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Solved: Monitor enters "Power Saving Mode" during bootup

Q: Solved: Monitor enters "Power Saving Mode" during bootup

Howdy doodles, here's one for you:

I have this PC I got 3 years ago, it's been great until now:

AMD Athlon 64 @ 2 GHz
2 gigs of ram in dual channel
Ati X1600XT video card
some seagate 160gb HD
420W PSU
LG L1750SQ monitor (17 inch)

Here's what happens:

-I turn on the power (press the button on the extension cord my pc components are connected to - monitor, pc, printer, speakers)

Monitor goes into standby as expected, speakers are on

-I press the on button on the pc and it powers up, I get a green splash screen saying A8R-MVP which is my motherboard, for a few seconds

-then it beeps once, it's a short, singular beep (I've read that this can matter) and winxp starts loading, I get the xp splash screen

-just as xp finishes loading and I'm supposed to get the first glimpse of that glorious microsoft desktop BOOM! the monitor goes into power saving mode (yellow LED)

However, the pc itself continues to function normally; if I randomly start clicking and pressing enter I can hear sounds from games and other programs, so the pc works

I've tried switching the ram around, removing the battery for the bios for a while, reconnecting the cables; I don't know what's causing it, this is a fresh OS install and it did happen a couple of times before I did the reinstall but it fixed itself and the monitor worked upon restart

another thing to note is that if I remove the drivers in safe mode (I'm in safe mode right now) for the video card, the monitor works in normal mode, but I don't want to reinstall those drivers all the time, it'd be too hard

please help


Okay I've got it, the pc can't find the video card, I need to go into the System menu > Hardware > scan for hardware changes because it doesn't detect it on its own and only then install the drivers, but it doesn't really last, next bootup it's broken again, any other ideas ?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Monitor enters "Power Saving Mode" during bootup

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Monitor enters "Power Saving Mode" during bootup

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I recently called Dell Support and they used Dell Connect to try to fix it. Yesterday, I got home and my screen was blank. So I turned the computer on and logged in. Within seconds it did the Power Saving Mode thing. Then I let it go until today. Now I can get on the internet but when I run games that I play, it still does it. When the Tech Support people were on the computer, it happened but they said nothing happened to them and I'm just trying to resolve this problem. For any further information, please ask.

A:My monitor says "Power Saving Mode"

it sounds like your games are using refresh rates or resolutions that your monitor cannot cope with.

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Hi, I'm at work and appear to have wrecked my colleague's computer. : (

I printed something using her computer (mine is not hooked up to a printer) and then went to reboot the computer as there was a request from Microsoft to reboot, allowing updates to be installed. (I had postponed the updates until after I had finished printing.)

The screen went black and I got the message, "ANALOG POWER SAVING MODE".

I have tried turning the computer on and off; unplugging the computer (after turning it off); checked the cables to the monitor/power/computer; holding down the 'autoset' button on the monitor; holding down assorted keys on the keyboard and tapping F8 as soon as I turn the computer on, all to no avail.

The monitor is an LG Flatron W1942TQ. It's not my computer so I don't know which version of Windows it is running, though I'm pretty sure it's Vista. I have spent the last hour looking up "Analog Power Saving Mode" threads on Google. Most recommend checking my settings or BIOS...but I can't get the screen going. It would be great if I could get this solved before my shift ends at 11 pm (Mountain time)!!

Thanks much!

A:Solved: "Analog Power Saving Mode"

I just spoke with a very friendly Microsoft tech who suggested I unplug the monitor/tower cord, switch the ends and plug it back in.

This, sadly, had no effect.

He then suggested taking out and putting back in the video card. As this is a work computer and I am so NOT a techie I am now (two and a half hours after the beginning of this adventure) retiring. My colleagues will have to continue with this tomorrow.

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Ok so recently my computer stopped working completely. Regardless of how many times I reboot and try to re-plug the monitor cables, etc. it will still just turn on then say the monitor's in power save mode. Now, in the past when I started my comp it would beep a pleasant once then start up. Now that the monitor's stuck in power save mode when I start it there is one long beep then 3 rapid ones following it. Anyone know if that means anything? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Computer Broken - Monitor Stuck in "Power Save Mode"

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I have recently built a New computer with everything working great except 1 minor flaw. When I leave the computer for awhile and the computer goes in Hibernation, I can't get it out of Hibernation. I try turning off the computer and restarting it and it says the same thing on the Screen. "Entering Power Save Mode". So I usually take the case apart and take out the memory and put it back in and start it up and it works. I have no idea why it works and why i have to do it every time. When the computer Is in Stand-By it comes out of it fine. But after it goes into Hibernation and try to restart it, I can't get the screen off "Power Saving Mode". If their are any suggestions on how to fix this please help. Some of the troubleshooting Idea's i've thought of are disabling Hibernation and Standby.

Specs: XFX 8800 GT, 2G of Memory, Q6600 2.4ghz, P35 Gigabyte Motherboard, Flat Panel 19" LCD Dell Monitor, 600W Rosewell

Thank you for your help.

A:Stuck in Hibernate. Vista Ultimate 64 Bit "Power Saving Mode"

Issued Solved Just Went to the Command prompted

[type] powercfg -h off [enter]

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Today I purchased a new monitor and computer:


Initially, I hooked the monitor up to my HP mini, then to my new desktop. When I hooked it up to the desktop, it says "DSUB Power Saving Mode" and then goes to sleep. I have checked the connections and they are secured in tightly.

Prior to this I have never used either the monitor or the desktop. The monitor worked on my netbook. I think I accidently set the settings of my monitor to that of the netbook and I have no idea how to set them back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:"DSUB Power Saving Mode" Moniter problem

Hi Sharksfann, and welcome to TSG.

According to the pages in your links, the computer has both VGA and DVI outputs and the monitor has Analog, DVI-D, and HDMI inputs. Exactly what type of connection are you trying to use between the monitor and computer?

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This happens whenever my computer encounters "Bootmgr is missing". After fixing up that problem, when I let my computer around 5 minutes, it goes to "Power Saving Mode". I have checked the settings at power management, and I never set my computer into that mode. I also replaced my monitor with another one, but it appeared the problem is still persist.

Appreciate your kind advice and solutions for this problem.


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So, after a good's night rest, I was all fired up to go on the internet again (computer was on hibernate during the night), but sadly enough, it wanted to be an arse and not work.
I'm running a Dell Dimension 9150, can't get any specifics since I never bothered looking, and obviously it's a bit hard to go to run dxdiag when the computer doesn't even boot..
It's 3 years old.

Anyway, the problem, specifically, is that when I start up the computer, firstly the computer gets stuck in something (noise from computer doesn't change, it is silent) and doesn't boot (the first time i started it up I heard some fast repeating sounds, which, when I looked up, meant suposedly that there was something with the harddrive, but I cannot be sure on this, I might have misinterpreted the sound), and then the screen tells me that it is in Power Saving Mode. This is basically it, and it doesn't do anything beyond this point.

I've cleaned up the inside of my pc a bit (gotten rid of the dust), but i've never reseated a piece of hardware, so i'm not quite sure of the process. Also, I cannot quite tell which piece is which either. Simply put, when it comes to hardware I have absolutely no clue of what i'm doing. This is also the first time in my life that i've opened up the inside of a computer, so please understand if I cannot quite grasp what you're saying.

Also, if I posted this in the wrong section, please forgive... Read more

A:Computer won't boot- "Power saving mode"

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Hey guys, new here and hoping to get some much needed help. Recently my PC has been crashing when I try to load up some games, (GTA V and ARMA 2) the screen just goes black and says: DVI Power Saving Mode.

TSG SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8130 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti, -1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 553742 MB, Free - 304481 MB; D: Total - 400022 MB, Free - 398483 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., B85M-G
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015, Updated and Enabled

I also have here the windows recovery message that I get upon restarting the PC.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA80073FA010
BCP2: FFFFF88008C4DA08
BCP4: 0000000000000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Thanks in advance, Tony.

A:"Power saving mode" crash

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What could be causing the following situation- When restarting my computer (Windows 7 64bit) after the "starting windows" screen appears the screen will go dark and display "power saving mode". After about 60 seconds the computer will restart from the "starting windows" screen and complete the restart process. Once it completes everything the computer runs fine. Any help would be appreciated!

A:During restart computer enters power saving mode

Could be a boot sequence problem. Under the BIOS, make sure you're booting in the usual order (1. CD/DVD Drive, 2. Hard Drive, 3. USB, 4. Anything else). If that does not work, go into the BIOS and click the option to reset to defaults, save, and exit. If the previous methods still do not fix the issue, update your BIOS.

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For last few days i had a problem where in my computer would load perfectly boot-up and whenever i used to click on a user account to log-in it used to just shut down or you can say become un-responsive...

I then re-installed my win7 sp1 again and to my amazement this problem again showed-up....

I then used microsoft's fix it tools and it then somehow....managed to fix a few problem and win7 started to boot properly again yesterday....

Now, today my account would load normally, but after few minutes screen would show "entering power saving mode" and it would just restart...

I am enclosing details of PC and recent memory dump...

A:Computer Enters Power Saving Mode and Restarts with Error

any help?

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Hello TechGuy forums!

Recently my custom build has started randomly going into some kind of sleep mode, probably caused by lack of video signal. The monitors report that they are entering power save mode and there's a loud crack from the speakers.

However, no input will ever wake it back up. TeamViewer reports the computer as online for a minute or so (but fails to connect) and then it switches to offline.

The problem seems to occur at completely random times. It has happened after half an hour of browsing the internet or two hours of gaming.

All the temperatures are OK (except for an "AUX" sensor that has been reporting insane temperatures since the first day) and I have made no hardware or software changes other than reseating my video card a couple of weeks ago.

So far I have ran FurMark, which got my GPU temperature up to 75 C with the case open and it all seemed stable and the Windows-based memtest, during which the PC crashed again while I was away.

The next thing I would do is try using the PC with one stick of RAM at a time and see if that solves anything, but I thought I'd post here first to see if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice.

Specs (short version)

2 x 4 GB Corsair
Sirtec 500W
ASRock 970DE3/U3S3
Dual monitors (DVI/VGA and HDMI)
Windows 7 x64

Thanks for reading!

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Moved our desktop computer and during reconnection realized everything was working except the sound. Plugged in the speakers to what I thought was the correct connection (next to the monitor plug...it was the only space that was the right size) to find out it most likely was not :-( Monitor went black and now only says "in power save mode press any button on keyboard or move mouse" then goes black again. Keyboard
lights are not working and mouse is unresponsive.
I've unplugged everything and powered off the computer. Reboot sounds normal but can not see anything. Any suggestions?!

A:monitor is black and reads "in power save mode"

Welcome to TSG! Sorry nobody got back to you sooner. If your thread ever goes a few days without a response feel free to post the word "bump", which will move it to the top of the list and hopefully catch somebody's attention.

Sounds like you may have toasted something in the motherboard; I don't know exactly why this would be. Try one of the two options below:

1) Plug a known working monitor into the PC. If it works, then there is just some problem with the original monitor. Hopefully nothing else is wrong. If it does not work, then you have almost certainly damaged something inside the PC.
2) Plug the monitor into a known working PC. If it works, then you know there must be a problem with the board inside the original PC. If it doesn't, then your problem lies within your monitor.

Let me know the results and we will go from there.

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A couple weeks ago I was using fruity loops program and all of the sudden my screen went black and "d-sub power save mode" was all that was shown. After a few restarts my PC would start normally but take me directly into bios where I disabled the power save mode but still went blank after a few hours of running normal. I tried restarting as I had done the first time but noticed my screen stayed blank after multiple restarts. Eventually my PC had brought me to the bios page as did before but when I would exit bios this time Windows XP no longer appeared and I was back to blank screen. Now I can't even access bios and the screen stays blank but the fans and cd drive work and everything sounds normal on startup.

Here's what I've tried but had no luck.
1. Reseated the memory and agp video card
2. Removed CMOS for hours and put it back
3. Thoroughly cleaned inside PC
4. Switched power cables and tried monitor on a laptop and monitor works fine on laptop
5. Pressed all key commands
6. Inserted Windows XP cd and I can hear it running but no picture

A:Monitor blank screen "power save mode"

If you have more than one RAM stick try one at a time. Disconnect all drives, extra cards (sound etc.) leave just CPU/HS/fan, RAM and vid card. Try video card in another system. Replace power supply. I realized these last two are not always possible.

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This morning Windows did an automatic update and when it restarted my tertiary Dell monitor will not work. It works fine on another laptop, just not on my Toshiba.

When un and replugging the Dell monitor I get a message saying the monitor is in power save mode and to move my mouse or press a button on my keyboard, but I'm already seeing my second monitor working fine.

My set up is this:

My Toshiba laptop is kept closed with its monitor disabled under Control Panel/Display.
My main monitor (Display Number 2) is a Samsung plugged into my HDMI slot.
My second monitor (Display Number 3) is a Dell, which shows up as a generic P&P monitor, plugged into my VGA slot.

The mouse moves off the Samsung but there is no sign of it on the Dell display. I have plugged in a different monitor and have the same problem.

I've tried un-installing the Dell monitor then replugging it, which then gets added to my device list as both "generic plug and play monitor" and "generic non-plug and play".

Any suggestions on how to get a picture back on the VGA monitor?

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Well, I don't think its my computer, and I dont think its my monitor, i have two towers, and one monitor, the monitor goes into power saving mode on BOTH computers, but when I plug the monitor into my laptop, it comes up with the picture just fine. Please help!?

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Since today my custom built computer has been having issues with all the attached devices.

I left my computer on so that I could watch a stream on twitch.tv, I paused the stream and left my computer running without being used for about 3 hours ( the only thing running was google chrome and like 3 tabs). Upon coming home I saw that my computer had entered power saving mode, that is the lights were all yellow and the screen was black but I couldn't get it to wake up again. On top of this, my mouse and keyboard were also shut off (none of the LED's were lit on either device) and no sound was playing (I had left the stream unpaused the whole time). The only thing I could do was to hold down the power button of my computer and restart it like that. Once I restarted it, everything was working just fine; windows started and I could log in and do things for around 10 seconds to 3 minutes until my monitor "entered power saving mode" again, and this would happen every time I restarted my computer. I also took note that a few seconds after my monitor shut off, my keyboard, mouse, and sound would all stop working while the actual computer itself kept running (The fans were still on, the LEDs from the motherboard were still lit.)

I've looked through many threads on various forums and the only problem they address is the monitor shutting off randomly, but I haven't found a thread that deals with the other devices as well. Another issue is that if I do have to change some... Read more

A:Monitor randomly enters power save mode within 3 minutes of startup

If it is happening on two different builds, I guess some software you are using?

Try Safe Mode.
And clean startup Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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i have a Acer Aspire M5800-U5802A and on start up i went into its settings by pressing delete.

i set the settings to default and now i cant see anything on the monitor.

so i attached my desktop to my hdtv and it auto synced with it fixing the problem both on the monitor and hdtv (hooked up seperatly)

but then i went back to the same settings while booting up computer i pressed delete and it opened up a list of options that i reset to default.

now its black again, both on my hdtv and monitor.

my question is; is there a way i can get my desktop to auto sync with my hdtv or monitor so that it can recognize it?

computer is fine and not broken, no beep problem no ram problem just a settings problem.

id appreciate any help. thanks.

A:Solved: analog power saving mode LG Monitor

im going to try and use another monitor tomorrow and see if it automaticcaly syncs and resets the settings so something shows up on the monitor. looks like im on my own.

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I have a windows XP Home computer that goes through the boot process fine until the very end, right when the windows screen shoudl load a message pops up that says "Entering Power Save Mode" and the computer is unusable. I have to do a manual reboot. I CAN get the computer to boot fine while in Safe Mode (but not in VGA mode), I turned off all the power save options, I tried a new monitor, new cable and replaced the battery. My next move is the video driver card but before I do that anyone else have other ideas? It is a Dell XPS 410 computer.

A:Solved: Windows XP Boots in "Power Save Mode"

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I'm running an old computer with an Hyundai DeluxeScan 17B+ monitor and Windows 98SE operating system.

A few months ago something "went" in my monitor and a dark 'India Ink-like" splotch appeared on the monitor. I shut down the system and was left with a black line down the right side of the display (approx. 1/2 inch) in the browser while surfing the net.

Although annoying, I was able to live with this and continued browsing the net with no other real problems until today.

I turned the computer on today and the operating system will now only load in "safe mode." I've tried to start it in "normal mode" using the F8 Function and by holding down the Ctrl key upon reboot, but it will not boot into "normal mode."

Now, as I'm only able to browse in safe mode, the display in the browser has a much larger crooked black bar on the right hand side and the browser looks like it's having a nervous break-down, vibrating side-to-side on both sides!

I'm sure, if I'm able to get back into normal mode, the system will continue to function with the lesser problem of the 1/2 inch black line mentioned above, which is tollerable although not perfect.

How can I get back into "normal mode" or am I screwed and have to replace the monitor as I believe this is the crux of the problem.

Any suggestions in this regard would be grealy appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: Monitor Dying??? Can't Access "normal mode"

Hi guys,

Problem solved!

It turns out there was only a color/resolution settings problem which I was able to fix.

Everything appears to be back to normal, but thanks anyway.

I'll mark this as "Solved."

Kind regards,


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win 2000
run control panel/display widget
screen saver tab
upper section -- screen saver
screen saver drop down menu - set to (none)
bottom section --energy savings features of monitor
press button labelled "power..."
"power options properties " window appears
bottom section: "settings for Home/Office Desk power scheme"
Turn off monitor: after 5 minutes (selected)

Sometimes after using the system for a couple of days, my monitor
"forgets" to shift into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What causes this forgetfulness? Is there a fix for it?
One fix that always works is a restart. Is there a less drastic fix that would
leave everything up and running?

A:Solved: Win 2000 - intermittent loss of "monitor power off" functionality

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Hey all, this is my first thread here. I am attempting to troubleshoot this PC and it has stumped me! The PC, according to the user, "goes to sleep" overnight and when they "wake it up" there is no LAN connection. In order to resolved their issue, they have to restart their system and then everything is dandy.

Furthermore, at around 4-5pm everyday, apparently they can not print? The PC that can not print during those times is not connected to a domain or anything of that sort that has the capabilities of time restricting such services. Unless XP itself does have something like that built-in to it that I completely overlooked?

Anyways, to troubleshoot this matter. I checked all the power saving settings under the control panel and everything was set to stay on. Hibernate was also deselected so therefore the software should not be utilizing it. I also went into the device manager and checked power saving settings within each device. Everything was set to not allow to turn off to save power.

The only setting I did change on one of the PCs is under the Network Adapter in device manger. I changed the WOL setting to "auto" instead of disable in hopes that if the computer would at least have a LAN connection upon waking. However, this does not solve the issue because we do not want the PCs hibernating at all.

One last thing, I did check the ACPI in BIOS because I did see that sometimes that could conflict with th... Read more

A:PC "hibernates" overnight with all power saving settings disabled? Windows XP.

SP3 contains a fix for network connection failing to wake up until Windows is restarted.
Is SP3 installed (and all hotfixes released since SP3)?

Also check for newer driver for wireless adapter from the PC or laptop manufacturer's website.

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While attempting to log on, I get a message "OVERRIDE" on my monitor screen and can not remove it. Neither am I able to change anything using the keyboard or mouse. Rebooting brings me back to the same position despite disconnecting and reconnecting all cables and plugs. Even prayer hasn't helped, so, if you can help, you'd be worshipped at this end. ;-(

BTW, it's a Packward/Bell computer model 955 with Windows 98 that's 3+ years old.

A:"override"message in monitor during bootup

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Hi and THANKS for being there! This is primarily a term definition question. I don't find any clear answer in my user's guide.

I've got this terrific TV card installed, very fancy, very feature-rich.

I've got this terrific add-on AGP card installed, very fancy, very feature-rich. But I'm thinking that's beside the point. (It's a nVidia Geforce FX 5200)

This TV Tuner/Capture card dates back a ways; bought it for my old Windows Millennium machine and I remember that it worked just GREAT. It has the brand name "Brooktree" but that might just be the chipset or something. Anyway, I abandoned the TV add-on when I upgraded to a newer Windows XP machine in early 2007. I couldn't find the right driver though it worked pretty fairly with the old driver for most TV stations, it didn't work perfectly. I ditched it at the time.

I recently visited driverguide.com and searched diligently and finally did find a perfect driver for that TV card for XP. I am sure it is the latest and best driver available, so that is not even an issue.

Since I no longer subscribe to cable, I can use this old card to watch only channel 3, as output by my VCR. (The card also has FM radio, which works great!)

Here's the thing. A very itty-bitty teensy slight snag. When I initiate the TV Tuner, it always starts up in what they call "Preview mode". There is sound but no picture! No problem, I just tell it to go into the alternate mode, "... Read more

A:Solved: TV card: explain what is "Overlay" versus "Preview" mode

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It seems that no matter how I set this, after the next start-up it reverts to "15 minutes".  What registry key controls this?

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After a catastrophic computer failure, I managed to recover almost everything. However upon booting up I got the message "BOOTMGR is missing". I used the original Windows installation disk to do Startup Repair, which recovered BOOTMGR. However now every time I boot up I get a message from Windows Boot Manager asking me to choose between "Windows 7...(recovered)" and "Microsoft WIndows Recovery Console". How can I get the computer to boot straight into Windows 7?

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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I know that the processor uses more electricity the more cycles it performs, and I leave mine underclocked unless I'm playing a game or something.

But what about RAM? Does full/addressed RAM use more electricity than empty/unused RAM?

Or to put it more practically, if I leave my 500MB of Firefox tabs loaded but untouched for 7 hours while I sleep will it use more power than if I had closed and then reopened them?

A:Solved: Does RAM consume more power "full" than "empty"?

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I have a custom desktop, and a 2 year old Dell 1905FP LCD monitor, the monitor is connected through a VGA cable to the graphics card of the PC. The monitor has been flawless ever since i bought it until a few days ago.

My dad turned on the computer and the monitor was black, the power button on the monitor went from green to orange. I pressed one of the monitor buttons to see if it would do anything, and a message came up that says;

1. Analog Input
In Power Save Mode
Press Any Key on Keyboard or Move Mouse

...Only problem is that pressing keys on the keyboard and moving the mouse does not do anything. I tried pressing all the buttons on the monitor but it does not go out of this mode, i have tried everything and unplugged all the cables ect., but nothing works. The computer worked fine for years, and we didn't touch anything, so it's pretty weird that it just did this all of a sudden, is there any way to get out of this power save mode or any way to fix the monitor? I havn't been able to use my computer for almost a week now. Thank you!

A:Dell 1905FP 19" Monitor Issue - Stuck in Power Save Mode

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I have a cyberpower pc with win 7 that i got a few months ago. It has been running perfectly until today. I was playing world of warcraft and all of the sudden everything froze and there was a sound like the audio got stuck like eeeeeeeeeeeeee. Since everything was frozen I tried to alt=f4 to get to desktop, wouldn't work. I hit the reset button and that didn't do anything. So I shut the power off, turned it back on, all the computer lights and fans came on but the monitor stays black and a box pops up saying power saving mode. There are also no lights on my keyboard. I tried unplugging the monitor and plugging back in, it stays the same. I tried a different keyboard and no lights come on it either. I have no idea what could have gone wrong with this, I play WoW nearly every day and have never had a problem. Hopefully someone can help. Since I cannot get into the BIOS or even to the desktop I can't give you any system specs. Hopefully I can look up any info you need. I am on another computer in my house so I will check back to see if anyone can start helping me. Thanks!

A:PC crashed seems to power on but monitor in power saving mode?

After turning off the power once again it finally came back on. I would like to see what actually happened or if there is something wrong in this computer that caused it. Please let me know what sort of log files, etc. you need to see.

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so, whenever i try to run a game on my pc, my monitor goes to either digital or analog power saving mode.
the game works fine but i can't see anything because of the monitor. (it kinda shuts itself down.)

how can i fix this? is there a way to turn off those power saving modes?

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Within the week, my monitor has started going into the power saving mode shutting down Windows so I cannot access Windows XP. When this happens, I get a message saying "Power savings enabled. The monitor will shut down in a few seconds." The problem has now worsen in that all I can access is the (F1) set up screen. When I was in set up, I also disabled the power management mode. I'm pretty sure it's not a monitor problem because I hooked another good monitor and my computer does the same thing. Then I thought it might be VGA card problem, so I purchased a new, compatible VGA card, installed it, and still the same problem. So I believe I have eliminated the monitor and the VGA card as problems. In set up, I can view the choices for "safe mode" and "normal," but when I try to go to either, I get the "Power savings enabled" message on the monitor screen, and I cannot open up in "safe mode" and "normal" mode. Any suggestions or help? Thanks!

A:Monitor goes into power saving mode

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My monitor randomly goes into power saving mode and doesn't snap out of it unless I turn off my PSU and restart the computer. It's very frustrating, especially since I just built my PC, and don't want any components to be damaged. 
This is the monitor I have:
E2414H (digital-DVI)
gpu : gtx 970

The drivers to my gpu and monitor are up to date. I have went through all of the windows power settings to "never sleep" and never turn off my monitor. The problem only primarily when I'm in a game, but has occasionally occurred when I'm on the desktop. I honestly think it's a problem with my monitor because my computer used to not do this, but I'm open to any ideas, and help with troubleshooting.

Is there a way to completely turn off power saving mode? I've read similar posts after Google searching and this seems to be a consistent problem with dell monitors. 

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I have seen many threads with different sleep/ power saving issues but can't find the right one for me so here it goes: the monitor seems to go into power saving mode when entering/exiting a game such as a game in steam. (but it doesn't happen every time) the only way to get it out is hard restart. Yes I've tried other monitors, as well as display drivers, and there also seems to be nothing wrong in the Bios. Thanks for any help!

System Information
Time of this report: 3/22/2010, 17:52:48
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion
System Model: NC695AA-ABA m9515y
BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.5GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8184MB RAM
Page File: 1405MB used, 14960MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Sound Tab 3: No... Read more

A:Monitor goes into power saving mode!

Hey Kryosis,
Welcome to 7 Forums!

What are you entering/exiting? And also what are your system specs? This information is needed for a proper diagnostic.

Let us know,

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I currently run Win7 Home Premium with a XFX HD4870 GPU. After adding a new hard drive to my system & re organized some power connections to increase airflow around my tower ive had a problem with my monitor sticking in power saving mode when i first boot up my system.
The monitor is a LG FLATRON W2243S. When i first turn on my system & monitor for the day, the monitor stops on power saving mode until my win7 desktop has fully loaded, but when i restart my system it activates from the off quick enough to show my GPU post screen before my board Post screen.

I swapped my monitor with the wifes & she plugged mine in hers & booted up this morning for the first time & both activated instantly to show the GPU post screens before anything else loads. But when i connected back my monitor after shutting down the system, i get the same power saving mode hang.

I know the monitor is not faulty or my GPU as it would of shown when i swapped monitors over to do the test. The only other possibility is my GPU at first boot isnt getting enough power to activate my Monitor strait away but im told thats not a likely cause being lack of power provided to the GPU, as i have 2 drives sharing the same lead that powers the GPU & i thought its struggling a little.

This is causing me problems mainly when i boot from a cd to perform boot time scans or other tools & my duel boot system i can use as i cant switch between whatever windows i want as it dosnt activate u... Read more

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Need help.
OS is Vista
Computer Dell
I turn the monitor and computer on. The flat panel monitor screen is black. I check the keyboard and mouse and both are working, Cap key works, Number lock works and the mouse laser is on. But the screen is still black. I press a key and the montior tell me to that the monitor is power saving mode then press any key or move the mouse. Nothing works. I have now plug the monitor into another computer and it works. Can anyone help?


A:monitor is power saving mode

If you have a second monitor you should plug that in to the Dell that you mentioned. If it does not work you have a bad video card (or some part in the motherboard).

Is the Dell still under warranty? If so it would be good to call them and start getting a replacement set up.

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The monitor light turns on, then it says power saving mode, and it goes blank. The blue light is still on, indicating it is turned on, but a black screen.

A:How do I get an LG Monitor out of Power Saving Mode?

You already have a thread going here - http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/1096520-acer-desktop.html

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Hey everyone,
        I am trying to get the REST queries to work with the sharepoint end points instead of graph end points. I first created an app with relevant permissions and have given it the admin consent. Then I am hitting the https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant>.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/token?Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded end
point with https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com as resource. I am then using the access token retrieved to give the rest call to https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/_api/v2.0/drives/b!3indYSbqZ0-hVSPnCgIZy-2xDMh7jH9AuQnEzJMc6TEfQoSJvJT-R6tT0lFBQiPr/root/delta
but it is failing with "error":{"code":"generalException","message":"General exception while processing"}}. The REST response code is 401 Unauthorized. I have filed a Microsoft support ticket but they
have asked me to post on these forms. Can someone please help me with this? I am not able to move forward because the error is pretty generic and doesn't give any additional details.
Sai Kiran Katuri.

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I recently built a new computer and installed Windows 8.1 64-bit on it. One day, the computer took a very long time to boot up, was very slow, and was stuck on the "Logging In" screen. I shut down the computer by holding down the power button (was this a mistake?), and turned it back on. It went into the Automatic Repair, then to the "Diagnosing Your PC" screen, and took me to the menu with different options to fix the computer. I selected the Troubleshooting option, and the computer froze. I decided to put the installation disc back in to reinstall Windows 8.1, and after that, everything was fine for about a week. Then, the same thing happened AGAIN. I have no idea why this is happening. Before running Windows 8.1, my computer ran the Windows 10 Technical Preview. With it, the computer crashed twice and went into the Automatic Repair loop. Before running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, my computer ran Windows 7 flawlessly. Any advice? Could my trail of problems have started with Windows 10?

System Specs:
Nvidia Geforce 660 (Graphics Card)
MSI A78M-E35 FM2+ (Motherboard)
Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (RAM)
AMD Athlon 760K Multicore Processor
Western Digital 1 TB SATA III Hard Drive
Corsair Builder Series CX 430 Watt Power Supply

A:Windows 8 crashes and enters "Automatic Repair" very often

Any advice?

Unless someone has better advice, if it was mine I would reinstall my OS.

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For the last few weeks I've been experiencing troubles with powersaving. Whenever my PC is entering powersaving it BSODs, and shutsdown.

My system specs:
Alienware Aurora ALX
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (full), Service Pack 1

System age is about 1.5 years
OS install is less than a year. reinstalled windows on SSD disks.

The wierd thing is that my Laptop, and old Fijitsu Siemens Amilio Xi2550, started having the exact same problem at the exact same time. Only common thing is that both run Win7 x64 and have ATI gfx cards. But I want to solve my main computers issues first, so leave the laptop for now. =)

A:BSOD when computer enters Power Saving - 0x0000009f

Hi -

Update your Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet driver -

k57nd60a.sys Fri Oct 16 06:29:38 2009 (4AD84B12)

Regards. . .





Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\112411-12136-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506
Debug session time: Thu Nov 24 09:35:49.508 2011 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 16:21:06.476
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for k57nd60a.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for k57nd60a.sys
Probably caused by : k57nd60a.sys
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x9F_IMAGE_k57nd60a.sys
Bugcheck code 0000009F
Arguments 00000000`00000003 fffffa80`0a35c060 fffff800`00b9c518 fffffa80`0e89d8e0
BiosVersion = A10
BiosReleaseDate = 04/06/2010
SystemManufacturer = Alienware
SystemProductName = Aurora
MaxSpeed: 2670
CurrentSpeed: 2673
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\PalmDesert\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\112311-10046-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506
Debug session time: Wed Nov 23 09:59:05.995 2011 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 15:52:34.338
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for k57nd60a.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols coul... Read more

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Hello and HELP!Just unpacked a Dell Inspiron 530 I purchased in Jan. 2009 (long story). After hooking everything up, I turned it on. Monitor displays, just for a brief moment, just a flash really, AUTO DETECT (ANALOG INPUT) ENTERING POWER SAVE, then it turns black, and nothing I do brings it back on. This Inspiron only came with a VGA monitor plug. The flat screen has both a DVI and VGA plugs, and both the DVI and VGA cables. I plugged the VGA cable into the VGA plugs. I tried the fixes I found on this site: With pc on, unplugging VGA cable from both pc and monitor, plug back in. Disconnecting power plug from monitor, plugging back in. Upon booting, pressing F6 key. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It's past warranty. I noticed when the monitor is not plugged into the pc and I turn it on, it still flashes the AUTO DETECT (ANALOG INPUT) ENTERING POWER SAVE message, and shuts down. Could the cable be bad? Could the video card be bad? Could the video card be set to DVI? I can't even get into and see the BIOS, blind without visual. The speakers are in the monitor, and no sound is coming from them. Don't know if Windows (Vista) is even launching. Any suggestions?

A:Monitor goes immediately into POWER SAVE MODE upon bootup

I took memory cards out, lightly rubbed the copper with a rubber band, popped them back in, and viola, the screen came on!   Found this trick on the Kioskea web site. Thanks for responding though Sujatha!

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I bought a new processor and motherboard today. The Monitor upon turning on just remains in Power Saving mode. This problem occured before the purchase. Everything seems to be working. The monitor is fine, the HDMI input works fine I use it for my PS3.

The problem occured first when the computer crashed for some reason and I rebooted and then this just occured.

Thanks if you can help somehow.

A:Monitor remains in Power Saving Mode

Sorry to bump, I just really want the help.

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I left my computer running overnight as I usually do. When I went back to it this morning, it was stuck in power saving mode. When I rebooted, everything looked fine and the windows logo loaded but when I reached the login screen it went directly to Power Saving mode and got stuck there.

I am posting this from Safe Mode with Networking.

A:Monitor stuck in Power Saving Mode.

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings and change things to Never.

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I have just moved house and had to disconnect all cables - now having put them all together again my LG Screen displays lg logo but then goes into power save mode and does not display anything from pc - the pc is booting up but i cannot see anything on the screen - can anyone help? thank you

A:Help desktop monitor in power saving mode

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Hi ppl, in the last week or so i have been having a problem. Whilst playing an online game my monitor will suddenly go black and say 'power saving mode'. I am using an LG Flatron L227WT monitor and a 9800 GX2 gpu.

I have tried wiping the pc and installing new gpu drivers and wiping the pc and installing 4 month old gpu drivers from when the monitor was fine but it isnt seeming to work.

Anyone got any suggestions to why its doing this?

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I have a Dell E152FP monitor stuck on power save mode . The light is yellow when you press any of the adjustment bottoms you get "power saving mode move mouse o hit any key" Doing this do not do anything any ideas . Video card ok try another monitor works fine.

A:monitor stuck on power saving mode

Does the monitor work with different computer?

Try this.
Turnoff and unplug the monitor from the power supply and disconnect the cable to the computer.
Wait about 2 minutes, plug the electrical supply back in, turn the monitor back on and let it run its selftest.
Hopefully this will reset the monitor and you will get the no signal notification.
Connect back to the computer.

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