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Laptop won’t boot up

Q: Laptop won’t boot up

my msi gp62m 7rdx gaming notebook will not boot up. When I turn it on it shows the logo then goes to a blank grey screen, sometimes with a cursor.

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Preferred Solution: Laptop won’t boot up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, I own a ASUS rog GL752v
Today it shut off without any notice , almost as if the battery was empty , even though it was plugged in and charging.
Now whenever I try turn on the laptop there is nothing but a white led power light (lightbulb) and a green battery light, whenever I hold the power button down these lights go off , I also cannot take battery out as it?s built in.
Anyone can advise please ?

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I hope this isn't too long.
My Toshiba laptop was working fine. Our internet provider is Comcast. Comcast has replace McAfee antivirus with Nortons, and I was trying to migrate from McAfee to Norton according to Comcasts instructions. Now the laptop will not boot. This is what I get:
Power on.
Toshiba splash screen
Windows is loading files
Microsoft Corp progress bar
Startup Repair window
Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.
This gives two options:

view diagnostic and repair details This shows Number of attempts: 19, and all tests completed successfully.

Advanced Recovery Options This shows:
Startup Repair. Which always fails.
System Restore. This fails because no restore points have been created.
Windows Complete PC Restore. This fails because I dont have a backup image.
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. This found no memory errors.
Command Prompt. This gives me a DOS window, but I dont know what to do with it.
Toshiba Recovery Wizard. This will reformat C: so I have not done this.

I also found this under View Problem Details:
Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: StartUpRepairV2
Problem Signature 01: autofallover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 1245203
Problem Signature 05: CorruptRegistry
Problem Signature 06: CorruptRegistry
Problem Signature 07: 1016
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: RollbackRegistry
Problem Signature 10: 0
OS Version: 6.0.6001.2.... Read more

A:Toshiba Vista laptop won’t boot

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I have a Lenovo G51-35 laptop and it will not go past the loading screen. I have tried everything, I did the BIOS reset thing and that did nothing. I tried the automatic repair and it wouldn?t go past ?diagnosing your laptop?. Please help! I need this for school.

A:Laptop won’t boot past the loading screen

What version of Windows is your system running?

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My laptop had a problem with the hard drive (or so it seemed because it was unable to load up) What happened with the laptop was I tried to turn it on, the computer will load for a few seconds, then it will turn off. (So it never made even to the Windows logo screen).

My friend took it to the technician and the technician said it was a hard drive failure and needed to buy a new hard drive and install Windows onto it. The technician was going to charge $165 for new hard drive and Windows installation.

I thought $80 for a new hard drive than another $85 for a installation was overpriced. So I ordered the hard drive on my own and planned on replacing the hard drive myself.

So, I replaced the hard drive. What is going on now is that if I press the power button, I see the red light on the power button. Then in less than 5 seconds or so, the computer goes off. There is nothing on the screen during those 5 seconds.

This laptop is quite broken down, the CD Rom sometimes does not work. But regardless, with less than 5 seconds, it was quite hard to even eject the cd-rom. So I am not quite sure how am I supposed to go on and continue with the installation and such if the computer does not even turn itself on.

Now, is this really a hard drive problem or something else? Please help. Thank you very much in advance.

A:Laptop hard drive replaced, won’t boot up properly, shuts off in less than few second

$165 is actually a reasonable price.

If you remove the new drive, does it still shut down in 3 seconds?

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Yesterday I ran into some issues with my computer hardware - in the middle of a LoL game my computer randomly powered off instantly with no warning or anything and would not turn back on. After hours of attempts I realised when I removed the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 1x6pin connector) from my system it would power up on the integrated graphics, the motherboard green light (ASUS Z87-K) is always working also. I thought because the computer wouldn?t power up at all that there was a fault with the power supply (Cooler Master 500W) so I purchased another one (Corsair VS550W) and tried that. Still no power up with the graphics card connected, at first it would work without the graphics card also but after some tampering, replugging and cable managing now is not turning on at all, even WITHOUT my GPU attached with this brand new PSU. I?ve had the PC for just over a year and was advised maybe my old psu had just died but that appears not to be the case. I?ve also tried removing non essential components and booting but still nothing. Maybe there was something I could do in the bios and alter the settings? I did used to run the multi display bios setting which would allow me to use the integrated graphics witn one monitor and the gpu graphics with my main monitor just because I didn?t have two VGA ports (I use VGA because I have two old tv?s instead of dual monitors)

PS: I also realised upon inspection that the fan on my PSU was facing the wrong way, bl... Read more

A:PC won’t boot at all

First of all, the vs series from corsair is the lowest quality unit corsair sells. It is NOT designed nor intended for use with a real video card. Even corsair says as such
The Corsair VS550 is a great choice if you?re building a home or office system with lower power demandsClick to expand...

Installing that pw supply did nothing for troubleshooting.

Here is what I would do;
1 First and foremost, get hold of a pw supply that is actually designed for gaming or other stressful endeavor
2 Install the quality pw supply
3 Now test with and without your video card. It may be that your video card failed however no one can tell you until you use parts that are designed for what you are doing with the system

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My G40-45 will not bootup. When I turn it on it shows the Lenovo symbol then after a few seconds the revolving circle. It keeps doing this for a long time but never actually opens to Windows or main screen. It has just started happening. I have tried removing the battery and pushing power button for 30 seconds then replace battery and the same battest and power lights come on. I am not sure what to do. Thanks.

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Hi there,

Yesterday I installed my new HP Z2. How exciting.

Some software was giving trouble so I shut it down. On Restart, I could the message, ?Boot device not found.?

I went to Startup Repair buy when I launch it the window goes black then back to Startup Repair, ie nothing happens.

Can anybody help?

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Whenever I try getting on this pops up and won?t let me on.

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I went to overclock my gpu and make a stupid mistake and now my pc will not boot at all. It takes me to the recovery screen but will not recover

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I recently put together my first pc and I?m trying to install windows on it. I used the windows tool to create a USB boot device for windows 10 64 bit (my cpu is compatible), but it won?t start. I?ve tried changing boot options in the bios but both options are just my hard drive, and one has the windows help startup thing. I have a 2T hard drive, i5 cpu, 4gb of ram (1 stick, it won?t start with 2 in), a gtx 760, and a gigabyte ga h81m ds2 motherboard
*pc instead of ox in title...

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Hi, I?m not %100 sure if this is the right forum/topic, but my desktop is an Alienware x51 R2 running windows 10 and BIOS version A09 if that matters. My computer attempts to boot up and gets to the screen where it has an f2 and f12 boot settings which I fiddled around with a little, then gets to the Alienware loading screen before windows login but after about 5-10 seconds the screen goes black then the process repeats. I use this computer for mostly gaming and YouTube, studying when needed. This all began when I was playing a game, I saved the game but left it open, then went to YouTube and my screen just went black. I tried Alt f4ing a million times but eventually restarted my PC. Everything was fine until I tried loading up the game, all of the sudden my screen went white, then to a windows screen where it said windows couldn?t be loaded and asked me if I wanted to troubleshoot or reset my computer. My computer was a little cluddered and I thought a fresh reset would fix everything, but I was incredibly stupid to think that was the case. PC Reset got to %100 then it tried to reboot. Essentially, my computer threw itself into a boot loop and when the f2 f12 screen comes up, I mess with a few settings but nothing works. Please help me, and I can?t get into my computer which is why I can?t get you specific specs, sorry. To share my pain I typed this all on my 5S, just thought I might lighten the mood. The game is also called My Summer Car and I saved at the outhouse ... Read more

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Hey I?m having a problem with my windows not booting after updating drivers for the display adapter (AMD Radeon R6 display adapter) for my asus computer. I?ve tried restoring the device in safe mode to before the updates as well as rolling back the updates and it still will not boot in normal mode. Any tips would help.

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Hi Guys,

My computer won?t start, I just keep getting the same screen appearing every few seconds. Can someone please advise me on how to fix this?

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Hi guys.
I just got my XPS 15 9560 delivered from the online order yesterday around 19 hours ago. Last night I tried to power it on and undergo some setup as usual for a new laptop. All seemed fine. I did some research for a good anti virus program to have and I installed a trial for Bitdefender. My internet was not running well so I got a lot bunch of unsuccessful of windows updates. I thought to power it off and wait till the morning to do it. In the morning I powered it on to take a look with this beautiful 4k display when on my way to school. 5 minutes seemed fine. When I got to the school and sat down powering it up, got to the home desktop screen then 2 seconds later I got a blue screen and all these accumulating screen tearing flickering saying it will do the restart for me. I let go for 5 minutes but no progress on percentage status. I forced power off and when I tried turning it back on it won?t start but the light bar in the centre appeared orange and white repeatedly. After a few restarts I now totally can?t start it up anymore.
When I pressed on the power, I only get 2 orange 4 white 2 orange 4 white 2 orane 4 white then a little pause then another 3 times of the 2 orange and 4 white then the fan powers up really loud and it shuts down. ( the screen never appeared to be turned on in the process)
This is really frustrating :(((
can somebody please help me out.
I have tried to call dell support team but I am very sad to hear that the bot on the call says my expr... Read more

A:My XPS 15 9560 Won’t boot

Did you buy from Dell.com or a store?

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My Lenovo P50 is working, go away for 30 minutes and come back with the black screen. Try to power down the on again, the keyboard flash, numlock , speaker and microphone also fash then all went off. Remove the battery and plug in the AC won?t help either. Please help...

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So i have this problem with my laptop, when i power it on, it flashes ?restoring your previous version of windows? then it disappears and shuts down my computer then my computer would automatically turn on again and it goes with the same loop again. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hello. I own Dell Vostro 5568. Earlier today i was surfing the internet and my laptop just shut down instantly just like that despite the fact that i had completed charging it like 30 minutes before. Seemed weird and i couldnt turn it back on. Then i connected the charger and i could turn it on. I just let it go. An hour later the same thing happened but now i cant turn it back on even with charger plugged in. Even holding the power button does not help. Please what can i do?

A:Laptop won’t start up

Hi Koldys,Thanks for posting.Apologies that your computer is not working as expected.Have you tried taking the battery out and using the adapter plugged in?  If it works, then it would indicate the battery has failed.  If it still does not work, then the charging/power circuit is probably at fault.  If that's the case, the motherboard would have to be replaced. 

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so when I turn on my dell p20t
It simply asks for current password.
What can I do please? There are no password hint options or alternate profiles to sign in under. I don?t ever remember setting up this password. I use facial recognition and my Microsoft ID. Please help out. I catch a train tomorrow morning and I need to get my laptop running long before I leave.

A:Windows 8 won’t boot up without password

If it is asking for a login account password I assume you would use the password for your Microsoft ID.

If it is asking for a UEFI or BIOS password you need to find out who set one.

If you are really still running Windows 8 I strongly advise that you get the free upgrade to the still supported 8.1.

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I brought a thinkpad got it straight out of the box charge the battery, turn it on and got this message operating system could not load critical driver missing out contains errors what does this mean and how can it be resolved.

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Hi, my Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series will not boot. When I press the power button, I hear a clicking sound, the LED light flashes once. I?ve tried booting without the battery, booting without the charger and nothing works. I?ve even tried draining it?s residual power and same outcome.

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We recently changed out the keyboard and the ac jack. The battery is being recharged with the yellow light on! There is not any power whatsoever! It won’t even try to come on! Any suggestions, we thought about doing a CMOS reset! We have already done the whole, take the battery out and reset thing! Any help will be greatly appreciated. By the way, the last time we used this computer it worked, but that was like two years ago! It just had problems with the power jack. Maybe we did something taking it apart? My husband was very careful. We just don’t want to spend a ton getting it fixed. Also, how do you tell if the motherboard is bad? Thanks, Misty

A:HP Pavilion ze4630 won’t boot?

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A friend?s ThinkCentre A57 Type 9202 currently refuses to boot.  At first, it locked up hard a few times during routine operations, but now generally doesn?t even display the initial BIOS screen.  More specifically, 90 times out of 100, when the Power switch is pressed, the screen remains blank and the fans continue to operate at high speed.9 times out of 100, the initial ThinkCentre screen displays, but nothing further, and the fans return to low speed after about five seconds (as one would expect normally).1 time out of 100, the Windows screen offering to start up in Safe Mode displays, but nothing further, and the fans return to low speed. One other oddity is that the USB dongle for the wireless keyboard frequently displays no indicator light, even though a digital camera subsequently connected to the same port indicates that it?s charging. This is most likely a red herring, since the same keyboard works properly when connected to a ThinkPad, and in any case, POST should detect and protest a missing keyboard.  (Shouldn?t it?) I removed the HDD to an external USB cage and copied its data to another machine, so that?s working properly.  My friend reported that removing the drive had no effect on boot-time behavior. This has otherwise been a fast and reliable machine, and I?d hate to see it junked?especially since I recently spent a day upgrading it from Vista to Windows 7. The problem is similar t... Read more

A:ThinkCentre A57 Won’t Boot (or Even POST?)

ETA: We've already tried wiggling all of the internal connectors, the RAM, and the PCI cards.

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I have a Acer ES1-711 ZYL laptop. I have taken the entire laptop apart and put it back together but no matter what I do it won?t charge. The LED lights won?t turn on. I don?t know what else to do.

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for some reason my L and O keys on my laptop have suddenly stopped working preventing me from logging into my computer how can I fix it

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Intel i3 7100
Motherboard: msi b250m pro-vdh
2 x 8gb crucial ddr4 2133mhz
500w Tesla psu
Windows 10 pro on 120gb wd ssd
1tb wd hdd
Graphics card: Asus Radeon 7770 2gb

This is the first computer I have built, and it works completely fine without the graphics card. The card was given to me by my brother in law a few days after I built it, it?s new but has been sat boxed in his house for over a year. Anyway when I install the card, my pc fails to boot and I get a vga light on the ez debug on the motherboard, doesn?t even get to the bios.
I have updated the bios, I?ve ensured it is fully seated in the pcie slot, I?ve tried with just one stick ram in slot one, I have installed the drivers for it.
Also if it makes a difference I?m using a 2 x4 pin molex to 6 pin pcie adapter, but I?ve been told my psu should be capable for this setup?
Any help on this would much appreciated, thanks

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I got windows 10 to create on my hard drive, but it needed to reset so it did, and now my computer won?t post like it should, it tries to but the monitor stays blank

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My HP Laptop is not even opening up the WiFi icon when the mouse is over the icon it says not connected but my WiFi is very good, when the computer runs a test it says it can not fix the problems so I don?t know what is wrong with it it?s a brand new laptop about 3 months old and I barely use it

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My battery wound up dead after charging a while ago. So, I used the laptop without a battery with it plugged. Then it just shuts off as if it were over heating. Now, it never wants to come on. There are no lights indicating of life or charge and I tried different methods to bring it back to life but none work.

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my laptop is glitching and will not let me press on apps. I?ve signed out and gone to task control but it still will not work. I have an essay due at 12:00 and I need to get it in. Help?!?!

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im struggling to connect my laptop to WiFi as it will not recognise it unless I?m right next to the router. The WiFi works fine on all other devices but not my laptop. Any ideas?

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I have a Lenovo V510-15IKB on which Windows 10 64bit had been running until I updated the BIOS zu version 2WCN37WW. It looks as if the update was successful. In the BIOS I can see the new BIOS version, but I can?t boot into Windows anymore. After I press the power button I get stuck in the boot menu. Selecting the HDD on which Windows is installed doesn?t help. I get pulled back in the boot menu.
in the BIOS under ?Security?>HDD Password? its value is ?Frozen?. I don?t know what that means.
Can somebody help me?
1st image removedhttp://abload.de/image.php?img=56c29f0f-7807-441a-ag4j8s.jpeghttp://abload.de/image.php?img=b4776acd-cd8e-47e6-85ojjb.jpeghttp://abload.de/image.php?img=8ed2117c-fc6a-49e1-a2vjur.jpeghttp://abload.de/image.php?img=e5d5f8b1-efb7-49da-btjk3f.jpeg
Mod's Edit: Image removed for the owner's protection as it showed the serial number of the system. Please edit out the serial number if you wish to re-post the image. Thanks!

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Ok, so if I were to try and help anyone, Id only be able to tell them how to make a bad problem even worse.

I have an HP DV2000 laptop running a Windows Vista Home Edition (in english) it came with.

I was getting random warnings from my Norton 360 (a very lousy software, mind you) about a Vundo infection. Norton scanned my computer a couple times, but it never went away (neither the virus nor the Norton software).

I ran Hijackthis a couple times and identified a couple of .dll files in my Windows/System32 directory with random letters as names. Hijack this couldnt fix them, so I booted into safe mode and deleted all of them but one. This last one was "in use by the system", Vista warned me.

Then I booted up again normally. I unchecked as many boxes in msconfig as I could understand, including the random letter dlls and a MS Server random letter file.

I ran a Uniblue registry cleaner software (which I own) and fixed a couple registry lines.

Then, without restarting, I ran regedit and hit F3 looking for entries referring to the last random-letter.dll file. I deleted a couple of the first ones, and then decided to modify each entry I found referring to the random-letter file into blank. I swept the whole registry three or four times, and every time I found a new entry. Just to make clear, I changed only those that had the whole "UWLDJKU.dll" string (not quite those letters, but something close to it).

Then I just got tired and rebooted.

Then all ... Read more

A:Solved: Tried removing Vundo now Vista won´t boot up

Got the Vista DVD. Restored back to a Uniblue restore point. all is good. Back to my normal infected computer, but thats a different thread...

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I am struggling to connect my dell  inspiron 15R 5537  to Belkin router. Please help 

A:Why dell laptop won’t connect to wireless network ?

Is the wireless access point open, or encrypted (it should be encrypted)?

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Hi guys, I REALLY need help with this one. I have never, in my nearly 20 years with PCs, seen anything like this.

First of all, this is about a totally updated, with all the newest drivers, etc etc - Win XP SP3, protected by an equally updated Kaspersky 09.
This morning I started up my PC and everything worked fine. Checked my email (only good ones from two friends, no virus or anything), turned off the system and went to university.

This evening I came back, started the system - and...

Well, Windows boots fine. I am on the desktop. All the icons are there, taskbar, etc - but I can?t open any folder, start NO programs, nothing works. I can open the start menu, go to each and every subfolder in there, but I can?t start anything. I can right click on the taskbar and see the settings, but I can?t right click on the desktop (or any of it?s icons).
So, I rebooted and made sure my CPU and RAM are still "there", because I thought that maybe the BIOS shat itself and it adjusted my CPU down or something - nope, every Hz of CPU and kb of RAM is still there.
Well, I CAN start taskmanager. It says that at system start up, explorer.exe is going around 90-100%. Then Kaspersky comes and they both switch around, always keeping the system at 100%. Then sooner or later both of them go down to normal values, going into mid-regions, but always dropping down again....but I can STILL not do anything with the system! If I kill explorer.exe, all the CPU usage drops to 1-2%, bu... Read more

A:Windows won´t start programs, right after boot nothing works anymore

I am having the same problem. Have you solved your problem?

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I was working on my computer when the monitor spontaneously went into Power Saver mode and turned off. I was forced to do a hard shut down using the power button. I tried restarting the computer and got to the Windows logo before the screen went into Power Saver mode again. After another hard shut down, I restarted and only got to the Dell screen before losing the monitor again. A few more tries produced various results – in some cases, the monitor continued to go out from the Dell screen, while in some cases it would just sit on the Dell screen indefinitely, there was even one time through that it reached the auto-chkdsk stage, but promptly died a few minutes into that. I can select F2 or F12 from the Dell screen – but it doesn’t actually enter the BIOS setup or the Boot menu before the monitor dies again. It seems as though it sometimes finishes POST and other times it doesn’t, though I don’t hear any beeps in either case. (Yes, there is an internal speaker connected.)
It strikes me as being a problem with the BIOS or the video card – but it is really hard for me to tell. There could be a problem with the OS on the drive, but it doesn’t seem to get far enough in the boot process for me to think that’s the problem. I’ve read a number of posts with similar symptoms, but they don’t seem to ever run into the problem of not even being able to get into the BIOS setup or Boot menu, so it’s hard to know if they&rsquo... Read more

A:My monitor keeps going into Power Saver mode and my computer won’t boot.

Nobody can possibly help you unless you post the exact PC model and version of Windows.

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Hello. I have Windows XP Home Edition, SP2 on two separate bootable hard drives in my Dell XPS B1000r. I have my 80 GB main hard drive and a 40 GB extra hard drive. I mainly boot from my main 80 GB hard drive, and thats the drive that wont boot after I changed the drive letter.

I wanted to rename the Drive letters associated with each of these hard drives. I was able to change the extra hard drive using the Disk Management option. I was not able to change the letter of my main hard drive, because I booted from it. I used Regedit to change the boot drive letter, based on the Microsoft Help & Support article:

I renamed the main 80 GB drive from F: to C:. I then renamed the extra 40 GB drive from I: to D:.

This wasnt a smart move on my part, because after I renamed the main bootable hard drive, Windows will not load on that drive. When I boot to my main drive, I get the Windows Welcome screen that hangs there for hours. When I force restart, I can boot onto the extra 40 GB hard drive, though.

Troubleshooting I tried:
I tried starting the main drive in Safe Mode, but it wont load. I also tried starting the main drive with Last Known Good Configuration, but get the same Welcome screen and it wont load any further.

I believe I need to get into my registry for the main drive. Can anyone help me to get back into the registry for this ma... Read more

A:Changed Boot Drive Letter in Registry, Now XP Won’t Start

put your xp cd in your drive,boot from it.enter the recovery consol by pressing R.
Log onto windows in the boot drive and type in "fixmbr" no "" in it.


Repairs the master boot record of the boot disk. The fixmbr command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console

fixmbr [device_name]



The device (drive) on which you want to write a new master boot record. The name can be obtained from the output of the map command. An example of a device name is:



The following example writes a new master boot record to the device specified:

fixmbr \Device\HardDisk0

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When ever I hit the power button nothing happens and there are no lights on power button at all. I have bought new ac adapter and also have hold power button for between 30-2 minutes with no power cable plugged in and it still won?t power up. What is my issue? Can some one help please?

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Hi there,i just unpacked my laptop from a flight and now it suddenly doesn?t turn on anymore.when I press the power button nothing happens, no indicator leds, nothing. When I release the button I hear that thud noise you hear when you manually kill a laptop by keeping the button down. Now the weirdest thing: when I plug in the adaptor the fans start spinning like crazy, immediately when I plug it in, I don?t even need to push the power button.the same thing happens when the laptop is unplugged and I keep the power/reset button down for a longer time, the fans start spinning out of control but no leds, no nothing, and they immediately stop when I let go.If anyone has any clue how this could be or what to do please tell me. I will contact the seller on Monday (I have had this laptop for 2.5 years, thank god the insurance runs for three years) but as I?ve just moved to another country I?m not sure if that?s going to work out.Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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My Windows XP wont let me log in, when you click on the icon to log in it goes right to log out and back to the login icon? I have tried that by logging into F8 safe mode and it does the same thing with the admin account. I ran UBCD and found over 500 critical malwares and clean them up. But what ever hit this PC did a good job. I have never seen this type of issue and I have been repair PC since the 80808.

A:XP won’t let me log in

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Hi all.
So I'm having this font? issue on some web pages, one of them my ebay log-in page. This one is off a Yahoo news page( Won't). Freaking me out, so I don't login. Can someone please tell me what may be causing this? Thanks in advance.

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whenever I click ?this pc? it crashes and won?t open.

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https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/9dcaip/pc_wont_loginstay_on/?st=JLPT8SLE&sh=d304ccc3 https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/9dcaip/pc_wont_loginstay_on/?st=JLPT8SLE&sh=d304ccc3

https://www.reddit.com/r/computer_h...boots_but_wont_login/?st=JLPT9676&sh=38462451 https://www.reddit.com/r/computer_h...boots_but_wont_login/?st=JLPT9676&sh=38462451

A:Pc won’t login

Error code 0xc0000225

Please helpppp

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Guys please help!!!!

last year my dad bought me a Pre-built computer with these specs:

i5 7400

unknkwn aftermarket cooler

16gb DDR4 ram (don?t know where from)

Asus h110m-a

gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb

2tb hard drive

250gb ssd

asus optical drive

600watt psu

but my friend gave me a gt 710 1gb gddr5 and I wanted 4 ram slots for future upgrades so I bought an ASRock H270M Pro4.

Today I took out my old motherboard installed the new one and added the extra card but now my pc won?t turn on. Absolutely nothing happens, no lights no fans , nothing.

Please help because my dad is really angry at me.

A:HELP pc won’t turn on

You can start out by reading this guide:


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Help! We have a 2 month old P51 and it shut off while on charger power and now won?t turn back on. It is still plugged into the charger but  none of the indicator lights are lit. i have checked all the connections and switched power outlets.Thoughts as to whether this could be an issue with the charger or the computer itself? Thanks in advance. 

A:P51 won’t power on

First thing is when you plug in the charger, does the little THinkPad red led flash 3 times on the top ? If not, then the power block is not being recogized. Remove the power cable and the battery, press and hold the power button on the ThinkPad for 10 seconds. Then, before putting the battery back in, keep the lid closed. Plug in the power cable. Does the red led on the "i" of ThinkPad blink 3 times? If not, one of two things could be dead:  Either the powerpack (more common) or something inside the ThinkPad. I would strongly suggest that you find yourself another powerpack and see what happens...

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Intel Core i7 7700K Kabylake 4.2GHz 8MB No HSF Retail Box
Gigabyte B250M-D3H LGA1151 mATX Desktop Motherboard
G.Skill 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4 Ripjaws Red C15 2133MHz
Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 2280 SSD
FSP Raider Edition 750W 80PLUS Silver Power Supply

Above is the specs...

Today I put my computer into sleep mode, walked back in 10 minutes later to try and get computer back on. Nothing of the usual sort was working (clicking mouse, moving mouse, pressing keyboard key), so I tried restarting computer and nothing happened. All of a sudden it won?t turn on at all, no whirring of a fan, no lights apart from the occasional quick red light on the front but doesn?t happen every time I press the power button. I have checked all cables are secure, turned power off at wall and on again etc and nothing.

I?m a small business owner and not particularly tech savvy but I have a small idea of hardware. Please help! This PC is less than a year old.

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