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Help with U310 partitions OKR

Q: Help with U310 partitions OKR

I have just purchased a U310 Ideapad runnning windows 10 home, the first thing I did was take an image of the hard drive of the device in its state as just purchased ie without setting up the device or booting into the OS. I then proceeded to setup the device and all was well, I removed a lot of the bloatware but for some reason restored the saved image I had previously taken back onto the device obviously over writing the partitions which were there originally. Now OKR fails to find the original factory image, when I select the restore from initial backup option I get the message 'the program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may have to recreate the partition to continue.' I am sure it is some easy fix to one of the partitions or something as I couldn't have done that much of a change, has anyone any ideas ?

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Preferred Solution: Help with U310 partitions OKR

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


hi i have 2 partitions on my pc C: OS D: DATA
however it used to have a recovery partition (as far as im aware hidden on c)
for system restore (acer system restore)
which leads me to my query as i have recently performed a format and clean install of vista from retail media and have no need for acer system restore would it be ok to delete this partition/hidden partition and reclaim the HDD space.. and how best to proceed to safely do so..

any help would be much appreciated.


A:partitions hidden partitions recovery partitions

i just found this

Delete and Remove to Unlock EISA Hidden Recovery or Diagnostic Partition in Vista ? My Digital Life

does anyone have any experience with this method or can anyone reccomend this method

or would you advise against using this method.


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Okay so the Heading is pretty self explanatory.I want minimum of 8GB RAM but I'm not sure about the specifics(serial numbers, RAM type, etc, etc whatever its called).Thanks in advanced.Bonus points for those who can suggest a nice SSD to replace my HDD.

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Hello,I own a lenovo u310 notebook. Just recently harddrive broke, (made double check of that). And I cant be left without a laptop right now (linux booting from usb isnt an option. But I know theres ssd in this computer for caching purposes, can I anyhow use that ssd to install OS for a while? Problem is I cant access windows since hdd is broke (formated the harddrive in hopes of it to start working anyways), and booted linux or some partitioning tool like gparted doesnt detect the SSD. Still its there in bios boot options (ATA SSD1).So my question would be, Is there any way making SSD visible to some standalone formatting tool, and using the drive for installing os? edit: When trying to install debian the drive also doesnt appear.

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My mouse and touchpad have stopped working while I was watching a Hulu video on full screen. I've restarted my computer three times, went through options on the Control Panel and hit all the keyboard buttons that I thought would bring it back to life and so far nada. It still doesn't work. Please help!

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Hey peeps. I've got a Lenovo u310(handmedown) which used to run Windows 7 home basic when purchased(now I use win10).Can someone please tell me:A)about its SATA type or how to find out SATA type so I can upgrade to an SSDB)Which RAM stick to use so I can upgrade to 8GB and maybe 16GB(I forgot if this laptop has space for 2 sticks)C) can I upgrade it's CPU to a probably new shiny 6th genD) cooling requirements for the aboveThanks


I realized the SATA type

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So I cannot get the internal microphone to work on CS:GO or any steam game for that matter. Besides that I use a headset which I have set to default audio in but still doesnt work. can someone help??UPDATE: I tried to listen to what was going in the mic. I could hear the test sound that I made but afterward it made an eerie echo which kept on taking place for 20 seconds. This was with the headset, when I used the internal mic, the test sound was unrecognisable and the echoing was much more prominent. Is it a hardware issue?



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Can one disk drive have MBR partitions followed by GPT partitions ? Or of the reverse order?
the illustration (kind of mini tool partition layout) :
Disk 1:

Volume   drive    Partition    Part. style   Status
1                            primary      MBR          system active
2           C                primary     MBR          boot
3           D                primary      MBR        none
4           E                 primary     MBR         none
5            J                primary      GPT         none
6            K                 primary     GPT        none
7            L      ...                  &n... Read more

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I've been having trouble with my Lenovo Ideapad U310 (running Windows 8.1) for quite some time now. Generally, it occurs once I try to reawaken the laptop after having had it on Sleep mode - the laptop freezes and then eventually the blue screen of death appears. I've been reading around the subject ever since it began, and I've tried enabling a hybrid sleep but no luck! I've tried updating all drivers but Lenovo is, quite franky, a bit rubbish at this. The error makes it a real pain to use my laptop at university etc, so I'm hoping someone can interpret the attached dump files for me!! I've only attached the last two but if you think more are needed, please let me know, as well as any other system details! ]

Cheers xo

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Hi all.....
I have a problem with my web cam. When i opened my web cam the front cam is not displaying my video clearly...
It is working but it is not displaying clearly.................
I'm attached the image so that one an understand my web cam problem....

A:lenovo U310 web cam problem!!!!!

You appear to have a Lenovo IdeaPad U310 laptop which comes with Windows 8.1 64-bit and which has a 1.0MP HD fixed-focus webcam.

Here is the webcam troubleshooting section.


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Hi there,i have a little Problem.when i boot the laptop i get an errormessage:RecoveryYour PC/Device needs to be repaired File: \BCDError Code: 0x0000098 Ok i thought, no problem lets have a look.starting with the Lenovobutton on the left put me in the Novo Button MenuNormal Startup = BCD ErrorBIOS Setup = BCD ErrorBoot Menu = BCD ErrorSystem Recovery = Loading Files ok, then there are these spinning dots foreverbooting from USB not possible (or i dont know how without bootmenu and bios) is there an easy solution? Torsten

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Hi, I left my computer on with the power supply plugged in, came back and the screen was black, computer was awake screen wasnt. So I did a hard reboot few times, still black screen. I tried plugging it into a monitor and got nothing. So I left it run out of battery and then tried rebooting same thing. I read somewhere that if you remove the ram and reinstall it, it would work. I've tried that now too and nothing same situation. Help!

A:U310 black screen

Hi Tracy,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Please perform the below steps:
Hold power button down to turn laptop off.
Unplug, and remove battery. Hold down power button for ~ 30 seconds. Re-plug, without battery and see if you can boot to bios setup. (F1 or F2 key at Lenovo screen) If so, shut down again, and replace battery. Boot and see what windows does. And post the details of your laptop, model, and OS. (Operating system)
I hope the above information helps.
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Hi, would anyone be able to tell me if the u310 touch as the same LCD panel as the u310 non-touch?  thanks

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so my trackpad stopped working on my u310. it says the device is not disabled and is working properly in properties. What happened?

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Hi, would anyone be able to tell me if the u310 touch as the same LCD panel as the u310 non-touch?  thanks

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I bought this device 1 month ago, and several days after - the pc won't awake from sleep, getting into the "new" blue screen saying "driver_power_state_failure".

After restart, a msg came saying the Intel Rapid Start Technology wasn't enables.

1. I downloaded the IRST from Lenovo site, but once trying to install, I got a msg saying the my pc does not have the minimum requirements to be installed.
2. So I googled, and came up with something that says that that I need to enable AHCI in my Bios.
3. I went to the BIOS, and indeed the AHCI was enabled.
4. In the BIOS, also the Intel Rapid Start Technology was enabled.
5. However, its status was "INVALID".

Please, I have no idea where to go next. It seems my computer hates me...

A:Lenovo u310 driver_power_state_failure

If its a brand new computer i would call lenovo and find out about having it diagnosed under the warranty.or go to a computer repair place that repairs ibm/lenovo computers to find out the exact problem and go from there.if its an authorized lenovo reseller they will be able to advise you further.

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I would like to replace the original HDD on my U310 notebook with an SSD.  Is there anything special about the specs that I need to know about when going to purchase something?

A:Replace HDD U310 notebook

anything 2 1/2" wide and 7mm thick should work

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hello , I'v got a 2cm vertical black line in the left side of the screen of my lenovo ideapad u310 and the problem is not in the screen because when I reinstalled the windows the problem was fixed for tow days and then after finishing installing the drivers the problem got back .
any help please ??
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:U310 - 2cm black screen

Hi kafri , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Would the same verstical line appear on an external display?
Having this line after drivers update, maybe we can try to uninstall (try to notice if the line dissappears) and then update the video drivers from the support site first. If the line is gone set drivers update to never.
Check if resolution settings and or changing scaling properties helps /ratio aspect helps.
Update us how it goes.

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Same problem here... any solutions?   What about gluing it? 
EDIT: Moved post up to use for escalation - Amy_Lenovo
Lenovo is investigating reports of U310 Touch devices experiencing hardware issues with hinges and the screen becoming separated from the lid or bezel.

Go to Solution.

A:Re: U310 Touch Hinge

I purchased a Lenovo U310 Touch last May and it has been working wonderfully until recently.  I've noticed in the last few weeks that every time I open or close the lid, the hinge makes a loud cracking noise and pops off at the ends. I can press the hinge cover back into place, but it just continues to pop off every time I open/close it. I contacted Lenovo Support about the issue, and even though my machine is still under warranty, they will not fix it without charging me because they have no proof I didn't break it myself (which I find absolutely ridiculous; I haven't dropped or damaged it in any way, and if you look at the computer you can clearly see it is otherwise in perfect condition.)That being said, has anyone else experienced this problem with the U310? Does anyone have any suggestions to fix it? I am concerned that it will just get worse and eventually affect my display.

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Hi there,
Hopefully this is not in a thread somewhere else, I've tried to find one (believe me, cause I'm desperate..).
So in the middle of me writing my master thesis, my computer just decided to die on me two days ago. Luckily, I haven't been that stupid so I've got backups of everything concerning my thesis, but as you can imagine it is not a dream scenario to suddenly not have a computer at all.
Anyways, to the issue:
So what happened is this.
1. In the middle of writing a blue screen comes up, saying that there has been a problem. A sad smiley face "" came up (I thought to myself that this can't be true. And then it said (translated from Swedish): "A problem has occured on the computer. It needs to be restarted." Something about information about the occurrence being collected.. "..afterwards a restart will take place automatically."
It then added: "If you want more information you can search for this issue online later: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR
It then restarted after some 30 minutes.
2. It started as normal (allthough a little slow), but then when I logged in almost none of my programs started. Any folder cannot be opened more than 15-20 seconds before it freezes a little bit and then just discontinues "explorer"/the folder and I'm back on the startscreen. Also, WIFI cannot be found whatsoever. Not that I cannot find WIFI, but it seems as if the actual WIFI on the computer just does not work. Or more like it doesn't even exist.... Read more

A:Lenono u310 w. W7 crashing on me

Here's more info on the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR:  http://www.carrona.org/bsodindx.html#0x0000007A
Particularly, have a look at the Usual Causes section near the top.
This is often a hardware problem - so start with these free hardware diagnostics:  http://www.carrona.org/hwdiag.html
I'd start with the hard drive tests - but that's just a guess on my part.
Then, Please run this report collecting tool so that we can provide a complete analysis:  http://omgdebugging.com/bsod-inspector/
When done a Notepad document will open with the name of the file and it's location. (By default it'll be a .zip file located on your Desktop)
Simply upload the .zip file with your next post and we'll move on from there.

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Hello, I purchased a U310 Touch about 15 months ago that is no longer under warranty. Every time I try and boot the machine I receive no response from the machine. The power light turns on, the fan spins, the HDD turns on but the screen never displays anything. Even when I close the clamshell the machines power button stays lit and won't shut off unless I kill the power by holding down the power button. My troubleshooting steps have been:Reset RAMUnplug battery from motherboardWait for battery to completely drainBoot with HDMI monitor to see if anything displays (nothing would, so LCD panel should be good) With all of these, I cant get the machine to fully function. It feels like the machine is in total sleep mode, I feel like it needs a new motherboard. With my experience with lenovo I feel like this will be the last machine I ever purchase from them, this is unacceptable for a laptop of this age.  Does anyone have any similar situations? If so did you purchase a new motherboard and was it good to go? I'm very comfortable with ripping machines apart since I used to work on a help desk. I would hate to spend $100 on a part and waste all that time if it wont fix the issue.  Any help is greatly appreciated.Thank you.


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A:U310 Touch Won't Turn On

Hi overtheborder and welcome to the community,
What OS are you running?  Maybe two things you can try depending on the OS.
Remove the hard drive and see if it boots to the bios.
Try booting a usb flash drive with linux.

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I bought a u310 slightly used but had a failing HDD. The person who was using it installed an operating system on the SSD and now I can't seem to access the bios at all. I had read that this may happen if Rapid Start is not disabled before formatting the SSD.  What do I need to do to be able to access the bios again? There is no bios files listed as a download for this computer so I can't even seem to be able to flash the bios. I already sent it to lenovo to replace the HDD and instead they tried to charge me $167 to image the machine, which I said no to and they sent the computer back without fixing it.

Go to Solution.

A:U310 can no longer access bios

Are you able use temporary boot device feature? Meantime you could press Fn+F2 at the lenovo screen and you might have a look at below threadhttp://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-3000-and-Essential/SOLUTION-Press-F2-to-Enter-Setup-does-NOT-Appe...

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Hi all,I've been having some sound issues with my Ideapad U310 for a while now, and any help would be appreciated. Initially, no sound came out of the speakers, but if I plugged heaphones into the audio jack I could still hear sound through the headphones. Unfortunately, now there is no sound from either the speakers or the headphones. To address this, I've tried disabling sound enhancements through playback devices. I've tried installing the latest drivers for Intel Display Audio and Conexant Smart Audio HD. I've also attempted deleting these drivers (both together, then one at a time) and then installing manually/letting Windows install them. Unfortunately the nearest factory reset goes back to a time when the sound was not working. None of this appears to work. I'm wondering it whether it could be a hardware issue, since the USB drive next to the audio jack does not work either and what with the headphones initially still working. I'm running Windows 10, 64 bit. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have a Lenovo U310 Touch that came from the store with Windows 8.1 on it. I need to install Hyper-V and that requires 8.1 Pro.

I have a product key from my MSDN subscription for 8.1 Pro and attempted to use the "Add Features" program from the system screen to upgrade. It takes the code, validates it as ok, goes through some downloading and other stuff then reboots the system. When it comes back up after the reboot it states "Couldn't add features" along with a contact Microsoft Support link.

I looked around and can't find a log file or any error codes that I could post here, if anyone knows where it is I'll be happy to post anything I find.

I tried contacting support, but the two different people I talked to just walked me through the same process to then punting to another person who ran me through the same and came to the conclusion "can't help you".

I've done this on 2 desktop machines to enable Hyper-V with no issues but for some reason this doesn't work on this "Ultrabook".

I've tried this on a hard network connection and on a wireless connection to see if anything changed. Still broke both ways.

The machine does have 2 drives in it, one 20GB SSD for recovery and recovery drivers and the primary drive. I've read where there may be files mapped on that drive that are causing problems, but have no clue how to actually find these and move them.

Any ideas?

- Jeremy

A:Can't upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Pro on Lenovo U310

Try running DISM.
DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8

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hello, Today i spilled water over my lenovo u310 touch and at the moment it is still working.I saw that some lenovo's are water resistent so i wonder if the u310 touch is also water resistent?If its not what should i do to prevent any water problems with my u310 touch? Thank you in advance for your help!

A:U310 touch water resistent?

Hi Kelly,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
No, neither the keyboard nor the rest of the computer are waterproof. The drain holes drain water out but once it's in there, it can do damage despite this.  Lenovo won't honor the warranty if there's even the slightest evidence of water spills.
If you have water spillage, you should leave it to dry for two days before reattaching the AC and battery.
Let me know how it goes.
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I have a U310 4375 i3 Ideapad which powers up but does not display POST or boot into Windows.The screen is backlit but I don't get a Lenovo splash screen.When I use the Novo button I get the boot option box but whichever option I select results in a black screen.I suspect a bad bios but I can't get into the bios or boot menu so I can't flash it.Is there a way to flash the bios without being able to see the bios or change the boot order? Thanks, jhugh.

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 My machine: Lenovo Ideapad U310  Model 4375  I would like to know if I could replace my 500 GB HDD with a Crucial MX500 500GB SATA 2.5-inch 7mm Internal SSD.I read that mine is SATA 3.0, but that one is SATA 6. Would that work? And could it handle that storage space amount? Thanks!

A:Lenovo U310 (not y520) i7 hdd upgrade.

Good day and welcome to the community.As I understand it, the SATA standard is backward-compatible. An SATA-6 storage device should work fine in an SATA-3 slot, albeit at the slower speed, as long as it physically fits.Regards.
Mod's Edit:  Updated Subject line.

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Hello! My Lenovo U310 beeps once, everything lights up (except for the screen) and the fan spins for a second and then stops. Anyone know how to fix this?

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I have a Levovo Ideapad U310, PN 59351642, 13.3" Ultrabook. When the power button is pressed, I can hear the CPU fan was on but there was nothing on the screen. I verified that the disk is working. I can attach the disk to my external drive and it is working file. I suspect that the mother board is bad. But I need to confirm this before ordering a mother board replacement. There are other components such as the LCD screen or the CPU itself might be bad. When I turned on the power, I tried to enter the BIOS set up utility by pressing Fn-F2 but there was still nothing on the screen and there was no sounds or beeps. I have tried the "onekey rescue" but this also did not work. Are there any other tests that I can perform to be certain that the mother board is bad and all other components are still okay? Any helps / suggestions are greatly appreciated. Ken

A:Ideapad U310 Motherboard Problems

Same here. Mobo is faulty. Symptoms are- press power and caps lock flashes once- front battery light is on and funtions normally (flashing amber for charging, white for charged)- front power light is white, as normal- power on button is on, as normal- nothing on screen, no backlight, completely black My part number ends with a 7, meaning i5 CPU - so it's not a CPU specific issue but a common issue between models, meaning motherboard or something on the board like the GPU.

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I'm running Windows 8.1. I started having issues the day before yesterday when I downloaded Skype. It froze several times, task manager couldn't kill it, and I had to turn my laptop off to close the program. After doing that, I was able to use Skype and did so for a few hours with no other issues that night. Yesterday, while in the middle of watching a video on Chrome, the video suddenly froze and it popped up saying that Chrome wasn't responding, did I want to wait or close it. I selected close but it wouldn't close, just kept running the "Windows is looking for a solution to the problem" thing for several minutes so I had to end Chrome through the task manager. When I tried to reopen it, it wouldn't respond. I restarted and decided since I'd had no issues before installing Skype, I would uninstall it and see if that helped. I also uninstalled a few games I no longer used in case I was having space issues. I then had it download and install any Windows updates, restarted after that was done, and was able to use Chrome again. A few hours later (the computer had been asleep for at least two or three hours,) I was successfully browsing when I tried to view a news site and Chrome froze/stopped responding. I tried to select "close the program" again but got same result, it wouldn't close, kept saying "Windows is looking for a solution to the problem" so I used the task manager to close it again. Repeat the earlier issues, couldn't reopen Chrome, turned laptop off and back on... Read more

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Hey everyone, I got a new ideapad U310 this weekend. I'm very happy with it, accept for the fan. It seems to go fast for no reason. I found some old topics on this forum, one with a bios update, but it does not seem to work anymore on the current bios version unfortunately. Can anyody please help me? The fan noise is very annoying and after 2 days of working with the ideapad I rather have it turned off to get rid of the noise than continue working on it.  

A:New Ideapad U310, how to reduce fan speed?

Hi schildpad00
Can you clarify more, which model exaclty you have ( S310 or U310 ) , and also do you play a games while the fan makes that noise 
Please let me know

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Hi my System/CPU Fan doesnt work anymore... What can i do? How to fix this? I'm using windows 10 at the moment. Thanks for help.

A:System Fan u310 doesn't cool

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of your problem.  Is the fan not spinning at all or is the fan spinning, but the laptop feels warmer? 
If the fan isn't spinning at all then it most likely needs to be replaced.  If the system is still under warranty then I would recommend that you contact Lenovo Support for warranty assistance.  If the system is no longer under warranty then you can have a local computer repair service replace the fan or do it yourself if you are comfortable working inside your laptop.   Your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to dis-assemble the laptop for the fan replacement.
Lenovo Support
German01-805-366-869 (0,14 ?/Min aus dem deutschen Festnetz. Max 0,42? /Min aus dem Mobilfunk)7:00-20:00 Uhr Montag ? Freitag, 10:00 ? 18:00 Samstag und Sonntag
Hardware Maintenance Manual:
If the fan is spinning, but not cooling the laptop then try cleaning the fan and heat sink assembly.  Given the time the laptop has been in service these items mostly like are filled with dust which is reducing the laptop's cooling efficiency.  Cans of compressed air can be purchased at any electronics store.  Just use short bursts of air in each of the laptop's air vents several times or until you no longer see dust being blown out.  Avoid long blasts of ai... Read more

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Hi all  My old notebook recently doesn't working properly, (when i boot up, sometimes hard disc error happend) so I'm thinking about to upgrade hardware.Here my question is, what kind of hardware can I upgrade(change)?I'm thinking about to upgrade hard disc to SSD and processor upgrade. Please recommand, thank you! 

A:Upgrading Hardware(U310 or U410)

Hi kyd9019 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Based on the recommended upgrade list tested on the model : 
Hardware Manual (item 13 page 88) for a SSD upgrade : 16G, 32G mSATA SSD 
SSD 16G SSD, Sandisk, Sandisk U100 16G mSATA SSD (U310/U310 Touch) part number : 16200215 
SSD 16G SSD, Lite-on, Lite-on LMT-16M3M 16G mSATA SSD (U310/U310 Touch) part number : 16200241
SSD 32G SSD, Samsung, Samsung PM830 32G mSATA SSD (U310/U310 Touch) part number : 16200108
SSD 32G SSD, Sandisk, Sandisk X100 32G mSATA SSD (U310/U310 Touch) part number : 16200162
SSD 32G SSD, Micron, Micron C400v 32G mSATA SSD (U310/U310 Touch) part number : 16200163
SSD, 16G SSD, Sandisk, Sandisk U100 16G mSATA SSD (U410/U410 Touch) part number : 16200215SSD, 16G SSD, Lite-on, Lite-on LMT-16M3M 16G mSATA SSD (U410/U410 Touch) part number : 16200241SSD, 32G SSD, Samsung, Samsung PM830 32G mSATA SSD (U410/U410 Touch) part number :  16200108 **13 SSD, 32G SSD, Sandisk, Sandisk X100 32G mSATA SSD(U410/U410 Touch) part number :  16200162 **13 SSD, 32G SSD, Micron, Micron C400v 32G mSATA SSD (U410/U410 Touch) part number :  16200163
Processor (depending on the machine number ( from the sticker or check it from here ): 
IntelŪ Core? i3-2367M processor (2 cores / 4 threads, 1.40 GHz, 3MB cache), integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000, DDR3 memor... Read more

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Look at what I found (or may be someone else - didn't see it posted).  BIOS update fixes issue: BIOS and boot menu can't be accessed after windows recovery. Worked on my 65CN98WW BIOS u310, now I can actually get into the BIOS setup using the NOVO button.  Finally. Here:  65CN99WW Bios

A:New u310/u410 BIOS 65CN99WW

Hi drbnc,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
We are glad to know this information, this post will help a lot if any of the user face same issue with BIOS accessibility.
Do post us back for further queries and suggestions.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Howe are you?I accidently deleted factory installed Windows program preinstalled on my computer.is there anyway you can send me a link to down load? it is Windows 7 and I can provide serial# if necessary.

A:Ideapad U310 factory reset

Hi kimuh72 ,
Welcome to the Community.
Keep your Serial number confidential.
Did you clean install windows reformatting the entire harddrive before or just an in place install?
Did you manage to create a recovery media before?
The factory image resides on a hidden partion on the harddrive and can only be restored on the depot facility.
No harm on trying if it is still working right .
Turning off your pc , then press the Novo key (page 28) ,
System recovery on the menu
You may order your Recovery media set by calling support  
Check your warranty coverage specially if the harddrive broke for repair . 
Else,  you can download windows 
OEM product key would be the challenge , you can try using tools to extract it if needed.
For the drivers needed , its all free for download. 
Hope this post helped you and gave you idea to proceed.
Just reply back and let us know how it goes. 
** Edit notes: added links for reference on highlighted terms **

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One of my friends has a windows 7 computer with an account for himself, his mother and his 2 sisters.
All the home directorys are stored in drive C.
Partition D is shared.
The question is, how to get a partition layout like this?
Partition 1: OS + programs
Partition 2: home partition for himself
Partition 3: home partition for his mother
Partition 4: home partition for his sister
Partition 5: home partition for his other sister
Partition 6: shared partition for some photos.
Has someone an idea how to do this?
Kind Regards,

A:How to create home partitions and partitions for the OS with programs?

This would be a long drawn out affair and there really is no need for it. All users have their own User Space on the C drive in the User folder.

Whether the Users folders and files are stored in the User folder or on some other partition doesn't really matter. As long as all the Users have Admin accounts all files will be accessible to all of them.

The real question is Why do you want to do it? If there is only one physical hard drive in the system all folders and files would still be on that one physical drive even if you have 100 partitions.

As to having a Shared space for photos just make a folder called Shared Photos in the ROOT of the C drive. All users will be able to access it.

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Hello, I was redirected to start a new thread in this section of the forum.

Basically, I have 2 hard drives. One SSD for the primary and one 2TB drive for the secondary.

My secondary drive was partitioned into 4 parts.

In the last month the secondary had been disappearing.
I could see it in safe mode. And when I scanned for hardware via rapid storage technology, it would pop up in Windows Explorer during normal mode.

The only problem besides disappearing after shutting down/restarting was that it would freeze the computer if kept on.
Today I tried to do the old Rapid Storage trick. Everything was visible again, except one drive. It was saying access is denied when i tried to open it in windows explorer.

I tried swapping SATA cables for the current one. I also tried connecting it to other ports.

I read somewhere that flashing the BIOS would solve the problem. I flashed my BIOS with Gigabyte's @BIOS with the latest BIOS. The latest BIOS was for "Better SATA compatibility."
It didn't do much, all it did was cause Rapid Storage Technology to see less ports which I believe were the would be partitions on the secondary drive.
So I disconnected the secondary drive and tried connecting it to the PC with a SATA to USB adapter.
It saw the HDD, except 3/4 partitions were empty. And even in the 1 partition the folders housing the bigger files that took up most of the drive is empty.
Sorry for typing up so much, I just wanted to get everything out there.
If anyone c... Read more

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Sorry for the vague title, but I can't spot any pattern as to what apps/timing is triggering it. It happens pretty frequently, sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes lasts a few hours. I've attached the logs as per the thread,

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Windows 8.1 BSOD - Lenovo U310 laptop

Disable all startup items except your AV.

LhdX64.sys Mon Jan 11 16:06:58 2010 (4B4B3E92)
Lenovo HD Disk Driver

excsd.sys Fri Mar 30 21:52:41 2012 (4F760F09)
Diskeeper/ExpressCache (OEM) driver

excfs.sys Fri Mar 30 21:53:05 2012 (4F760F21)
Diskeeper/ExpressCache (OEM) driver

AcpiVpc.sys Tue May 15 03:18:53 2012 (4FB1AEFD)
Lenovo ACPI Virtual Power Controller

LAD.sys Fri Jun 8 04:03:34 2012 (4FD15D76)

LAD.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

IntcDAud.sys Tue Jun 19 16:40:51 2012 (4FE08F73)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Driver

rtsuvc.sys Fri Jun 29 10:28:44 2012 (4FED673C)
Realtek UVC webcam Driver

HECIx64.sys Tue Jul 3 00:14:58 2012 (4FF21D62)
Intel Management Engine Interface

irstrtdv.sys Fri Jul 13 01:58:02 2012 (4FFF648A)
Intel(R) Rapid Start Storage Technology driver

iaStorA.sys Sun Sep 2 03:01:24 2012 (5042AFE4)
Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver
http:... Read more

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My mouse and touchpad have stopped working while I was watching a Hulu video on full screen. I've restarted my computer three times, went through options on the Control Panel and hit all the keyboard buttons that I thought would bring it back to life and so far nada. It still doesn't work. Please help!
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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I borrowed this laptop from my son and noticed that on numeric side, only 5 and 6 work but the others fail.bios is current  65CNWWuninstalled keyboard drivers and reboot,  not solved.some mention right side altgr , ctrl,  and windows or fn key ,  not solved.before considering hardware failure, is there any other option that i can test ?all the best.

A:ideapad U310 keyboard problem. (numericwise) Only ...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I would try plugging in a USB keyboard.  If that works without problems then I would suspect the laptop's keyboard is at fault. 

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Im running an intelHD4000 on my lenovo U310 and i do not have the option to change the Video RAM in BIOS
Please help.
rest of the specs:
Intel core i5 3317U
Intel HD4000
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Unfortunately the amount of video ram is set by the BIOS and there is no option for the User to adjust it with your model.

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I want to start bit of a discusion.
Getting the machine:In 2012 I bought U310 from reseller in Slovakia. The machine came with 3 dead pixels (not so good), but the shop had replacing policy for displays with 3 and more dead ones (good). New model had just one dead pixel and after few seconds of pressure to the screen it fixed itself (thanks God). That was the story, how I get fully functional lenovo IdeaPad U310.Oh funny thing! The warranty was void when I bought the laptop. The sticker on one of the screws was already torn to pieces, when I firstly opened the machine (after a year or so).
UEFI dualboot hdd+ssd:
First thing to do with 500GB HDD and 24GB SSD? RapidCache? No. UEFI dualboot. Pain in the astorage.Who want to read more: http://superuser.com/questions/620336/how-to-make-grub2-chain-boot-win8-after-upgrading-fedora18-to-...
So this time Windows Server 2012 R2 has its bootloader on HDD and fedora 20 has grub on ssd. It's simple and upgradable. Even windows updates won't kill this setup.
Function keys instead of media keys+some other things:
This one was really dangerous and I really risked bricking 760? machine at that point. I really don't want you to do this to any of your computers. I had luck. So basicly I flashed U410 bios to my U310.. And it worked. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/Installing-Fedora-17-on-U310-i7-power-button-wifi-nois...
What to do now?hdd+ssd out, SSD in:Besides the noisy fan (later) the 500GB 5400rp... Read more

A:[LARGE IMAGES] Modifying U310 - SSD, battery, NFC,...

Hey - having the same fan issue on my U310, sounds like a Hellicopter - was driving in a train from munich to hamburg and a really old lady was sitting next to me and asking "this is modern technology", why the hell is that so loud, my old TV 30 years old, doesnīt make such a sound - donīt understand Lenovo, so many people reporting the same, but nothing helps, besides using a third party tool, Nice, Markus

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Hi All, My Lenovo U310 Ideapad Has been Having speaker problems, The Headphones are working fine but the Inbuilt speakers that are Awefully situated inbetween the hinge and the base of the Screen aren't working. First i thought that this was a issue with the headphone jack assembly that might have cut off the internal speaker circuit due to improper removal of the headphone jack but thats not true because I noticed that Its an Issue with the angle I keep my Screen's tilt. On moving the screen to any angle above 90 or 100 degrees the speakers get cut of and are activated once its below 80 degrees. I am a bit worried any words on that????? regards,raisedadead. THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!!!

regards,raisedadead.Benevolently at your service. Using Lenovo Ideapad U310 Ultrabook !

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A:Lenovo Ideapad U310 Speaker Problem

Hi raisedadead
Welcome in Lenovo Forums 
Your clarification regarding moving the Hinges that makes an effect on the speakers performance was enough to know that that over 90% it makes something like confliction on the speakers , according to that we will be highly appreciated if you can contact the below support to have your issue sorted out

Please let me know

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any ideas? * https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/366839/install-linux-os-based-on-limits* https://superuser.com/questions/1211949/install-linux-os-based-on-constraints 

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