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Displayport 1.2 to 1.1 no extended desktop

Q: Displayport 1.2 to 1.1 no extended desktop

MSI R9 390 (latest crimson drivers), Dell U2415 (DP 1.2 enabled), Dell U2412M (DP 1.1)
Using the mini DP cable that came with the 2415. Using a standard DP cable between the two.

I choose extended desktop using the WinKey/P shortcut, but it doesn't stick. Is it the standard cable between the two monitors? The 1.2 to 1.1?
I can't seem to get anything other than a duplicated desktop, which is of no use to me. I need the extended desktop. What am I misiing?

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Preferred Solution: Displayport 1.2 to 1.1 no extended desktop

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi everyone. I'm having a problem in Windows 7 with my dual monitor setup. Being a student, my laptop comes with me during the day to classes, but when I return to my desk, I have a dual monitor setup through a docking station. I haven't had a problem getting the displays to actually output in extended desktop. Instead, I can't keep them set that way. Installing any program, opening the system task monitor, letting the computer idle into sleep, or any process that makes the screen "flash" sets the screens back to clone. It's even more annoying that for some reason, I cannot get the system to recognize the external monitor through the display settings. To get around this, I've set up schemes that I default to through the Intel Graphics card. I know it's a minor irritation, but somehow I managed to bypass that default in Vista Ultimate and can't quite figure out how to do it in 7.

I attempted to fill out my system specs in my profile as best as possible, but please let me know if any information more is needed from me. I apologize if anything is missing, this is my first post. Thanks for your help!

A:Extended Desktop Keeps Reverting Back to Cloned Desktop

have you tried re-installing the graphics drivers?

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Hi, I have a really annoying problem with desktop icons.
I use 2 monitors. 1920x1200 is the main dislay and 1600x1200 is another one for extended desktop. The thing is that I don't need it all the time so I'd like to switch the extended desktop on and off when I need it. Problem is that entering the ex. desktop just somehow changes the grid (it seems that the grid becomes more compressed in vertical direction). That means that it always messes my icons up. I really don't know why do the Windows change the grid when I do not change the reolution or just anything that could possibly affect the main screen. Can I do anything about it?


//Noral desktop grid:

//Extended desktop grid:

A:Desktop icon grid changes when using extended desktop

Welcome to Seven Forums APrince. I suspect the issue is caused by the different resolutions of the 2 screens. Does the primary desktop display revert to normal when the desktop isn't extended? (I am assuming it does). I'd suggest if you want to keep the original layout while in extended mode, that you try the Free Fences, and see if it can maintain the layout while extended. Or try IconRestorer which enables you to save up to two layouts for each resolution.

A Guy

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Greetings everyone!

This is my very first post and I come with a question. I am looking into purchasing a refurb Dell 990 SFF for basic home usage (spreadsheets, word processing, internet...no gaming or graphic/audio intensive use). The onboard graphics and Displayport is an integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 with a Displayport 1.1a output. I currently have a monitor with Displayport in but no Displayport out so I can daisy-chain. What is the best strategy for connecting second monitor? Is the native DP 1.1a out splittable for extended desktop? Do I need to buy a DP splitter external peripheral? I should note the additional output options include an old VGA out; all USBs are 2.o. Thanks in advance.

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Good evening,
today I bought myself a display port cable to finally replace my old VGA monitor. In the PCIe slot I have added a SoundBlaster card. While using the VGA output everything worked perfectly, but now, while using the DisplayPort, the system won't boot and shows the old "Unsupported Configuration Detected" screen (only when I add the VGA monitor while having DP and Soundcard plugged in). With the soundcard removed the display port works perfectly.
I already tried the BIOS function to override the Auto video, but that didn't help. I have the feeling something tells the computer the SoundBlaster is a graphics card, but of course, it isn't. 
As I said, using the integrated graphics with VGA works perfectly with and without the soundcard. I updated both the audio and video drivers. My BIOS is the latest one for my system (A16).

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hi all
im ben and i have a problem with creating a extended desktop i have a nvidia 4200ti agp 128nv i have 2 moniters and i would like to creat an extended desktop with the 2 moniters working indipendantly and i have no ides how to do it so plese help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:extended desktop

Welcome to TSG...

Here's a tutorial from Microsoft on adding and using a second monitor, including extending your desktop

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I have a pc connected to a TV Plasma. I have extended configuration.

I would like to know is it possible to force an application to start by default on the extended desktop?

Many thanks and sorry for my english!

A:extended desktop

Please any help?

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System Manufacturer/Model Number: HP-Pavilion/KT372AA-A2L a6518f
OS: Windows 7 Home Premuim (student upgrade from Vista Home Premuim)
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 2800 Mhz
Motherboard: Seriously, I looked for any kind of label and can't find it.
Memory: 3.00 GB Ram
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio
Monitor(s) Displays: Samsung SyncMater 920 Nx
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Hard Drives: Drive C, Local Fixed Disk 263.94 GB free of 455.43 GB total, Samsung

I have been running an extended desktop to my TV with both XP and Vista with little problem. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 7, my graphics CP cannot even detect a TV, even when I do a forced hardware detection. I'm connecting with an s-video cable.

Any suggestions?

A:Extended Desktop

There are a few threads with this issue and the common point appears to S-Video. Have a look through the other threads and try and connect via something other than S-Video.

In my set-up, I use an optical connection for sound to an external amp and DVI-HDMI direct to the TV for video.


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve my little problem.

I am using Windows XP home.

I have 2 monitors, and I am using the second monitor as an extended desktop. I have added a program to my Startup menu so it loads when I boot up. I want to know how I can get this program to open on the extended desktop (2nd monitor) rather than on my actual desktop (1st montior).

Any ideas??

A:Help, extended desktop

Welcome to TSF

Just a guess cause I don't use two monitors, but if you rite click the program entry under start>all programs>startup> then coose properties, it may give you an option to run it on the extended desktop. Please post back with results

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In the eternal battle between myself and technology the computer has won another battle.
I wished to avail myself of an extended desktop using 2 monitors. As everything I touch seems to go wrong I thought I would start with an old computer running ME and a Millenium PCI card and see what would happen. This worked perfectly I added the card, installed the drivers plugged in the second monitor did the business with the display options and all was as it should be.
Then I decided to move on to the computer I really wished to use and this is where things started to go wrong.
The computer I wish to use is a socket 775 ECS 945 GCT- M V1 0i 945 GC which has Intel GMA 959 (224mb) graphics (I hope this means something as I have copied it from the computer documentation). I also bought a Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS grapics card (this has the correct fitting, PCI express, for my motherboard.
Following the same procedure as my initial attempt I arrived at the position where the Nvidia card worked perfectly but the original Intel graphics had disappeared, leaving me with a single display monitor.
I removed the Nvidia card and the Intel graphics reappeared.
How do I get to the position in which both sets of graphics are working at the same time thus allowing me to use 2 monitors?

A:Extended desktop

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Hey guys.

Appreciate any help you can give.

I have my laptop hooked to a TV and can-t get the sound to work when the desktop is extended.

When it is duplicated it works perfect the sound comes out of the tv. but when extended it just ceases to work.

I verify that in control panel sounds the TV is selected for playback but still no sound. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

A:Extended Desktop without sound

Are you using a HDMI cable for this?

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I wish to create an extended (dual) desktop for my system. How do I go about doing so, and what are the best ways to do it? I will either be using a 19" LCD and 13" CRT or a 19" CRT and a 13" CRT. The 13" is my current monitor, and I will be getting a new one soon; the 13" will be my extended monitor. (obviously)

I'm running XP Pro. My current video card is a Radeon 7200, 64 MB DDR, VGA, s-video and composite output, composite-input, 4x AGP pro.

Can I get away with just buying a decent quality PCI video card for the extended desktop, or should I really just get a new AGP video card? The main thing I see about using my current card, is that I don't have a DVI output, and might be using a LCD as my main monitor. If I could get feedback on this for both the LCD/CRT setup and the CRT/CRT setup, that would be great.
If I can get any and all info on this, that would be great. I don't really know how I want to go about doing this, but just that I want to do it and there are some really different options for this. Thanks!

Windows XP Pro
1.4 Ghz P4
640 MB RD-Ram
ATI Radeon 7200
MSI MS-6339 (Intel 850GB chipset)

A:creating an extended desktop

Kind of hard to add another AGP card since there is only one AGP slot per motherboard so that option is out. Just get a good PCI card and it will work just fine. YOu just have to decide what you want, and find the matching connection type on the monitor you want.

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I have a mid-2011 iMac 27" and a 2018 MacBook Pro 13" w/ Touchbar. The iMac has usb ports, thunderbolt 2 ports, an ethernet port, and a firewire port. The MacBook only has thunderbolt 3 ports. I want to be able to extend the MacBook's desktop to the iMac screen. It seems that the most popular and easiest way to do this is to purchase these two adapters:




However, this solution is quite expensive. My question is if I wanted to achieve the same goal, could I use these adapters instead:




Any advice/ input is appreciated.

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Hi, hope the forum can help this newcomer....
I've set up an extended desktop onto my HDTV from my laptop and all is working reasonably well (a few challenges to be overcome) but I have a question regarding functionality.
Is there any way that I can "scroll" accross so that I can view the extended desktop on my primary monitor (laptop)?
Very often the kids are actually watching the HDTV so I can't access icons etc that are on the extended desktop when I want to!! and it's driving me up the wall (yes and the kids too!!)
In case it matters I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 4500 graphics card on a Toshiba Satellite L550 laptop

A:Scrolling extended desktop

Hi budgie,
Perhaps the solution is to add the desktop toolbar to the taskbar.
Right click on the taskbar, select Toolbars, and click desktop.
All icons are now available from your taskbar.

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Latitude E6430 with a docking station.  I don't know if this is a Dell thing or a Windows thing but here's what I want to do...
Laptop Screen - 1Two External Monitors - 2 & 3 (both connected through VGA ports on the dock)
I want to take screen 1 and Extend that onto screen 2.  I then want to Duplicate screen 2 onto screen 3.  The end result is screen 1 is the main display and screen 2 and 3 are a mirror extension of that.  So, if I show a Powerpoint, I can control it form the laptop screen (1) and I can have the same presentation showing on screens 2 & 3 for multiple people to view it.
Is that possible?  I haven't found any way to do it through the built in Extend/Duplicate options available in Windows.  I know I can do this with a VGA splitter but I need to knwo if there's a way to do it WITHOUT using a splitter.  Even if I have to install other software to make it work somehow I'd consider that too.

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Is it possible to have a taskbar on an extended desktop? If so how do I do this?

A:Taskbar on an extended desktop

If you mean like a second monitor, I responded to a poster this way:

To get it on the second (and off the first) unlock it and drag.

To get it on both at once, you need an aftermarket program (I don't provide much help for those)

An example (which I am NOT promoting)- http://www.mediachance.com/free/multimon.htm

Using anything not made by Mr.Gates et al is at your own risk.

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I have set up my desktop so that I can play dvds on an attached LCD tv through a HDMI cable. All works fine if a little clunky having to chase the mouse across two screens. The only think I can't get to happen now is to play my PC games on my TV as I have no way of dragging them across from my monitor to my TV screen. Any suggestions?



A:Solved: Extended Desktop

Try running your games in window mode instead of full screen. When the game is in a window it can be dragged to the TV screen.

When you have extended desktop with two or more screens it's better to run most things in windows instead of full screen.

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This is something I am curious about. I have not been able to figure out a way to have one desktop background image on my laptop, and another on the other monitor.

I am sure this is possible, but I have not been able to figure it out.

I found a site that I thought had the answer but it required having a DVI out as well as a VGA out.

Seeing I am on a laptop, I am kind of limited. Anyone got any suggestions, maybe something blatantly obvious I missed.

Thanks ahead of time for any ideas. Maybe imposing an image over one or the other. Dunno.

A:Two different backgrounds on extended desktop?

Here's a free piece of software via tutorial that should do it for you:

Dual Monitors: Use a Different Wallpaper on Each Desktop in Windows 7, Vista or XP - How-To Geek

If you didn't want to do that, you could've make a double wide wallpaper like the dual & triple monitor ones by just pasting two different wallpapers together in the middle.

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i have a primary screen 22 inch and LCD full hd TV 42 inch.
i use extended mode and i would like to know
if there is a way to lock the mouse pointer in the primary screen
while extended mode is on.
i hate it when he suddenly disappears and i don't want to switch extended mode on and off.
is there a hotkey or a simple way/program to do this quickly?

A:Extended desktop mode

found ultramon there's an option there

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I have a Dell Lat E5510 with Windows 7 Pro. Last week I hooked up to a Projector and used Extended Desktop to display programs I wanted the class to see. Worked great. Since then now that I am NOT connected to this projector any program that I used on the extended desktop now opens up and shoots to the right like it is going to the Extended Desktop. I can not view any of these programs as they think they are on the extended desktop. Clicking Show Desktop desktop does not work. I have the latest Video Driver for my Intel HD Graphics Card. Any Ideas?

A:Extended Desktop Issue

Could you please run a System Restore to a position BEFORE This Happened

See System Restore For More Information

Hope This Helps,

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Apolgies if this is quite a simple one. I am trying to extend teh desktop t a connected monitor through a ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock. I know the screen is working but when i right click on the desktop i do not get the usualy 'output to' option. I know i can access this via the control panel and display options but i also want to choose the 2nd monitor as the primary display, usually via the 'output to' option there is an option to do this. Any ideas? Thanks

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Hey everyone, well I can't seem to get my second monitor to work? I think its just my DVI port on my video card, but I don't think the port is dead or anything, I think its more of just a vista problem. I have a 22'' Samsung 225BW and an Envision 17'' monitor (can't remember the product num right now), and a custom built computer using an ATI X1650.

I just reinstalled all the drivers (for my monitors and my video cards) and still no help, it seems to recognize that there is a second monitor plugged in, it just doesn't want to get enabled

A:Can't seem to get extended desktop working?

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Okay I've had this problem before (with Windows 8.1) and this is generally the reason and solution (I'm using a notebook and an external display for extended desktop):

At Location 1 I have a Dell E2414H Monitor that is 1920x1080 resolution.

At Location 2 I have a 26" Samsung TV I use for a monitor.. I forget the resolution but it is not 1920 x 1080.

Neither supports the other's resolution so the first time I plug into the other display I have to go to settings and change it to a supported resolution to get it to work, however, this has always worked.

So, the Dell monitor was working just fine on Windows 10. I upgraded a week or two ago, and it worked just fine. Then I went to Location 2 and plugged my notebook into the Samsung TV. I changed the resolution and it worked. Now back at Location #1 I plug into my Dell monitor and change it to 1920 x 1080 and it does not turn on. The monitor always says "Going into Power Save Mode" as soon as I plug it in to the computer or turn it on / off..

Here is an interesting tid-bit that might help troubleshoot this: Windows 10 settings obviously sees the monitor is plugged in because instead of showing 1 screen in the setting it shows 2 screens and gives the normal "Extended Desktop", "Duplicate Displays" etc. etc. options. However, I'm also getting the message that there is no signal from the VGA cable.. I don't think the cable went bad nor the port on my computer. I mean the Dell monitor was working... Read more

A:Extended Desktop will not turn on

That is because the resolution is out of range of the other monitor.

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I just purchased a brand new Sharp HD Smart TV and have been using it occasionally as an extended/dual desktop from my laptop. The only thing is that there is a very slight delay between the input from the computer and the display on the TV. I don't know if this is normal or not as the delay is only a split-second but I want to use it for gaming purposes so I want to get rid of the delay if at all possible. The spec on my computer are as follows:

Windows 8 Pro
Intel Core i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.7GHz
GeForce GTX 780M graphics card

If anyone has any tips I would aprecciate it. Thanks

A:Slight lag on extended desktop

It turns out there is a "Game Mode" setting on the TV that eliminates the lag.

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I have Acer aspire 5310 basic vista with broken screen and I can't extended to the 2 monitor because is not exist in display setting. I can boot to the CRT screen when vista is loading but after Windows can't set the logo and the screen is black.But there is no problem with safe mode I can work with vista.I try to change in advanced setting but there is only one screen. I update VGA intel 945GMdriver..but nothing change.also can't change properties Monitor in advanced setting.
can you help me?
also try with "empowering.....> epresentation ....> projection .nothing hapened

A:can't extended desktop onto this monitor

Originally Posted by vistab08

I have Acer aspire 5310 basic vista with broken screen and I can't extended to the 2 monitor because is not exist in display setting. I can boot to the CRT screen when vista is loading but after Windows can't set the logo and the screen is black.But there is no problem with safe mode I can work with vista.I try to change in advanced setting but there is only one screen. I update VGA intel 945GMdriver..but nothing change.also can't change properties Monitor in advanced setting.
can you help me?
also try with "empowering.....> epresentation ....> projection .nothing hapened

If you can boot into safe mode on the CRT screen, right click on that screen and select PERSONALIZE and then you should see two boxes to represent your screens. Click IDENTIFY monitors so you know which is which and then using the drop down box, select the correct screen and make this your MAIN Monitor


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The extended desktop function is giving me several problems, I work with an LG 19EN33 monitor with VGA connection, from my laptop to the monitor I'm using a HDMI to VGA connector, problems are:  Office applications opens with the right resolution on my laptop but on the monitor they get like 10 times the size, and is not right to work on, the same happens with acrobat reader.Windows explorer crashes 9 out of 10 times I try to move it from the laptop screen to the monitor screen. Looking forward to some solutions!

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Hello I was hoping someone could answer my question about an HP Omen 17-w043dx laptop.  I'm trying to use the HDMI to extend the built-in monitors desktop to an external monitor.  However I am only able to clone it and cannot find any settings to  Output To with the Intel Graphics 530 Options.  It doesn't see the 2nd monitor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 956 M Control Panel only sees the HDMI connection and the external monitor.  I tried using the fn + F4 keys and it didn't do anything.  Is this system capable of extending the onboard screen to an external using the HDMI port?  Thanks! 


View Solution.

A:Extended Desktop on HP Omen 17" laptop

Should be. Try windows key + p to bring up a menu to clone or extend to the external monitor. 

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In Jan. 2016 I had an HP Pavilion All-in-One 27 -n110 (Touch), Ser. #[personal information removed], and I purchased the xtended warranty in May 2016, , Order #[personal information removed]. fpr $129.99 and tax of $7.80, for a total of $$137.79. Due to problems with the touchscreen and numerous contacts with HP, they finally sent me the HP Envy All-in-One PC 27-n014, Ser. #[personal information removed].
See Case #[personal information removed].  Andy H of HP Support called me to let me know that HP was sending my the new Envy so He could close the Case #. I explained about purchasing the extended warranty, and said that he should transfer the warranty to the new desktop (Envy) and I would close the case.  He said the warranty would be transferred. I received the Envy on 6/29/16. I keep getting pop-ups advising me that my warranty period expires on 6/29/17. and I should purchase an extended warranty. I checked with online HP support today, and there has been no transfer of the warranty.  Please advise.

A:Extended warranty has not transferred to new desktop


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I have an older gateway laptop. I took it and plugged into a second monitor the other day and chose extended desktop - I love that feature on my other laptop!

Now it's back in it's usual place without a second monitor. In the graphics display settings it shows monitor 2 as inactive. The "extended desktop" is not checked and output to notebook is checked.

Some of my program menus are opening out to the far right, tho, as if I had the extended monitor set up. I can see it zipping off into nothing but I can't get it to relocate on my notebook monitor for anything.

Suggestions? I have rebooted, turned off and turned on, etc. No idea what to do next.

Oh, yeah, it's running windows xp pro.


A:Laptop Extended Desktop Problem

I think when you go into desktop properties then advances you need to dig into the 'video card' properties and see if there is a setting in there refering to the expanded desktop....

The model of you gateway would be helpful.

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Using Windows XP on a laptop, I right clicked on the desktop, went to graphics options, then output to... then clicked on extended desktop by mistake, now all I get is a blank screen that I can't seem to reset. I've tried all the function shortcuts but they don't seem to work. I've also tried resetting the computer but that don't work either. Is the only way of resetting this to connect the laptop to a seperate monitor or something??


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Is there some sort of software that would allow me to view other displays, from an extended desktop setup, on my computer's screen (the primary display)? Basically I'm asking if there is a way to easily switch between which display is shown on my computer monitor, without actually changing the configuration of the extended desktop.

For example, I might want to emulate display 2 (a television) on display 1 (my notebook), without actually deactivating display 1.
Display 2 would be projected onto both screens, and display 1 would just be hidden but still be active.

I just don't know how else to explain this crazy concept...

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Hi, I am having a problem with my set up and can't seem to find any information on my specific issue.

I am running Win 7, with two LCD monitors for extended desktop. This mourning, after leaving my PC on all night, I discovered blue colored horizontal lines over my web browser(Firefox and Explorer) and other applications on my second LCD display(not the first/main). But not over the background image or video.

When a video is played the lines appear over the control panel and toolbar, but not the actual movie. Used VLC player. Windows media player does not show the lines.

THe blue lines seem to only be over lighter colored areas. Mostly white or gray. In a video game like Crysis, the lines are only over clouds, but the rest of the game looks fine.

I recently downloaded and installed Display Fusion, for mutliple backgrounds and other functionality with extended desktops a few days ago. I also installed the RAGE AMD driver "fix." About a week ago.

Processor: Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
RAM: 8.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit OS
Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD
Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series


A:Extended Desktop and Horozontal lines

Switch the monitors around. Do you get the same effect, or is it monitor specific? Try updating your Video driver

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G'day all
A newbie to posts but this one is giving me the pip and I've tried all the 'official' channels.

I have a Fujitsu T4220 laptop/tablet running Win XP on an Intel 965 chipset. I have an external monitor that I use when docked and ideally run it in "Extended Desktop."

This all works fine, until the computer returns from screen-saver, reboots, or I discovered this morning, I open Task Manager. Then the screens flicker (like autodetect stuff) and then reset to dual display. I can return them to Extended Desktop using a shortcut to an Intel 'mode' function, but I have to do this every time.

I have updated:-
Intel drivers (and they have checked and found no problem their end)
Spoken to Fujitsu, and they suggests Microsoft
Checked Microsoft (who don't seem to like to talk to you but push you to KB) and found a hot-fix to restore extended desktop after hot-docking etc. I downloaded, crossed my fingers and installed.

No problems but didn't solve the problem.

So now I'm stumped. The only solution I'm being offered is to take the computer back in for service, but I don't think it is a hardware fault.

To cap it all in the last 2 weeks I've got the Office 2003 opens slow if you click on files in explorer (but fine if you just open Word/Excel directly). So I feel I'm going backward.

Any ideas greatfully received.


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Hello,i have an issue with windows aero and extended desktop with two monitors.When i am switching back to one monitor Windows Aero is working without any issues.When i am changing my graphic settings to extend desktop with two monitors the theme will changed back.The tricky thing is, when i use "clone" to second monitor aero is working.Any ideas? I am using the following graphic adapters: Intel Q965/q963 Express Chipset Family. (both with the same driver newest version from intel)ThxMario

A:Windows 7 Aero Extended Desktop

Hi Mario,
If the graphics memory is 256MB, it is required to update to the latest driver version and then check this issue again. Please also contact the display card manufacturer for more information.

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I can get all monitors working with eyefinity as a huge extended display but this is annoying for maximizing windows and videos.

Only way I seem to be able to get them all working at all is by setting to duplicate display so the same screen is on all 3. This is done using a DVI cable(with VGA adapter), a HDMI cable, and an active mini displayport to dvi adapter and cable.

When I try to separate them as an extended desktop on the screen resolution panel it actually is combining 2 of the monitors together and I am unable to make changes.

Just want a 3rd display to function like a 2nd does. Help plz!

Win 7 64bit home premium i5 processor AMD HD 6870 1gb

A:Can't Get 3 Monitors working extended desktop.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using multiple displays (extended) with a laptop and a monitor.
I use the monitor above the laptop and not alongside it.
this works fine, except everytime I lock my laptop (which I do several times a day) - the screen then defaults back to the right of the laptop monitor.

I've searched the web, but found nothing about it.

thanks and regards,

A:Multiple Displays (Extended desktop)

hmmm this is new to me. have you tried programs such as Realtime Soft UltraMon to combat this issue?

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Hi, trying to setup an extended desktop on a crt, to output my tuner card and for video editing. I'm using WinXP Pro sp2, DirectX 9.0c and a Saphire X550 PCI-E, with the pc-monitor on vga and the tv on s-vid.

The tv itself recieves a signal but the pictures distorted - theres these white choppy bands zigzagging across the whole screen. Here is a pic (taken with a camera-phone, sorry) of the extended desktop in windows...

Now the weird thing is while i get the above in windows, the tv gets a perfect signal when the pc is booting, ie the POST information shows up fine...

I'm confused why when windows kicks in i get the distortion. Tried messing around with refresh rates, different profiles, etc but no joy. I also tried the following with no success:

- tried the 5.11 catalyst drivers
- tried the 5.13 catalyst drivers
- tried the omega drivers
- tried tweaking with ati tools

Any idea's, ive spent weeks on this problem and its driving me insane. Any info/help appreciated.

A:extended desktop troubles, save me...!

Is the TV actually set for S-Video input and not composite?

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Running xp os.

I have my desktop extended and when I open an image with windows pictue and fax viewer on my main desktop all is fine I can drag it onto the extended desktop fine but if I start the slideshow it always shows on the main monitor never on the extended is a way to get it to show on the extended one?

A:Picture and fax viewer on extended desktop??

It maybe as simple as verifying the main desktop is where you have designated it for both apps. Your fax viewer maybe set by its default to start on the main. If you move your main to the extended screen see if your fax viewer starts on on the extended one. If so then it is the fax app. It may or may not be able to do what you need. Check online for any support form its manufacturer.

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I have finally managed to get some of my games to work on my HDTV which was one of my issues originally.

I have a ATI Radeon HD4350 PCI card which I have hooked up to my TV via the HDMI slot. I have the latest ATI Catalyst 10.3 (I think)

The problem now is that when I switch the display from my monitor to my 50 inch HDTV it works fine but if I extend the desktop to the HDTV the display is blurred on my HDTV and the picture on my monitor doesn't show in it's entirety (just the desktop background)

I have tried messing about with the resolutions and refresh rates in the ATI Catalyst but it just doesn't work.

My monitor is set to 1024x768 30hz refresh and my HDTV is set to a standard 1080 resolution as recommended in the Catalyst. I have also tried a 720 resolution but it's still blurred.

It seems as if the graphics card can't extend the desktop to a resolution that my TV recognises.

Maybe it's a issue with my TV?

Can anyone help me with the correct resolutions and refresh rates I need as the
Catalyst one's don't work.


A:Extended Desktop Blurred on HDTV

You set the HDTV at an extended 1080p resolution. Then you open CCC - Desktop & Displays - Right Click the small HDTV at the bottom - Configure - Scalling - then set the Overscan/Underscan to 0%.

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How do I enable the extended desktop in Windows 7 Professional? I have a AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series graphics card, which supports up to three monitors. I have three monitors connected, but only one is working.

A:Solved: Enabling Extended Desktop in Windows 7

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Hi, so I'm having an issue with a monitor that I'm trying to do extended display with. I suspect the issue is with my computer because I can do dual view or duplicate display with the second monitor but not extended display though from what I've seen on youtube and forums I should be able to do it. I've updated my drivers for my graphics card but it doesn't seem to be issue. I've been doing a web crawl to see if my graphics card is compatible with an extended display setup but also no specific answers although I don't see why not. My cousin has virtually the same computer and computer specs I have and has been able to do it so I don't see why there should be an issue.

Here are the specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 8094 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, -240 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238373 MB, Free - 22785 MB; H: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 618504 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1484
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled


A:Problems with Extended Display/Desktop Monitor

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I have a Genius GPen 4500 USB graphics tablet (using the built-in Windows 7 driver), and would like to use it on my secondary monitor (which is 4:3, unlike my primary which is 16:9)

However, windows seems to have decided that the tablet is integrated into my primary monitor (according to "Tablet PC Settings" in the control panel - it shows "Pen Input Avaliable" for the "1. BENQ E2220HD" item and "No Pen or Touch...." for the "2. SyncMaster" item)

Running "Setup" from that window does not work, as the tablet still maps to the primary screen, and can't be used to click on the second screen.

Is there any way (even a registry hack) to change which monitor is used? Or to update the range for the tablet such that it maps to the second screen.

If it helps, the setup is a classic horizontal setup (1920x1080 on the left, 1280x1024 on the right)

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but both googling and a search of the forum failed, but I may not have been using the correct terms)

A:USB Tablet and Extended Desktop - Swap Monitor

(I feel bad for doing this, but I would rather like an answer)
Bump, does anyone have a clue if this is possible / what I could do.
Changing the primary monitor is a possibility, but not one I would like, as I use this machine to play games, and they tend to be rather attached to the primary screen.

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Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster

I have the ATI radeon HD 2400 pro Display adapter and its worked fine for a couple of years now. But lately I started using the extended desktop feature, my main moniter is hooked up with the standard blue cable, and the new moniter is hooked up with a DVI cable, you see, the new moniter is actually a large LCD that doubles as a moniter, I like using it for watching videos because it is bigger and better looking (I use windows media player for this and watch AVI's) But every so often both screens will go black and the last half second or so of audio will loop, when my computer does this it stops responding to ANYTHING and I have to cut the power. And to clear up a couple of common problems, no I do not mess with display settings while using the extended desktop or watching the videos, and yes I have a full suite of antivirus/spyware software

BTW these videos needed the FFD show Audio & Video decoders to run, so I installed them, This could be any number of problems, including a problem with WMP, but the reason I think its a graphics card issue is because ive never had any problems until I extended my desktop
I googled as many things as I can think of, but all the results are cluttered with people whining "How do I extend a desktop" so you guys are my last hope before I have to *gasp* contact ATI! and we all know that will get me nowhere

Thanks for your time

Additional Information:

Type Model Driver
Graphic... Read more

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I have been using a second monitor (Acer AL2216W) with my Vista Home Premium 64bit laptop as an extended desktop and all worked fine until yesterday. Now the 2nd monitor display is offset to the left, and I can't seem to find any setting that will correct it. Basically about 1.5" of blank space on the right side of the 2nd monitor that is unusable - it acts as though it has reached the edge of the display.

Any ideas?

A:extended desktop problem, Vista 64bit

Make sure you have x64 drivers for it or you will have issues with that monitor, I should know, it is the one I have.

Last time I checked (couple of months ago) Acer didn't have x64 drivers for it so I used the ones for the AL2216WD... works like a charm now.

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hi there,
i'm trying to extend my desktop to my tv via a s video cable. it has worked but the tv display is in black and white. i have selected the pal-B video setting for europe on my comp. i have messed with some setting in graphics properties but can't get the tv display in colour. help me please, any suggestions on what to do???

A:still problems with black and white tv extended desktop

Well there are a few things you can try/check.

1) Make sure you have the newest video drivers for your video card. These are available at the respective manufacturers site.

2) Make sure you are using the right connector. If you are using an adapter such as a SCART to connect your computer to the TV, make sure it is capable of supporting your video mode. SCART connectors only supports composite video and therefore if you are using S-Video you will only be able to receive a black and white picture.

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Currently, I have a USB to VGA adapter going from my computer to the TV. The problem I have though, is that everytime I start my computer up, it automatically starts in extended desk top mode, meaning I can't use the snap feature without having to go into control panel everytime to adjust the setting so the display only shows on monitor 1. It never stays put though when I restart my computer.

How do I go about disabling the extended display mode everytime my computer starts?

A:How to Disable Extended Desktop Mode on Startup

Unplug the USB adapter??

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