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Losing permissions when I create a directory in C:\

Q: Losing permissions when I create a directory in C:\

Hi ,

I am currently facing an issue, where I am not able to access/delete or even move the directory created in C:\.
Whenever I create a new directory, it says I dont have permissions to it.
I am trying to access with admin credentials, and it still fails.
Although, if I do a right click and allow the permissions for everyone, and click on apply and save it lets me do it.
However, I am still unable to delete the same.
I need to go back to properties, and assign full control over the directory to delete the same forever.

Can you guys kindly help me on this?

Green Arrow

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Preferred Solution: Losing permissions when I create a directory in C:\

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I work in a large company with hundreds of computers. Recently (since July) we've been finding that new users can't log onto some of our 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise computer for the first time. The security permissions on C:\Users have been changed, removing the usual groups:

Authenticated Users

With new groups:


I can add the local Administrators group to the Users folder, but there are many files/folders within C:\Users\Default where I can't change the permissions. Existing User directories don't seem to be affected.

All of the computers have the same image loaded. Those in the same AD groups may or may not be affected. They are all at the same patch level.

Does anyone have ideas about what may have happened to change those permissions?



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I need to review the contents and security attributes of some network drives. I'd like to list folders and subfolders, and potentially the files within the folders, and see who has what permissions to the folders and subfolders.

I know how to display this information onscreen using Windows Explorer. But is there any way to extract this information into an Excel file, or possibly a text file, or even to print it? I'll be working with the owners of the folders to make sure that we have
the proper security settings for the various folders and subfolders, and it would make the review process a lot easier if we could get the information into a spreadsheet.


A:Create directory listing of netwok drive, showing file/folder permissions


You can use the dir command to display a list of a directory's files and subdirectories.

/q : Displays file ownership information.
/s : Lists every occurrence, in the specified directory and all subdirectories, of the specified file name.

dir [Drive:][Path][FileName] /s /q > [Drive:][Path][FileName.txt]

For example: dir e:\ /s /q > e:\dir.txt
It will display the files and subdirectories in drive E, and export the display result from Command Prompt to a txt file which located in e:\dir.txt.

For you reference:
http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/dir.mspx?mfr=trueTracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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Cannot control shared folder on NT PDC with FAT partition. All shares and permissions look fine.
I've set-up profile specific folders on the NT server for image back-ups. Each folder has the permissions set so that the specific client's user profile has the permissions for full control to that folder. (eg. client S123R, user DUDE has full control permissions on \\SERVER\D\S123R.) If i log on from any Win9x client with the specified profile for that share I have read only rights. If I log-on with that same profile from my W2K client I have full control permissions as they were specified. What am I missing?

A:NT 4.0 Directory Permissions

Are the profiles being copied from the server to the workstation at login? Might want to check and see if this is occuring on the Win9X boxes. Are you using login scripts to establish home directories at login also?

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Does anyone know of some software that can tell me the user access and rights to directories. I need to scan several servers local drives to see what user and groups have access and what type of access they have ... example
C:\System - Administrator - Full Control
C:\Data - Domain Users - Read
C:\Games - Everyone - Full Control
many thanks

A:Directory Permissions

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ok, can anyone tell me how a client (W98) on an NT domain is able to connect to a network directory and have read only rights if viewing the directory from "my computer" or "windows explorer" yet has full change permissions when viewing the directory from the "network neighbourhood". BTW...this particular user is set-up with change permissions in that directory. It is very difficult to save a Word document, for example, to that directory from within Word using the "save as.." command when you're given read only rights.

A:directory permissions

The most restrictive rights given take precedence over others. You need to give them special directory access and whatever other things inclusive they need.

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I am setting up a NAS for our small business. I know how to give different individuals permissions for specific files, but is it possible to make files invisible to those who dont have permission. For example, within the sales folder I want all of the sales people to be able to see the quotes and procedures sub-directories, but they do not have access to the HR sub-directory. Instead of just denying them access, is it possible to block them from even seeing the HR sub-directory.

Thomas Gross

A:NAS Directory Permissions

You can hide the files http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/56005-file-folder-hide-unhide.html
Also see this http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/120499-local-users-groups-mmc-snap-enable-disable.html

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Im doing a bit of a side project during my free time in java and i keep it on a portable HDD and id rather no one get on this code. Is it possible to set permissions or do something so that unless it is plugged into my laptop and logged into my account no one may access the directory i keep it in?

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I got one of those pesky programs that try to scan your computer and then sell you a service to fix it. I terminated the program, but some damage was already done. I have run a Windows restore, run the rkill programs, and installed and run the Malwarebytes program. Both the Windows Security Essentials and Malwarbytes programs are finding no additional viruses (after finding several and cleaning).

Currently, the remaining problem is many of my files have gone missing. Meaning icons are gone from my desktop and folders come up as “empty” when they are opened, although there appears to be files in them when I conduct a “Search”.

The other remaining issue is my inability to execute some programs. I get a “No write permissions to directory” dialogue box when I try to run my H&R Block tax software, for example.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit) SP2.

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Hi Folks,

I just solved a problem I had with the "send to -> compressed folder" functionality by adding ADMINISTRATORS to the permissions (full access) for the c:\users\username\local\appdata\temp directory. Prior to this, there were no permissions set for any users for that directory at all, for some reason.

My question: what *should* be the permissions for that directory? I've solved my zip creation issue, but I don't want to create other problems as a result.


A:What should Temp directory permissions be?

Normally, for the temporary folders that are in %localappdata%, the permissions are:
SYSTEM: full control
Administrators group: full control
Owner user: full control.

All of those are really inherited from the root of each user profile, so instead of setting permissions manually, thick the option "Include permissions from primary object" in the advanced options and choose to delete the current and replace with the inherited ones.

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I completed building a new Access 2003 database on 12/1 (without data the db is 36,500 KB). I placed the database on our network for testing. I revised the existing workgroup and shortcut (2 times) but the forms were not pulling data. I checked the user group permissions, verified that the forms were pulling from the correct record source and verifying that the record source was pulling the data. All was well, so I thought the forms had some how become corrupted. I've re-built the forms multiple times and still no change.

I started leaning toward the fact that it could be the workgroup that is giving me problems so yesterday I created a brand new workgroup & shortcut on the network (two different times). I assigned the necessary user group permissions and made sure all of our associates were in the correct user group. This morning when I began testing again, all the user group permissions have dissapeared again. There are no known network issues, so I'm not sure why this is happening.

I'd like to know if anyone has experienced this problem before and if they have any suggestions... This database is supposed to be implemented on 01/01/09, so any help is appreciated!!

A:Losing Workgroup Permissions

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a good utility or application I could use to scan an NT server for a listing of Folder and File permissions for an NTFS file system? Thanks in advance!

A:Windows NT File/Directory Permissions

I found 2 command line utilities in the NT 4.0 Resource Kit. They are SHOWACLS.EXE & SRVCHECK.EXE. Unfortunately SHOWACLS lists the permissions for every single file and directory on the specified server. This creates a large document with more info than I need. SRVCHECK is supposed to scan only Shared folders, but keeps returning back with an "Unknown Error: 203", which MS doesn't seem to have a fix for. Are there any 3rd party utils or options in the Resource kit I may have missed that will scan all shares(even hidden), and give me back a listing of permissions?

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Hi everyone ,

ok so I apologize if this has been posted before , I did a search and I did not see anything , but then I may have over looked it.

I am trying to open my H& R Block 2010 to print some forms off for my daughter that she needs for Fasfa ..I had previously printed them had them in a file , went through one heck of a divorce and the file "magically" disappeared..which now brought me to tonight to print them ..and I get the error message...

No write permissions to directory .
(see WinFileWriterImpl::open())
I am lost , and now at my wits ends...I was able to open and print them two months ago .ugh

any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks once again , I apologize if this subject has been covered before.

A:New and confused,write permissions to directory

Hello and welcome, This is probably not malware and I do not know your operating system.See if the 2 posts by Almost Jake on April 3 help ...go here [email protected]@K

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Sometimes when I move directories the resulting directory needs to be modified under the security tab to add the "Authenticated Users" user in order to remove the lock icon.

I've verified that I am the owner of the directory...and the other users with access to the directory is "System", My Account and "domain/Administrators".

A:Directory Permissions - Why Authenticated Users?

Just more information to make sure I'm being clear.

If I download a group of wallpapers from Usenet and they go into the "Downloads" library the directory has no lock. Once I move them to the "Walls" library, there is a lock.

If I add "Authenticated Users" to the directory's security tab the lock goes away.

Is this a feature, bug or user error? Any one it might be, how do I stop this behavior?

P.S. This also happens outside of libraries as well, so I don't think it has anything to do with junctions/symlinks.

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Hopefully someone knows something about AD on this forum, I am in a quandry.
We added a permission tot he root of our Active Directory that is to be inherted down the tree to all our users in our domain. It works just fine except for a few users who had the "inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to cild objects..." box cleared.

However when I check this box for those few users, somehow the box clears itself after about five minutes (replication time). WHY o WHY is this property changing back? Any ideas? Thanks in advanced for any info...

Hopefully I'm on the correct forum...

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ok, i know i'm doing something stupid, just don't know what...i reinstalled vista and all my apps (well, the ones i need)...i have a couple HDD that i've partitioned, for arguments sake let's call them drives M, N, and O...i had these drives setup previously so that we could access them with our laptops - we pretty much had full control of these drives: we could write, delete, etc on all these shared drives...

so, i shared these drives again...i can access the files, but i don't have write priviliges...i tried giving full control to the user but with no success...obviously i'm missing something....

please, how do i provide permissions to my various laptops on these shared drives?

A:Solved: permissions to write to directory

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I have a security group that keeps losing permissions to modify files in the folder of a particular share. I delete the group and re-create it, setting the permissions fresh and a few hours later, the users complain of the same problem. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you resolve the problem? Thanks!

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I just recently moved from Windows XP to 8 so I'm pretty much new to setting permissions for directories in Windows 8. I'd like to know if I make a change for permissions to a directory in Windows 8. Can I reset them to their default? If so, how?
For example: I tried to change the permissions of Windows 'Temp' directory just recently, how am I going to reset them to their default?

A:Default permissions for Windows 8 'Temp' Directory

Not an answer to your question, but whatever you do, DON'T USE OLD XP PARADIGMS AND HABITS in Windows 8 (or Windows Vista/7 for that matter).  The OS is based on a completely different architecture and has different ways of doing things.  If you
have not used Windows Vista or Windows 7 for any length of time, tread slowly and lightly taking time to truly learn the new OS and how to do things within it.  You will be much better served and happier in the long run.
Back to your question, it is best to not change the permissions of any system directories.  In the case of C:\Windows\Temp, that is now considered a system directory.  If you really need access, open an administrative command prompt (right-click,
Run as administrator) and navigate there.  The built-in, local administrator account has full access.
As of the Windows version 6.x.xxxx family, the default temp directories are %temp% which is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp.  C:\Windows\Temp is strictly used for Windows' only temp files.

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i was working on permissions, ownership, and auditing. i was wondering, a lot of files deny access regardless of whether
i assume ownership, or so for my group. are those denials logged somewhere so I can delve into the purpose of those files
and reason they are locked? too many to list from system files to individual program files.

changing these setting was tricky too because i belong to a group on the system, that i denied access, while granting myself access. i wound up with denied access. is there a way to fix this security loophole?

A:Directory & User Permissions, access denied

Quote: Originally Posted by adnmance

i wound up with denied access.

yep - that is what the warning says will happen:

What are you attempting to achieve by changing the file permissions?

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Hi All,

My users are on Outlook 2007 and we connect to an exchange server (2003). The problem we are having is that previously shared calendars are suddenly becoming unavailable. The message that pops up is:

'The set of folders cannot be opened.'

A more detailed message suggests the following:

'This error usually occurs if the OST or PST file you are using is:
> Unavailable
> Protected with file permissions.
> On a share on a server and the network is down.
> Corrupt

To correct this problem, store the OST or PST file on the local computer.

You may also want to run the scanost.exe and scanpst.exe tools to verify file integrity.'

I have tried scanning them and they are fine. When I look at the permissions they are gone. When the user re-shares the calendar it is ok again but often looses the permission after a re-boot (but not always).

Any ideas welcome...

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I've got three Active Directory 2000 DNS Servers all using Integrated zone transfer. Two of them are replicating out to eachother, but I cant get the third one to accept or send its txfers out. It doesn't even recognize itself as a pdc so I think its a permissions/ authentication issue. Any ideas?

A:Active Directory 2000 Integrated Zone Permissions issue

See is this helps any.


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How do I enforce a standard user such that he/she can create files/folders within a specific directory (e.g., Desktop directory)? Any write access to the other directories should be denied.

A:How to restrict user write/read permissions for a specific directory

Hello Yildizabdullah, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could add their user name to the permissions of the directory, and check "Deny" "Full Control" to prevent them from being able to open the directory.

Be careful though. If you deny a directory, it will also prevent them from being able to open the subfolders in that directory.

Here's a tutorial with more details on permissions. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

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I want to create a directory with a single name and address on each page. In Word, I have created a document with an address block on it, and I have a data file. I can scroll through each page on the screen, but I can print only one page. Can you suggest how I can print the entire directory?

Thank you.

A:Using Mailmerge to create a directory


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My backup cmd file has been in use since XP, through Vista to Win7. It has worked on a new laptop in Win7 ever since Win7 was released. Recently it has stopped working getting an access denied, cannot create directory message. It is xcopying my own folders, not the default documents etc.
In a cmd prompt, xcopy d:\data z:\ fails with the error, but copy d:\data z:\ doesn't.
Has MS patched xcopy recently? If so, how can I get back the earlier version?

A:Xcopy cannot create directory

Hi dougham,

This sounds like a permissions issue. Please try this option:


xcopy d:\data z:\ /T /O
/T = create directory structure
/O = Copy file ownership and ACL information

Let us know if it works for you.


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Hello Techies,

I have files in my dropbox I want to send to my Amazon S3 - I have an AWS account set up.
How do I create a "new directory in my dropbox" so Zapier will zap my files to my Amazon S3 cloud ?

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I recently got a new PC it has Windows 7 Pro 64Bit OS. My old XP box finally died. I have my music drive which is external USB 500 GB drive Seagate Free Agent drive. I used in on my old system.. I have about 110GB of music on it. It is my main music drive. I got some new songs that i wanted to add to the drive. I tried to make a new directory and I received a message saying that I don't have permission to create a folder. I tried creating a new folder within my music directory. I can create a new folder within the root of the drive but I cannot create a new directory where I want it. I am an admin on the PC so I even made sure that I was added as a user on the drive when I set permissions and sharing. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank in advance, VC

A:Can't Create a Directory in Windows 7

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Hello all,
We are using Tyronesystems Opslag NAS enterprise.version: 1.3
I would like to know how do I create a shared directory on the NAS, so that it is accessible to other systems which are present in the LAN. Please let me know how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.


A:how to create a shared directory on NAS

I think I'd start with their user's manual! This seems to be a pretty standard NAS.

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My XP computer crashed!! So I bought a new HD and installed fresh copy of XP and slaved the old drive. On that XP drive, that crashed, I had a folder with all my data that I had password protected.

I have recreated the same user and PW and still unable to get into the folder. I searched the net and found this article on the MS web site.

on point #2 it says click the security tab to take ownership; but security tab does not show up.

Can someone help me out?


A:How to re-create permissions on folder in XP

That is on XP Pro, in Windows XP Home, you have to enter safe mode (Tap F8 at boot and select safe mode), and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab.

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Hello All
There is some option to create file in directory root C:, without give the permissions of the administrator of the machine?
There is one form in the regedit, with the change value to 0 EnablelUA, but is necessary the permissions of the administrator.
someone have idea?

Hugo Monge

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A temporary directory.

When you have burned the Puppy Live CD copy the following files from the CD to a temporary directory on your hard disk:
initrd.gz ; vmlinuz ; pup_400.sfs ; zdrv_400.sfs.
The filenames on the CD are in upper case, (CAPITAL letters). Change them to lower case, (small letters), in your temporary directory.
Click to expand...

What does this mean?

A:How do I create a new directory on my hard disk?

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i'm new,
thanks for letting me join,
i've been trying to clean up my system tray...and i also looked into the startup list from windows...and i've input various names of files on google to attempt to clarify and understand if its sucking the blood out of my computer.

so i've read here that i need to run a hijack this...
but how do i create a directory on my harddrive? this is the first step and i can't even do that!

A:One question begats another: how to create a directory

to BleepingComputer emma_wonders.

I think I can tell you how to create a Hijack This folder on your hard drive. I am assuming you are using Windows XP OK? Because of where you chose to post. Open my computer/click local disk/ on an empty place there right click and choose new, then folder and click. Name it Hijack This.

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Hi. I have a strange problem with a folder called Photo00_. If I go into this folder and right click there is no option to create a new folder within it. If I create a New Folder in another directory then cut/paste it into Photo00_ it simply disappears. If I rename Photo00_ to something else then the New Folder will reappear inside the renamed folder. Then it disappears again when I change the name back to Photo00_. If the New Folder contains other files, those files appear as if they are in the Photo00_ directory but in this case it does not mind if you have 2 files with the same name! If I delete Photo00_ and then create a New Folder named Photo00_ in this directory, the problem persists with this fresh folder.
If I use any other folder name, such as Photo0_ or Photo00_1, in the same sub-directory I do not experience this problem with those folders.
Can anybody suggest a way to cure this problem without having to use a different name for the folder?

A:Cannot create New Folder in a specific directory

Is it OK to bump this thread as I have had no replies yet?

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A:How do I create a new directory on my hard disk?


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Hi. I am running Windows XP home, and whenever I try to install some programs, before the install program boots, it will give an error, to the effect of:Cannot create temp directoryI have researched this, but have come up with no definitive answer. This happens when I try to install things like FireFox, and FL Studios.If anyone has any insight, please help !

A:Installation Error - Cannot create temp directory

How much free space do you have on your hard drive? Have you done a chkdsk/defrag lately? Can you give us the exact error meesage?

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Hi there,

I would like to create a daily folder on system startup which has the date like this 12-03-2012

I also want it to go to a certain place on my hard drive C:Users/Name/My Documents

I have this script but it puts the date the wrong way around and I would prefer dashes in between the dates?

for /f "skip=1" %%d in ('wmic os get localdatetime') do if not defined mydate set mydate=%%d
md %mydate:~0,8%
Thanks in advance, Jay ;-)

A:Create a directory on startup with date i.e. 12-03-2012

Ok slightly different way of doing this, now get the dashes between the dates

SET dd=%DATE:~0,2%-
SET mm=%DATE:~3,2%-
SET yyyy=%DATE:~6,4%

mkdir %dd%%mm%%yyyy%

How do I set the path for it create the dated folder? do I just add the path after mkdir?

i.e. C:Users\Name\My Documents


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So I've been trying to install Call of Duty 4 again and Need of Speed Undercover and each time I try I get Error "1317: An error occurred while attempting to create the directory..." for CoD 4 and "The location you have chosen cannot be written to.Please select another location." for Need for Speed Undercover.

This started after I shared a folder with downloads on my computer for my bro to copy some stuff.I'd love some help ;)

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Hi there I was wondering if I can create a symbolic link to a folder location that changes???? Eg. %APPDATA%/[insert name here]

A:Is it possible to Create a Symbolic Link to a Non-Specific Directory?

No, the links and junctions need a fixed target. Only option is to create a new link and delete the old one. Some third party tools allow changing the target, see for instance if Link Shell Extension (LSE) could help you to achieve what you want to.


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my problem is I can't copy/create files to C:\root directory. I only noticed the problem when I wanted to create some files in the root directory.

1) there used to be many options under create "New", there is only "Folder" now.

2) if I click "New Folder" it will give me the below access denied error. so I can't create new folders too. I cannot copy and paste files from the directories to the root, it's the same access denied error.

3) the "New" option looks like this in my sub-directories. I can copy and paste files in the sub-directories, no problems at all.

think my security settings is causing this problem. can't figure out why. I am set to Administrator with full control for everything in security properties. the User Account Settings is set to the lowest levels.

please advise, thank you.

A:can't copy/create files to C:\ root directory.

the write option in Group permission: Users, was not allowed. I allowed the write and problem is solved.

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I have downloaded and saved a free program from Lavasoft Ad-Aware. In installing it during the time the program being configured I get the message ERROR while attempting to create the directory. C/Documents &Settings/All Users/Start Menu. I have no idea how to correct the problem. No further info given.

A:Solved: error while attempting create the directory

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I got this problem: I installed Service Pack 2 on my Sister's Windows XP Professional Compaq Computer. The only problem is that with three different Broderbund Programs, Print Shop 20, Print Master 15 and a Photo related one whose name I can't remember, I get the same message: "Can not create directory...." and the Program won't open or work. I bet the problem is one of the several Service Pack 2 conflicts that have ocurred. Can anyone help me? Is there any patch that can fix it? Please reply and let me know.

A:Broderbund Printmaster and Print Shop: Can't Create Directory

HI...I have the same problem that was posted here in 2004....now help since then? I have downloaded PS20 and cannot even open the program as I get this box that prevents opening the ´software. VERY FRUSTRATING...we have installed and reinstalled many times, have manually created the files and still no luck...mind you this is with a computer tech friend who is doing these things all day, so one would suppose that the average user would have some tech support from Broderbund...no dice! Any ideas out there now in 2007? Anything come up in the last 3 years since this post????


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anytime I try to install any program I get this error:
Setup was unable to create the directory "E:\Program Files\..."
Error 5: Access is denied.
Does anyone know if a virus can cause this??  I have not made any recent changes to my firewall, or antivirus...  although I did delete some empty "temp" folders on my C: drive "documents & settings" area, because I thought they were useless since they were empty.
I've been reading up on this error, and it might be possible that deleting those folders may have caused the problem, but I'm not sure and I'm also worried about a possible virus. I don't remember where the temp folders were, and I'm not sure if it's as simple as just re-creating the folders again? I'm using windows xp, and I ran my antivirus scans but it found nothing, although I know that doesn't necessarily mean that a virus isn't hidden somewhere undetected.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

A:Error 5 - Setup was unable to create the directory - virus?

Are you logged in as an Administrator?
If not, try running it as Administrator.
Otherwise, right-click the install icon and select Run as Administrator.
I doubt this is the work of a virus, but a general permissions issue.  You need elevated permissions to write into the Program files or Program Files (x86) folders.

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I have a bunch of pdf files that are named "minutes.pdf", each alone within a directory that tells me what they are.

So the file path would be D:\WaterBoard\August2012\minutes.pdf

Every pdf is named "minutes.pdf" if this helps.

How would I create a batch file that would give the pdf a file name of the folder within which it is located? I've got like 400 of these so a script would be super useful. Thanks for any guidance!

A:Create Script to rename files after parent directory

There is a subforum on DonationCoder.com that does nothing but these small requests:
Post New Requests Here - DonationCoder.com

Please read the guidelines before posting.

Of course someone here may post a script or batch for you also.

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Hi everyone

I reinstalled a friends pc using recovery disks. I presumed his log in name was John so I put john in the set up in the box during the routine.

I wanted to copy his stuff back to the original folders only to find he set up his pc name as 'User'

Some of his stuff won't run properly because they need to be in the subdirectories (specifically /roaming) of User.. not John (stupid me for guessing!)

I tried changing the account name of John to User.. which it seems to have done but there is still no User account off the Users directory.. only 'John'

If I can fix this then hopefully his email system (eM Client) will not reject the data

Thanks for looking

A:how create a specific named account under User directory?

Hi there and welcome to Eightforums!

You will want to create a new useraccount with the name of "User". Then move all the stuff to this new useraccount. Afterwards you can delete the "John" account.

That's the only way to properly rename the origional account.

Goodluck with it.



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Dear all
Problem is i unable to create Domain controller in windows 2000 server
when i try to make Active directory with domain controller in windows 2000 server using dcpromo ,i can go to end of the step mean it shows domain name etc.. then i press next button to create active directory i cann't to do it because i can see only network error
what os the problem,

Actully how to i make windows 2000 server as a domain

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This simplified GUI could be very helpful to those who prefer it over the command line.

symlinker: Create Symlink, Hardlink, And Directory Junction In Windows

A:Symlinker - Create Symlink, Hardlinks, And Directory Junctions via GUI

I prefer Link Shell Extension, uses right-click drag and drop interface, like copy and move.
Link Shell Extension

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I just did another fresh W7 install to be able to create a System Image. The creation of this went fine.

I decided to look into the folder tree for WindowsImageBackup. I had to click CONTINUE when prompted that I did not have permission to view the folders.

Now, when I go to restore, it says there are no System Images to restore from. I assume this is occurring because I clicked CONTINUE on the UAC control that tried preventing me from looking at those folders. So, what do I do to restore the permissions to the way they were??

A:Create System Image - folder permissions/security

Do you have it named exactly WindowsImageBackup and is it in the root of the drive - not in another folder?

This is the only way I have gotten it to be discovered by reimaging app.

Right click on folder and Share as necessary. Also try this: Take Ownership Shortcut

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