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Any suggestions for something solid and stable?

Q: Any suggestions for something solid and stable?

I'm running an AMD Athlon XP 1700 (1.48 GHz) w/ 768 MB of RAM, on an ASUS A7V-266E motherboard, w/ 30 GB on the HD, a SBlaster Audigy sound card, a US Robotics 56K modem, DVD and CD-RW drives, an NVidia GeForce 2 MX400, tied together with WinXP Home Ed.

I'm looking to upgrade my computer so that it's stable without any noticable loss of performance.

I've been hearing a lot about the GeForce Cards and ASUS motherboard complications recently and I can attest that its true, even with the latest driver updates the computer crashes on menial operations such as using MS Word to even playing DVDs. I've had to avoid using MS Word, which is a waste of my money...and time, only to use the WordPad XP has to offer to avoid crashing while typing long papers required for college.

If anybody has some suggestions to this by all means I'd like to hear your ideas/ suggestions/ resolutions.


Preferred Solution: Any suggestions for something solid and stable?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Any suggestions for something solid and stable?

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This system I will be building for a friend will be a non-gaming, non-overclocking rig for the purposes of Window Office work, Windows Publishing, video and picture editing, online banking, DVD burning, internet surfing, downloading music and other things, and other applications such as Quick Books.

I have done a lot of research into AM2 boards, including here, but there is so much to consider I could use some help in finding a good board. A number of them seem to be picky about RAM while some others have issues with certain X2 cores.

Why AM2? To take advantage of AMD's huge price drop in their X2 chips. He figures with what it will be used for it should last him for some time, thus the need desire for a solid, steady and reliable motherboard.

I did look seriously into the Asus M2N-E nForce 570 Ultra MCP but I have read online of MANY people having issues with this board even at stock settings.

Desired Parameters:

1. Buget: $75 - $125

2. No onboard video.

3. Can do at least 8 Gigs of RAM (for the future); but 4 Gigs is definitely doable.


A:Need Suggestions on a Solid, Stable AM2 Board

Im using the MSI K9A Platinum mobo with a AMD X2 5000+, 2gig ram and a x1900. Not a bad board and was around 80 quid if i remeber correctly.

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The question is what can i do to improve stability (and reduce bsod ratio caused sometimes by old hardware). That PC is my home file server running at 300MHz and 256mb ram (i will not buy more unless you give me so stop).
By stability improvements i do NOT mean disk defrag, spyware scan, virus scan, bla bla bla.... I want stability even at cost of performance.
CPU and RAM tested and working good, PSU looking and working good too (24/7 usually). There's log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 06:15:03, on 2000-01-02
Platform: Windows XP Dodatek SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ekrn.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\dns\bin\named.exe (DNS Server)
C:\Program Files\VNC4\WinVNC4.exe
C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\egui.exe
C:\Program Files\PeerGuardian2\pg2.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe (is there any way to actually kill this?)
C:\Program Files\FreeMeter\FreeMeter.exe (safe and needed)
C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = about:blank
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet... Read more

A:How to make XP system solid-rock stable

is this xp home or pro?

update all of your drivers. especially if you are running SP3.

remove any hardware that isn't necessary.

if xp pro, set to background services performance, instead of application performance.

is it just a file server for the local network or do you do ftp also. what's the dns updater and vnc for?

you give a lot of don'ts, not a lot to work with anyway.

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I am need of some advice for a gaming build that I am about to make. I have actually already purchased all of the parts and they are already here, but before unpacking any of them, I decided to check with some other people whether they will work together well. The biggest thing that I'm worried about is whether my PSU will handle my system and all of the overclocking I will be doing. Also, I do not plan on upgrading for a while, so I just want to make sure this system, as it is now, will work.

As I mentioned in the title, this build is solely for the purpose of gaming, so I WILL be doing some overclocking. Basically, I just want to make sure that it will be able to handle everything well.

Here are the specs:

OS - Windows 7 x64
Motherboard - MSI P55 GD80
Video Card - MSI GTX 275 Twin Frozr OC 896MB - will overclocking this by about 5-10%
PSU - Corsair 750TX
CPU - Intel Core i5 750 2.66 Ghz - will overclock this to about 3.6 Ghz
RAM - G.Skill DDR3 1600 Ripjaws Series 4GB (2x2)
Hard Drive - WD Caviar Black 640GB
Case - Antec 900

Any suggestions on what I could do to improve, or whether the system is good enough would be greatly appreciated. I still have some money left over, and returning something would not be a problem, so please, feel free to throw in any suggestions you might have.

Thank you,


A:Solved: Is this a solid, stable build for gaming and overclocking?

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Should I risk upgrading my new sony vaio laptop to windows 7?

It is currently my most stable machine and hate to mess with that ;)

BUT are the ''performance enhancements" worth the upgrade (it is free to me, as I recently got this particular laptop).

Thanks very much for any opinions and info.

A:Should I consider upgrade to Windows 7 from a rock solid/stable Vista 64 ?

I'd say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or the enemy of good is better. Take your pick. What OS are you running now?

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Hello Everyone,
It's been awhile since I have posted here. I am in need of a new wireless router. I was hoping to pick the brains of the TS forum readers on the subject. Right now I am using some crap provided by comcast. I was wondering if anyone knew of any solid replacements.
Budget: $200

If any other information is needed. Just request it in your response : ]

Thanks in advance.

A:Looking for solid suggestions for new wireless router

I have always used and recommended Netgear routers and switches - - never been disappointed with their equipment.

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When it comes to selecting mobo's, I'm not sure what to really buy. I am buying a Intel Pentium 4 / 2.4CGHz 512k socket 478 Hyper Threading Technology 800 MHz FSB .

Can you guys give me some suggestions on a decent mobo?

-I will not be overclocking
-little room for upgrade
-stable board.



A:Suggestions on purchasing stable, proper, motherboard for Intel Pentium 4 / 2.4CGHz

I would go to newegg.com. They have a big selection of mobos there. Asus, Intel, Soyo, Aopen, and Gigabyte all make decent boards. When you go to newegg, click on Computer Hardware and then Shop by Catagory. When you hit Motherboards-Intel, there will be an Advanced Search colum on the left. It's handy for narrowing down what features you want. Since you have limited expansion space you might want to consider things like onboard audio and LAN.

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Hey guys,

You've been a great resource for my past BSOD issues but I have a new one now and hope you can help. I recently started getting random freezes with no BSODs so I've been fiddling with the BIOS settings and such until I got a BSOD. Here is the BSOD I got, hopefully this will help me get toward the freeze problem.

Core i7 920 (@4.2 Ghz - prime stable in safe mode, system freezes in regular windows)
Rampage III Formula
3 x 2GB Kingston HyperX (7-8-7-20-1T)
OS Drive 80GB Intel G2 SSD
2 x GTX 470 SLi

Retail Version of x64 Windows 7 - System hardware is less than a year and a half old; OS installation is approximately a year and a couple months old.

Attached is the zip file with the recommended files.


A:BSOD 4A - prime stable, memtest stable in safe mode.

Quote: Originally Posted by Stvwndr219

Hey guys,

You've been a great resource for my past BSOD issues but I have a new one now and hope you can help. I recently started getting random freezes with no BSODs so I've been fiddling with the BIOS settings and such until I got a BSOD. Here is the BSOD I got, hopefully this will help me get toward the freeze problem.

Core i7 920 (@4.2 Ghz - prime stable in safe mode, system freezes in regular windows)
Rampage III Formula
3 x 2GB Kingston HyperX (7-8-7-20-1T)
OS Drive 80GB Intel G2 SSD
2 x GTX 470 SLi

Retail Version of x64 Windows 7 - System hardware is less than a year and a half old; OS installation is approximately a year and a couple months old.

Attached is the zip file with the recommended files.


The more recent ones are classic BC116 (video reset timeout). Means your system tried to reset the video card but it took to long

Causes include video driver, card, power, heat, vram.

I would re-install the video driver with the newest version using this
When upgrading your graphic driver you MUST remove all traces of the current driver. In order to do that we recommend using Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Or Phyxion.net - Driver Sweeper

When it is removed then download and install the fresh copy.


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\Windows_... Read more

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How to execute a secure erase of the ssd?  From the bios, from partedmagic tool or similar tool, reinstall backup or reinstall image from recovery drive, reset from novo or windows?  Want to have a clean drive. methods to execute trim command?  Think is by way of optimize in properties of drives. any suggestion to erase free space effectively?   Parted magic claims to erase reset free space but cannot verify.  

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I am looking for a new laptop. I currently have a X121e and recall it being extremely easy to configure on Lenovo's site. So I decided to look at the X270. However, having had great difficulty even starting to configure it (apparently, Lenovo does not favour Firefox any longer), I'm currently having trouble understanding the choices. The first is the choice between PCIe and SATA PointingDevice. Following some discussion, I gather this has nothing to do with any kind of pointing device, but affects my HDD/SSD choices. OK, so let's see what the PCIe choices give me. I get 5 'first hard drive' options. (Nothing I do gets me a 'second hard drive' option, so not sure about this. Or rather, I almost understand this now I've read the platform specification, the user manual, the hardware maintenance manual and various posts on Reddit. Lenovo do like to make buying a challenge!) Now, however, I've reached the end of my google-fu. Intel 256 GB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMe256 GB Solid State Drive PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0 - CapableIntel 512 GB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMe512 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.01 TB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMeI understand the difference beween 1/2 and 3/4 and 5 is obviously size. Fine. But what is the difference between 1 and 2, and between 3 and 4? 1 and 3 are Intel, whereas 2 and 4 are what? Not-Intel? Presumably, Then what's wrong with the Intel drives, that the unbranded versions are cheaper than the branded ones?... Read more

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Simple GENERAL question - how stable/reliable is XP (Home and Pro, I have both), with SP1 and/or SP2 compared to W2k SP4?

6 weeks ago I bought a new pc, Q-tech badged, 3GHz P4, 256 RAM, 120Gb HDD, 128 GEForce4, on a EPoX mobo with XP Home Edi installed.
Few blue screens.
By now I have XP Pro with every MS updates (security critical and hardware) except SP2, plus few manufacturer's drivers. No changes, still sudden reboots. I am afraid of touching it, in case it breaks while it's doing something (and I mean it, no joke).

I can continue searching until i find that one silly driver which is bugged and the machine will become as stable as it could be (with XP). Maybe I'll find it tonight but maybe I will never find it.
But it could be that it will never be as stable as w2k (which I use on the old pc) ... or maybe it will be most stable pc ever, I don't know.

It could be that W2k days are numbered anyway and it is not worth sticking to it. And I may also need that "little silly driver" for w2k too.

Any advices/direction to postings where this has been discussed (it must have been, at some stage.. I searched, but I could not find anything).


A:Which OS is the most stable, xp pro or w2k?

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I've seen a lot of problems reported with XP SP3 - but maybe those were just about the RC* versions. Has anyone been running the RTM version stably?

System details:
Toshiba P100 laptop, 2x2GHz, 2Gb memory.
XP Pro SP2

The reason I'm thinking of updating to SP3 is the terrible problems I'm having with my Firewire drive (see this post http://www.techsupportforum.com/f16/firewire-disk-constantly-disconnecting-250386.html - no answers so far!)

There are a couple of issues with SBP2 drives that have fixes included in SP3 (apart from all the other fixes, of course).

Does anyone have any experience of SP3 which might help me decide?



A:Is SP3 stable?

me and my gf have been using sp3 for a few weeks its a bit slower starting up but it seems stable apart from a few crashes, but i am on the pre release one

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Hello, this is my first post so if I say stupid things forgive me.
I have 2 PC's. The old one uses an pentium233MMX but PCI cards etc are relatively current and as a whole it works fine but it is getting outdated.
So, a while ago I built a new PC from components bought over the web, something I wont do again since returning goods, if there is a problem, is a hassle and or costly.
For the new PC
MB = Abit kr7a I cant remember if it is the raid version
CPU = 1.4 GHz AMD athlon
Graphics card = Abit T400 Siluro AGP
Memory DDR, I cant remember what make or how big
OS Win 98SE and Mandrake linux 8.1
The PC has 2 HDDs with Linux being the default booter and on a 40 Gb IBM, primary master, Win98SE is selected or not during boot and is on a 6.8 Gb seagate, primary slave. Window is set up Fat 16 in 2G partitions on the seagate and has 2x2Gb partitions on the 40 Gb IBM. Incidently the old PC runs the same OS's set up in the same way on 20 Gb and 1.7Gb IBM HDD's respectively without a problem.
The new PC crashes frequently when running window and less frequently when running Linux. Even if I run the PC with only 1 HDD and 1 OS it still crashes.
The error messages are double dutch to me even if I can get to see them. The sound cards and modem cards in both machines are identical and I have tried the PCI graphics card from the old PC in the new PC with no success.
Apart from swapping components is there any way for me to trace the problem. It is getting to the point were... Read more

A:'New' PC has never been stable

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let me start by saying i dont know if there is a thread about this sort of thing already and if there is im sorry for repeating but is it just me or does win 7 not seem any more stable or less likely to crash and freeze than vista? I am running 7 on the same machine i ran vista on and it seems to me that many of the small bugs and malfunctions that vista had are still here in 7 despite all of microsofts claims that 7 is more stable and doesnt crash and freeze like vista.

A:More stable?

If you did an upgrade, you may have just inherited Vista's problems. I hope that you did a clean install.

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Is Windows 8 RP stable enough to install it as my main OS ???

As well I would ask you to check my system specs to see if all drivers I need are compatible with widows 8

A:Is it stable enough ?

I'm sure we will find out in a few weeks when we can legally get our hands on a copy we know is completely untouched, but with it being RTM you would expect it to be stable or they wouldn't of RTM'd it.

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I have a comp wit motherbord Msi MS-6390 and AMD2000+ processor.
Also i have 64 MB gf4 graphics card.
My sytem occasinaly restart wenever i play any game .
Sometimes it also restart itself wen i click any folder or install any
software .i had reinstall my xp but the problem remain.
Also sometime wen i start my comp then it itself load only 4-bit graphics
and only after reinstalling my graphics driver it solved.
Ihav newly purchase my graphic card and it is ok.
is it ram problem or something else.
suggest me some way to check any hardware problem

A:my system is not stable

Right Click on My computer and go to the advanced tab, then click on Start-up and recovery and uncheck automatically restart.

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Source: Brand New Comodo Internet Security 10 with Secure Shopping is released!!! - News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS

As always a fast release without a second beta from comodo.

A:CIS 10 stable released

CFW V10 released as well. Thanks

BTW cannot download. Its '404 Not Found'?

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I just got my Phemon II x2 [email protected]!!!

Here's what I got running for speeds atm... =) I bothered to see if I can get this stable now...

RAM:[email protected]
Chipset:[email protected]

Oh it makes me so happy! Oh I hope I can get this stable, that's an extra 900Mhz on each core, almost a 30% increase per core! Oh that's nice.

A:I think I found a stable OC!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by mushroomboy

I just got my Phemon II x2 [email protected]!!!

Here's what I got running for speeds atm... =) I bothered to see if I can get this stable now...

RAM:[email protected]
Chipset:[email protected]

Oh it makes me so happy! Oh I hope I can get this stable, that's an extra 900Mhz on each core, almost a 30% increase per core! Oh that's nice.


What flavor of BSOD did you want again? <g>

btw you could tell us your system specs now and save the post bsod rush

32bit or 64, what video, ram etc.

thanks and good luck

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how stable is sp1 beta? is it faster than sp0?

A:How stable is sp1 beta?

Hello Win7exp,

I have not had any issues with stability so far with the SP1 beta, but I have not noticed any performance increases either.

Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Beta | Download, Evaluate and Get Resources

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First problem was I found that the heat sink was not connected to the cpu at all. I cleaned the heat sink and the cpu off and put more paste on it and stuck it on. The computer booted up, looked fine. Then I started to reinstalled Windows XP home on it and while it tries to install it skips some files. I reinstalled it until it didnít skip any files. Now when I update windows XP it will update all the way up to sp2 then while updating sp2 it will stop saying corrupt file? I have tried reinstalling and it still will fail on Windows updates. Sometimes if fails on sp2 and other times it will fail on other updates. But once it fails on sp2 it crashes the computer.

A:Computer not stable

How did you get the Service pack 2 file to install?

Are you using run from this location?

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hey everyone.. this msg is for sarkast since he knows wuts going on but i'd still really apreciate it if others can help me

Well sarkast.. I got my new motherboard.. and clocked my cpu to 3.2ghz and IT STILL NOT STABLE!! ARGGHHH!!

Everyone is overclocking there p4 "c"'s to like 3.4ghz stable blah blah I still cant get it to be stable..

Thing is I read on this guide that you have to increase your DRAM voltage even if you put the ratio so that even at 3.2ghz my ram is running at its default speeds i still have to increase my dram voltage... is that true?!?!?!??
I tried to increase my DRAM voltage at 2.7 it still froze.. argh

Damnitttt i'm sooo angry... this thing cant even go 3ghz without freezing..

A:Still not stable overclock!

I answered you in the thread you posted in the hardware section. Please dont double post as this is against the forums rules.

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I am considering doing a full upgrade from Vista Ultimate 64 to Windows 7 64....
I cant create a partition large enough it seems, i would like to dual boot...but cant. (300gb velociraptor)

dont want to format and do a clean install, cause I will lose everything on my PC....
So my other option is to UPGRADE....

A:How stable is Windows 7?

The new build 7057 should be very stable, compared to the first beta builds.
The 7048 beta build is stable.
I have not tested 7057 yet so cant say for sure?

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Hi guys,

After a few weeks (whether i have installed wow directly or copied the flat files) whenever a latest update comes out then it kills my installation. stuck in the endless loop of downloading the update, then not being able to install correctly.

so no update no game!

this has happened a few times now and the game is currently uninstalled on my lappy. Is there any ideas what can be causing this and how it can be stopped happening in the future before i start the lengthy reinstall and update download process!! the specs for the laptop is

Sony Vaio FZ series
2.2ghz Centrino
2gb RAM
320gb hd
8600m GS

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Self-built pc with the following config:
Gigabyte M590SLI-S5 mobo
2 GB Corsair DDR2 6400 dual-channel
Asus 8600 GT 512 MB GDDR3
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800
Creative Audigy 2 ZS Gamer
Hauppauge HVR-1800 tv card
2 250 GB WD Sata HDs in RAID (5?) acting as one drive
Vista 64 Ultimate

Video card and tv-tuner card occupy both PCI-16 slots (not sure if this would cause a problem, but so far haven't noticed any)

Have had only one video crash since putting the video card in about 2 months ago, compared to my previous EVGA card I had which crashed at least once a week. Other hardware seems to be fairly stable. Creative hasn't updated their drivers in a year, would like some good drivers for that. Also, my Hauppauge card using WinTV6 only displays my satellite signal in black and white. It's been said it's a usb issue with Vista. Would like more optimized drivers for the video card also. If anybody has suggestions, thanks in advance.

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I just bought a new router since my old one was going bad. I did have trouble connecting to the network though, it would take a while to connect and then just say "Not Connected" but I was still able to access the internet.

So then I disabled the Wireless Zero Configuration and that worked for a while but there are times where I would have to constantly be doing this in order to get through to my network. Now I'm starting to get disconnected every now and then and can't seem to keep my connection stable.

I'm not sure if the problem is the router, wireless card, or my settings. Sorry if this is confusing.

C:\Documents and Settings\Tavio>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : tavio-6c407c76b
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless P
CI Adapter(rev.B)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-11-95-C2-CE-BE
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . .... Read more

A:Can't keep a stable connection

Make sure you have the latest router firmware and wireless adapter driver.

Check for wireless interference and/or try different channels (e.g., 1, 6 and 11 in North America).

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hey i got my e6600 stable at 3.0Ghz 1333 fsb 1.4V i have my ram unlinked so it stays at 800Mhz. my average cpu temp is 25-30oC so i was just wondering if i could push it a bit further with these results.?


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I wonder where to ask a question about how to set up a most stable versioin of Windows. We are using windows to run a program that produces a lightshow. This lightshow is on every day in the year, and the purpose is to never have it crash.... However when we
are using Win 7 it hangs several times a year. The computer shall just be ON and run the program, nothing else... (Program only works on Windows OS)

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I'd like to start off by saying I am not overclocking anything (yet ) It's all stock speeds. But this seemed to be the most relevant place to ask.

I just built a new rig this week and with only 2GB installed, it's completely stable. But as soon as I add the second 2GB stick, the PC starts to intermittently freeze. Especially when running memory intensive progs like games. (Far Cry 2, Stalker CS) Yet I have no freezing with only 2GB in and out of games. (Stalker still crashes, but that's just a buggy game) I don't beleive it's OS specific as this happens in both Vista x64 and W7 6801 x86.

Sometimes it will run for hours problem free when just doing 'desktop' tasks, but as soon as I try to run a game, the PC freezes completely, requiring a hard reset. Sometimes it happens after after a few minutes, other times straight away.


Jetram JM4GDDR2-8K Dual Channel Kit
Welcome to Transcend Website

(rest of the details are in My Specs)
The BIOS memory timing is set to auto. For the DRAM voltage I have tried using auto, 1.8 and 1.82 and it still freezes. (I think auto is 1.8 anyway)

I have run memtest on both sticks individually, one with 20 passes and the other about 8. Both sticks showed no errors. However when I tried memtest with both sticks installed, it froze completely at just 28% on the first pass.

I have now googled my self silly reading up on this, to the point that nothing is sinking in atm The problem for me is that I'm stil... Read more

A:PC stable with 2GB, Unstable with 4GB?

Damn. I think the boards FOOBAR

I just tried running memtest on the second dual slot and I encountered 310 errors in 2 passes. This the same stick that had 20 passes on the first dual slot with zero errors. To double check, I put the other stick in and it wouldn't even POST, let alone let me try memetest.

So I think it's fair to assume the board was faulty to begin with?

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JavaRa is a simple tool that does a simple job: it removes old and redundant versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Simply select ?Check for Updates? or ?Remove Older Version? to begin. JavaRa is free under the GNU GPL version two.

Java software in general and the Java JRE in particular; allow you to run applications called ?applets? that are written in the Java programming language. You probably have Java JRE installed on your computer because these applets allow you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, view images in 3D, as well as many others.

- Quickly update JRE
- Cleans logs and temporary files created by JRE
- Perform a clean uninstall of JRE

JavaRa 2.0 is now available. We?re also releasing new JavaRa Definitions, which adds removal support for JRE Changes since last JavaRa beta:
Improved detection of JRE native uninstallers.
Fixed issue that caused settings to be ignored.
Added file and directory removal support to definition file format
Updated Brazillian translation
Added French translation (incomplete)
Added option to automatically check for program updates

JavaRa 1.16 will remain available and continue receiving updates until (at least) 2014.

JavaRa | SingularLabs

A Guy

A:JavaRa 2.0 (Stable)

Thanks Bill

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usualy i am able to fix almost any computer problem. but this time i really dont know what to do

wireless is not stable, sometime it completely crash. my gf is unable to play any game because of that. also she have to use my pc to do research for work because of that

to start off here are the spec:
windows 8 hp pavilion laptop
wireless card: RALINK rt3290 802.11bgn (driver log have over 2000 red alert on connection timeout)
factory setting, brand new.
current router is a good quality tp link, high security with mac adress
looked with a wifi analyzer and the current frequency used is almost not used by other wifi in range
also only my gf laptop seem to have connection issue. lot of device had connected to the router

router mode 11bgn mixed, channel width automatic,
Firmware Version: 3.12.11 Build 120320 Rel.51047n
Hardware Version: WR740N v4 00000000

laptop is 2 meter away from router
what i did so far: download the good driver specified on hp website for the exact model. wifi crashed, needed to restore system.
adhoc support 802.11 n enabled (disable by default ...)
disabled power saving feature to turn off wireless card (why is this thing on by default? i mean it cant help in any way...)

tried lot of tutorial because it seem to be a common problem on windows 8. not did a difference.

posted issue on hp support forum. tons of people have the same problem with hp laptop on the forum. never had any answer. my gf is getting really annoyed. if we cant fix this we send i... Read more

A:wifi not stable

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Hello i wanted to know the reason of why my ping drops or how to make it more stable.

For example i play a game called League Of Legions, which i think my connection and pc exceeds the system requirements. (Except my Video card since im using a standard which was with the MOBO.)

When im playing this game, i have a ping of 50-80, suddenly it drops to 300-500, which causes me lag (Happens multiple times in a 45min game or any). I think thats not normal, since other players dont suffer from that.

Here is my connection speed.
And i have and hp m8430f

A:How to have a more stable connection?

Your download speed is half what mine is, but your ping and upload speeds are better...

My results:
Ping 73, Upload .51 and download 11.8 These readings will change every time you run the test, and they are subject to time run and location...

What are your complete computer specs? How much memory is installed and how fast is the CPU? Try downloading free Temp File Cleaner by old Timer and free Surperantispyware and run these. Then do the speed test again

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Hi all,
we've just published a new stable build of Anti-Malware.

summary of news:

* Introducing Server Mode: File Guard now starts immediately after booting the system without visible guard needed (in system tray). No logged on user needed for protection.

* Introducing a new Email Notification feature at the File Guard. Useful in combination with server mode to get a notice about detected and quarantined malware.

* Surf protection now fully supports Internet Explorer on Win 7 x64.

* Optional redirect for blocked hosts in Surf Protection feature added.
Blocked websites display "Blocked by Emsisoft Anti-Malware".

* Reduced number of alerts by avoiding duplicates of the same (behavior) alerts.

* Modified and simplified the update settings dialog for better usability.

* Wine support for Commandline Scanner added.

* Many bugfixes and minor improvements for better stability.


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I'm looking to reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop and I'm wondering what the most stable build currently is. Is build 7600 good?

A:Most Stable Build?

I vote 7600 i'm running it now and it's going great. Seems to sun better too performance wise

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Now Opera stable is starting to freeze up. I just tried to open it but got a not responding message instead. After that is an Opera is unresponsive. Relaunch now? message.

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All the crash info is attached in zipped folders (BSOD file + performance monitor HTML file). All system specs are in the drop-down at the bottom of the post. The only change is that I've added an additional 1TB WD Caviar Black 7200rpm internal drive also. All hardware is less than 1 year old as is the Windows 7 install.

There were no real changes that happened. I was having some crazy crashing issues related to RAM, but since I adjusted timing a while back it's been rock solid. Last week it started crashing randomly though and seems to do it completely on a whim.

Thanks for any help in diagnosing this. It's driving me nuts. I've lost so much work that I've been right in the middle of because the system suddenly decides to crash (Google Chrome and Firefox are both crashing randomly too while the system is up, which never happened before either, wondering if they're related or if it's just a coincidence).

A:Stable for a while, now crashing again (and often)

This bugcheck is generated when the kernel detects that critical kernel code or
data have been corrupted. There are generally three causes for a corruption:
1) A driver has inadvertently or deliberately modified critical kernel code
or data. See http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/kernel/64bitPatching.mspx
2) A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using a kernel
debugger that was not attached when the system was booted. Normal breakpoints,
"bp", can only be set if the debugger is attached at boot time. Hardware
breakpoints, "ba", can be set at any time.
3) A hardware corruption occurred, e.g. failing RAM holding kernel code or data.
Arg1: a3a039d898a5753a, Reserved
Arg2: 0000000000000000, Reserved
Arg3: f53a8e25ce8654d8, Failure type dependent information
Arg4: 0000000000000101, Type of corrupted region, can be
0 : A generic data region
1 : Modification of a function or .pdata
2 : A processor IDT
3 : A processor GDT
4 : Type 1 process list corruption
5 : Type 2 process list corruption
6 : Debug routine modification
7 : Critical MSR modification

Debugging Details:





LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 0000000000000000 to fffff80002c76740

fffff880`02fda5d8 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000109 a3a... Read more

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Got my upgrade versions of Win7, but after reading all these problems in here, not sure I want to take the chance at upgrading right now.

What does everyone think? Pros/cons? Wait, install?

A:Windows 7 stable?

I've been running 7 for around a month now and the only problem I have with it is IE8. Since IE8 comes with it, I use Firefox almost all the time. And since you have to sign up with Windows (whatever it is) to get Hotmail and stuff like that, I just went and put Incredimail on for email. But Windows7 has been no problem, so far. I run the 64 bit, and all my old programs run on it, so far, under the x386 that's used for the 32 bit stuff.

All in all, if only they would fix IE8, I would be happy with it. The problem I have is I can't download anything except windows updates. Anything else I try to download causes errors and won't go. So thats why the Firefox.

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The MSI 6777 with XP PRO is very unsatisfactory and unsuitable for my needs; needs that are very few and for home use only. I thought I had XP PRO SP2 installed and working quiet well but there were many times windows would freeze, IE6 wanted to close; etc. Today I tried to run the "Repair" steps and thought I had it just right but then at boot time the scrolling blue squares would stop and go no farther in the bootup process. Just now, I decided I would just do another fresh install and after having chosen the correct step to take, got a blue window that cautions me there is another OS on the partition (I only have one on the 80GB WD drive) and I would only have troubles if I continued to install to that partition. MS also has a link, in the same window, for me to use to find out more about the potential problems if I continued. I can't even access this phantom OS.
Nobody but MS would offer a link to use when I can't even get into the computer Whats a body to do? I have two choices: 1.) Continue to install to the already used partition or 2.) choose another partition. Mind you I only have one 80GB partition.
What would you consider doing? And as usual, TIA.
My system if free of any virus or malwares.

EDIT: Forgot to ask: can SP3 be installed when SP2 is not installed?

A:Solved: XP PRO not stable

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I have an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ in an Epox 8rda3+ Board
Geforce 6000 Graphics, 768Mb of DDR (Samsung).

The system will not boot to Win XP Pro SP2 or Ubuntu

Memtest fails with an enexpected Interrupt Error.

After lowering the FSB several times it became stable at 158, booting to either OS's. Memtest has run through 7 cycles with no errors and I have left the system running Prime95 Torture test for nearly 24 hours with no errors.

Anytime i increase the FSB it all fail again.

I am considering replacing my PSU - Tsunami 350W - but i am not really sure if this will cure the problem.

If any one is able to shed light on why this should happen then I am ready to listen.


A:Stable after lowering FSB

I believe that we here at techspot place an unusually high importance on a good power supply. Mainly because its problems cause other hardware to malfunction, making it so much harder to troubleshoot.

So if you can afford it, get a GOOD power supply. Good doesn't mean HUGE, but from a reputable power supply brand. I have a liking to Antec, so I'll recommend that, but there are other brands out there which would be equally good or better, but check back here first. Last thing you'd want to do is pickup a 650W Sunflower brand (non-existant brand obviously) PSU, and find that we all condemn the brand.

I don't know about Tsunami, which makes me quite skeptical about its performance.

However, the first thing that jumps out is your RAM. You've got a "weird" amount of RAM. Basically you've done something we don't really recommend doing: adding in different types of RAM. The best case scenario is adding exactly the same type of RAM, which means same brand, same speed (this includes clock rate), same quantity. This may be the cause of your troubles, try removing 256mb of RAM, and see if that solves your problem.

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Blue screen for twice in 2 hours after updated to 2.06.The 5k monitor connected to dell thunderbolt adapter sometimes lost signal, and can not light on even reconnect thunderbolt cable or restart Windows10.

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I am looking for a good free antivirus that wouldn't cause my system to BSOD. I used Norton before and it caused my system to BSOD. I also used Panda free antivirus and it also caused a bunch of BSODs. Right now I am on Windows Defender.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello guys!I just got this new amazing laptop but I'm being very dissapointed with the sound quality.The problem is the sound is not stable. For example, if its at 80%, it keeps moving to 80%-50%-80%-50% and that's really annoying.Do you have any idea on how to fix this? I have already installed the latest drivers.Thank you for your understanding!

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I recently purchased an epox 8rda+, athlon xp 2100, and a stick of ocz 512 3200 ddr and a geforce fx 5200.

I cannot get it to run stable at the default settings. the only way that I have been able to get it running stable is with the processor at 1500mhz and the ddr running at 200 instead of 400. When I set it to run at 2100 and 400 it continues to crash. sometimes it reboots as soon as windows starts, sometimes it gives me bsd's, sometimes it locks it up, and I am unable to run the new futuremark.

Any suggestions? Is it a memory problem?

A:new computer not stable

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I am using a laptop and hooked up to the internet by a wireless connection. Having trouble with my browsers staying connected for any length of time. Have tried many different browsers and from different internet connections, dosen't seemed to matter so I was thinking it must be a setting in vista that seems to be the problem not sure on that. I have tried task manager and shutting the process down but that dosen't work. The only thing that seems to work is restarting my computer, to get a stable internet again for a short while, getting annoying.

A:stable internet


Originally Posted by digimapper

I am using a laptop and hooked up to the internet by a wireless connection. Having trouble with my browsers staying connected for any length of time. Have tried many different browsers and from different internet connections, dosen't seemed to matter so I was thinking it must be a setting in vista that seems to be the problem not sure on that. I have tried task manager and shutting the process down but that dosen't work. The only thing that seems to work is restarting my computer, to get a stable internet again for a short while, getting annoying.

This helps a lot on XP computers. It's supposed to be unnecessary in Vista, but I've seen it help.

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories. Right-click Command Prompt, left-click Run as administrator. (As always, click Continue if Vista requests it.) That'll open up a black command prompt window where you can type a couple of commands. Type

netsh dump
and press Enter. A whole bunch of information will scroll by quickly; we don't care what any of it says. It'll return to a blinking cursor. Type

netsh winsock reset
and press Enter. You should see a message something like 'Windows has successfully reset the winsock catalog.' Restart the computer and see if your connection remains more reliable.

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My Dell Laptop's screen is constantly moving up and down by around 2mm each iteration. Please help!!! It's quite irritating and am not able to stop it.

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Hello Support Gooru's,

I am looking for a stable Web Browser. I have Internet Explorer and my dad has used it for years back in 1996. When he built his first system and he never had a problem with Netscape nor Internet Explorer. What happen to the internet that you can't find stable things anymore? It's like they decided to build things with bugs in it to drive people crazy.

I told him that my friend uses Mozilla Firefox, so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and the first time it wouldn't remember my passwords. Even after I set it up to remember my History. After un-installed it and re-installed it, of coarse doing scan disk and disk defrag. I re-installed it and it remebered a few of my web sites and asked me, but not all of them. Then I got a big time Resigtery virus that re-set my computer back to basic Windows XP without any updates. That took me 4 days to recover and do a wipe drive to clean slate that and do a clean install of Windows XP Prof. Then I re-installed Mozilla Firefox and now I can't get the thing to stay on Remember History. Evertime I do that and click okay. I go back and look at the settings to see if it takes and it's back to Custom History setting. Always wanting me to expect third party cookies. Now this time Mozilla Firefox is intsalling the Maintance addition. I tried to find where I can sign up to Mozilla.org and talk to a support gooru or a phone number to call and that's a joke. So now, I got tired of the Game playing with that thing and un-install... Read more

A:Stable Browser

and welcome to the Forum

I use IE . . What operating system are you using?

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Have had a very stable system, not overclocked, never really had any problems. Suddenly one day I started getting graphic artifacts and random reboots. Saw my gfx was overheated.

Ran the program BurnInTest and saw major videomemory corruption.

Opened my comp and saw the extra cooling fan had come undone. Replaced it and temp back down.

No more videomemory corruption but then came the crashes.

Everytime I start the comp its bluescreens, have had all kinds of bluescreens, mainly IRQL_NOT and PAGE_FAULT, but also now some who referenced to fltmgr.sys, sound drivers and graphic drivers.

Reboot and after a little it bluescreens again, again can be any of the above.

But after these 2 BSODs the system runs like a clock. Never any more crashes. Have run BurnInTest and checked temps. All working fine.

Cant figure it out. Can the gfxcard been damaged anyways?

Only other thing I have changed is installing drivers for a brand new Sony Handycam.

Very frustrated atm.

Have run virus and spywarechecks and system is clean.

Have run chkdsk /f and defragged.

Have run a memorytest and RAM is fine (memtest86).

A:Always 2 BSOD then stable..

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