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secondary harddisk problem

Q: secondary harddisk problem

i recently got an additional 160 gb harddisk for my old pc.... and made my older 40 gb hd into the secondary drive... i have windows xp system
the older drive has 4 partitions... wen i check in MY COMPUTER the 4th partition in the secondary drive is shown as 6.91 gb... with free space of 1.11 gb... earlier, ie after the drives had been put in and the pc running fine, i could not access the data on the 4th part of the 40 gb older drive and even after trying with data recovery software i gave up n just formated it.... but even after the format the drive size is still being shown as..
free space:1.11 gb
total size : 6.91 gb..
is der any way i can fix this problem?this 40 gb hdd is 3 yrs old,... is it possible dat it is physically damaged?..


Preferred Solution: secondary harddisk problem

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: secondary harddisk problem

I don't think it is damaged. Go to administrative tools via the control panel, run computer management then select disk management. (Take care here) Right click on the drive that has the problem and delete the 6GB partition. You should be able to see the full capacity of the drive in unallocated space. Create a new partition using all the space and let your system format the drive. Thinks should be fine if that is the case.

If you can see your old partitions in disk management but they are displayed as unknown or something you may have formated them as dynamic volumes before. In that case it could be possible to access their data if you need to but please ask around on how to do this-sorry I don't know!

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Hi All, I have 1 TB internal harddisk in my lenovo z50-70. I am thinking to replace the current harddisk with new 1tb internal storage(hdd or ssd) depending of my storage needs. If I plan to purchase 1 more 1tb drive , can the 9.5mm caddy support 1tb drive ?scenario: 1tb internal and 1tb replaced instead of caddy.

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I have 40GB harddisk and now I am moving to 120GB SATA hardisk. But i want all the data with softwares, plugins and all the windows settings to be transferred in the 120 GB harddisk.

There is any way so that all files and setttings will transferred and I dont have to install everything again.

In my system Windows XP Pro SP1 is installed.

A:Transfer data/settings from small harddisk to big harddisk

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Hello all,

I need some advice.

I recently replaced my old harddisk to a new harddisk. The old harddisk has windows xp home and other programs installed.

I did not format the old harddisk, I only took out the old harddisk and replaced it with a new harddisk. I then installed windows xp home to the new harddisk.

While I am installing programs on the new harddisk, I discovered that one of the programs do not allow me to activate the program license because I have previously activated the program on my old windows. I need to do a proper uninstallation to release the license, then I can activate the license of the program in the new harddisk.

My question is, can I take out my current new harddisk, replace it with the old harddisk, boot up as normal into the old harddisk windows, uninstall the program inside the old harddisk, then replace the old hardisk with my new harddisk again.

Will I be able to access the old windows on the old harddisk?
Will it mess up my current windows/programs settings?
Will my current new harddisk windows be able to work as normal after accessing the old harddisk windows?
I thought of accessing the old harddisk as a slave, but I do not know if it is possible to access the old harddisk and do a proper uninstall of the program?
Is there any better way of uninstalling the program on my old harddisk?

Thanks in advance.

A:Accessing Win XP on old harddisk to uninstall programs after installing new harddisk

you have to swap out the drive completely. at no time should you have both hdd plugged in.

repeat, do not run them as master and slave. run each hdd individually at each time only.........

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My don't start.I need a recovery cd or usb. On the mean time bought a new harddisk now I need Windows 10.Try to do factory configuration, but nothing. Or simple I can't do that.I have never made a recovery cd. M#: E0K02UAS#: 5CG3254F3L

A:Harddisk problem

If you have previously installed and activated the Windows 10 you can reinstall it without a license key. The hardware id is stored on MS servers and will activate automatically.Use the directions here to "create installation media to use on another pc".https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10

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Good morning.I have tried everything that's possible with my laptop.I can't get it to work. I try to do a factory reset but nothing.Is it not possibe to get a windows 10 recovery USB stick from hp support?or Ihave bought one, where can I get one?

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I have recently had a problem with my pc and have lost important data. I was able to recover some by using recovery software. So i decided to buy a external USB HD for backing up my data from now on. Although the USC HD worked on a friends PC with XP it does not work on mine with a Win 98SE OS.
I can see the HD in windows explorer but when i try to access it, it says that the drive is not formatted and asks if i want to format it. But the HD is already formatted. I did it on the friends machine (XP) where we copied some program files that i might need on my own system (winamp3, anti-spy etc.).

Although i tried hard to get the new HD working with the external usb case i could not succeed so i decided to install it in my case as a slave driver. (Yes, i did changed the jumper settings correctly). Now, both in windows system and bios settings the new HD is visible but no drive letter is assigned to it and i can not access it in windows explorer.

Please, help. I am about to loose my mind...


A:Harddisk problem

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My harddisk is keep working, although I do nothing. Even I close all applications, it still running and cause my computer work very slow.
I don't really know what happen with my computer. If anybody know how to fix it, please tell me.

thanks you!!

A:Got a harddisk problem!! need some help!! plz!!

Please post more details!! Like anything strange happen lately, recent downloads, hardware changes, do you run a firewall, virus protection, system specs etc. etc.

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Sir, i've 80 gb harddisk, but unfortunately while i'm formatting it, it shows me only 37.7 gb instead of 80 gb. So, sir please help me urgently to solve this problem.

A:problem in harddisk

First, please confirm that the hard disk contains only one partition and that it uses all the space on the hard drive. If that is the case then I would guess that chkdsk has over the years identified (and marked unusable) about half the sectors on the disk. That is unlikely; more likely you are talking about a partition that is only about half the hard disk.

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I have a laptop HDD in an enclosure as an external drive & have had it for about 4 months. It uses usb port. I was using my computer & the hdd was working fine when suddenly as i was downloading something it could not finish dloading because it said the (already written) files could not be detected. Then i disconnected the cable & replugged it & the green light turned on in HDD but it still wasnt detecting it. Then i thought maybe something was wrong or stuck in hdd so i took it out of the enclosure & everything looked fine so i put it back & when i went to plug it in a error showed at lower right of the screen which said that the port hub had a power surge & to disco the hdd & click reset. (Also the green light didnt even turn on this time.) So i did. Then i thought i always used only one end of the usb cable (Double header) so i didnt get why it didnt work but i went ahead & tryed using both heads of the cable & still again said the same thing. I always had enough power so i dont get it. I plugged in my ipod into the usb port & it works good. What should i do?

A:HardDisk Problem

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Hello, my friend recently formated one of his hdd (the main), he put windows XP on it.. evreything works fine... on the bootup it finds 2 hdd.. so evreything is normal... same thing in the bios... but once he goes on my computer there's only one hdd, only the master.. it looks like that it doesn't find the slave. You guys have some advices?? Please let me know as soon as possibile.


A:Problem with Harddisk!

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I have a strange problem with my harddisk. There'e a light idicator on my computer shows that if the harddisk is running or not. After restarting my computer, this ididicator shows that the harddisk is running. This light lasts for many hours even I stopped all the programs running and Internet is disconnected. THe only way to stop this idicator is running a virus scan on the harddisk. After that scan, the idicator's light stops showing that nothing is using the harddisk. The virus scan shows that my computer is clean. Some days this problem doesn't appear but most days I have to do scan. I forced to do this scan because neglecting this may lead to harddisk failure as it happend before.

Any help?

A:Problem with harddisk

Hello Newtonx,

This is normal for there to almost always be some activity on your hard disk. Vista has many background programs and services that are constantly accessing the hard disk. Some of the most common ones are the Index updating the index during low or idle usage of the computer, System Protection creating a restore point, scheduled Disk Defragmenter scans, etc........

Hope this helps,

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I have a 210GB Hard drive and apparently i only have 16GB of space left. This didn't look right to me so i went into my Cdrive and checked the size of each folder and added them up on a calculator. Not counting folders that were a few MB or KB the calculator told me i have only used approximately 146GB of space. I ran a defrag and cleanup only a few days ago. So what's going on?

Here are the folders in my C drive:

Program Files = 2GB
Program Files (x86) = 70GB
Windows Folder = 23GB
Users = 44.6GB
SwSetup = 6GB
Temp = 0 bytes
PerfLogs = 0 bytes
Intel = 604KB
inetpub = 188KB
IExp1.tmp = 0 bytes
IExp0.tmp = 0 bytes
Games = 126MB
col1832 = 2.16MB
ATI = 248MB
AMD = 3.87

A:HardDisk Problem

Are you counting hidden and system files?

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My hard disk did not detecting when i connect hard disk to the pc the system will restarts
please anyone can help

A:harddisk problem

Remove temporarily the HDD while computer is turned off and unplugged. Does it reboot also?

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Hi, My Hp touchSmart 15-j949us; M#: E0K02UA; S#: 5CG3254F3L. Comes with windows 8.1 pro installed. This was 2 years ago. In 1915 I have upgrade to windows 10.I have had problem with my fanmotor. After replacing the fanmotor, the machine will not start.What must I do to get back to windows 10 after factory reset. I have not execute it yet. I got an mesage that said: www.hp.com/go/techcenter/startup

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My old 80GB crapped out on me, or so lengthy revival attempts showed, after a "Disk Read Error" message and reboot cycle on startup. So my friend gave me his old 40GB drive that may or may not have been formatted, he doesn't recall. I plug the Master ribbon cable and power connector to the drive, put my XP disk into my CD drive (to install XP when the time comes) and power on. The drive spins up. I get "Detecting Primary Master..............." or some such and then it goes to a black screen with a little flashing underscore. Oddly enough the light in my optical mouse flashes in time with it.

Am I just missing something in the reformat process or do I have something more to be concerned about?

Update: Okay, I changed my boot order so now I can get the XP CD to start starting. But part way through it stops and gives me "SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" and then tells me to make sure any new hardware is properly installed. It adds the Technical Information of "STOP: 0x0000006F (0x00000020, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)" I'm using the ribbon-cable designated Master... does it matter if I use P4 or P5 for power?

It doesn't appear that Jumper position is the issue since I've tried it on Master and Cable Select with the same result...

Edit 2: XP disk was only an Upgrade so I'm up the creek at the moment. I'll try again later. Bah!

A:Harddisk install problem

First, try to format the drive with delpart to be sure, that all partitions which may have been created are delete Can you put the jumper on slave mode ? Or was your other drive master?

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I have just bought a new USB Harddisk case and plug it in onto my laptop, at first, it works fine. But in the past few days, Window XP cannot recognise the HD as "USB Mass Storage Device" as it used to be.

Now whenever I plug my USB cable in the port, it only shows "Unknown Device" under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers

What has gone wrong?

Thanks, guys !!!! This has been bothering me for a while..


A:USB External Harddisk problem

This little raindance will usually fix this issue.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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I have WD Passport 320GB. I am using different desktop PC and laptops. All the window operating systems are XP. The problem is that pc or Laptop not always can recognise this USB HD.
Any suggestions to solve this problem
Thank you.

A:USB External Harddisk Problem

And what would the problem be?

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hello guys on my external hard disk i have 4 folders with some files i never sav that i cant delete.. windows gives me a error
this folders have weird names like
how can i delete this folders

A:windows xp harddisk problem

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Hello everybody.
I have installed my new Win8 and it seems it is in conflict with my second harddrive - WDC WD3200AAKB-00WHA0.
When the drive is plugged in, Win8 won't start at all, when I remove it, Win8 boots normally (from my first harddrive).
BIOS settings are correct, the first booting device is the first harddrive, where win8 is installed.
All HDDs are SATA.

Please, do you have any comments, any ideas?

Thank you very much!


A:win8 and harddisk problem

What happens if you plug it in after restarting? If lucky, then you could get control of it, maybe.

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My XP does not detect my other harddisk (slave). Bios detects it but when windows starts i cannot access the drive. computer management-> disk managment does not do the trick this time. i installed windows again, and the drive was detected, but after a couple of boots it was the same. The harddisk cannot be found by windows. Both of my harddisks are Seagate Barracuda (master 120gb, slave 80gb) . I tried both of the disks on another computer and they worked fine. What is this, can anyone help?

A:Harddisk detection problem

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Good day!

I need help please. I have a seagate hard disk 80 GB. the problem started with a disk error then the bios now only detect 11BG of the total 80GB. How can i resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:Seagate Harddisk Problem

Go to your HD manufacturer's web site download and run the HD diagnostic utility.

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I'm having problems with this 80GB WD IDE harddisk I purchased 6 months ago. It was working perfectly fine until recently. Nowadays it suddenly disappears from Windows and BIOS without a warning. Then I turn my system off for a few minutes and then turn it back on and it's working again. I have Ariolic ActiveSMART software installed and it shows no problems with that particular harddisk. My system is an Intel 865PERL motherboard with P4 3Ghz HT, running a Windows XP Pro with all the updates installed for hardware and software.

I will appreciate any help/suggestions to resolve this problem

A:Weird harddisk problem

Have you checked the ribbon cable to make sure its securely seated? If it passes S.M.A.R.T. tests but occationally fails thats the first place I'd check. If that doesnt' fix it, try an entirely new ribbon cable. Also be sure to check the molex connector.

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Hi all,
Recently i have purchased 1TB Lacie external hard disk.I am unable to access the hard drive when connected to PC.When it is powered on it is giving sound.


A:Reg. harddisk access problem

Is the external drive formatted?

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hi..my harddisk screwed up..i'm able to start up the pc but it does not load windows where a blue screen is shown for 1 second and then it restarts itself..i sent it for repair and the guy said that my harddisk partition is screwed up and he cant reinstall windows..is this possible?

which is a better brand? western digital, maxtor, or seagate?

A:can a harddisk boot if there's problem with partition?

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i got eject problem everytime i plug any usb drive
when i open the process using a program called "procexp" or process explorer that i downloaded , i found some process preventing the safely remove hardware
Screenshot below :

the process is :
1. $extend/$metadata
2. System Volume Information

edit : i cant close the handle (process) it say "the handle is invalid"
i am using win 10 build 10586

please help me, any comment is greatly appreciated

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Assume I have a rather new external (Toshiba) 3TB USB harddisk.

During the last days I experienced a data loss because one of the data blocks on the hard disk seems to get damaged.

I run a surface test with one of these hardidsk management tools like Minitool Partition Wizard.

It shows exactly ONE bad block on the hard disk (see attached snapshot).

So if I backup the current stuff to another hard disk, then re-format the hard disk and finally re-transfer the data files on the hard disk in focus: Can I continue to use this hard disk without problems?

I have heard that new hard disks are smart enough to exclude such error blocks from their internal table of free available blocks.
So if I later copy some files onto it then the files will NEVER be copied to the bad block.
It will be completely invisible in the future.

Is this correct?

Thank you

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Hi, I have a boot problem.when i do the Harddisktest it gives a failure:u4G42K-5SU8HT-MFPV5F-60W303with product id: A1Z63EA#ABH I used UBUNTU to save files from my harddisk, so i can see the maps. Is it possible that it is stil broken? regards, Patrick  


View Solution.

A:boot problem/ harddisk problem

Hi,It had failed. You need to replace hard drive with new one of similar form factor2.5 inch SATA HDDhttp://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c03025707Use recovery media to factory reset after replacement.Your came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bitRegardsVisruth

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Hello. Approx two hours ago I was watching some google pictures. After clicking one of them, I noticed the Java-program/script or something ran for two seconds. I thought it was harmless.A few minutes later I was going to find something in my documents folder, where I noticed every file was gone from the folder. The files were showed on Windows/Start->All programs-> and I could see the files where you can usually start programs. The were also some scanner icon to left, not normal ones. It was definetely new icons, that look like all other virus ikons. Also I couldnt open programs as far as I can remember, but somehow I managed to open taskmanagr, but not the original but processexplorer or something(I've had a virus before, where I tas told to download that program from this site). I exited those progresses that I knew were the suspicious ones. After a while, trying to check up on internet my computer shut down itself. I ran it in safemode afterwards, running Malwarebytes program, cant remember full name but I got it from here. There were zero infections. Afterwards I could actually use ad-aware, I ran a scan, deleted two infections and went to safemode again. I tried hijackthis at first, but I was told I "administrator has set the system settings that prevent this installation" or something like that. I'm norwegian so sorry for the bad translation. I got it to work by saving it to the desktop. Here is the log, I still haven't shutdown computer ... Read more

A:My documents folder content removed, harddisk problem etc. Headache virus..

I'm also curious how I will recover the files from my documents as I can now remember they were gone from Start-All programs (plus recycle bin) too?

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Hello everybody,
I have the following problem:
I have an Alienware 17 laptop. When the charging cable (while attached to the laptop) is put into the socket, the laptop makes a beeping noise, and switches on - well, something is switched on.
There is no proper boot, but I can can hear the harddisk spinning. It will stay like that, until i push the Reset button, upon which the laptop boots properly.
I wonder, what is the reason for this behaviour & is there a chance that this will damage my hardware?
At any rate, I would very much like to stop this behaviour.
Your help is much appreciated.

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hi all,
I am running a winxp pro sp2 system. i had two maxtor hard drives on it working perfectly untill i decided to format my primary hard drive. at the moment when running windows, i cant access the secondary hard drive. I can see the drive in bios and all the parameters are correct. the jumpers on the device are correct too. device manager recognises the drive as well and reports no problems with it. even disk management reports the drive (although it assigns to it no letter) as healthy and active.

when first i installed the secondary drive and formatted it, i've installed windows on it (in case my primary got corrupted to be able to access the system). when trying to boot from the secondary, it wont let me. it tries to load norton go back (i had it on my primary) and reports a norton go back internal error and prompts me to reboot.

any input as to how i can access it with out formatting it will be greatly appreciated since i have all my work on it and cant afford a format on it.

Processor authentic AMD athlonxp 2400+ 2000 MHz
memory 1.02 Gb (1 048 048 Kb) ROW-0: 512 Mb(DIMM,SDRAM) ROW-1: 256 Mb(DIMM,SDRAM) ROW-2: 256 Mb(DIMM,SDRAM)
video cardNVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 (64.0 Mb): 1152 x 864 - True Color (32 bit)
sound card Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)
operating system Windows XP Professional U.S. English 5.1 (build 2600 Service Pack 2)

A:secondary HD problem

grem said:

even disk management reports the drive (although it assigns to it no letter) as healthy and active.Click to expand...

Why don't you manualy assign it a drive letter ?

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I am see the attached error.

My system p3 650 384mb ram 2x 20gb h/d ide1
cd/rom cd/rw dvd ide 2
w98se. 2nd h/d formatted no data.

Any ideas what occurring?



A:Secondary IDE problem

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I recently installed a new cd rw in my older compaq desktop. I configured it as the master and the old cd rom as the slave. Upon restarting my computer it did not boot properly, goes to a blank screen and hangs. The computer will start in the safe mode and will also start normally if I disable the secondary IDE controller in the device manager. Any ideas?

A:Secondary IDE problem

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Okay,i just decided to add a second hard drive to my computer so i made my first hard drive Primary IDE master and the new hard drive Primary IDE slave.then i placed my DVDRW as Secondary IDE master, booted up computer and yay! i have 2 hard drives but no dvd drive,WTF.i checked device manager but no CD/DVD in device manager.so i checked BIOS and everything is enabled and the Bios shows my dvd drive in secondary ide master.so i swaped new hard drive with dvd drive and voila i have dvd drive but no second hard drive.i don't understand how the bios can see the drive but not the Vista.

PS:i've tried with both 40 and 80 wire ribbon.

PPS:BIOS setting read
secondary IDE master [auto]
access mode. [auto]
Capacity. 0MB
Cylinder. 0
head. 0
sector. 0
PIO Mode. [auto]
UDMA Mode. [auto]
Transfer Mode. UDMA 4

Disk managment shows both hard drives but no DVD drive

Motherboard: A8N SLI deluxe
DVD Drive: LiteON LH-18A1P


A:Secondary IDE Problem

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I currently have an AsRock G pro mainboard which seems to have a problem with the secondary IDE.
It doesn't seem to matter what drives I put on it I still get the same result.
The system is ment to have a DVD and a CD-RW drives on it (the DVD is set to master and the CD-RW is the slave). I have tried serveral different cables as well as changing the master/slave config around.

However when I have at least one device plugged into it, during the auto detection in the BIOS it will sit there saying its detecting for say around 30seconds then detects nothing and moves onto the IDE Slave device and does the same (even if there is no slave device attached).

I have also flashed the BIOS to the newest version as recommended by the supplier of the mainboard.

Does anyone have any suggestions to what I can try?

-by the way, changing the auto detect setting in the BIOS to CD/DVD makes no difference.

A:Secondary IDE Problem

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Hi, hope somebody can help, i have a Tiny computer with Windows Xp Preinstalled, due to problems i have just formatted my hard drive, when i bought this PC from tiny it did not have the XP/OS disk included, as i had ME from my last PC i Bought XP upgrade, so after i formatted i installed ME with the intension of upgrading to XP, but when Windows ME finally booted up the CD Drive was not present, and in the Device Manager it says that there is a problem with the Secondary IDE Controller, it was fine before i formatted and must of been OK for me to install Windows ME????? can anybody help????? Thanks

A:Secondary IDE Problem

Make sure to install the chipset drivers, you have two choices

1. Download them from the internet and install them or

2. Go to bootdisk.com and download a Windows 98 boot disk and copy your drivers cd to your hard drive using DOS.

Good Luck

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Ok... I was redoing my system and left my External USB HD plugged in and turned on. (First problem...). Anyways. I was having some problems getting windows to repartition my primary hd and re-install windows on it. I did fdisk /mbr... to no avail. I then relized i had my Ext HD plugged in and on. I unplugged it and whola! installation went smoothly...

When I plugged my Ext HD back in it says "Drive Not Formated" OH NO!!! Lots of valueable data is on that drive and i can't lose it. I think the MBR / Partition Table of that hard drive was written over and perhaps i just need to restore / rebuild the MBR or Partition Table for that drive...

If that is the case... I can't find out how to repair or rebuild the MBR / Partition Table of secondary hard drives (or external for that matter). Will someone please stear me in the right direction. Thanks.

A:Secondary USB HD Problem

Check out this thread: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic3983.html

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Hi, I've been having some problems with my Master CD-ROM drives. I have tried different IDE cables and different drives. Here's the problem: when I use my Master cd drive, installing software etc. it uses my cpu up completely. The computer slows down to a grind pretty much. In windows task manager the cpu usage bar jumps around from 80 to 20 to 100 percent, but usually hangs around closer to 100 percent. Now, my cd drive that is set as slave runs perfectly fine. The cpu usage only goes up to about 20 percent. Before I had both drives set on Cable select with the jumper, and then i actually tried setting them to master and slave but it didn't help. Then I went into my device manager to see what the transfer mode was. It was set on PIO instead of DMA, which i heard could cause problems. so i switched it to "DMA if available." but even after restarting and stuff it still says "current transfer mode: PIO mode" even though i have it selected as DMA. The slave drive however says "multi-word DMA mode 2 so i dont know. Can anyone help me with this problem?

A:Secondary-Master CD-ROM problem

Either your BIOS has gotten the DMA setting wrong (go see in BIOS setup and make sure it is enabled) or your hardware doesn't support it.

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Hello. I have what I believe is a hardware issue, but am wondering if it could be an XP issue.

At random times, my system will start to "lag". (In the task manager, the CPU usages rises to 40% and sometimes up to 80%) Example, I can move the mouse for 2 seconds, then for one second my system will freeze, then 2 more seconds of normal operation, then a freeze, and so on. This even ocurs when no applications are running (but I have a P4 2.4 GHz adn 896 RAM, so performance isn't an issue).

I have this problem narrowed down... when I disable my second IDE channel (with a CD ROM and a CD RW connected) in the device manager, the problem halts.

Also, sometimes when booting, my system will not even recognize the second IDE channel, and the problem does not occur. It is not a drive problem- I've mixed connections with my 2 hard drives and 2 CD drives on the same IDE channel and no matter what drives I have hooked up, it's the same deal.

It's a IDE new cable. I've virus/adware/etc. checked, reformatted, then checked again, same symptoms. Jumpers are correct. It's only a year old system, so the CPU's in good shape.

My CPU's VCoreA is running at 1.45 - 1.47, so could it be a low power problem, or does it sound like my IDE channel is shot somehow? Or, could it be a setup problem with XP.

I know that's a lot of info; hope I made sense. Please ask me for any more info you need. Thanks a lot!!!

A:Secondary IDE channel problem in XP

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Hi everyone, I' ve bught a new Zbook 15 G3 with Nvidea m1000m and windows 10 Pro 64 bit.Evrything is updated, from the bios to the driver of the video card to windows 10. But when I connect a seconday monitor and use it with the monitor of the laptop, in the secondary monitor I see out of focus in particular in application like Autocad or Outlook 2013.While the secondary monitor is out of focus the principal is always  working fine even if I switch the principal to the external monitor.So the problem seems to show up while coexist the monitor of the laptop and the external monitor. I tried different monitor with different resolution (1920x1080 or 1920x1200) and also different cable and ports (alredy tried VGA, HDMI and VGA with adapter from USB-C) but the problem is always present. I had also put the performance to maximum quality in the  power options of the video card, but nothing changed. The problem is showing in the magiority of the application but not to all, for example the folders (so explorer.exe) is correctly defined . How can I resolve the problem?  Any help is appreciated. Thank u very much  

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sorry if the picture is blurry. I have a problem when i start up my computer. When it is detecting the drives, my secondary slave and master drives has blanks in them. It just stays at the screen. I can't use any disk that i put in. Plz someone help me

A:Secondary and Slave drive problem

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First off, hello all.
Long time reader; first time poster.

My issue is this.
I have a pair of 320Gb Hdds running in raid acting as my system drive and a third drive 500Gb acting as a data storrage drive.

I have recently installed Win7 ultimate 64 bit and want to format the 500Gb drive.
Unfortunatley if I try to do this from "My Computer" I get a dialog stating," windows was unable to complete the format".

If I try to format it through device managment I get a dialog stating" windows cannot format the system partition on this disk".

Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated!

A:Formatting problem on secondary drive.

Somehow you have some part of the system or an application on your 500Gb drive telling the OS it is not safe to format. Page file? Backup Software Accessing it? Anti-Virus software? etc. etc. Double check all your services too.

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Hi My desktop has 2 drives I did a clean Install of windows xp from home to pro as a precautionary measure i disconnected my second drive A WD 250 gig. After the install I reconnected thesecong drive and thats the problem. It now has new drive letters and is telling me its not formatted and to do so I would lose all data. I have all my important data on that drive so Im losing my mind.The first drive C: is a maxtor 80g. Pleeeease help


A:Major Problem Secondary Drive Please help

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Hi there. I'm having a little problem with XP and my storage hard drive.

I installed XP last night and it seems to be working good. Previously, I was using Win2000 and I had a storage drive with no OS installed. I moved a lot of backup files to it before I installed XP.

Now that XP is installed, I can go into My Computer or Windows Explorer and XP recognizes that I have a second drive and lists it as my D: but when I explore the drive, I can't see any files at all on it. If I check the drive properties, there is 28 gigs of used space, so something is still there, but I can't get to any of it.

I've tried everything I can think of, including reseating my IDE cable and turning all sharing on the drive on, but nothing works. Also, my brother and I have our computers networked and he can see my main drive fine, but he has the same problem as I do with the storage drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Secondary Storage Drive Problem

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I am using a hp spectre x2. When i start my PC i get a message that the secondary battery of my PC is low and needs to be replaced. But the battery charges up well and doesn't show any signs of drainage. Also sometimes it works normal as how it used when i bought the PC a year and half ago. How can i repair the problem??

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HiLast night my laptop (running Windows 8 x64 with a secondary monitor) was working fine. I put it to sleep and when it woke up this morning the secondary monitor is flickering a lot like this:

I have tried uninstalling the AMD driver and restarting then installing the latest version but it still doesn't work. The screen even flickered when the AMD driver was not present. I connected the monitor to another laptop and it worked fine.I played about with the refresh rate in the catalyst control center and it ended up making the laptop screen flicker instead so I reverted the settings back.Anyone know why this would have just started happening and how to fix it?

A:Secondary monitor flickering problem

is this a movie you are trying to watch or is this your desktop background?

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