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Pale Blue Screen with active cursor after logon & Welcome screen

Q: Pale Blue Screen with active cursor after logon & Welcome screen

OK here is my problem.
I have a (my kid?s) HP Pavilion DV6-7002ax (aka dv6z-7000 (AMD-A10-4600M) using Win 7 (64) Home Premium and it has lately (last few weeks) developed a weird ?blue screen with active cursor? hanging habit.

After you log-on and the welcome screen pops up with the spinning circle and then before the desktop displays it switched to displaying a pale blue screen, with active mouse cursor.
Up to that ?blue screen? point, after logging on, the ?boot? is slow but normal, based upon my experience with this HP Pavilion.

This blue screen delay/hanging lasts around 3 ? 5 minutes and then the desktop loads and all is well.
I have searched the web and found many references to black and blue screens with active cursor related to HP Laptops but I have not found a real solution that has fixed my problem. Apart from just wait and wonder!

Suggestions I have tried include;
1. Scanned with Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Malwarebytes Anti- Malware, SUPERAntispyware (including in Safe Mode)
2. Specialty Scan with AdwareCleaner, rkill, TDssKiller, CCleaner
3. Registry Clean and Defrag with Wise Registry Cleaner
4. F5 > F8 > System Repairs Tools > Repair Startup (HP Pavilion has partition for System Repair)
5. F10 BIOS ? no issues that I can find
6. Command Prompt > sfc scannow (System File Checker)
7. Completed Full Disk Check C: > Properties > Tools > Disk Check
8. Alt + Control + Delete when blue screen appears > switched to taks manager and after cancel back to either black or pale blue screen


Preferred Solution: Pale Blue Screen with active cursor after logon & Welcome screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Pale Blue Screen with active cursor after logon & Welcome screen

There is a hotfix for this issue, with the issue being so wide spread one would think Microsoft would put it in an update. The hotfix is called Windows6.1-KB2578159, make sure to download the 64 bit version from Microsoft's site. This will hopefully fix your issue. At the hospital I work at we have had this issue a lot and just now found this hotfix, so I can't say for sure if it will fix your issue. Also make sure you have all the Windows updates installed. Hope that helps.

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Hi, please i need help.
i just installed some updates on my windows 7 Dell Laptop, which the updates includes: Microsoft Essential and i updated my vlc. later on i did restart and after welcome screen i just saw my laptop black out with mouse cursor. i thought it will just be for
some minutes or maybe due to some changes i just did. but it was all like that for more than 30 mins. it was so really frustrating, i wanted to browse to do some work i couldn't do anything again i have to stay awake for two hours shutting the laptop down
and booting again still  the same thing.
after on i tried to boot in safe mode, which was successful but i realized that some of my softwares would not open, i shutdown again to boot to normal windows thinking maybe is because i boot in safe mode. it was so worst in normal windows. still on black
screen but it didnt last long for 15 mins and the desktop background came up. i was happy  but still my softwares like browser, corel and some other apps will not open, i decided to uninstall the vlc again, but showing me you dont have sufficient permission
to access the application please contact your computer administrator. i was just helpless.
the screen task bar atimes turned to white if i restart the windows or shut it down and put it on again. but windows media player works perfectly i can watch film and i can scan with the Microsoft Essential. i checked the settings to see maybe is the Microsoft
Essential i downloaded that deni... Read more

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Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1750, and the owner said that his son installed BearShare and it's been giving him complications. He told me it sometimes freezes when he tries to start the computer, and has to give it a hard shut down. I (hopefully) removed BearShare with Malwarebytes and MSE, yet I can't seem to find why it's not letting me boot up regularly.

It boots into safe mode fine, and I can access everything from there, but when I try to restart into regular mode, it just hangs after 'Starting Windows' with a black screen and active mouse cursor. I've tried various tutorials from searching "black screen, active cursor", "laptop frozen after starting windows" etc, but nothing that I try works.

After a few hours of research I keep seeing the reoccurring phrase 'shell', I believe it's not being loaded correctly or at all. I've tried a fix by Prevx that said it would fix the black screen to no avail.

But here's the funny part. Sometimes it boots to Windows fine and everything acts as it should. There's been several times I was about to call the guy and tell him that the laptop is finished, but I hesitated and restarted just to see if it was fully fixed.

Vid: Dell - YouTube

Let me know if I need to post further information.

A:Black screen, cursor active before login screen.

I would try some more scans to be sure
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
run some hardware tests
RAM - Test with Memtest86+
and when you can get it to boot
Disk Check
a system file check
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
and have a look through these handy tutorials
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
Startup Repair
and if all else fails
Repair Install

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The standard welcome screen background is awful, in my opinion. Is it possible to change it?


A:Solved: Can the pale blue and white welcome screen be chaged?

download and try this,http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/downloads.asp.logon studio

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A BSoD issue...

PIII Intel 82845 motherboard PC with Win XP SP2.
I had previously installed Vista Pack (thus replacing the Logon UI interface, other start menu etc) However that was removed half a yr back. It didn't quite uninstall Logon Ui. However, that did not pose any problem, as the XP without traces of Vista Pack continue to Boot up (although Logon screen splashed Vista type Logon Ui)..

That was to prepare you for history of this XP installation.

then, few days back, I used a exhaustive program called TuneUp utilities for XP 2008 edition. Somehow, I got hooked into changing Display setting etc. No probs. However, on few tries of changes, I happened to remember I clicked on the Configuration option of , 'Switch to Default Windows XP Logon UI' or something that prompted that TuneUp wants to bypass the VistaLOGON Ui.

After that setup change, the XP goes to boot process. On appearance of Logon screen, which somehow, it still props up old Vista Ui logon, a BOSD appears. STO P error. "Your system has been shutdown to prevent damage to registry."

I tried all options in Safe Mode, F8 button. I also used the "Don't shutdown on bluescreen option" That's how I managed to note down the Registry thing.

It also prompts me to disable 'Shadowing' option of RAM in BIOS. Although I doubt, cause the XP was working fine without any bios change.

I do not hv any backup disk or a bootable XP disk. Though I am having a Win95 partition and can boot to... Read more

A:LOGonUI.exe corrupt? Blue screen as soon as Logon Screen appears

One small thing to add: How can i copy the LogonUI.ex_ from a directory created for a XP SP2 file set, to windows\system32\logonUI.exe Is it a command called as expand.exe Is it inside XP SP2 directory. Can it be run from DOS bootup without HIMEM access. Basic DOS? Or is it recommended to boot up from XP bootable CD and run expand .exe to unpack LogonUI.ex_ or just copying internet dowloaded LogonUI.exe for SP2?

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Windows appears to load normally until reaching the logon screen at which point 2 quick cmd windows flash on the screen and i'm left with a cursor and a plain blue screen.

No access to task manager through ctrl+alt+del.

I was thinking it's a video card problem until i plugged in an external monitor and saw a windows error box pop up saying that the program running requires that you not be on battery power.

Pulled the drive and scanned with avast and malwarebytes which found nothing.

Inserted Vista DVD but the repair function is only able to find the HP Restore partition and is unable to locate any backups.

The system runs "mini XP" from Hirens Boot without a problem, but no diagnostics that i ran have been able to find any issues...


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Hello and thanks for reading,

I have a 2 year old HP pavilion dv6 series laptop running windows 7. Yesterday I turned it on and it started normally but when I tried to browse on Firefox it gave me the blue screen (for the first time ever) and it shut down. Fearing I had a virus I ran it in safe mode and started a scan and began transporting my pictures via Dropbox just in case it died on me. Sure enough a weird error message (couldnt figure out what program made the message pop up) popped up saying I had a bunch of urgent viruses.. I didn't click on it at all and before I couldn't think of what to do the blue screen popped up and it shut down. When I tried to restart it the HP splash sign popped up and the screen flickered black and a blinking cursor started in the upper left corner. So this is where I stand now... Black screen with blinking cursor. Set default setting in BIOS (didn't work) and F8 (safe mode) or F11 (system restore) does nothing... The black screen just stays there. Any ideas? Is it a gonner? I'm hoping to get back on and get my pictures if possible. Help please!

A:HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor

sounds like a bug -click report and ask to move to malware forum

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My laptop will not boot. I end up with an empty black screen or a blue screen with no icons, just a cursor. I get choices for 'normal startup' or ' repair' but not safe mode. Any help appreciated.

A:Unable to start - black screen or empty blue screen w cursor??

Hello JoLaRo and welcome to Seven Forums.

One of the Forum experts has prepared a couple of tutorials that might help you out.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

If you're still having issues after following the tutorials, please post back.

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I'm having a problem with my Dell Dimension 8300, running Windows XP. I have an 80g Maxtor HD as my main drive and a 500g WD secondary drive. When I attempt to boot, I get a blue screen with the message:A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.If this is he first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the Stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters.Check with your hardware vendorm for any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.Technical Information:*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF74BB2B2, 0xF789E4AO, 0xF789E1AO)*** FLTMGR.SYS - Address F74BB2B2 base at F74A3000, DateStamp 480251daAs far as the info in the message, I see this screen with the same info everytime I rebooted.As far as disk space, my main drive is 80g aand I have about 20g of free space.I'm not sure if anything in the message refers to drivers. Not sure how to change video adapters when I can't get into Windows (Standard Mode or Safe Mode).Also not sure how to deal with any of the BIOS suggestions (or even know if it's a good idea to mess... Read more

A:Can't boot Windows XP (Standard or Safe Mode), Black Screen w/cursor then Blue Screen

mod bump

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this is my pc configs;

Hardware configurations:

* Intel Desktop Board DH67CL
* Intel Core i3-2100 Processor
* 4gb DDR3 RAM
* 1TB HDD ( Samsung SATA)

Software installed:

* Windows XP SP3 (Auto Update enabled)
* All .NET Packs installed
* All Runtime packs ( VC++, VB, JAVA) installed
* Norton Internet Security 2012
* Intel desktop utilities
* Internet Download Manager
* Utorrent
* Acronis True Image 2011

OS works good before 3 days. evil comes when i try to install "USB Over Network" (from fabulatech), BSOD appear's as plug nd play driver problem middle of USB over network install. when i restart the pc.., it stop's asking logon password but USB (any) ports are not work including keyboard nd mouse (DH67CL don't have PS2). same with safe mode also.

then i boot in to RECOVERY CONSOLE with win XP cd.. delete ftusbbus.sys, ftusb2.sys, ftusbload2.sys files from System32/Drivers folder nd reboot again. same problem.

so.. again i get in to recovery console and DISABLE "FTUSBSRV" Service nd reboot again. still same prob.

then i install xp with "REPAIR" option. but the setup stop respond with 34 min's. then i disable ACPI and ENHANCED options in BIOS.., Remove whole usb devices except mouse nd key-bored, replace another 4gb ram. i can't find out any logs name as pnplog.txt. restart setup again with repair option.

**** happen's now.. xp hang in blue blank screen with movable mouse pointer when setup enter's i... Read more

A:Blue screen when entering Windows XP logon-screen

there's no achi or acp settings in bios. only enhanced mode available..

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I have a HP Laptop with the Windows XP Professional operating system installed. This computer has always had it's problems (blue screens, freezing, and random restarts) but those problems aside I have a bigger issue. When I boot the laptop it run the BIOS and the OS logo screen, where the ctrl+alt+delete screen should be, there is a black screen with an active cursor. I am able to log in blindly and run commands from the command line or whatnot.

I have tried the following:

-Repair Windows using an installation CD (Error, "Cannot detect a harddrive in this computer")
-Advanced Recovery Console (Error, For some reason it requests for a floppy?)
-chkdsk /f (I think this worked properly but it had no effect)
-sfc /scannow (which is currently running)

Please help, I can't do a fresh install because of the files and programs that are currently on the computer. (It is a school laptop assigned to us with certain programs and the last day before spring break was yesterday :( )

Thanks in advance! Any ideas at this point would be of great help!!!

A:Black Screen With Active Cursor

If the laptop belongs to a school then they should have people who can fix it for you. Or just give you a new one and transfer the files over. Can you see what you are doing on the command line?

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Its not my computer so I can't tell what is in the computer and what is has. But it is a Windows XP media center audition 2005 um.. HPpavilion a151On... well actually I see a sticker on the computer. I think this is whats in it:

Processor amd athion 64 processors 3800+ with enchanced virus protection. memory 1024mb, graphics nvidia geforce 6150 LE, 200gb harddrive and opitcal drive: dvd+rw lightscribe, double layer 16x drive.

Okay so my computer was installing ccleaner but it froze so i turned it off. Well really it didn't freeze since i could move my mouse and a program i click close on closed like 3 minutes after. But anyways i turned it off with the power button in the front, then turn it back on. It gets to the green progress bar then goes black. It never gets to the welcome screen. It has an active cursor but I cant do anything! same thing with all the safe mode things (command prompt, networking and regular) even the start with settings before doesnt work! Still a black screen with active cursor. Only thing it permits me to do is a PC recovery but I don't want to, because I don't want to lose my files. What can I do? Do I have to take it to a computer shop?

A:Black Screen, Active Cursor

Do you see "VGA Mode" when you boot into Safe Mode? If you do, select it, and restart the computer

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Hello all -
I would like an admin account - one that shows as a choice when you right-click
an icon and choose "run as administrator", but I don't want it to be visible
when a user is presented with the Vista logon screen.

Is this possilble?

Thanks for any info.

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I have a serious problem at my hands.

This moring when I turned on my laptop a '0x00000051 (0x00000001, 0xL1, 0L008, 0x00716000, 0x000001D6)' Registy Error appeared on a blue screen. It then continuously restarts, never making it to the logon screen.

I have tried to reboot in Safe Mode and 'Last Known Working' mode but the same blue screen appears.

As I dont have a XP Home install disk (only boot disk supplied with laptop), I could not repair my registry so I have installed a parallel version of Windows XP Pro that came with another PC. I can access the hard disc so I will be able to back up most of my files BUT I cannot access the Documents and Settings of my user from the original OS because I selected 'Make this Folder Private' when I made the account.

Does anyone know of a way to disable the 'Make This Folder Private' option on an account that is on a parallel version of XP?

Laptop = Hi-Grade W6700 (higrade.com

Any help would be appreciated so much! Thanks

A:Blue Screen Of Death before Logon screen

I think you will have to take ownership of the folders and files you want to access.

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Im runnng xp on P4.When i boot up the i can load up to the Xp loading screen then where the welcome screen should be i get a black screen with just an active cursor. I've tried all the safe mode options and get the same thing. So i've no way of even loading the system. What's going on?

Please help. I wasn't supplied with an xp cd so can't reinstall it.
thanks, Nicky

A:Black screen active cursor on startup

Hello and Welcome to TSF
Unfortunately you will be unable to do anything without a Windows XP cd
Can you borrow one from a friend and try to do a repair install?

Set the computer to boot from cd first in the BIOS
Place the xp cd in cdrom and reboot
Boot from the xp cd and choose install
Ignore the first repair option and continue with install
When windows finds the previous installation and offers to repair
then do the repair
If you have xp sp2 installed it needs to be incorporated into your xp disk or it will not offer the repair option only the clean install

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP

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I was on the internet with my HP notebook and it froze, then I got the blue screen of death. It said "beginning dump of physical memory". After that it wouldnt load bast the Windows XP logo screen with blue loading bar. My virus program expired so it could be a virus?

So I put in my OS cd that came with the computer and tried to repair XP. After I did that the computer starts its boot with the gray loading bar (like it wasnt shut down properly) and takes forever to get past it. Then it starts to boot like normal but after the Windows XP logo screen with blue loading bar, it goes to a black screen and thats it. I have a cursor that I can move around, but nothing else.

Please help, I have many important files and pictures I would like to save.

PS. After the repair didnt work, I re-booted with the CD and the other option was to install a new copy of XP, but it warned not to install two OS's on one partition and the other partition is too small...Is there anything I can do here or is there a completely different way to fix this problem?


A:Repaired XP, now only black screen w/ active cursor

same problem here. any luck?

have any luck fixing that? I have same issue. with same results doing all repair type funcitons.

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When i try to turn on my computer it boots up regularly, but after the "starting windows" logo is done the screen goes black with just a visible active cursor in the middle. The computer will not start in safe mode either, encountering the same problem.

This is leaving me with little options to explore the problem, but so far I've tried to repair the windows installation with no success, but i have created a temporary windows 7 OS on another partition.

Anyone know what to do in these situations?

A:Black screen before login, with cursor active

Please follow - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Hi everyone. I recently had a problem with my laptop where after logging into my account, my desktop does not load. It happened after my compter froze and I turned it off and on again, but as I was turning it off, it began responding. A black screen appears with a cursor that I can move. I can also press Alt+ctrl+delete and log off, switch user, start task manager, etc, but that is all I can do. I cannot access any other program I tried rebooting in safe mode, but the problem still happens. I also looked on other threads and started a new task in the task manager, explorer.exe. I could start it, but it didn't fix it. I have 3 accounts and it happens to each of them. It's like my desktop doesn't load because I still can see any popups from my internet security program and what not and can still interact with it. I don't know if this matters, but i downloaded Divx web player the same day and use Google Chrome as a Browser.

Is there anyway for me to fix my laptop without having to reinstall windows?

A:Black screen after loggging with active cursor.

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Do you have a Windows DVD you can boot into? If so, you need to do so and tap the F8 key, which will get you into the Windows Recovery Environment to try repairing your Windows installation.

If you don't, and you have access to another computer, use this tutorial to create a system repair disc.

System Repair Disc - Create

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I have a HP Laptop with the Windows XP Professional operating system installed. This computer has always had it's problems (blue screens, freezing, and random restarts) but those problems aside I have a bigger issue. When I boot the laptop it run the BIOS and the OS logo screen, where the ctrl+alt+delete screen should be, there is a black screen with an active cursor. I am able to log in blindly and run commands from the command line or whatnot.

I have tried the following:

-Repair Windows using an installation CD (Error, "Cannot detect a harddrive in this computer")
-Advanced Recovery Console (Error, For some reason it requests for a floppy?)
-chkdsk /f (I think this worked properly but it had no effect)
-sfc /scannow (which is currently running)

Please help, I can't do a fresh install because of the files and programs that are currently on the computer. (It is a school laptop assigned to us with certain programs and the last day before spring break was yesterday )

Thanks in advance! Any ideas at this point would be of great help!!!

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Hi. I was infected with Antivirus 2009 or something similar about a week ago. Ran malwarebytes (I think that's the correct name) and have had no problems since. I was scanning some photos when the program shut down and went to blue screen with message that windows had encountered a problem and shut down. I turned off my laptop and tried to reboot but have gotten nothing but a blank, black screen. No cursor, no login info, no options. Have tried F8. Have removed and reinserted RAM. Tried starting up with and without battery. Tried connecting to external monitor.

My laptop is an HP dv1660se running Windows XP Home with SP3.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Additional info: My antivirus software is eset NOD 32.

Malwarebytes removed these files: tcpservice2.exe; zserv.dll; wstart.dll

I originally posted on the virus forum and Mark suggested I post here.

A:Blank, black screen. No logon or cursor.

Have you reviewed how to use your HP software to overcome system problems?

Any tools for repairing problems...ought to be covered in the owner's manual or the HP website.

By chance...do you have a Microsoft XP CD?


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I had a client who is triple booting 7, vista and xp. Installed each OS on separate HD. He boot on each OS by swapping HD using a HD drive bay.

Before this problem occur, he changed a keyboard and after that the PC restart and it will boot. I already tried repairing the windows 7 first using the startup repair. It was successful. But I noticed that all the HD was corrupted. Check disk runs on every HD. NTFS on each HD was corrupted. I tried to fixed each HD.

Now I am able to boot in windows 7, but I get only a black screen and only a mouse cursor. How to repair this problem w/o reformatting and reinstalling? And also I how to repair install windows 7?

A:Black screen on logon, only mouse cursor.

Repair Install

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So recently my computer one day just started up and after i logged on black screen for a few minutes but i can move my cursor. When i also play a game called Rift it sometimes tell's me my Direct3D is missing and I can't run the graphics on med on Rift or any other game. I tried to reinstall my grahpics driver but nothing happened. and i dont have any unknown drivers.

A:black screen with cursor after logon windows 7


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Hey, so this has happened on a few different systems

After it has the login screen, It will go to the desktop (completely black no icons) and a cursor

Windows sign does not work nothing other then CTRL + ALT + DEL works but wont bring up task manager.

so I end up doing the "Advanced start up" where I Restore the system and do a fresh load, but when I try to run the updates i get the error of

" Log file c:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttraill.txt "

so I go to CMD (administrator) and run SFC/ Scannow

"Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service"

then, chkdsk x: /f

cannot lock current drive, windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected.

Im confused on what to do now, after those issues, i ended up erasing the HDD and starting from scratch and STILL get the same issue :S

A:After Logon Black Screen and cursor error

Im Also Waiting For Solution Same Problem Here

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Win XP boots to black screen, only mouse cursor active.
Power went out and I went to reboot computer and it comes up with a black screen and the cursor. The cursor moves fine around the screen. I tried booting in safe mode but only get black screen, cursor and the words safe mode around the screen. Please help me.

A:Win XP boots to black screen, only mouse cursor active.

Boot off of the XP CD Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Drive Fitness Test in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I've seen a bunch of threads with similar issues, but most seem to get piled on with people either dealing with or addressing situations with slightly different details, so I figured I'd start my own thread.
The story: 2 weeks ago, my Windows 7 64-bit system was working fine. The morning of June 30, I powered it down, packed it into my car and relocated about 400 miles away. I moved the computer into my new apartment on July 2, and there it sat unused until the evening of July 11. (I used my macbook pro in the mean time). When I powered it on this evening, the initial boot process seemed normal until Windows started to load. I got to the screen that says "Copyright Microsoft Corporation" below the animated progress bar. That window stays up for 5-6 seconds, and then the screen flickers and goes blank. A couple seconds later, the mouse pointer appears. All I can see on the black screen is the white mouse pointer, and that's where I'm at now.
Some details that seem relevant and that may differentiate my situation from some of the others:
The mouse pointer responds as it normally would.
I cannot pull up the task manager. (i.e. CTL+ALT+DEL and CTL+SHIFT+ESC do nothing)
The Num Lock key toggles the NumLock indicator light on the keyboard.
Safe Mode exhibits the same problem (black screen, active cursor), but at a lower screen resolution. - Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Command Prompt both do this.
Running Last Known Good Configuration did not help.
When I start... Read more

A:Windows 7 - Black Screen w/ Active Cursor on Startup

The best method to fix this is from a Windows bootable CD or DVD.  Do you have that?  Can you get into Command Prompt if you do not have it?  Does someone else you know have a Windows 7 OS?  You can make one from any windows 7 OS.
Once you get to Command prompt, do the following:
in C:\ type
chkdsk /r /f 
then hit enter.  This will try to repair the corrupt files For Windows 7 using repair method can get you to the CMD prompt. 
If you do not have this then you can use a boot disk from another company.  I use Kaspersky Rescue Disk  and following the instructions.  This will boot to a OS that will allow you to get your files off your HD, and then scan and fix issues with it.
Overall the EXPLORERFRAME.DLL is more than likely the issue.  So get your files first, you can also do this by disconnecting the HD and plugging it into your other computer as a USB device.  or by using the Rescue Disk and doing it that way.
If both do not work, then you need to reinstall your OS.
If you have questions please ask.

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Have the same problem, I was re loading office in order to repair the outlook, and now I am unable to get past the blank screen with a blinking cursor.

A:Win XP boots to black screen, only mouse cursor active.

tap f8 when booting and try from the boot options

last known good configuration

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Today, my computer won't boot properly. The bootup process successfully makes it past the BIOS POST, past the black Windows splash screen (with the blue progress bar), and past the blue Windows "Welcome" screen.

After the Welcome screen, my screen goes completely Black. However, the mouse cursor arrow remains visible. The only thing I can do is a Ctrl-Alt-Del to pull up the Task menu.

The same Black Screen problem also occurs when I boot into Safe Mode.

Fortunately, I am able to successfully boot into "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". From there, I can launch explorer.exe and run my anti-virus, which finds no viruses.

I loaded the Repair Console and ran MBRFIX. MBRFIX said that there appeared to be a problem with the MBR and I allowed it to re-write it. I rebooted; ran MBRFIX again, and it reported the same problem...hmm...

Within Safe Mode/Command Prompt, I can see all of my programs and data files..

Any thoughts on how I should proceed to diagnose and fix this Black Screen problem?


A:Windows XP Black Screen with active mouse cursor

If you can boot to safe mode with command prompt, then it seems to be some type of driver that is preventing you from loading windows correctly. If you didn't recently install a new device or update any drivers for installed hardware, then boot to safe mode and check the event viewer for any system errors. If you are not familiar with the viewer, you can find it in the control panel under administrative tools. It can be pretty good tool for troubleshooting errors.

You could try running sfc /scannow from the run command, once you boot to safe mode with command prompt and then load explorer. This will search the windows installation and prompt you for the cd to reinstall any missing or corrupt files.

Also, you could try the repair option with the windows install cd. You go thru the same steps as an install, but should be prompted with two options: to repair the current install or install a fresh copy.

Good luck, hope this helps solve your issue.

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I decided to start a different topic because an earlier issue became something else. Earlier I was experiencing problems with thumbnails being mixed up and a system restore was suggested.
Before the system restore I also followed a guide which detailed specific Windows updates to uninstall (something to do with tracking software).
It's worth mentioning that I've been able to restart normally after uninstalling certain tracking-related things.
After attempting a system restore I got stuck on a black screen with an active cursor. I can't get into safe mode and nothing in the repair options seems to be helping. I don't have a Windows 7 CD.

A:Black Screen & Active Cursor, can't get into safe mode

Please close this topic. I somehow managed to get back into my computer after a long repair scan (that didn't work before).

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Howdy everybody - had the same problem as many on a unit running WIndows 7 - symptoms..... 
1 - no display at all.
2 - a boot up screen with the motherboard splash art and ability to enter the bios.
3 - start up windows normally, safe mode, and. All the other modes to run windows and all of them bring      a black screen with a cursor in the middle.
4 - unable to produce anything from this screen but move the mouse around.
5 - windows 7 installation disk out and tried to run a repair with no luck.
6 - I tried to system restore but claims there are no restores it can find.
7 - ctrl-alt-del does not produce anything
1 - Use the Windows 7 installation cd to enter the command prompt.
2 - navigate to the root os drive (usually the C drive)
3 - look for a file called 'VIDEO.EXE' It should not be there since  most all the drivers are located in C:\windows\system32 folder and no drivers are located directly in the root folder from what I know. Delete this file as it is the culprit that is causing all the havoc.
4 - reboot 
at most, you will either need to rerun chkdsk /r and/or sfc scannow command from the command prompt however I had to do neither. Everything starting working normally again.
Hope this helps - Best of luck to all~~!~!
Big Al

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Daughter had to reboot Vista last week after releasing IP in attempt to logon to a wireless network. When reboot completed the password interface popped up, she typed in password for profile and after completing the normal wait to bring up desktop the screen blanks with mouse on top. This is a widescreen Z61m 9450-a36 Thinkpad and I get same problem on external monitor. Odd thing is you can hit Fn F5 to manage wireless and menu pops up over the pink background just fine. If you go into safe mode, you get a blank black screen with safe mode in all four corners. i have run chkdsk and went fine. I did a Norton scan and it was fine. I could not run SFC /scannow and got a "Windows Resource Error" when I try to run but i have found the CBS. Log file.

I can get to a c: by putting in the DVD and booting to a utility. Would like to update some drivers but I can't figure out a way to run a browser although I do have Internet access. Any ideas on something I could install? I have about 40Gb available. I have the Vista code to reinstall the software. Could I install to another directory so I can recover the main Windows and application environment????

Jim V.

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I have re-installed Windows 7 recently from Windows 10, because I didn't like it. I have now got a classic white pointy cursor on the logon screen instead of the default Windows 7 Aero Cursor.

Is there a way to change that using the registry or anything.

Much help will be appreciated!

Many thanks,


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Hello there.I've been a fan of this site for quite some time and have gotten some problems resolved just by searching the forums.
However my computer has recently developed a serious problem that I haven't been able to find a fix for.
It goes a little something like this:
Issue #1-
On our shared desktop a family member will try to log into his/her account and after a few seconds of loading settings the screen will go black and only the white cursor is visible.Task manager can't be launched and no keyboard shortcuts will respond.It will remain this way until manually turned off.Sometimes it will allow someone to log on and access the internet after being booted up again but most often the screen will go black again after 5-10 minutes.
Issue #2-
If it happens to be a good day and issue #1 hasn't occurred yet someone might be able to watch a few videos or play a game for a short time then suddenly everything will go black and the tower makes the sound it does when it restarts.
But instead of restarting once again there is only a black screen this time without a moveable cursor and the fans can still be heard running.

We've had this computer for about 5 years with numerous common,and usually easy to solve,problems but this is leaving me clueless.Automatic restart has been disabled,full virus scan found nothing,no new hardware or software has been installed recently and no other intentional changes have been made.

I'm not sure what specs ... Read more

A:Black screen with active cursor on XP/sudden partial restart

can you start the computer in safe mode and use it normally without it crashing?

what is the make, model, and age of the system? you could be looking at a bad power supply...

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I'm running a
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
1500 RAM
Win XP SP 3

So yesterday my computer suddenly started getting slow, so I rebooted. When the machine boots, it's all fine, but just after the Windows loading screen, the screen goes black, and the only thing that's active is the mouse cursos which I can move. But I can't right click or anything etc.
I can't bring up the Task Manager. I try loading in safe mode but it's still all black, with the expection that the text "Safe mode" is written around the black screen.

So what I did was I got a Ultimate Boot CD and loaded from it. I managed to roll back my windows registry to 2003 (manufactor fresh), and now windows actually loaded and I didn't get the black screen anymore, however obviously it was all a complete mess having a registry from so long ago, so I backup rolled it back to the current again, and the black screen returned.

With that logic, shouldn't it be possible to do some tweaks to the registry to solve this issue?

I'm a complete beginner and I barely even know the function of the registry. Everything i've tried so far i've just managed to google and follow step by step instructions, so bare with me. But judging from the tools in the Ultimate Boot CD, I can access the windows registry.

So basically, where do I take it from here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Win XP boots to black screen, only mouse cursor active. (Need help with registry?)

Go ahead and boot it with the ultimate cd disk. Then remove the disk and reboot, tapping the F8 key while booting to open the safe mode. If that opens correctly,
use the arrow keys to move up to last known good configuration. click enter then let the computer do its thing.

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I'm running a
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
1500 RAM
Win XP SP 3

So yesterday my computer suddenly started getting slow, so I rebooted. When the machine boots, it's all fine, but just after the Windows loading screen, the screen goes black, and the only thing that's active is the mouse cursos which I can move. But I can't right click or anything etc.

I can't bring up the Task Manager. I try loading in safe mode but it's still all black, with the expection that the text "Safe mode" is written around the black screen.

So what I did was I got a Ultimate Boot CD and loaded from it. I managed to roll back my windows registry to 2003 (manufactor fresh), and now windows actually loaded and I didn't get the black screen anymore, however obviously it was all a complete mess having a registry from so long ago, so I backup rolled it back to the current again, and the black screen returned.

With that logic, shouldn't it be possible to do some tweaks to the registry to solve this issue?

I'm a complete beginner and I barely even know the function of the registry. Everything i've tried so far i've just managed to google and follow step by step instructions, so bare with me. But judging from the tools in the Ultimate Boot CD, I can access the windows registry.

So basically, where do I take it from here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Win XP boots to black screen, only mouse cursor active. (Need help with registry?)

@ ichito: WELCOME TO Tech Support Forums
Please start your own (new) thread and provide the details there. It becomes too complicated to help two people in the one thread. Someone will assist you there.

@ Skurten:
You said: "Everything i've tried so far i've just managed to google and follow step by step instructions"
You have done very well, but why did you revert the registry back to 2003? Why did you not revert to the last (most recent) restore point? I am guessing that is what you want/need to do now.

It may help if you provide details of exactly what you did to "roll back my windows registry to 2003". That will provide a bit of background info.

Do you know where to find the system restore points and their contained registry backups?
Can you then "roll back" or do an "off-line system restore" using the UBCD?

Please clarify/confirm that you are using UBCD (Current release: 4.1.1) and not UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows Version 3.50 Released: 4/21/09) ... ? Please provide details of exactly what you are using.

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So I haven't opened my old laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium) for a few months and recently tried to log on to retrieve some old files. However, every time after I log on, it just displays a black screen with a cursor and when I press ctrl-alt-delete, nothing is happening. I tried logging on in safe mode, but the same thing is happening.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:black screen with cursor after logon and ctrl-alt-delete not working

Hello, and welcome. Are you getting any advanced boot functions : Advanced Boot Options

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Hi, thanks in advance for the advice i will hopefully receive.

I have only had my Asus CM 1730-03 desktop for 4 days and it works fine except one very important thing. Four out of 5 times when I turn it on, it shows the Asus logo and the Windows 7 logo and plays the Windows 7 music, then I see a black screen with an active cursor that I can move with the mouse. No key commands work, like CTRL-ALT-DELETE. All I can do is hold the power button in until it turns off, then turn it on again. Even when it does boot successfully and I use it for a while, when it goes into rest mode, I get the same black screen and active cursor and have to power down again.

The only installations I have done are Kapersky anti-virus and an internal Linksys Wireless-G adapter from my old computer. At first I did not install the software for the wireless adapter, but I took it out of the PC today, installed the software successfully, and re-installed the adapter (per the instructions) and the computer is still behaving the exact same way.

Once again, thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit - Black screen with active cursor

Welcome to Seven Forums Irish. Many time this can be caused by a hardware issue. You can try a restore point to see if it helps. System Restore
Or run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Lastly, since its 4 days old, I would be taking it back to the store.

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The problem: when i power up my computer it goes thorugh its full boot mode.  I get my login screen for password, enter password and then the computer finish it's boot with a black screen and the mouse cursor active.  I can't do anything except move the cursor around.
What i can do: I can boot the computer in Safe Mode and have full functionality in that mode (for which i was able to backup personal files).  I tried one function where you can roll the computer back and that didn't work.  I am currently trying 'Startup repair" and waiting for that to finish. It finished and failed: "BadDriver"
How it started: It started when a system update popped up on my screen (faded out the main screen ann a dialog box popped up in the center of the screen asking if i authorized this update.  I cannot remember the specifics, but it was for updating some flash drive or something. Like an idiot i absentmindley clicked ok and it ran the update then rebooted my computer and that's when the problem started....
Help please!

A:Windows 7 - Black screen w/active cursor but can boot in safe mode

Hello, and Welcome
Can you do a system restore to a date before the system update?

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Hello. I have been researching this issue, and found a topic that began on this site, but was unresolved due to lack of responses. I have been having an issue where my laptop fails to fully boot after logging in. It shows a black screen, and the cursor is active, and I can bring up the task manager, but that's about it. I have tried once to do a system restore to a previous point, but it did not fix the issue. I have a lot of files that I still need on the computer, so that is an issue.

A:Laptop boots to black screen with active cursor and ctrl+alt+del function

What is the Make and Model of this laptop?
What other thing have you tried?

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My system windows 7 has been showing the logon screen after cicking on my account,.
It shows welcome and again its shows logon screen.
I logged  in with safe mode and created another account . New account worked fine. After shut down and i again logged in,It shows same problem.
Again logon screen is displaying
Kindly help meee out

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this arena so please bear with me. I work for a company whose network uses some Dell optiplex 745's running windows xp service pack 3. Recently one of these developed the BSOD. It comes up after logging on with username and password. It will not let me ctrl+alt+delete. the only thing I can do is restart which is when the problem repeats.
I have thouroughly checked out the bios settings, performed hard drive and memory diagnostics and I have put in a new HD from western digital: SATA 250 GB, 2500AAKX.
I have also reimaged the computer which works fine. Basically I have tried everything I can think of, even checking out different monitors and hard drives.
I am able to boot in safe mode and run an Anti-virus scan which came back clean.
I was able to do a manual scan in safe mode using symantec endpoint protection and the only thing that came up were some tracking cookies.
I am of the mind that there is either still a problem with a virus or there maybe issues with the integrated graphics card.
No other computers on the network have this issue, it is localized to this one desktop.
After all of this the issue still persists.
I feel like I am missing something and if I do not figure this out soon, what will be missing is my hair! I am about ready to pull it out by the handful.

If anyone has any Ideas I would sure like to hear them! Thanks alot in advance!

A:Blue screen after logon

Can you attach any minidumps? Please note, you may have to ZIP them

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Can anyone help I have a friend who is encountering the following problem.

Win XP boots up however once you attempt to log on as a user all you get is a blue screen and the PC does not attempt to boot up the desktop.

When I have gone into safe mode the same happens although the screen is black.

A:Blue Screen after logon

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Hi , I'm using Windows XP Professional.Everything is fine until I reach the log on screen, then I click in my user account icon, windows shows the desktop , and a few seconds later a bsod appears for a moment and Windows reboots.
I have three hard drives: a 20 GB Seagate (an old Windows XP installation, not connected), 80 GB Hitachi (current Windows installation, connected to the computer) and 200 GB Western Digital (my files, connected to the computer).
I powered off the PC, unplugged the Hitachi drive ,connected the Seagate and now everything is working fine. So it must be a problem with Windows startup services or maybe corrupted data. Any ideas on how to fix this?

A:Blue screen after logon

I simply attempted to restart my computer and now I have a blue screen
with numerous lines of text. It starts with STOP 0x00000000A
What to do?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2080 @ 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 12
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 112971 MB, Free - 73404 MB; E: Total - 1499 MB, Free - 1347 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, IAKAA, 1.00, 0123456789AB
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled
I did a system recovery couple of months ago because i got infected by a virus. Then i started getting messages saying "Host Process for Windows Services has stopped working"(seems to be the main problem in Event Viewer), so I deleted Qmgr.dat files because I heard that might help, but I can't check for updates in Windows Update because I'm in Safe Mode.
BSOD used to come only once in while and not right after logging in. Now It comes up everytime right after the desktop starts loading.
These are the parameters:
STOP 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x8262BF71,0xBOC8091C,0x00000000)

I've tried a couple of troubleshooting things:
-i dont think there is the option to disable BIOS memory options on my system
-the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool found no errors
-Startup Repair Diagnosis found that the ACL's on system32 files are not proper
-SytemFileChec... Read more

A:Blue Screen -> once in a while to every logon

When you say you did a 'system recovery' did you mean Windows' 'System Restore' where you picked a date, or did you mean you reloaded Windows from your recovery partition ?

I've seen a lot of people comming here saying they 'recovered' from some infection, but still has lingering effects. If so, you should post to the malware removal forum.

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I have a HP PC running Vista. x64 Home Premium ,, i believe 
When I start the pc it says 'Loading Windows Files'  
Then a Get a Blank Blue Screen with my cursor..
After a while it will say Welcome to the recovery manager ... HP's that is
If a tech could advise me on steps to correct this.  thx

A:Blue Screen with Cursor

See this HP forum thread as more suggestions may help you on different loading system problems.

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I recently restored my laptop back to factory setting and upon restarting it it runs through the full installation until reaching a screen with the hp logo and then remains there. i rebooted the system.and it took me to the log in screen but after the welcome came up it went to a blank blue page with just the mouse cursor. Safe mode runs is there a way to fix it!

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Good evening. I am having a slight problem with my Vista Ultimate 32-bit. I've only just installed Vista for the first time and I cannot logon at all. I can logon in safe-mode but cannot logon in normal mode. I have searched around and it seems that it is a driver problem. Only thing is I have checked that I have the updated version of drivers etc. I had a similar problem with XP when I first got this PC. It was to do with the nforce drivers. Updated the driver on XP and it worked fine. But, I tried the same on for Vista and checked there was no problems reported yet the machine keeps giving the blue screen error. The details of the blue screen are below.


Shut down unexpectedly

23/12/2008 02:14

Not Reported

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2057

Files that help describe the problem

Extra information about the problem
BCCode: 1000008e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 95DC4CF0
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

I'm not sure if anyone can 'de-code' that and tell me what the problem is. Has anyone else suffered from this problem with nforce drivers?


A:Blue Screen on Logon error


This may not work but what's the odd's you could do a re-format/re-install or recovery to out of box state? If you can, I highly suggest you download and install ALL UPDATES AND SERVICE PACKS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE (Of course, you must set a system restore point before you do this!!)

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