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Remote Desktop over VPN from home to work

Q: Remote Desktop over VPN from home to work

Hi all... I'm usually pretty comfortable with networking support, but recently got stuck on a project for a client of mine, and could use a little help.

First, the rather simple goal: to be able for an office employee to use MS Remote Desktop at home to access a work computer.

As I understand it, in order to use RDC from an off-site computer, one will first need to establish a VPN connection to the office network (RDC has been tested within the office environment and works fine)

The office I am supporting has an AT&T broadband connection with 8 static IP's (5 usable) running off of a Netopia 3347-02 (firmware 7.81r2). The Netopia gateway is assigned to 7x.xxx.xxx.30 and the computer I have set up as the VPN server (by doing basically this http://www.onecomputerguy.com/networking/xp_vpn_server.htm) is assigned to 7x.xxx.xxx.20.

I would like to simply VPN to the 7x.xxx.xxx.20 machine, and then RDC into that and 3-4 other machines once on VPN. I have accessed the Netopia settings and set up pinholes for port 1723 on TCP, but repeatedly get an "Error 800" when trying to establish the Windows VPN.

From a topic at another forum (http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r19949739-Help-with-3347NWG006-remote-desktopVPN-issue) I attempted to set up a pinhole for PPTP, but like the user in that topic, do not have such an option in my firmware. And after perusing Moto's support page (http://www.netopia.com/support/hardware/index.html) I didn't come across newer firmware.

1. Am I correct in assuming that a VPN connection to the office and therefore RDC capability can be done with no additional hardware other than the Netopia box and the VPN server running XP Pro?

2. How can I go about setting up this pinhole for PPTP?

3. Is there another simpler way to establish a Remote Desktop connection without needing to go back on-site at the office for further configuration?

4. Is my understanding of the networking correct? By VPNing to 7x.xxx.xxx.20 it will be as if I am using the network on-site, which then should allow RDC to magically start working. And am I setting up the VPN to .20 (VPN server) or .30 (Netopia gateway)?

1. My question is similar to what is asked here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r23228268-Netopia-334702-and-PPTP-VPN

2. Though I frustratingly can't see a PPTP option, I have read this in hope of finding a solution: http://www.netopia.com/support/hardware/technotes/CQG_025.html
Thanks in advance for any help, ideas, and follow up questions you might have!

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Preferred Solution: Remote Desktop over VPN from home to work

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello, nice to meet you all.

I have a home network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_network with a Linksys Boradband Router WRT54G http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linksys_WRT54G_series . I have 3 PCs in my home within my network. It seems i can't remote connect from any of the wireless PCs to my main one where the router is connected to (the one with my local non-wireless connection) . I get no error messages. I simply click CONNECT and it comes back IMMEDIATELY to the "connect" screen.

For example, i launch Remote Desktop from a wireless PC, input the IP of the main local PC and click "Connect", but it keeps coming back immediately to the very same screen, as if nothing ever happened.

This wasn't a problem in the past. One day i reimaged my OS and suddenly it's never worked again. I later decided to do a clean install of Windows, and still have the same problem.

I wonder if there's a setting in my router OR deep within Windows im missing?

I already checked some of the obvious settings such as allowing access to Remote Desktop through my router, windows firewall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Firewall , enabling incomng connections via the "Remote tab" under Control Panel, etc.

I have:
Win XP SP3, Intel Core http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core Quad 2.8, 4 GB RAM.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Remote Desktop Does Not Work Outside of Home Network

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I have a laptop at work wired to the network and a laptop at home which I normally connect to the network using a wireless router (Linksys BEFW 11S4 v2). Both are windows XP Pro 2007.

When I try and connect wirelessly to the work computer via Remote Desktop I cannot get a connection. But when I hardwire the home laptop to the router, I can. I'm using Watchgard VPN.

Any ideas would be great!

A:Accessing work computer from home with Remote Desktop

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I have windows xp home edition on both of my computers, and they do have a remote desktop program, but ive found out that windows xp pro actually has a better version of it that will actually work. I cant get the windows xp home version of it to work. Is there anyone that knows of a free remote desktop program, or if someone would be able to send the windows xp pro version of the remote desktop program.

A:Free Remote Desktop Program, or how to get windows remote desktop to work

XP Home has "Remote Assistance", while XP Pro has both "Remote Desktop", as well as "Remote assistance". You can download from Microsoft, a Remote Desktop "add on" which will enable your computer to become the "client" but not the "server".

can you provide some details about what you've done to get "remote assistance " up and running?

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Is there anyway of getting Remote Desktop to work like other remote desktop programs where it doesn't require logging on as the users themselves but to use an admin account to login to the users current active sessions?
Kind regards,

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A long time ago I started looking into this because my mum has a PC with XP Home on and I am running XP Pro (both fully up to date), however I seem to recall reading that you couldn't remote into a XP Home machine, only into a XP Pro machine, is this correct?

Ideally I would like to try and sort this out so I can sort out any problems with my mums PC if/when they arise without having to try and talk her through it on the phone which can be quite difficult at times.

Any advice or pointers would be very much appreciated.

PS. Not sure if this would be better suited in the networking forum or not? If so, feel free to move it.

Thanks in advance.

A:Remote desktop from XP Pro to XP Home

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I am having trouble accessing my home computer that is linked up through the BT home hub. I want to access my home computer through work.

Anyone help me with this specific router (BT home hub)

Thanks in advance

A:Remote Desktop through my BT Home Hub

Here is how to forward ports on your specific device -


the port you need to forward is 3389.

Make sure to assign a static IP to the PC you want to Remote Desktop into.

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Is there any way to install Remote Desktop (so I can remotely log onto it) on my Windows XP Home? If so, how?


A:Remote Desktop and XP Home

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I have two Windows xp home edition PCs connected on a workgroup through a Linksys wrt54g

I realize that the rdp server application is only on the professional edition of xp.

I was wondering if there was any freeware app I could use to turn my desktop PC into a terminal remote desktop server so I could access it with my laptop remotely using the remote desktop connection client app that comes installed on home edition.

Any suggestions?

A:Remote Desktop Over Home Lan

See if this will do:LogMeInhttps://secure.logmein.com/go.asp?page=productcomparisonOr this:VNChttp://www.realvnc.com/products/features.html

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exactly how does remote assist work in Windows 7 Home European Edition?

My father is buying Win7 Home E and i do a lot of remote assistance to his PC to help him - but ive read somewhere that remote desktop is partially disabled on Win 7 Home E - (only the controlling machine can be Home E - to be the 'controlled' machine you have to be running Pro)

does this parry on to Remote Assistance?

A:does remote assist work in W7 Home..?

Windows 7 Home has not been released by Microsoft as of yet, so no one really knows how it will work. (The Release Candidate that has been officially released is Ultimate version.)

But currently, the remote assist on Home does not require Remote Desktop to function. Remote assist and Remote Desktop are different.

Currently in 7, there is an option on the Remote tab of System Properties to enable remote assistance. Check the box marked "Allow Remote Assistance to this computer".

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I have XP Home Edition (SP2) and would like to use the Remote Access feature. However, everything I read suggests it is for XP PROFESSIONAL Ed.

1) Will it work with the Home Edition?

2) I use a router. Is it possible (and realatively easy) to work around the router when accessing from another ISP while I am away on business? I can make VNC work on the three computers I have at home...but can't get any to work remotely if I am on another provider while away from my home.

I would appreciate a response and any suggestions you might have.

A:Remote Access: Will it work on XP HOME Ed???

UltraVNC works with any version of Windows.

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I have a user here at work uses a Windows Xp laptop. Right now he is using OWA to view his emails. But how can he be setup to have access to the network to use his public folders and such?
He takes his laptop everywhere goes he would like to have full access to the company network.

A:Remote access from home to work

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Would it be possible for someone to print to their home PC when they are working on XP (home) but remote desktopped into their XP professional work PC...

Would it just be a case of going into the remote desktop properties and selecting: "printers" under local devices?



A:Possible To Remote Into Work But Print From Home Pc?

Tell a lie. She must be on XP professional if she is using remote desktop!!

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I am trying to use Remote Desktop to connect from my WinXP Home Edition to my parents WinXP Home Edition. Both computers are set to "allow remote assistance..." and to "Allow users to connect remotely...", however I encountered an error that said the client could not connect... I suspect we did not have it configured properly.

I have a few questions:
1. Is it possible to connect between 2 WinXP Home Edition machines using Remote Desktop?
2. I am using the IP address for the computer name...is this correct?
3. is it necessary to enter a User Name and Password in the Remote Desktop configuration?
4. How do I find out the Domain?? Is that the same as their ISP?

Thanks in advance!

A:Remote Desktop home XP to home XP

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Hey guys

I have been trying to use remote desktop just within my home to help my wife with her hourly tech problems. Everytime I try to connect to her laptop I get an error "No terminal server installed". I swear I have used it at home before connecting to a buddies laptop. Is there a service I have to make sure is running on her laptop?

A:Remote Desktop @ home not working...

Does it say No Terminal "Server" Installed


No Terminal "Services" Installed

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Hi, I have three Win 8 PCs at my office and a Win 7 Pro PC at home. Does anyone have a clear set of instructions for how I can set up remotes access so I can work on my office PCs from home? These are all my PCs too, not a company I work for. Many thanks all.

A:Help With Remote Desktop Between Office and Home PCs.

Download and install Teamviewer.

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I have Windows XP home...at home, and I would like the capabilites of Remote Desktop Server so I can log into it from afar. Is this possible? Any recomendations? I don't want...or have for that matter...the money for XP Pro, plus I only want this one feature. Can that functionality be purchased or turned on? If not, any open source software that will do the same?

Thanks in advance

A:Remote Desktop Server+XP Home

This is your lucky day.


It is free, and most likely serve your goals.

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Is there an easy way to remote access a 7 system from XP within a home network? (No 3rd party software plz)

I hear people are having problems with remote desktop away from home, but is it any different doing it between 2 pcs in the same house?

Can I prevent people outside the network from attempting remote connection?

(EDIT: nvm, I was thinking of putting the remote PC to sleep when not connected, and waking it up to save power. Looks like you can't even wake up the remote PC remotely...)

A:Remote desktop within home network?

I know you have said no 3rd party software but I've been using TeamViewer v7 for years set to accept LAN connections exclusively and have complete control over three other LAN connected computers, including XP. I can't see how TV could be improved upon for this situation.

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I wish to use MS Remote desktop to control my home desktop. My home desktop is setup with a four computer LAN. The LAN is connected to the internet through a router. I wish to use my laptop, on the road, to connect to my desktop at home. I have been told i will have to use some Dynamic DNS software and servers. Is this so? If so any suggestions?

A:Using Ms Remote Desktop For Laptop To Home Lan

Perhaps you should read http://www.microsoft.com/windowsXp/using/m...emoteintro.mspxFWIW: Remote Desktop (using XP Pro) is just one method of making such contact, there are others.Louis

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Are there any new setting changes I need to make on my XP Pro machine, so I can access it with Remote Desktop from my Vista Home Premium machine?

I'm able to RDP into a box with Server 2003, but I cannont access my local XP Pro machine with my new Home Premium laptop.


A:Home Premium Remote Desktop to XP

Also, I can access shared folders on the computer running XP from my Vista laptop... in case that matters.

I also downloaded and used TeamViewer, and although it worked I was only able to take control of the XP machine if I'd already logged in, which isn't what I need.

Thanks in advance.

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Do anyone of you have a VNC, Remote Desktop or similar remote access setup at your home ?

Has there been any attacks?

What can be done to secure it ?

A:Do you have VNC, Remote Desktop etc to your Home System?

Here's a site that describes how to use VNC within a SSH encrypted tunnel.


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Hello, I need help in knowing if I can use Remote Desktop in Windows 10 Home to log into a remote computer from my PC.

I purchased a PC with Windows 10 Home not realizing that I will have to log into a PC in another location. I am told that to use Remote Desktop I would have to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, and I would not even see Remote Desktop in Windows 10 Home. But I checked and the Remote Desktop app is there and there is a place to enter the remote computer name.

I don't want to have to upgrade to the Pro version of Windows 10 unless I have to. I will only be logging into the remote PC from my PC, not the other way around.

Thanks very much for your help.

A:Can I use Remote Desktop with Windows 10 Home?

Yes, you can use it as a client that connects to another computer, but not as the target of a connection request.

In other words, you can DTP out but not in.

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Earlier today i disocvered how to set up a remote desktop. I connected my laptop to my server and an employee's computer easily/quickly with no problems.. but i can't do the same when i'm @ my home network.

Please note. that when i was able to connect i was on the work network, but i was connected wirelessly.. but it was using the same IP "family" if you will as the server and the other workstation

I am wondering if there is something i need to configure to get this fixed?

A:Remote Desktop - Cannot Connect from Home

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I have been using Remote Desktop on XP Home edition for nearly three months. I have been told that Remote Desktop on XP Home edition will expire after 90 days of use. Is this true and how do I tell how many days I have left? I use it to connect to work daily so I can't afford to wait until it expires (if indeed it does). Thanks for any help.

A:Remote Desktop on Home edition

Why not use UltraVNC, it never expires and works on any version of Windows.

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I have just found that Vista Home Basic does not include "Remote Desktop". Does anyone know of a way to add it to Basic? I do not want to use a third party system if possible. I have setup a VPN network okay, but would like to add Remote Desktop to the system.


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Any way to add Remote Desktop (host) to W7 home?
I upgraded to home premium and now found that I can not remote desktop TO this pc
Obviously I could upgrade from home to PRO but didn't know if I can just "add" RDP to this home PC at all
I realize there are 3rd party software vendors I can use (think I saw VNC, mesh, go2mtg, etc)
Any thoughts, suggestions?

A:Any way to add Remote Desktop (host) to W7 home?

Hi there
NO -- this is a BIG disappointment to zillions of people who get computers loaded with W7 Home from stores.

It's almost a universal requirement these days that people want to access HOME computers from the Internet / Work etc etc.

There are "3rd party options" like "Logmein" etc but some work places now block these sites and ports and aren't in any case a true alternative for RDP.

There were "get arounds" in Windows XP HOME (XP PRO always allowed RDP as a Server rather than a client) but they seemed to have locked down W7 a bit better now.

I'm sure allowing RDP in W7 Home wouldn't have been a big deal for MS -- it's certainly IMO needed.

For Linux VNC is a good solution -- whether you could use this on Windows as a server I don't know.


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I need to connect my computer at work from my home computer both has window 10 home, how I do that?

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Hey Everyone,

I am having the hardest time using remote desktop over my network. Everytime i try to remote to my pc downstairs (the name of this computer is downstairs) I get an error message "Client could not connect to remote computer". I have xp home on both pc's, with remote desktop connection enabled on the windows xp firewalls, and all the remote services enabled....

What am I missing?????

Thanks for any help you can give,


PS. I cant remote to my upstairs pc from my downstairs pc either.....

A:Remote Desktop Connection in XP Home SP2

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How's everyone doing?

My operating system is xp home edition and I unwittingly deleted my remote desktop program. It was only used to access a computer that ran on xp pro, so there wasn't a problem using it, and I don't need anything else fancy, just my old RtD.

Unfortunately, I don't know how exactly to reinstall it. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Reinstalling Remote Desktop on xp home

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My wife is at a job where it is very abusive and contentious, and recently they decided to not renew her contract because she didn't play by insane and illogical rules. It is all a big joke, they are offering severance in a hope that she keeps her mouth shut about what's been going on in the organization. I no longer want her to be subjected to the stress, anxiety, and bullying she's faced for almost a year. I told her to work via remote access, which I assume is a VPN, and get away from their craziness. I'm concerned that her work could hack into her system from the remote access and learn of all of the history of our personal network. Obviously we have searched about things surrounding this type of workplace, influential members of the organization, lawyers, yada, yada, yada. So what is the most they can track? From where can it be tracked--the computer hooked up to the network? Could I hide my IP and make it even more difficult to track. Etc, etc, etc.

Thank you in advance for the crash course in this particular area. I really want to get my wife out of there and have her home, relaxing, and, quite possibly, drinking her guts out until the severance starts rolling in. Thanks, cheers!

A:Using Remote Access From Home: Can Work See My History?

Your wifes company could not access your local network but they could monitor connections to the company network. I see no reason to use a proxy to hide your IP address and a number why you should not. The problem with using a proxy server is that it attracts attention to the user, that they might have something to hide. The company would not know your IP address but they would know the identity of the logged in user from the login credentials. Seems to me this is the opposite of what you want.

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I have 4 computers in my LAN, they share the same workgroup. I am having a problem with a Windows XP Professional SP2 machine. I enabled remote desktop and i cannot connect to it from another computer.
When i try to connect from another computer, i first type in the IP or NetBios name of the computer in question. I get a prompt to enter credentials (username and password). Next i get a prompt because the computer i am trying to connect from is Windows Vista (i tried from another XP computer and it didn't work there eihter), which basically says that it can't verify the identity of the computer and i click yes to continue. After that, the prompt disappears and the Computer input box and the Connect, Help and Options >> buttons in the remote desktop client are greyed out for about 2 seconds, then it just becomes editable\clickable and it doesn't connect, neither does it give any error message. I just can't connect to the remote machine. From the problematic machine i can connect to other machines in my network via remote desktop and it works fine.

A:Remote Desktop won't work (XP)

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I used to always get this to work except for recently when I had to restore my computer.

I usually change the port number of remote desktop in the registry, open the port in the Windows firewall (and router firewall) and I would be able to connect

however, going from external to internal, this does not seem to be the case
I CAN remote desktop from the internal network.

Any ideas what is going on? How can I fix this?

the firewall log on the router shows that the rule does match and allows access.... so seems to be something on the computer itself?

A:Remote Desktop does not work

Just pointing out the obvious, but is "Remote Desktop" enabled?

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I have 2 PC's with Windows 10 Home version. One upgraded from Windows 7 and 1 upgraded from Windows 8.1. I need to connect over internet to a system for a work application using RDP. I can log into the remote system web page to download the Remote app on both PC's. On the Windows 7 upgraded box I run the RDP received from server, login with my crdentials and everything is fine. On the other PC when I run the RDP from server after I login it pops up a window stating Remote Desktop Connection has stopped working. I have checked that both systems have the same updates applied have the same services installed and still cannot figure out the problem. Pulling my hair out here. Any thoughts would be geatly appreciated.

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Ideally I'm trying to get remote desktop to work on my new phone (HTC Touch Diamond) but for troubleshooting purposes I'm going to use my laptop.

I'm on a LAN behind a common D-LINK router, with a 192.168.0.X /24 subnet
Network connectivity is working great, all the computers on the LAN can use windows file sharing perfectly. So basic network connectivity is not an issue.

My desktop on connected via the LAN adapter, and the notebook via the built in wireless. The phone also uses the wifi.

I created a new account with a password, and enabled Remote Desktop in the [Remote] tab of the System Properties. I've, of course, added the user I created in the "select remote users" window.

When I try the Remote Desktop Connection on my laptop it says "connecting..." for a short moment then blinks off. No error messages or anything. Just nothing. Same thing happends on my phone (when the phone is on the wifi network of course).

All pings work fine, and i've disabled ALL firewalls (inc. windows built in firewall)

Ive recently installed SP3 on the desktop machine, and its all up to date with windows updates.

Does anybody have any ideas what I could be missing here?

A:Can't get remote desktop to work

I've tried a few more things

"Telnet 3389" works

also the site http://www.canyouseeme.org/ gives me Success: I can see your service on *.*.*.* on port (3389)

but when i try remote desktop on my handheld or laptop i have no luck

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Here's the setup:
Our server is running Win 2012 R2
Computer I'm trying to remote into is running Win 8 Pro
Computer I'm using for remote connection is Win 7 Home
Note that on a Mac I can connect into the Win 8 computer with no issues.

Here's the problem--- I open up remote desktop connection, put in the IP address and the user name as ourdomain\username
It connects and brings up the login screen, I again type ourdomain\username and the password
It says connecting and logs me into the computer
HOWEVER, it is actually logging in as the local user account--- [email protected]

I've tried various alternatives of this same basic process and am yielding the same results. I'm about to pull out my hair as clearly it will state logging in as ourdomain\user but then it doesn't! 
Also once it does login to the computer I cannot figure out a way to switch user accounts.
I've done the typical thing and tried googling this issue and searching these forums but I cannot find a solution. Actually, I can't even find someone with this problem.

I don't think we've attempted to use this particular laptop (win 7 home) since we changed this user over to a Win 8 pro pc so I don't believe it has ever worked. 
Could someone please help?!

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Hi All.

I have a Win 7 Home Premium box along with 4 WinXP boxes in a simple network. My Win 7 box can Remote Desktop to any of the WinXP boxes, and be used to "drive" them, no problem.

I added a new machine yesterday that came with Win 7 Home Premium. After searching through other threads, I found it was stated that if I upgrade the new box to Win 7 Pro or Ultimate, I can then use my original Win 7 Home Prm to connect to, and "drive" the new Win 7 Ult. box.

I successfully upgraded the new box, it's now confirmed to be running Win 7 Ultimate. I have also disabled the firewall, and checked the Remote Box Settings:
Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)..

However, the Home box cannot connect to the Ultimate box. It times out with the following error:
Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:
1) Remote access to the server is not enabled
2) The remote computer is turned off
3) The remote computer is not available on the network.

All three of these conditions are false.

Please help!!!


PS - I can ping the machine, so it's "there" in some form or fashion...

A:Remote Desktop: Win 7 Home Prm can't connect to Win 7 Ultimate

Hi Jerry,
Remote Desktop is not available in Win7 H Prem.

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I have a desktop PC running Window XP Home Edition and my laptop has XP Pro Edition. I want to use my desktop as the host computer and would like to run "Remote Desktop" so I can access the desktop via my laptop. I've been told both that it is possible and that it is not. The reason given for not being able to do so was that the "host" computer has to be running the Pro Edition. Is this correct and if not can anyone suggest a good site with a "good" step by step setup for doing this?

Thanks! David

A:Remote Desktop in Window XP Home Edition

You can only use remote desktop to remote into a Windows XP Pro computer. The only way you can remote into a Windows XP home computer is to install a VNC application. I suggest using UltraVNC.

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I have a windows 7 home premium laptop that I am trying to connect to my office PC via VPN. I can make the vpn connection and login to my office PC. I launch into my Outlook but when I exit and try to go to another desktop program I get disconnected everytime from my session. what can I do?

A:remote desktop and Windows 7 Home premium

Are there any related error messages in your application event log? After you get disconnected, are you able to RDP back into the office PC?

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I have VPN service running on my Linksys DD-WRT router at home, so I can VPN back into my home network when using unsecured wireless internet on travel. I also have remote desktop port forwarding to my home machine if I want to just remote desktop in without using the VPN. However, often times I will VPN in, then remote desktop to my machine. Lately, I can VPN in, but remote desktop to the machine's NAT'ed address on the local network doesn't work. I used to be able to do it that way and I'm not sure what has changed. The home machine runs Windows 7 and the laptop I use on the road for VPN'ing back in runs Windows XP. Any ideas why after I VPN in to the home network I can't see any other machines on the network anymore? I have a folder shared on the home machine that I'd like to map to my laptop once I've VPN'ed in but it can't see that either.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

A:VPN'ed into home router, but can't remote desktop to machine on LAN

The home network subnet is using DHCP (with the home machine statically keeping it's x.x.x.147 address) and the VPN pool consists of two addresses of and Network sharing and discovery is all turned on for the Win7 home machine, as well as the XP machine.

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Hi. I have been trying to set up a native remote desktop access between two different household networks and am completely stuck. The computer I want to remote desktop to is a Windows 7 Professional which I can RDC to within it's own home network flawlessly from another windows client. I set it up with a static IP and forwarded port 3389 on the router to that IP and determined the external network IP. Now theoretically when I open the RDC client window on the other remote household network and punch in that external IP, it should connect but it doesn't. Instead I get the usual "Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer......" message.

Any ideas where I can troubleshoot further? I prefer native Remote Desktop to any of the other remote software packages.


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Dear fellows,

i have learned via internet that Windows 7 Home Premium computer cant b accessed remotly but it can access computer remotly ( with professional or ultimate versions). Isnt it????

Unfortunattly i have Home Premium, i have found a Patch " rdp concurrent" which they say can allow Home Premium Versions to be accessed remotly. Is this safe to use this patch? or is there anyother way to overcome this issuse?

i want remote connection over the internet, how to make a remote connection so that i can login remotly whenever i want???

please guide me as i dont want to use any other softerware.

A:Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium

Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - Hoff Says
That's safe. It only has the files termsrv.dll, termsrv.exe, rdpclip.dll, rdpclip.exe
And a firewall rule.

Those 4 files are just put in %SystemRoot%\System32\
They are taken from a win7 ultimate machine. At least that's what they normally do

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Is there any software out that allows you to connect remotely on a machine which is on a small local network? I have setup a local area network around my home and was just curious one day if there was any way to do this?

A:Remote Desktop with Window's Home Edition?

A lot of people recommend UltraVNC: http://www.uvnc.com/index.html

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All of MS literature says it cannot be done & your website indicates it can via 3rd party software, but I stumbled onto this @ answers.microsoft.com:

Simply change the fDenyTSConnections value in the ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server? hive to ?0? from ?1? and you can RDP into the system. One has always been able to do this. The options available in the UI reflect which editions include support for the feature. You can enable RDP on Home if you wish, it just isn?t supported.

One can also set the UserAuthentication value to 1 in the ?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp? to require NLA if you wish.

Is this BOGUS? I have attempted it & no luck. Maybe I am missing something?

A:Remote desktop WIN7 HOME PREM?

Let's start with the obvious. What you're trying to do is illegal, it violates the license of Windows you've bought. Microsoft sells various editions of Windows and each one has more features that the lesser ones, but they're also more expensive. It's a way to segment the market. From Windows Home Premium the Remote Desktop server has been cut off of it (only the client remains), but you have to upgrade to Professional to get it, among other things. That's the way MS makes money "if you want features, pay me more".

Now for the technical side. Not sure about the method you posted, but I'm sure that in some way it's totally doable. Remember that the editions of Windows are just artificial restrictions over a single code base, just a few registry changes, some setting and maybe missing files or something else hidden out there, but the reality is that Windows 7 Starter all the way up to Windows 2008R2 Datacenter are exactly the same program with features artificially stripped out.
So, possible, yes, I'm pretty sure it's possible, but no idea how. Even then, remember that this forum don't support illegal things, so you won't get it here anyway.

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Hi all,I'm having real problems with making RDP work on my windows 7 machines from outside my netowrk at home. I am using two windows 7 machines with pro and Ultimate installed on them. I also have a home belkin wirelss router.First let me start by saying i can RDP inside my network from computer to computer using both internal ip addresses and computer names,.The problem starts when i try and remote RDP eg from work to home. below is how i have everything setup.- I have my router forwarded under the virtual servers tab to port 3389-3389 and to the ip address of the machine inside my network e.g. i have checked windows firewall and there is a tick under the allow programs though firewall next to RDP (Home/Work private)- I have checked here http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and they say that port 3389 is forwarded on my external ip address- have have check cmd > netstat -a and have 3389 - <mycomputername> LISTINING When i goto RDP i get the following message " Remote desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of theses following reasons1) Remote access tot eh server is not enabled2)The remote computer is turned off3)The remote computer is not avaliable on the networkIf anyone has any ideas of what im missing id be greatful for any ideas and help as rdp is not much use to me from within my home i need to be able to rdp from another city.thanks

A:RDP (remote desktop) from outside my home netowork NOT WORKING !

update: i have downloaded this http://www.portforward.com/help/portcheck.htm and am getting the message " could not test port 3389 because some other application locked. Please close any other programs that might be using this port and try again"This still dosnt help me !!! ????

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This is from MS's Windows Vista Help:

You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to remote (host) computers running the following editions of Windows Vista:

? Windows Vista Starter

? Windows Vista Home Basic

? Windows Vista Home Basic N

? Windows Vista Home Premium

I guess I should have done my research before I purchased Home Premium...

When I had XP on my office PC (in my upstairs office), I would often use remote desktop from my laptop while watching TV and such. Can't do that anymore!

Is there any work around for this other than PCAnywhere or a similar product?


A:Home Premium and Remote Desktop Connection

Well, you could use any variety of VNC to achieve a work around. They aren't nearly as seamless as the windows remote desktop, but they do work in a pinch.

RealVNC - http://www.realvnc.com/
UltraVNC - http://www.uvnc.com/
TightVNC - http://www.tightvnc.com/

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Does anyone know is there an add on/patch/link/3rd party software that I can download so my Vista home premium laptop has remote desktop capabilities? I know there is one you can download for xp home. I was told when I bought the laptop that it had remote desktop, but unfortunately it doesn't and I really need it! Any help would be so appreciated!!!

A:Remote Desktop for Vista home premium?

Did you Google Vista Remote Desktop? If there is one, that's how I'd find it. Ultimate and Business have it, at least it works here.

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