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Change user account picture via command line

Q: Change user account picture via command line

Is it possible to change the local user account picture at the windows logon screen via a command prompt.

Reason I need to do this is because I have about 200 workstations where the same exact local account needs to get created and a specific user account picture needs to be applied.

Preferred Solution: Change user account picture via command line

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change user account picture via command line

I don't know about copying just the picture. Log in as an Admin on the computer with the account you want to copy and Right click My Computer/Properties/Advanced/System Profiles. Highlight the Account you want to copy (you cannot be logged into the account you want to copy) and choose Copy To. Choose a Network Share. Then Copy it to each of the computers in question that you want to have the account on. this should also include the picture.. Maybe someone can write a batch file that would send it to all of the computers in the network in one click.

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The is no picture in my eser account.

Settings>change Pc settings>account> account picture> BROWSE does not go to my PC pfotos folder to choose one.

Camera roll, screenshots & slide shows are empty.

How can I get to my photos? .....thanx .....nick

A:how to change user account picture

Hello Nick,

Are you able to "Browse" to the folder you want instead? See the yellow tip box under step 8 in the tutorial below to see if it may help.

User Account Picture - Change in Windows 8

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I have WIndows 7 Ultimate and when I go into User Accounts in Control Panel I click on "change your picture" and I am only able to use the win7 pictures. When I click on "browse for more pictures" nothing happens.

Any ideas?

A:Unable to change User account picture

Hello Tally,

You might check to see if it opened a window that may be hidden behind another opened window. Sometimes these windows are small and can easily be covered up.

If not, then try a sfc /scannow command to see if it can find and fix any bad system files that may be responsible. Afterwards try again.

Hope this helps,

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hello i have fully activated windows 8 but when i try to change the user account pic the picture then it is high lighted and no option is seen . why it happens . not only user acount but log on screen too is unable to change/ what is the problem please help me.

A:not able to change user account picture,log in screen

Sorry for asking a dumb question, but did you try these?
For the account picture: User Account Picture - Change in Windows 8
For the background screen: Lock Screen - Background Image - Change in Windows 8

Note that if you have multiple accounts setup, then the login screen change is a lot trickier and a manual process from what I understand. Google that one...

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Hi there,

In Win-7, as an admin-user, it was easy to change the picture from another user. In Win-8 I'm only able to find where I can change my own picture. Can't I set it anymore for other users?


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Hi everybody,

I've been trying to change my user account picture in the control panel, it worked, and it showed up in the start menu, but it didn't change in the logon screen (still dell default icon). Does anybody know what's wrong?

My system is Dell precision M6600, win7pro 64-bit. My user account has administrator right (in fact I am the only user).


A:can not change user account picture on logon screen

I hope this tutorial will help you to get rid of Dell's stuff.

Clean Up Factory Bloatware

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I have tried to find an answer to this but cannot. Lately, I noticed my User Account Picture was not the picture I had selected. In addition, the Background Picture for my Windows 7 Home Premium edition log on screen was changed. This happened after running a program that is for exams at school which reboots your computer into a safe mode where the only program available is a rudimentary word processor.

I contacted the company that makes that software, Examsoft, and they told me how to get my default logon picture for my Windows Logon background back.

To address the User Account picture, I went into Control Panel > User Accounts and attempted to "change picture". This is not an option, however, for my administrator user account. It is an option for my guest account. I tried cloning my account without the bad .dat files, but that didn't work either as the new account I had created, also an administrator account, did not display a "change picture" option in control panel either.

I ran sfc /scannow, and it found no errors.

I am not sure what to do. Has anyone encountered this? Can you please help me?

Attached is a screen shot:

Thank You.

A:No "Change Picture" option for User Account Picture

hi dooba, welcome to the forums ,if you have exhausted all avenues you could try a system restore prior to just before you had probs System Restore

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I have a Windows 8.1 system on a lap top that was used by a former employee. Her name was still on user name and I couldn't change it without Admin privileges (otherwise was asking for a smart card). Found out how to get in to admin in safe mode with Net
User Admin yes- then discovered that the old log in and information / desk top is no longer available. The docs are under Users (old employee's name) in C drive, but the docs and settings no longer show up and the admin log in is the only one available - no
option to change users.
When I went in and said Net User Admin no - thinking if I disabled admin user it would go back to the old log in -  there was no log in available at all.


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I m running windows 8.1 pro. Please help me to solve this trouble.

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I got this error message "Setting the account picture failed, please try again". I need to know how to fix this, i got this error after i browsed the pic i wanted to use, if you guys know how to fix this thing, I'll thank you here's the screenshot, I'm not using a pirated copy of this OS, please help!

A:Can't change account picture / lock screen's picture

I don't know what may happen,but I think it worth to try:
First of all, go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft
and copy the Default Account Pictures folder and then rename it to any name,after this open the original Default Account Pictures folder and delete the picture and the data file which belong to the user and try to change accaunt picture

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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,

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I am trying to add a user via the command line through a virtual pc I added with VMWare. I'm running windows 10, and unable to add because this is what I get when I open CMD: I can't go beyond this point, I keep getting error messages. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, Tina

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Have read the other posts somewhat related to what I want to accomplish, but didn't find an answer.  When I sysprep Windows 8, the account pictures reset to the default picture.  I have three local accounts that each need a different picture,
and would like to have those pictures stay after sysprep.  I have found how to change the default picture so that all the accounts have the same picture, but we need these three accounts to have different pictures.  Any idea on how to make sysprep
keep the account picture settings, or how to put the account pictures back with a batch file or script?

Somehow it worked with Windows 7 but not Windows 8.  Thanks for any direction anyone can give.

A:Windows 8 account pictures from command line

Windows 8 account picture was strored in C:\Users\Public\AccountPictures\%UserAccountSecurityIdentifier%
where %UserAccountSecurityIdentifier% is a placeholder for the Security IDentifier (SID) assigned by the operating system or domain controller to your user account.
As when you sysprep user account, the Public folder wasn't folder syspreped, so the account pictures was reset to the default picture. you can try to sysprep the Public foler at the same time, then the user account may be would not changed.
Hope this helps.
Roger Lu
TechNet Community Support

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I am trying to create an installer that needs to run on 54 computers that I just finished unpacking and setting up and I want to kinda streamline this..

I want to make an installer that installs files, adds to domain, and then sets up IE..

got all but the IE stuff done.. I need to:
-add a site to the trusted sites (and not require verifications)
-uncheck "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

Can this be done by changing registry values?

A:Can i change IE settings through command line?

Try this site:


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Hello buddies!
I m in great tension, if some body helps me i would be thank ful...
the thing is that, that i want to change my administrator password from the dos command line. and also to enable an account from dos,... Please send me the syntax of command of enabling an account like Guest account and how to change the password... Thank you

A:Windows XP Guest Account Enabling Command line

The guest account usually does not have a password set for it and is usually disabled by default. Not sure if you can enable it from the command line.

I just use lusrmgr.msc

Not sure why you would do it from dos or why you would need to.

As far as changing your password from the command prompt

net user username password

net user administrator 123456
This would change the admin password to 123456 without prompting you to confirm it. If you want a prompt you will have ot do this.

net user username *
You have to be an administrator to do this.

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Hi! I'm trying to change Network Service password (which is empty) for a service with cmd by
sc command (sc.exe config "winrm" obj= "nt authority\network service" password= ""). The command completes always successful, but the password don't changing. Why?

Windows makes me mad!

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how to change the color depth to 32 bit through command in vista and server 2008

A:Change the color depth through command line

Just as a suggestion, since many of your posts to this forum are either concerned with programmatic or command-line methodology, it may be good to highlight that aspect of the question...

"How do i change the colour depth through a COMMAND-LINE mechanism?"

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I'm trying to automate changing the color depth.And i want to do it by one line.
Kindly let me know the command line to change the color depth for 16bit to 32 bit and vice verse


A:Command line to Change the colour depth.

hi and welcome to the forums

i found brinks tutorial for you here >>> How to Change the Color Bit Depth in Windows 7 >>> Color Bit Depth - Display Settings - Windows 7 Forums

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Or if there is a script for AutoHotkey?


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how to change color depth to 32-bit in windows through command or registry

A:change color depth through command line

You dont need a registry hack to change the colour depth.

Right click on desktop and select screen resolution
Click on Advanced settings
Go to adaptor and there you can change the colour depth.

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Hello All,

I've scoured and searched past threads, but have not found the answer(s) I'm looking for.

Here's my situation: I'm a full-time AV technician and I frequently deal with multiple (sometimes hundreds) of rental computers that need to be set up for use with presentations. Using the GUI to configure each one is very time-consuming, and I can't rely on the computer vendors to preconfigure each computer before it arrives onsite.

After much searching and some testing, I have compiled a file that will change the power settings to my liking, but have yet to find a way to manage this for system sounds. Resolution settings and "Extended Desktop" mode settings would be nice, too, but are not necessary. I ALWAYS want to get rid of system sounds; not so much for using Extended Desktop mode, etc.

Does anyone have any insight or ideas on how to accomplish this via command line? My only concern is that I don't always have Admin privileges for the computers I'm tweaking, so I would need to be able to have changes take effect without the need for elevation.

I'd also be okay with some method to simply mute the system sounds via the sound mixer. I'll take what I can get, I just need an efficient way of going about it.

I'm not overly familiar with writing scripts, but I am willing to learn and try various things. I have a virtual version of Win7 on my computer to test things in as needed.

Thanks in advance for the help,

A:Possible to Change Sound Scheme via Command Line?

Hello Jordan,

If you like, you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to change sounds using the registry. You could use .reg files to export and merge them, or use the command line to change the registry values.

Sounds - Change

Hope this helps,

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Hi people,
did someone know how change the wallpaper with a command line ?

thx a lot

A:How change the wallpaper/background with a command line ?

I think this can be done with PowerShell. We could create a function to set wallpaper:
Function Set-WallPaper($Value)
 Set-ItemProperty -path 'HKCU:\Control Panel\Desktop\' -name wallpaper -value $value
 rundll32.exe user32.dll, UpdatePerUserSystemParameters
Open PowerShell; paste the function above in it to make this function work.
Now, if you want to change some wallpaper, you could type the following text:
Set-WallPaper -value "the path of you wallpaper"
If you are interested, I would like to share the following article with you for your reference:
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Hide
My Desktop Wallpaper?
If you need some help on writing this script, you can also post your question to The Official Scripting Guys Forum:
Official Scripting Guys Forum
Hope this helps. Thanks.
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I am looking for a method for CLI-only changing of the default audio device.
(Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound -> Manage Audio Devices)
I have already tried various options such as AutoIT, AutoHotKey and while I was able to get it working, this was not the optimal solution.

Does anybody know of a way to change it using only CLI utilities?


A:Command Line Utility Change Sound Device


Did you ever find something that would work? I've got the same problem and I've been using AutoHotKey for a while now, but find it unreliable - especially if audio devices change.


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I would like to know is there any way to set the monitor screen resolution through command line or registry in Windows 7 by default apart from using 3rd party tools?
Appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!

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When I look on the Security tab of the drive's properties I see:
Group or usernames:
Authenticated Users SYSTEM Administrators (MyComputer\Administrators) Users (MyComputer\Users

Now if I click on "Advanced" option.
I get a page where I can change permissions for the users in the ACL.
Suppose I click on "Edit".
I get a page named Permission Entry for Local Disk, where I can change permissions.
On the same page we have "Apply to" option, which we can use if we want to apply those
permissions specifically on folders or subfolders or only files.

My question, what command we need to use if I want to change the permission and apply them
to specific folders or subfolders or files for a particular user in ACL. using command line.

Any help is appreciable.

A:How to change drive access permission using command line.

Would this be what you re looking for?
How to grant permission to users for a directory using command line in Windows? - Stack Overflow
NOTE the first comment below the main part in the link re depracated code.

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Sound quality is changed by format, so I change the format many times.

When I see a movie, then change to 24 48khz or 192. But many musics are 44.1khz so when I play music, then change to 24 44.1khz.

But that click-work so bother me. So I want change format by command line.

Could you tell me how to control Realtek HD audio manager in command line, plz?

Ex)Realtek HD audio manager - speaker - default format
16 bit 44.1khz <-> 24bit 192khz

A:I want to change realtek's sound format by using command line

If the source is 16 bit, 44.1Khz, changing to 24 bits, 48Khz, etc does not make it sound better. It can only be as good as the source.

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How can I change resolution of screen using command line in Windows 7

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I want to hide this. I'm running a python progam (if that matters) and it always has that open on my taskbar. I want to hide it. I don't care where it goes or how much time it takes, I just want to hide it. So I never have to deal with it. Maybe make it a system process or something? I don't know.

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Background: My computer has had viruses lately. it started with poweliks which is known to exploit rundll and powershell. I succeeded to remove it using eset and also manually going through all knows infection points. Yesterday, something else began, running lots of hidden and encrypted browsers inside emieuserlist. I'm not sure if that was a virus or normal way of IE11 enterprise mode. But I spotted dllhost again and killed all those processes and ran sophos and trend micro house call.
Situation now: I'm left with a rundll that starts without command line, user name or description at startup. I cannot find how it is started using msconfig. right clicking on it from task manager and choosing properties does nothing. right clicking and choosing create dump file gives an access denied error.
What I have done: I downloaded sysinternals procdump and made a dump of it (which task manager could not do). But don't have enough experience of win debugging to actually understand what it does. 
Request: I need someone that can analyze win programs and dumps and malware to help me see how this rundll is started and what exactly it is up to.
system info: windows 7 enterprise 64-bit

A:rundll32 runs at startup with no command line, user name or description

I also ran kaspersky, with nothing serious reported.
Another symptom is, the computer takes a lot time after login and before desktop is shown, several minutes of just a blue screen with a mouse pointer...

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Hi there,

I'm looking to create a script that will change the default program for opening PDFs. Is there a way to do this from the command line or via the registry?

An example would be great!
If all else fails I've created a GPO to do this, but a script would be ideal.
Thanks all,

A:Change Default Program for file - Command line or Registry


We can achieve it through command line.
Please follow the steps.

Open an elevated command promote.      
Use FTYPE {fileType}={commandString} to creat a file type and associated command to open the file.      
Use ASSOC {.fileExtension}={fileType}

For example:
assoc .txt=txtfile
ftype txtfile=c:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe "%1"

For more information, please refer to the link as below.
Associate a File Type with a Specific Program

Please note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Hope this helps,
Ada Liu

are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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What a batch file command to change the desktop picture to black? I know it would involve the registry probally so could someone write out exactly what code that would make the happen please!!!!

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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.


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Hello everybody,

I have realized that all the laptops I installed Windows 10 in the last year (several family laptops) are running with Microsoft-Accounts which are Admin-Accounts. Now I read that this is a serious security issue. I would like to change these MS-Admin-Accounts into MS-Limited-User-Accounts?

But how?

And next question: Should I set up for every laptop then a local admin-account?

Thanks a lot for your help.


A:Windows 10: How change account from admin into limited user account?

As long as you have not disabled UAC, User Account Control, or invoked the hidden full administrator, then your users are actually running as standard users and will be prompted before performing any Admin level tasks - you can if you wish create a standard user on each of the systems in addition to the administrator, but this will not provide much better security and is likely to generate complaints from the users as they will have to set-up the accounts again to how they want them.

If you have any youngsters that you wish to protect further there is Microsoft Family Safety as an option

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So this is probably the strangest problem I have ever encountered with Windows 7. About two or three months ago, I noticed that my user account had suddenly changed into a guest account. I get prompted for an administrator password when trying to do any tasks that require administrator privilege. It is not a huge hassle, as I know the administrator account password.

Here is where it becomes very strange. When I turn my computer on, it automatically logs me into my user account (the guest account). When I got into the user accounts section of the control panel and try to manage user accounts, it shows exactly zero user accounts on my computer. Also, when I try to change my user account (the guest account) to an administrator account, precisely nothing happens.

It gets evens stranger. When I log out of Windows, the only user account I can pick from, to log back into Windows, is the generic "Administrator" account. My user account is nowhere to be found. When I go to the control panel and try to manage accounts, only the administrator account is listed. There is an option turn on a generic guest account, but nothing related to my original user account is shown. Again, this is in contrast to when I am logged into my user account (the guest account), and see exactly zero user accounts listed on the manage accounts screen.

I feel that I am pretty good at avoiding bad websites, and I do have an antivirus program installed (not that that will prevent my ... Read more

A:User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back

Hi and welcome to the Forum
When you refer to the generic Administrator Account do you mean the Account that is hidden in Windows 7? If so did you activate it using this:
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable If you did the above then this is strange as forgetting the "Hidden admin account you must have at least one ordinary Admin account in Windows 7. You can't operate the system without one!!

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We would like to know how to change the size and location of the pagefile file of Windows 7.
In XP we had the "changepagefile.vbs" script but it doesn't work with Windows 7.
We need to deploy a Win 7 image and have the unattend.xml execute a script for changing the size of the pagefile (have a fixed size) and the location (basically so old Oracle installers can continue because they see the pagefile memory).
Any idea, command or tweak for changing the pagefile? I've googled a lot but I've not found anything.
Thank you.

A:How to change page file size and location from command line during setup?

To change the page file size from command line, enter the line below (adapt the location and size)
wmic pagefileset where name="C:\\pagefile.sys" set InitialSize=2048,MaximumSize=2048
After setting the pagefile yourself, you can check its settings with:
wmic pagefileset or wmic pagefileset list /format:list
then restart your computer

Blog Microsoft |
Déployer Windows 7 |
Améliorer les performances de Windows 7

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When I first start my computer a screen appears with pictures of each user's password-protected account. When I clik on one of the pictures a new screen appears with the same picture I cliked on, but the picture is about 3-4x larger. Is it possible for the account picture in the first screen ('choose account' screen) to be the same size as the account picture in the second ('password login' screen)? If so, how to do?

-thank you

A:User Account Picture Question

No, they are smaller on the first screen because there is more than one.

There was another thread here a while back that was trying to accomplish that too, through the registry, it just made everything huge.

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Hi Everyone. I am stuck right now. I dont know exactly what happened but my account picture on Vista randomly changed to an orange flower. I can not change it through control pannel or user settings or anything. If I click on another picture to be used, nothing changes. I saw a thread for this problem here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f108...re-369825.html

This thread listed takes you to another thread with the "resolved" issue. The steps , however, that this solved thread told me to do didnt work. This is the advice that worked for the others:

"Another MVP had told me how to disable the new Win XP FAX and Picture
Previewer by going Start>Run>regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
I turned it back on with Start>Run>regsvr32 shimgvw.dll"

The problem is, if I run "regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll" I get a notice on vista saying : "The module "shimgvw.dll" was loaded but the entry-point DllRegister Server was not found. Make sure that shimgvw.dll is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again."

I really am stuck and I dont know what to do to fix this problem. Please help, thanks

A:Account User Picture Problem

Have you tried a System Restore back to a point before this problem first appeared.
When you go to START have you double clicked on the Account picture and tried to change the Accont picture?
You could also try running SFC:

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How do i get a new picture in standard user account?
it never has had a picture
when i click start/picture standard user account/add picture nothing happens-start screen goes task bar does not let me do anything.
tried control panel/user accounts/manage accounts
does not give me option add picture
any ideas?

A:Picture standard user account

Go to PC Settings > Accounts > Browse .... then click on the picture that you want to associate with your account.


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I am having a problem. No matter what picture I choose for my User Account, it will not display. All I get is that little box with a red X in it. It won't display on the desktop or in the box when changing User Account information. Any suggestions? System operates fine except for that.

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I have recently encountered a problem with my Windows 7 log-on screen. Ever since using "Tuneup Utilties" to automatically change the BACKGROUND of the log-on screen, the User Account Picture has become extremely low quality and blurry. It is not a problem with the picture resolution, even the default pictures are not blurry. I have no idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you

A:Low Quality User Account Picture

hello and welcome,
that's maybe cause by your background of the logon.
try to use the default background and see the logo picture,still got same issue or not.

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Hi all,

Some time back, I set up two user accounts on my Windows 7 PC, customised to use desk top icons from my personal photo library. Now I would like to copy these images to another Windows 7 PC. Of course I cant now remember where I got them from, and whats more cant find where they are located on the first machine. Can anyone point me to the right place?

A:Customised user account picture

I dont quite understand what you mean but I think this will help

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures

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I want to create some Windows 8 User Account pictures in Photoshop. I understand this can be done with either .bmp or .png.

I understand that Win8 will reduce and crop, but not necessarily in a way that will produce a good picture. I am having real trouble locating the pixel dimensions that Windows 8 needs for an uncropped User Account picture. Can anyone help?

A:Need User Account Picture Dimensions

This should help you get started with your project:

Attachment 24351

Good luck.

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Hello, I have a problem with windows vista that I cannot figure out alone. The problem is that when I try to change my user account picture to something else, it always reverts back to the default orange flower picture on log off or restart (it DOES change the login picture, but NOT the start menu or user account pictures). I have tried everything. I fixed it temporarily by copying the my user account picture to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures and renaming it "user", but I want the ability to change it without going to that hassle. I found one "solution" that told me to run regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll but it gave me an error message ("The module "shimgvw.dll" was loaded but the entry point DllUnregisterServer could not be found. Please make sure "shimgvw.dll" is a valid DLL or OCX file and try again." or something like that). Can anybody help?

A:Problem with user account picture

Not to be impatient, but this thread has been up for more than 2 days by my time zone. Please don't tell me this is unfixable.

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My issue is that I have an old picture attached to my <g class="gr_ gr_40 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="40" id="40">hotmail</g> account that
is viewable when sending emails. I have tried adding new photos these do not seem to overwrite this old existing picture. This picture still shows up in the sent mail how can I remove this picture from my account?

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hie guys. i'm newbie here "
i have a problem when want to change account picture.
when i click browse. nothing will pop-up or happen
what the problem ?
can you guys help me ?

A:problem to change account picture.

You might not have any photos in your pictures folder yet.

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Myself being the administrator on my home pc I created another user account that can be used by my kids. I noticed a problem when attempting to open jpeg photos while signed in to this account. I assumed the same program that I have set for this task on my account would launch when attempting to open a pic. Instead a window pops up that says something like "there is no program associated with this file type. Please choose a program from a list or search the web for a suitable program". When I attempt to choose the same program I use and I check "always use this program" the photo will open in said program but once I close it and attempt to open it again the same thing happens all over again. Why is this happening..?

A:user account picture viewing problem

Hello Mrmars

Here is another way to try to make it stick

Open a Windows Explorer window such as 'My Computer' then go to
Tools\Folder Options.
From the folder options, select the 'file types' tab, and wait while Windows builds the list of file types present on your PC.

Scroll through the 'registered file types' box until you find jpeg.
Highlight it and hit the 'change' button below to select a new application to open this file type by default.


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