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share internet using link sys

Q: share internet using link sys

Hi guys,

I have this problem, I want to connect 2 computers on the internet.

both computers are connected with each other using LINKSYS, but my main problem is how to connect them to the internet.

The model of the LINKSYS is not the wireless type, I think this is just like what they call a hub.


Preferred Solution: share internet using link sys

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: share internet using link sys

the model of the linksys I am using is a 8+1Workgroup Gigaswitch.

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Just bought a TP-Link WR702N 150Mbps Wireless N Namo Router

The Plan was for me to share my wireless connection with ethernet connection and connected theTP Link Device to LAN which then would then share the internet conection wirelessly

Reason I only pay for one device to be connect to my current network provider

Ive tried Sharing and Bridging the wireless connection but nothing

the TP link WR702N it's self is able to operate in AP, ROUTER, BRIDGE CLIENT and REPEATER modes

A:Share Internet connection with TP-LINK WR702N

What are you using as a Modem? The router you have, is mainly used more as a Repeater or A/P, than as a router.

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I want to share a file using SkyDrive by using a public Link
On the Web Interface I can only send Links to people (these need to be logged in)
or I can generate a html-code for a iFrame to publish the file on a website.

But I want to get a Link that directly points to the file,
so that I can send it via mail if I want to ...

Is this possible in any way?

A:Share files using SkyDrive with a Link

Post your question @ Home - Microsoft Community

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Ok, I recently moved into an apartment with an ethernet link all ready to go. I was told that I could use my Linksys BEFSR41 wired router to share this connection with my other pc (before I moved in). Now that I am here, and trying to set everything up, I am having problems.

I have the cables right.. ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router, separate cables from 1 and 2 slots on the router to the pcs.. and in network connections on the pcs, I am getting LAN connected. On the host pc, I also have a Internet Connection gateway above the LAN connection.. it says "Disabled". I tried right clicking it and selecting Enable, and it tells me that it is connected but it still reads Disabled. And of course, neither pc can access the internet.

I have tried contacting the apartment manager for more details about the ethernet, but I was told rather brusquely that the management only supports direct links and not routers. At this point I feel I am being given the brush off in this matter and am unlikely to get further, useful information from the office. That is why I have turned to this community to help me resolve the problem.

Things I have tried:
Powered down pcs and router for several minutes, and then powered up router, waited a couple minutes, and powered up pcs.
Checked settings on both pcs; verified that they will never try to dial a connection and LAN settings have no options checked.

Other facts:

Ethernet link is working, as when I have just a direct connection... Read more

A:Solved: How do I share my ethernet link with another pc through a router?

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hi, i searched but couldt find nothing specific about the topic... I have to computers conected thru a crossover cable and i can share files and i see the other computer on the network, but the one that doesnt connect to the ISP directly wont have internet, it is dial up internet and i have the tcp/ip adresses to 192.168 ... or whatever it is that i cant remember right now that you are supposed to use, i couldnt get it so i ran the assistant and then it is supposed to have internet because i can see it connected to the isp from the laptop but then im not able to connnect to the internet and i dont remeber where but i found an option where http and https where disabled, so i enabled them and tried to surf and i couldnt first i tought that was the problem but it didnt work, anyone has any suggestions??

A:can share files but cant share internet

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Hi, I have a simple network at home that consists of 2 PCs connected via a crossover cable. They are both running Windows XP Pro. I ran the network wizard on both machines and can share the internet connection fine. However neither computer can share files with the other or share the printer.

When I set folders to ?share this folder on the network? the folder is not visible on the other computer. Both computers have IP addresses set, however neither computer is able to ping the other.

When Computer.A (host of the internet connection) goes to Start -> My Network Places -> ?view workgroup computers? all that shows up in the list is Computer.A.

However if I try to go to ?view workgroup computers? on Computer.B I get the following error message:

?Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator etc.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available?

I have searched the forums and found various steps that I have tried, but I still am not able to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Can share internet but can't share files

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

The quickest fix is a router/hub rather than peer to peer cable.
Do you have file and print sharing turned on?
Try setting up network wizard to something other than "MSHOME"
You might have only internet sharing turned on.
Did you create the files for network or just "finish network setup",
in the wizard?

This has helped me by setting guest password.

spike said:

Protect your guest account - The guest account can be used by hackers and/or malware to gain greater access to your machine, even when turned off. The guest account can't be removed. However, you can disable it, but this can affect the functionality of your computer. Instead, what you can do, and what you probably should do, is put a strong password on it, and then leave it safely turned off. You do this by opening a command window (start -> run -> type "cmd" and press enter). at the command prompt, type net user guest <password> (where <password> is your chosen password, being something you can remember). After hitting the enter key, the guest account will be password protected. If your machine is networked and authenticating as guest, then you'll need this password to access network shares - if you tell it to remeber the password, it will only ask the once.Click to expand...


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Hi everyone. I have a problem. I tried to go to a web page in Internet Explorer because it wouldn't work in Firefox. Well, when I typed in the web page address on Internet Explorer and hit the Enter button, it went to Firefox and proceeded to load the page in Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox is set as my default browser. I have Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox 3.0.1. The main problem with this is that I cannot download Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0 because I can't go to the Windows Update site. As you know, Firefox is incompatible with Windows Update. So, if you all could please help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Trying to Load Link in Internet Explorer Results in Firefox Loading the Link

Why not just use IE View add-on that will let you load pages in IE with a single right-click, or mark certain sites to *always* load in IE

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hi I want to 
1. get all the promoted links closer to each other with no whitespace space.
2. I want to remove the green colour when you mouse over 
2. remove the "see all"
3. Leave no space on the right of the promoted links- white space again

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I am using Windows XP SP2.
I connect to the Internet using a dial-up modem.
After the connection has been established, without me opening a browser or using any Internet-consuming application, the connection starts transferring data ( I deducted this from the connection's tray icon and from the Network Utilization in the Task Manager ).
This independent data exchange seems to affect my connection's speed (due to the consumption apparently), and I'm at my wits end about this...
What could be causing this problem?
Any suggestion would help.
Thanks in Advance.
P.S My windows firewall is ON, and I have stopped any potentially automatic processes such as updates ....

A:Internet Up-Link Down-Link Autonomy!


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I opened CMD (as an administrator)
I typed in "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=PcWifi key=Computer11"
I then typed "netsh wlan start hostednetwork"

My phone did connect to the hotspot "PcWifi",however it does not have access to the Internet.

(My computer is connected to the Internet through Ethernet,while it can also connect with Wifi)
My ethernet is shared,as you can see below.
What am I doing wrong?

A:PC internet hotspot doesn't share internet

Nvm im just dumb.My ethernet was sharing with WiFi rather than Local Area Connection*14 (which is my hotspot basically)

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Is there a Connectify alternative that lets me share internet connection from internet dongles?

A:Share internet connection from internet dongles

Quote: Originally Posted by acer3

Is there a Connectify alternative that lets me share internet connection from internet dongles?

You can use the virtual router software for this or you can use the netsh commands to create a hosted wireless network.

This one shows the manual set up using the command prompt.


Or you can install a virtual router.

Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7 / 2008 R2 - Home

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i have two laptops using vista (home edition),

i want to share internet using wireless ad-hoc network, but when i set up this network it doesn't show me Share internet connection.

it worked the first time, but since then i can't do it anymore
i have the ics enabled

please, if u know what might be the problem please help.


A:Can't Share internet

Hi MiniMini, and welcome to the Vista Forums

How are your pcs set-up with regards to the network?

are you using a wireless router? or are you attempting to use one PC as a access point for the other?

To use ICS you will need two network interfaces in the PC providing the service,

if you can post back some further information as to your (proposed) set-up will try to provide some pointers .

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to share my internet connection [ huawei modem] to usb flash tp-link

wireless through ad-hoc connection. In the past I used to make a bridge between

any connection to share my internet and make my laptop as a router, and it always

works without any hassle. But now since I'm using 3g modem to connect to internet,

windows 7 doesn't allow me to make any bridge between my 3g modem and my

wireless tp-link device. So, I tried using ICS, to share the internet connection from

my 3g modem to the an ad-hoc I've set up, but when I connect to that ad-hoc

no internet is there. and the ipv4 that the 3g modem assigns to

my wireless card is
my ipconfig/all results:
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 5:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : F2-EC-38-8F-96-14
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connec... Read more

A:can't share my internet through (ICS), to an ad-hoc

Try disabling any firewalls and check your AV for one as well (many new AV products include a built in firewall).

It would also help to know if both PCs are Win7, or just the one sharing Internet?

I am also assuming that you have same workgroup set on both and both are in the same 192.168.2.xxx subnet...???

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Is it possible to share internet to adhoc? Im using a HSDPA modem as my primary internet connection. I found an application but its only for windows 7.

Please help,

Regards and Thanks,

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I have the following networking setup.
I have a PCI wireless adapter which I use to connect to my ISP's wireless network, which enables me to set up a normal broadband connection to the internet.
I also have a D-Link DWL-G700AP connected to my PC via ethernet cable.
I would like to share my internet connection over this AP wirelessly. Is it possible, or it can only share a connection from router?
I tried the following settings.
First I set my Broadband connection to be shared over Local Area Network (connection to AP) and it automatically changed its IP to
Then I set the AP to act as Access Point, and in LAN settings, I set its IP to be static, with subnet mask and as gateway I entered my LAN IP,
but it doesn't share internet.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:How to set AP to share Internet?

think I understand the wiring to be
modem==(wan)router#1===(wan)AP - - wifi connections
please confirm and report the make/model of the modem, router, & AP

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how i make, pc 2 pc internet share with three computer by ethernet cable...

A:Share Internet PC to PC

Hi jahed :wave:

Welcome to :grinthumb

You can read how to post a new thread in this Guide.

Before posting you should read all the Posting Guidelines.

To access technical support you may go to the Forums.

Many users like to post system specs in their Profile.

System Specs are always helpful when you seek support, (see the first two suggestions).
And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

You can access many other online TechSpot guides Here.

Enjoy your Stay

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Two computers both Win 7 Ult X64.
Dual Marvell Lans on both.
Connected with cat5 ethernet cable.

Named net "Home". I can connect from HomeII to HomeI and share some files that I evidently have set shares on. The printer show up on both. HomeI has the cable modem connection. Can not connect to Internet from HomeII. Win's trouble shooting tells me "does not have a valid IP address". Many many click later I am still in the same position. I have automatic discovery turned on. Could be the firewall. Tried turning the firewalls off, Didn't work. HomeII has no AV yet so it's not that. Although HomeI has MSE on. I have read and followed the tutorials (something tells me I am missing something in the tutorials. I can't be far from networking because I can see the machines in the network access panel.

A:Internet Share

Here's a checklist of things for ICS and file sharing for 2 croslinked computers (in my case a Windows 7 and XP one):

- both computers set to the same workgroup
- restarts
- advanced sharing settings - all things turned on (network discovery etc.) except for password protected sharing
- bridged the connection with the internet
- turned on Internet Connection Sharing for the internet connection - this forced an ip to the other connection and will give you an option to select which connection will have access to the ICS (the second connection or the bridge - you choose the second / crosslinked cable connection)
- shared some folders on both computers
- worked instantly (the other pc aquired a correct ip and internet)

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when i go network connection and go to properties why is there are no sharing tab? could anyone help me? im running windows vista home basic 32bit..

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hi all (specially) John if i'm unable to verbalize please have a glance at the attached pdf file
-Two laptop or desktop or whatever but with only 1 built in Ethernet card in each.
-one HUB/Switch
-and a internet connection.
Now without adding any other extra NIC is it possible to share internet between these two laptops.
any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Is it Possible to share the internet this way ??

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Hi everyone, I have two laptops - a Toshiba and a Averatec. I know a router can be used to share internet between to two laptops. My question is can a switch be used to do the same thing? If so, how? I connected my cable modem to the uplink port on the switch and then connected the two laptops via the ports on the switch. But it didn't work. Thanks for everyones help!

A:Using a switch to share internet

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I have two small offices in different location the far between each other around 5Km each office. What the diagram will be look like of the hardware and layout that you suggest for each location and if there is any choices could you explain why especially for the devices we will use and what brands and do i need a server or network printer if i need where it shuold be. thank you

A:How Do I Share An Internet Connection?

You want to share an internet connection between two small offices 5Km apart? 5Km as in 3+ miles? Contact your local telecommunication companies and see what they can offer.

I hope you have other reasons for wanting your own private network between these offices as any solution is going to be far more expensive than two internet connections.

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I want to share my ADSL internet connection with another pc. I have Asus am602 modem with 2 port (usb and lan). All PC have LAN card, use windows7 32bit and connect with cross line.
I can share file and printer but i can`t share internet.
plz guide me, THX

A:Share ADSL internet

Hi Saeid1212 welcome to Sevenforums

Well here is a tutorial that should help, that was made by a particularly handsome chap who I know rather well Internet Connection Sharing - Enable

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I have access to an internet connection that uses mac address filtering and timed sessions. i.e., from 30mins to 366days. I want to use my connection (I have a 366day account) to the network as a hotspot for my iPhone without having to go through the hassle of either getting another 366day pass or the grief associated with spoofing the mac address in order to get online with my phone. I also don't want to use iTunes because it will mess up my iPod's stuff too. And adding a new device has already cost me a library of stuff and due to "we can't confirm xyz, have a great day" after it was all deleted. (I changed those settings now though from the default burn all not the same" even if a few are just renamed to save scrolling. Anyway going off tangent their.

How can I use my laptop as a pseudo router so that the mac filter doesn't interfere with my phone? ICS through the windows networking doesn't show my laptop as a separate WiFi connection, ie transmit as a router would. (the phone will though but also rack up a fortune in data charges though.)

Please can someone help me with this. I have tried more than one so called how to that has not done what it said it would, which is turn my laptop into a pseudo-wireless router and at the same time maintain my connection to my internet connection.

And thanks to MSN giving me grief with the new format, basically because I am not using the same computer/apartment/ISP etc... that I used when I sig... Read more

A:how 2 share internet connection?

You apparently are trying to abuse your internet access, and we do not help with such activities. Please review the rules.


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Hello all.

I have a laptop running Windows XP with Wi-Fi access. I have a desktop running Windows XP with a cable modem. There is no router in. I would like to share my printer that I have connected to my desktop over the Internet so that I can print from my laptop anywhere.

Does anyone here have any concrete, non-RDP idea, that will enable me to do this in a secure way such that no unauthorized person will be able to print junk, porn and the like on my desktop printer?

Kyle Brooks

A:how to share printer over internet?

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to start off i am using one of thoes modems called the UM150 provided by verizon wireless, its a modem that connects to your computer through USB. it uses a software that you install on your computer to manage the internet connection.

what i am trying to do is "share" that connection with my xbox 360. but the only way my xbox accepts internet connection is through a ethernet cable, so my current setup is the UM150 to the USB port on my laptop, an ethernet cable from my laptop to a router, and my xbox is connected through the router also.

is there any way i can connect my xbox to the internet through my computer?

my xbox360 has a text connection program, it cannot discover a DNS

A:Share internet connection

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An identical thread was closed because "We don't assist in the use of P2P applications" I am not asking assistance in the use of p2p. I mentioned that I use it for p2p because the truth is that my whole family uses that notebook including my little brothers. They surf any websites and download many things (including p2p, but I am not asking assistance for that) and it gets virus from time to time. My idea was to share the internet connection but still have two different networks. Or something that will give me peace of mind knowing that no matters how many hackers (Yeah, I know they don't care about my pc but anyway...) are controlling my notebook they will not be able to go from there to the desktop. But just saying that I use it for p2p and It might get a virus was simpler.

I think this thead is not against the rules so I paste the other one again. If it is against the rules, well, close it (What can I say )

Originally Posted by Hartman87
I have a Linksys wrt54G v5 router. I use it to share internet with a desktop pc and a wifi laptop. I use the laptop for p2p so it might get a virus. I use my desktop pc only for secure things. So, how do I have to do so I only share internet. In case a hacker gets into my laptop he will not be able to infect my desktop pc.

I uninstalled "file and printer sharing" and "client for microsoft networks in both pc. Also, the name of the workgroup is different for each pc. Also, C: is not allowed to b... Read more

A:Router to share internet only

OK, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you want real protection, buy a second router. Install the first one as you normally would, and then plug the WAN/Internet port of the second router into one of the LAN ports of the router connected to the broadband modem. Put the "secured" machine(s) on the second router. They'll be protected by the NAT layer of the router from anything happening on the first router or the Internet. What I normally do is put the secondary router in the DMZ of the primary router so I can run with no restrictions if I want to forward any ports.

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Hi guys!
I have a server with Windows server 2003.

I want to connect to internet with it without having Internet for itself.
I mean:
- It dials the internet connection
- By DHCP, it gives IP, Gateway and DNS addresses to clients machine
- Clients have Internet
- Server doesn't have internet

Is it possible?

A:Share internet connection

I think i may be getting the wrong end of the stick here. Is that not what a router is for?

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Can I share my internet connection by using a hub? I have a 5-port hub but no instructions on how to use it??? I want to be able to get online with both computers at the same time.
Can someone advise me if the hub will work or do I need something else? I have intermediate computer knowledge but know nothing about networking.

A:Share Internet Connection?

You need a broadband router for most broadband accounts.

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my family just got cable internet and I was thinking of either starting up a wireless network or splitting the cable to share the broadband. the computer the cable is going into is on the second floor of a two story house and my computer is in the basement. they already have a wireless router so my brother can use his wi-fi enabled notebook. he told me he got a good signal with some drop-outs on the first floor. if wireless is the way to go, how can I make it so the signal reaches the basement? as far as splitting the cable goes, how would bandwith be affected?

A:best way to share cable internet

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hi, sorry to bring an issue with my first post, but then i don't post much around the internet anyway...i'll search for the intro thread here as soon as i'm done posting this.

my problem is that i cannot seem to share my internet connection over my network. the whole network is wired btw. here's the low down:

1. there are 3 PCs in the network, say pc1, pc2, and pc3. all three are connected together by a switch. they can see and talk to each other, i can transfer files between all of them.
2. on pc1, i have 2 NICs, one going to the switch, one connecting to my ADSL modem/router (D-Link GLB 502T). on pc1, i can connect to the internet just fine. i have enabled ICS and the two NICs are bridged.
3. i'm using windows XP Pro on all machines, and have just reinstalled a fresh copy on pc1. i'm currently using avg free and windows firewall till this is resolved.

the exact same setup was working fine till a few weeks ago when my old modem gave way, then i bought the current one, and thats when it really hit the fan. i'm thinking, maybe the router needs to be configured or something? i did google, but didn't get much, and the tech support at d-link can't be reached. no documentation on LAN setup either. when i login the routers config page, it does show the other lan clients. i could try connecting it directly to the switch, but i'm afraid of losing control of net usage.

i've searched here, but none of the other threads give m... Read more

A:Solved: Cannot share internet over LAN

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Hello. 1st I'd like to excuse myself for possible grammatical fails in my problem, I'm not American nor Britainian so please accept my excuse.

Okay, here's the problem.

I'm connecting to internet via Wi-Fi USB adapter and my connection works great. But few days ago friend brought his PC to me so we could do some online gaming over night but there my problems started. We connected both PC's with ethernet cable in this scheme (My PC - ethernet cable - unset router - ethernet cable - his PC)

Okay the problem is that when I set up the LAN, I can't connect to the internet ( I noticed that I can surf the internet when I share my Wireless connection in advanced settings, so I use that trick to connect to the Internet when I need to ) but we can play in LAN.

So here's the real conflict. Why can't I share my internet connection to his PC. I allow my Wireless Network Connection sharing but he can't connect to the internet.

We're both using WinXP SP3 and we have almost same PC's. So can anyone help me?

I am even willing to use TeamViewer for easier help if someone can help me?

A:Can't share my internet connection

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I have a network drive (maxtor central axis 1tb), connected via ethernet. I would like to make this drive accessible somehow over the internet, so I can use the drive at work just like a regular hard drive (or FTP would be fine too).
I do know that the central axis hard drive does have web access, but it's through a http site and I don't care too much for the interface. Besides, I need programs to point to this drive as a directory, and the website simply won't do that.

My home network is already set up for remote access, I have an account with dyndns, so I just type in my name.dyndns.org into remote desktop and I get right into my home computer.

Any ideas on what I can do? If this doesn't yeild any results, I guess Ill set up IIS on the computer and set up an FTP site to the network drive.... just trying to see if theres a simpler option (like doing port forwarding or something).

A:Best way to share a drive on the internet?

Quote: Originally Posted by gregsenne

I have a network drive (maxtor central axis 1tb), connected via ethernet. I would like to make this drive accessible somehow over the internet, so I can use the drive at work just like a regular hard drive (or FTP would be fine too).
I do know that the central axis hard drive does have web access, but it's through a http site and I don't care too much for the interface. Besides, I need programs to point to this drive as a directory, and the website simply won't do that.

My home network is already set up for remote access, I have an account with dyndns, so I just type in my name.dyndns.org into remote desktop and I get right into my home computer.

Any ideas on what I can do? If this doesn't yeild any results, I guess Ill set up IIS on the computer and set up an FTP site to the network drive.... just trying to see if theres a simpler option (like doing port forwarding or something).

Look in the central axis documentation and see if it supports WebDAV. WebDAV is an extension to HTTP that will allow Windows filesystem access to the content of the web server -- in this case, your NAS (network attached storage). Open the Computer folder and click the Map network drive button, enter the URL of the NAS (could look like instead of a domain name), check Connect using different credentials if your username and password to the NAS is different than Windows and click Fini... Read more

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I've got some problems with sharing internet between two 7 systems. I'll let you know how things worked before the new installs.

I use crossed ethernet cable with an ethernet network card. Before I had XP running as the host with a bridged connection and then a Vista system using the internet from the XP system. All that was needed then is to make sure the internet connection is shared on the XP host system and the internet would be shared without any problems.

I now have both systems running 7 and have tried to bridge the connections the same way I did before to share the internet but it won't work as ICS won't start and I can't find any box to tick to share the internet on the host in any of the network adapter properties or configirations. I can share folders but no internet.

I've tried troubleshooting, shutting down both PC's and unplugging the modem for 10 minutes and rebooting to no avail.

I've also tried to start ICS in task manager and in services but it won't run, it says when trying to start it in services:

The ICS on local computer started and stopped. Some services stop automaticly if they are not in use by another service or program.

I have all network discovery and sharing all turned on both computers.

A:ICS Won't Start/Can't Share Internet

So you havn't found this setting yet on the host computer?
I can't imagine why this setting would be missing.

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I have a remote workstation in another town that I would like to have a direct drop folder via the internet..

How would I set that up?

I have a shared folder for when I am local (about twice a week), but I'd like to still be able to drop files into the folder when I'm out of town..

I have remote desktop working, but I can't drag/drop files and folders back and forth..


A:Share folder over the internet?

Have you checked out DropBox ?


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Dear friends,

is there any possible in XP to share internet connection from one machine to another machine on network without using third party proxy server software.

i am connting internet through dial up in wondows XP.i want to share internet connection form this machine to my network computers like as proxy .


A:How to share internet in windows XP

ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) is part of XP. That should be all you need.

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Hello! i have 2 pc both running windows xp sp2... and a modem...
and i use asus rx 3041.. i can share files but i can't share internet connection...

can anyone help me? thanks!

A:Can't share internet connection in 2 pc

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So I have created a hotspot from my phone so I can connect with my laptop (W8) to the internet. I have connected the pc(W7) to the laptop through ethernet cable but I don't know how to make a LAN connection. I have done this before but from Windows XP not 8. I tried setting a homegroup from laptop but my pc doesn't connect to it. What can I do?

Edit: I have also enabled sharing of my wireless conection, still not working.

A:Share Internet through cable from W8 to W7

what sort of cable are you using you can't connect two PCs with a normal cable directly

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share a single video from my pc over the internet with my sister without any log in's
R site like rapidshare

A:share a video from my pc over the internet

youtube if you have an account.

Team Viewer will may work, she would basically see what you see and the video may play over that program.

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I'm trying to get my laptop to internet share with my xbox 360 but at the first step i keep getting an error message. Below you can see the image, every time i try to allow my laptop to internet share it just appears with that error message. Please can anyone see if they can help, i don't particularly want to have to buy a wireless adapter to be able to get xbox live.


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Hi All, A bit of a noob so please bare with me.

Trying to get hooked up to Xbox Live but tests are failing at IP address for me. Set up is:
Xbox 360 connected via the supplied ethernet cable to Laptop (Dell inspiron 5100, running XP pro)
Laptop Connected via USB to Speedtouch modem-> modem connected to phone line. ISP is PIPEX.

I understand from forums / posts that I need to share my internet access. When I go: Control Panel -> network connection -> advanced. I only get the option to change Windows Firewall. If I try the Network setup Wizard, I get an error has occured at the end.

Everyone is telling me that the option should be in the advanced menu, but it's not??

Can someone please offer some advice.


A:Can't share internet resource XP pro

Buy a router. Linksys wrt54g is great for it price (you can find it below 50$). You will get better security (firewall) and wifi connection.

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Ive finally managed to set up the router so that my pc (lets name it 1, running Windows Home) can connect to the internet. Im using an 8-port cable/dsl router (Linksys).

Ive now connected my laptop (running Windows XP) to the router, and cannot seem to access Internet.

All pings work, my pc (1) found my laptop, my laptop found pc(1), however i still cant access the internet. Please help

A:Cant share internet on my client

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My parents have a Dell desktop running windows XP and a new HP 64bit desktop running Windows 7 64bit. They have an actiontec wireless modem/router. I can connect the modem to the Dell computer and get an internet connection. I can move the modem to the other roon and connect it to the new computer and get an internet connection. I cannot get it to work on both.

I connected the modem to the HP computer using ethernet port 1 on the modem and the Dell on ethernet port 2 via a long ethernet cable. I cannot enable ICS on Win 7 because it doesn't see anything else connected. The Dell says nothing is connected to the LAN. Not sure what is going on unless the ethernet cable is bad or possibly too long. Any ideas?

Later this morning I am going to take a multimeter over and do a continuity check on the ethernet cable (I crimped the ends on) and make sure it is good. Am I correct is saying that it should be a "straight through" ethernet cable? Just wondering if there's any other setting I should check while I'm there.

A:Cannot share internet connection

Is it a router you've connected your computer to? If it is, make sure you've enabled NAT in the router...
Often you can access those settings by opening either:, or
username: admin
password: 1234 (or none)

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I'd like to use my XP pc to provide a bunch of private ip's to a lan. I'm getting a routed ip from a wireless router and i'd like to setup a lan using a second nic that has a switch connected to. I want everything in the lan to be easily accessible for all clients using wifi, so therefor i need to use the same subnet. Problem is that when i use ICS on the xp pc; i need to use the default 192.168.0.x range, but that seems to conflict with the wifi range if that uses the same range; so i had to change the wifi router to 10.0.0.x just to make ICS work.

Is there a way to make the XP pc route the same iprange as the wifirouter; or can i somehow access the clients in the lan from another subnet? I'm not sure but i thought about creating a bridge on the xp pc of the wifi connection, and the second nic; but my wificard won't let me; it makes the xp pc crash, so i guess that's no option....

A:Use Xp pc to share internet with same iprange?

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I am running XP-Pro SP2. IIS is installed and is used to host a website milkytech.homeftp.net

I want to share my HP officejet over the internet (it is already shared locally) so that when I am on the road with my laptop, I can print documents at home via the internet. Obviously, I would also like some security implemented to keep everyone on the internet from connecting to my printer.

Can XP do this without 3rd-party print server software?

A:Share my Printer over the Internet

You may want to rethink this if you print heavy graphics. The size of a print job is actually usually quite big.

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I have a dialup connection with a network of 2 pc.

I have automatic IP addresses setting and both pc can share files. Now I want to share internet.

I can get internet on the host pc but cannot get internet on the client pc.

Please help!

A:share internet problem

Assuming you are using an OS like Win XP or W2k -- on the PC with the internet connection you need to switch on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
A good soucre of information for ICS is the XP/W2k Help pages.
Also http://www.homenethelp.com/ics/index.asp for ICS and http://www.wown.com/ for general Windows networking.

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hi, after doing lots of searching i'm beginning to fear that there is no way to solve this.

i have a windows 8 laptop with a 3G USB modem. i'm trying to share it's internet connection via my wifi network. the other two pc's on the network runs XP and Vista.
i've managed to get the network working, all pc's see each other and they can share files, etc, but just the damn internet won't share.

i've changed my router to use the same ip range as the wifi on the windows 8 pc, 192.168.137.x. i've ensured that the modem's network connection is shared. all the pc's belong to the same workgroup called, WORKGROUP.

in services i have ICS running, i've tried restarting this service as per advice of some other forums.

what bothers me is that my wifi network on my windows 8 pc shows as "unidentified network", even though i have made sure that everything is set to shared that should be set to shared. so i don't know if that could be part of the problem?

i've also tried setting up the vista pc with a static ip and setting it's default gateway and primary dns to the same ip as the Windows 8 pc.

attached are screenshots of my ipconfig. (holding thumbs they post)

A:Windows 8 PC won't share internet

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