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Enable preview pane for Windows Explorer, but no preview pane showing

Q: Enable preview pane for Windows Explorer, but no preview pane showing

We have enable the preview pane for Windows Explorer within the Local Group Policy Editor, however no preview pane is showing in Windows Explorer. What other setting do we need to look for?

Preferred Solution: Enable preview pane for Windows Explorer, but no preview pane showing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Enable preview pane for Windows Explorer, but no preview pane showing


I found several users who had the similar issue as yours, they gave the advices may help you, please refer to the link:

Windows 7 Preview Pane not working:

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I went from XP to W8 Pro. With XP, a pictures folder allowed the icons to represent a small version of the picture; the filmstrip option was a nice bonus.

With W8, the icon, no matter what size, has a generic look to it--same for all the pictures. I enable Preview Pane, and the same thing happens. No preview of the picture on the preview pane, just a much larger generic icon.

I see screen views on the web of it actually working, but I can't get it to. I am tired of looking.

Please help.

A:Explorer Preview Pane not showing preview

Hello romeroom, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It sounds like you may have thumbnail previews turned off. You could use the tutorial below to enable thumbnail previews to fix this.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Support Forums
Hope this helps,

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When I open an instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane show little or nothing (no drives, folders, etc.). Also the preview pane does not show a preview for any selected files (See Capture1.JPG).
If I open a second (or higher) instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane functions properly (the preview still does not show) (See Capture2.JPG).
I have previews set to show (See Capture3.JPG).
Also occasionally, the file icons will be blank instead of showing the file type specific icon. When this happens, the address bar also seems to take a long time to load. The load bar will stop before reaching the end and won't finish (See Capture4.JPG).

Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?

FYI I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Pro.

A:Windows Explorer: Navigation Pane and Preview Pane Bug

Try Explorer++ and see if you get the same problem.

Need to enable "Folders" view.
If it works then you can rule out problems with system files and it's probably a buggy shell extension.


It's portable and runs without installation.

Let us know if navigation pane works using Explorer++

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I have an issue with Windows Explorer and the Preview Pane.  When I enable the preveiw pane and try to preview a Word Document it crashes Word even when Word is not open, this is only happening to Word documents all other types of documents can display
the preview.  This is happening on Windows 7 x64 systems, we have numerous systems displaying the same issue and all our systems are connected to a domain.  Anyone have a solution? 

I have tried the SFC /Scannow, booting to SafeMode, disabling Startup items and Services and it still happens everytime I try to preview a Word document.


A:Windows Explorer preview pane feature is crashing Word when trying to preview Word documents.

Does this issue happen when you open all the document or just Word? You can try the following suggestion:

Close any open word documents On the keyboard, press the Windows (Flag) button and 'R'
Enter in winword /a Press 'OK'
However if the issue only happen when you open the Word, the better platform you can post should be

Windows word support forum.Your Name
TechNet Community Support

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Windows will display some formats in Windows Explorer's preview pane, such as .txt, .bmp, etc. However, there are several that it will not display, such as Open Office Writer documents. Is there a way to tell Windows what file types you want the preview pane to display?

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I have two computers. One computer has Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and the other has Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit. I have the latest Adobe reader on both computers. The preview pane is set the same way on both and so are the settings for the Adobe reader. On the 32 bit OS I can preview anything in the preview pane. It reads .jpg, .pdf. Word documents.. all of it. On the 64 bit the preview pane always shows me pics, sometimes previews word docs but will only ever show me the adobe icon in the preview pane. It never allows me to see what is in the document. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked all the settings and everything is the same except I still can't preview pdf documents in the 64bit operating system. Can anybody help?

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I had to manually find all related files to OE6 to delete it so it would reinstall. Then the updates. Now nothing shows up on the preview pane or when I open the email. I can use Outlook instead but what is wrong? The only view of the message is in properties: details: message source.

A:Solved: OE has empty preview pane, open pane

1. With Outlook Express closed, go to Start>Run
2. Type in: regsvr32 inetcomm.dll (with the space after "regsvr32")
3. Click OK (or press the Enter key)
4. Open OE and see if things are fixed

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Most of my pictures do not show up fully in the preview pane. Sometimes they show up completely, but usually they only load a sliver of the picture and the rest of the preview is a solid color. See the picture for examples. Format and size don't seem to have any effect on the issue, sometimes 36mp images load fine, sometimes 1mp images only load the top few rows of pixels... There doesn't seem to be much method to the madness, even the same picture will load fully or partially when I click back and forth to it. I always have plenty of memory, CPU and graphics power to display the images, it doesn't matter if I'm running one monitor or 2, explorer only or a bunch of other programs as well.

A:Preview Pane not showing full picture

This problem i do not think is related to Windows, as images to left show fine as thumbnails, be only settings i can think of checking in Windows would be due to icons or thumbnails in folder options.

Question, did try this in Windows Photo viewer or do you have any other image viewers, Photoshop program ? You say a bunch of others programs, this what you meant ? Only other guesses would be due to if using dual monitors, settings there or graphics card issues. Besides other graphics, how is graphics card running, are the drivers up to date ? Unless this is in anyway related to the pictures themselves. Also if i look close i believe see some thumbnails to left did not completely open ans is this coming from an external device, if so, what type, HDD, flash drive ? Could be slow response, if hard drive run defrag and error checking.

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Hi since installing a program "page plus x9" windows explorer will no longer preview .spp files
(photo plus picture file, which it did before, & dose on computers I have that don't have this program,Ive called the program co "Serif" they say the program has nothing to do w/ the problem ?? the present default program to open SPP files is photo plus. Ive tried recovering the comp. back to befor the x9 program was installed,w/no improvement

A:windows explorer 7 file preview pane won't show spp files

Do you also have Photo Plus installed?
If so you may need to reassociate the spp file type back to Photo Plus

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Hi to all, I'm sure a lot of people are annoyed with the same bug...it apprently happens on all Windows 7 editions. When you open explorer, and activate the preview pane using the button on the uper right, you can define the size like any pane by clicking and draging the vertical border line. But when you close explorer and open it again, the size is not kept, and the preview pane is very big, you have to click and drag everytime to resize it. It doesn't happen if you double-click on computer, it only happens when you click on explorer icon which opens the libraries location, the default location (i'm not completly sure but i've only seen that in this way). It seems that Explorer doesn't read correctly the REG_BINARY of "ReadingPaneSizer " (or maybe the values "PageSpaceControlSizer " or "PreviewPaneSizer ") in the key "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Modules\GlobalSettings\Sizer " when it opens, but it writes it apparently correctly when you manual resize the pane, and the value isn't change before manual action, even when explorer opens and display preview pane in a different size. And the last thing, when you open explorer, activate preview pane, resize preview pane, deactivate it, close explorer, open explorer again, activate preview pane, the size is the good one, preserved from previous explorer window... So question is, does someone know a way to fix this *really* annonying bug? I can't activate the pr... Read more

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Hi, ive got a real annoying bug where if I try re-size or move windows explorer when the preview pane is on it goes to about 20% of the size, flashes, flickers and crashes.
If I disable the preview pane it works ok.
I use preview pane all the time as its very useful when identifying a document.
Does anyone know of a fiz or workaround please?

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In the preview pane to the right it displays images as if a layer of a solid colour has just been thrown over the majority of it. It seems as though it just decides to stop loading the image and use a colour available in it to fill in the rest. The image itself is fine, it's just the way it's being displayed. The only way I have been able to get around this is to open up the file in Paint and save it, which doesn't always work. It's tedious to keep doing this and I was wondering if there was something I could try and do to fix the problem. 
I do have OldNewExplorer installed [to allow the details pane to show up at the bottom], however I uninstalled it and still have this issue. 
Attached is a file that visualizes the problem that I am having [the selected image is the one displayed on the left in the preview pane], and as you can see the lower half is coloured out. 

A:Preview pane showing images cropped/covered

OS, version and installed RAM?

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I am going through and renaming my pictures. I click on a picture. It shows up in the preview pane. I then rename the file. After renaming the file I click on the <Tab> key to move to and rename the next picture. However, the preview pane does not show this new picture. It continues to show the previous picture that I just changed. The preview pane used to work where it would show the new picture after hitting the <Tab> key. The left and right arrow keys do not work. I am editing the name of the picture at the time. The left and right arrow keys will move within the name of the file that I am editing. If I press the Enter key the pictures automatically reorder themselves. I then have to go all the way back up and find the pictures that have not been renamed. That is a pain. Using the Tab key goes directly to the next picture so I can edit that name. However, the arrow keys do show the picture in the preview pane after I hit the Enter key. Would anyone know why this feature stopped working?

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I am going through and renaming my pictures. I click on a picture. It shows up in the preview pane. I then rename the file. After renaming the file I click on the <Tab> key to move to and rename the next picture. However, the preview pane does not show this new picture. It continues to show the previous picture that I just changed. The preview pane used to work where it would show the new picture after hitting the <Tab> key. Would anyone know why this feature stopped working?

A:Pictures not showing up in preview pane while renaming file

Have you tried using your left/right arrow keys?

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Hello. I'm using Windows 7 Home Pro. 64-bit, and Firefox browser. When I want to save an image from the Internet, and right click on an image, it opens up what looks just like Windows Explorer. The problem is, the 'preview pane' button is missing, and I can therefore not get a large preview when using the details view, which I must use, because I have folders with many files to look through quickly. The images do show up properly in icons view. If I open up Windows Explorer by itself, it works properly, and I get the preview pane button.

I saw a similar thread, and it recommended making sure Windows Photo Viewer, is set as the default program. I set it to be the default, but it didn't help.

On my older Windows XP computer, I had xplorer2lite open up when right-clicking on an image. That was a more convenient program for me to use. Is it possible to do that in Windows 7?

Also, is to possible to get the panes in Windows Explorer to 'hold' their position.

Thank you.

A:‘preview pane’ button missing in Windows Explorer for ‘save image as'

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'd try another browser to confirm it's not browser or a website site issue.

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On one of my foldes where I have photos and videos, I have the preview pane enabled, but it only shows the icon for the type of file. It used to show a preview of what the file was. It does not open the file and show it in preview. I used to be able to see videos play in the preview and also the actual photo. Now I just get icons.

Would you know how I can return the behavior of the preview pane to actually show a preview?


A:Solved: Folders Preview Pane - Only Shows Icons, No Preview

Anyone have any ideas on this?? Thanks.

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How do I get pictures to show on the preview pane side of Explorer?
If I set windows explorer to show the preview pane it only shows the character of the red cat that is the symbol of the irfan view program that I use for my photos. If the file is a .jpg, a .png, a .bmp or any other photo file it fails to show the picture on the preview pane.
Is there a switch somewhere to turn on that will show the picture?
In fact if I click on 'extra large icons' for the left side I only get the cat and not the picture?

A:using the preview pane of explorer

found it, in setup It says 'always show icons, never thumbnails. if I change that to show thumbnails it gives me the photos

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I'm using Windows 7 Pro x64 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 is not showing any pictures in the preview pane from Facebook messages along with pictures from a few other sites. It seemed to "just happen" one day a few weeks ago. Searched problem using Google and none of the fixes I found worked.
I have an i7 cpu with 12 GB RAM.

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When I try to preview certain Outlook files in Explorer Preview Pane I get the message 'No Preview Available.'
I have multiple mailboxes open and the preview pane works fine for messages sent to the primary mailbox, but not for the additional mailboxes. I have made sure all the mailboxes are in cached mode, I have made sure they are all indexed. I have tested on a clean image, setup all the needed mailboxes, and found that Preview Pane works fine for any message from any mailbox. I have tried running the Office Repair Tool on the affected machine with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas short of re-imaging the affected computer?

A:'No Preview Available' in preview pane when previewing Outlook files

Bump. Still need an answer if anyone has one.

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I've searched quite a lot on this subject but have not been able to find a solution.

In Win 8 Windows Explorer, the preview pane seems to be able to display previews of all file types I really use except the type I use most-- eml email files. Is it possible to get the preview pane to show a preview of an eml file?

In searching the web I ran across reference to an old app named PreviewConfig that I believe was written for Vista, but apparently it does not work in Win 8, although I have not tried it-- kind of fear messing something up.

I have noticed that if I simply manually edit an eml file's extension from eml to mht-- it will be displayed in the preview pane.

I have hundreds if not thousands of eml files saved to disk. I really don't want to change all of them to mht because that eliminates email functionality of the file. Meaning, I would not be able to double-click the file, open it and respond to or forward it as an email message.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

A:Display eml in Explorer Preview Pane

just a thought ,why not do a bit of a split screen with windows explorer and your .eml default email program . might take a little longer to preview each email ,,i use it like this with windows live mail to view my saved emails. like in the attachment , if need it just install windows live mail ,and set it to default for .eml files

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I've screwed something up in my Windows 7, 64 Bit Version, and hope someone here can help me.

Previously I could preview .ttf Font files in the Preview Pane of Windows Explorer just by clicking on them. I could also see what the font would look like on the actual Font Icon.

However I discovered I COULD NOT view an .otf Font file so I decided to look around and find out how to get the .otf files to also preview, this is when I got into trouble.

I changed both of the file associations (.ttf and .otf) to be viewed by the Windows Font Viewer and now I can't preview any fonts. I get a generic message that they are not valid font files but they are.

Also now all the Font Icons are a blue "A" with a little magnifying glass on it instead of the previous one that looked like the actual font.

I tried reversing what I did but even though Windows 7 is still showing Font Expert as a suggested program to use, it won't let me check the little box to ALWAYS use that program.

I don't know if the previous Font Icons in Windows Explorer were due to Font Expert or if that was just something Windows Explorer showed.

I'd love to have my PREVIEW PANE back in the font display as it showed what the font would look like larger.

If someone can help me I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks so much.


A:Fonts will NO LONGER preview in Preview Pane

Sorry I can't actually help you with the problem that you currently have as I use a "Font Manager" called "Bitstream" (comes with CorelDraw).
I don't think this is freely available but maybe one of these free font managers might help until your problem could be resolved.


Free and easy fonts viewer

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Having decided to use Vista's Mail/Contacts/Calendar, I was quite excited to see that when I hovered the mouse over the Extra Large Icon of a contact, all of his details appeared in the right hand side preview panel ...... for a moment!

Now that capability has disappeared altogether!

I have checked under Organize x Layout that the Preview Panel is checked but it remains blank all the time!

What have I (it) done to remove this handy feature?
........... but there's more ................. the contact's name comes up say michael smith.contact but I only want Michael Smith to show (not the word "contact").
When I try to rename it to a straight Michael Smith, Vista gets all upset and starts tellimg me that it probably won't work anymore if I persist!!

There's gotta be a way to rename these contacts!

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Hi. so i have vista bizness. works fine most of time.
this is my siutation. For example. I have a folder say on my desktop... I open it and hilight a file, say a pdf, in the preview pane on the right hand side, the cover or first page shows up... yeah. now i try that again with another folder same from an external hard drive (seagate) and.. nada nothing at all, and then sometimes it wil show up on the bottom in the details pane but thats so small cant read anything. Ive been into the properties, tried this that, rebooting... nada.. help please?

A:cant preview jpegs or pdf on right side preview pane?

Each window you open (regardless of which drive) has it's own layout settings.
When there's no preview-pane visible, in the toolbar click Organise >> Layout >> Preview Pane

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The preview pane in Explorer renders text files in Times NR, which really clashes with the rest of the window. The functionality looks like that of WDS, where the formatting of the preview was drawn from a template which was easily editable (if you knew
where to find it).

Does anyone know where to find the template used to render previews of text files in Explorer?Noel

A:Change font in Explorer Preview pane

Just for the record, and to wrap this thread up: after installing both SP1 and IE9, the Explorer preview pane now uses the IE font to display files that use the MIME preview handler. It can be changed at Control Panel > Internet Options > General
> Fonts.Noel

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I have enabled the Preview Pane (Organize/Layout/Preview Pane) and the preview pane is displayed.
However, the only preview that is displayed is *.jpg.
Other files such as *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.txt and .eml are not displayed.
Any Ideas what is wrong?
Also I understand that there is someway to preview *.pdf
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Explorer Preview Pane - Previews Not Displayed

For anyone else who experiences the same problem, the solution is to enable;Tools/Folder Options/Views/Show Preview Handlers in Preview Pane

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When opening Excel files off our DFS while having Windows Explorer Preview Pane enabled our users will get the "open in read-only" notification about 60% of the time.  This forces them to open the file in read-only mode...or close out, cross
their fingers, and try opening again.
I applied the reg keys listed in this support article
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942146, rebooted the Win7 Pro x64 test client, and we still get the File Lock notices when the preview pane is enabled.  Anybody else figure out a solid solution for this
issue besides disabling the preview pane?

A:Explorer Preview Pane causes File Lock

Thanks for the link Alex.  The client is Win7 SP1 and I've tried adding the OpLock registry keys and rebooting but no change.  At the moment we're not pushing out Office patches so I may run a full update for grins. 

I noticed one of the suggestions in the technet post you provided is to disable the preview pane - which is allowing the file open process to run as expected for us.  Luckily there are very few people that have explorer setup with preview
pane so there's only been one report so far.

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Hi all

Just thought I'd throw this in - not sure if it relates to recent "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607" (Anniversary Upgrade) or the more recent "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176936)". However, I haven't noted this particular problem until today.

At one point this evening I suddenly found I wasn't able to delete pdf files - I kept getting the familiar little box saying that I couldn't delete the file, it was open "in another program" or "being used by another program" - something like that.

After a bit of fiddling and fretting I suddenly thought of the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer. I changed it to Details Pane on the View Tab and things returned to normal.

Anyone else had this or am I on my own? Anyhoo, I pass it on.



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Whenever I use the preview pane in Windows Explorer to view the contents of, say, a .reg file, .txt doc, or .ini file, it crashes with "Preview Handler Surrogate Host has stopped working". I click the "Close the program" option, which is followed by an Application Error: "Exception EAccessViolation in module ShellEh428.dll" etc. I close that as well. Then the preview pane works without having to close and reopen the Explorer window. In fact, if I do close and reopen it, it happens all over again.

It's not that big an inconvenience since the Explorer window itself doesn't actually crash, but it'd sure be nice to find out why this is happening and if it can be prevented.

A:Explorer Preview Pane crashes then works after closing error message.

Sounds like your dll file may be corrubted, you can try downloading that dll and replacing the one on your pc and see if that resolves your problem.

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I have looked everywhere. I just upgraded from Windows 7. I use Explorer ++ but it has limitations.
I have no use for a Preview Pane.


A:Can you get rid of the Preview Pane in Windows 10?

I don't know what explorer ++ is, but here is how to turn off the preview pane: Preview Pane - Show or Hide in Windows 8 File Explorer

Disable 'permanently': Preview Pane - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

(Works w/ Win10)

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Does anyone know how to change the size of the preview pane by keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse?

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I have turned the Preview Pane on in Microsoft Explorer  and it works fine but in Backup it says 'no view available'.  I would like to look at a file before restoring it to make sure I have the right one.  I can't find any help topics on
Backup in the Help File in Win7.

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In our application, we read files in binary in order to upload them through HTTP to our server from client machine. When a PDF file being reviewed in Windows (7) Explorer preview pane then our application becomes unable to access the file as the file is locked by Preview pane. Following is the IOException we end up with

The process cannot access the file <file path + name> because it is being used by another process.

This situation take places only on PDF files, which, we believe, can be fixed either from Windows or Adobe side.

Thank You,

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I was wondering if you know if there is a way to improve Vista's Video Preview on the Details Pane.

The problem I see is that Vista shows the very 1st second of video, while Windows 7 shows the 4th. That's why many of the video previews on the details pane show a black screen on vista instead of actual video.

If anyone else has the answer, I will be really grateful.

A:Vista vs Windows 7 - Video Preview on Details Pane

I guess you could edit that through the registry, but believe me, lol, to be honest Idk...

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I once knew how to shut down the Preview Pane in Windows Mail, but I've suffered a total black-out.
Can anyone help - please?

A:Solved: How do I Kill Preview Pane - Windows Mail

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For some reason when I run windows live mail program in win 7 the preview pane is blank. I'll click a message and it doesnt show anything. Even when I double click it the message is blank. I know i dont have any viruses. It just started doing this. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:Windows Live Mail preview pane is blank

Try a system restore to a point in time when you know it worked before. Your data won't be affected but any new programs installed and updates since then will likely have to be reinstalled.

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Can any please tell me how to display folder icons in the preview pane when I click on a folder? Or is there any third-party application by which I can do this?

How it looks:

How I want it to look:

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So is there any way to reduce the message size so it fits in the preview pane? (like how you can hit ctrl+scroll wheel and change the IE8 font on a web page)

I upgraded from XP and am very impressed so far with 7 but the mail program hasn't changed much.


A:Windows Mail - Message too large in Preview Pane

Nevermind...I think I found it.

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Hey, I'm new to the forums and I'm not sure how frequent you've been asked this question...

Is there a way to keep a default setting for your folders, like having things viewed in list, viewed in groups and the preview pane being set at a specific size? Every time I exit a folder it resets. Is there anyway around this?

Also my next question can refer to Windows 7 or a free program for Windows 7. My phone/iPod and other programs of that nature list my images by created date. I tried changing the date of photos with a few programs. One problem I've encountered is that it's not sequential. If I have a lot of images in 1 folder and I want them organized by date created, I want them to be changed by alphabetical order. With the first picture being the earliest and the last one being the latest. But most programs just change the folder's images to the same date. And since there's a lot of photos in one folder, it's still the same problem. They're all scrambled, but just by the same date. Any ideas on how to change the creation date of multiple images in alphabetical order without doing one by one?

A:Two Questions: Windows 7 Preview Pane & Changing Photo's Creation Date

set up the folder they way you want it to look folder icon size, window size etc then click organize /folders and search options . click the view tab and then click apply to folders. there are some extra check box options in the list in view tab.
im not sure about the preview pane resizing, i open the preview pane and its the same size i sized it to earlier, i then click the preview button to hide the pane until i need to look closer at a pic or icon etc re opening the pane has it the same size

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One of the more useful features of both Vista and Windows 7 is the inline "Preview Pane" of Windows Explorer.

On little quirk I've discovered in Windows 7 is that when you resize a Windows Explorer window, the Preview Pane is resized also, in favour of the file lists. However, I like my preview pane a specifc size.

The follow method is one workaround I used with success:Click the "Hide Preview Pane" icon in the upper right corner (to the left of Help) of Windows Explorer
Resize the Windows Explorer window to how you want it
Click the "Show Preview Pane" icon in the upper right corner (to the left of Help) of Windows Explorer
Has anyone found a way (either via a UI Setting, or a Registry entry) to keep the Preview Pane a fixed size, so that the above workaround does not have to be used?

A:Preview Pane

Yeah, I'm not to crazy about that one myself. I usually end up just manually dragging the Preview Pane line over.

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I am unable to open Web Links in the preview pane of Outlook 7.
The alert message I recieve is: "The operation can not be completed do to restrictions in
effect on this computer. Please contact your system Administrator."
I am running Norton 360.

A:Preview Pane

Hi sbetechsupport

See if the suggestions at this link help:

There is a Users Solutions section that may apply, to your setup.
Let us know if that helps or not.

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Hello Friends,
When I selecting one image file in explorer, I am unable to see the preview in Preview Pane.
I am able to see only the icon in preview pane.

A:Preview Pane

Here's a solution for Vista, I don't know if it still applies

This involves registry editing, please backup your registry before attempting anything.
Make Windows Vista Explorer Preview Pane Work for More File Types - How-To Geek

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How do I get rid of the Preview Pane (I think that's what i's called) on the bottom half of my email message screen................... (It shows the message even before I open the email).

A:Preview Pane

The method was the same since Outlook. I have WLM 2011 and the method is now changed.
I had to get a link to see how it was done in the older editions. If you have 2011, it is basically the same, with slight variations
How to Disable the Preview Pane in Windows Mail or Outlook Express - About Email

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I can't see preview of txt, pdf, microsoft files, etc.

Only can see images and movies.

How can I fix this ? I have tried through options...

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Hello SF.
I was wondering how do you get the preview panel at top like in the screenshot below? I'm almost sure i found it here on the forums a few days ago, but i cant find it again now

Thanks on advance

A:Preview pane on top

It is Switch Between Windows - see this tutorial here: Switch Between Windows - Flip 3D Shortcut

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why win7 explorer doesnt remember the size of the preview pane?

and i always have to resize it by dragging it to the correct point


A:preview pane size

always my problem too. I don't understand why it doesn't remember the size.

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I just discovered you can hit ALT + P to show a preview pane. What useful things do you guys get out of this function?

I noticed it shows album art for some mp3. Does anyone know where it is getting this picture from?

One kind of neat thing it does is show off how detailed icons are. Noone ever really gets to see that level of detail on them, so now the artists work can be seen more.

I remember when icons were barely more than colored dots, like 16X16 or something.

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I just discovered you can hit ALT + P to show a preview pane. What useful things do you guys get out of this function?

That's a new one for me too! Is usually keep the preview pane on permanently, but do occasionally turn it off when I use Screen Snap on two explorer windows.

Quote: Originally Posted by joe7dust

I noticed it shows album art for some mp3. Does anyone know where it is getting this picture from?

The mp3 album art displayed in the preview pane is embedded in the mp3 file itself, inside the ID3v2 tag.

You can read the tutorial I wrote on how to do this yourself: Windows Media Player Library Album Art

Quote: Originally Posted by joe7dust

One kind of neat thing it does is show off how detailed icons are. Noone ever really gets to see that level of detail on them, so now the artists work can be seen more.

I remember when icons were barely more than colored dots, like 16X16 or something.

16x16 icon bring back some memories from my days with Windows 3.1, when icons where only 16x16 and 32x32 in either 2 or 16 color modes...

If I remember correctly, starting from Vista, can include a 256x256 PNG image also.

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