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I need reduce my Network Speed hiddenly can i do it?

Q: I need reduce my Network Speed hiddenly can i do it?

I need to reduce my computer internet speed 50%, but i want do it hidden. So can i do it without using software, or are there any software for that.


Preferred Solution: I need reduce my Network Speed hiddenly can i do it?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I need reduce my Network Speed hiddenly can i do it?

If you are using a wireless router, you could drop from G/N/Mixed to B.

You could also select a remote DNS server.

Curious why you would want to do this.

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I wonder if there's a software program to manage your cpu fan speed! and if so, would that be harmful to your computer if you reduce your cpu fan speed?

A:is there a program to reduce the cpu fan speed?

and one more question, how do you check the speed of your cpu fan? because at startup i press del to go to check the speed but i see 0 rpm.

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I have a fast internet on my pc and my small brother also use internet from my computer through Lan. Because of some reasons i want to limit their speed to a particular level, please suggest me a good software.

Thankyou very much guys!!!

A:Limit or reduce the speed or lan

I dont think you are going to find anything free that does this. We talk about this subject occassionally on the forums. You will either need to buy a high end router or run a proxy server like Squid. You could also try this as well.


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How can I reduce the fan speed on my Y520-15IKBM? While I'm doing less intesive activities like typing into text editors (no intelli sense), browsing text mainly web pages, I'm not expecting to hear the fan noise.I bought this laptop for doing my programming job and fan noise is disturbing when you know you're not hitting your system with anything. There are no windows updates pending in background, no antivirus activity. Thank you,Ciprian

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I am trying to get a internet broadband connection through USB stick.. While speaking to the vendor. he said that they offer 3.1Mbps speed (no roaming charges)...all of this is understood...but they say that after 5GB of download the speed will reduce to 128Kbps....Can I know what do they mean by this.

And how do I go ensuring how many GB have I completed my download.

Also pls provide any links to understand the myraid of connectivis and jargons that come along with this internet connection....thanks

A:Internet speed reduce after download

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Hey everyone, I got a new ideapad U310 this weekend. I'm very happy with it, accept for the fan. It seems to go fast for no reason. I found some old topics on this forum, one with a bios update, but it does not seem to work anymore on the current bios version unfortunately. Can anyody please help me? The fan noise is very annoying and after 2 days of working with the ideapad I rather have it turned off to get rid of the noise than continue working on it.  

A:New Ideapad U310, how to reduce fan speed?

Hi schildpad00
Can you clarify more, which model exaclty you have ( S310 or U310 ) , and also do you play a games while the fan makes that noise 
Please let me know

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The scenario is I live in a flat with other persons and we share the same wifi.The other people using the internet on their laptops take away all the speed all of the time as they are always downloading one or the other silly videos and all that useless stuff.I'm now sick of this.Is there any way I can make changes on their laptops using some command or in Group Policy Editor.I've already done that QOS bandwidth reservation but of no use.Please help me out!

A:Any way to reduce the internet speed on laptop

You may be able to set prioritizations in your router so please provide your laptop specs and the router specs as well. Just trying to get you set up for a quick response when one of our wifi gurus arrives to assist you.

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i have a small network (of two machines) at my home. OS of both is Windows7. Server contains Windows7 ultimate edition while client machine have windows7 starter kit.
Now i want that my client machine could not be able to download data through internet more than one 1GB.
One thing more i want to ask that can i reduce the limit of internet speed for example: not more
than 25Kbps.

A:how to reduce the internet speed and capacity over client side?

Quote: Originally Posted by maifs

i have a small network (of two machines) at my home. OS of both is Windows7. Server contains Windows7 ultimate edition while client machine have windows7 starter kit.
Now i want that my client machine could not be able to download data through internet more than one 1GB.
One thing more i want to ask that can i reduce the limit of internet speed for example: not more
than 25Kbps.

Application (third party) called net limiter can do that

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Who would want their external drives to slow down? Me, that's

Besides apps like BurstCopy that attempt to maximize data
transfer speed, are there any apps that can set the speed,
usually in Mbps, to any number you want?

XP and eSATA drives are like oil and water. They don't mix!
You can tweak the hell out of the system, it doesn't matter.
XP was developed before these super fast drives. Vista fixed
the problem by using dynamic virtual memory management.

If you want to read about how XP uses static paged pool and
paged table entries (PTEs) just Google the topic. Compare
XP to Vista in this area and you'll begin to understand the

Please, no more tweaks or registry hacks. If there is an
app that allows you to set the data transfer speed, direct
me to the link or site.

Thanks guys.

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Dear Friends,

I have some problem in our company network. Actually, We have 25 computers and all connected through 100 MBPS network. These all computers accessing only one file from server. The same file will get save, modify, view, update like all operations.

Now, What is happening, if, somebody generates the report, its taking more time to come. At the same time remaining users are trying to save the data and update the data.

Its responding one by one like first who accessed the file.

Why its happening like that....? I want to give all should happen simultaneously. I mean, If, anybody viewing the report, it should not affect who is saving the data....

How can i do this? If, any one knows about this...Please tell me....

Thanks in advance,

A:Reduce Network Trafiic

Well, you said the magic words, 100mbit network! You need to upgrade the infrastructure to a faster pipe at least to the server. If you have a single 100mbit connection to the server, your whole network is limited to that speed shared by all the users.

First step would be a network diagram of what you have.

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To reduce the burden on the network I would need software that would allow download Windows updates to one machine in the network and then distribute it to another pc stations with Vista os. Is there an application that make it possible in network with workgroup model? Thank in advice for help.

A:Vista updates, reduce the burden on network

May want to check Description of the Windows Update Stand-alone Installer (Wusa.exe) and of .msu files in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008. May be what your looking for.

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Hi all,

This will be a simple question but there may not be a simple answer. I'm hoping it's just a registry setting that someone will know about.

I'm running Windows XP SP2 on my laptop. When it connects wirelessly to my network the balloon pops up over the system tray stating "Wireless Network Connection is now connected". This is a useful message (at least slightly) and I'd rather have it display, than not. However, the annoyance to me is that it seems to take forever to disappear on its own. I'd like it to fade out after about 5 seconds, and I'd also rather not have to click on the X to get it out of the way. (I know, I want everything and I want it right now! )

Is there a setting somewhere in the registry that controls the amount of time this balloon is displayed?



A:Reduce Balloon Display Time for Network Connection Message

Hi Bugwriter and welcome to TSF !

I've never tested the following hacks so can't tell if they'll work or not but afaik they will apply to all the balloon tips in XP (like when you hover your mouse over a button to make a longer description appear), not just the network connectivity status balloon.

In the registry, navigate to
There should be a dword called BalloonTip. Create it if it's not there. The lowest its value, the shortest time the tip will be shown.

To disable completely the balloon tips, navigate to
and create a new dword called EnableBalloonTips. Set its decimal value to 0.

Other links about that subject :

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I'm looking to buying a wireless router. My desktop however will be directly pluged into the router. So will my download speed etc... be faster on the draft N rather then then the G? or will they both be the same exact speed?

A:Wired speed on wireless network G and N...any speed difference?

depends on what models your looking at. If they are both 10/100 then you should get the same wired performance from both animals.

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This sounds really noobie of me but is it possible to improve local network transfer speed by adding a 2nd network card. I was planning to connect one exclusively for lan transfers and another one hooked to a separate wireless router.

Right now only a maximum of 3 users can stream SD videos off the PC before it gets a little choppy.

The pc in question runs on windows 7 and it's board has built in gigabit, I happen to have a spare gigabit card.

A:Will adding a 2nd network card improve local network transfer speed

That won't really help the way you are describing the problem, although adding access points will help with streaming to wireless devices.

Although there is a setting in Group Policy that allows you to use two connections at the same time, I don't believe it will help in this situation.

I've done many HD movie streaming tests on my system.

I can stream from my media PC to at least 7 other machines at the same time, 4 wired, 3 wireless, plus my TV, and have no problems at all, no skipping, no freezing, even with the same movie in the same place or with 8 different movies at once, my TV is connected to my media center PC so counts as the 8th one.

This is Gb LAN, and 300Mbps wireless but even the 65Mbps limited laptop has no problem.

I'm not really sure why you are seeing these limitations but it may be the router.

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i want to speed up my Network file transfer as fast as "whatever"
is there any way that i can do using script or software or anything
Local area connections speed: 100 Mbps

A:how to speed up my Lan network speed?

Guess you could replace everything with gigabit network cards, switch, etc.

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I just ran Everest and under network it gave me a suggestion
Field Value
Suggestion Enable IP header compression to increase network speed.

Does anyone know what that means and how im to do that?Thank you

A:Network speed.

What is everest? I have been wanting to test my network speed to rule out an intermitant slowing problem. I think one of my switches is going bad but I'm not sure.

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Hey folks so i set up a gigabit network at home (- the CAT 6 using CAT5e as that is what i got wired with the house)

i have multiple PCs on the network all connecting into a gigabit router. If i want to monitor the actual speed of data transfers between these two machines - can anyone suggest any tools (preferably freeware) that can tell me what speed i am getting. I want to compare it to my brothers 10/100 to see how fast this really is...

in case it matters the set up is:

master Gigabit Dlink routers in the basment. Cable DSL modem feed internet to the router.
PC 1 hard wired directly into the router
PC 2 connected to a gigabit desktop switch which is hard wired into the Dlink router int he basment
the transfer is occuring between these two nodes...


A:Network speed

Well, you should be able to get more details about the transfer if you are using Windows 7/Vista which will tell you what the transfer rate is.

Otherwise, just break out a stop watch and get a rough estimate of how long it takes to do the file transfer. Having a large file will help in getting a better measurement. Then do some math and calculate your data transfer rate.

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I have a 200mbps network set up with three computers on it. Two of them, which are laptops connect fine and show download speeds of up to 200mbps according to speedtest.net. The third computer which is a desktop has both been connected through a wireless adapter and wired straight to the router. Both connections will only give up to 10mbps on the download speed. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am not getting the same speed as the other two computers. With the adapter its not a matter of being too far away because I've moved the adapter to the same room as the router. Plugging directly into the modem though does give me the 200mbps speed i should be getting. I've updated every driver I can think of updating and am completely at a loss.. The router is a Netgear R6400 and the Modem is a SurfBoard SB6183. Idealy i need to get the adapter working correctly as i can not stay in the same room as the router forever. The adapter is a Netgear brand dual band ac2100 3.0 usb plug in.

A:Cannot get network speed to be what it should

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I have a proxy server using ADSL connecting to my LAN.My network speed becomes slow today.Moreover ,while I am using gtalk,connection lose again and again in my network.I would lilke to know why and what should I do for this.


A:network speed too low

Why do you need a Proxy Server?

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i have a Athlon XP 1837.5 Mhz; my nvidia nforce mcp networking adapter is set to 10 Half Duplex. is it possible to make it better? I tried better and it disconnect me from the network. If anyone could help.


A:network speed

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I have two computers hooked up the same router. one gets a significantly lower download speed. At first i thought it might be the cable but after switching the ethernet cable to the computer getting the faster download speed the faster speed remained the same.

I ran several scans only to find no issue on the slower download speed. After reinstalling windows and the drivers my speed remains the same. I used a different network card, again installing the most recent drivers, with no change.
drivers from the nvidia page are downloading at ~300 KB/sec on my laptop and ~50KB/sec on my desktop.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause such a significant drop in download speed?
Any help is appreciated

ASRock mobo
nvidia 7950GT
2 gigs corsair ram
2.0 dual core AMD opteron
onboard lan

running windows xp and no hardware changes recently

Once again, thank you.

A:Network speed.

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OK ... even though my MCSE is in NT4 I work on 2000 and 2003 servers now and I can't remember how to establish the network speed/duplex settings of a server's NIC. Often it can be done via the NIC driver management utility but this is a VMWare ESX virtual machine and I can't find anywhere to get this info.

Any ideas?


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We have 4 PC's networked,with the main (upstairs) PC using ICS with DirecPC. (I know,expensive and troublesome,but we are out in the boonies) The main PC has terrific download speeds,up to 1.5 Mbps at slow times. None of the others can even approach that rate. Does anyone know of any tweaks we can use to upgrade the speeds of the client PC's? I've read of some on DSLreports .com but they involve changing settings in the registry, I would prefer to avoid this if possible. Thanx in advance.

A:network speed

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Hi everyone

I took cable from my neighbor.

The speed of my download must be 50 kbs.
before one week the speed became 10 kbs.
till now it's 10 kbs

I went to the administrator who is responsible about the internet and told him about the speed. He told me that the problem not from me.

how can I check the speed
Is there a program take the speed of the connection in my network

I need my rights

Help me to solve that.
Ahmed Hassan

A:speed of the network????



and pick the nearest test site.This is for US

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Hi there. I was advised by Cheeseball81 to ask my question here. I am running Windows XP and have a 56k dial up modem. I was wondering if there is any way to improve the speed of the connection by any means. I have heard of speedboosters but dont really know if they work? Cheeseball81 says that my pc should be running at an optimum speed but I dont know how to check on that or where to go and look etc. Could someone please offer some help and advice. many thanks. Patti

A:Network speed

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I'm currently experiencing a problem here need help from YOU.

I'm on a network with 4 computers, 1,2,3, all download speeds at 500kbs but my 4th computer is only downloading at 10-20kbs speed can someone tell me how do i fix this?

I tried updating driver, switching eternets, changing ip.

I tried turning off all 3 computers to save BW, same thing my 4th computer newest* downloads at 10-20kbs and i cant play my games properly because of the slow upload time i LaG.

If you need additional information please ask thanks need to solve this.

A:Network connection Speed



my 4th computer is only downloading at 10-20kbs

how long a run is this computer to the router?

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The Setup:
I have a small business network setup I'm working on with a D-Link DFL-80 separating the internal network from the T1 (which is split between two buildings upstream). On the DMZ side of the firewall, I'm running a server with 8 sites pushing an average of about 8-12 kilobits/second incoming data and probably at least five to ten times that outgoing. The Internal side has roughly 14 computers mainly talking amongst themselves (via a 24-port switch with one port as the uplink to the firewall) and occasionally accessing the internet.

Recently the network has been slowing drastically when accessing the internet from the internal network and the websites from a remote site. My first instincts point to maxing out the firewall's processing capabilities with so much traffic, but could it be pushing the limits of the half-T1? If it is the firewall, what would the next step up be? And if it's possibly the T1, is there anything that could be done about it? Lastly, regarding the 1.5Mb speed for a T1, is that half-duplex or full-duplex?

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I just received shipment of this device and have discovered that my network connection is performing at half the speed (48 Mbps) my network which runs at about 110 Mbps.  I have installed an updated driver but it had no impact.  I am looking for and suggestions or comments that might help speed this up.Thank you.

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Hello everyone,
First post here hopefully some people might have some thoughts/suggestions. Here is the situation:

I have a 15mbps advertised connection through Bresnan Cable in Missoula Montana. I am having terrible speeds/latency that comes and goes with no real pattern to it (tested at all times throughout the day/night).

One constant issue is that I can run trace routes to my ISP's own speed test and from one trace to the next it alternates between being normal 10-30ms latency hops while the next trace run to the exact same location is all terrible 600-700ms within their own network and back to low again in the next trace.

My ISP is TERRRRRRIBLE regarding customer service and troubleshooting and I have exhausted about everything they will do. I have had three techs sent out to my apartment who all appear to do the same tests and none have found any problems at my location. All online correspondence results in them saying that my connection looks fine on their end...

But at times I do a speed test using THEIR speed test (speedtest.bresnan.net) to MY OWN CITY and I have a down speed less then 1mbps when I am paying for 15mbps and an Up speed of 100kbps when it should be up around 1,000kbps.

Other times I test and it seems ok up around 12mbps but most of the time I range from 1-6mbps less then half my advertised speed.

They have checked virtually everything at my residence over the last month and even replaced the modem and seem to think there is nothing wrong wi... Read more

A:Network Speed Problems

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We have several laptops connected to the same network wirelessly 54Mbps (not simultaneously) All are running Windows XP

All but one run at a speed of 54 Mbps. My big old laptop with excellent spec. only runs at 11Mbps with Signal Strength; Excellent.

Is this because it has a slower wireless card (internal) ? Is it just a case of buying an external PCI wireless adaptor card?

A:Network connection speed?

11mbps is actually a really good speed. Just a question, did you do an online speed test, or are you getting your speeds from the icon in the system tray? Try doing a speed test with www.Speedtest.net and post the results

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My Network router show my DSL "Upstream Speed 190kbps and Downstream Speed 575kbps " but if i check my connection speed in Speednet.com i receive different speeds. So why is that?

A:Why my network speed diffrent?

Speedtest sometimes make a mistakes.
I think you sholud try on different server,or you can try this site:
speed.io - Internet DSL Speedtest

See my results to speedtest and speed.io. I have 8MBits,and as you can see the results speed.io is better.

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Hey everyone, got a small question here.

After talking to my Shaw rep, and testing out my ethernet connection with 2 other laptops, I am reaching about 90 Mbps download speeds no problem.

But as soon as I plug the exact same cord from my router into my desktop PC - the download speed drops to barely 12 Mbps, suggesting that something may be interfering or a program is using up the ethernet. But I can't tell what or why.

Any suggestions on freeing the ethernet to my desktop so it can reach the same speed as my laptops?

A:Slow Network Speed - May be within OS.

Hello, this page has a couple of tools that you could use for this issue:

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I have a basic network setup with a Model, a Router to split the connection, and 3 computers and 2 laptops with a wireless card and 1 computer wired to the router. How can I split the connection so that if only 1 is online, it gets full speed, but as soon as the second comes online, it shares it's speed with it, but balanced, so not that if PC 1 is gaming with a ping of 10ms, and PC 2 comes online and streams videos online, PC 1's ping raises to 1000.

Because I have the idea that this happens allot.

One final question;

Which is better, the situation I have now, or a HomePlug network? Internet via the electrical network. A good manufacturer of such products would be Devolo, I heard. Product link; http://www.devolo.com/co_EN_cs/produkte/dlan/mldlanhsethernet.html

A:How do I share the speed of my network?

I don't think theres much you can do about it.

It's not the Network thats a bottleneck, its the Internet. If you are happily fragging with a good ping, and someone else starts looking at YouTube videos, you are sharing the bandwidth, and both are gonna suffer to some extent, more so if someone else joins in.

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my friend just moved into his dorm and for some reason this site is blocked there so im posting for him, and yeah he just got in there and found out the T3 theyre running there only allows each computer 29k/s speeds. is there anyway to bypass this or get it any higher since it kinda sucks for online gaming?

A:capped network speed

If thats the max allowed that's all your gonna get unless you talk to the network admin.

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I currently have a BT 'home hub' (wireless router and DSL modem) acting as the centre of my home network. Everyone except for me is connected to it wirelessly to use the internet.

However I have an ethernet cable from it, running into my room and into a cheap 5 port hub which I bought a few years ago. From this I have a linux samba server and my desktop pc running Vista beta. My problem is that when I copy files from the server to my PC the whole network slows right down to the point that surfing the internet is difficult.

My guess is that the problem is a mixture of using a hub rather than a switch and having a very cheap broadband router. My question is; will replacing my hub with a switch stop traffic between my desktop and the server going through the broadband router and allow other network traffic to be unaffected?


A:Will getting a switch speed up my network?

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I am pulling sum 10 Mbps Half Duplex thing to speed up sum torrent downloading does this do anything really??? and is there anyway i can make it go faster cause i got a GREAT internet connection but i dont get a real good connection for torrents... All help appreciated...

A:Speed up network card?

Try here:

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I want to evalute our network speed, am more of into systems admin never into networking, but now been assinged this task. i need your help on how and where to start from.


A:Evaluating my network speed

i'd find a freeware or opensource product available on the internet. can't give you an exact address or site, cuz their are too many and i'm blocked from accessing them at work.

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Hi !
I have bought a NAS (QNAP) and am transferring all my movies from my iMac. A 10GB movie takes about half an hour. Sounds rather slow to me so I checked on my NAS resource monitor and on the iMac Activity Monitor and the speed is peaking at about 11Mb/s. Anybody has any idea if that it good/bad/normal ? Between my iMac and NAS, I have a Linksys router (rated 10/100/1000) a Linksys network switch (10/100/1000) otherwise I have Cat 5e cables running between everything (no wireless since the signal doesn't go all the way from my router to my office where the iMac is located).

Any help, thoughts would be much appreciated.


A:Network Speed limits

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Dear sir,

I have networked 6 PCS through a switch of 100MBPS which run on Windows NT 4.0 Networking.

The PCs are networked via domain level networking and have ethernet adapters of 100 mbps and 1 has an ethernet adapter of 10 mbps.
There is a D-link 1008 (8 port) switch to control the traffic. There is 10base-T UTP cable to connect the computers.

All computers except server are celeron above 366 mhz and their RAM is > 64 MB. The server is P-III 800 Mhz and has 256 MB RAM.

The problem is that I am not getting required throughput from the computer. The actual data transfer speed between server and workstations is only 1 to 1.5 MBPS even when there is no traffic.

Is it due to the incompatibility of lancards (4 of them are 100 mbps and 1 is 10mbps) or due to fault in cable? What is the normal throughput I should get through a switch and adapters of 100 MBPS.

Should I upgrade to Windows 2000 to increase the network speed. Will installng win'2k help to increase the throughput.

Please guide me and help me in solving the problems.

Vaibhav Jain
[email protected]

A:NT Network speed problems

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I just got a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR Expert, with a 3800+(2.0GHZ) Dual Core running at 2.5 GHZ

Everything is great.. I have many storage drives.. and need speed..

Will connecting 2 lan cables to my computer improve speed? how can I set up my computer to send files throu both gigabit connections or migabit connections!

A:2 Network Sockets? more speed?

Your internet connection is most likely hundreds of times slower than your LAN port, so no point in trying to improve your internet speeds.

Also, your hard drives can fill maybe 60-70% of gigabit ethernet (~70-80MB/s sustained transfers vs. ~100MB/s of GBE), so you won't gain anything when transferring files over the local network either.

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I live in an apartment for college students, and each room has a dsl connection which provides around 50 KiB/s download and 50 KiB/s upload. And some of the rooms are vacant!

So I'm wondering if it's possible to double my bandwidth by having 2 dsl connections going into my computer. I heard this was possible but I have no idea how to get started, what terminologies are used, and what pros and cons there are in doing such. Someone please run the whole procedure by me.

--Specific Areas I'm confused in: --

what is the name of this scheme so I can google it?

Does my 2nd network card need to be PCI? or can I use a usb2 one?

Will the 2 connections appear as just 1 connection getting 100 KiB/s? (where I could download one file at 100 KiB/s). Or, will the 2 connections be seperate? (I can't download one file at 100 KiB/s - but I can download 2 files, each at 50 KiB/s).

Assuming hardware works out? Will I need special software or tweaking to get this to work? (I use xp pro)

When I no longer have 2 dsl connections available to me, can the 2 network cards on my machine serve as an internal router or hub? (where I connect to the internet through my machine, and another machine connects to me for internet).

A:2 network connections = 2x speed?

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I am connected to my university nerwork. The connecton was fine until about two weeks back when it started acting strange. The network couldn connect, other times it couldn recover an IP address. There were time when the status was enabled yes i couldn surf the web. I ran an antivirus and found that i had a virus which through this forum got it right. The virus was called Trojan Downloader and it interfered with the connecton. Now the internet is working fine but when i try to download movies or files it transfers at a very slow rate mostly 10 kbps. However the network speed is 10 Mbps. I connected my friends laptop onto my newwork hub and found that his was working absolutely fine. Please tell me what can i do increase the bandwith and tranfer at a higher speed. Would be highly obliged.

A:slow network speed

Let's see if it's a Winsock problem. Download WinsockFix and unzip it. Then double-click on it to run it.

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