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Nvidia Geforce- VGA and DVI port stopped working

Q: Nvidia Geforce- VGA and DVI port stopped working

Hi all,

My Pc (about 1,5y old) :
-AMD athlon x4 635 2.90 ghz
-asus m4n68t-m le v2 am3/ddr3/vga/8cm/glan
-kingston 2gb ddr3 pc10600/1333mhz
-palit geforce gt240 1gb ddr3 128 bit

+ windows 7 32 bit

2 monitors:
-philips 22" 222el1se/97 LED monitor 1920x1080
-viewsonic 21.50" vx2250wm led monitor

1st post so bare with me ..

I had to move my pc set-up so I unplug all cables from my cpu.. Then when I plug in everything back and started up my pc one of my monitors stopped working. It showed: 'no video input' then 'entering sleep mode'.

However, it's likely not my 2 monitors because:
I tried them both on my laptop using 3 different VGA cables: viewsonic worked properly with all 3 VGA cables; the weird thing is that my philips didn't work at all ('no video input' then 'entering sleep mode' too) until I tried it on another laptop :s.

Anyway, It seems I have 2 VGA ports + 1 DVI port. 1 VGA port is on the upper left while the other VGA port is adjacent to my DVI port, and also located lower right.

Before this, one of my monitor was connected to this VGA port (the one adjacent to the DVI port) and the other to the DVI port. Now I've tried both monitors on these VGA & DVI ports but both are not working and shows the same 'no video input then 'entering sleep mode'. BUT both monitors work on my other VGA port located upper left. so I guess I'm correct with my assumption that it has something to do with my video card or so? Any idea if I'm able to fix this myself or time to go to pc repair shop?

Lastly, It's not the first time that I had to move my pc set-up or my monitors. I usually unplug the cables which are connected to my 2 monitors and just keep it plugged in on 'the other side' (CPU).. This was the first time I unplugged it from both sides, and got this issue :s..

Thx a lot in advance


Preferred Solution: Nvidia Geforce- VGA and DVI port stopped working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Nvidia Geforce- VGA and DVI port stopped working

Might be a loose connection for the video card, etc.

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i just purchased an nvidia geforce gt440 , but it is'nt working. The system is showing error code 43 .the system had become pixelated and i have tried downloading n installing nvidia driver but still it isnt working. the graphics card is working on my other pc but not on this one....so i think dat there is some prob wid the settings in my pc.
pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllllpppppppp..............

A:Nvidia geforce gt440 not working

As no one else has done this yet,

Please post your system specs. It's impossible to diagnose your problem from the information that you supplied.

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i recently installed a 64 bit version of xp onto my laptop and downloaded the drivers to make everything compatible but when i tried to install the video card driver it said that it cannot find the video card, i then checked my device manager to find it was not there but in my bios it was there so a bit stuck about what to do, any suggestions?

A:xp 64 bit not working with nvidia geforce go 7950 gtx

Did you get the 64bit video drivers?

nVidia GeForce 7950 WinXP 64bit driver, see Products Supported tab. Download and SAVE (do not run).

IMPORTANT - Follow nVidia's advice and use Driver Cleaner Pro to fully uninstall all old drivers. This is especially critical in your case because of going from 32bit to 64bit.

You remove your old nVidia drivers via Add/Remove Programs, DO NOT REBOOT, then run Driver Cleaner Pro and select to remove nVidia drivers. NOW reboot, and run saved 64bit driver installer.

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Hi, i have a nVidia GeForce 8400 GS but yesterday it stopped working, i dunno why. all i was doing is homework and turn the computer off normally(not using any kind of graphics) and when i come back from school and i turn on the computer the screen shows "No Input" as if it was disconnected, but the computer was running normally because i could manage to write my user password and log in to windows but my screen wasn't showing anything yet. The only way i could see anything was to remove the graphic card and turn on the computer because it doesn't matter if i connect the screen to the motherboard or to my graphic card; it wont show anything unless i take out the graphic card.
I tried uninstalling the nvidia graphic driver but when i tried installing it again it from the CD it wouldn't let me because i didn't have the graphic card inserted and i can't install it with it inserted because i can't see anything.
Anyone knows how to fix this issues? i an barely play any game i have and its really annoying.

I have
WindowsXP service pack 3
Pentium D 2.80 GHz

A:nVidia GeForce 8400 GS isn't working

OK this post is confusing.

"No Input" as if it was disconnected, but the computer was running normally because i could manage to write my user password and log in to windows but my screen wasn't showing anything yet.Click to expand...

Is there was "No input", which makes me thing there is no image at all, how could you write your password on the screen and login into windows?

Can you explain in a more organized way?


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Hey i have a question regarding mobile graphics card. i was looking at two different laptops <http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9172851&st=asus+stylish+laptop&lp=2&type=product&cp=1&id=1218044029604>



one is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS and the other with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

I found on notebookcheck that the 9400m is ranked higher than the 9300m, but the 9400 is an integrated card, and that the 9300m has dedicated memory! i am confused because i always believed that a dedicated card will be better than integrated so i am very confused!!!

please comment if you can clear this up for me! thanks much


A:Solved: NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS vs. NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

please help!!!!!!!!

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I have spent 7 days on this, please do help!

OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

when i boot, I can see display on both monitors, only till after that small 'window' icon, then the monitor on DVI shows no input siganl. The monitor on VGA connection always work. I can see both monitors on NVIDIA control panel, I tried a lot on the control panel, but the 2nd monitor just won't work. The latest driver has been installed for NVIDIA graphic card.

So let me recap, both monitors work fine, and they both can display the booting info, but after entering Windows, the one on DVI lost input signal.

One interesting thing is, the monitor that works is identified as #2 monitor on Nvidia control panel.

Thanks in advance !

A:2nd monitor not working NVIDIA GeForce 6600

Quote: Originally Posted by petswiz

I have spent 7 days on this, please do help!

OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

when i boot, I can see display on both monitors, only till after that small 'window' icon, then the monitor on DVI shows no input siganl. The monitor on VGA connection always work. I can see both monitors on NVIDIA control panel, I tried a lot on the control panel, but the 2nd monitor just won't work. The latest driver has been installed for NVIDIA graphic card.

So let me recap, both monitors work fine, and they both can display the booting info, but after entering Windows, the one on DVI lost input signal.

One interesting thing is, the monitor that works is identified as #2 monitor on Nvidia control panel.

Thanks in advance !

Have you tried rightclick desktop -> screen res -> detect. If it doesnt see the screen, are you sure your graphics card has it's AGP/PCI power connector connected (if you built it, or if it has one, in the right up corner of the card, a six or eight pin connector). If still no picture, try to press detect, take out one monitor, press detect, and put the monitor back, and press detect.

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HP ENVY dv7-7212nr Notebook PC Operating systemWindows 8 64 ProcessorIntel® Core? i7-3630QM (3.4 GHz/2.4 GHz )Processor speed3.4 GHz/2.4 GHz Processor technologyTurbo Boost Technology GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GT 650M switchable (2 GB GDDR5, up to 1.65 GB) Memory8 GB DDR3  I'm having trouble getting NVIDIA Graphics card to work. It does not switch from intels inegrated graphics card to nvidiads. Regardles if i go to the NIVIDIA control panel and switching the default OR right clicking it and trying to run it on high perfomance NVIDIA processor. I have the lastest drive for my NIVIDIA graphics card i can't seem to make it work at all.  one thing that caught my attention is that when i enable "Display GPU activity icon in notification area" in nvidia's control panel it seemed that the only program that was running it was NORTON INTERNET SECURITY. Is this even possible?  I need help with this, is been a 2 weeks trying to figure out why my games are being played in such horrible, horrible performance when i realize that the inegrated graphics card was the one working and not the nvidia. 

View Solution.

A:NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M switchable NOT WORKING

Hi!One solution is to tell your friends to never buy any HP products cause they will gain no support.Maybe HP money loss will make them answer to customers pleas.There is  too no bios option in Pavilion G6-2270ew to change GPU card being used. And switchable mechanics doesn`t work. I bought that HP notebook just because nice GPU. No games is being started with dedicated card but Intel integrated one.

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I like Windows 8, and my experience has been good so far. Yesterday I've installed Windows 8 and it had been hanging at 'Installing Drivers... 10%'. So I slammed my GeForce 8600 in my PC, and surprisingly it worked.
However, I need my GeForce 6600 because another OS needs it *cough*Hackintosh*cough*, and so I put this card back into my PC. Now it boots up into Windows 8, but it's not exactly as you call it 'fast'. I downloaded the 296.17 drivers, and my attempts to install it were unsuccessful. The installer stops with a BSOD while attempting to flash the screen, and the computer restarts.
I have already attempted to install the drivers with Device Manager, automatic as well as manual, but the same BSOD happens.

Is there anyone who can help? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Edit: I have Windows 8 32 bits.

A:NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT drivers not working


Yeah, we can help ya out no prob.

All you need to do is run the tool found in the top thread of the Crash subforum then attach the zip it makes to a new post here.

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I have tried every youtube solution and uninstalled/reinstalled all drivers connected to the software changed number of keys and configuration but still the same issue that geforce exerience shield for remote streaming isnt showing up therefore other devices such as phone ot tablet cannot connect to the PC either locally or remotely.

not just that but 2 out of 4 games cannot load any longer, i have not changed anything with them but for some reason they stopped working.

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Well basically my hard drive broke so I bought a new one, had to obviously reinstall windows etc, and everything was fine. I installed the drivers from the disc (as I lost them) and everything was okay until I turned my PC on one day and it just beeped loads, I tried lots of different things to see what it was and I changed my graphics card and now it works, and whenever I have my GeForce FX 5200, my computer won't turn on, it's as if there is no graphics card installed.
I had this problem when I first got it, but I moved it about and it worked - I just assumed I didn't fit it in properly, but I know this time its a problem with the card. Any suggestions?

A:nVIDIA GeForce 5200 FX card not working

Are you sure you did not physically damage the card (the connecting portion) when you last took it out or fitted it in? When you "moved it about", you DID turn off the computer first right? Do you know what the usual operating temperature of your card is? 'Cuz it could be fried for all I can think of.

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About a month ago, I bought a brand new notebook, the ASUS F550JK-DM112D, which has a GeForce GTX 850M. I installed Windows 7 64-bit and all the drivers from the ASUS support page (also W7 64bit).

However, the graphics card doesn't seem to be working. I installed the driver from the support page (337.33) and the GeForce Experience, which updated it to 353.30, but, when checking the device manager, it showed a yellow triangle and was giving the error 43, as seen in the screenshot below:


Sidenotes: In the beginning, I was able to start the NVIDIA Control Panel, but now it doesn't. The process stays opened, at about ~11MB. Also, the GeForce Experience said that I need to update the driver, although I had already installed it and restarted. Furthermore, I couldn't click on any tabs of GeForce Experience, they were all grayed out ("My Rig" etc.)

I have already tried (multiple times) uninstalling and reinstalling the driver in safe mode using Wagnard DDU, but it doesn't work. Also, in another forum topic, the OP got his problem solved by replacing the motherboard, but it was a desktop (unlike mine).

Does anyone know what can I do to solve my problem? Is it hardware related or software?


A:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M not working, error 43

Go to Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers and click Beta and older drivers. Enter details and try installing older drivers that will be listed, try going back the list one by one.

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I am unable to use the GT 750m graphics card in my Lenovo Ideapad Y410p laptop (Windows 8, 64 bit). In the Device Manager, the graphics card is listed, but there is a little yellow triangle next to it. When I go into Properties, it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" I am unable to open the NVIDIA control panel. I've tried updating the drivers.I've tried uninstalling and installing the drivers from NVIDIA's website (recent and older).I've tried uninstalling and installing  the drivers from Lenovo's website.I've tried uninstalling and installing both NVIDIA and Intel HD Graphics 4600 drivers.I've tried using CCleaner and Driver Display Uninstaller to remove files.I've tried updating the BIOS. I realize this could very well be a hardware issue, but since that would cost a lot of money to fix, I want to eliminate any other possibility first. Has anybody else here had a similar problem?

A:NVIDIA GeForce GT 750m not working in Y410p

You have written that you uninstalled and installed the drivers but WAS it a clean install?
1) Go to Control Panel >> Device Manager >> Display
2) Right click and Uninstall Nvidia GPU
3) Go to Control Panel >> Programs & Features,  Uninstall everything related to NVIDIA
4) Restart
5) Let the system recognize and install the drivers automatically.
6) Now, check in the location mentioned in Step 1.
If it doesn't work,
You can try a laptop reset by pressing the NOVO button.
Make sure to take a backup (on external drive) of your personal files like songs, videos coz they will be deleted.

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I have got a NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 1GB graphics card for my H500s but I cannot get it to work.I have been playing with the BIOS settings with no luck.  The card seems simply not to work, the on board graphics however is working fine. The card is not sending a signal through the VGA port, the monitor shows no signal. The BIOS is set Activate Video: AutoSecure Boot: DisabledBoot Priority: UEFI first.CSM: Enabled I have also downloaded the NVIDIA drivers but the program reports that there is no card.  Also the card does not fit the PCI slot properly, there are pins that don't go in the slot, it seems the PCI slot is too small, is this normal? Have I missed something or do I have a dodgy card. Kind regardsGarry

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I recently installed a NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS video card into my Dimension 2400 desktop computer which runs Windows XP 32-bit OS. I bought this card for it's S-video capability so I can stream Netflix (or any other video) to my TV screen (which I used to do with my laptop, but it died - another story haha). I installed the card and downloaded the latest driver to my computer from the NVIDIA website (version 196.21 to be exact). I then turned off my computer, and plugged in the provided s-video cable to the back of my desktop, and connected it to a radio shack s-video to RCA (the yellow video connector for most TV's) converter and plugged it into my TV (which NVIDIA says shouldn't be a problem). I then followed the online instructions from NVIDIA on "Connecting a video card to a TV and enabling TV output". This included using the "Run television setup wizard" on the NVIDIA Control Panel. Upon following the prompts for the setup wizard I am taken to the first screen which says welcome and click next....so I do. It then takes me to the next screen so I can choose which display mode so I choose "DualView". Then it takes me to a preview screen and on my TV I see two halves of my desktop background swapped (the left is on the right and the right is on the left with a big black strip down the middle) and it is in black and white. So I go to the "Change resolution" setting on the NVIDIA control panel and try to change things arou... Read more

A:NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS TV Out function not working properly

In case you are wondering as well, I have disabled/uninstalled the other VGA adapter and the NVIDIA card is working perfectly in ever other aspect except the tv out function.

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Hi!I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 since more than 1 year, my Nvidia GeForce 740M suddenly stopped working.In device manager pannel it says : " Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) ".I've tryed yet few solutions about drivers updating and some more.I also tryed to use the recovery button!Nothing seems to work.Does anyone knows what to do or has the same problem?Thank you!

A:Nvidia GeForce 740M not working error code : 43 . ...

Just one suggestion that I can think of: Try resetting the bios to default values then save and exit. Check again.

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Hi all

just noticed on my pc when i rebooted that areo was gone!
it had been getting lots of driver crashes and i thought that was the prob, so i updated to 285 and it is still not working, i checked in theme and it aint there

plz help

thx discript

A:Areo stopped working, Geforce 6200

AGP or PCI card? If it is AGP it could be the problem is with the actual AGP driver (which is needed for the video card driver to install and work properly) and not the video card driver?

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My Geforce 8500 GT stopped working awhile ago. I had it for about a year then artifacts started appearing and then it started overheating and eventually just stopped working. Theres a lot of dust built up in it and maybe i can fix it by getting an air can or is it fried?

I tried getting it to work after letting it sit for about week and it worked for a day then started getting artifacts and shut down like before. Any solutions?

Here is some pictures.

A:Solved: Geforce 8500 GT stopped working! Can I fix it!?

Did you try cleaning its PCI-e slot?

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After getting the BSOD "Bad system config info" a few times, I managed to get my laptop working once again via recovery, however, now my Nvidia GeForce GT 525M Display adapter no longer works. "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I have attempted a few things to no avail, but I'd be willing to try pretty much anything at this point.
Thank you in advance.

A:After a few BSOD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M No longer working (Code 43)

In Device Manager,right click the device,then click Uninstall.If a warning message appears,just click OK
Right click your computer name,at the top of Device Mngr and click "Scan for hardware changes".
Right click device,click Properties,on the General tab you should see "Device is working properly"
I forgot to mention,during the scan,Win7 will install the correct drivers.

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It started a while when i booted up my laptop, when i was going to update my driver the GeForce Experience app said 'There is no graphic card installed' and then i searched for it in the Device Manager it didn't show up. I tried downloading the driver but it said 'There is no graphic card compatible with the driver.' What should i do?

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I have a problem. I just bought this video card and i tried running it on Counter Strike Source and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and it is saying i need a mininum of Directx 7.0 But i have installed with Directx 9.0. And updated the driver too. It works perfect on Final Fantasy XI. Any thoughts? My specs on my computer are:
Intel Celeron D 2.66ghz
512mb of ram

It work fine with my ATI 9200SE Xtasy, and with my regular motherboard too.
I just don't know why it won't work on HL 2 DM and CS Source.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 Laptop on which I originally had Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit OS. It came installed with Nvidia GeForce go 7400 graphics card and worked fine. Vista eventually died and i upgraded the OS to Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. Everything works fine but the Nvidia card is not getting detected and is not working. The system shows only 2 resolutions 1024x768 and 800x600 running on Standard VGA Adapter when i know it should have 1280x800 resolution and much better clarity.

I have tried everything. Installed NVIDIA Drivers 179.48 Beta and restarted machine, it installs but when i restart it crashes (blue screen) and keeps restarting in the loop unless i start up in Safe mode and uninstall the Nvidia driver.

I also tried installing NVIDIA Drivers 179.48 Beta and modify the .inf file by using Nvidia MobilityModder program. Again the same result.

I read some previous articles on this forum for this issue which worked for a sony vaio laptop and mine is HP but tried it anyway, installed driver and modded INF from this link

NVIDIA Forceware 197.25 Released - News - LaptopVideo2Go Forums

downloaded the driver + the inf file and inserted modified inf into the driver folder and run the setup.exe file. Restarted the machine but the same blue screen again.

No success and same result every time. Please help if someone knows a recent fix for this problem.


A:Nvidia GeForce 7400 card not working after installing Windows7 32 bit

Hi Jeeten, Welcome to the forums , Download the Vista driver from HP ,Install in compatibility mode

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Hi Gang,

I brought this GT-610 Galaxy video card with 1gb ram on Ebay a few months ago. It was brand new. It worked fine until one day I had to unplug the HDMI cord that lead to the TV (using clone view). After I did this and plugged it back in there was no more picture on the TV. It had been working fine. The cord shows up as being listed on the TV as HDMI 2 but when I look for it on the PC I see nothing. I used to see LG TV. Not it is no longer listed.

I have tried rebooting, turning PC off, updating drivers, reinstalling the drivers and taking the card out and and putting it back in. Nothing works. What do I do?

A:How do I get my Nvidia hdmi port working again

Have you tried a System Restore to a date/time when it was working?

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Hi,everyone!Here is my story.
I have a Nvidia GeForce 9600 gtx grapichcard.I've been playing on it for 4 months.In that time i thought its the best thing i ever spend money on..But after that it started getting heat problems(the fan used to stop working witch made the monitor stop working cuz of the heat).2 days ago i played Jade Dynasty witch is not that big of a deal but it seems the fan stoped working and the card overheated(witch has hapened before),so i stopped the pc opened it and let the card cool off for 2 hrs,than i tried to turn it on again.....But this time it didn't work.the fan is not spinning at all but my monitor detects the pc (no more please plug the cable signal).I turn the pc on the monitor starts working on black for 10 seconds than it signals POWER SAVING MODE witch hapens only when i turn off the pc.

PLEASE tell me is my card busted,or that theres something else that is fixable!!!!

A:Nvidia GeForce 9600 Stoped working (heat related problem)

You should have sent this card immediately for replacement in warranty when the first problems occurred; however, its never too late, send it back now and get a replacement.

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I have a Toshiba A100, 12 months old, with 4 USB ports. In recent days one of them has stopped working. Device manager shows no problems. I have also downloaded and run usbready.exe and it reckons all is well. I have plugged several devices into the port (mouse, memory stick, wireless modem etc) all of which work on other ports but nothing seems to be recognised on the troublesome port. Is there anything else that I can do to diagnose the problem? - Derek

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I have had a similar issue in the past with my last PC (which had serious issues and was replaced with this one that is only a few months old now) and got help from these forums, the problem was completely fixed but following the same steps does not work for me this time.

Post #20: BSODs - 1000007e & 116

Saurabh A was a great help and that fixed my old problem but will not work for this USB 3.0 issue and was wondering if anyone had similar problems and was able to fix them?


USB 3.0 ports (front #6 and back #5) stopped working, when I plug my Western Digital 2TB Passport into the port it does not respond at all, like it has gone dead. This is the port I usually use for this device and have had no issues until now.

What I have done so far:
Uninstalled the USB 3.0 Host Controller and deleted the driver

Reboot the machine
Installed RENESAS USB3 Host Driver 30230 setup.exe from YET-D720201-0014, YET-D720202-0014 | Renesas Electronics America
This is what I see after following those steps and my USB 3.0 port is still not responding at all. I have right clicked it and tried to "Update" but it says it is the latest version.

Any ideas?

A:USB 3.0 port stopped working

Have you tried this fix?

USB Driver - General Fix for Problems[2]=Hardware%20and%20Drivers

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Hi can someone please help, My usb 3.0 port suddenly stopped working. I have almost tried everything online to fix the problem but no result.The only problem I can think of is that I just updated my system bios from f.35 to f.44; for that I tried to restore bios by key combination method (windows +b) it didn?t work either. Can any one help me fix the problem. Thanks in advance.  

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I have a Toshiba A100, 12 months old, with 4 USB ports. In recent days one of them has stopped working. Device manager shows no problems. I have also downloaded and run usbready.exe and it reckons all is well. I have plugged several devices into the port (mouse, memory stick, wireless modem etc) all of which work on other ports but nothing seems to be recognised on the troublesome port. Is there anything else that I can do to diagnose the problem? - Derek

A:USB port stopped working

which Toshiba A100 do you have?
A100-001 or A100-772??

if you have the 400.00$ A100-001 ---I would say live with it.

if 800.00$ A100-772 my recommendation would be to shop around to see who will give you the best price to diagnose your laptop problem

sounds like either the usb port its self is cracked or a wire has come loose.
the wire hasn't totally broken off because Device manager still sees the port.
but it is loose enough to corrupt the data transfer.
that why nothing works in the port.

could be totally off base---
but if the A100-772 800.00$ its worth it to pay a shop for a diagnosis
once you find out for sure you can still live with-it if cost to much to repair

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Hi, The USB port on my laptop has stopped working, I've run the diagnostics and the error code below came up: 64VBVV-7NN8K5-MFGJMG-8D6X03 Is this problem fixable? Thanks, Glen

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I tried installing a new scanner using my front USB Port but it did not work. I unplugged it from my front USB Port and used a rear port and it worked. Now my front USB Port will not read my flash drives which I use daily for quick backups. I tried a restore by backing dating one day, three days and a week but no luck. The divice manager does not indicate a problem with any USB Controllers but I can't tell which one is Drive K which is the one that is no longer working. I tried disabling the USB Root hubs and restarting but that did not restore the USB Port. What will restore this drive? Can I do a test to see if it is ruined now? Help!

A:USB Port Stopped working

This problem is a pain in the... backside.

I had exactly the same issue, I found patience was the key - the process somewhere was getting "stuck".

Insert a USB key and leave it in there. If you use your PC for a few hours then eventually it may detect the device and work normally from then on (worked for me).

It could be that the USB port has completely stopped working - to test this plug in a usb keyboard and see if you can enter the BIOS.

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I have a Nvidia Geforce gtx 660, and the other day the feed from the DVI-D port just disappeared out of nowhere! I have tried using a different monitor, and using a different cable, but no luck. My computer thinks that it's working fine, it registers the monitor, and when I'm using dual screens, I can even move the cursor or drag windows into the dead zone.

I have tried both updating and rolling back my graphics card drivers, as well as doing the Windows Refresh (I have Windows 8.1), and it hasn't worked.

This is incredibly frustrating because I really like having dual monitors to do my designing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:DVI-D port has stopped working

The card is likely faulty and needs to be replaced. The only real way to test, is to install the card into another PC.

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Not sure why it happened but it did.
The usb ports on the back of my pc are working fine but this on the front 2 usb ports are not working.
I think that if i will shut down my pc or make a restart it will fix it this time.

But i don't want to restart my pc now.

1. Why it happen ? It's not the first time. I think it's due yo insert/remove my smartphone too many time from the usb port in the front. Is there any way to make it will not happen again in the future ?

2. How to fix the problem now without restarting/shutting down the pc ?

I went to device manager and i see under: Universal Serial Bus controllers two controllers out of 8 that have a yellow triangle with a black small line inside like a warning. I tried to make Scan for hardware changes but it didn't fix it.
What else can i do ?

This is a screenshot of this warnings i see:

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I run emachine T6524, xp media edition, svc pack 2, reinstalled xp os, wont boot with anything in usb port, freezes after boot when pluggin into a usb port, runs great with nothing in usb, downloaded chipset drivers installed in unknown devices??? Anybody got ideas please

A:my usb port stopped working...help

Give this a try and see if it helps:

Reinstall after you have removed all USB items. Use this method:Unplug all USB items


Control Panel



Device Manager


Show Hidden Devices

Scroll down to the USB area and open it with (+)

Right click on each item and Uninstall all that you have with that option

Reboot and let the computer find them

Plug items back in and test it.

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So my computer will randomly freeze and stutter/pop. Sometimes, it will recover and the error message "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 186.47 stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Any ideas?

A:NVIDIA Version 186.47 has stopped working

Personally, I would update to a later driver. They are at 296.10 currently.
I have been using 270.61 for months with no issues.

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Yesterday I was casually browsing the internet when my monitor turned off. I tried a different monitor and that one wouldn't work either. It turns out that my GPUs fan stopped working. So I plugged my monitor into the on-board and put a fan facing the GPU to cool it down. And now for some reason the fan is working again, and I still have the fan facing it. But the my graphics card still won't let any monitor work. Perhaps it could've just fell out of place or something? Also the exact model is the PNY Verto GeForce 9600 GT.

A:Nvidia 9600 Gt stopped working!

If the fan on the GPU stopped working then it would have overheated and in that case the GPU could have easily fried itself; video cards run very hot if not cooled correctly.

However the fan could have stopped spinning if the card is not seated correctly in the slot or if the power connector on the back of the card, if equipped with one, came loose. Check those things. Also since you reverted to the onboard graphics you may also need to enter the BIOS setup and set the primary graphics card too the PCI-Express Slot/PEG, save and exit. You may need to turn the PC off, flip the monitor to the 9600GT then turn it back on and see if you get a display.

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I've had nVidia driver on my Dell Optiplex 760, Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit system. I've always been able to open nVidia from the icon pinned to my taskbar, should I need to visually modify anything seen on the screen.

Now, problems have arisen:

The nVidia icon on the taskbar won't open. When I click it, it takes at least a minute before a small error popup appears on the screen, telling me that it won't update (???). See error screenshot.
I've gone to the nVidia website, trying to update the existing nVidia software I have in my system but that also failed (see screenshot).
NVidia now seems to be blocking my Windows Update. When I do Windows Update, everything updates EXCEPT the nVidia software, halting the installation of all the other updates . . . a real thwart in the flow of progress (see Windows Update halted in screenshot).

Is there anything I can do to resolve this????? Do I even NEED this software on my machine? Is it necessary? Thanks to anyone who can assist.

A:nVidia Stopped Working - SEVERAL Problems Now

Hi maranatha4u,

Please try re-installing the 'nVidia drivers/software'. You may follow the steps listed below:
- Open 'Device Manager' > Expand 'Display Adapters' > Right click and uninstall 'nVidia device driver' > Also confirm if prompted for the 'software removal' > Follow through with the uninstall process > Allow the system to 'Restart' > Download and install a fresh set of driver from 'nVidia website': Drivers | GeForce

Alternatively, you may download the drivers from 'Dell Support Website'. 'Optiplex 760' is shipped with either one of the following 'nVidia GPUs':
- nVidia NVS 420: Driver Details | Dell US
- nVidia GeForce 9300GE: Driver Details | Dell US

Based on the 'nVidia card' installed in the unit, you may use either one of the above mentioned link.

Hope this helps. Do reply with the results; would be glad to assist.

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My USB port suddenly stopped working after inserting another USB device.

My unit has 4 rear USB and 2 front USB port. 2 rear USB port are used for USB mouse and USB keyboard, after inserting another USB speaker in the rear USB port, my mouse and keyboard suddenly stopped working with lights off , after which i transferred my mouse and keyboard in the front USB port and it works fine.

EDIT: i also tried to insert a usb digital camera in the rear port the usb mode will turn on but when i insert my keyboard in the rear port ,the digital camera usb mode will turn off.

any help would be appreciated

A:My USB port suddenly stopped working.

Hi Turbonis!
This article from Microsoft support page may help you understand and fix the issue through a few steps like scanning for hardware changes and resetting the USB controller:
If not, then it could be that the USB ports have just died. For that, you'll need to take your PC to a professional to determine the damage.
Best of luck!

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Hi Everyone

I have recently discovered that my 4 USB port splitter has stopped working suddenly. It is about 4 years old and I am pretty sure it only supports USB devices up to 2.0
I am not exactly sure what caused it to stop working suddenly but I have two possible ideas.

A few days ago when I had it plugged in, the notification area displayed a message saying "This device can perform faster if connected to a 2.0 port". I am guessing this may have mucked up my USB device because my 4 Port USB is plugged into my computer via 3.0 USB and devices connected to it are all 2.0

Also I seem to have noticed quite a lot of USB drivers when I open device manager under "Universal Serial Bus controllers' and I am wondering if I need to disable one of them to allow my USB 4 port to work? (This is what happened with my sound utility)

I know that is should probably be plugged in to one of my other USB 2.0 ports on my computer but nothing happens there either. I think it needs to be reconised by the computer then it needs to install a driver called "MTT USB 2.0 Hub" or something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:4 Port USB Problem Stopped Working

Disconnect one of the USB devices you have connected to your 4 port splitter, remove the 4 port from the computer & plug the USB device directly into the USB port, thereby by passing the 4 port device. If it now works then the 4 port is probably faulty.

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I have an Inspiron 6000, and the USB ports have stopped detecting my USB mouse. The USB ports will detect my USB key or external harddrive... so I'm guessing the automatic drivers that were installed for the mouse have curropted or something.

I have a Dynex small laptop mouse, and I honestly have went through 5 of these because of the same problem. At first I thought it was the crummy mouse dying on me. But I never took the tiem to pay attnetino and notice the light on the optical is still on when plugged in.

This time though, I recently got some "USB port failure" messages that minimzed into the system tray but I could never open it up again or recreate the message.

Is there a way to check/update the drivers that were installed for this mouse by Win XP?

A:USB port stopped working for the mouse only!

try another port or buy a decent mouse.

unless it's some off the wall, cheapy usb mouse, it should work fine in xp.

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the main computer in my house has suddenly connected to a different network and will no longer connect to the web. all others are still ok. any ideas why this may of happened and how to fix?

A:My network port has stopped working..

I posted the other day but didnt really give much info so didnt get any response...

My problem is i have a small network at home and my main PC (vista) has suddenly stopped connecting to the network. When looking into it i think it possibly is the port that stopped working, as this is the only comp that is connecting via cable as others are wireless, but if i plug the cable directly into my laptop it picks up the network straight away. I have tried updating the drive but comp says it is the most up to date one. Have also got windows updates that may help but they wont install as im not connected to the web (interesting how it managed to find the updates though)..

Any ideas or help would be hugely appreciated.


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I use this method to watch movies from my computer on my T.V. through services online. Now all it says when I connect it is no signal. The t.v. is brand new so I knew that wasn't the problem. So I bought a new DVI cable, still no signal. I can only be the port. Is there any way to reset or repair this problem

A:My DVI port just stopped working on my HP probook. It used t...

Does your computer have any other video ports? If not, you could try a usb graphics card.

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Hi my Serial port all of a sudden has stopped working its detected by windows but wont work.Ive carried out a loopback test using this http://www.hosenose.com/radio/support/loopback.htm and it failed.What do i do now ?

The motherboard is a gigbyte p35-dq6,os win32xp.

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failure id for usb port 60920X-0008G4-WPTXOK-802HO3

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I use windows 7 64 os laptop [ Lenovo W510 ]. Today while working all of a sudden all usb ports stopped working,
I restarted the machine , but the pc couldn't shutdown properly. While shutting down I observed an BSOD.

I have attached the dump file, also I'm using latest drivers.

Can you please check the dump file and let me know what is the issue.


A:BSOD after USB port stopped working.

Hello Vijay,
I would update these drivers...

btwl2cap.sys Sat Apr 04 13:28:45 2009 - Broadcom Bluetooth L2CAP Service N
Broadcom.com - Bluetooth Support

CAX_CNXT.sys Wed Jul 01 07:59:52 2009 - Conexant Modem
Conexant: Support

CAX_DPV.sys Wed Jul 01 08:05:11 2009 - Conexant Modem
Conexant: Support

CAXHWAZL.sys Wed Jul 01 08:01:14 2009 - Conexant Modem
Conexant: Support

smihlp.sys Sat Mar 14 01:47:32 2009 - SMI Helper (likely a part of the UPEK Protector Suite)
Welcome To UPEK - Support - Customer Support

Tppwr64v.sys Wed Oct 18 21:40:21 2006 - Thinkpad Pwr Mgmt Port
Lenovo Support - Home page

vnaap.sys Tue Dec 30 01:10:44 2008 - Unknown Driver
Update this through Windows Update/Microsoft Download Center

XAudio64.sys Thu Apr 30 06:21:07 2009 - Conexant Modem Audio
Conexant: Support

I would also remove Norton. Norton is a known issue of causing BSOD on some Windows 7 systems. Use this KB article regarding on removing Norton products: Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support

Use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) as replacement: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/
Use Windows Firewall (built-in).



* *
* Bugcheck Analysis ... Read more

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Hi. I have a GTX570 and have had my computer for a little over 2 years with no problems whatsoever. About a week ago my computer starting randomly turning off (conveniently mere weeks after the warranties on most of my parts has expired). The computer doesn't actually shut down entirely as the fans still spin and everything but the screen just goes black. Since the first crash, subsequent crashes have happened anywhere from a couple of days after restarting my computer to before I can even enter my password on the Windows startup screen. It's completely and utterly random. I've yet to have a crash in while in safe mode, but that might just be luck. I should note that although Windows describes the problem as BlueScreen, I've never actually get to see it. The screen just goes black and that's it. And of course, when I try to troubleshoot the problems, Windows either can't download the solution or gives me something entirely useless. I've tried the following...

- Updating to the newest drivers
- Uninstalling and re-installing my old drivers
- System Restore to point prior to first crash
- Temperature Check
- Cleaning the ever loving crap out of my computer

...all to no avail. I've searched around here and couldn't quite seem to find anyone with the same problem as me. Screenshots of what Windows give me in the Action Center and my Event Viewer as well as my minidump are attached. I'm starting to twitch here. Any help would be appreciated.

A:NVIDIA Graphics Driver has stopped working

Scanned for Viruses?

Reseated the video card, checked that the 6 or 8 pin power connectors are tight, and checked the PCIe x16 slot out?

Your crashes are related to dxgkrnl.sys

What is the dxgkrnl.sys file?

I'd reinstall Direct-X...

Frequent crashes like yours if you didn't change anything and not a heat issue, likely your PSU has gone bad, you can buy a PSU tester for roughly $20.

PSU's are basically a failure point that everyone will run into sooner or later, if your PSU is mediocre, 2 years is not that unusual.

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Hello, I have had a BFG nvidia 6600 AGP 4x.8x graphics card for about 3 years, and it was working 3 hours ago...then I turned my computer back on and no signal to monitor GFX card fan not working either, so I put my old mx 420 back in ...

Why would this suddenly stop working. I ran games perfectly fine despite being 50w short on my PSU, so it was getting plenty of power.

A:Nvidia 6600 suddenly stopped working.

Additional Info:

When I start up the computer the fan starts moving slowly then stops, and I can feel the card and heatsinks getting warm, so it's getting power...what is wrong with it

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Whenever i play a game, after playing for 5 minutes, my screen freezes and the game becomes "Not responding". I have to go to the task manager and close it. This happens for graphic intensive games like GTA 5 and Battlefield 4. I am using the latest Nvidia drivers. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Nvidia driver has stopped working and recovered!!!

Honestly those games are going to push a laptop to its limits especially if trying to use higher graphics settings. Even a laptop with a discrete GPU will be taxed heavily. First thing, are you sure you aren't overheating?

May also want to read this thread: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

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