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Error when using GetFolder method and Network share

Q: Error when using GetFolder method and Network share

I'm trying to use GetFolder method of the Scripting.FileSystemObject with Network shares. When running the ASP page a 500 server error is being displayed saying "Path not found". I've tried GetFolder with a network drive although this doesn't seem to work. I'm using classic ASP and IIS.
Any help is appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Error when using GetFolder method and Network share

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Happy New Year everyone!! Currently I have my computer connected to the internet via cable modem. My mother-in-law just got a new crappy Acer laptop for Christmas and she wants to hook her computer and her granddaughter's computer to the internet via my cable modem internet connection. My first thought is HELL no!! Neither of you know nothing about computers nor the internet and if I share my connection with you I will have viruses galore because of the mother-in-law and probable complaints from ISP provider because of the granddaughter going on illegal sites and downloading illegal material.

So, I was thinking what can I do to solve this problem. I googled around on 'internet sharing' and from what I searched it seems like sharing a broadband connection using a Linux router in the most secure, safest, and overall best way to solve my problem. You see, I want to be in complete control of everything. Now I will tell you what I'm thinking and you all can point me in the right direction/advice. I have my laptop and a desktop that I don't use. So I can use that as the Linux router. I use Windows XP Pro on my laptop by the way. But I was thinking that I would keep my computer as the main computer and assign my mother-in-law and her granddaughter two separate accounts that I can control completely. I want to be able to monitor (visually) and at times restrict everything they do so they won't mess up their computers. I plan on assigning them limited a... Read more

A:most secure share internet method?

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Almost everything time I try to access my htpc that has shares I get this error. I just keep clicking the folder and it will finally let me in. The PC is up and running so not sure why this does this almost everything I try to access the share.

My PC is windows 10 pro the HTPC is win7 ultimate.

Thank you,

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Hello all, today I finally got around to creating a home network between my two desktops and laptop. Well, I set it up using the Network Setup Wizard, and then attempted to share my "My Music" folder (22 GB) and "My Videos" folder (12 GB). Well, when I went to Properties->Sharing and checked the "Share this folder on the network" tab, I got an error message stating:

An error occured while trying to share My Music. The Server service is not started.
The shared resource was not created at this time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I think I have found why I can't share files on this computer. When I go to My Network Places and click on "View workgroup computers", I get another message saying:
Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this netowrk resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found.

I found this odd because this was the first computer I setup for networking. I have also googled this message, and found that it is commonly caused by the Windows Firewall. I have the Windows Firewall deactivated, and instead I'm using Zone Alarm.

All help is appreciated. Thanks

A:Error When Trying to Share Folders on a Home Network

Probably, the server service stopped ('entered the stopped state') because Windows detected illegally downloaded music and video files. This is standard behaviour.

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I'm experiencing a weird windows 7 copy error. 
I have a folder that will copy just fine onto another NTFS drive but will say "Error 0x80070032: The request is not supported." when I copy/paste onto my Network drive at E: (mounted using \\server\sharename on E: -- error is not specific to E:,
any other mount point will produce the same error). 
I tried giving generous permissions, removing attributes, etc. nothing worked. I can't reason why it would say this error only for this folder, the other folders are copying just fine.
The peculiar thing is -- If I use "robocopy" it copies just fine onto the network share (note that I'm not using any magical options with robocopy to do this), but it would simply fail when I use the windows explorer copy. 
"Robocopy" is a command I cannot train my users with. I need to know exactly what is causing this error so I can advice users in my homegroup so they can be successful copying to the network drive. Also, it's really very frustrating that a random
folder will fail to copy with this error and a user can just not figure what might cause this issue.
Please help!  Also, please note that I have tried all possible options such as disabling client smbv1, registry entries etc all mentioned on that one & only microsoft KB article that fails to provide a definitive solution. And YES I've tried to
check that Task Scheduler and Events Logger and relevant services are enable... Read more

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I have a custom built PC that I use for everything, running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I also have a custom built server running Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2. The 2 are connected to a Gigabit Router, via Gigabit connections. The 2 have been working great together for many months. Now all of a sudden, these last few days I've been unable to transfer files from the client computer to the server. Whenever I do, I get this error message:

An unexpected error is keeping you from moving (copying) the file. If you
continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for
help with this problem.

Error 0x800705AA: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the
requested service.
I haven't really done anything different than I normally do, other than maybe install some Windows Updates. I haven't installed any new programs or hardware. All I'm trying to do is move some files over to my network share. The content doesn't seem to matter either. I can transfer small 1-2k text files ok, but anything larger like photos, documents, videos, etc throw up this error. I have noticed that it has a "Try Again" button, and sometimes clicking that works the first time, while other times I have to click it 4 or 5 times, but it does eventually transfer. I thought it might be a user privilege issue (like I don't have permission to move to THAT folder, etc) but I checked and my user account has full read/write capabilities to all folders on the sh... Read more

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I am able to connect from XP to a network share at my workplace by giving login/password. However, when I try to connect from Windows 7 i get the error: "specified authentication package is unknown"

However, I am able to connect to another shares. From XP no one is having any problems in connecting to this share at all.

Have googled but to no avail. Found one suggestion to add 'authentication packages' key to registry but it was already present in my Win 7 and with the correct value.

Any help would be appreciated as I am at my wits end with this issue. Win 7 is working flawlessly otherwise. Much much better than XP. Vista was pretty much unusable on my laptop (HP TC 4400 tabletpc)

A:Network Share Error: specified authentication package is unknown

ok, you have specified the problem, but gave no information on any setups of the network(s). how are other supposed to help you unless they have ran into the specific error that you specified?( which i myself do not recall running into)

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One of the share path is working in Windows 10 and not working in Windows 7. 
I tired using the IP Address of the share path. Below error received.

Please help how to get this resolved.

Regards, Boopathi

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Hi all, I have a weird problem. And also complicated, 'cos not even my CISCO Network teacher has been able to give me a solution. I think I need some smart people here

The thing is that I can't share my printer (connected by USB to my PC) with my laptop on another room, over the local network (in Win7 the name is Home Group).

The printer model is not relevant because time ago I was able to do what I'm trying now.

All my configurations are OK, at least the basic ones, because there's definetely something wrong with my PC, and here's why: if I take my laptop and put it next to the printer and connect it to it (by the same USB cable), I can access the printer with my PC, while it's been shared by the laptop.

That proves that the internal network is fine. Also, all the configurations of the printer and also of the home group are literally same in both PCs, the big one and the laptop.

Both PCs run Win7. I have tried this, Connect to printer error - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads, but it didn't work.

The printer is also properly installed on my PC, it is not a driver problem or something like that.

My AV is ESET ESSBE 4, but I don't think it's related, because I have tried deactivating its firewall, and also, on the laptop the AV is the same and the
printer did work.

The services are also equal in both PC's now. I have even tried changing the network adaptor on my PC (from Ethernet to Wifi). Nothing.

I recently had problems with the home group, but ... Read more

A:Can't share printer on local network (0x00000012 error)

Do you have the Windows firewall turned on? If not you won't be able to share the printer until it's turned back on again.

Once that is done the link below shows some set up procedures that should work for you.

Can't share printer, get error

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Hi All,

I'm having an issue when copying files from a Windows network share. If the file is above 5MB it will start copying and then after a minute or two I will get an error such as:

Interrupted Action
An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.

Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred.

The network share is in a different office and is accessible over a point-to-point VPN, so the connection is not that fast. 

But before everyone tells me to start diagnosing the router and or VPN please take note of the following:

My colleague who is running Windows 7 can copy files from the network share fineIf I run a Windows 7 VM on my Windows 8.1 laptop I can copy the files across fine
I also know it isn't an issue with this particular file share. I set up a little lab, where I had one VM which had a shared folder and 2 other client VMs one running Windows 7 and one running Windows 8.1. I limited the bandwidth to the two client
VMs to a similar speed we see across our VPN. The result was that the Windows 8.1 failed with the same error above, whereas the Windows 7 copied fine.

There is also a noticeable difference visually when copying using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7:

Windows 7 - The progress bar progresses smoothly giving the current speed and estimated time remainingWindows 8.1 - The progress bar progresses in a jumpy fashi... Read more

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This thread "Windows 8.1 Network Share 0x8007003b Error Copying Files" seems to have abruptly ended w/o conclusion.  I am having similar issue with file copy of smaller files (~2.5 MB) from laptop drive to WD Cloud Drive both devices on
same local WiFi network.  Same symptoms on graphical transfer progress stat.

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We are getting the following error when mapping to a network drive of a DFS share on Windows 7:
?The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred:

A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated."
In our case, the user logs on his workstation using his regular domain account, then maps to the network DFS share using the service account of an application.
There is a fix from Microsoft (MS KB968264). But this fix requires disabling the "Network access: Do not allow storage of credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication? property. This is against the Microsoft own best practices (Network access:
?Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication? should be set to
ENABLED), and is NOT acceptable for us for obvious security reasons.
Question: Does anyone know an alternative fix to this issue that does not introduce security risks?
Thank you in advance!

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Server: Windows Server 2012 Essentials
Client: Window10 Pro v1607 OS Build 14393.187

When attempting to create a folder [on client] in a network share - error received (after 30 seconds of explorer.exe hanging): "An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming this folder. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem. Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred."

When I watch the same network share from the server I can see the folder being created without delay. When I attempt to create a folder in the network share from the server no error is received. Folders created on the network share from the server are able to be renamed on the client side without error.

The below forum describes the problem fairly well although several people report varying environments:
Problem creating/renaming a folder on a network share with Win10 Anniversary Update (Error 0x8007003B).

Any help here would be appreciated!

A:Problem creating a folder on a network share (Error 0x8007003B)

Bueller? ...... Bueller? ....... Bueller? ........

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One of our users saves powerpoints onto a network share, she has been doing this for years, I upgraded her to office 07 yesterday and this morning she is reporting when she saves a file on the network share it reverts to the previous changes.

The thing is when you close the file and reopen after you have saved, the changes are there. But if you wait 30 seconds the changes are reverted back, has anyone come across this before? There is no error message and annoyingly it looks to have saved the file but it doesn't.

Anyone got any ideas, many thanks.

Windows 7 with Office 2007
Network share runs XP

A:Office 2007 not saving files on the network share, no error msg

I can't seem to delete this but I solved by disabling preview in the file explorer.

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I have a unusual case where I need to setup two mapped network drives as two different users to the same share location. When I attempt to map the second drive after inputting the user name and password the system goes on its merry way for a few seconds
and then returns me back to the username/password input.
If I change the second mapped network drive to use the IP address the two shares work happily. If I manipulate the host file and point two paths to the same address then I can also work around this problem. However, I would simply like to know why I am blocked
from setting two mapped drives to point to the same share with different credentials? 
TestFolder on TestServer is shared to TestUser1 & TestUser2 where the IP of TestServer is
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will not work. 
Mapping S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\\TestFolder using TestUser2 it will work and I can access the folder as the two different users.
Case 3
If I map S: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1, if I then map T: to \\TestServer\TestFolder using TestUser1 it will also work (but I am accessing S: & T: as the same user). 
Why do cases 2 + 3 work, but case 1 does not? 

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I have a small LAN with five PC's (two Windows 10 and three Windows 7).  I have assigned all of these PC's to the same Workgroup (which I named "MAIN").  All five PC's are set to Obtain an IP address automatically.  My wireless router
assigns each PC with an address in the range 192.168.2.x.  The router itself is at at address  I have created shares on all five PC's by right-clicking on the folder I'd like to share and choosing Properties.  On the Sharing tab,
I chose "Advanced Sharing" and clicked the checkbox for "Share this folder".  I assigned it a share name and added Full Control permissions for both the local Administrators group and also for one particular user (who happens to be
a member of the local administrators group).  On the Security tab, I also assigned Full Control permissions to the local Administrators group and for the same particular user as on the Sharing tab.  In Control Panel | Network and Sharing Center |
Advanced Sharing Settings, for my current profile (which happens to be work), I have Network Discovery ON, File & Printer Sharing ON, Public Folder Sharing OFF, Media Streaming OFF, File Sharing connections set to 128-bit encryption, password protected
sharing ON, and I have selected "Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections".  I have used these same settings on all five PC's and my shares work just fine on four out of the fi... Read more

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I have an odd issue.. a user reports that they are unable to access a network shared folder from their PC. Here is what I have gathered so far:
-The network share is from their PC located at C:\SQL2014. The share name is SQL2014. Their hostname for this example is "ABC".
-If I attempt to connect to the share from the user's PC ABC to \\ABC\SQL2014 I get the generic error:
  "Windows cannot access \\ABC\SQL2014
   You do not have permission to access \\ABC\SQL2014. Contact your network administrator to request access."
-If I attempt to connect to the share by ABC's IP \\\SQL2014 I can access it.
-If I attempt to connect to the share by ABC's FQDN at  \\ABC.domain.com\SQL2014 I can access it.
-If I map ABC\SQL2014 as a drive letter, I can access it.
-Connecting to this share works fine from any other PC other than ABC.
-I've confirmed the error is affecting any profile old or new on ABC, which means it is a PC-wide issue on ABC.
-If I share C:\SQL2014 as ANY OTHER NAME OTHER THAN SQL2014, I can access it. As in if I share C:\SQL2014 with the share name SQL2014a, I can access \\ABC\SQL2014a.
-Deleted the share and recreated - same issue.
-Created C:\Test and shared it as SQL2014, cannot access \\ABC\SQL2014. It is NOT an issue with the actual SQL2014 folder.

From internet searches I've found the following solutions do not affect my case:
-Clearing CSC/Offline cache (most common working solution)
-C... Read more

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After installing a good many networks, found that only 60-70% of time printers would share on XP Pro SP2 using the add network printer wizard.

Stumbled across another way and wondered if this long winded way will be successful all the time. (As it has been up to now)

Printer connected to Host machine, on all client machines you need to install the driver of the printer as if you are physically attaching it. When it asks you to choose a port you make a new local TCP/IP Port and name the port as the server address of the host with shared printer ie \\hostcomputer\shared printer name, and voila shared printer works.

In particular Epson have been problematic, and this seems to work around networking problems, (not sending the whole print file acroos to the host, print queue freezing or document sizes seeming smaller than they actually are and not printing).

Some thoughts on this would be very welcome

A:Is this the best method to network a printer

You could use Control Panel->Printers and faxes->Printer Properties->Sharing.

Then use Printers and Faxes on the client pcs to add a new network printer. This asks you to install some drivers, and I've used this method with Epson Printers. Works without a a hitch.

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I am doing some work for a company that has about 10 PC's running Win98 on a local network and they need a way to back up information. It is a chemical lab that has several PC's hooked up to machines that run tests on chemicals. They need to back up these files and several databases. I need opinions on what is the best way to back up all this data. They want it to be able to run at night when no one is around. I thought about CDR, but that's not enough storage. What about tape? How reliable are they? They would prefer some kind of disk that can be stored off site. Not just backed up on a hard drive there. Also, I would need something that could get the info off other PC's on the network and back it up too. I will probably build a computer for them specially for backing up and storing some of the data. It will be storing the data for others to use (kind of like a server). So, would a SCSI hard drive increase the speed or is the slowest link the 10/100 network? I don't remember if it is 10 or 100. I have no idea what RAID is - would this be an option?



A:What's the best backup method for several PC's on a network? - tape or other?

Loaded question, and really should be in the network forum, so I'm going to move it there.

But first...

Can you put in a server and have them actually store the files there? Then you just have to back up one drive.

A tape drive can back up anything you want on a peer to peer network as long as you map drive letters to the various computers.

4mm tape is pretty darn reliable and much faster than Travan tapes. I generally put 4mm Sony drives in the servers I sell. How much capacity are you talking about though?

You will also need to figure out what kind of software to use to backup to the drive - this will depend on the OS of the machine that the drive is in.

As for RAID - that is for onsite redundant backup. Although a very good thing, it isn't offsite, which is what you said they want.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(5/20 new, unlimited, pay to surf site added):

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I am trying to set up a wifi connection, but I'm having a strange issue. When using WPA/WPA2 enterprise I only have 2 network authentication methods: smart card or PEAP. Im 100% sure I had EAP-TTLS on a different machine using the same OS (win7 professional),
so I have no idea what to do.

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Hi all~

Working on a group lab project for a hangman game; initial testing phase. Flow of the game- user enters a word (no try catches set yet) of 13 letters or less- if the second player enters an incorrect guess(using a button- which tested works), will draw a part of the hangman. Three classes for the program; one handles the logic, one handles the gui setup (including the main) and the other handles the paintComponent. As shown below (in testing phase), if a user enters an incorrect guess a call is made to the class that develops the hangman graphics (drawLeg()). When running the program a null pointer exception is generated. I've thrown this code around a billion different ways with no relief- any pointers will be greatly appreciated!

Code for the main class:
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;

import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.border.*;

public class HangmanHome
public JPanel panelB;

public static void main(String[] args)

//Program opens with a dialog box; control then goes to the interface.
//This variable will be the vehicle for collecting the initial word-
//really it will be an array of char most likely.
String word;

word = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Hello, lets play Hangman!\n" +
"Please enter a word up to 13 letters in length");

//Instantiate the interface.
JFrame fra... Read more

A:Solved: Java code; trying to access a method in a paintComponent method


your g is null. You have not yet initialised it.

public static void drawLeg()//Graphics g
g.drawLine(180, 150, 210, 205);
//System.out.println("access to the class");

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Cannot access NAS Drives
Cannot access network attached storage
Error accessing NAS
\\Share\Folder is not accessible
Error code: 0X80070035 The network path was not found

Hi all,
I fixed a stubborn networking issue and hopefully someone else can benefit from all the frustration I have experienced over the last few days.

Some background. This was a workgroup network not a domain client/server. 
Also, Windows HomeGroup wizards were not used - just accounts and passwords. 
I have five NAS boxes for storage and backup. These NAS boxes use CIFS or SMB file systems. IP address are assigned through DHCP. It is a very simple yet secure workgroup net. Everything was OK then it hit the fan.
I installed a new router after the old one failed. I powered down the entire network, cabled up and configured the new router. On my old Vista notebook PC all five NAS devices were OK. In Vista, Windows Explorer, I could access all the folders and files
on all the NAS boxes.
However on all the other systems, Windows 7 or Windows 8, I would get errors. In Windows Explorer I could see "\\MyNAS\Share\" but cannot navigate to it. 

I would get an error:
"\\MyNAS\Share\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. The specified network name is no longer available."
"Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found"
Another symptom of the error: I could not access the NAS adm... Read more

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Hello all,

We have a Windows 7 Pro computer in an unsecure room acting as a file server to 10 other computers on the network.

My issue is with creating and securing network shared folders so that prying eyes can not access info not meant for them.

We currently have 3 folders to share with different departments. These folders are 'Accounting', 'Design', and 'Production'.

As mentioned there are 10 other computers on the network and user accounts have been created on the file server to match the user accounts on each of the 10 computers. For these 10 user accounts on the file server, we did however set up the users with passwords that are different than the password used on their own computer. This was done to prevent anyone from logging into the file server and messing with it.

The method I am considering for sharing the 'Accounting', 'Design', and 'Production' folders is to share each folder on the file server and to add 'Everyone' as a user, granting access to all 10 users on the network. To limit access to any particular user, via the 'Security' tab on the shared folder, I press the edit button and add the user. Then all their permissions are set to deny. I would add more users I wish to deny access in the same way.

It seems to work fine. Mapping a network drive to the file server is allowed only by users not denied for the particular share and a password is not required to map to the share.

Is there any security risk to doing it this way or any downside I may ... Read more

A:Win 7 Pro file server with network shares - is this method secure?

Hi there,

This is not an optimal solution. What you've done, if I understand your explanation properly is open up access (everyone), then put band-aids over it.

One better approach is to (a). Create groups for each department (b). Create the shares with permissions specific to each group (Accounting users can access the accounting share), then grant specific Allow permissions only to that group for that folder and sub-folders. You could add deny permissions for others, but it simply adds complexity that you don't need.

A good security model starts from a deny-all point and adds allow permissions as required. You are working the other way.. Allow all then deny as required. It may well work, but you risk missing something one day and then someone gets access to something they shouldn't.

It's better to have a user complain that can't access something (that you then fix), than have someone with access to something they shouldn't and they don't tell you about it.

Where possible you should always stay away from Everyone permissions.

Also, full control, unless specifically needed, should only be granted to administrators.

As a general rule of thumb, you open it up only as much as you need to to let the people who should have access gain access.

It may be that the credentials required to access the share are stored in your credential manager (see control panel). Password protected shares are a good thing, as long as you don't have to enter the password every time. Worked in... Read more

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I am doing some work for a company that has about 10 PC's running Win98 on a local network and they need a way to back up information. It is a chemical lab that has several PC's hooked up to machines that run tests on chemicals. They need to back up these files and several databases. I need opinions on what is the best way to back up all this data. They want it to be able to run at night when no one is around. I thought about CDR, but that's not enough storage. What about tape? How reliable are they? They would prefer some kind of disk that can be stored off site. Not just backed up on a hard drive there. Also, I would need something that could get the info off other PC's on the network and back it up too. I will probably build a computer for them specially for backing up and storing some of the data. It will be storing the data for others to use (kind of like a server). So, would a SCSI hard drive increase the speed or is the slowest link the 10/100 network? I don't remember if it is 10 or 100. I have no idea what RAID is - would this be an option?



A:{Advice Offered} - What's the best backup method for several PC's on a network? - tape or other?

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I have a program used by several users and it is placed on a network share so they can share the data in the folder.
The application have to contact a Oracle Database sometimes. The application worked under Windows XP, but now we are migrating to Windows 7.
When I run the application from the network share as a administrator everything is working perfectly.
If I run the application as a user the application start and everything looks fine until the application have to contact the Oracle server - No connection to the server.
If I copy the application to the local disk everything works perfectly for the user account.
I have tried to do the same with Putty from a network share and it is the same problem when trying to connect to a host.
- I have added the UNC to IE Intranet sites but it dosent help.
- Firewall off dosent help
- Uninstall AV dosent help
- Adding the user account to local admin group dosent help
- Disabled UAC dosent help.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction...

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I have had some problems with Windows XP Home Edition 32 Bit SP3 with errors, blue screens, and possible malware issues. So I decide to take my installation (My PC Healer) disk and do an OS Repair on my Dell Dimension 3000 and I was successful… or so I thought.

When I restarted the OS after the installation was complete, I was dismayed to find out that I the OS wasn’t seeing my network connection! As you see in “Picture (1)” So I have tried to add Drivers from Dell, Work in and run Regedit, cmd (REG add "HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\MMC{58221c66-EA27-11CF-ADCF-00AA00A80033}"/v Restrict_Run /t REG_DWORD/d0/f) and services.msc with zero joy! Can ANYONE help me!


P.S. Here is a list of Services that are active and inactive on my OS Machine:

Running Application Layer Gateway Service
Running Automatic Updates
Running Avast Antivirus
Running Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Running COM+ Event System
Running Cryptographic Services
Running DCOM Server Process Launcher
Running DHCP Client
Running Distributed Link Tracking Client
Running DNS Client
Running Error Reporting Service
Running Event Log
Running Fast User Switching Compatibility
Running GManager
Running Help and Support
Running HID Input Service
Running Indexing Service
Running IPSEC Services
Running MCTDesktopSvr
Running MlPatch
Running Network Connections
Running Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Running Plug and Play
Running Print Spooler
Running Protected Storage... Read more

A:Network Issues After Using Windows XP 32 Bit SP3 Installation Disk As A Repair Method

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I've just had a new PC built for me, for the first time rather than build it myself I aid a local shop, and it's a pretty nice machine. They got windows up and running, when I got it back and lugged it in I don't even remember it asking about whether my network was home, work or public (I may be mistaken about that)

A lot of the networking is fine, by adding 'everyone' to the share, and joining the same homegroup as my laptop, I managed to get each to see their desktops, so I'm up and running with most of my workflow. But there's a couple of things not quite right about the network:

I've got a Xerox Phaser 60 network printer. It's got a simple 'walk-up' installer where you get the windows software into listening mode and then on the printer's menu initiate the connection. This doesn't find the printer. Even choosing the manual option of inputting the ip won't find it. So I've had to connect it with USB, not the end of the world, but shows that something's not right.

I have a lot of media on a dlna server in my home. Setting up kodi to find it, the SMB devices didn't show the host. Though, manually typing the IP in this case did find it. Lucky I knew the IP. Weird

And trying to FTP to my website fails too. It says "EAI_FAIL - Nonrecoverable failure in name resolution" Yet the same settings on my laptop (imported from the laptop) connects fine.

Surely there's something not quite right. Is there a way to reset all the network connection settings to default 'out of... Read more

A:New W7 64 install -network issues? Network printer, SMB share & others

OK, I just rethought it a little and added filezilla to the firewall exceptions list. Now t's working! I wonder if the same would fix the printer issue?

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Im in an Intro to Java class and have this assignment but Im getting this error. Please help!

Create a class called Dog. Every dog is identified by a name and age.
A dog can be in one of two states, either 'working' or 'off duty'.
Provide a onDuty () method that changes the dog from the off duty state to the working state.
Provide a offDuty() method that changes the dog from the working to the idle state,
and a showAge () method that displays the age of the dog in man years (seven times the dog's age).
Create a dog object with suitable name and age attributes and invoke the methods.
Your program must output suitable messages to the screen.

import java.util.*;

public class Dog
String name;
int age;
int dogYears;
public static void onDuty();
System.out.println(name + " was off duty.");
System.out.println(name + " is now working.");

public static void offDuty();
System.out.println(name + " is on duty.");
System.out.println(name + " is no longer working.");

public static void showAge();
System.out.println(name + " is" + (age * 7) + " in dog years.");
public static void main(String[] args)
System.print.ln("Alfie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.");
System.print.ln("He is " + age + "years old.");

if (age >= 1 && age < 10)

A:JAVA Missing Method Body Error. PLEASE HELP

1. Remove the semi colon at the end of each function name
public void onDuty(); <---

2. Change System.print.ln to System.out.println
3. Change the dot at the end of System.print.ln() to semi-colon.

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When I try to log into Facebook I get an error message "Error: Object does not support property or method". I have the most recent version of IE and windows XP. Any suggestions on what to do? I haven't been able to sign on my account to answer e-mails and stuff for days. Any advice would help, thanks!

A:Error: Object does not support property or method

I keep gettig error object does not support property and method I have windows xp and have been using facebook ok until now.
how can I fix

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I was on a job related site for work and when I tried pulling it up...the following error came in: A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to debug> Line 17 Error: object doesn't support this property or method? I have been receiving runtime errors a little more than I'd like to in the past few weeks. I am running XP and my system is totally updated all around....any suggestions? What exactly does debugging do?

A:Error: Object Doesn't Support This Property Or Method?

have a look at the following setting

from IE
internet options>
see if disable script debugging is ticked

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I get this error message "object doesn't support this property or method" at web store building site. I cannot use the editor on my XP proffessional computer. I can go to any other computer and have no problem.

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I have a samba shared directory (from linux) that I can see from windows 7 and where I stored some video files.
Is it possible to share that directory from windows 7 over the network as dlna / stream?
I've tried to create a shortcut of the samba path in videos directory but I can't see that path from my dlna device in the same network.

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I am using the EnableBitlocker.vbs script to automatically assign the TPM and start the encryption. I am running it from an elevated command prompt. Here is are the arguments I am running with

cscript EnableBitLocker.vbs /on:tp
/l:c:\bitlockerlog.log /promptuser /ro:"MBAM" on

All is well and it prompts the user for a PIN but then it fails.

Here is the full log file. I haven't been able to find any info on the error code in the subject.
Script processing started  02/07/2014       14:43:27
Proper number of command line arguments passed to the script
---------------Executing with the following arguments------------------
Enable parameters: tp
Logging location: c:\bitlockerlog.log
Create recovery key: No recovery key use specified
Encryption method: 3
Create SMS status MIF's: No SMS status MIF's will be created
Reset TPM ownership: 1
User prompting: 1
Connection succeeded to MicrosoftTPM
Successfully retrieved a TPM instance from the Win32_TPM provider class
TPM found in the following state:
Enabled - True
Activated - True
Owned - True
Connection succeeded to MicrosoftVolumeEncryption
TPM is in a ready state to enable BitLocker.
Change TPM owner password specified on the command line.
Random ... Read more

A:ERROR - the ProtectKeyWithTPMAndPIN Method failed with the exit code: 8031005B

This error indicates that the group policy isn't set correctly, when configure the group policy at teh server side, you should notice that only one of the additional authentication can be required at start up , otherwise a policy occurs, the notice can be
found just like below:

and after test, the error indeed occurs, just like the screen below:

So, I suggest to check the group policy for bitlocker settings, you can only choose one start up authentication method.

Wade Liu
TechNet Community Support

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I have a wireless sitecom router.
I want to connect xbox to PC, to do that i need to share lan connection that xbox can see it. When i try to do it, it says that is not possible, does not give any mistake or whatsoever. I also have two other laptops, one also vista with the same edition, and other XP, both of them have no problems with sharing.
It seems strange cuz i CAN share wireless connection, but not lan
Any idea how to fix it?


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Hey, sorry if this is the wrong forum,
I could find one that looked better,
So, heres the deal,
I have 2 windows xp computers, they are about 10 ft apart,
So i wanted to set up a share folder,
I have them connected on the same network,
I just cant figure out what to type in on the Run.exe or whatever.
isnt it something like


THanks in advance

A:Share Network

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how to share internet ,i have a pc (win xp) connected to internet by lan(dsl) i want share pc internet via bluetooth to laptop(win7)
i searched via bluetooth and connected this two device but in laptop (network and sharing center)say "no internet access"
i think that i should create "gateway connection" and set ip address in tcp/ip but i don't know how to do it


A:how to share network

Have never tried using Bluetooth that way, but if it works what you need to do is enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the connection on the XP that has internet access.

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Hi guys,

I have a computer and a laptop hooked up to a router and I'd like to transfer some folders from one to the other. I read around some other forums and they said to set the sharing n security to share the folder over a network etc... but ummm they stopped there....
So now, it's in the computer's my network places..... what do I do from here? how do I access it from the laptop

Thank you

A:share in my network

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Sorry, this might be resolved in the archives somewhere but the problem is so uncharacteristic I'm just going to post it.

I'm doing some data validation on a pair of combo boxes that can't have identical values. The code is really simple:
Private Sub cboFirstField_Change()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

If Fields_Match() Then
[B]Me!cboFirstField.Undo[/B] [COLOR="SeaGreen"]' <-- This is the line that breaks[/COLOR]
End If

Exit Sub

MsgBox "Script execution error in cboFirstField_Change" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description, _
vbCritical + vbOKOnly, _
Resume ExitHandler
End Sub
I put the same routine under the Change event for both combo boxes. Every time I test it on either field, I get a 438 ("Object doesn't support this property or method") on execution of the Undo statement.

Per the Access 2010 reference, ComboBox objects support an Undo method, and the relevant statement in my code is identical to the example provided.

So, I guess I'm really confused? Does anyone see a glaring issue with my code?


A:Solved: Access 2010 combo box Undo method throwing an error

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This is our first post.
Background info: Dell Laptop Latitude D820
Windows XP Professional SP 3
Using Cingular/ATT GT Max card for internet/email

We use weather.com radar maps for scientific research and watch the weather avidly. We put in the city, state and at the bottom of that page there is an interactive map using virtual earth that shows the weather radar and you can zoom in and so on. Last week it quit working. It's the only thing that isn't working and it's a major pain. Normally when you click on the map to make it larger and animate it, it goes to a new window and starts the radar moving. Now it show a blank square, everything else comes up, ads, so on, just not the radar. There is an error code that pops up at the bottom of the screen with a yellow triangle and an exclamation point. When I click on it this is what it says " CHAR 6660 ....unexpected call to property or method access"

I have checked windows for any further updates, ran virus check, spybot, updated Java...updated adobe player, flash player. Nothing changes. the radar map still doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Internet Explorer Error Unexpected Call To Property Or Method Access

Hello saddleman,

It sounds like a scripting problem on the website itself. Can you post a link to the site in question?

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I've seen a ton of tutorials and help threads, a lot on this site, on how to set up a VPN connection in Windows 7. I got that going a few days ago with no problem, now my pain in the ass however is accessing the network itself. I have Win 7 on the client and server end, I can connect to the VPN, but I cannot access the files on my network. The files that I'm trying to access are all shared on my computer so I have no idea whats up. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

A:Share Network Resources via VPN

Under the Windows 7 Cilent Server application make you are enabling that you can share files. You would need to check the box that allows you to share files such as documents, pictures, etc.

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Whenever I right click on my c drive click on the sharing tab then check the box that says share this folder on the network it says: An error occured while trying to share c, the server service is not started. The shared resource was not created at this time. The thing is I had it enabled before I had to restore my computer. I have windows xp home and a microsoft mn-700 wireless g router with the firewall on. Any help would be apreciated.

A:Can't share my c drive on network

Go into the network setting and make sure file and print sharing is enabled.

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I have 2 laptop with windows 10 pro 64bits on my network how can I make it can send any files to each other ?

P.s I 'm really newbie for this

Btw,Thanks in advance

A:How can I share any files on my network ?

I'm assuming these are your laptops and you don't have others on the same network otherwise there may be some security issues. All of my systems are on my personal network, however Win10 has thrown me a curve and I'm currently have issues access all of the drives on my desktop to my laptops. Following are some general steps.
Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center, on the left side click Change advance sharing settingsSee the following image for the settings
Expand the Guest or Public section and select the first option in each of the two options
Now expand the last section All Networks, see the following image for the settings (the first two options, select the first option, the 3rd option select the 2nd option)
You can now close the control panel
Now open Windows explorer and drill down to the folder you want to share
I'm assuming you want to share the documents folder
Click on the Sharing tab and then click the Share button
Here I selected Everyone because nobody else is on my network. However if somebody hacks into my network then they have access. For the permissions select Read/Write, at the bottom of the window click on the Share button. Depending on the size of the folder this can take several seconds/minutes.
You should see something like the following, note that the folder is shared and then click the Done button
Back in the Document properties windows, click on the Advance Sharing button (note that it states the folder is shared)
In t... Read more

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I am trying to access shared folders on my host computer ip from my client computer which is using ICS it seems I can't see either computer either way however when I ping them they respond anyone know why this isn't working?

A:network SHARE problem

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I Have a XP Sp2 machine that loses it's network connections after 10 minutes of being inactive, even if you run a -t ping...

Tried power management, 100 Full etc...

Any Ideas ?

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i have 5 pcs all running windows 7 ultimate on my network through a d-link router, 3 are wired and 2 wireless. 2 of the pcs are only on when i use other 3 on all the time one of which has my printer connected.
my problem is
i can see the 2 other pcs ( ones on permanent) but it tells me i cant connect to them?
also cant find the printer?
any ideas welcome

A:network not letting me share

Are they all part of a 'Home Network' within Windows 7? Is Network Discovery turned ON? (in Advanced Sharing Settings)

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Due to my work I often hav to work with net shares.
These have all different Settings (IP, Domain, User, Password) - and they are also not all always availible (so that auto remount is not working).

Also my Notebook is set up that way that it is not saving the credentials (Password) of a netshare (or RDP) connection - and also the basic settings (IP) are only saved for the latest connectins.

So I'm interessted if there is a management Tool that helps me to manage that situation, so that I can store allmy Settings & Credentials , so that I can double Click just to connect a net share without explicitely entering all data manually.

For RDP there is the RDP Manager that archives exactelly this - but is there something for netshares?

A:Network share Manager?

Hi there,

Are you referring it to this Netshare?

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