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Vista Multiple accounts - Accounts/firefox update question.

Q: Vista Multiple accounts - Accounts/firefox update question.

OK I have a Vista laptop with 3 accounts, 1 admin, 1 normal user, 1 guest.

I as admin have updated my firefox browser installing addons, java, WMP, flash etc etc etc.

I am wonder since my I have installed java, WMP flash and as well as updated my FF to 3.5.5. can this update be transferred to all users accounts without me manually logging on to all users accounts and updating the browser one by one?

Preferred Solution: Vista Multiple accounts - Accounts/firefox update question.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Vista Multiple accounts - Accounts/firefox update question.


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I'm a new Vista user here's my situation. About 2 months ago, I got my Vista pre-installed machine and set up my Administrator's account, a Safe Use (restricted user) and enabled the Guest account for company.

I then proceeded to run as Administrator (not the greatest idea, I know) and installed Firefox, among other things that I like to run. As soon as I could get an enclosure for my old laptop's HD, I copied over the bookmarks.html folder and replaced it in my Mozilla folder on my new machine. At Thanksgiving, I let my sister use the Guest account and checked first to see that her Firefox would be clear of bookmarks, so she could add her own if she wanted.

But, all of MINE were in the Guest account, and even after deleting a few of them as a test, when I opened the Bookmarks drop down again, they were back! I couldn't delete them no matter what I did.

When I go back to my Admin account and start pouring through the User Accounts folders and AppData folders, I can see a Local folder and a Roaming folder. Also, what appears to be a universal Programs folder.

I don't know what a Roaming folder is. My question is, how to restrict the Admin account to what the Admin installs and then chooses to give to the other accounts.

Particularly looking to clear my Bookmarks from the other user accounts on the computer. Does anyone know of a good resource that explains how User Profiles work. I'm not exactly a beginning user, but nobody ever ... Read more

A:Question about User accounts and Firefox bookmarks in Vista

Had to pull this article out of googles cache since the main page seems to be down. This describes how to make bookmarks available to all users but you can use the same info to break the link also.

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I was recently looking on techguy for a similar resolution to the below question in the forum.


I do not have problems using the CC Cleaner in my account (admin) but when I run the cleaner it does not clean Chrome. See, my girl use chrome for her internet browser on her user account and I use Firefox in my admin user account.

IN fact i have this problem in a lot with programs like Tversity, CCleaner and AVG.

Do I have install the program on every User account (hence taking up room on my PC because I am installing the same program twice)?

And when I use virus programs do they sift for infections through all the users etc?

Thanks kindly.


A:User Accounts in Vista - Operating programs in both accounts

hello w3b3d1g1

try this (in your account) start > all programs > any program you want to share > right click on that program.> choose share.. maybe what your looking for.

hope this helps.

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I have multiple email accounts in OE, one is my business email, another for my personal stuff and a third is an email ID I use for things that might create spam responses (orders, inquiries into products, etc).

The problem I'm having is one I've had for awhile - I've just been tolerating it but it's really bugging me now so I decided to see if anyone has a clue as to how to fix this.

When I log on in the morning OE checks for email. frequently, but not always, email from one account gets updated into the other account. In other words, I see my business emails showing up in my personal account. It takes several re-do's , me logging out/in before this corrects. Any ideas? The only other thing that happens and it doesn't ALWAYUS occur when the above situation takes place is that I'm prompted for my password. Even when I do enter my password, the window will frequently pop back up and ask for it again. I end up having to log out and wait a few min's and log back in.

A:OE - multiple accounts update in each other

Are the accounts all set up under one identity? Would it be a pain to have seperate identities - Work, Personal, Web Use for example?

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I know an administrator account is very important as thru this you can do everything. A guest account is limited. Right now Im logged in as the computer administrator. I read somewhere that for safety precaution, I should make another account [Guest] and use that account to surf, download, and have fun doing anything, while the administor account should be use only when installing security updates as the administor account is more dangerous when use. is this true?

A:Important question regarding multiple accounts

No, that's not true, just make sure that the Windows updates are always done, you have a decent internet security package running and never leave your PC alone logged on as an administrator.

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Hey folks,

Here's a quick question on e-mail stuff.

I have a POP3 e-mail account that I access via Outlook 2000 from home, and via a web-based program ("webmail") from a second PC. I find using Outlook much better. The second PC has Outlook 2003 installed, but it's used for another e-mail account.

I know how to set up the new machine to open my mail box. However, when I do that I start to run into problems with my "home outlook" having an outdated list of messages, because once I download the messages into one inbox, they're not available to be downloaded into the other.

So, is there some reasonable way I can keep there two Outlooks "in synch," so that I can use Outlook on both of my machines? If so, would there be an issue with the different versions of Outlook on each machine?



A:Question on Multiple Outlook Accounts

The problem with POP3 is it's designed to pull email from the server and store it locally. As you've discovered, it pulls it from the server with whichever computer you use, and stores it on that one alone.

Since it has a webmail option, there's a possibility the mailbox hosts also support IMAP. IMAP stores the email on the mail server, so it'd always be available in outlook on either computer, or even in the webmail. The downside of course is that all the email is only readable when you're connected to the internet, and that you'll probably be limited in how much email you can store on the server. You'd have to 'archive' the inbox periodically to your local folders to free up space, but it would solve the problem.

Outlook 2000 and 2003 both support IMAP email accounts alongside other mailboxes happily, so that'd be the avenue I'd persue with the mailbox provider. There other options - like leaving the POP3 mail on the server from one computer, and retrieving it with the other, but you usually quickly end up with duplicate emails in your inbox down that route.

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I will try this again. My wife and I do not use different user names in Vista. We want to use several e-mail accounts and keep the in, out and saved boxes and contacts separate like identities in Outlook Express. Is this possible? If not, how do I copy my Outlook Express program from my XP to my new computer with Vista? Was Outlook Express part of XP or Works?

A:Multiple e-mail accounts in Vista?

you can have multiple identities in windows mail just like you had in outlook express. You can migrate your address books identites and settings from outlook express to windows mail with no problem. This way you donthave to reenter all your information from scratch. Here is a link that might help you.


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hello all. I just have a quick question and this looked like the right place to post it.
i just finished disinfecting a computer running windows vista home premium.
do i have to run the removal / cleanup programs on each individual account in vista or is running it from administrator good enough?

A:Multiple User Accounts And Computer Infection Question

What programs are you running? Generally you want to run them in the infected accounts, but some programs can clean multiple accounts at once.

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Hiii everybody,
this is my first ever post in my first forum . That's a disclaimer to ask you guys to forgive me for having very little gray matter :-( .
I have Windows XP HOME SP2 on Intel Celeron 667 MHz and 192MB RAM. I know it doesn't sound like much so I'm always trying to read forums and tweak my settings. But this time, it ended up worse.
I used a program called autoruns.exe to adjust my startup programs so it'll start faster. I'm not sure what I turned off but now
1. It takes longer to start up,
2. I don't see any accounts (not even admin) in Control Panel - User accounts
3. I can access a directory and open files but I can't cut or copy and paste them into another folder.
4. In services.msc, most of the programs under Local with automatic setting don't start and cannot be started. I can't even see the programs under extended.
5. I have a home network but I can't access any of my other computers.
those are a few of laundry list of challenges with my computer (with me ?)
I'm even ready to format and reinstall XP but I need to copy some files before I do that.
I'm sorry for this long post but can you guys help me?

A:Can't cut(copy) & paste, all accounts missing in Control Panel-User accounts ...

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I'm surprised that nobody else has this problem, but I've searched and can't find an answer...apologies if I've not looked hard enough but I decided to post a question because this is 'urgent' to me.

I had 2 children's accounts in Win 8, and had local Parental Controls. Upgraded OS to Win 10, and now I can't manage Parental Controls in Win 10 locally, so I 'think' I need to set up 'online Profiles' for them.

However, all their game progress, profile settings, etc are on their local profiles - how can I get all this data to be on their online Profiles? I didn't want to copy and paste folders (such as AppData) without knowing that this was a 'safe' way to do this.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


A:How to copy user accounts in Win8 to online accounts in Win10

Hello Andy,

Have a look at the following tutorial which shows how to change a local account to an online one.

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 10

Hope this helps

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I just bought my 15 year old son a laptop with Windows 8. I was able to set up my Admin account and his "standard" account, and put a time curfew and limits on his account, but when I logged in as him, I saw that he would be able to create another account which would pretty much defeat the whole time limit thing! Is there a way to prevent all but admin accounts to be able to create more accounts?? I'm pretty technically savvy but this new W8 is not as easy to navigate as the previous versions!! (I wouldn't mind a "classic view" either, if that exists!)

A:prevent all but admin accounts to create more accounts?

Hello cbird, and welcome to Eight Forums.

By default, standard users are not able to create new accounts or do anything that effects anything other than just their user account.

The only way a standard account is able to create a new account is if that standard user entered the administrator's password when prompted by UAC when trying to do so through the Control Panel (icon view) -> User Accounts -> Manage Accounts.

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Under Settings->Accounts->Your email and accounts
at my email account it says: "Attention required"

I am using Outlook 2013 and outlook.com (pop/smtp)
I have been using the Outlook app, but replaced it with K9 Mail and removed the app from my tablet (imap-mail.outlook.com)

What am I going to mess up here when clicking [Manage] and [Save]
Puzzled as to what should be synchronized: everything is running fine now...


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Hi all

I can't find any mention of my problem on this or any other forum. Or at least I don't think I can... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my set-up:
Linksys DSL modem, connected to an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router. The modem is configured to be the DHCP server, the Airport is set to bridge mode. I have a new Compaq Presario desktop running Vista Home Basic with a Belkin wireless-G USB dongle. All of this discussion is about wireless, btw - I don't have a long enough CAT-5 cable to connect the Airport and PC.

I have 5 users set up on the PC - 1 true, unlocked administrator account and 4 standard users. When I boot up and connect as any of the 4 standard users they automatically detect and connect to the Airport, and receive IP addresses.

But when I change user to be the administrator the connection drops after a few seconds. The Airport network is visible to Vista, because it is in the list of available networks. But if I try to connect to it it fails, and the Vista diagnostic tool tells me it has been unable to connect 'for unknown reason'. One of the standard users used to have admin rights, and that account had exactly the same problem. If I log in from a boot-up as the administrator I also cannot connect to the network.

If the administrator account has been used and logged out the other users cannot connect to the Airport. I have to re-boot before they can connect again.

I also have a MacBook and a Nokia N95, bo... Read more

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I have been chasing up an answer to this problem for a couple of weeks now and have found a number of people with same symptoms but no answer which works.

When I go to the User Accouns page the dialog box for the "Choose the Account you would like to change" is blank.

I am an administrator and there are 2 accounts on my notebook - windows 7 professional.

I can view the accounts through the run command, but would like to know why the dialog is empty and what the fix is for this.

I have done a scan for errors - none found.

Done a complete reinstall - Accounts still not visible.

Looking on a variety of forums, this appears to have been happening to XP and Vista prior to Windows 7.

However none of the fixes for XP or Vista work (Some don't even apply).

Does anyone have a solution for this bug?


A:User Accounts / Manage Accounts Blank

Microsoft has an article on this issue, please read this and try the solutions if you haven't already. Oh yeah, welcome to SevenForums.

Granted... It's for XP but I can't seem to find the Win7 version.

Several dialog boxes are blank

EDIT: Here's a fix for the "Windows Features" blank dialog. I figure it might tell you what your problem is as well.

Link to tutorial:
Link to program:

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I am going crazy,

This will take some explaining. For the longest time I was able to keep my old Google account and You Tube account as separate and distinct entities. Today, I had to sign out of You Tube. But when I signed back into You Tube, it is linking me to my Google Docs account and I don't want to do that!!!! Do I have to log in and out of Google/You Tube each time to keep the identities separate? This is NUTS!


A:Is There ANY WAY to Unlink Google Accounts From You Tube Accounts?

I don't think that there is.....apparently YT and Google formed a partnership a while back. I just dealt with it.

That said, you can read this.

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I was wondering whether there's a way to move my database (on Google Gears) from one user account to another (on the same computer), and whether there's also a way I can do that from one computer to another (from my desktop to netbook, for instance)?

I'm having internet connection issues (plenty in fact):

My modem (LAN and Wi-Fi) probably died of old age (or over-heating) or it got struck by lightening;
I've been getting thunderstorms in my area (meaning I'll have to unplug a lot and lose plenty of online work time);
My USB dongle won't work on my Guest account and I can't seem to give it any admin rights on Vista.
So it's just terrible that I'm stuck with one computer (a Windows Vista desktop--meaning it constantly needs to be plugged-in) during these times. I'd like to be able to move them on my Windows 7 netbook or to accounts where the USB dongle works.

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My lap top is set up with multiple users
how can I stop it logging off if left unattended for more then five minutes?

A:Multiple Accounts

Does it actually log you out or does it just ask for the password of the user that is logged in?

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Well, me and another person in my household both have apple accounts, and i got tons of apps, whereas he bought the music. We have figured out how to transfer apps to both accounts, but we are having difficulty with the music. We want to still have two separate accounts, but the same music on both. How do we do this? I would have asked Apple support, but their chat button is not there when i visit their site.

A:Multiple accounts

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I use multiple accounts in Outlook Express 6.
My problem is that, when I reply to an incoming message, always the same account (not even my default account) is selected as the sender of the reply.

I know that you can change the sender with a drop-down menu, but Ishouldn't OE automatically select the right sender depending on the account that receives the incoming message. So when replying to an incoming message addressed to e.g. account 'A', I'd expect sender 'A' to be automatically selected as the sender.

That doesn't happen: now I always have to check this and choose the right sender for each message. I've tried changing the default account, upgrading from OE5 to OE6, reinstalling IE, ...

Can anyone help?

A:Multiple accounts in OE

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I have been using vista for years but just now am finding it necessary to make a second use profile.

Im using vista x64 and even after I have made the new account and can see it under "user accounts" in control panel it wont show up on the screen when I press "switch user" or "Log off"

How do i get the second account to show up?

EDIT: I just deleted and recreated the account and its fine now.

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My wife and I recently got a new computer, at home. I have everything transferred to the new one, and it is running great. There is one minor issue with OE6 though, that I am sure is an easy fix, I just can't find it. We have multiple Identities setup. We can both send and receive from each account. The problem that we are having is that my account is receiving both her's and my emails. She receives some of her emails, but not all. Everything that I can see, appears to be correct. Before I put the old pc to the side, I compared the settings on the old and new, and it all appeared identical. I am guessing that it is something that is staring me in the face, but I have been staring at it too long, and can't see it.



A:OE6 Multiple accounts

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Iím new here so please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered before. ( I did check out the FAQís Ėhonest !)
By co incidence both my ex wife and my brother have asked for my help with the same problem. Now I thought that I was a pretty experienced geek but so far this has got me beat. I hope you can help.
Both Ex Wife (EW) and brother have new pcís running XP SP2. Both have setup multiple user accounts in the start splash screen.
What they want to do is set the ADSL connection (speedtouch 330 Pipex for EW. No idea what brotherís ISP is but I can find out if it matters).
All accounts set up have administrator rights but, so far only the named Ďfirst userí can actually connect to the net. Can you tell me how to set it up so that named users can get online please?
Iím supposed to set up brotherís pc on Saturday so a reply before then would be great.
Thanks for any advice offered.

A:Multiple ADSL accounts in XP

"So far only the named ‘first user’ can actually connect to the net."

That does not make sense because LAN connections are not per user settings. When someone else other then ‘first user’ can then not connect to anything? By chance are they using AOL?

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I have Outlook2k.

I have 3 email accounts from my ISP.
I also have 3 hotmail accounts.

I haves set up all 6 accounts on Outlook and OLExpress.
When open I see 4 accounts. 1 for ISP accounts and 3 for the hotmail accounts.

Why does Outlook combine all ISP accounts into 1 group and not web email accounts. I want to be able to make individual .pst and .pab for each ISP account.

Is this possible.

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I am running WinXp and have setup another user account on my PC. The new user account is limited. When I log on as that user i get the following error message:

"An exception occurred while trying to run amecsa.cpl. RUN_DLL"

If I change the user account from limited to administrator i no longer get the error message.
I know that amecsa.cpl is loading the Control Panel applet, but how do I keep the user account as limited and not get the error message?

I would appreciate any help....


Lucky Luke

A:Multiple Xp User Accounts

This program is supposed to load an ADSL modem Control Panel applet. I am hoping you have a dsl modem.

Obviously the applet needs administrator rights to run, but it should not affect your Internet connection.

Poor programming and a little annoying, but I would probably just ignore it.

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A couple of years ago, I purchased a laptop with Win 8.1. At the time of installation, the laptop prompted me to create a microsoft account. Which I did, with my e-mail address. This worked fine, I could access a one drive etc.

This week, I purchased an Office 365 premium business. It created a new microsoft account, with the same e-mail address, and a different Onedrive.

When I log on to the laptop, the one drive I see in the start menu is from the "old" account.
If I log into the O365 account, I can see the new one drive.

I tried switching to a local account in Win8.1, then switching back to a microsoft account, but I just keep seeing the old account. Both account have the same e-mail address, so I'm wondering how I could switch from one to the other.

Maybe renaming the old account ????

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A very diffident coco349 - my first post in here, so firstly hello to you all !

This might sound a bit daft, but I'm trying to set up a pc running XP Home with several users. One of us (well me, actually!) has a fairly large number of applications that are used regularly. Others, wife and two step children, have no need to use some of the stuff that I use. What I am trying to do is to have separate profiles for each user, with different sets of applications on the desktops so that, for example, when Mrs coco349 logs on she is not a) having to wait for all of my stuff to load, and b) her desktop only displays the few things that she regularly uses. I have tried trawling through various sources for the way of achieving this but with no joy.

Would some very kind person please post an idiot's guide?

Very many thanks, in advance,


ps Very many apologies if this has been covered elsewhere in this forum but a search failed to come up with the help that I am after.

A:Multiple user accounts

in the control panel click on users
in there you can set up the accounts you require

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Not sure how to title this...

I use Thunderbird for e-mail. I have four e-mail accounts that I receive mail from daily. Three different providers (Netzero, gmail, hughesnet) I use only one out going account. Sometimes if I don't pay attention I send out mail from the wrong account i.e. [email protected], rather than BBBB @ gmail. Question: How can I set up Thunderbird to continue to automatically retrieve e-mail but NOT sent it out from an account I don't want to send from. How can I make it idiot proof?

A:Thunderbird Multiple Accounts

i have not tried this - as i like to use all the different accounts to send from

but if you goto
account settings
and then go down to the
SMTP list
you can remove the account for SMTP from there

BUT first make a note of all the SMTP accounts and settings for servers , ports and security etc - so you can at least add them back if required
or you could take a screen shot of each

and just leave the one you want as default - default does not work on my system - it defaults to reply from the account it was received from

Now i have not tried and not sure how thunderbird will react - and if the from will be blank - rather than use the default

you can make a backup of thunderbird using http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/ i use this a lot - usually to migrate uses to new PCs and from outlook etc
To post a screen shot of the active window.
1) hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
2) if you are using Vista/Windows 7 you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Full details are available here http://library.techguy.org/wiki/TSG_Posting_a_Screenshot

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i have multiple windows live accounts, how can i add them in with Mail and Messenger within Metro

A:Multiple Live Accounts

You need to go within the app and then use your charm bar to go into settings and add them as separate accounts

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I use outlook with 3 accounts- 1 off an exchange server and the other 2 are aol accounts

The questions is this-

Since there are 3 accounts, is there a way that after I click the "new" icon a box pops up asking which account that I want to use to send the mail?

I know there is the "account "button. I'm looking for a fool proof way not to mix up the sending of mails. So the right people see the right return address


A:Outlook and using multiple accounts

If there is I haven't found it. I always use the dropdown to change between accounts.

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I have two users on a Dell 1150 running XP/SP2, User1 and User2. In Documents and Settings folder are the following folders. User1, User1.system name,User1.system name.000 and User1.System name.001. The same for User2 plus one with a .002 extension also. How did I manage to do this and how can I tell which is the current active version and, can I safely delete the others?

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Is there a program besides Trillian that allows me to sign in to multiple MSN accounts at one in a single IM window. I know this can be done with a few IM programs, but I have to run multiple instances of the same program at once. I prefer if it's all in one windows and all my contacts for both accounts are integrated seamlessly.

A:Multiple MSN accounts concurrently

I use Digsby for that purpose. It integrates my MSN, Google, and my Yahoo and AIM accounts (which I never use).

I have heard Trillian is encrypted, though, and Digsby is not. It is therefore more secure than Digsby.

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my user account is associated with my primary microsoft account. And until now, onedrive has been syncing to that account.Now I made a second microsoft account, and I would like it to sync to Onedrive, while at the same time, my user account is still associated with the primary account.Does this make problems? What about syncing my windows settings -- will they still sync properly to my primary account?Another question: is there a way to make onedrive sync to two different microsoft accounts, simultaneously? In separate folders, obviously.

A:multiple microsoft accounts

My personal feeling is that OneDrive will not function correctly if you have different Microsoft accounts for OneDrive and for normal login. The reason is that OneDrive is also the location for all the sync data that stores your settings and so it will become very confused! I am not aware that you can have two different OneDrive folders set up on one account, you would need to have the two Microsoft accounts set up as two separate users on your PC and then each would have its own OneDrive folder.

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Can you set up Outlook 2002 for separate identities? What if 2 people have the same user account in XP? What I'm trying to do is have two separate mail accounts under the same user name. I don't want the mail to download together.

A:Outlook Multiple Accounts

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HELP!  I got in over my head.  My place of business installed new computers.  I have a username and password to log on to any of them.  However, there is one I use most and I needed to install a program.  I had an administrative user and password to install the program.  However when I installed it, it would not show up under my profile's desktop...only under the administrator desktop.  I tried to find a way to make it so the program was usable when I was signed in.  So I searched some help forums and found one that said to log in with admin privaleges.  Then login to gpedit.msc.  Then make some user changes and specify the program you want to be available to all users.
After I did this I'm now BLOCKED from using any program I try.  Can't use Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Chrome...nothing.  I can't even log back in using the admin password to change back what I did.
Can someone help!  This is a work computer I did this on and I want to figure it out so I don't get in trouble.  All I wanted was to be able to run a work related program!

A:Multiple accounts locked out

Any help we give would just compound, and make us complicit with, the attempt to circumvent an employer's security measures. It is against our rules, found here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forum-rules/ .
I recommend you seek mercy from your IT dept.

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Hello, sorry for posting two threads in a short space of time but I thought it best to create a different one as this question is not necessarily a problem and is not related to my other thread.

On my laptop I have two accounts....Admin (which is passworded and the one I use and has all the privilages etc) and Other Users (which does not have a password and has teen privilages). My question is this:
Is it possible to copy programs from one account to another without having to download them all again separately? I obviously want programs such as Norton, AVG, OpenOffice, PartyPoker, Real Player, iTunes, Mozilla etc on both accounts for when say my girlfriend is doing some work on the laptop and wants to listen to music/surf Mozilla with protection. Can this be done and does this take double the space up?



A:Multiple Accounts Programs

things like norton tend to automatically install the products for each account on the computer, sometimes they ask you to select it on install though, as for music, you will need to copy and paste them to the folder of the user account, in order for that user to have them, stay in your admin account and go in my computer > local disc > documents and settings > the user account and then select the music folder or wherever u wanna put em.

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Has anyone discovered how to add multiple Google accounts after the Mail/People/Calendar app update this week? When I Add one account, the option to add a second Google account disappears.


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I use Windows Hello to log into multiple accounts (Work, Home, etc.) When I turn on the computer it automatically tries to log me into Work. Can I stop it from choosing which account I am to use? When I am logged into Work and I try to log into Home, the computer often shows a black screen where I can only move the mouse. I have to restart to proceed. If I want to log into Home, it sometimes recognizes my face but says "Hello Work" and then it makes me use my PIN; how can I use my one and only face to log into different accounts of my choosing?

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Greetings All

My computer is accessed by 2 people, me and ny mate. We both have hotmail accounts.

For my m8 dave its his only email account but for me i have the one that came along with my isp as well.

The problem is that whenever either of us logs into our respective hotmail accounts either by using shortcuts created on the desktop or by typing the Hotmail url in the browser or putting Hotmail into a search engine and following the links we get to the log in page and its is always the other persons info in the pre-filled info boxes. B4 i used to get my hotmail via OE6 but now Uncle Bill has stopped that.. Its just a real hassle having to type my email addy into it each time cuz it aint a short name or password.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

TIA Bambino

Running XP Pro SP2

A:Multiple Hotmail Accounts

Hi Bambino234

After filling in the correct e-mail and password and *before* clicking the Sign In button, change the options below the Sign In button to: Always ask for e-mail address and password
Both accounts will most likely need to be configured that way.
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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I recently had to reinstall my Windows XP OS after a computer crash. Prior to the reinstall I had 3 email accounts listed in IO7 when I opened hotmail. All 3 accounts could be easily accessed by clicking on the account name with no further input required (ie PW). After the reinstall and installation of IE7, I only get one email account listed and the PW has to be inputted each time. For the other accounts, I have to click on another account and input the account name and PW. How can I get back to the way it was before the OS reinstall? Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Multiple hotmail accounts on IE7

When you enter all there click the "remember me on this computer" box thing. That should save them.

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I installed SP2 a few days ago and everything looks fine until my wife informed me that she is unable to use her account. From the Welcome screen when you click on her account, the screen goes blue for a second or two and returns back to the Welcome screen. I have no problem when I click on my account.

I tried creating a new account and this new account acts just like my wife's account. (All accounts are setup as Administator.)

Should I disable the firewall feature? (I have another firewall already in place.)


A:[Resolved] XP SP2 and Multiple Accounts

Oh DEFINITELY tell the Windows Firewall that you have another one in place. Go to the Firewall and turn it off and then to the Security Center and tell it that you will monitor it yourself. Otherwise, it gets in your face about it.

If you have a separate A/V, do the same thing at the Security Center about that.

Do it for your account and for your wife's account. Liz

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so, I recently set myself up on facebook.... now I want to know if there is a way to add my company, and have the accounts linked? or do you start from scratch? eg can you log in with ONE account and access the company page or so they have toe be separate entities?

A:Multiple FaceBook Accounts

Accounts aren't made for companies. If you go to the actual Facebook login page it tells you you can create an account for yourself (as a person) or a page for a business.
If you follow that link at the bottom and create a page, you can manage it from your own personal account.

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During our recent comp. problems (files/folders were temporarily lost), every time we started in 'safe' mode, we were given the option to log in under the "Administrator" account. (The account we have logged in under for the past 2 years has been the "Owner" account)

Well, to try to fix our problems we were having, we chose the (usually hidden) "Administrator" user account to log in under. The computer would just sit there with the "loading personal settings" message for over 30 minutes+. We could never actually log in under the "Administrator" user account.

Well, long story short - We finally fixed our problem through safe mode (using the Owner account). But now, when I go to the Documents and Settings folder, there are 4 Administrator account folders.

There is "Administrator", "Administrator.{Computer name}", "Administrator.{Computer name}.000", and "Adminstrator.{Computer name}.001" ??

Apparently, each time we tried to log in under the "Administrator" user account and failed, a new Administrator folder was created. Each of these folders range in size from 130mb - 886mb!

Assuming that the "Owner" account has all the files/folders I originally had, can I delete the 3 extra Administrator folders, or will this cause problems? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

Windows XP Home Edition is what we have.

A:Multiple Administrator accounts?

Just browse them and make sure any items that are in those folders you do not want, or that they are duplicates of the original admin account... then delete away.

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Is it possible for hotmail to remember all my 3 hotmail addresses?
Because the messenger does that when I click on "Remember me", but I always need to retype my email addresses for checking emails.

I know that there is a auto-forward function in hotmail (like from old to new), but that is not what I need.

I remember in WLM 8.5 I never needed to login again to check emails, but WLM 9 does not work that way anymore.

Any ideas?

BTW, this is about remembering the email addresses, not passwords.


A:Multiple hotmail accounts

I stay logged in on one Hotmail account and forward other Hotmail account and ISP email account to that one account.

That doesn't answer your question though as I understand it. Next time you log in see if that option is mentioned.
Other options such as the one I mentioned can be found by clicking on options and then clicking on more options.
You should see the options below and more.

Manage your account

* View and edit your personal information
* Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts
* Forward mail to another e-mail account
* Send automated vacation replies

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I have one account set up now, but I want to add another one. I know how to add the second account, but I have some requests i would like it to abide by when it's downloading the new mail.

I want to have 2 inboxes, sent mails, outbox, etc. When it downloads the mail from 'me.com' it will go to the me.com folders, and when it is downloading the 'you.com' it will automatically place those emails into the you.com folders.

Is it possible for OL to detect which account it is getting sent to, and place it in it's own inbox? If so, can someone please tell me how to set it up. Thanks!

A:OL2002 Multiple Accounts

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My Documents and settings Folder has 5 user accounts containing duplicate apllication data information and its hogging alot of my stortage. How can I integrate these user accounts. I do not share my coputer with anyone but had to do a reinstallation of XP. After the installation I found these duplicate folders. I want to know if theres any solution that will not destablilise my system. Thank you

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I don't remember posting this but I had to install Outlook.com from Microsoft to be able to use some (as it turned out useless) software from Samsung for retrieving deleted data.

Now I have an outlook.com account at work (I work in the health system) and I would like to add that to the list of accounts in this outlook but cannot find out how to do it.

The outlook was free as it turned out if that has any bearings on it. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

NB Have now found a way of saving the data on the phone that doesn't involve directly hooking up the phone to the machine but would like to see my work emails when off duty.

A:Multiple accounts in Outlook

Hi, John . I have a brand new Samsung Smartphone ( old one died going through an expensive time ) and I went online with it and managed to download the complete User Manual and stored it under The Internet on the phone.

there it shows the hole doings with data transfer from and to computer better explained than I can.
Hope this is of help to you,


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