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SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

Q: SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

I have following configuration
Intel DG 965 RY Board
Intel Dual Core 3.2 GHZ processor
Nvidea Quadro FX 580 Graphic card
3 SATA HDD (500 + 500 + 300)
1 SATA DVD Drive
RAM 4 GB (4 chip 1 GB each)
Power supply iBall LPE223-400
I am experiencing frequent automatic restart of the system and sometimes my hard drives got vanished from My Computer.

Can somebody tell me that my SMPS (power Supply) is enough for this configuration?
if not then What is minimum required?

Preferred Solution: SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

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Is 450W power supply sufficient for the following ?
Intel Dragontail Peak DP35DPM motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 Mhz
Samsung 2GB DDR2
WD 320GB/7200/16MB SATA II
Nvidia 8400GS 256MB
Vista Home Premium 32
( Samsung 226BW Monitor )
Does the addition of extra fans affect this at all , or is this negligible ?

A:Power Supply Requirement

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Hi,this is for a friend who is interested in buying an AMD A6-3650. The power for the processor is listed as 100w.I want to know what will be the minimum power requirement without any GPU attached.It will be of great help since we wanna cut cost to the most affordable one.

A:AMD A6-3650 power supply requirement

In a standard setup with no-GPU one or two HDDs, one or two ODDs a 300w should be sufficient however I would be hesitant to build any system with less than a 400w and preferably a 500w just because there isn't that much of a price difference and it gives you room for future upgradeability.

For budget PSUs I usually recommend these:
Antec VP-450 = $40 (This is a true budget / low end unit, It is decent for the money but I would recommend the others I listed over it. unless you have a really tight budget)
Antec NEO ECO 400C = $45
Antec NEO ECO 520C = $50
Antec EarthWatts Green EA-430D = $55
FSP Group SAGA+ 500R = $57 (this is good but it is an older model so it doesn't have very many SATA power connectors)
Antec BP550 Plus =$65 (modular if that is important to you)

Almost all of the newer Antecs are made by Delta or Seasonic so they are very good PSUs. Some people recommend the Corsair Builder series in this price range, however the builder series is made by Channel Well Technologies (CWT) which has a less than stellar record and I still don't really trust.

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I am upgrading my pc using my old ATX case with a new motherboard which is ECS KM400-M2. The cpu is AMD XP 2800+. The pc would work for a few minutes or seconds and then just shutdown by itself.

The day before yesterday, I posted this question in this forum and an expert had provided with some suggestions on this problem: It seems that something wrong with the power supply and the cpu temperature. I definitely appreciated that.

Before I throw more money onto this computer (I really don't like to do so), could somebody help me on this issues:

1. Do I need a more powerful power switch? Right now, I have a 350kw power supply and someone suggest me to buy a 400kw one.

2. I actually bought and installed a new case fan. I connect the pins to the motherboard. However, when the pc is starting, from the BIOS, I couldn't see its speed and the temperature. Is that a problem? What's wrong and Why?

Please help!

Thanks very much in advanced!

A:Power supply requirement for ECS KM400-M2 motherboard: 350kw or 400 kw?

Kilowatt? Thats a PSU with balls! 400-500 watt should be fine. Has anyone told NASA? All this time they've tried to spend millions on glorified supplys fort they're system,s and all they had to do was throw a few hundred bucks towards the lovely people at whoever makes those PSU's

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I just came in to the desktop group about 6 months ago, and a few things we do are a little odd (to me). For instance, we order GeForce 9800 cards for AutoCAD users.

But any way, we always ordered these 9800s with a computer that had a power supply that put out lesser wattage than required. So my question is, for the 9800/GTX 260 (nvidia), will it give a message that the wattage is too low or that it is going to start performing less, or can it cause issues without ever giving such messages?

Can it potentially cause issues with other pieces of hardware?

A:Video card power supply requirement (GTX 260, GeForce 9800)

You won't get a warning message.

Most often what happens is a freeze/crash or a restart.

If you haven't experienced any crashes, then the video card is not being stressed very hard. Normally these crashes occur as soon as you put load on to the card, but if this isn't happening, then a 9800 card is total overkill for your application.

You could probably get by with a 9400 or 9500 for these purposes. Technically, a Quadro from nVidia is really their workstation card, but they are all based off the same chips.

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Yesterday my PC shutdown ever 2-3 Hours without any reason.
So I decided to check it what's the problem ,so I just clean the RAM shot and remove the dirt from the case.
An I try to run my PC without closing the case,So when I turn on the power ,My motherboard is getting power signal(green light ) and when I start my PC ,my CPU fan start running but my SMPS fan is not running also I an not getting any display on my screen , also my hard disk light stop working .

A:SMPS fan is not running but motherboard is getting power

Quote: Originally Posted by soaef


Yesterday my PC shutdown ever 2-3 Hours without any reason.
So I decided to check it what's the problem ,so I just clean the RAM shot and remove the dirt from the case.
An I try to run my PC without closing the case,So when I turn on the power ,My motherboard is getting power signal(green light ) and when I start my PC ,my CPU fan start running but my SMPS fan is not running also I an not getting any display on my screen , also my hard disk light stop working .

If the CPU is overheating (or failed), the system may be shutting down in self-protection. Have you been overclocking? Have you reset the motherboard settings to default?

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i Have Z50-70 . i bought it from 2 yearsi have now this problem when i plug charger in it this messege appered and charge icon say that( plugged in .not chargeing ) when i shutdown lap it charge . some times when i remove battery laptop not work . replug charger more times to work i try hold on power 30 sec . and load default Bios . and Wipe all Files . what is probleme please ? motherboard or socket charge or adpter ?  

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My first post...

I received my new DVD DL +/-RW drive today and eagerly installed it. I of course unplugged my computer's power supply while doing it. After plugging the power back in, the green LED on the back of the CPU started blinking (never noticed this before), and when I hit the power button, NOTHING happen. No fan turns, no lights, nothing. When I unplug the power supply, the green LED blinking gets slower and slower, and after about 15 minutes it totally stops. I plug the power suppply back in and it starts blinking all over again and still the power won't turn on.

All I did was replace a CD-ROM drive with a DVD Multi drive. I didn't mess with anything else, so there should be no power supply shortage or problem. Any thoughts as to what could be happening?

By the way, I have a 2 year old Compaq computer with 2.0 ghz Athlon 64, 1 gig RAM, no problems thus far.

A:Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply

While installing the new optical drive, you might have inadvertently loosened one or more connectors. Recheck all data and power cables to make sure they are tight, including all those to the motherboard.

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I'm currently a computing student so I rely on my computer a lot for my studies and was hoping I could get some quick advice/troubleshooting on here. So here goes :

I've had a problem with my computer recently, it's been working fine for a year or so with no problems, and then one day i tried switching it on and nothing happened. I tried once more and then the power short circuited (I then had to turn the power back on from the mains switch).

The strange thing is, my housemate had exactly the same problem, and after searching for the answer , he was told it was due to a static buildup and the solution was to take out components (graphics card, RAM) e.t.c and put them back in.

I tried this and no luck , I was thinking due to the short circuit, there may be a problem with a fuse in the power supply? other then that I'm completely stumped and would appreciate any help given.

Many Thanks for all help received

A:Computer won't power up (poss. power supply)

Does it happen with any other appliances? as in does using the toaster while using the kettle While your mate is in the Electric shower, telly on, or ironing?

Possibly a static build up, it is possible, Wher are you situated??
What voltage are you on?

What is the make and model of your comp? is it the same as your friends?

is your machine custom built or is it a brand?
Answer a few of them and we will try to narrow it down 4 you..

Mean while if you could get your hands on a spare PSU that would be handy. And remember when dealing with PSU's alway leave them to sischarge for at least 24hrs,
the 3 D'S, Disconect, discharge, dismantle.

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Hi everybody,

For the last several days, I've been doing a lot of research about whether my power supply can support my graphics card, but I can't seem to find a definate answer. What I have is a 450 watt power supply; it has one single 12v rail that provides 24 amps. My graphics card is a ATI Radeon X1950 Pro PCI-E. It requires a 450 watt power supply and recommends 30 amps on the 12v rail.

When I asked whether my PSU can support my graphics card on other forums, some people tell me it can, but others tell me it can't, so I'm really confused right now. I had my X1950 hooked up and running for 3 days without having any problem, but I took it out today, just to be safe until I can get a definate answer. Although I do notice that my power supply runs cooler without the X1950 hooked up.

But on other forums, I even heard people run this card on a 18 amp 12v rail without any problem and they even have it running on a fully loaded system with 2x HDD, 2x DVD Drive, cooling system, fans and lights. And many people say that 22 amps should be the minimum to this card and 24 amps should be fine. However, there are also people who say that you should follow the manufacturers recommendation and get a minimum 30 amps power supply.

To give you a better idea of my system, here are the specs.
Pentium 4 HT 524 Prescott 3.06 GHZ (84 watt)
Motherboard: ATI RC410 ULI M1573
2 stick of DDR2 Ram 1x 1GB and 1x 512MB
1x Samsung Writemaster DVD RW
1x SATA 250GB Western Digital H... Read more

A:GPU power requirement - Please Help

You could try this:
1. Find a low watt power supply, with a 24 amp rail.
2. Use the PSU as an external power source to power the GPU.

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I have 2 failed Z800 power supplies (1150 watt version). After some internet research I am led to believe this is a common problem and related to the PS capacitors. Since I do not know how to do this capacitor replacement (yet). I thought I would buy a new PS. However, I do not want to buy a Z800 PS since it seems to me to be a defective design. Can anyone chime in and tell me if the new z840 1125 watt PS will work with my older z800? I have called HP support and spoken with the correct support people on this and they were not able to confirm if the Z840 PS will work (fit) on the z800. The closest confirmantion I recieved was that if it fits then it should work. Instructions to fix the capacitors:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/Z800-power-on-issue... Same issue I am facing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f563JGeoxaw On a side note, can anyone recommend a good service tech to make such capacitor repares in Southern California or insrtuctions on how to make this repair (with pictures). Thanks    

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I have a W540, which currently uses a 170W power supply (20V 8.5A) I also just recieved a docking station for a P50 which has a 230W power supply showing 20V 11.5A. The connectors look the same, but I'm hesitant to try the 230W power supply in the W540. Should this be ok to use the 230W power supply with the W540?


Go to Solution.

A:Power Supply Question - Can I use the 230W power supply with a W540?

230 watts is the maximum power supply, it only supplies the power needed by the computer. I sold my W540, so i can't test this for you. But i do the use the ThinkPad X1 Carbon with the 230 watts power adapter without any problem.

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when it comes to power usage im not that up to date i currently have a 250watt power supply that came with a plain jane case , im running a pentium duo core 3.0ghz processor 2 gigs of ram and a 256meg nvidia video card i saw a new case at best buy that came with a 500watt power supply how do i know if that kind of power would be right for what im running, would to much power blow my motherboard ? i was highly advised to up my power supply a friend was amazed my computer was running to begin with.

A:Power requirement question

Power supply problems relate mainly to video graphics. I suggest you get a quality power supply from the list of power supplies on this forum you can find with a search. Certainly 400 or 500 watts is a good choice, if it has steady output.

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My parents' video card is not cutting it. Since I am not going to change the power supply (it's technically not my computer), so I am trying to work with Sony's Generic 300Watt (18A on 2 +12V Rails). I see that on the 7600GS, it has a power requirement of 300Watts. I was just wondering if it is wise to purchase a card that requires the amound of power I have. Thanks for any feedback :wave: ! Happy holidays!

A:Power Requirement for 7600GS?

It'll depend on how much other hardware is in that system, but there is a good chance it will work. No way to be certain until you pop it in, but my guess is, you'll be good.

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I'm trying to figure out how many amps at 12v the system I'm building will require, since it seems like the true limit of basically any PSU is the amount of power is supplies on 12v rails. I have a PSU that supplies 17A at 12v and I'm hoping that will be enough. The system is pretty basic:

ASUS M3N78-EM mobo with NVIDIA GeForce 8300 onboard video
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ Brisbane 2.8GHz 65W processor
1 SATA DVD-ROM drive
May add one or two IDE or SATA HDs and a TV tuner card down the road

I'm having trouble finding data on how much these devices will draw from the 12v specifically. The CPU isn't hard, since it draws all its power at 12v: 65W/12v = 5.4A. Let's say 6.5A with imperfect efficiency, though I have no idea at what efficiency I should expect the CPU to operate. But what about the rest? In particular, I expect the onboard video to draw significant power at 12v, but I can't find how much.

Can anyone help? And can anyone suggest a resource for finding this kind of information in the future? When I find power usage information at all, it's usually simply listed in watts, without specifying which rail it's drawn from.

I did find the following two links in thread:


Both seem pretty useful (if a little out of date), but neither site seems to have good information on onboard video.

A:Please help me calculate power requirement

The onboard graphics doesn't draw significant amounts of power. You could say 1-2 A on the 12 V rail. It's quite a lot less than what a better discrete graphics card, let's say Radeon 4350 would draw.
What's the actual model of your power supply? If it's a "Ultra value 500w power supply" then even the underpowered 17 A @ 12V isn't most probably true, rather it's measured as a top peak output at unrealistic circumstances, for example a lot lower ambient temp than what it normally operates at.

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Can anyone tell me if typical modern motherboards on-off pins to the front panel are normaly open switchs with the turn on action being closed and cold turn off hold closed for a minute or so. Of course the cold turn off should never be done if it can be avouded.

A:Computer power supply

Yes, the pins are for normally open switches.

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Hi there - I have a HP Desktop PC and it will no longer turn on. My guess is that the power supply is dead. I don't need to keep the computer, but I would like to get the files off of it. Is there a way to do that without fixing the power supply? -Su Bailey

A:Computer Power Supply

you should be able to put the harddrive into another PC as a slave and copy the files
putthe harddrive into a USB external Box and copy them

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I want to use a spare power supply outside of the computer, does anyone know how to get it working since it's not connected to a motherboard?

A:Using power supply outside of computer

Hello there, Here:

Info: Can I use two Power supplies with one computer?? - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

Although i would NOT recommend it.. i'd rather have one GOOD PSU than 2 PSUs and probably busting up a 2k$ PC

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I am building a new computer. Here is the Specs of what is goig in it: AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor 9600 CPU, GIGABYTE GA-MA770-DS3 Motherboard, Antec Nine Hundred Case (with 4 big fans in it), 2-2 Gig Supertalent ddr2 800 CL5 ram with an MSI 8800GT OC video card with 3 SATA HD's (all Western Digital 2-250 gig and 1-160 gig) and a Samsung SATA DVD Burner on windows Ultimate 64 bit.

My question is what power supply should i use? I have build computers before but this is topping my knowledge. Would a standard 400 Watt Hi-pro (model number HP-E4009F5W) be sufficent since i am not doing SLI?

All comments would be appreciated.

This power supply would be temp for about 2 months till i get Antec NeoHE 650 High Efficiency 650W Power Supply.

A:Power Supply for new computer

google PSU calculator. Add 30% to the results for cushion. Then buy a QUALITY PSU. If you buy cheap, you run the risk of destroying your nice, new system.

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I consider an Apevia Power Supply for my new computer and wonder if this is a
good choice.


A:Power Supply For New Computer

I don't know whether that brand is good, bad or average; but, I use Antec.

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I have a Delta DPS-150GB B Power Supply out of an Apple Macintosh Power Mac computer. I would like to use it as a 12v/5A power supply for my model train layout. I have a couple important questions:

1) I need to know the pin-outs of the connectors (1-4pin, 1-14pin, 1-5pin on ribbon wire), specifically which ones control start-up and various voltage outputs.

2) Being a Switching Power Supply, I think there must be a load on at least one of the output rails. Can I create this with a simple resistor of some sort? if so, how exactly what would I need to do.

I can email photo of the connectors if that would halp. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Using Computer Power Supply for 12v Power

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I have an occasion to use a previously stored Linksys BEFSR41 wired router ......... I find now however that I do not have the power supply adapter ......... does anyone know the correct voltage requirement for this unit as I do have a multi-voltage universal adapter..............

A:Power requirement for Linksys Router

input 120vac 60 hz 15w

output 9vac 1000ma

right from the befsr41 adapter.

good luck.

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Hi All, What is the power delivery requirement (Watts) to charge the Yoga 720 13"? I don't know what wattage the charger that came with the computer provides, but can the computer accept a lower wattage and just charge more slowly? Thanks!

A:Yoga 720 13 Power Delivery Requirement

Hi mkehoe20,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Your system need 45-watt for charging, you can refer this document and check specification.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Tap that kudos button if I helped.
If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Computer: ACER Notebook
System: XP

Computer has traveled the world, not been treated either too good nor too bad, mostly traveled in a notebook carrier, occasionally in a backpack.
the battery is long worn out, computer needs to be plugged in.

the problem is definitely not the power supply (brick).

There is some kind of short in the system so that even if the computer is turned off, attempting to plug in the power supply results in it turning itself off in self defense. If one unplugs the supply from the wall outlet, it recovers itself (it can be used to power my other notebook).

The computer didn't emit any smoke or burning smells, but obviously doesn't want to turn on at present.

I've already partly disassembled the unit and didn't find anything looking bad, but I can't get right at the plug in point yet.

I am not in danger of losing data, it's just that the notebook was a nice little performer and handy at internet cafes.

Any ideas or tests you can think of?

A:Computer shorts out Power Supply

it looks like either you have a short at the power input of your notebook or may be the motherboard itself.

try using a different power adapter of the similar power specification.

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Well I'm sure you guys have read the whole "last night I turned off my computer, and the next morning my computer won't boot on." I have the same situation and found out that my power supply is the problem when I try powering on my pc with my old pc. Although when my psu is plugged in, a dim green light is on. I researched and found the paperclip test. I tried it and saw that the green light is bright and the fan turns on. So I'm guessing my psu is not fully dead (if that makes sense). What is wrong? Why will it not boot my computer althought an old psu does?

A:Power supply turns on, but not my computer..

anyone? i can't find any solution. also if there is one i do not want to spend money then later finding out. i have to do some summer work and i need help fast!

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I want use my computer power supply unit (12V) to my laptop computer. I am having a old computer with good power supply unit. If I removed the power supply unit from the old computer it is not working. What is power good in computer power supply? How can I start the power supply unit without connecting connector in to the old computer? Please write me in details. Thanks in advance for any assistance

A:I want use my computer power supply unit (12V)

Why would you want to use a desktop power supply to attempt to power a laptop? Completely different applications and even though you would be using 12v DC you could still damage the laptop...or worse. The power good line is for the power supply to receive a signal from the motherboard that it is getting all the power signals.

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I am about to buy a new computer. I am really into video making/editing, and need one that can handle alot of rendering, as well as run Adobe After Effects and such cleanly. I also want a Blu-ray player. So far after building a couple computers from hp.com, dell.com, alienware, etc. I've found I can get the memory and other features I want cheapest from Dell.

Here's a list of the one I built:
Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q9550 (12MB L2, 2.83 GHz)
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
24" Full HD Flat panel monitor
8GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4DIMMs
750 GB Serial ATA HD (7200 RPM) w/ Databurst cache
Blu-ray burner
ATI Radeon HD 3450 256 MB supporting HDMI
7.1 Channel Audio
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

That will cost right at $2,019 which is alot less than a comprable Alienware or XPS. The only problem I really have with this one is the video card which I looked into replacing but this computer only has a 350W power supply and most video cards that are worth anything need at least 400/450W, plus i'm not even sure if I could buy one that would fit in this computer.

So should I get this and get another power supply? Can that even be done? I also looked into building one of my own but i've never done that before and am not sure how to go about it. I looked up a bunch of parts on newegg.com but they all looked the same to me and I would be afraid I would buy something that wasn't compatible etc. plus some of the motherboards said they couldn't support ... Read more

A:Power Supply Question/Computer Buy

Welcome to the TSG Forum.

Did you look at this one ... It comes with a 460W PS ..

$1700 without monitor ... equipped as attached ..

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Something wierd going on, I can shut my windows XP down like normal, and I get all the way thru the shut down screens, the LCD screen goes blank, the keyboard lights go off, but the power supply in the computer remains on, powering the fans and lighting up my front panel fan control Assy. In order to turn off the power supply, I need to switch the switch on the back of the computer (power supply switch). Then, to turn if back on, I need to turn on my Power Supply switch, and open the case, and lightly touch/push the area near the CMOS battery, and without even touching the front panel power switch, the computer comes to life and I am able to load Windows XP and go about my bidness as normal! I SUSPECT this was caused from a lightning storm a few nights ago, it wasn't near me, but it caused the power to go out and come back on rapidly like three times. What gives? Power supply, Motherboard?

A:I cannot turn my computer's power supply off!

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I just wanted to see if someone could confirm what I think is wrong with a computer. I had computer shipped to me from a friend. When the computer arrived the CPU fan was dangling from its wire. At first I did not notice any other damage. I tried to power it up after I reseated all the components. The computer acted like it would start and then it immediately shut down and tried the power button again it was dead. Instantly I though power supply I had a brand new one in my spare stuff that fit the requirements of the motherboard. After installing new power supply the same thing happened. It will try the first time you hit power (the fans will run etc) but then it shuts down straight away. I stripped the unit down to the bare essentials just one memory chip, CPU and CPU fan. The unit will not power up. I look at the motherboard closer. I do not see any burnt spots but I did notice one of the capacitors slightly bent over. This leads me to believe that the mother board maybe damaged and the cause for failure. If someone else with more experience than me would like to confirm that or give me another direction to go I would appreciate it. Thank You
Sleep better!

A:Computer will not boot up even with new power supply

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I have a working power supply that I pulled from a 10 year old computer and it reads as follows:
L&C Technology Inc Switching Power Supply
Model: LC-250W
Is this power supply worth any money?
How can I find out if it's an ATX power supply?

A:Computer desktop power supply

An AT PSU has two motherboard connectors and a separate power cable with a switch.

Mind you, not being an AT, the PSU can still be any of the proprietary or small form factor PSU standards.

You should look up the ATX pinout and dimensions on the internet and compare with your PSU.

The thing is worth only petty money. It is too weak to power any modern hardware so it could be used only as a spare for an old machine or for a low-power project.

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This is my computer i would like to upgrade video card to GTX 850 will my comp handle it? How many watts does it have


A:How to find out my computer's POWER SUPPLY?

I'm seeing 350W psu...

Dell XPS 8100

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I was working on a slide show using PROShow and the computer froze up. I mean like it was going no where period. I gave it plenty of time to figure itself out but to no avail.
Unfortunately I had to pull the plug to get it to shut down( I know don't say it!) Well that was it. It will not start. it will not do anything it is just dead. I check the electricity and the plug to which the computer was plugged in to is good. The light I use to check it with lit up.

I even tried a different plug different wall....still nothing.

So I am guess the power supply may have gone out.

Need a tutorial on replacing it. Did a google but nothing came up.
puter hater

A:Computer just stopped...power supply

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I have an ATA100(ATX) power supply in a new P4 computer, but the power doesn't start itself, the board or drives. on 20 pin plug, pin14 supplies voltage to switch. which pin puts the power back to the supply to power it?

A:Power supply not working new computer

Look at the back of the case and on the power supply there is a voltage selection switch. Make sure it's set to 110 for US applications.

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Will this power supply fit inside of my HP Pavilion Slimline computer? Here is the link to the power supply : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA9PV4W69385&cm_re=flex_atx_psu-_-17-104-195-_-Pr... Thanks in advanced

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Hello, im currently working on building a new computer, the PSU I got unfortunantly only has 1x6pin PCI wire but the graphics card I wish to get require's 2. I was wondering if any one could help me with this situation. any advice would be nice.
Computers specs listed below.

Kingston 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM Memory x2
650 WATT Power supply Alpine Black 650 WATT Silent Quiet PC ATX PSU
CiT Mars Midi Tower Part-Mesh Computer Gaming Case with 2 x Red LED Fans & LED Display
ASRock B75 Pro3-M Motherboard (Socket 1155, Intel B75, DDR3, S-ATA 600, Micro ATX
Intel Sandybridge i5-2400 Core i5 Quad-Core Processor (3.10GHz, 6MB Cache, Socket 1155
Using a HD and CD-D from previous computer.

Many thanks

A:Computer power supply question

That's an absolutely horrendous PSU, return it and get a decent Antec/Corsair/XFX unit. It should tell you something that a PSU apparently rated at 650W only has one PCI-E connector, I.e. it's bad quality and won't output anywhere near 650W.

Out of interest what GPU do you have?

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Hi... I need to know,in short,how the computer power supply works.My concern is based on the (50's) Ac powered wall clocks,would vary in their accuracy due to the 60 cycle rate from the power company,not being dead on the 60 cycle scheme..They usualy were a bit higher.
I understand all that... Today the Hz / cycle rate from the power company is still a bit high / fast...
With that in mind,I'm getting to the question:With the power supplys used today in computers is it possible ...due to the AC input cycle flucuation,for the computer clock to be running slightly fast..?? It was argued that,the comp clock shouldn't be running fast.A search on the internet,will show that this is a common occurance...
I just figured that it may be from the AC input source,that could cause,the timing to flucuate,and hence cause the system clock to also flucuate...While not harming anything within the comp with it's daily functions,it could however have an effect on the system clock,and it's accuracy.....
I ask this due to me getting into the field of watch collecting.Most movements being Swiss mechanical... In checking for accuracy of the movement,I've discovered that I'd have to use some sort of Atomic Time refferance...via the internet,because my system clock consistantly,runs about 5 secs fast daily,24 hrs.This is where the argument came in.It seems some judge their movement accuracy via their system clock.I mentioned that that wasn't a good idea,becaus... Read more

A:computer power supply question

The PC clock is battery powerd so will not be affected by the wall outlets AC (Howd you think it keeps the time when you turn it off?) lol

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Hey everyone
Okay my problems kind of long and complicated.

First off, my computer had this problem where it wouldn't turn on, pressing the power button did nothing. So I started turning off my power supply and unplugging it to give it a rest, and it started working again when I tried turning it on after unplugging it for a while. Now everytime I turn off my computer I need to turn off the power supply and unplug it.

But now when I'm using my computer, it freezes a lot. Like the whole thing freezes and I have to reset it. sometimes it goes a long time without freezing.

The weird thing is it DOES NOT freeze as much when I'm playing a video game, it DOES freeze a lot when I'm on msn or IE. BUT it also does freeze when I use other things even video games but not as much. I don't know what it is. I've tried anti virus but I can neve rcompltete without it rfeezing. I have no clue what to do.

A:Computer keeps Freezing - Power Supply?

its either power supply or heat related. you can buy an inexpensive power supply tester for about 20 dollars at different sites... that will tell you if that is the culprit. If that is not it I would say its too much heat as that will cause freezing at intermittent times. You can download temp monitor programs and monitor your southbridge and cpu temps to know if thats your problem.

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Which one would you buy for your gaming computer?



A:Power supply, which one would you buy for your gaming computer?

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Sorry if this is very similar to other posts. I have done my research and I believe my problem is due to a bad power supply, but I just want to confirm since the one I bought is known for being very reliable.

I built my first computer about a year and a half ago, running Windows 7. Lately my computer has been freezing about once per day, with everything remaining on the screen and my mouse locked in place. The computer becomes completely unresponsive (mouse, keyboard, DVD drive, etc) until I cut the power and reboot. I have also noticed that either a fan or the hard drive spins quite rapidly when this occurs. I did not have this problem when I first built the computer, and from what I can tell the crashes have been more frequent in the last few months.

I originally thought it might be my hard drive, so I ran chkdsk /f and did not find any issues. My reliability history does not show any patterns suggesting that software is the issue. My event viewer, however, shows 40+ critical errors from Kernel-Power saying that "The system rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

Following advice from other posts I checked my voltages and temperatures. Here are the results from CPUID Hardware Monitor. The most glaring problem is unusual results for the +12V and -5V voltage readings. I am not sure what to make of it since my bios shows +12.302V for my +12V re... Read more

A:Computer freezes due to bad power supply?

Update - I took a multimeter to the power supply pins as discussed in this post:

Here are the voltage results:
+3.3V +3.39V
+5V +5.15V
+12V +12.18V
-5V Missing because apparently -5V is not used anymore
-12 -12.27 V

All continuity PSU connections were correct except for the orange +3.3V connections. They were reading 30-35 ohms. According to the guide any wires less than 50 ohms are potential problems.

I did not check the motherboard for continuity because I did not want to remove the CPU yet (are there alternative ways to test the motherboard?)

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Hi everyone...I just received my new computer. Unfortunately I think they forgot to put in the power cable. So my question is, can I just use the same cable from another PC? Or are the cables specific to the power supplies? Thanks in advance.

A:Can I use same power supply cable on another computer?

I have been using the same power cable for about the last 4-5 computers.

I also really should put a newer one on someday. Use your old one. LOL

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Well, my motherboard on my old computer died and it was old enough it wasn't worth replacing. The local CompUSA here is going out of business, and they had some pretty great deals. I got two hard drive cages for the drives from my old system and this motherboard for a little over a hundred dollars.

Now I need the rest of the parts.

I looked to New Egg and I found a processor I liked, some RAM, and SATA drives I want. I'm thinking four sticks of that ram (two orders) and three of the SATA drives set for RAID 5, I also have a Pioneer DVD+RW drive from the old system and a floppy drive I'll want to put in this, and when I have the money I'll be adding a new DX10 graphics card to this box as well.

The part I'm waffling over the most is the Power Supply though, and the market seems to have changed quite a bit since the last time I bought one, with lots and lots of small companies making crappy power supplies, some start up companies making really good power supplies, and some of the companies I've trusted in the past making power supplies that only work with Intel based boards without mentioning it upfront (I'm looking at you Antec ).

New Egg has a deal with the case I want to buy that lasts until the end of the weekend where if you buy this power supply along with it they knock off $10 from the total. Not the best deal ever, but I've liked CoolerMaster kit in the past and it seems to have pretty decent reviews. Unfortunately there&... Read more

A:Building a new computer/Power Supply?

I have no experience with the CoolerMaster power supply noted. However, I have built computers with CoolerMaster cases which come with CoolerMaster power supplies.

Antec, IMO, makes excellent power supplies.

I have built several computers using the Asus M2N-E.

NE has an Antec True Power on sale, this weekend.
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...50001516&bop=And&SrchInDesc=true power&Page=1

I am not an overclocker.

Best of success.


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Long story short: I live in Kuwait currently, and I had to build myself a new desktop out here. Parts are not always "high quality", so things occasionally go "awry". And I'm a wee bit new to the PC building world, having been a Mac guy until March of last year.

I have two problems currently vexing me, but the first one is easy, so I'll start with it: I recently had to buy a new motherboard, and it had some funky power inputs that required a new power supply. Unfortunately, the only one I could find was 600 watts, which is probably massive overkill for one hard drive, a burner, a 3.4 Ghz P4, and a nVidia 6800 Ultra.

However, even though the power supply is properly installed (had a guy at the shop do it, and I double-checked the instructions at home), I'll be damned if it's not mildly electrifying my computer! It's not "complete the circuit and fry an egg" bad - it's more like "Carnival 'test your endurance' joy buzzer" at low setting bad. It's not enough to transfer to the outer case (the black outer shell), but it carries throughout the entire inner metal structure, and any screws attached. I worry that this is going to cause long-term damage to my computer, for obvious reasons. Strangely, a 500 watt power supply from a different manufacturer I had earlier did the exact same thing, which is why I'm wondering if it's par for the course for more powerful power supplies.

The power... Read more

A:Is my power supply electrocuting my computer?

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I'm going to take an old computer and use it to store music files and pictures so everyone on my network can access them. Right now all the files are scattered on four different machines which are never on at the same time, gets annoying. Can anyone recomend a power supply that'll operate good/cool under the condition of staying on pretty much 24/7?

A:Power Supply Rec, Always On Computer/Server

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I turned on my computer today, and it decided to not work on me. Whenever I pushed the On button, the LED on the front panel and the Power supply flickers on and off. I had a feeling it was my Power Supply, because weeks before this happened, I've been having to deal with all sorts of Problems. Computer would suddenly lag, then reboot..but when it reboots the computer gets to the Windows XP splash Page and I get the BSOD and it just reboots all over again. The only way I could get the damn computer to boot Windows XP was to leave it off for about 10-15 minutes. I had a feeling it was the Power supply over-heating, but I shrugged it off. The night before this happened, I opened up my computer and cleaned/blowed off the dusts inside. I put the case back on, plugged everything back and never bothered turning it on. Now, after turning it back on..my computer would just keep flickering. After unplugging the cord connecting to the PSU, my computer would still continue to flicker for about..1-2 minutes. I decided to take off the PSU, thinking THAT was the problem, but..now I'm lost..because I plugged in the PSU while it wasn't connected to the computer and it didn't flicker at all, but the fan wasn't running.

Model: ATX-250-12Z
250WMAX +5V

A:Power Supply/Computer flickering on and off!

I know that one time when I was having problems with the power supply, the AC cord was damaged. Also, if you took your computer apart and weren't careful, you might have shocked something and destroyed an essential part.

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The other night my power supply died on me. I have been able to trouble shoot my computer before but I am kinda stuck not sure where to go.

I installed a new thermtake 650watt power supply and ditched the old one.

I believe I have installed all power cables correctly.

After I hooked it all up i noticed that the power light on the front of my desktop was on but the computer wouldn't boot, no fans, or anything. I think I may hear I slight click when I do press the power button

Here are my specs.
Asrock fm2a78m-HD+ motherboard
AMD Radeon CPU
650 watt thermtake power supply

Any ideas or help would be great.

A:New power supply, Computer won't boot

At this point its tough. You could have damaged the mob when the old power supply died, it has happened before to other computers numerous times.

Are you SURE you have ALL the power supply leads plugged into the correct ports?

If so, I would unplug the power cable fropm the PSU to the wall outlet, then remove the CMOS battery from the mobo and press and hold the POWER button for 60 secs.

Now reinsert the CMOS battery and the power cable and see if it will boot now.

If still no booting, remove the ALL RAM modules from the system and try to power on, it should have a series of beeps if you have a mobo speaker connected and/or flashing light patterns.

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I have a homemade system that just died. It has a Duron 900 that I know had been running hot (175 F). It also has a 375w power supply that also serves as a power strip. I removed the heat sink & fan to do some cleaning (spray air to knock off dust on the MOBO around the CPU). I broke one of the prongs on the socket that holds down the heat sink. A "friend" suggested using super glue to re-attach the heat sink. Now...nothing. The reset button lights up on the power supply, but the fan does not kick on and nothing else functions. Would a dead CPU cause this...power supply...MOBO...or a combination? Thanks for your consideration.

A:dead computer - CPU or power supply?

CPU sounds fried. Superglue? Really? I'd replace both the cpu and the board as you can no longer attach a heatsink to the board unless you have mounting holes and can find one that attaches with mounting holes.

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