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'Attempted switch from DPC' error after latest major update

Q: 'Attempted switch from DPC' error after latest major update

I started getting this error and BSOD after the last major update (Anniversary update?). My PC starts fine and is OK for hours, then suddenly falls over. It never did this before the update.

I have updated all my drivers and also run a scan and repair on the registry using the Registry utility in Advanced System Care, but it's still happening.

What else can I do without just rolling back to a restore point (which would presumably just try to update itself again...)


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Preferred Solution: 'Attempted switch from DPC' error after latest major update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


On my Son,s computer . Before the update I made a image with macrium reflect , updated and the computer will not run , I keep getting a attempted switch from dcp error after anniversary update .. Ideas , thanks .

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Greetings, I am having issues with Windows Update! First of all when I click the Icon "Windows Update" It actually takes a few moments to get there, which is very unusual! When it does finally come up it shows an "X" on a red shield and says "Check for Updates for your computer - Always install the latest updates to enhance your computer's security and performance" So I click "Check for Updates" and immediately receive an error! "Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer." Nope, that doesn't work nor did completely shutting it down. So I opened the Administrative Tools and then Services. Scrolled down until I located Windows Update, and clicked on Start the service. I receive the following error: Windows count not start the Windows Update service on Local Computer. Error 0x8007277a: The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized. So I went to Bing typed in the error code and located a Microsoft webpage about the error and started following instructions and ran First the Norton removal tool, then removed AVG then downloaded and ran Windows Update Diagnostic. It did not fix all the issues. Weird that it told me to run in default & aggressive modes, but there was no different modes.

Website: Error Page - Microsoft Community

The attachment Troubleshooting WU error.png is what I get when I ran the diagnostic. The Troubles... Read more

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Hello there, i'm new around here, I've recently encountered a BSOD out of the blue while the PC was idling. So far it only happened once, but I don't want to take any chances.

The affected driver was commonly known as the ntoskrnl.exe, it happened a year back but the affected was associated with some other drivers that I known, so solving it wasn't that hard. But this time it doesn't associate with any other driver ( I may have been wrong ). Anyway, this issue occur right after I've updated the AMD Catalyst Driver, which may be root cause of this issue, but I just gotta make sure.

I've attached my recent dumpfile below, if I've made any mistake on posting, or miss out any information required for debugging, please let me know.

Many thanks

A:ATTEMPTED TO SWITCH FROM DPC affected by ntoskrnl.exe

Additional data is required: BSOD Posting Instructions

Cause is RAMDiskVE.sys, for more we need additional data.
Driver Reference Table - RAMDiskVE.sys

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for RAMDiskVE.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for RAMDiskVE.sys
1: kd> lmvm RAMDiskVE
start end module name
fffff800`d2da0000 fffff800`d2db8000 RAMDiskVE T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: RAMDiskVE.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\RAMDiskVE.sys
Image name: RAMDiskVE.sys
Timestamp: Tue Jul 22 16:29:05 2014 (53CE7531)
CheckSum: 000234C3
ImageSize: 00018000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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I have a feeling it is something to do with the windows anniversary update and a driver that has been installed (if I had to guess something to do with intel rapid storage technology as I had to have a custom version running before to avoid bluescreens, however I cannot remember the version number and am unsure if windows updated it.)
*Edit* Windows has not updated intel rapid storage, it is the same version I was using before.
Anyway, it was happening as I was playing Gears 4 and I have attached the perfmon and information asked for within the thread. (also perfmon is showing devices that are not recognised and detected, I am aware of these, one is an xbox 360 controller which does not have drivers and the others are my wireless device which I have disabled as I am using ethernet.)

A:BSOD, cannot peg down what is causing it (Attempted switch from DPC)

Please disconnect the xbox 360 controller from the system and uninstall it's software.The earlier versions of these devices are known to cause BSOD's on some WIndows systems. As for the disabled wireless device - please re-enable it, then update it's drivers.Once the drivers are updated, then feel free to disable it again. Your UEFI/BIOS (version 4206) dates from 2013.  Please check at the manufacturer's website to see if there are any UEFI/BIOS updates available for your system.  If you are able to install the update through Windows (without booting from an external drive), then go ahead and update it.  WARNING - if the computer might shut down during this procedure, please don't do it, as this may physically damage the computer and prevent it from booting.FYI - W8 and W10 communicate more with the UEFI/BIOS than previous versions of Windows, so it's important to ensure that the UEFI/BIOS is kept up to date (and that outdated UEFI/BIOS' may be the cause of some compatibility issues).Although you appear to have a reasonable number of Windows Update hotfixes for this version of your OS, please double check for any new Windows Updates.  It only takes one update to cause a problem, so it's essential that you have all of them.  The actual number is not important.  Rather it's important that you checked manually, installed any available updates, and didn't experience any errors when checking or updating.Please uninstall the Corsair Link soft... Read more

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I'm getting Blue Screens of Death everytime I use Firefox v40.0.3 and it ONLY occurs when I'm using Firefox.
Code: 0x000000B8
Attempted Switch From DPC
Faulting Driver ==> HAL.DLL
Every BSoD has the same error data.
Windows XP SP3 all latest drivers and running stable eccept for this problem.
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.33GH
4 GB memory
SATA 320GB WD drive
nVidia Quadro FX580 latest drivers
HP xw4600 Workstation
I've tried everything I can think of, like turning Hardware Acceleration on/off
Makes no difference what other programs I have running at the same time nor what I'm doing. It ONLY occurs while Firefox is running even if Firefox is loaded in the background but I'm not actively using it.
I tried using IE v8 (the last one MS offered for Win XP) extensively and it worked fine. No BSOD and this was for several hours. Started Firefox in "Safe Mode" still get BSoD. Ran virus scans with no hits.
I have a near identically setup of XP on a second primary partition that I can set active on/off hidden/not hidden. Firefox works fine on this second partition. It obviously has the same hardware and all drivers are the same too.
I have attached one dumpfile output listing by BlueScreenView. Every BSOD dumpfile is the same except for the date/time.
Dump File         : Mini090715-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 9/7/2015 1:53:46 AM
Bug C... Read more

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Hello everybody.!I would appreciate any help.Started getting BSOD(Attempted_Switch_From_DPC) almost every other day and I've paid attention that this usually happens when laptop is idle.My laptop is a month and a half old and it shipped with 8GB DDR4 ram soldered in MB(  base ram speed is 2666mhz but the real working speed that shown in Task Manager is 2400 because of CPU).So I decided put extra RAM and it turned out that my laptop supports up 48GB RAM so I bought 32GB DDR4 2666 module from Samsung and got 40GB in total. I'm not sure maybe it's coincidence but I started getting these BSODs after these things: installing RAM, updating BIOS, updating Windows system (Cumulative update), using USB type-C adapter with 3-USB and 1-LAN output.  I don't know who the culprit is.Here is the link to the DUMP file, data from Msinfo and Speccy -  https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjF0Y2tXlq21hAVSSnCL8_95zho4?e=rt8xuIMy laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad T590Records from Event Viewer:Log Name:      SystemSource:        Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PowerDate:          11-Sep-19 11:43:42Event ID:      41Task Category: (63)Level:         CriticalKeywords:      (70368744177664),(2)User:          SYSTEMComputer:      LAPTOP-1NK0CFUHDescription:Th... Read more

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today i decided to add more ram to my computer. i have currently 3.5gb of ram with 4 ram slots. i replaced the 512mb ram with my new 1gb ram. altogether now is 4gb. when i turned the computer on, there was only a black screen.... i waited for 5 minutes but still black screen. i then arranged my rams around the ram slots. Some of my rearranged ram order resulted in the machine to beep several times and sometimes twice only.
can anyone help me? i would like to play my windows with 4gb ram.

thank you

A:[Major Problem] Attempted to add additional RAM, but fail to startup.

Take out all the sticks of ram and put in only the new stick. Try to turn on your computer your new stick may be dead.

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Since installing Windows Updates on Jan 2, 2018 my TPYoga 12 has been giving BSOD's when waking from sleep. The message is "Attempted switch from dpc". It happens at least once a day now. Sometimes the next boot is successful, and sometimes it happens a second time after the system tries to reboot which then shows a diagnostic screen. Choosing to boot as normal from that diagnostic screen then does boot successfully. This is on a system running Win10 Pro V1709 build 16299.192.  I have seen one other user with a TPY12 report this recently (see post in german). Looking at many posts regarding this specific message over the years it seems to be related to a driver issue. Given the rather intense troubleshooting instructions for issues like these I'm hoping someone here has found a fix.  Below a screencap of my deteriorated system reliability. 

A:ThinkPad Yoga 12 BSOD since 2018: "Attempted switch from dpc"

Some more searching led me to this post stating that it's related to the Synaptics touchpad driver. Windows did install four Synaptics items the day before things went bad. I have uninstalled the touchpad driver in Device Manager, re-downloaded the driver package from Lenovo's driver page, and installed it. Let's hope this fixes it, and let's hope Windows doesn't "update" the driver again.  For the record, here are the updates that ran right before the problem appeared:  

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I am getting BSOD's: Attempted switch from DPC. Kernel-Power. Event ID 41. Task 63.

I installed a new hard drive and Windows 10 to fix my laptop from previous BSOD I was having with Windows 8.1 but now I am getting a different BSOD. Usually It happens when I have to restart the computer after installing software/drivers. Also after I used the program to test the memory RAM: mdsched.exe.

I will really appreciate if you can help me to fix this problem.

Thank you.

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Hi, Ive just spent 11 hours(slow internet connection) downloading the battlefield bad company 2 update..

515195(CD Version) - v602574(Latest Patch),

only for the download to pitch me a CRC error on the last file.

The file in Question is named "patch95.p" and can be found in the patch directory of "patch_515195_602574\patch95.p"

I was wondering if anyone had a solution for fixing CRC errors, or perhaps, if someone could pass me the individual file along.
( you have no idea how thank full I would be.)

EA Support were useless in the matter, stating the couldn't give me access to the individual file, yet access is granted through downloading the patch file anyway....

This is my attempt at avoiding another 11 hour download session to get the game back up and running, so many thanks for any help provided.

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After upgrading to the latest BIOS version FWKT86A provided here; https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS105487 I now recive the following error at every boot; (A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed  The boot process continues and Windows starts normally, but how do I fix this error message, I can not deploy this BIOS upgrade to all my systems with this error message present. Please provide me with a fix or an updated BIOS that fix this as we are rolling out updates to mitigate the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" issue. What I've tried so far;I've tried to downgrade to the previous BIOS version (FWKT7FA) that I was running before the upgrade, but the issue did not disapear.Upgraded to the latest version again, issue still there.Tried to re-apply latest Intel Management Engine Firmware (, issue still there.

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Whenever I try to install it I get this window popping up saying ''Non 7z archive.

Anyone know why this isn't working?

Drivers | GeForce

A:Non 7z archive error when installing latest NVidia update 337.88 - WHQ

It appears you have set your file associations for .exe to open up with 7zip, you can fix this by going to default programs under the start menu, set your default programs and choose 7zip from the list there, choose defaults for this program, and unselect .exe from the list in there. restart and you should be good.


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2 days ago I uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials from my pc.
Yesterday I update my Firefox from v. 14.0.1 to v.15.0, since then firefox won't run on this pc. I tried downgrading it to version 14 but it wont work.

Here's the error msg:

A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: firefox.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 50382fcd
Hang Signature: 337e
Hang Type: 0
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Hang Signature 1: 337e2e97cafd6c9fa279a54a8c89e8aa
Additional Hang Signature 2: 6981
Additional Hang Signature 3: 69814920db2de164ed020c3d0d555c45
Additional Hang Signature 4: 337e
Additional Hang Signature 5: 337e2e97cafd6c9fa279a54a8c89e8aa
Additional Hang Signature 6: 6981
Additional Hang Signature 7: 69814920db2de164ed020c3d0d555c45

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
Thank's in advance !

A:Firefox not running after latest update, error AppHangB1

Welcome to the forum.

Did you download firefox from its home page?

Did you restart after uninstalling it? (Not necessary) But in some cases it works.

Download Ver 14.0.1 from the link below, but Reboot your computer before installing.
Download Firefox 14.0.1 - FileHippo.com

Also do you have Ccleaner installed?
Go to the Registry tab | Scan for issues | Fix selected issues | You will be prompted for keeping a back up, hit yes if you do, if not hit no and Fix all selected issues. Reboot then try install firefox.

Do post back results.

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Anyone having issues with Microrsoft's latest update for Windows 10?
Lenovo Flex 5 14 laptop fails to open pptx extension presentation with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. An error message pops out saying that it is not able to start correctly. How to overcome this?
Uninstalling MS Office does not work.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I have Acer Aspire 5750G. My current BIOS version is 1.07. The latest version is 1.12.

There are a few versions in between. Should I do incremental updates and reach 1.12 or should I just go direct to 1.12?

Many Thanks!

A:BIOS - Incremental updates to latest vrsn or direct update to latest?

Bios updates are cumulative, so you only need the latest.

You also don't need to update the bios unless there is a fix in it/them that fixes an issue you may be having. For the most part updating the bios is as easy as updating a driver, only if a bios update goes wrong you can't roll back to the old and you basically end up with a nice paperweight.

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Hi folks,
When windows 10 was first released I downloaded it and burned to DVD using the media creation tool from Microsoft.
As windows 10 has now had a major update, and I want to create a DVD with that update on it, without having to reinstall it later, as I have other partitions on my computer to update to 10 as well.
So my query is, does anyone know if I was to download windows 10 32 bit from Microsoft again (using the media creation tool from Microsoft) will it include the latest major update to 10?
Thanks for any help

A:Is windows 10 latest big update included in latest media creation tool

Microsoft has made available a download able iso for win 10 1511. If you don't see download link on win pc then try on some other device.. like an android phone or tablet. That's how I got it downloaded and had clean installed. Hope this helps.

EDIT link: Windows 10 ISO

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That's what's happening.
I have tried internet research solutions to no avail. Finally had to come ask for help from you guys!

I uninstalled the previous Java update (jre-7u71-windows-i586.exe) I had on my laptop. Then tried to install the latest update (jre-8u31-windows-i586.exe). It would start to install, then I would get error code 1603.

I tried to reinstall the older update. It would not reinstall. Same error code 1603. I guess I am currently without Java.

That sums up the basic problem. Can someone tell me how to fix this?


A:Can't Install latest Java Update: Error Code 1603

Try the java removal tool first. https://www.java.com/en/download/faq...r_toolinfo.xml

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Computer runs on Vista Home Premium SP1. I have an HP PSC 1315 all-in-one printer, which has been installed with the appropriate Vista driver. Last night, I received an automatic update via the HP update service, which was supposed to improve USB and network connection. Since that update, loading Windows takes longer because an HP application hangs, and I pulled this out from Problem Reports and Solutions:

Service HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service hung on starting.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: ServiceHang
Service Name: hpqddsvc
Image Name: hpqddsvc.dll
Image Version:
Service Type: 20
Start Type: 2
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 2055

This error is now occurring on EVERY boot of the computer! What I do to stop this behaviour? Thank you in advance for your time.

A:Solved: After latest update, HP printer gets hpqddsvc error on every boot

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It seem that it is my ATI Radeon 4800 graphic card that is causing problem with the latest Java update
I got an error 126 whenever I try to work with tha application that is using Java.
I did try to iupdate the driver, but problem remain.

Any help trully appreciated


A:ATI Radeon 4800 Give error with the latest Java update

Apparently some Minecraft users encountered this error too and their fix was to downgrade the Catalyst version that they had and that it fixed the issue

Source : PLEASE HELP: Minecraft - Error 126 After Loading - Minecraft Forum

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Alright guys, I've got some major problems with a computer here. The computer seems to be infected with some sort of virus, with symptoms similar to conficker. I am not sure that this is what is causing our problems, but it's come down with a nasty worm that has the following symptoms:

1) All microsoft update websites are disabled. I try to log onto them and the website will not load. All other websites load just fine.
2) Major websites posting fixes to viruses and computer problems also redirect to a website with advertisements.
3) I get a svchost error that, upon clicking "ok", freezes the computer or makes it run very slowly.
4) Svchost.exe begins to consume a MASSIVE amount of memory, slowing down the entire computer.
5) I am experiencing random redirects to websites.
6) The computer, as a whole, is running sluggishly.

We attempted the following fixes:
1) Installing and updating avast, and running scans. Various trojans have been removed.
2) Installing and updating malware bytes. Various trojans and viruses have been removed.
3) Running windows repair. This did not fix any of the above problems. We are trying to avoid a complete format here.
4) Reinstalling virus scanners and malware bytes, running them again, and fiding more viruses.
5) Reinstalling internet explorer 8.

None of the above work. We do have access to a windows install CD, just for your knowledge, just in case. But as mentioned before, we'd like to remove the problems without... Read more

A:Computer getting svchost error, microsoft update website does not load, MAJOR PROBLEM

Trying to get this working for my boss, guys. We're a small dealership, and its holding up business bad. We've already tried IT guys over the phone.

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For some reason the Fn operation on my Yoga 910 has reverted to where the utility keys take precedence over the function keys. I have switched this behaviour in the past with the Settings app (replaced by Vantage App) or BIOS (setting has been removed). I can't see where in the Vantage app that I can make the change. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:How to switch Fn key operation in latest Vantage utility?

Hello yes you can find this setting under Hardware settings you will need to scroll down and you will see the toggle for it

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Just fixed this issue with a customers Vostro 3750.
The latest Support drivers cause DPC latency of half a second at a time once every 60 seconds and a lot more smaller pauses in between. The problem can be seen as mouse cursor is stuck for a moment and if there's audio, you'll hear a buzzing sound.
See more user experiences at: http://www.sevenforums.com/sound-audio/361186-audio-stutters-buzzing-caused-dpc-latency.html
A correct solution at the moment seems to be disabling the system device Dell Diag Control Device (i.e. DDDriver64Dcsa.sys) until new version is published.
Hope this helps someone to avoid all the troubleshooting we had to do...

A:A major bug in the latest SupportAssist / Dell Diag Control Device

I eventually discovered that my problem was a dying hard drive.  The reason the disk was getting tied up was that it was having trouble being written to (or read possibly).  When the disk finally died, and I replaced it, my problems were gone.  I am slowly (or not so slowly) replacing all my seagate drives with either Hitachi or Toshiba drives.  I have two computer, two external drives and an 8 drive NAS.  I have had 4 Seagate drives die on me.  So far, the Toshiba and Hitachi drives haven't failed me.
I know that Seagate has bought out the Htachi drive business.  I am just hoping that Seagate doesn't manage to botch the superior Hitachi technology.

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Alright so I got a new SATA optical drive hooked her up and the motherboard didn't notice it.

So naturally I attempt to update the BIOS on my Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe MoBo from v. 1102 to 1502.

I went into EZ-Flash backed up my current BIOS and installed the new one. Everything seemed fine until Windows tries to boot -immediate restart- then the black screen with boot options(safe mode, normal, last working settings etc...).

I reboot and attempt to change the BIOS back to v. 1102 when it says that it is not "suitable" for the motherboard!

I try again and it just freezes on me before it even gives me the not suitable message.

I waited like 20 minutes and gave it a hard shut down with the power button.

Reboot... and now I just have the black screen with the little blinking underscore in the top-left corner.

A:Bios crash after attempted update.

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Hi all,This is my first post: My WIndows XP home edition would not update and then notification that firewall was shut off as well as virus program was missing.I did the following and matters went downhill thereafter.I attemped to boot in safe mode and reset in command prompt sfscannow. That did nothing, then I reassigned the firewall and it turned on but when I rebooted the next day back to square one again. Now my computer will not run in any mode but safemode. I did something the day prior to the issue appearing, I searched regidit registry keys and found a zillion porn sites listed in local machine keys, I deleted these, that is when the problems started. I did some searching and read that spy bot , which I had, leaves these keys as virus protection, had no clue so might have done this to myself..I have run hijack this not sure how to post that log here, it seems clean to me but what do I know...I am just a chef, I saute food not hard drives..or maybe I deep fried it...not laughing...I ran avast no spyware detected, I ran malware bytes, not spyware detected...am at a loss what to do..Also, here is where you can really stop laughing, I have an Acer d250...yes I know a very inferior computer but it is all I have for a few months...it has no CD drive...is a netbook the size of a thimble. so after the new year plan to buy a new computer but at present need to repair this one to tied me over for a few months...I also ran stinger and got no bites on spyware so any ideas???Short... Read more

A:Lost firewall after attempted update

Oh, FYI :
just ran my avast it is running in command prompt and all it keeps saying is locked file not tested over and over

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OK, here goes. I recieved an e-mail from Zone labs that an update for my firewall was available. I went to the site to download the update as I have before, yet this time it not only did not update it also seemed to remove my existing version of zone alarm. I am using the free version. I tried to reinstall from zone labs site to no avail, it encountered problems with some existing files. I removed the program from the control panal add remove site, and became concerned that now I had no firewall. So I turned on windows firewall. Now I can't access the internet at all. I turned off windows firewall and still am not able to access the internet.(sorry, using XP with a cable modem) I tried the turn off in sequence and turn back on in sequence tower, modem, router to no avail. My laptop in the livingroom connecting off of the wireless router connects fine, hence this post. can anybody help? I read about the ms conflict with zone labs but am unable to download anything to my desktop because I can't connect. Someone please help this poor old greyheaded fool!

A:Solved: Please help. I can't connect to internet since attempted update.

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I originally had a problem similar to the one posted in this thread so I went and tried the fix from that same page. The fix did stop the update failing after the reboot but it apparently broke the rest as it did not clear the data from the system. I am now sitting at around 500 MB of space on the OS drive. I am looking to see if there is any other option other than either a repair reinstall or just a complete format reinstall.

A:Lost Windows Update Cleanup after attempted Fix

You have some interesting errors in the CBS.log...

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post all the requested data

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Despite the fact that Windows 7 (DARTH) is and has been configured not to download and install ?updates? 4 updates were downloaded and installed on January 21.  These turned out to be the cause of Windows 10 (ZTREE) inability to access shared directories
on DARTH.  The four updates were deinstalled and the System Error 6 reports disappeared.


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Hello.  my laptop got very slow recently and Internet Explore was acting up and super slow so I decided to remove some HP/Media software I don't use.  After that I found out that Windows 10 was again available for free part of their 10th year Anniversary or something like that. It downloaded, verified the downloaded and asked to restart to install. It was installing fine up until 32% and then came the HP Logo which I didn't think much of but after more than an hour it was still on the HP and no change. I left it like that over night and still no change.  I believe the laptop original OS is 8/8.1 and I can't recall if it was a 32 or a 64 bit.   Please help. 

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I'm not sure where to begin... I guess I should start with the fact that the computer in question is not mine, it is my friends, who is a complete illiterate when it comes to operating anything on the comp (let alone technical questions), so my knowledge of the machine (and what has been done with it) is limited.

The problem we are having is one that seems to be common amongst vista users, looping restart stuck on installing update 3 of 3. I came across this site(many thanks to all of you for your assistance to all of us less knowledgable), and subsequently the microsoft fix here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358.

I went with method #2, as I don't have the original OS disc anywhere in sight(and he doesn't know if it came with the machine or not). For some reason, the machine wouldn't start in any form of safe mode, but I was able to revert to a restore point via the "repair your computer" option on the "advanced boot options" page. I chose the most recent restore point, which was a basic scheduled restore point(8-16), and let it do its thing. Restart afterward, and then it wouldn't even begin to boot at all, going directly to the Start-up repair program.

It recomended reverting to a restore point, so I did it again, going back to the furthest point, which was created when SP2 was installed(8-9). Still no luck starting up, right back to the startup repair program. It asked to send a report, which I did, so I browsed throu... Read more

A:stuck in update loop and subsequent problems after attempted fix

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When attempting to update my Amd drivers my screen went black and did not respond for an hour; required a forced shutdown. Now it will not boot past the HP start up screen.

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My friends PC had a few BSODs for some time now. She never bothered to try and resolve the issue, relying on her laptop instead. I though it was her security software (Norton) so i removed that and that BSOD went away. A few weeks later (first week in August, i think) it returned, but the PC wouldn't boot into normal mode without BSOD, only safe mode. I tried to update the bios in safe mode and when it got to the end of the update it just sat there without fully completing. I tried to close the update and suddenly...BSOD. Afterwards, I got a BSOD everytime i tried to boot into normal mode, and a BSOD everytime i tried to access the internet (using Chrome everytime) in Safe Mode. however, if i didn't try to get online and used the PC, it was just fine. I attempted a system restor, which was successful and as of today, my PC will boot into normal mode for about 5 minutes then BSOD; it will boot into Safe Mode and BSOD when I try to use Chrome but not when I use IE. That's all the info i can remember.

Just by the behavior of my PC only BSOD-ing in safe mode when i try to access chrome but not when i use IE, i think it's Chrome, but i wanted some expert help, just to be sure.

A:BSOD after attempted driver update; use of chrome trigger

Welcome to the Forum.
I would first suggest you remove Norton for testing purposes:

Start Menu\Programs\Norton Internet Security Public:Start Menu\Programs\Norton Internet Security Public
Start Menu\Programs\Norton Online Backup Public:Start Menu\Programs\Norton Online Backup Public
Use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove the software.Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

Opt for Advance Mode while uninstalling. This allows you to remove leftover registry entries of the software.

Microsoft Security Essentials & Malwarebytes Free.

Update and make full scans separately:Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase
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Start Menu\Programs\PC Help & Tools Public:Start Menu\Programs\PC Help & Tools Public
This software is a known cause of BSOD's. The windows 7 operating system does not require these registry cleaning software. They often tune-down rather than tune-up and can wreck the OS beyond repair. Microsoft have improved Windows 7 significantly and it is much better at organising and optimising itself than its predecessors. Check this, this and this thread for evide... Read more

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Win10 1703.1 Enterprise (Audit Mode on) Used System Update to install all drivers/BIOS-UEFI update was also selected.  Only remaining item was to update the BIOS at the end.  Selected that and upon reboot, nothing happens.  The only sign of life is the power button continuing to flash.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance 

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Today I tried to update my Windows 10 insider preview (fast) system to the latest build. During the first attempt I received a BSOD and rollback. After multiple reboots and cleanups (such as removing kaspersky) I was able to do the update again.
The update completed, since I once had the "hi" screens after login, however after a reboot I am not constantly getting the spinning white circle. (left for an hour), no desktop. This is the 2nd stage with blue background, not the initial loading windows flag. I've since rebooted a few times, but ... nothing ...
I booted a windows 10 USB to attempt to run recovery options but received a message that an update was in progress ("it looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media"). I was unable to revert to a previous build, and startup repair didn't help. I can get to the command line but other than copy files there's little else I can do (system is *of course* all backed up anyway to crashplan, and non system drive data looks intact in any case)
Any tips - other than a clean install? perhaps not such a bad thing after over a year of insider builds....

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but AVG will install, what's up with that? ive scanned my computer for viruses with AVG and SUPERantispyware, they only find tracking cookies?

If you need to know, I'm running comodo firewall (but wasn't was running windows when trying to install the things I listed) and I'm currently running AVG

A:Avira refused to update, so I uninstalled and attempted to install Avast! but it failed...

If you uninstalled Avira via Add/Remove Programs only, you might still want to run Avira's uninstall tool to be sure it has 100% uninstalled all tidbits scattered on your drive and in the registry to avoid possible future issues. Here's a link to the uninstall tool download site:http://www.avira.com/en/support/av7_upgrade_tools.htmlAfter running the uninstall tool, Avast probably would have installed OK for you. I run Avast and it sure is quick to notice those remnants of previous antivirus programs during installation. It just thought you might have two AV's on your system------a definite no-no. The AVG, if you're happy with it, could yet encounter problems if there are bits of Avira still in your registry or lurking elsewhere on your pc. I'd definitely run that Avira uninstall tool just to be sure. You might even want to do a search on keyword AVIRA and see if you have any files/folders Avira left, too, and delete them.

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Hi, i wanted to know if there is any other way to update windows 7 to latest-present updates via offline / download standalone update installer ?

currently i'm using "monthly roll-up updates " which i understand that i've to install it one after another?
but some, day i've to taken care of many computer (clean install) it's taken too much time by doing so.
is there any install package to update windows 7 to the latest updates to make it 'present' as possible without using windows update (online check for update).


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I googled the issue and found that this could mean my system reserved partition is full and indeed that is what I found. My C: drive is a 500 GB SSD but the system partition is only 100 MB of which only 3 MB is free.

MS web page has a long convoluted command line "fix" for this (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3086249) but I was wondering why I couldn't just "shrink" the main C: drive partition and then "extend" the system partition using diskmgmt.msc.

Or is there a better way?

A:latest update failed - can't update system reserved partition

Hello Ray Lo,

Yes, potentially you can do this... But I would suggest backup of your SSD, before you try to do anything as such... WRT shrinking and moving partitions! Just in case!

One extra step enforcing security does no hurt, does it?


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Hello Lenovo Community!I own an Ideappad Z400 Touch and I had issues with trying to charge it. Obviously I turned to the forums here and I found a possible solution here. When I tried to perform a battery firmware update, it went smoothly and then suddenly turned off and had a fast flashing orange light. Obviously I knew my battery and/or charger let me down in the middle of the process. I'm kind of scared because I don't know what to do nor have the money to afford a new laptop. What most likely happened to the battery is that it got "electronically disconnected" and technically only relies on the AC adapter which now I have found out is pretty screwed up and stops charging once Windows actually boots up. Is there any way to fix this? Please help! Thank you and have a wonderful evening!

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Hello, I getting an EFI error when I boot up all of a sudden. I see previous post solutions about this issue, but I get a screen that wants a BIOS password, which I never set, thus i cannot get into the BIOS to re-order the boot up device sequence. I also cannot figure out how to get into the laptop in order to ensure the hard drive is still connected. Anyone know the default BIOS password? I cannot seem to find it in a Google search.   Regards!


There is no default or backdoor password .  The only choices are to remember the password or replace the motherboard.

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Last night when I shut down my PC I came back to it an hour later to find the fans still running and the lights still on so I pressed the reset button to try shutting it down again, it got a BSOD as soon as it started up again but then it rebooted fine after than and I shut it down at the log in screen
Then this morning when I turned it on I logged it fine and went to make a coffee while it loaded but came back to find that it had frozen and was not working so I reset it
This time it loaded fine and everything was working but it gave me a warning that there was an error with the HDD and needs to restart to fix it so I restarted it, waited for it to fix the problem and then it got to the log in screen but my keyboard and mouse no longer work.
I tried them in different ports and tried a different keyboard but they did not work either (interestingly I tried a USB number pad that did work but obviously only typing numbers doesn't help me log in)
I googled the issue with my windows tablet and found people with similar problems managed to fix it by forcing the PC to go into the recovery menu and then doing a system restore so I tried that
I got into the recovery menu (the keyboard and mouse worked fine in the recovery menu so the USB ports and devices clearly work) and attempted to do a system restore but I only had 2 restore points available and both of them did not complete successfully and gave me this error code (0x800700b7)

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm guessing the issue... Read more

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Microsoft has released a package of several updates ,some of them 15 M.B.'s in size ! They where not released as criticial updates however as important updates . Iam still on a dial up internet service and there is no way I can sucessfully download anything over 4-5 MB's without the download not completeing or being corrupt ! For now I have hidden all of the latest updates released . Also Iam having trouble with update KB979909 a 1 M.B. update that downloaded to my system howefever it will not install . How do I remove this update from trying to install everytime I shut down my PC ? Thanks in Advance to All,

A:Windows Update latest update package ?

Also Iam having trouble with update KB979909KB979909 or KB979906 (.NET Framework update)?

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My Toshiba Satellite laptop had to be re formatted because it contained numerous problems. Also, it was extremely slow and did not respond most of the time. It came with Windows vista, but i decided to install windows xp on it. During the reformatting, the laptop shutoff by itself many times. Finally i got it to format, but then another problem occurred. When windows installed its files, it said " setup will now restart". After the restart and the loading screen, a blue screen appeared with the following error " a write operation was attempted to a volume after it was dismounted" or something. The error was only there for a fraction of a second, and then the computer restarted. This loop kept continuing without windows xp ever finishing it's installation. I also read on another post that you have to change something from raid to ide in the bios, but i do not know how to do that. I know how to access the bios, but i do not know how and where i can change this. So, my question is, how can i fully solve this problem?


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I keep getting an error message saying that "an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket" when i try to renew the ip address. i went to microsoft.com and followed what they suggested ( deleting winsock and winsock2 from the reg, reseting the ip, then reboot) still nothing worked... i don't know what else to do.. has anyone had this problem before and they could help me out...??? anything .. please... thanks in advance..

A:error message "operation was attempted on something that is not a socket

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Hello everybody; I've been looking through the forum for a few hours with no help so I'm creating a new thread to expose my problem

I have a Lenovo G470 with Win7x64; wich after 2 years of use started to do everything really slow, so I tried to use the Lenovo recovery functionality wich was supposed to return everything to factory default.

After trying to use it, it threw an 'invalid partition' error or similar; and then when I tried to reboot to search the issue, it just started booting in recovery mode.

From there, I started googling around and found that maybe there was an issue with the volumes/partitions, so I entered in the diskpart list commands to see what was happening, and accidentally rebooted.
Laptop started normally, but after choosing the OS (It has this little menu where I have to select win7, it does not have another OS installed), it started to promt the 0x0000225 error.

Attempting a USB recovery, it leads me to select where I want to make the recovery, but options are

Operating System | Partition Size | Location
Windows 7 | 0 MB | (Unknown) Local Disk
Windows 7 | 29690 MB |(D: ) Lenovo

So somehow C is gonne and... empty

Then, what I was able to retrievve with

List partition:
Partition ### | Type | Size | Offset
Partition 1 | Primary | 200MB | 1024 KB
Partition 0 | Extended | 283GB | 201 KB
Partition 3 | Logical | 28GB | 254GB
Partition 2 ... Read more

A:Windows error 0x0000225 after attempted clean recovery

I was able to connect the disk to another PC; and this is is what diskmgmt reads of it:

And there are 253GB of free space; should I create a new simple volume and assign it the letter C? I want to be completely sure of what steps to follow, as this is the laptop I use at work D:

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