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Changing ATA Site SSL Cert

Q: Changing ATA Site SSL Cert

I installed ATA with the self signed certs as i was having trouble getting it to work. Now that I have it working i want to put a real cert on the management site. What is needed to complete this?

Do i simply go to iis and change the cert?
Do i also need to change it in the configuration page where it references it by ip address?
When i do that, do i need to redeploy / update the gateways?

I am on 1.6 as of an hour ago. Please reference the version number you are familiar with in your responses. I would imagine that they are the similar if not identical but i want to be sure we are on the same page.

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Preferred Solution: Changing ATA Site SSL Cert

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Chrome decided to change the way they handle SSL certs and apparently the common name is no longer enough to pass validation.  So i am scrambling to change all of our SSL certs that we issue from our CA.  Because of this I have to update the ATA
web interface cert.  

When i go to the ATA console and select my new cert, my gateways sync up and when i try to activate it, it says activation failed.  I saw in another post to check a log file and here is my result.  Can anyone give me any info on what is going on

2017-04-30 03:13:45.7643 3052 393 d6bb349f-57b7-490b-841d-d9cd8b2039ae Error [CryptographicException] System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Bad Key.

   at System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException.ThrowCryptographicException(Int32 hr)
   at System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.DecryptKey(SafeKeyHandle pKeyContext, Byte[] pbEncryptedKey, Int32 cbEncryptedKey, Boolean fOAEP, ObjectHandleOnStack ohRetDecryptedKey)
   at System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider.Decrypt(Byte[] rgb, Boolean fOAEP)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Utils.SecurityProvider.ReencryptAsymmetric(Byte[] encryptedData, X509Certificate2 sourceCertificate, X509Certificate2 destinationCertificate)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Center.Management.Controllers.SystemProfileController.<UpdateGatewayConfigurationsAsync>d__16.MoveNext()
--- End of stack tr... Read more

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I am running Win7 and IE9 I have my home page set to our webtools since we use it often. I am wanting to have all new tabs that I open to googles website. I don't want more than one tab to open when IE9 is first opened just when ever I open new tab. I done this before but only once and do not remember how to do it.

A:Changing new tab location to different site

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

When you open up IE are you having two tabs open? To change that just edit your home page settings. Chances are they you have two home pages.

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Here is my problem... When I'm listening to SiriusXM radio through their web page and I have another page or pages open to browse other websites, and then click a link on my desktop, email or anywhere except on one of the other open pages, it usually makes the SiriusXM page navigate away from their site. I then have to navigate back to it and log in again. This has always been a problem when I want a particular page to stay at the site it's on and not change when I use links that aren't on one of the other open pages.

A:How Can I Keep a Page From Changing to Another Site?

I do not know how sirius works online but if you use firefox there are addons that will lock the page so it will not change. It may or may not work for you. Also you can always open a second browser window and do what you need to do while the radio is streaming.

I use permatab mod for firefox. right now it is not in the addons but you can go to the developers website and download teh beta to install manually. The beta does work.

I need a replacement addon for Perma Tabs | Firefox Support Forum | Firefox Help

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Hi i had alittle issue back with windows xp when i had that, but eventually the icons would settle down and be correct if i just gave it some time.

But with windows7 it really is a pain. No only do my site icons (of my websites) not show up correctly, they keep changing to this default earth globe. I finally have to change them back manually by using change icon and browse and finding the icon on my system.

Then just now i added a new subdomain and all of a sudden all the icons for that whole domain changed to the one i just added, im like WTH. so i checked the link tag on the site and it was correct.

Makes me wonder what my users and customers are dealing with, they dont have the luxury of just assigning my site ico file manually.

So two questions:

What is the deal here, why do they change?

Why does windows make this so complicated. If there is a link tag in the file that says the icon should be this ico file on the site then WTH is the problem and why cant windows handle such a simple task?


A:What is it with site icons and windows 7 - keep changing.

Do this:-

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I have recently posted a huge free web site with geocities, (my first one!) and my company has it's own domain name. I was wondering if there was anyway that I can change it over to a simple address using our own domain name, and do I have to start over? if you want to look first, it is http://www.geocities.com/hcamgmt Thank you!

A:changing a free web site to my domain name

You will need to host your domain name. Some sites that register the names can also host them. I will say that you can get free hosting from http://www.netfirms.com, but they place a banner on every page, and lately have pop-ups as well. The good thing is that host your the domain as http://www.yourname.com, as opposed to what geocities does. they also have a good email aliasing service, so that yoou can designate a specific email address as the receiver, such as [email protected], and then, any mail that is sent to [email protected] will be sent directly to [email protected]

Another good thing is that you can go banner free for $5/ month.

You can also go here for a search of hosts in the US and Canada.
Once your domain name is hosted, then just upload all the files that you created, which you have hopefully kept on your system. If not, then connect to geocities FTP, and download the files you have there, and then just upload them to the new FTP site.

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I have 3 PC's all going into the same router. One of these PC's had a webpage on them that someone could visit by typing in the url. It was something like:


My router was getting old so I changed it to a Netgear DG834G.

All the PC's can still talk to each other via the network. But for some reason, the above url no longer works. I can access the upload page using my internet IP number. But when I get someone from outside the network to try to access it, it comes up "the connection has timed out". This has happened for the last 4 days, which was when I swapped the routers over.

What do you think could be causing this? How can I diagnose the problem?



A:Changing router broke my site - help!

I believe the solution is pretty simple, your new router has not been configured to forward the port for HTTP access. If you visit www.portforward.com and follow the prompts, they have port forwarding instructions for most popular routers.

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I am looking to install a bigger drive in my desktop, i have a 80 in there now, but i have lots of things i would like to bring w/ me, like web address's, programs downloaded from internet, but mostly i would like to keep web address's and programs, like eraser, and those things, what about all the updates from microsoft, and my other sites, drivers and all, so if there was a site that answered all these and more, i wouldnt have to come back and ask every five minutes what about this and that.. thanks ron

using xp

A:is there a FAQ site for changing hard drives

'is there a FAQ site for changing hard drives '
I dont know.

The easiest way to move from a small hd to a larger one is to use an imaging programme like Ghost or True Image.
Programmes like these will move all your files & operating system to a new drive with no need to reinstall anything.

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We use Navinet.navimix.com at work, work in a medical facility, and the one computer when you print off a referral it is in really small print. How do I change the font from a specific site????


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Weird one this folks....

I designed a www site for a mate of mine for his TaeKwon-Do school and it is regularly updated by myself with new information, features, photographs and articles. I have done this on my desk based PC for around 18 months with all working very well. I am not a developer or programmer and so designed and maintain the site using MS FP. Perhaps not the best web authoring tool, but I can get by using it.

Here's the dilemma. I recently purchased a new laptop and now want to manage the www site from this machine instead of the desk based machine. So, I copied the entire web directory from the desk machine to my laptop, did some ammendments to several pages, re-published... and now it has lost some of the functionality, namely the shared border navigation list and bottom nav bars etc.

However, if I go back to the desk machine and republish from there, everyting reverts back OK... How do I move the local web site from one machine to another...? Any advice greatly appreciated...

www.gassor.co.uk is the site.


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I seem to be getting a lot of pop up ads that I believe are related to the homepage my computer is set on. I've tried re-setting the homepage to a different site, but it keeps changing back!!!

I have spybot and ad-aware installed as well as a pop up blocker, but nothing seems to be helping.

A:Site preventing me from changing homepage

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I am trying to send pictures of my artwork in mgi photosuite4 in an album that is pza to my photo album at [email protected] yahoo group and cannot do it. I can't get the individual pics to send one at a time, they are in jpeg, the album is in pza format and that is the only way it will go when I try to download (as the album) them to my [email protected] site and it is unsuccessful I think because it is in pza. I was able to send the album to my yahoo email address and put them in my briefcase, but can't go anywhere with that. I am severely computer illiterate. help

A:Changing pza to jpeg to send pics to another site

You need to upload the jpg's one at a time to the album on Yahoo. THe album there is different than the one MGI uses and will not accomplish what you are trying to do.

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In Google Chrome,

If a website requires you to change a password, can you just highlight the old password press Delete, and type in the new password, forcing Google Chrome to accept the change? (You can in other browsers)


Do you have to physically go under your Personal Stuff Settings to change your Password? If you have to go under personal settings to change your password, can you do this by following the tutorial here?



A:Changing Passwords For A Site in Google Chrome?

Obviously you have to first change the password at that site. Then you change it in Google.

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Hey All!

I am vacationing at my parents this summer and they have some nasty porn company that is changing their start up I.E. page from www.msn.com to a porn page called: C:\spad\start.html

Here is what I have done that isn't working:
Downloaded & Configured Settings & Scanned/fixed:
Adware 6.0
Spybot Search & Destroy
That Shredder program I read in another thread.

Porn Is Still There!!!

Here is the Hijack fileLEASE HELP!!
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 5:33:10 PM, on 5/26/2004
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\Unload\hpqcmon.exe
C:\Program Files\WildTangent\DDC\DDCManager\DDCMan.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\SLOW SITE\win locks.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Microtek\ScanWizard 5\ScannerFinder.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Exp... Read more

A:[Solved] Porn Site Keeps Changing I.E. Start Up Page...

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When I am using couchturner.eu to watch tv online it has recently (last couple days) started to change the website mid show or before i can even get the stream loaded to this website:
which asks me to "install and update me video player"
now I know i do not need to do this as my computer is up to date.
I attempted a system restore tonight hoping that might fix it to no avail....
any help would be greatly appricated

A:attempting to stream videos online results in website changing to new site

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click mbam-setup- and follow the prompts to install the program.
At the end, be sure a checkma... Read more

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Q: cert's

will there be certification on win xp?


the exams for win2k and XP will be interchangeable, from what i've heard. and so far, there won't be a required upgrade for current mcse's (for windows 2000)

you should check out http://www.microsoft.com/train_cert for more info...


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Q: A+ cert

Hey, im just wondering if ne one knows the answer to this:
(since there are 2 parts to A+ cert.)
I took the old core hardware A+ test, 220-301, last summer, and i have school so i didnt take the other one. Now i want to take it the other half (OS), but there are new A+ tests now, so im wondering if i take the old OS test i still get the cert? Or is it useless? Or do i need to write both new ones?

A:A+ cert

Likely yes. Ask them. It all depends on whether they gave you a time frame by which you had to take the second test?
How much did you spend for the test taken? Did you pass well with a good score?

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Is anyone certified here??

Am working on and wanting to take the test on the last week of December.

I am watching professor messer vids.
Has any one tried test king?

Am getting the cram exam book next month.

A:getting N+ cert.

I am Network+ certified circa 2006. Anything you are looking for?

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We have a working DA environment using a single server, we are planning to go NLB  and Multisite but MS advises not to use a self signed cert for NLS which we currently do use.
I have created a Web server cert for our NLS server following the below issued by our internal CA

I add the NLS cert on our DA server, click next and then go to apply the DA settings.
When I do this it says DNS name does not exist. I can create this manually before adding the cert but it gets removed. If I tick use self-signed cert the DNS name gets created automatically.
I can't understand what I'm doing wrong and why DA will not accept our CA issued NLS cert

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I'm currently in 60-780 Operating Systems class and we will be taking the Windows 7 Cert this October. Is there any advice to prepare myself for it other than study? Any links to something I should check out would be helpful. I'm new here so thanks for the help guys!

A:Windows 7 Cert.

Give this ago

Its really helpful

Microsoft Virtual Academy ? Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies

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Hey all,

We've just set up a Cisco 3000 series VPN on our network, and are using an internal server here as the certificate server for the VPN clients.

Just one problem. I'm still fairly new to doing new things on Windows 2000.

So I've been going through Microslop's site trying to figure out exactly how to set up the certificate server here. But I haven't found anything which explains everything, or if I need to install something, (besdies Cisco's VPN client) on the client computers.

I've created a couple keys through Certificate Server, but have no idea how to go about using them, or how to view the keys like in NT, like;
You know, that big encrypted key.
So if anyone knows a quick explanation of this, or where to find a description of what I need to do, I will be forever indebted to you.

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Getting an invalid security cert. warning on chase.com. over the last 3 days on a home computer but not on other work computers at a different location. ?

A:invalid security cert

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I have lost an ATA environment previously (late last year) because i did not deal with the expiring self-signed cert.  How do i tell if my recently built ATA environment is going to suffer the same fate?  Is there a quick check i can do to see
when the cert expires?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4084 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M, 1536 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463819 MB, Free - 373230 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Qosmio X505-Q894
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

I keep getting a popup message about redirecting to a website that does not have a valid certificate, do i still want to proceed. This happens even when there is nothing else open on my computer. My computer had blue screened twice, done a check disk for errors spontaneously and can't successfully restore a previous windows restore point... although i think the windows restore issue is not related. I've had that issue since I bought the computer and even when it was put in for warranty for the issue it still couldn't update windows when they gave it back to me >.< I've backed up all my data. Thanks in advance for the assistance!

A:Go Daddy cert not valid.

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Dear all,
ATA cert in lightgateway DC or gateway are going to be expired. how can I update the cert?

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Our Nessus vulnerability scanner has been flagging our computers with the following vulnerability: SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing Algorithm

Basically what it's telling us is that we need to upgrade the local Remote Desktop Certificate from SHA1 to SHA2.

These certificates are self-signed and self-generated by the local machine. If you look at the certificate you'll see that theIssued to: and Issued by: fields show the name of the local machine.

The question is: how do these auto-generated, self-signed certificates, which are currently SHA1, get upgraded to SHA2? Remember, these are not created by the local Enterprise CA, they're auto-generated by the local machine itself for Microsoft-branded software such as AD and RDC.

Looking for ideas/suggestions on how to do this.

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An Introduction to Malware by CERT-UK:


An excellent, easily understood guide that covers the bare essentials of malware types - such as trojans, rasomware, phishing, keyloggers, rootkits, etc.

First rate infos.

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I recently read that a Netherlands CA, DigiNotar, had been hacked so updates are coming out to remove it from the CA list but that it should mostly affect Iran. So today I got an error message trying to access my bank (neither it nor I have any connection with Iran). The error message said "Peer's certificate has been revoked".

It seems too much of a coincidence for this to be unrelated so my question is whether the problem is wider-spread than the article said, or did one of the updates revoke a wider range of certificates than was needed, or did I just get unlucky?

Does anybody know what's going on with this problem? Thanks.

A:Revoked cert problem

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TCP and IP option leak.

If you, or any Cisco routers that you know of that directly face the Internet / do something silly like allow unACL'd web admin access, please upgrade IOS.

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I'm getting an error msg on my own website after installing my Verisign SSL Seal. Certificate itself works fine, but the seal (click here to verify) is giving errors on one IE browser and not another.

Can you guys please help me by telling me if you see an error msg displayed on the IE information bar when you visit my page:


I'm getting an error with my new Verisign SSL cert on my computer at work but not at the one at home. Using IE on both computers, same version, v. 7.0. I don't get this error on FireFox on either computer.

The error I get is:

To help protect your security, IE has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors.

I don't understand why it's showing up on my work computer and I'm hoping it's not showing up on other people's computers.

I would love it if I got a lot more computers checking to see if they get the same error.

Please help!

Thank you,

A:Verisign SSL Cert Error on IE?

I did not try the link but I will offer a few words of advice though.

You do not want to go into any restricted sites at work and should wait till ya get home but if you cannot do that then here ya go.

Open IE7

Click Tools
Click Internet Options
Click the Security tab
Click the Internet icon
Click Custom level
Locate Display mixed content
Click the radio button next to Enable (the default setting is 'was Prompt'
Click OK to save your changes

Have fun!

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has anyone taken this?

A:How hard is the N+ cert test?

your book and transceder together is what i would use. dont bother too much with the vce

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Hey guys,

I have a few questions about how Windows 7 handles checking the internet for new certs and CRL's. We are looking to run Windows 7 Embedded in an offline configuration that still relies on creating a secure SSL negotiation with an in-house web application.
We're exploring options such as opening the our network's firewall to allow outbound access to GoDaddy\Microsoft CRL's and Microsoft's cert repository that it can get new Trusted Root certs from

1. When and how often does Windows check for new root certificates?
2. When and how often does Windows check the CRL's for cert revocations?
3. What websites does Windows look at for Microsoft's CRL and cert repository?


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I am intrested in taking the A+ certification exams. I have no formal training in these areas. I have been an I.S. manager for 7 years but would like to pursue the cert. for personal gratification.
Can someone give me names of the best documentation for both hardware and software exams and any other advice that might be helpful.
thanks, Geno

A:Advice please, best book for A+ cert

The best books I found for studying for exams are by coriolis.


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Dell latitude d630 with smart card reader.
I want to use a smart card for authentication without a CA.
I kind of wonder if I can use any smart card of my choice (gas, groceries, credit) as an authentication device.
Can WinXp read the card, confirm my request to use it, and drive on?
Again, I want to use a self cert, or un-cert, card, a one-off card, as auth for my laptop.
Any suggestions?

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Whenever I try to play certain games on my Compaq 5420 d/top w/ Win. XP, about 5 to 10 mins. into the game, the keyboard locks up & the "half-moon" hibernation light comes on on the keyboard, however the rest of the computer & the game running continue to run fine, with both mouse or gamepad continuing to function normally.
This problem only seems to happen with Tomb raider 3 & Dungeon keeper 2 as well as Blaxun contact 4.4 ( a client prog. for the "Cybertown" 3d chat site).

A:Keyboard goes to sleep in cert. games

Just a few suggestions...

Try turning off all power saving features...

If that is a no go try uninstalling the games and reinstalling them under the compatibility mode Right click on the Setup.exe goto properties - the compatibility mode tab and check the box for run under compatibility mode and select the OS the game was designed for...

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Hello All,

I just found out the the self signed cert I was using on the center machine has expired. I figured no big deal I will change out the cert and everything will be fine. I tried to go to the web page to login to ATA and found not page available. I notice the
service was not running on the center machine. I tried to start the service and the service will not start. I found the following error in the error logs:

2018-02-12 17:58:17.7830 1948 5   00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Error [SecretManager] Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ExtendedException: Certificate is invalid [CertificateThumbprint=C2C1B90EE5CFDBFB6F2A0352EC88864029740A25]
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.SecretManager.UpdateMutableConfiguration(SecretManagerConfiguration configuration)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.ActionExtension.<>c__DisplayClass1_0`1.<ToAsync>b__0(TItem _)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.ConfigurationManager`2.<>c__DisplayClass17_0`1.<<RegisterConfigurationAsync>b__0>d.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
   at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
   at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.ConfigurationManager`2.<RegisterConfigurationAsync>d__19.MoveNext()
---... Read more

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Do i need a certificate server to deploy EAP-TLS to laptops? We have a godaddy certficate that we purchased for our wireless network and i'm wondering if i can use that? I can push out the certificate via GPO, right? My main question is do i need to install
an CA server because we need to generate a client certificate. We are using NPS and cisco wireless controller. EAP-PEAP works, but my company wants to move to EAP-TLS.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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I hope this is the place for this post... I've been thinking of getting A+ Certified. I also heard in Dec. or Jan. they will take out the DOS stuff and put in Windows 2000. I know both, but would one Cert. be better than the other - or is there an advantage to getting it now or waiting?




A:A+ Cert. - Get it now or wait for Win2K stuff???

Now or never. I too had this question in mind, but have settled for doing it asap.

BTW, DOS/WIN 95/98 are still quite wide spread.

After A+ try going for Network+, CCNA and MCP

Best wishes

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Good Day to all. I hope you are fine and doing well.

I need your help about the Establishing the CERT/CSIRT

I am in phase of planning the CERT Process and Team. I will appreciate if you can help me for the following questions:

1. What Scope the CERT should have ideally it should address the incidents related to the information security i.e. Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability, but what will be the role of CERT in case of Physical Security Breach or Theft of Critical Hardware?

2. Should CSIRT also come in action in case of any IT Security Policy violation for example Pornography although it does not hit the three pillars of the IT Security CIA but it is against the company policy so who is going to take care of such policy violation?

3. How can I define the categorize incidents levels should I do it at high level for example DoS Attack, Hacking, Virus and Malicious Program and Unauthorized Access to Information or I should be more specific and define each incident in detail.

A:Establishing Scope of CERT/CSIRT

2. Considering that porn sites are known to install malware, I think CSIRT should come and do a scan. If nothing malicious is found, the team could at least wag a finger at the user. But, porn surfing can also be taken care of with a content filter at the gate.

3. Are you trying to assign priority to incident response? What do you want to use the levels for?

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Hi all,

Got a question if you please..

We recently installed an SSL cert as we were getting annoyed with the self cert ones.

Since we've installed this SSL cert our out of office isn't working. You can enable it either in outlook or OWA and set the message to both internal and external, but its just not actually being sent internal or externally.

It was working fine before the ssl was installed, but not afterwards. Any idea on where I need to look for this?


A:Out of Office stopped working since SSL cert installed

Sorry - I also want to add that all the pc's are for some reason set to use outlook anywhere (even though half of them are internal users only.. Not sure why or how that was setup?!)

Test exchange connectivity site came up with:

Testing SSL mutual authentication with the RPC proxy server.
Verification of mutual authentication failed.
Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it
Additional Details

That site above tells you what it should match, our SSL cert says mail.domain.com and on the http over rpc it also shows as being "msstd:mail.domain.com"


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If you use the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple Safari browsers to conduct PayPal transactions, now would be a good time to switch over to the decidedly more secure Firefox alternative.
That's because a hacker on Monday published a counterfeit secure sockets layer certificate that exploits a gaping hole in a Microsoft library used by all three of those browsers. Although the certificate is fraudulent, it appears to all three to be a completely legitimate credential vouching for the online payment service. The bug was disclosed more than nine weeks ago, but Microsoft has yet to fix it.

Source -
IE, Chrome, Safari duped by bogus PayPal SSL cert ? The Register

A:IE, Chrome, Safari duped by bogus PayPal SSL cert.

Yet another reason to use firefox. I have for years.

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Ran a full scan on my comp and it says it detected 5 dangerous events. The option to disinfect was grayed out (I use Kapersky Lab) - I only have quarantine as an option and when I picked that, it asked me to choose what file to open. Eh? Does the fact that my antivirus already detected the events mean it's been handled or I need to do something? Because earlier a security certificate window kept popping up, asking me if I want to install it. I didn't, of course, and worked up the courage to delete all the files the antivirus detected as threats.

....That may have been a stupid move, y/y? The window is still popping up but not as frequently. Is it even a related problem?

I am IT-blind *whimper* My Hijack log below. Thank you!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:06:09 PM, on 12/7/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 2009\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rund... Read more

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US-CERT is aware of a recent surge in fraudulent phishing e-mail messages. The messages, claiming to be from the United States National Medical Association, contain a...link that, when followed, will direct the user to a malicious website. These messages are not from any United States government agency...us-cert.gov

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I think one of the Moderators changed my title of my last post so I have put it like this. The CERT/CC is a recognised security site.

CERTŪ Advisory CA-2001-28 Automatic Execution of Macros

An intruder can include a specially crafted macro in a Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint document that can avoid detection and run automatically regardless of the security settings specified by the user

Systems running:
Microsoft Excel 2000
Microsoft Excel 2002
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Microsoft Excel 98
Microsoft Excel 2001
Microsoft PowerPoint 98
Microsoft PowerPoint 2001




A:Office Security Issue: leading to CERT/CC link

Yes, Eddie. I did. This forum is really for questions, not tips/tricks or informational articles, but I thought we'd leave it in here for a while. I'd like you to copy your above post and place it in the original. I'll change the title of it again:


(I don't want this thread posted twice. Next time, please just email me or any other moderator or "Report this thread."

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So, like many of us who dont have resources to monitor every little detail of our network/infrastructure, and rely on products being self-sustaining, i did not know i would lose my ATA investment because a cert expired.  Where else does that happen? 
How can there not be any kind of recovery option for ATA Admins if they didnt catch the cert renewal in time?  
That said, since it already happened, it looks like my only option is to start over from scratch.  Does anyone have all the steps needed to remove my current ATA infrastructure completely, and then build a new one in its place?  I know where the
docs are for deploying a new ATA, but my scenario includes an existing, dead ATA deployment that cant be undone normally because i cant get into the system to "undo it".  I would appreciate any guidance on the best approach for removing an ATA
Center and two Lightweight Gateways (and anything else i've forgotten that i would need to know).  And then for starting over, is there anything i should know when about deploying a new ATA Center when an existing one was present.  Finally, is there
anything i can salvage from my dead ATA?

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We've installed ATA in our demo environemnt more than a year ago.
When I verified the config, I noticed that the ATAcenter and ATACOnsole certificate are expired.

Because of this, none of the ATA services can start, and I'm not able to renew the certs from the ATA console.

Is there a way to manually update the certificate, without the need to use the console?

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