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Delete SP1 in Dos and Reinstall as upgrade to boot problems

Q: Delete SP1 in Dos and Reinstall as upgrade to boot problems

Hi Guys, n Gals.

I recently suffered a catastrophe while trying to update my Tom Tom, the laptop blue screened and I was left with a laptop that would not boot.

It seems nothing is working to try and reboot. Like a ding bat I didn't backup or make an image. I did have another hard drive and installed windows 7 on that. Made a rescue disk but that doesn't do the trick.

None of the other options on the rescue disk work either.

I have run various checks and the drive is reporting as healthy.

I have heard that I could possibly delete SP1 with DOS in the command prompt and then do an upgrade install back to the windows partition.

Is this possible guys? Any help would be appreciated.

I'd rather not format due to the information I require on my laptop. I'm also a bit of a novice so any step by step instructions would be good.


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Preferred Solution: Delete SP1 in Dos and Reinstall as upgrade to boot problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello guys.

Today I will buy a new motherboard, processor and memories. I will upgrade all that on my computer.

I know that Windows have some problems on hardware upgrades. Like not start, not work.

What should I be worried? Do I need to perform any action?

If the windows not start, can I fix it using a Windows 7 DVD?


A:Hardware upgrade, reinstall windows? Problems

What type of Windows 7 licence do you have - OEM, or Retail?

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Have a Lenovo H420 desktop that was upgraded about 2 months ago. We backed up everything and want to reinstall Windows 7.

But I can find no way to get into the Setup screen. I've gone to Settings, Update & Security, Advanced Startup and Restart Now. But I have no option to Use a Device. If I choose Troubleshoot then Advanced Options, the subsequent screen has no option for UEFI Firmware Settings.

I've disabled Fast Boot through Power Options in the Control Panel, then tried F2 and the Delete key when starting. Nothing...

The fact that I can't do something that was so easy in Windows 7 is enough reason in itself to remove 10. Throw in the fact that the scanner part of my printer no longer works is just icing on the cake. I have the Windows 7 disk. I just can't figure out how to use it.

A:After Upgrade Can't Access BIOS to Change Boot Order for W7 Reinstall

According to the mamual:

2.3 System Setup

System Setup configures the network configuration for the Lenovo Rescue
System to ensure your Rescue System can connect to internet. In addition, System
Setup sets and manages all passwords for the Lenovo Rescue system.

2.3.1 Launch
Repeatedly press and release the F2 key when turning on the computer until the
Lenovo Rescue System open, then select System Setup.

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I bought 8 gigs of ddr 3 ram after scanning my computer on crucial.com to find the right kind. After installing i tried to boot the computer but it would only turn on all the fans would run and after maybe 25 or 30 seconds it would shut off and then turn back on and repeat. I tried with just the new ram same thing. Then I put the old ram back in same result. I have no clue what could be causing the issue I built the PC in may and have not had a bit of a problem till now. Any help that can be given would be much appreciated.

A:Boot problems after trying to upgrade RAM

If your computer won't boot that means you've either exceeded the speed or size limits of your motherboard memory controllers. If your computer is given memory that is either too vast or too fast for the motherboard, it won't know how to use it and will cease to boot. Try looking up the actual info about your motherboard's model instead of trusting some scan to see what is compatible.

If your computer wont boot at all even with your old RAM, then you should try completely shutting off the computer, unplug the power and insert no more than 2 gigs of compatible ram in one slot or the other so windows can at least load up, and go by trial and error to see what is causing the problem, its either the stick or the port.

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I am currently running a 2.8 hyperthreading P4 with a 800 mhz fsb on a Gigabyte pro 1000 mother board with 1 gig of DDR 400 RAM (2 sticks of 512 mb in slots 1 & 3). The motherboard can supprt up to 4 gigs of ram.
I wanted to upgrade to 2 gigs of RAM so I installed 2 sticks of 512 mb DDR 400 RAM in the appropriate slots (2 & 4). When I start the computer windows locks up when it's booting. I tried every conceivable way of installing the RAM. When all 4 stickd are in the computer it will not boot. When I put just the new RAM in slots 1 & 3 the computer WILL Boot. When I Put the old RAM in Slots 1 & 3 it boots. When I Put the new RAM in slots 2 & 4 it boots, when the old RAM is in slots 2 & 4 it boots. Only when I have all four sticks in does it NOT boot.
Does windows xp have some sort of RAM limit or could it be something else?

If anyone can help me please let me know

Thank you

A:Win XP Boot Problems Due To RAM Upgrade

Do you have the full model number of that board?

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Since I upgraded to SP3 I have been experiencing problems getting my computer to startup. I have a pentium processor so the AMD fix won't help. After loading the windows downloads every couple of days I restart the computer as I am asked to. Sometimes it shuts down and then starts right back up again. But, many times I come back and find "no signal" blipping on the screen. Then when I press the button to start-up nothing happens. I have to hold it in for a long time and then I hear the printer wake up. Most times I have to press it 10-20 times before windows starts. I have Acronis True Image 11 and it has a boot recovery function that works sometimes.
My disk for windows xp home edition appears to be too old, as when I try to load it I'm told I have a much newer version in the computer and cannot use the disk. So, I cannot get the Recovery Console.
Need help.


A:Boot problems since SP3 upgrade

<<My disk for windows xp home edition appears to be too old, as when I try to load it I'm told I have a much newer version in the computer and cannot use the disk. So, I cannot get the Recovery Console.>>Untrue.The SP version of your XP install CD...only comes into play when attempting to either do a repair install or run sfc /scannow. Since each SP reflects different install files, Windows won't allow newer system files to be replaced by older ones...hence the warning comes up.If trying to access the Recovery Console properly, there is no issue...RC commands/functions are the same for any XP install, regardles of what SP may be installed on the system or be reflected on the CD.To be honest...the first thing I thought of when I read your inability to power up the system...is "power supply", not "SP3". Have you tried a different PSU?System manufacturer and model? Or...motherboard manufacturer and model, if custom-built?FWIW: If you want to create an updated XP install CD, Slipstreaming Windows XP To Create a Bootable Windows XP CD or DVD - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/slipstreaming-windows-xp-to-create-bootable-cd/.Note that these (and most instructions referencing "XP CD") instructions assume that the user has valid Genuine XP install CD....not recovery/restore CDs prepared by the manufacturer of the system. Although they seem to fulfill the same ultimate end (to some), restore/recovery CDs cannot be used in ... Read more

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I'm trying to find out the easiest way to go about upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) and what issues I might run into.

I don't want to reinstall everything (Or anything if possible) so am looking for the easiest option to upgrade.

Anytime upgrade offers the upgrade at $139, a bit expensive.

I found a seller on ebay selling "Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Full Digital Download Key " for a lot less (He has about 1500 feedback at 100%)
My question is, can I use the key from this and enter it into the 'Enter an upgrade key' box during the Anytime Upgrade? Will I run into problems doing this?

Alternatively, I could get a copy of Ultimate from Digital River, burn it to a disk or thumb drive, use the key from the ebay seller above and try to do an 'upgrade' install over the top of my current Windows 7 Home Premium install (I don't know if this is even possible?)

Any suggestions are welcome.


A:Upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium - Anytime Upgrade or reinstall?

The best way for any install is ALWAYS a clean install. Believe me you will have less problems and headaches than an upgrade. It would be worth your while to reinstall your software.

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Hi, I purchased what I thought was the same type of RAM to upgrade our RAM from 4GB to 8GB. When I start the laptop, it shows the windows symbol and the wheel will start spinning after about 30 seconds. It won't boot beyond that. We are running Windows 10. When I go into the bios, it does show that the RAM is 8GB. The new RAM is PC3-8500 DDR3 1066 MHz, made by Komputer Bay. The original RAM was Samsung 2Rx8 PC3-8500S. Acer does have a newer bios available, but I'm hesitant to reflash. Any thoughts?Thanks in advance! 

A:Upgrade to 8GB RAM on Aspire 8510T - problems boot...

I think it's 5810T and not 8510T, however if it's 5810t, you can not upgrade to 8GB RAM, maximum limited to 4GB in your laptop.

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Here's the scoop. I'm currently running 2GHz RAM (specs below) on my system. I have a motherboard that supports 4GHz. I decided to upgrade to four (2 new 1GHz sticks), understanding XP doesn't use all four, just for the performance boost and with the intention of eventually upgrading to a 64-bit system all the way around, once certain Vista issues have been resolved. I would consider myself an intermediate user, the kind that does research to make sure different model RAM should be compatible, can update BIOS, etc.

I checked size, type, speed, latency and voltage to ensure the two new sticks were same numbers as old before purchasing. I also checked user comments to get a decent gauge of reliability of the new sticks. I looked for RAM upgrade problems for my specific motherboard rather extensively and couldn't find any. I purchased the RAM. After installing it (ensuring I had matching sticks on parallel banks, etc) I ran into some issues.

I currently run XP and Vista (32-bit) on dual boot with single physical drive, using Vista's default dual-boot UI. I have XP on the first partition, Vista on the second. After adding the new sticks, the system bypasses the dual-boot, going straight into XP. There are several graphics anomolies, including my mouse pointer becoming a little black box. I also have a big black box in the upper-left on the welcome screen. After logging in, I have no wallpaper, but all icons are intact. XP seems entirely usable with the ... Read more

A:RAM Upgrade, now dual-boot not working, other problems

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Due to an earlier query I had with IE 8 hanging and having no replies, I was wondering if it is possible to delete and reinstall IE8. At this stage I see that as the only option I have apart from a complete reformat.

My earlier post is below since that post was posted on 12/12/10 I have tried turning the add-ons off, and system restore, IE reset. It really has me buggered.

I am having trouble with my internet explorer not wanting to open up completely. The only way that I seem to by able to close it, is by the task manager. I have tried a couple of things like deleting cookies, history, form data, I also tried to reset internet explorer by to no avail, below is a message that I get when trying to close the Internet Explorer window.

Internet Explorer Not Responding

Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 8.0.7600.16671
Application Timestamp: 4c86f9be
Hang Signature: 7c89
Hang Type: 0
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 3081
Additional Hang Signature 1: 7c890786afedefdf7eb7739c23a0f300
Additional Hang Signature 2: 28f5
Additional Hang Signature 3: 28f532e3f2515717ba7b1467948514c5
Additional Hang Signature 4: 7c89
Additional Hang Signature 5: 7c890786afedefdf7eb7739c23a0f300
Additional Hang Signature 6: 28f5
Additional Hang Signature 7: 28f532e3f2515717ba7b1467948514c5

A:Can you delete and reinstall IE8

Since IE8 comes with Win7 as standard as is tightly integrated into the OS, you cannot uninstall it. The only time you can uninstall IE is when it's been installed as an update (like when you've updated IE6 to IE7 on WinXP). In that example, you can uninstall IE7 and the system reverts to IE6 automatically. In other words, there has to be a version of IE present on the system at all times for Windows to function properly.

You could ignore the problem, stop using IE, and install Firefox: http://www.firefox.com

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I have an Acer laptop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista. I'd been using it for a couple of months and then I found an "anytime upgrade" CD and installed it realizing I hadn't done it when I got the computer. Bad move.

Now I have two problems :

1. Whenever I start the computer, I get a boot menu with two options

Windows Vista Home Edition
Windows Vista Home Edition

2. When I load the computer, files that I previously had on the computer are no longer accessible from my profile. They're now in a windows.old directory. I can move them over... but might help diagnose what's going on.

3. Some programs can't read my video card now and won't run as a result. How do I determine what kind of video card I have and get the correct drivers back in?

I realize I don't have a lot of info here, particularly on #3. I'm fairly new to Vista. With Windows 98 and XP, I was fairly used to the configuration settings and consider myself a fairly savvy OS user in general

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Windows Vista Boot Menu / Video Card Problems After Upgrade

I realize I wasn't clear on #1... what I am trying to do is get the boot menu to go away so that the computer automatically boots into vista and does't display the boot menu. Thanks.

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My itunes is messed up. When i run the uninstaller I get this:

does anyone know how i can delete it from my computer?

A:Can't Delete/Reinstall Itunes

What happens if you download the installer to the desktop and run it from there? See if reinstalling fixes whatever problems you are having, if it doesn't, then at least it should have put the proper files in the right places for uninstalling.

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I read the tutorial about deleting windows.old, and that's simple enough, but I have a few questions.

I reinstalled after the BitDefender 64-bit fiasco yesterday. It went OK, and I found all the saved files in windows.old which I was afraid I had lost.

I was particularly concerned about my video and recorded TV files, so, when I found them intact, I "moved" them back to the appropriate "public" folders. Now Media Center sees them just fine. The weird thing, though, is that when I go into Windows Explorer, the files still "exist" in both the normal public folder and in the place I found them in windows.old.

Since I know that I didn't have enough disk space to duplicate them, the problem has to be a pointer or shortcut, but I'm at a loss as to how to get rid of it. I can, if need be, get another drive and copy them off, but I hesitate to just delete the windows.old folder without knowing if I'm going to also delete the files that are supposedly in the public video and recorded TV folders. Neither do I want to copy all those files off if I don't need to.

Can someone explain this further, point me to another thread or tutorial that I missed, or tell me what will happen to my files?

A:what happens when I delete windows.old after reinstall?

Windows.old is the rename of the "Windows" folder when you install Windows 7 RC or Beta, and If you delete this folder, nothing will happen. You will have increased HD space.

I would try and recopy them and see if they go, then delete them.

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Hi guys, here I am again.
I wanted to install Debian 8 in dual boot but my bootable key wasn't really clean (or I just did a mistake) : Grub detected Windows during the Debian installation, but didn't want to propose me to boot Windows (I could only boot in Linux).

I formated my Debian partition (***GRUB WASN'T DELETED BECAUSE I BOOTED IN A "GRUB RESCUE" (Am I right?)***) and eventually succeded in booting on Windows (that was another thread).

I have tried again today. This time I am pretty sure my installation was perfect and clean.
The Debian Installator said me there are 2 Windows Bootloader (since I have used a boot repair there are 2 (I don't know why)) and I clicked ok to finish the installation by rebooting the system.

But... I can't boot in Windows, not even proposed by Grub (but I can boot in Debian).
Currently I am on Windows since I recovered mbr with a Windows cmd (repair disk) (so I can no longer access Debian, even if the partition is clean).

So here is what I think :
Grub was never uninstalled since the deletion of my first Linux partition so it wasn't reinstalled by the Linux Installator (am I right?). So even if my installation is clean, I am still loading the unvalid Grub.
Or maybe my Windows boot repair have disturbed Grub...

So what do you think about my problem?

IF I AM RIGHT ABOUT THIS PROBLEM, do you think I can fix it by deleting/reinstalling Grub? And if "yes", where is Grub and how to reinst... Read more

A:How to delete/reinstall GRUB?

I would try this EasyBCD although I have not used it with Debian - as I have never installed that - I have used it on a couple of occasions with Ubuntu and it worked well
Please see from here - as they are both Linux based it should work
Adding Ubuntu to the Windows Bootloader

Here is download for EasyBCD
if you just click download - registering is not necessary

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I tried to install a Win XP with the install cd but for some reason I am not able to repartition my hard disk. My new copy of WinXP is still full of the old junk.

When installing winxp, the cd gives you the choice to create a new partition of your harddisk by pressing C but it never worked. So I installeda new winxp in the same partition as the old one.

Do you know how to delete the old version completely from your hard disk?

A:How to delete WinXp to reinstall new one

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I put a thread up earlier about a dell computer having issues with the hard drive. I was actually posting the question for a friend of mine in another state. Someone went by and reinstalled XP on the computer, and it's coming up now. However, all the files are gone. Are they truly gone, or in another partition? Is there a way to retrieve those?

A:Does A Windows Reinstall Delete Everything?

If the person who reinstalled the OS did a Clean Reformat the files are gone, you should ask them if they made any type of back up.

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I am reading posts here but when you tell them to do a Clean Reinstall why do we need to delete all partitions ?
Is it okay to only delete the partition where windows will be reinstalled ?

A:Do I need to delete all partitions when doing Clean Reinstall ?

Quote: Originally Posted by Lovus

I am reading posts here but when you tell them to do a Clean Reinstall why do we need to delete all partitions ?
Is it okay to only delete the partition where windows will be reinstalled ?

If your Hard Drive has a C: and a D: partition on it, you just install your Win 7 in the C: partition and leave D: alone. When you do a clean install in C:, it will delete all files in C: but will not touch anything in D:.

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On a recent reboot from my desktop screen, I was confronted with a user login screen that asked for a password. I've never use a password for access, nor did I set my PC up this way. Don't know how it happened, but with no password, I can't get it. Dell says that I must reinstall my operating system. They also say that, unlike windows XP, a reinstallation will overwrite all of my existing files/folders. Is this true?

A:Will reinstall delete existing files?

hello ultraclassic194, and welcome to the forums ,

The basic answer to your question is yes and no if you are using the restore to factory settings system supplied by a manufacturer then this will over-write everything and restore the machine to how it was when it left the factory.

If you do a restore using a vista disk then an upgrade install will allow you to still access your old files although the preferred method of vista install is a clean install.

However saying this all may not be lost before we get to a re-install if you have a look here you can download an image of a bootable CD-ROM which will allow you to reset your password.

depending on your confidence with this you may want to get some local assistance with the creation and use of this CD. if you feel OK about doing it yourself post back with any questions and someone will I'm sure assist you with it.

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How do I uninstall HP printer and devices and reinstall. I can't get it to work or find drivers. There are 4 items showing up on my folder and one is a computer the other is a mouse and 2 printers. I can't delete any of them. Please HELP! I give up!

A:Solved: how do I delete my HP printer and devices and reinstall

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Can anyone please help me figure out how I can delete everything of of my hard drive so I can reinstall windows 7? I can answer more questions if you need any infromation.
AMD Phenom II x2 550
MSI 870A-G55
MSI Hawk ATI HD 5770
Antec TP-550 550w PSU
WD Cavier Black 750GB
Lite-On DVD Burner

A:How do I delete hard drive & reinstall windows 7?

[email protected] Kill Disk Hard Drive Eraser. Low Level Format. this will format , then you can install..
have you tried putting the disk in and rebooting?, is the cd/dvd set 1st in the boot order?
this is a win7 disk, not a recovery disk. correct?

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Well, obviously I could simply back up my files...but what about settings? I would like to keep those if I can.

I was wondering if I could make a separate partition for C:/Documents and Settings in the same way some people make a /home partition for Ubuntu. That way, I could put everything that's important on there and reinstall with the files already there. Is it possible to do this, and if it is, how?

A:Any way to delete the OS while keeping settings, files and programs for a reinstall?

Yes...it's called a repair install of the O/S.

Which, by the way...is not guaranteed to resolve any computer circumstance, it's just an effort.


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Hi, i want to do a clean install and reinstall windows 7 (home premium)

but i was wondering do i delete the partition and then create a new partition or do i format it? (see picture) thanks!

A:Solved: Reinstall Win7 - Delete OR Format Partition? - need quick help!

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Hey all.
This is probably the biggest problem i've encountered with windows ever and i actually suspect its my hardware but not sure how to prove it and what step to take next if it is.

I have w7 installed on a SSD 64gig (C ) and most of my apps/games etc on a standard 1tb HDD (E )

The problem:
-as of yesterday, on starting the computer, windows 7 fails to boot, it goes to the w7 splash screen for about 15secs and then the monitor flickers off and the system restarts. W7 then gives the option to start normally or in repair mode.
-I've gone through repair mode now and tried both the startup repair (9 times, it finds no specific problem),
-the system restore, which lists 3 possible restore points (each one says success but then the same loop as above occurrs anyway)
-Ive also tried the bootrec commands via the command prompt available in system recovery.
-When i try to boot in with safe mode it goes black with a cursor and stops there
-when i try to boot via the dvd, it loads the windows background and cursor and stops there.
-In safe mode via the dvd it loads black screen and the 'safe mode' text in each corner and white cursor and stops there.

so at the moment i can't actually even do a repair or even clean reinstall via the disc which is pretty disturbing.
I've also tried chckdsk and used chkdsk /fix. this did report problems on the C drive and the /f run did say it corrected things on the ssd but still i am unable to load or boot via safe/system recover or ev... Read more

A:Win7 boot failure, DVD unable to reinstall/boot


All these symptoms point to a hardware issue to me as well. In particular, the part about the monitor flickering off draws my attention, because I wonder if it is a video card problem.

Do you have another graphics card you can use? If you are using a real video card, use the onboard graphics to test with if you have them.

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I've been experiencing a lot of problems with my Windows 7 so I decided to reinstall. However, I only have an Upgrade CD, Professional for 32-bit. I tried to do a clean install but halfway through the installation I get an error of missing files. I bought it via school, and they say it's possible to reinstall. Can you use the upgrade CD only once? If so, are there other ways to do a clean install?

Thank you,


A:Reinstall with upgrade cd

Hello sanne, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at these tutorials at the links below; be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.
Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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4yrs ago, my computer came with a pre-installed Vista and an offer to upgrade to win 7 when it was going to be launched. I got the upgrade CD at that date and installed Win 7 which worked perfectly until lately.
In order to reinstall, do I first have to go back to vista with my vista restore CD's and then upgrade again to win 7 ?
Or should I only pop in the win 7 upgrade ? It's a companion DVD and it says "This disc does not contain the Windows 7 Operating CD"
The reasons for re-installing are the frequent crashes I get lately, mostly in Mozilla which uses about 400.000k when only on  youtube, yahoo and facebook. (Reinstalled Mozilla, Flash player, and I don't have a lot of add-ons).
But, in general my PC seems like it's struggling to do everything, and it was very fast just a few months ago (for my needs)
I have 4GB RAM
2.10 Ghz
64 bit Win 7 Home edtition

I ran a scan with Minitool box. Does this have anything to do with my computer working so hard on minor tasks ?
Total physical RAM: 4063.03 MB
Available physical RAM: 2495.11 MB
Total Pagefile: 8124.24 MB
Available Pagefile: 6422.29 MB
Total Virtual: 4095.88 MB
Available Virtual: 3976.52 MB
Thank you.


A:WIn 7 - Reinstall with an Upgrade DVD ?

Hello and welcome to BC! I'm zestypanda, I'm one of the many helpful bleepers here to fix fidgety computers. Please start a new topic in http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/ someone will be along to help you. This seems like something more is going on than just a junked up install of windows.

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Somehow i can never run Windows Batch File. I get this error message -

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.

batch file windows cannot access the specified device

This is for ALL batch files on my system. Tried everything run as admin etc

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My Windows 10 stopped working and I had to reinstall Windows 7 and I want to reinstall the Free Windows 10 Upgrade again. How can I download it again. Have had my Windows 10 since it was released but I no longer have the link to the free upgrade. Hope you
can Help. My login user name DonAdamsSR .
Thank You & God Bless,
Don Adams

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After reinstalling Win ME over, IE6 turned back to IE 5.5. When I tried to use Windows Update to upgrade it to IE6 SP1, it took a while to run through the process, but ended saying not all components have been installed, including almost all the important ones, like the browser!.

This occurred before after I did periodical reinstallation of Win ME over. Last time, Mocrosoft support emailed me some instructions to rename and/or delete some files/registry, I belive. But I cannot access that info any more as they have closed it.

This time, they sent me a long list of instructions with a lot more steps, but it did not work. they claim that this is a win ME issue and I should use fee based support.

Is anyone there who can help me out?


Dell Dimession 4100 PIII 866 384MB 20 GB with 11.9 GB free, Win ME.

All back ground programs were closed (nothing selected in MSCONFIG startup).

I do have McAfee VScan and Firewall Plus, but not running.

Thanks in advance.

A:Can't upgrade from IE5.5 to IE6Sp1 after reinstall Win ME over

I'm having the same problem. Please let me know if you get any results.


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Wow, to my surprise after putting in a new hardrive I could not install my Win 7 as it is only an upgrade.
I bought my Dell new right before Vista came out so I had XP and then a few weeks later upgraded to Vista.
I have all the disks and product key numbers but none work.
Buttt here is the thing I tried to put in Win 7 FIRST so now that's what comes up on the screen when I boot up. So does it not recognize the old disk and product key number when I use it?
I was really pleased when I put in the new hard drive and memory but cannot do the victory dance yet.
Help, Cynthia (the info below does not apply to this problem. It is my desktop that I have the problem with.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3935 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1839 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228115 MB, Free - 144353 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:reinstall old windows to get to win 7 upgrade

How about doing a clone of the old disk to the new one, unplugging the old one, and upgrading on the new one?

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1) I bought a new computer with win 7 home basic and 2) I want to reinstall os of this computer which has been upgraded to win 7 ultimate from home basic. So I have a choice to reinstall the win 7 ultimate upgrade to this computer again or to the new computer which runs faster. But either way, how can I do it? I think (this is awhile ago) when I was doing upgrading to this computer I paid on line and got an email with an activation code and instructions. So my questions are 1) Can I find the code from this computer? 2) Can I use the code on the new computer? 3) should I format this computer first before I activate the upgrade copy on the new computer to avoid conflicts that both computers are using the same upgrade copy? The reason for the last question is I'd want to move every file to the new computer before I format this computer. Thanks.


A:reinstall win 7 ultimate upgrade

You can use Anytime Upgrade to easily unlock the extra features in Ultimate from the Basic desktop.

Just type Anytime in Start Search box, insert the Ultimate key.

You should have your Ultimate Product key backed up like a bank account number. If you cannot find it in your emails, then run Belarc Advisor to audit all of the installed hardware, software and Product Keys before deleting Ulimate from the old machine.

But before activating Ultimate on the new machine I'd delete Ultimate from the old one by booting the Win7 Basic installer, choose Custom Install, then use Drive Options to Delete the OS partition. You can then reinstall Basic to the machine using the Product key on COA sticker on machine following these steps to get a perfect reinstall: Reinstalling Windows 7

There is also a workaround to change to a lesser version of Win7 doing an in-place Upgrade. Let me know if you need it.

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I always format my hard drive ever year so I get a fresh operating system to work with.

I bought a new laptop in August and am eligible for a free upgrade to W7, but I am apprehensive to do because I'm not sure how I will do a reinstall. My computer did not come with restore disks and I don't want to buy them from the manufacturer. Do i need to reinstall xp or vista first in order to reinstall? If, theoretically, i used an activated version of vista, that isn't exactly...genuine (just to reinstall).... would it record that serial key and put my 7 installation at risk?


A:Reinstall with an upgrade disk?

Windows 7 has a flawless Image Backup utility that will copy your entire HDD (including any dual boots) to a primary partition (which it views as a drive) or an external drive. I do both in case the HDD fails. Once you get your Vista upgraded to Win7 and configured perfectly, create a Backup Image which you can use to do a restore of the current HDD or a new one in about 20 minutes. This is a much easier annual reinstall.

As easy as this is, I would still use your laptop's utility to burn those recovery disks to keep in case you need to restore your Vista to factory condition. Acer will mail you disks if you call within 90 days of purchase. Then you can delete the Recovery Partition which will become inoperable after Win7 upgrade anyway.

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I am tired of MS Vista (Ultimate 64bit) but I am unfortunately totally ingrained in this OS.

My issues are vast, and money spent is too much. What I would like to do is reinstall Vista. I had XP on my Dell PC (2y/o), I bought the Ultimate upgrade and installed the 64bit OS. About 6 to 8 months ago, things went sideways! Listed below are just a few issues:
Flash Player won't work on IE 7Router has intermittent failureHome Network lost and internet connection lostNetwork card drivers drop and come backcountless little oddities
I have tried countless uninstalls and "fixes" from various sites, to no avail.

What I thought I would do is reinstall the OS. However, when I run setup from the OS, and the system reboots, I muddle through the prompts. When I finally get to the Upgrade or Clean install option; I can only choose the Clean install function.

Clean install is just not an option for me.

Can anyone provide me with a solution?

Thank you.

A:Reinstall from Upgrade not an option

You can only upgrade in Windows itself, and when that happens, I would check for spyware or virusses.

And a clean install is the best solution sometimes.

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Having previously upgraded to Windows 8 I restored the factory installation of Windows 7 prior to warranty repairs to my PC. Now that the repairs are satisfactorily completed what are my best options in upgrading again? On the one hand I could go ahead with the upgrade now or on the other should I wait until Microsoft have completed development of Windows 8.1?

A:Windows 8 - When to Reinstall Upgrade?

From what I've read Windows 8.1 will be offered as an update to existing Windows 8 users.
In light of that I would probably upgrade to Windows 8 now and wait until 18th October for the update.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1037U @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3975 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2044 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464287 MB, Free - 429375 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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I was running Windows 7 Home Premium (a OEM installation that came with my DELL laptop) when I decided to upgrade to windows 8 through the Assistant; I have made my media (DVD), but ultimately installed from the link on the desktop. All went well. After the installation I couldn't reinstall my Office, so after fooling around a bit, I decided to make a clean install (BIG MISTAKE!). First time I couldn't validate my key (as it was for upgrade only), but I got it installed and running without validation. But to validate again, I was told, what I really needed to do was reinstall my previuos version of windows and reupgrade using my key. Well... I didn't have a media of my previous version of the OEM windows (I know... I'm stupid, should have made one first). Anyway, I got a media of Windows Home Premium 64bit (english version this time) and validated it with my original key. After a day spent finding suitable drivers and downloading updates, I got my system running again, ready to reupgrade right? I wish! If I run the media of Windows 8 through windows it won't validate the Key I bought in the beginnig; if I try to download again the assistant, it makes me go through the buying process again, and futhermore, even starting the system through the dvd won't do it anymore, it just refuses my key and won't go through!!! Can anyone help me? I'm running out of time, need my laptop to work ASAP. Thank you.

A:Can't reinstall Windows 8 upgrade

Look for the link in your email from Windows store.
How to redownload your Windows 8 Upgrade setup D/L.

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I Thought I read somewhere that the upgrade from Win 7 to Win 8 would not require you to reinstall all your programs. That doesn't sound like the normal course of events but it would be very nice if true. I'd be happy if that were just true for upgrading from the Win 8 Release Preview since that is a dual boot on my main desktop.

Am I dreaming or is this a possibility?

A:Upgrade Win 7 to Win 8 and not have to reinstall programs?

This is not official, but supposedly an upgrade-in-place from 7 to 8 will be permitted:

Microsoft details its Windows 8 upgrade plans | ZDNet

If 8 is like 7, you won't normally be able to do an upgrade-in-place form the RP to the release version. However, there may be a work-around (hack) that would make it possible, if you're willing to risk a result that is less stable than a clean install.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8200. The HD died, so I replaced it with a HD from another older Dell that had Window's 98 installed on it. I upgraded to Windows XP Home with the CD that came with the 8200. Everything works except there's no sound. There are no errors or conflicts in the device manager. I've loaded the drivers that came with the sound card and I've loaded drivers from Dell's web site. Still no sound. Mute is off.

As far as I can tell, there is no on board sound.
I've also loaded the chipset drivers, although this was after I finished the XP upgrade and had sound issues.
I try loading SoundMax but I get an error at the end - driver not found.
I've tried checking the set up (F2 when booting) to see if the sound card is disabled or if I could disable onboard sound but the only sound option I find is the PC speaker.

The only other thing I've found on Dell's web site to try is to reformat the HD and start from scratch. I'd rather not do this if I don't have to.

Any suggestions? Here are the specs:


9E824 PROCESSOR..., 80531, 1.7GHZ, 0K, 400FSB, SOCKET N...
735HE MOUSE..., PERSONAL SYSTEM 2..., 6P, 2BTN, WHEEL..., 1.3A, MICROSOFT..., MIDNIGH... Read more

A:XP reinstall/upgrade - no sound

I would uninstall all audio drivers and, when WinXP finds the hardware, I would tell it to search the internet for the driver or I would check the model on the audio card and go to the audio card MFG website and search for a driver.

In my experience, there generally( at least recently) are two disks that come with a Dell computer: the OS disk and the system disk. The system disk contains all the drivers and is used after the OS is installed. If you have it make sure that all the drivers incuding the PCI drivers are installed. If not, and you have the Dell tag number, you should be able to download the specific drivers for the MB and make sure that they are installed.


You might double check that you have the speakers plugged into the correct port on the sound card. It's easy to plug into the wrong jack.

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Hey Forum
I bought a acer TravelMate 7730 almost 2 years ago.
it had some problems with freezing.
and it is now so bad that I cant do anything on high power, without having it shut freeze. so here is the problem:
The computer came with windows vista and i rushed to get a windows 7 upgrade.
Now it has gone so bad with the computer and I wish to make a clean reinstallation, so I can start all over hoping this might solve some of the problems.

but how do I reinstall it?

Mads Isgaard

A:How can I reinstall with a windows 7 upgrade

Back up your files, Boot the DVD, follow these steps to get a perfect reinstall: Reinstalling Windows 7

The DVD at boot will see an OS on the HD and allow use of Upgrade version key, even if you go on to use Custom>Drive Tools to repartition.

If you wipe the HD clean or use a new HD, you'll need to leave the Key blank up front and then do one of the workarounds given here to activate Upgrade version after it's installed to a blank HD: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Have you tried these troubleshooting steps yet? I'd at least run the hardware tests to make sure the issue is with Win7 and not hardware. Back up your files first.

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I purchased my T61 with office pre-installed. I don't have the CDs. After installing Win 7 I will have to re-install office. How do I do it without knowing the Product Keys?

A:Reinstall Office after Win 7 upgrade

If you do the in-place upgrade in Vista as opposed to a clean install it should and normally will leave the programs in-place.
You should have recieved the office disks and key when you bought the PC unless it was on a VLK program.

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I just received my Precision 7510. I would like to replace the 500 gb hdd with a 750 gb ssd. After I complete the swap can I reinstall Windows 10 using a retail iso from MS? Or, do I have to use the recovery media from Dell? I am currently doing a test using the recovery media from Dell using the old hdd, and it is at 20% after 1.5 hours. That sounds ridiculously slow...

A:Reinstall Windows After SSD Upgrade

After running the test recovery, I got a black DOS screen with the message:
A configuration change was requested to enable, actiate, clear, enable, and activate the TPM
This activation will clear and turn on the computer's TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
WARNING: This request will remove any keys stored in the TPM
Press F12 to enable, activate, clear, enable and activate the TPM
Press Esc to reject this change request and continue

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I am seeking your help please.

I recently updated from Windows 98second edition to Windows XP (service pack 1) to enable active sync to work on my windows 5 PDA - this part is OK.

However my attempts to re-install my HP 1010 printer fail. After the first attempt to re-install the printer using HP install CD the process stopped a fair way into the installation (after asking to switch on the printer on USB port) with the message "Spooler Subsystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close" - then undoing the partial installation.

The message now keeps re appearing, on start up and also at seemingly random intervals thereafter. I select "don't send" to clear each pop up message.

Now each attempt to reinstall the printer results in an earlier (in the installation process) message "The hp laser jet 1010 series Setup Program has encountered a severe error and will now exit. Restart your computer and run Setup again"

When I look at Control Panel/Printers + faxes/File/Server Properties it says "Server properties cannot be viewed. The print spooler service is not running"

Have you any advice to clear the recurrent error message, and hopefully to install my previously OK printer !

Colin Fancourt

A:reinstall printer after upgrade to XP

You probably need to install XP drivers.
You can download them here

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My father had XP on his computer and upgraded to windows 7 a few months ago. Yesterday he replaced the hard drive and tried to install just 7 without the XP disk. He got a message that said his current key was no good and that 7 was the full version and not an upgrade and he would have to activate within 30 days. Should he have installed XP and then the 7 disk?

I can go back and put XP and then the 7 upgrade on it can't I? Or is there an easier way?

Thank you!


A:Solved: XP to 7 upgrade and then reinstall...

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does any one have any easy understandable way of doing this.I just found out the my computer is tooo old to run XP and I want to go back to 98 before I run into major problems. IBM pentium II,194 RAM,348 MHz. any help would be greatful. I am a computer dummy but I have a trust worthy friend helping me out.(you know who you are and congrats. you won) thanks in advance.

A:uninstall upgrade XP reinstall Win98

You can boot a Win98SE disc from CD if you have the BIOS set to boot first from CD_ROM. Delete existing partitions, recreate the one(s) you want and install Win98.

If you do not have SE, you can use a Win98 Start UP disc, set your BIOS to boot first from Floppy Drive reboot and select "No CD-ROM support. . at the A: prompt type fdisk.

Delete partitions, then recreat the one(s) you want. restart and at the A: prompt, type format c:. Reboot and select Install Windows from CD

That should get you up and running. This will erase everything on the drive, so be sure you have a good back-up of data.

Have fun . . wrs

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I just upgraded from premium to pro in 7. The 7 came with the computer, but not on a disk, bought the key online, messed something up and would like to reinstall the anytime upgrade.
How would I do this? Can I assume I cannot upgrade to pro from pro right? So how would I do this?

A:Can you reinstall an anytime upgrade with no disk?

More info, I did an anytime upgrade to get to professional. I want to go back to premium(I have the disk) then re-do the NYTimes upgrade. It's gives me no option! Only says "upgrade or custom"

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Hi everyone

I will install new hardware into my pc this weekend. I will replace the HDD, motherboard and CPU.

Windows 7 Home premium, retail is currently installed on my pc, which I purchased in December 09.

What I would like to know is what is the procedure when reinstalling my retail windows onto the new hardware? Do I have to deactivate on my old hardware before installing on new hardware?

Your help would be greatly appreciated


A:Reinstall windows 7 after hardware upgrade


No, you do not need to deactivate the old license. Just clone the hard drive, or whatever you want to do, and it will probable ask you to reactivate.

Just give it your product key.

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Hello Eight Forums members,

I currently have Windows 8.1 Core installed on my PC. I am interested in upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro however, but I do not want to lose/re-install programs, or have to jump through hoops to run it.

Is there a way to do this without having to install Windows all over again?


A:Upgrade Windows 8.1 Core to Pro, without reinstall?


You can buy "Pro pack" which will upgrade "Core" edition to "Pro".

Buy Windows 8.1 Pro Pack - Microsoft Store

Amazon.com: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Pack (Win 8.1 to Win 8.1 Pro Upgrade) - Key Card

Here is how to : Add features - Microsoft Windows

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