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Convert a jpeg or adobe document to a vectorised EPS file

Q: Convert a jpeg or adobe document to a vectorised EPS file

How do I Convert a jpeg or adobe document to a vectorised EPS file

Preferred Solution: Convert a jpeg or adobe document to a vectorised EPS file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Convert a jpeg or adobe document to a vectorised EPS file

Encapsulated PostScript files (EPS) are best converted by Adobe software such as, but not limited to; Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe PhotoShop Elements and Adobe Acrobat Professional. I tried some online utilities but they didn't do well.

One tested possibility is using LibreOffice Draw to open a JPEG and then Export the object as an EPS file.

I have not tried it but the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is purported to convert JPEG to EPS.

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I have a Epson OFFICE 620f printer/scanner/copier/fax m/c. I also have MS Office 2007 installed and operating system is Win7.

The scanner gives me a jpeg file, I would like to able to get this file into a state such that I can work on it using MS Word ... thanks

(This m/c that I want to do this on has win7 Pro 64 bit installed)

A:Convert Scanned jpeg into a word document.

Easy with One Note. I made a little tutorial: OneNote - Copy Text from Image

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I type a Word document and when I save it the document converts to a pdf. How can I convert an Adobe pdf file to a Word document?

A:Convert Adobe pdf to Word document

I type a Word document and when I save it the document converts to a pdf.Click to expand...

Then you are saving it incorrectly.
Choose File "save as" and select doc or docx not pdf.

Here is an online converter http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/
but it would probably be easier if you opened Office, pasted the pdf into a new doc window and then go through the File/Save As and select doc or docx.

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Hello, I am looking for someone who is able to help me convert a logo I have from a jpeg file to a dst file so that a company I deal with can embroider my shirts. Thanks so much, I will include the file for anyone who can do this, all the best, Montecarlo01.
GB embroidery.jpg (212.7 KB)

A:Convert a jpeg file to dst

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I need help! I have a few logos I created from scratch in Photoshop that I need to convert to .dst files so I can have the logos embroidered hats.

Can anyone help? If you're willing to convert it for me that would be incredibly awesome. If not, can someone just tell me how to do this in the most cost effective way, preferably for free.

Thank you so much!

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i am knew at this stuff.
can you please help me to convert this file into a dst file ?
it can not be bigger than 2 x 3
thanks in advance!!!

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Yes, I am trying to get a hat embroidered at lids. They are wanting the file to be in .dst. I was hoping that there was somebody who wouldn't mind helping me with the situation. I would be highly thankful. Image is attached. Its going a medium dark grey hat.

A:convert jpeg to dst file

Everything I've found says the file format has to be digitized. With that, I found this tutorial with a link to software that will do that for you. It's a 30 day trial but the users says it's worth it.

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Hi, I am trying to have this image converted to a .dst file and I have no idea where to begin??

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I need a simple way to convert text files (.txt and .doc) to JPEG. I have Printkey Pro and it does it very well. But it only does what is presently on the screen. It will not do files longer than one page. Most Graphics converter programs will not accept text files as input.

A:convert text file to jpeg

Scan it in!! Most scanner software will save in iny format you like. There are even sheet feed scanners for large jobs.

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hi......i am having a problem with some pictures. i have a disc with data files on it that are pictures. the problem im having is when i go to open it, it says select the program from the list that you want to open this with. but it doesnt let check the box that says "always open with this program"
under properties.....it just says its a "file" and thats it. is there a program that can let me convert all the files to jpeg?

thanks in advance

A:convert data file to jpeg

If you are sure that they are misnamed Jpg files, then all you should need to do is rename them. I suggest that you get the free program IrfanView, which will try to open them and tell you what filetypes they actually are. http://www.irfanview.com/

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I have a picture taken with a digital camera that is in jpeg format in a file under Microsoft Works. I want to create a document in Works and insert this picture. I have done all that, but instead of a picture in my document, I have a jpeg image. How do I convert the jpeg to a real picture in my document?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

A:JPEG File in Works Document

I assume that what you see is a JPG icon and not the picture itself? What happens when you do a print preview or when you print it? Do you get the icon?

How are you inserting it: What steps are you taking exactly? I'm not VERY familiar with how Works works when inserting objects. What version of Works do you have?

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Do any one know any software that converts the scanned copy of pages (.jpeg format ) to a documnet i am damm need of it

Thanks & Regard

A:Software that converts from jpeg file to document

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I have some family pictures on a powerpoint presentation and I want to convert them to a jpeg file so I can upload them on myspace. I tried saving them in a Word document and transferring it to Adobe Photoshop but that didn't work. If I right click the photo there is no option to 'Save picture as'. Help me out here.

A:How do I convert pictures from a Powerpoint presentation into a Jpeg file?

If no one responds and helps, I will tell you when I get home.* I don't have powerpoint here, so just wait a little while.

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Hey there! Was wondering if anyone could help me out with converting a jpeg to a dst file. Trying to get a logo on a hat. Thought I'll ask here. Thanks!

A:How to convert a jpeg file to a dst file for embroidery

Hi pegs1731, and welcome to TSG.

Due to copyright concerns, members are no longer allowed to make DST files for other members.


There may be free programs that will allow you to manually digitize your jpeg file to create a DST file. More automatic programs may be available, but they are not cheap.


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Can I convert a file that I have downloaded fom the internet to mp4 format so that I may view it on TV. I already have the computer and TV set up to view mp4 on the TV.

A:Convert a document file to mp4

Try Windows Movie Maker, its part of the Live Essentials free package. Under Save Movie it gives you a choice on saving.


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I downloaded a scholarship application with Adobe. I does not allow me to fill in any of the required information. I would like to convert this PDF document to a Microsoft Word document so I can complete the application. I tried copy and paste but I must not be doing it correctly. I was unable or maybe I am doing it incorrectly. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

A:How do I convert a PDF file to Word document

Hi,Try thisorthisEnjoy,Max

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I am using windows 7 as the OS.
I have installed MS Office 2010 Beta, and having Adobe Reader 9.
I came know how to convert word documents to pdf files using MS Office 2010.
I had seen an article " how to convert pdf files to word documents?" on a site.
The given procedure is, by clicking insert tab in MS office 2010, and then by clicking Object button, and clicking "create from file" tab and then browse pdf file.
I have followed the procedure given. But it is converting only the first page of the pdf file, but not all the pages.
I am here to know "How to convert the entire pdf file into word document" using MS Office 2010 ( without installing any application).
If any one knows how to do that, I request you to give the procedure.
Thanks in advance.
Ramesh Junju

A:How to convert the entire pdf file into word document?

Convert PDF to Word (DOC) — 100% Free!

EDIT: "If you are working on a file in PDF format and you want to edit the file in Word, you can convert it to a Word document. Many third-party providers listed on the Microsoft Office Marketplace Web site provide converters that do this. Check the listings for providers that offer PDF-to-Word conversion."

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I need to convert a doc into a tip or pdf file and I am lost....any ideas? Thanks.

A:Solved: How to convert a word document into a tif or pdf file?

Try CutePDF.

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hello there.

i have a template MS word document that i regularly convert into a PDF.

In MS word it is quite simple to set the background of the document to feature an image file. however, when the document is converted to PDF the picture isn't 'carried' across along with the text and other formatting.

ok, well, fair enough. but surely there must be someway of setting a picture file as the background upon which the text appears?

i have taken a look through Acrobat's help files and gone to their homepage, but so far haven't figured it out. sadly, emails to Adobe's tech support people haven't recieved a response (that was several weeks ago).

if anyone could give me a few pointers, that would be terrific - even a simple "no, it can't be done," would at least be something.

with thanks

jade eyes

A:Setting a picture file (JPEG, gif?) as a background for an Adobe Acrobat PDF

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Hey guys! Is there anybody knows a program that can convert (copy) words in an image to a real document that can be edited from Word?


A:Which software can convert an image of a document to a real document (MS Word)?

If you have MS Office, as I think you do, you might try out this link:


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Hello again!!!!

Since d/l and installing Adobe reader 9, I am unable to save a document. If I email the document to myself, then I can save it, but if I try to save it from the original page, when I click on File>save as, I get no response. Any suggestions how to correct this?

A:Solved: Unable to save Adobe PDF document to Documents file

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hi...I have a digital camcorder and I am capturing still shots off the video, then saving them to a file.
They are in the .bmp format...how do I change this to .jpeg?


A:convert .bmp to .jpeg

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I work at the ministry of interior in a small unrecognized country called Somaliland. We have been assigned to design a logo for our customs officers. Having done so, the logo is needed to be printed on all uniforms, and due to lack of certified technicians, we are, unfortunately, unable to convert our designs into a format that could be understood by our embroidery machines. We were told that the logo need to be in a DST format. Need some help, please.

A:How to convert Jpeg to DST?

Hello 12Ener9y, and welcome to TSG.

Please review the "Requests for .DST File Conversions - PLEASE READ" post in our Software & Hardware -> Digital Photography & Imaging forum as to why we are not able to convert it for you. You will find other posts in that forum that discuss ways that you can convert your file. Some of them use software that may a bit pricey.

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Is there a truly free anything-to-jpeg program available?


A:convert to jpeg

Take a look here http://forums.techguy.org/digital-photography-imaging/496808-look-here-first-free-photo.html

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I have a poster that is in pdf form but want to get it into jpeg so I can reduce the size and use it on an ebay sale, is there any way to do this?

A:Convert PDF to jpeg?

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II need to convert some pdf files into jpeg.
Is there an easy way - preferably freeware?

A:convert pdf into jpeg


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Looking for a free converter, only have one small file to convert.


A:Convert MOV to jpeg

What about pausing the MOV at the point you're looking for and taking a screenshot?

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I need some help with this please. I recently had a photgraph scanned on to my thumbdrive but it is in jpeg format. The problem I have is that when I apply for employment on the net and they have a specific place to place the photograph I find it impossible to do so.

I can actually send the photograph as an attachment but thats no help to me. The image in jpeg format is on my desktop. If somebody could explain a way to place the photo on an employment form it would be greatly appreciated.



A:Convert Jpeg To Photograph

The .jpg format should not be a problem. Can you explain exactly how you are attempting to attach (insert) the file, precisely where in the process you encounter the problem, and provide any error messages you might get?
A link to the form might be helpful too so someone can replicate what you are trying to do.

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Is it possible to convert one format to another? I thought so, but I'm having trouble doing it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What I'm trying to do is convert a photo to an icon. The free icon converter I have is ignoring the JPEG files totally, but it recognizes BMPs.

A:Wanna convert JPEG to BMP

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I accidentally took a movie with my camera when I thought I was taking a photo. How can I capture the frames and convert to jpeg? Must I purchase software? I have a Canon Elph SD series. I can't find any info on conversion. I have a Mac, but I also have a PC with windows so that is not an issue. Thanks...Liz

A:Solved: Convert AVI to JPEG

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Is there a way to use the 'batch manager' to convert (or save as) many pics in bmp format to jpegs. I've set it up to do this but after each 'save' the next approval box comes up and it's defaulted to the format the pic is in (BMP) and not to how I set the 1st (to jpeg). At this rate it'll take a month of Sundays.

A:PhotoImpact7-convert bmp to jpeg

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Does anyone know of a free program that copnverts picture to jpeg THE PICTUR I have done is in adobe reader but I need to convert others not in pdf format in jpeg....Any ideas free please I am skint.

A:Convert Pictures To Jpeg

Irfanview is quick, easy, free, and powerful

and can be downloaded here:

As for pulling pictures out of a .pdf--- I just opened a .pdf document and used the "Select Tool" to highlight a photograph included in the file.

I then right-clicked on the highlighted photograph and selected "Copy Image To Clipboard".

I then opened Irfanview and pasted the clipboard image.

Now, with Irfanview's ability to save the file as just about any image format- I "save as"== "Photo Test.jpg" and the file is saved.

I know there are different levels of security in .pdf files--- so, this may not work in an individual case--- but should work generally (& FREE).


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I want to convert a bitmap image to a Jpeg image.
I have already tried to "save" the image as a jpeg. The problem is when I right click on the image and use the "Save As" the dropdown menu in paint does not have Jpeg as an option.
I'm using Windows 95 SE. I used to be able to convert images from bitmap to jpeg, but since used my recovery disks, the jpeg option is no longer in the paint drop-down menu.

A:convert bitmap image to jpeg

Download IrfanView--it's free and will do the conversion you need.


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I received a picture in Word format in Outlook Express. I saved it to my hard drive so that I could attach it to an outgoing email message. I need to convert the picture format from Word to a JPEG. Is there software for doing that?

A:Convert Word Picture to JPEG

Depending on your version of Windows, you may be able to copy it, paste it into MS Paint (under accessories) and File-Save as JPG.

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Can this be done !! ?? i have old scanned photos that were saved as bitmap images ...can i convert them to jpeg, and is there a way to burn them on a dvd so i can play them in a regular player

A:Can I convert old bitmap images to jpeg

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I have two photos on a word document but i need them converted into Jpeg format, how do i do it? i have attached the word document to this thread.


A:Solved: word document to jpeg

Just select the picture and right-click "Copy" it. Then paste it into some graphic program and save it.

Here are your pictures, where I used IrfanView to save it.

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is it possible to to have a reader file transfer to photoshop? or convert it to jpeg's?

A:Acrobat Reader to photoshop or convert to jpeg is This possible?

Just use the "camera" tool on Adobe reader toolbar, select the desired rectangle (which can be part of, or the whole page) then copy and paste it into an image editor (the free Irfanview is good for this) and save as a .jpg.

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A:convert jpeg and RM movies to FAT32 files

Hello mrclub and welcome to the forums

Sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve. Can you please elaborate on your problem?

From your title, I see that you want to convert jpeg and RM files to FAT32. FAT32 is a file system (how files are stored), not a file type so it's impossible to convert to FAT32 because it isn't a filetype


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I apologize if this is not the place to ask.

I had a photo that I scanned onto my computer, but because it was scanned you can imagine the quality not so great.

So, my end goal is to have a big canvas of this photo, but first I need it photoshopped(which I sent over for someone to do)

Anyways, I am trying to get the photo fixed(photoshopped) by someone so I converted the photo to a JPEG but it came out small.
So I tried enlarging it but in doing so the file changed to a BMP.

So, the problem is the photoshopper can fix the photo in a BMP

BUT I need a JPEG for my canvas.

So I'm not sure what to do, is there any way to convert a BMP file to a JPEG but KEEPING the size of the photo the same? I need this photo to be big for my canvas..

(as a JPEG the photo is 47.6 KB)
(as a BMP the photo is 61.7 MB)

What would you suggest I do? how can I get this done? :/

A:Is there any way to convert a photo from BMP to JPEG without changing the size?

I'd scan the photo in the highest resolution possible and send it to the person working in photoshop and let them save it in the format you need. Once in photoshop the image can be saved in virtually any image format you need, the key is the resolution in the initial scan.

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I'm trying to make a JPEG digital image from a single frame on an MP4 Video clip. I use Windows Media Player, and also have Nero. I can freeze the desired frame. Then I do a screen shot and paste it into a blank canvas of Photoshop CS2. Here's the mystery [to me] : I can save it as a jpeg, or other. But when I try to re-open it later, the picture is solid black. I've tried several other photo programs that I also have... same result. So what are the unique properties of this particular photo type that cause this? What is the best way to achieve my goal. Thanks.

A:Convert a single MP4 frame to a Jpeg image. How to?

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Is there an easy way to convert images to jpegs in phototshop. For exapmle, someone sent me an image copied from a webpage and saved it in a word doc. Can i easily open that image in photoshop to a jpeg.

A:Solved: Convert image to jpeg Photoshop 5.5

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how to scan several pages in jpeg format as one document

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how to scan several pages in jpeg format as one document

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Can someone tell me how to convert a jpeg back to text ? I scanned a text ducument (which then becomes a jpeg) that I want to fax via computer but I need to convert it back to text so I can copy and paste it into the fax program. I remember going through this some time ago and think I found the answer here, but can't seem to locate it now. Thanks!

A:Converting scanned document from jpeg back to text ?

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Does anyone know of an easy way to convert a document (Work or Excel) to a .tif file? I can do it by faxing the document from my computer to my computer and then saving the fax as .tif, but that takes way too long. There must be an easier way.

A:How to convert document to .tif?

Print it out and scan it in as a picture in TIF format.

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Please tell me how to convert a document into the MS reader format and Flipviewer format.

A:Convert Document

I've never heard of MS Reader. What specificially do you mean? I also don't know what you mean by converting to Flipviewer format. That appears to be a program that organizes pictures and documents. I don't see how you'd "convert" something into that format. You'd have to install the software and create a document/file.

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