) have power off switches on the bottom. If your mouse doesn't have such a switch I suppose you could remove the battery(s).

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 I can pair the device. It shows briefly (< 1s) that it is connected (in Action Center) then goes to Not Connected. I'm running: - Windows 10 pro build 16299- Broadcom Bluetooth Driver: Realtek HD Audio Driver: I've tried multiple BT devices, same result.  I've removed/re-added devices many times. I've updated drivers.  I've run the Bluetooth, Hardware and Devices, and Sound Troubleshooters. The devices pair and connect on my T510 with same Windows 10 build.

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I been having issues with my Ativ Tab 3 so I shipped it back to Samsung to fix it. Before I shipped it, It always played the sound that indicated that a bluetooth device was connected. After receiving it, I noticed it had fresh copy of Windows 8 pro on it with drivers, etc. So I updated it to 8.1 and reinstall everything and noticed the bluetooth devices no longer play the sounds when they connect. Any tips on fixing this? Tried refreshing, sfc /scannow, and redoing audio drivers.

A:No "Bluetooth device connect" sound after reformat

I don't know about a tablet, but on a regular PC, there is a System Sounds option. If there is something similar in that tablet, check that.

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Dear Lenovo community, I am the lucky owner of a Lenovo X230 which comes with the almighty Windows 7 and have been through a vast majority of this forum without finding any answer. Whereas my HTC smartphone works perfectly with my Philips Soundbar via Bluetooth, I am less satisfied with the quality of the Bluetooth signal provided by my laptop. The Bluetooth is correctly activated, the soundbar is recognized, I updated my laptop with the latest driver available on the Lenovo website (ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) Version : released on March, 25th 2013), but the sound is regularly ?cut? whether I play a MP3, video file, webradio, etc. Do you have any leads on this matter? Many thanks in advance, Didier

A:Bluetooth issues on X230/Win7 - activated and soundbar recognized but unsatisfying "signal"

I have the exact same issue with my Bluetooth Portable Speaker. It works like a charm with my phone. No lag, no clicks, no disconnection. But with my X230 running Windows 7 I experience delay in audio as soon as I move the laptop more than 5 feet away from the speaker. Then sometimes even if I move nothing the audio just stops to work and I need to unpair and re-pair the device. Sometimes I even need to restart Windows to get it to work again.  Were you able to find a solution for this?

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Hi: I have an unknown dervice shown in the device manager. I have tried updating the driver but it did not work. Please tell me what is this devce and where do I get the driver?

Capture.PNG ?25 KB

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Bluetooth icon is there bt when it is clicked, it is just keep searching and dont find any near by device. I updated driver as well as check with many driver availbale for the harware but issue is not getting resolved. Please guide me and suggest me the driver link if any other driver is there.

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Few days ago suddenly my Logitech MX master mouse (bluetooth connected) stopped working. Then I figured that Bluetooth can not be enabled. Then I saw that in Device manager have problem with unknown usb device, which device decriptor failed. Usb ports are without any device connected. All four of them empty now. Any kind of windows, usb/bluetooth driver update/uninstallation is not helping, so this is why I am trying to find help. So please help.   

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Model is Acer Aspire One D270.
Internal bluetooth doesn't work.
Nothing in device manager.
Fn+F3 is meant to control it, but doesn't.
May be because I've messed with some programs.
Trying to re-install to factory settings.
Any suggestions at all?


edit: The machine is Win7 baby (starter?), x86_32.

A:Bluetooth device not in device manager, no hardware switch, Acer netbk

What programs did you remove or mess with? Have you tried repairing these programs?

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I paired Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse to my Windows 7 Professional x64 HP ZBook 14 which is connected to my company's corporate domain. Everything worked beautifully until they had to re-image my PC to resolve a disk encryption issue. That issue is resolved, but I have had bad luck getting my keyboard and mouse to pair and remain connected ever since. However, that's not even the problem now. After troubleshooting my Bluetooth issues by installing different driver versions, pairing and un-pairing my keyboard and mouse, changing settings in Bluetooth Support Service and more, I now have two Bluetooth Peripheral devices that always appear in Device Manager. I believe these are remnants of previously paired devices, but I can not get rid of them no matter what I try. These devices do not show up in Devices and Printers, they become Bluetooth Low Energy HID Devices when I install the computer manufacturer's drivers... As I typed this I thought of installing the Intel Bluetooth drivers I had previously installed to see what would happen... Ok that made things worse. Now there are three random Bluetooth Low Energy HID Devices and none of them are actual devices that are paired to the PC. And pairing the devices does not help. If I could, I would just delete the registry keys but I can't (remember, corporate domain PC). Any help from you brilliant people would be great. Thank you!

Bluetooth Peripheral Devices appear due to previously paired devices which... Read more

A:Forget/remove unpaired Bluetooth device WDM shows BT Peripheral Device

Problem solved. I'm typing this on my phone so I'm going to leave out some details.
1. Remove all non-Windows Bluetooth drivers
2. Disable all problem devices in Device Manager
3. Stop and Disable Bluetooth support service
4. Use PSexec(64).exe to launch regedit as system allowing me to delete keys
5. Delete all keys related to parent Bluetooth device (07f92671... as pictured above)
6. Uninstall Generic Bluetooth adapter and scan system to make sure devices do not return
7. Restart PC
8. Set Bluetooth support service to automatic and start it
9. Install manufacturer provided Bluetooth drivers and have an awesome day. finally

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I was just working happily when my Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse just suddenly stopped working.
The Bluetooth settings page says "Bluetooth is turned off" and there are no options on the settings page or the system tray to turn Bluetooth on.
The Device Manager now has "Unknown USB device - device descriptor request failed" where it did not before.
Other devices all seem to be working fine - USB devices plugged in are being recognized and work properly. Only BT seems to be broken.
I've tried:
uninstalling the device and rebooting
installing the latest updated chipset drivers from the dell website
windows updates
pretty much all of the advice here: http ://troubleshooter.xyz/wiki/fix-usb-device-not-recognized-device-descriptor-request-failed

Any other ideas?

A:XPS 15 9550 Bluetooth stopped working (Unknown USB device - device descriptor request failed)

So in desperation I just went into BIOS settings to see if there are any BT settings that may have become disabled. I didn't see any, and I didn't change any other settings.
After rebooting, BT and my mouse is now working again.
Something seems to be really flaky here, but hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

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So I did some searching for a way to fix this problem but I believe that my problem is different than the Bluetooth Peripheral Device problem that most people have.

I am NOT trying to connect a cell phone to my laptop. I am not trying to connect anything I don't think (unless my bluetooth mouse counts?).

I have no idea what a Bluetooth Peripheral Device is. I took some screenshots of the messages I receive every time a wake my computer up or turn it on. (1st, smaller picture)

It tries to update a driver but always fails and gives me this. (2nd, larger picture)

The suggestion my laptop gives me is this

There may be an easy solution to this, but I feel really lost right now.

Thanks in advance!

A:Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Device Unplugged/Not Found

Welcome to SF.

Go to Dell Support
Welcome to Dell Technical Support

Select drivers

Choose whichever option you want to located your 1555 notebook.

Select network
Select Dell Application R226750.exe
This applies to the Wireless 370 mini bluetooth card

And yes, your bluetooth mouse would be a bluetooth peripheral.

Let us know how that goes for you.

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i have installed the correct driver for this belkin bluetooth usb dongle model: F8T012XX1

but in device manager, it has the belkin device and microsoft bluetooth enumerator, which is great. but when u get further down the list. it has a tab named "other devices" and then a subtab with "bluetooth peripheral device" which has an exclemation mark on it.

i have searched for driver software using the update service but it cant find no update.

i have looked for the name of the manufacturer but found nothing.

i then disabled the unknown device, and sent a picture to my mobile phone. which confirmed that it was not the belkin bluetooth device. so i uninstalled the unknown device, restarted the computer. then when i logged in, it said that it had found a new device and wanted me to find the CD that came with it..

i would be greatful if any1 could help me on this..

thanks in advance

A:multiple bluetooth devices in device manager, but only one device installed?????

What type of keyboard have you got?
Have you got any remote control devices around.
Have you got a headset for your phone.
Have you got anything that may be bluetooth that you dont know about (headphones etc).
Have you had a look at ghost devices on the tutorials;
Ghost Devices & Drivers

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Hi !!
I am having a bluetooth adapter installed on my PC. Now I wanted to connect my Samsung HM1100 headset with it. It paired and everything but during installation of driver it says "NO DRIVER FOUND". I have tried too many times and I have also installed a bluetooth driver "SILICON WAVE BLUETOOTH DRIVER".
Actually its a dongle I'm having. So it didn't require any drivers but it won't connect to my bluetooth headset.
Help will be appreciated.

A:My bluetooth adapter won't connect to my bluetooth headset

Do you still need assistance with this issue?

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Hello Microsoft, I recently bought an Asus Gamepad. This is a gaming controller that connects through bluetooth. And I got it to pair the first time and for some odd reason I went and removed it shortly after I had paired it. And now it won't show up when
my computer try's to discover bluetooth devices. Please help, this controller would really help me to things smoother on my computer.

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I am having difficulty to get my laptop paired with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. If I attempt to connect from the cell phone to my pc, a key code is asked for and needs be entered.

My question is how I can get this key code which needs be entered on the Bluetooth Device. On the laptop I navigated from Control Panel and to Bluetooth Devices, then clicked Add Wireless Device, but no device is detected even though the Bluetooth on the cell phone was turned on. Device Manager indicates drivers for the Bluetooth device are installed correctly.

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Today I was installed windows 7 Professional (64 bit) but there is no wireless connection or bluetooth. I tried to install driver software for both wireless & bluetooth device which is (Mediatek) ralink, but no result>>> there is no yellow sign in the device manager as well. There is no wireless adapter shown in the network & sharing option also...... Thanks in Advance

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Recently I attempted to connect to an existing paired connection to my phone via bluetooth. I have never had this problem before, yet suddenly Bluetooth is missing. There is no longer an icon in the taskbar, the setting in "PC and Devices" is missing, and there appears to not be a driver installed, rather, an ""Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" appears in my devices instead. I have taken many steps to attempt and fix this, such as:
manually starting Bluetooth services from services.mscuninstalling the "Unknown Device" driver, then attempting to let Windows reinstalldownloaded the driver software from Lenovo for the Bluetooth adapter, installed it manually restartedtake a system restore created yesterday and revert back to it

Everything else in the PC functions perfectly. Any help is appreciated

A:Bluetooth Device Missing, Unknown USB Device

I had a similar problem recently where my bluetooth seemed to have just disappeared.
I ran the Find and Fix problems with devices (Just typed it into the start screen). It found one thing which by memory said something about a usb device being disabled. Clicked for it to fix the problem and enable it. Sure enough my bluetooth was right back.
Not sure if it will work for you, but its worth a try.
Good Luck

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Yoga 2 Pro, Win 8.1Blueooth device disappeared.Trying to repair the Intel Wireless driver. (bt247w81.exe) This is a two stage process.Stage one ends with "Completng the Intel bluetooth Driver SEtup Wiazard" with "Install Intel Bluetooth Driver now" checked.Click "Finish" Stage two Starts with "Welcome to the Intel PROSet/Wireless Tools Installation Wizard", proceeds to Repair and fails with: "Cannot write value C:\Program Files(x86)\Intel\Bluetooth\ to key \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\...\Paths. Verify that you have suffifcient access to thhat key..." error when attempting to write to registry. I believe this is because bt247w81.exe launches the Intel driver installer without admin privileges.I've tried launching bt247w81.exe with "Run as Administrator" and launching it from a cmd.exe which has been launched as Administrator. How am I supposed to install these drivers?

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Recently I tried to pair a bluetooth mouse with my T450s and... failed. Perplexingly the bluetooth device doesn't appear in device manager at all.I've reinstalled the intel bluetooth and wifi drivers multiple times.I've checked all drivers and bios are upto date.I've gone into the bios and enabled/disabled bluetooth to try and 'kick' it into life, all made no difference.I've even replaced the wifi card with an AC-8265 and experimented with swapping the antenna. Even after all that (with the current state being the antenna's the right way around and bluetooth enabled):There is no bluetooth device in window device manager.There is no 'unknown' or other device in device manager.The windows BT troubleshooter says:  "device does not have bluetooth"I've even tried booting up an ubuntu live cd and that can't find any bluetooth either. What am I missing?  Is there some other switch that would disable bluetooth?

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i have a dell inspiron 1545, it came with windows vista, promptly i upgraded to XP, iv installed SP2 at startup and just recently installed SP3, iv heard conflict on the topic of this model having bluetooth, when i enter setup i have bluetooth in the wireless category, but in device manager, control panel, and hardware list there is no bluetooth link or option, i did a search of all files and folder and found a setup but it says im missing a DFU image, when i read up on it i was told to reinstall the driver(s), and to no avail, the only bluetooth onboard option for this model is a dell wireless bluetooth internal 365 (2.1 EDR), the specs for this model are here http://www.dell.com/us/en/home/noteb...15_new_cto_1~~

expanded specs for the other two 1545's


i have downloaded windowssync but it cant find the onboard bluetooth, in my wireless setting the option for bluetooth is there, my computer just cant seem to find the onboard bluetooth, any suggestions?

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please i just noticed that my laptop cant find any bluetooth device on eben with the bluetooth support service on in services,msc.and in my device manager i have the generic bluetooth adapter, microsoft bluetooth enumerator and microsoft bluetooth le enumerator [email protected]_Tikkanen

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I installed The Bluetooth/Wifi module that came with my mobo (DP67BG), after setting the drivers i can only use the wireless adapter while my bluetooth device won't appear.

Any help will be appreciated,
just note that i redownloaded the BT drivers but nothing changed.

A:Bluetooth Device won't appear in Device Manager

Are you saying you put your device in discovery mode but you can't detect it from Win 7? Do you have any other BT devices that are detected?

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 hi,i just wanna know if i can to install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230 laptop Many Thanks 

A:x220 and x230 , can i install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230


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I am using TCP/ IP communication protocol to connect device and communicating with one device to another.
But sometime ping is not reliable especially in firewalls environments.
Let me know the any another way to find out the connection status of the connected devices.

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Hi all,

i need your advise pls.

I have a Samsung series 7 laptop with 2 usb3 ports and 2 usb 2.0 ports. On the device manager i can see the installed driver Intel usb 3.0 root hub and intel usb 3.0 extensive host controller.

I also have purchased a Samsung 64GB sdxc card SDXC UHS (I), that according to manufacturer it can reach speeds "Transfer Speed: Up to 80 MB/s Read and up to 40 MB/s Write". I have enclosed this in a USPEED USB3 card reader, so that I use this as a 64Gb usb3 flash drive.

My problem is that everytime I connet this flash drive to my laptop's usb 3 ports, I get the message "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a superspeed usb 3 port" (!!) so I dont get it! What is wrong??

Actual writing speeds, when i copy large files (eg movie) this is done at 28 - 30 MB/s while speeds when copying many small files (folder with many smaller images) is done at 10 - 11.5 Mb/s.

I also have a usb 3.0 Seagate hard drive but I dont see this message everytime I connect it. Also, the exact same test (with the exact same files beeing transferred) are: Large files (eg movie) at 90 - 95 MB/s while smaller files (folder with many smaller images) is done at 34 - 37.5 Mb/s

I know that the Samsung SD card can't achieve the same speeds, but I am mostly curious why this message comes up "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a superspeed usb 3 port" . Is my flash drive operating at usb 3.0?

Thank you for your h... Read more

A:Your device can perform faster when you connect it to a usb3 device

Hi Dionisis , I have a couple of USB 3.0 flash sticks that give me the same message even though I have them in a USB 3.0 port.
In your case it may be due to the fact that an SDXC card isn't really a USB device, I'm not sure on this. someone else may have a better explanation.

You can run comparisons using the same files and copying in the 2.0 and the 3.0 ports to see any difference.

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Hi all,

I have an old hard drive for my pc that I would like to use as a backup device. Since it is not in my machine (and I don't want to put it back in), I am looking for a device that allows me to connect it via usb to use to backup my work.

I am sure I have seen these a while ago and they cost around 10-15, though I can't remember what they are called or what they look like, so I'm not sure what to be looking for.

Can anyone help?



A:Device that let's me connect an old hard drive to use as backup device?

external usb enclosure

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...n=external usb enclosure&bop=And&Order=RATING

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Running Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1.


I am hearing the Device Connect, Device Disconnect, and Failed to Connect sounds at random times, sometimes 2 minutes to 10 hours apart. No error window pops up when this event occurs, nor do any event logs record anything out of the usual when these events occur. It does not appear to be connected to any specific program or application that I run.

I have scanned my computer with multiple virus scans and malware scans. I have observed firewall connectivity and it appears that whatever is causing it is not trying to connect to the internet. I have full confidence that it is not an infection. I have also reinstalled the OS and applied the updates, but the problem is still there. I have done a driver check on all the hardware and all drivers seem to be in order.

To me, this is truly a phantom problem that has driven me to wits end. I apologize if the information seems lacking, but to be honest it's pretty much all I konw about this problem. I would be greatful for any comments or suggestions.

A:Device Connect/Disconnect/Failed to Connect sounds

What do you have connected to your USB ports?
What are the settings in your Control Panel to control the activity of the USB ports (in particular, any settings that sleep/disable that device when it's not being used).

The easiest thing to do is to disconnect all your USB devices and only connect them when using them. Also, follow the Safely Eject Hardware protocol when removing them from the computer.

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Hi all!

I had a bluetooth device on my laptop. On vista it worked properly. I just installed Windows 7 and i wanted to use my Bluetooth to connect to my phone. But sadly, it didn't work. So i tried to install drivers, but i can't find the device at all in devicemanager. Do you have any sugestions what to do? I don't remember the name of the device, so i can't search online for drivers..



A:Bluetooth device gone.

Quote: Originally Posted by smeetsmeister

I don't remember the name of the device, so i can't search online for drivers..

So what drivers did you try to install, and is the bluetooth service running in services?

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I have two different brand phones connected via Bluetooth to a W530.  It recognizes and has paired both phones but when I try to connect it gives the message "No device ID given."   I have researched the error message and found many related items, but nothing that helped resolve the problem.  The device manager shows no errors.  I reinstalled the devices and the BT software, and updated the BIOS.  What am I missing?  W530.  2436CTO.  i7-3840QM.  W7Pro x64.  32GB RAM.  256GB SSD

W530-2436CTO, i7-3840QM, K2000M, FHD 1920x1080, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD.Others models: T40, W510, W520, X230.

A:Bluetooth No device ID given.

Update:  I recently paired and connected a new Bose BT speaker to the W530 and confirmed that BT is working.  The speaker paired instantly and connects as expexcted when turned on. But I still have problems connecting the phones.  I tried an older phone yesterday and it paired correctly like the other two, but when I clicked the connect button I got the same "No Device ID given." error message as I did on the other phones.  I have now paired a Motorola Droid, Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry 9550 phones, but they will not connect after pairing.  The 9550 is an older phone so I assume the problem is a basic BT driver issue.  I had a similar BT problem on my W520 and resolved it after I reinstalled the original Microsoft native BT drivers.  I tried that on the W530 without success. Device Manager shows everything working properly.  I do not understand how to find and enter the Device ID and would greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks - John

W530-2436CTO, i7-3840QM, K2000M, FHD 1920x1080, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD.Others models: T40, W510, W520, X230.

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Hello ! I want to develop a small Bluetooth App. Could anybody suggest me which programming language used to Develop such BT apps at present. Thanks

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I've got a Bluetooth USB Dongle, I've got the CD-ROM with the drivers on for it to be installed but my CD-ROM wont read the CD. Anyone knw where i can get them from? This is the 2nd one i've had to buy i don't wanna have to buy a third just for the drivers.

A:Bluetooth Device

From the manufacturer's website? You didn't post any info, so we can't search for you.

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I bought a laptop from a on line site. It is a Dell Inspiron 1545. I'am not able to connect it to my wireless printer. It tells me that installation has failed every time I try. It has a bluetooth device installed on it. Help? What should I do????

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