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Apply changes made to normal template (or quick style) to old documents in Word 2010

Q: Apply changes made to normal template (or quick style) to old documents in Word 2010

I am running Word 2010 on a PC, running Windows 7.

I cannot figure out how to make changes to the "normal" template and have those changes apply to old word files.

In old versions of Windows and Office, I used to be able to make changes to the normal template by going in through the Appdata, and the changes that I made would be reflected in both new documents created, and old documents when selecting "normal" as a text style. However, now I cannot even make changes to the normal template by going through file locations and saving changes.

I can only make changes to the normal quick style icon (by right clicking on "modify" and then applying all changes to "new documents based on this template.") However, this does not alter the "normal" quick style icon in files saved prior to making the changes to the normal template. How can I get my updated normal template to apply to all documents, not just new ones?

OR- maybe there is another solution...

The reason I need the normal template to apply to all documents is that in the new word, I cannot copy and paste and maintain source formatting (even when pasting special and selecting "keep source formatting".) The paste always takes on the destination style, and if the destination style has a "normal" template that is different from the source "normal" style, it automatically selects the destination style and WILL NOT keep source formatting. I have several documents that were created on my computer by co-workers who did not ever change the "normal" template from word's defaults (body style, font 11 with 10 point spacing) and thus I cannot get any of my new documents, or old documents (from word 2003 and before) to copy into these documents without changing style to reflect word's default normal style (without going in and changing the normal quick style for that page of course- which I do not want to do for every single document).
Is there another way to get around the source formatting block? The only solution I could find is that the normal styles have to be the same for it to paste properly. And so that is why I was looking for a solution to creating a normal template that applies to all word documents.
(And I do not want to paste as picture or HTML or something, because it needs to be editable still).

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Apply changes made to normal template (or quick style) to old documents in Word 2010

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Often, when I close a Word (2000) document I get a yellow exclamation point warning that says "changes have been made that affect the global template, normal. do you want to save those changes?"...well, I didn't realize I made those kind of changes or how to get rid of that message that keeps coming up when I hit no or x out. I have to say yes to get rid of the message in order to exit word program. What's up? Thanks so much.

A:Word 2000: Changes Have Been Made to the Global Template

Hi mypom. First, close Word, find and rename the file(s) called normal.dot to abnormal.dot. Relaunch Word to create a new normal.dot. Let me know if that doesn't work.

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Hi all...I have Win-xp, but have word 97. Getting a message when I open word, "Do you want to replace the existing norma?", then when I try and close word I get this "change made that will affect global template".

Any help would be appreciated...thanks dano

A:Getting word message: Change made that will affect global template!

Have you chosen to save? Do so.
Let me know if it continues to happen, and if so, let us know the exact release you have of 97 (Help-->About...Microsoft Word 97....what?).

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Can the normal template be modified? If it is modified, will it cause problems (ie lock-ups, crashes, etc)?

A:Word Normal Template

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When I open Word 2000 I get a document with printing already in it. It's the same each time. I have tried to find the Normal.dot template and cannot--maybe because before I found and deleted them because I was told that it would solve my problem. It didn't! I tried to use seach for a document named Normal.dot and nothing was found. How do I find it and then get it back to where it should be??

A:Normal Template in Word 2000

Whenever Word runs and finds no "normal.dot" it creates a new clean one.

From your description you cannot have deleted the active normal.dot as the old one is plainly being used.

Please remember it is marked as a "hidden or system file", so you have to enable the viewing of those files or it will remain invisible.

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I've customized the blank "Document 1" which auto-opens, and I've customized my toolbars after a new install with W2K. But, one setting won't take: I'd like that blank page to open in the "Fit to Window" view, but that setting doesn't update/save in normal.dot. When I save it with another name as a .dot file, rename normal.dot, and name my new file normal.dot, it preserves the view setting but loses my custom toolbars. How do I preserve my toolbars, document settings, and view setting all at the same time?

A:Word 2003 Normal Template

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Currently the margins of my default Word document is set to 1.25". However, I would like to change this (and possibly some other things) on the default Word template. Can someone explain to me how to do this. I have looked online, but have had no luck.

Thank you!

A:Trying to edit the default (normal.dot) template in Word

You can save any .doc file as a .dot file and use it as a template, I believe.

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I have customised some of the toolbars in MS Word, to add things such as a Page Setup button, line spacing, WordArt etc, but occasionally it resets itself.
It comes up with a message saying:
"Word has automatically updated the Normal template. Do you want to open it?" or something simmilar. Whether I say Yes or No, it still resets it.

After it happens, I have to go and re-customise my toolbars in a Word file, and also re-enter and save my e-mail signature (MS Outlook is using Word as the e-mail editor).

This is very annoying - can I make Word ask permission to update the Normal template so that I can bypass this? Or does it need to be repaired / reinstalled?


A:Word 2000 - Normal template re-setting

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I'm used to Word 2003 on a pc, but I just got Office 2011 for mac. I've always backed up normal.dot since it periodically gets corrupted - so I don't loose the customizations and macros I've added. The file locations in preferences [options] doesn't show a location for templates and a spotlight search for normal.dotx doesn't find a normal.dotx.

Is there a way I can backup the normal template for Word on a mac?

A:Backup normal template Word 2011 for mac?

I found normal.dotm [not normal.dotx] in user/library/application support/microsoft/office/user templates.

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This is the same issue as previously posted on this site, but none of the solutions have applied/worked, including the solutions posted here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/w...s-to-the-normal-dot-template-HA001151452.aspx

This prompt appears when I am trying to work quickly. In addition, when opening/closing Word docs and Outlook messages, it takes about 15 seconds or more.

I have Office 2003 with Windows Vista, and an HP Pavilion PC from 2007. Here is my scan:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 296250 MB, Free - 230874 MB; D: Total - 8992 MB, Free - 1105 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., NARRA2
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but I'm exhausted from looking for it, and I can't find an answer.
It's just that: how do I backup my normal.dot to save my toolbar settings and such? And how do I back up my custom dictionary?

I'd really appreciate some help, please

A:Solved: How to back up the normal.dot template in Word 2007

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Greetings all! I have a question that has haunted me for a while. I designed a custom Quick Style Set called “Lee01″. It contains four styles. When I create a new document and load the Quick Style Set “Lee01,″ a whole bunch of other styles come along for the ride; such as Heading6, Heading7, and Caption. I know they aren't part of my four-style custom design!! These are built-in styles that come with Word 2007. Why do they automatically load with my four custom styles in the set? How does one load the Quick Style Set "Lee01" so that only those four styles appear in the Quick Style Gallery??

Also, if I designed a document using "Lee01," why doesn't "Lee01" automatically open with the document on my system or why doesn't it travel with the document? I have a senior technical writing friend who is so frustrated with Styles in Word 2007, he has retained Word 2003, citing "Word 2007 has too much of a mind of its own. Its styles are way too confusing." Personally, I defy anyone to write a tutorial on Word 2007 Styles that explains all these anomalies in simple terms. There, I feel much better now.

Many thanks in advance.
Lee Batchelor Technical Communications Writer (STC)

A:Word 2007 Quick Style Sets

In Word 2007 you can choose a ready-made quick style, or you can apply the styles you've created and saved previously. You can change the look of the styles you are using by choosing a different style set (click on Change Styles > Style Set). You can also change the Theme which drastically alters the look of the whole document by changing colour schemes, the appearance of objects (including SmartArt) and even fonts. Hovering over a style temporarily applies a Live Preview of the style, which is removed when the mouse points away. This allows users to see a preview of how the style would affect the appearance of the object, without actually applying it.
Self Certification Mortgage
Promotional Items

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I am editing/formatting a document in Word 2007 (though it's being saved as a .doc 2003-compatible format for our client). There is a style called "Bullet" that is used for the bullets throughout the document. There are second-level bullets also throughout the document. Currently, they are also styled with "Bullet," but have been set to show up as second-level bullets. I want to create a new style for these bullets in case something happens to the main "Bullet" style, or we need to make a mass-change to the second-level bullets.

Normally, to do this, I would simply put my cursor on one of the second-level bullets and create a new style (we'll call it "Bullet 2") based off of my selection. When I do this, it creates the style in the style list, but it automatically reverts my selection to "Normal." If I re-select it and apply "Bullet 2" to the text again, it will not work. If I select another area of random text in the document and try to style it as "Bullet 2," it also reverts to Normal.

I've tried to clear all styles on the line and then style it as "Bullet 2," but that doesn't work, either.

I've looked all around in the Modify style area for clues, but everything looks fine. I've looked in the advanced compatibility options of word and I found something that says "Use normal style for bulleted or numbered lists," but checking/unchecking it doesn... Read more

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I'm editing a document using Word 2000 and am having problems changing portions of text that is assigned as "normaltextfont" style to "normal". I've tried highlighting the passages, going up to the Style pull down menu and clicking on "Normal" but it doesn't work. The passage stays as "normaltextfont". Anyone know if this is possible?

I tried to look for something in Word that will "Show Code" or something to delete it (like WordPerfect), but I can't get rid of this.

A:Changing normaltextfont to Normal Style in Word 2000

Try using Default Paragraph Font instead...please let me know.

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This concerns using the Quick Words Template and bottom line or basic question tying in with the issue here; my recent hire in at law firm to use word perfect software for transcribing's excellent, but the one feature I greatly use but is not enabled, due to the template being read-only.

The bottom line, in word perfect 9, i understand about the default template, in order to function, quick words has to be parked there or placed in the default template, this' found, I have found, when I looked in the tools, files, templates, it turns up in the N:\Network's drive designated, for that purpose, of course, for firm's 3 offices. The template's not being used on the network drive or for network, at all.

The sys. operator either when he reloaded WP on my computer, didn't align something right or per some of the sources I've found on other Corel sites, it might and could be when some of this reloading software's done, some files may be for whatever reason, affixed or assembled as read only, etc.....

Bottom line, and question here, if possible suggestion or information can be provided, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Can I retreive the template or copy back to my own C drive or where it should be in order to function, as I understand, move it to the default template. My supervisor's not keen on people or staff tinkering around on the network settings because some attys. caused some issues with macros they'd created and somehow or w... Read more

A:Word Perfect Quick Words Template's read-only

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We currently switched from WordPerfect to Word 2010. In WordPerfect we had a macro for the letterhead where you typed in your information (or picked from a drop down list in some places) and then it would bring up your document for you to continue typing in. I need to set up the same thing in Word and thought of using forms etc. but I want to keep it as close to the WordPerfect way as possible.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can acheive this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4011 Mb
Graphics Card: DameWare Development Mirror Driver 64-bit, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 57138 MB, Free - 18546 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DQ67SW
Antivirus: ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0, Updated and Enabled

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I am relatively new to VBA so please bare with me.

The company I work for has multiple business divisions and each business has multiple branch locations.

The letter template needs to allow the user to select their business division in a combobox in a userform which will populate that field in a table in the footer.

I then need to populate the address and contact details, also contained in a table in the footer. I would like this information to be pulled from an excel spreadsheet which will allow for updates by administrators who may have very basic level knowledge of Word. The other option, I believe, is to use docvariables, but I am unsure of how they work. I can only assume that the information is manually entered into the userform and that the document remembers the information?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template

Can you post a sample letter showing how the completed letter should appear?


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According to the site below and a few others, the template folder is at

BET: Microsoft Word Templates - Normal.dot
C:\Documents and Settings\"user name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and there is no Document and Settings Folder in Windows 7.

I can't find a Templates Folder in App Data either.

Please help, thanks.

A:Where is Office 2010 Word Template Folder?


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In word 2010, is there a way to have a Customized Ribbon Tab open on the ribbon when a new document is opened based on a template other than the Normal template?

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I'm using MS Word 2010. I've set up three levels of headings using styles. I've set them up to be:

1.1 Heading
1.1.1 Heading
2.1 Heading
2.1.1 Heading

And instead I'm getting:
1.1 Heading
1.1.1 Heading
1.2 Heading
1.1.2 Heading

What have I done wrong?

Thank you!

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Ok, so I created a custom template and saved it as such (.dotx). And when I want to use it, I go File>New>My Templates>APA Format.dotx. All of that is fine, and the template works fine.

My question: can I have my custom template show up NEXT to the My Templates folder, Blank Document template, etc. Right now that top row of Available Templates has: Blank document, Blog post, Recent templates, Sample templates, My templates, and New from existing. I want to simply add my custom template to this row of options. That would allow me to select New> APA Format.dotx.

If you need a better explanation, please ask.

I appreciate any and all help!

A:Word 2010 Custom Template Change Location Help

Nobody knows how to do this?

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Is there a way to dictate, in Microsoft Word 2010, that any newly-created document will have my own Style in place as the default one, or whatever the term might be, if anything, that decides what the starting set-up is? It's currently the font Calibri, size 11, 10.5 Multiple line spacing, 1" margins on all sides, etc. My preferences are different in every way, so I manually change all of that every time I make a new document.

A:Changing the default Style in Microsoft Word 2010?

Have you tried changing the normal template? I was able to find directions on how to find that for 2003 here, but it's the same process for 2007 and I would imagine 2010. I don't have 2010 on this computer to double check.

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I am trying to make Avery 5168 Labels but get this message:
"The margins, label size, and number across or down values produce a page that is larger than the label page size."
I'm not entering my own custom label sizes here - I'm selecting an Avery label from Word's own list. After selecting the Avery product I click on Details. There I can go down to page size and select Letter or Letter Landscape. Both are 8.5 x 11", but for some reason Landscape gets me the error message.
I have already set my document to Landcape in page layout thinking that might be the problem but that didn't fix the issue.
Any ideas? Thanks, H.T.

A:Error message when using Avery label template in Word 2010

This Avery website may be useful for you as there is a program download there for creating Avery labels.

Avery Wizard | Microsoft Office 2013 | Mail Merge | Labelling | Avery Australia & New Zealand

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I am using word 2010 and windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 5559. I have reinstalled my printer and it's drivers and I have checked that the text colour is not white.
I am having problems with printing word documents. Within a word document any images print fine, as do the lines in a table but no text will print (in any colour).
I can see the text correctly in the word print preview panel.
Even the print test page prints with no text.

Can you help? Thanks

A:Word 2010 stopped printing text in word documents

what printer is this this ?

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My coworker has a doc file that was created from a MS Word .dot template made in version 2003. The template used various pop-ups and fill-ins to populate info. to various spots in the document. However, when she goes to print the doc file, or print the current page, the pop-up boxes from the template appear all over again. This does not happen on my computer. So, I'm wondering if there's some setting that needs to be changed on her machine. Can anyone help with this? The .dot file was created in Word 2003 and we're now running version 2010.

Thank you,

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Word 2010 is using normal.dotm - I need to use normal.dot (seems .dotm may be causing problems for other users).

How do I delete normal.dotm and specify normal.dot as default?

As a side bar, the old file Properites dialog box was really useful but seems to be gone in 2010 - how do I find those file "properties" in order to make changes? (I must be missing something...)


A:Word 2010 - how do I use normal.dot?

Hopefully, this might help:
Transferring Normal.dot to new version of Word - Microsoft Answers

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Hi guys

I have a MS Word 2007 document, with a table of content, showing 4 levels of titles.
The problem is that the table of content shows, when I update it, some parts of the body text. It is more precisely, some titles of figures, tables, etc.. I have the feeling Word interpret them automatically as heading style 1, even they are in style normal. Maybe because they are centred??
I select the title of the figure then I click on:
- clear formating, or
- i select normal style again, or
- i select references, then add text, and select option do not show in table of content.

each time the title disapear from the TOC immediately. Then I save the document, but when i re-open, it the title is present again in the table of content....

i've tried saving the document in both .doc or .docx, same result.

Any idea what is going on??

thank you in advance for your reply

A:"Normal" style text permanently in table of content in MS Word 2007

The biggest thing I dislike about Word (any version) is all the automatic stuff it's by default set to do. The worst is the "Autoformat as you type" feature. Have you checked the settings there?

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OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer LENOVO
System Model 1143AEU
the spacing in an existing multipage document is changed from single spacing to double spacing throughout the document. What can you say about the number of hard and soft page breaks before and after the formatting change?

A:Help with word 2010 documents

I don't understand your second sentence, but you can fix the problem by selecting all and changing the line spacing. If you have some odd spacing somewhere, like following a title, you can insert a like space afterwards.

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Hi all,

Friend Running windows 7 on a laptop, today when I try to open a word document or a photo I get error messages and word it wont open,

She said"
No i was not doing anything, i had been in bed ill for about 5 days and it was when i got up and started my laptop up i looked through my messages on AOL and then had a look on Facebook andthen i wrote a letter but i went to print it but for some reason it would not work so i left it and itwas the next day i put my laptop on and went into my Documents to try and print it again and it would not let me open it i keep getting a message saying it had found unreadable content and could not be opened and then i went in to my pictures to have a look at some and found that i could not see any of them, i have got them all in folders as i have a lot of Grandchildren and Great grandchildren so i keep them all seperate and all i can see on each picture is a large orange flower."

Ive tried to see if its a virus etc but all clear as well for malware. Tried looking at file association thinking it was this but it looks clear but would be happy to answer any questions on this just in case I missed something.

She sent me a word doc and it asked me to convert it from ASCII format and when I did it was all messed up.

have run registry scan and that fixed some errors but still an issue, when you go into default programs the only microsoft office suite that is there is the one note one, she has word and excel but they dont show on th... Read more

A:Word 2010 documents are all corrupted

Might want to try running a repair install on Office. Go to add remove programs, click on office then at the top click on change. The next window will give you the repair option. Run the repair, restart the computer and should take care of the problem.

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I have an HP computer with Office Starter 2010 pre-installed. I have since installed Office Professional Plus 2010. Documents continue to open to Office Starter instead of Word. How do I set documents to open to Word all the time? I have tried setting the properties of file to open with Word and check marking for all files, but it keeps returning to Office Starter.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Documents

I would guess go to Uninstall a program and see if there's two versions of Office showing and uninstall starter.

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Everytime i try to open up a saved word document, Word fails telling me that "Microssoft word has stopped working". It's ine when opening up new files but it can be annoying trying to open up a piece of work in progress.
When i try to re-open after it crashes, word tells me that it would be safe to open up in safe mode. This way i can gain access to some of my saved work. But it's a very round-a-bout way of getting to it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Word 2010 won't open documents.

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I recently installed MS Office 2010 on my Windows 32-bit. All works fine, except I cannot save any documents in MS word.

I tried SAVE, SAVE AS, CNTRL + S, nothing.

Any help is appreciated!

A:MS Word 2010 cannot save documents


It would be helpful if you could please provide a bit more information, e.g.:
What is the exact error message you get (or a screen shot of the error)?
Is your copy of Office 2010 legit and legal and properly activated?
Have you tried a Repair?

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I have a bunch of jpg files in a folder under "D:/Print Stuff/" I sort the top level folder by date, right click - properties - optimize for pictures and check "apply this template to subfolders" but that part is not working many subfolders are still under general items and sorted by name! how do I fix?
I googled the problem but nothing came up

A:"apply this template to subfolders" not working

NOBODY REALLY?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello all,

I have Office 2010 installed. I often print an online news article to the xps format. Sometimes I have the need to convert this format to Word.

The question is how do I make the conversion without using a free software. It is preferable to use a software that would retain the original format of the article.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to help me find such a software.

Thank you.

A:How to convert MS xps documents to Word in Office 2010?

Try to convert XPS to a DOC* format is a complicated OCR task, same as trying to take a picture of an old newspaper and then trying to scan and make it editable in Word.

You need something like ABBYY FineReader 11 Professional Edition
It keeps original formatting as much as possible.

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I am looking to apply my folder style to ALL folders, not just "all folders of this type". How would I go about this?

I want every folder to appear identically independent of the contents.

A:How do you apply folder style to ALL folders

Hello Mark,

The tutorial below can help show you how to.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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A friend of mine indicated that on their computer at home, the are not able to see the preview formatting which normally appears above the style name in the quick styles gallery on the Home tab. (See sample.) She tells me that only the style names appear.

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that there is a toggle to switch that feature on (or off) but I can't seem to locate it anywhere either in Word Options or the Manage Styles dialog boxes.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Word 2010 - Quick Styles Preview Question

Yes, there is a switch, but for a different window.
It turns ON/OFF preview only in that extra window, but not in ribbon, where your friend needs it.

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I have Word 2013 that I have built Heading styles using multilevel lists. When I use import/export styles and copy my heading styles to another doc the first line with a heading applied is indented less than the style I that was imported. The indent is not changed in the paragraph dialog box but that one line has a different indent. Is this somehow related to the storage of style info in the manual line break of the line above? How can I avoid this?

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Hi, I have a .dot template containing vba that i would like to use for new documents. However, as soon as I rename or relocate this template, any document that I have previously created from it loses all inherited vba. I was under the impression all elements of a template (such as vba) were meant to be passed on (embedded into) to the new document at creation, instead of just the template passing its own path/folder reference so that the new document can be directed back to the template to read the vba when required.

As the documents created from this template will be distributed to various computers which may not even have a local copy of the template, this is a big issue. I am using Word 2003.

Thanks for your help.

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since I installed SP1 for Office 2010 I have problems with opening some (not all!) older Word documents created with Word 2003 (*.doc). I get a message that Word can't read the document and it is probably corrupt.

On a other client (same OS, Office 2010 without SP1) I can open the same document without difficulty.

Has anyone an idea?

Thank a lot

A:Office 2010 SP1: Problem with opening Word 2003 documents

Hello curuska, welcome to the forum.

Are the two computers accessing the exact same document from the same location, or is the same file saved to their own local disk?

A quick test to try:
Open Word, select File?> Open
Choose the corrupted file (but don?t open it yet)
You will notice that next to where it says ?Open?, there is a little drop-down arrow. Click on this and change the option to ?Open and Repair?, then click on it.

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Hi everybody!

We have a company organisation chart in a document by itself, but it appears in other documents. Is there a way to link/insert/reference the main document into other documents so changes made in one will automatically update within all?

I know you can insert a document by dragging into into another document, however when you update the original it does not seem linked like how I'd need it.


Alex Dunnett

A:Having multiple Word 2010 documents update with a single change


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Just installed Office 2010 and trying to stick with it, but Word keeps freezing after opening documents from Word 2003. Yet to be able to get a Word 2003 document to open without hanging / not responding. Any knows tweaks to fix this yet? Is it just me?

A:Word 2010 - issues opening older version documents

Quote: Originally Posted by agunslinger

Just installed Office 2010 and trying to stick with it, but Word keeps freezing after opening documents from Word 2003. Yet to be able to get a Word 2003 document to open without hanging / not responding. Any knows tweaks to fix this yet? Is it just me?

Welcome to Windows 7 Support forums,
How are you opening your word docs?
Are you running Microsoft Word first, then opening your docs from within the program?

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I'm assuming the list of recently viewed/edited documents are stored somewhere in a file. If so, what's the name of the file? I'd like to restore the list from a backup, if possible. Thanks,

A:Where are recently viewed/edited documents in Word 2010 stored?

Quote: Originally Posted by highstream

I'm assuming the list of recently viewed/edited documents are stored somewhere in a file. If so, what's the name of the file? I'd like to restore the list from a backup, if possible. Thanks,

Actually, the list of recently opend documents for word is stored in the registry at;

HKEY_Current_user\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Word\File MRU

The 14.0 is for office 2010. It is different for different versions of Office.

Note that this list is different for each user account on your PC.

Also, each program has their own recent file list. Eg for powerpoint it would be..

HKEY_Current_user\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\PowerPoint\File MRU

To back up the list navigate to this key, then export it. Save as a reg file.

When you want to restore it simply double-click on the .reg file.

Note: You should always make a backup of your registry before importing .reg files.

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...will the document update automatically?

A:Word 2013: If I add a template to a document then update the template

Do you mean if you created a new document from a template. Your very brief question is not very clear.

If you created a new document from a stored template then altering the template will not alter the document.

A template is a stored base design that you have stored for future use, so that it can be used to create a new document with the same format. Once that new document has been created & saved it is no longer connected to the template.

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I did a clean install of Windows 7 on a a second Dell Optiplex 780, identical to the one I talked about before, I bought another, installed Windows 7, plugged in a USB hard drive full of pictures, told one folder to view large icons, and sort by date modified, I right click properties and tell it to optimize for pictures and to "apply this template to all subfolders", that folder stays the same but none of the sub folders are applying what I just set, some are by details, some are showing by name, in fact none of the folders are following the template.
All I can find on this problem was a really old Windows Vista issue on this, but the problem they were having is different. There was nothing as regards to this problem for Windows 7.
Any ideas?

A:'Apply this template to all subfolders' not working Clean install Windows 7

Can I get help please? In fact there is another problem I am having as well on a clean install of Windows 7. Windows update closes itself. I opened Windows Update, told it to check for updates, left the window open and went to bed, I slept 12 hours which is unusual, woke up, found out that nothing happened, in fact, the Windows Update window was closed, must have happened sometime overnight. I reopen it and it says "most recent check for updates: Never"
I am having more problems on a clean install than a computer loaded with junk
Any help?

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Hello, please tell me what I am looking for. Once I have a name I'll dig into my reference books and the Help screens and it will make sense.

I would like to create a worksheet/template/style(generally one 8.5 x 11 page) that has unchanging text across the top, column A is filled with solid color. I'll use this as a "master" in creating 20 pages that have a uniform visual appearance.

The blank space down and to the right will have simple 8 or 10 row and 5 or 6 column "worksheets", or text. When I "print preview" I would like this material to center h/v. The text across the top and column A would not be impacted.

I don't know what Excel calls this sort of thing and so I'm at a lost to know what to study.


A:Solved: Excel Template/Style or What

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A functioning Numbered list style that when applied to multiple sections of text allows each section to be a new list whose numbering starts at ONE.
A numbered list style based on the built in style "List Number" that when applied the first time creates a normal numbered list, when applied to a second section of text makes another list continuous with the first in the numbering.

If it were in a document it would look like this:

The following items are included in concept XYZ:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​
The following items are included in concept LMNOP:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​

The following items are included in concept XYZ:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​
The following items are included in concept LMNOP:​4. first, should be one​5. second, should be two​6. third, should be three​

My template already has all the outline level styles created and fucntioning correctly. I just want to finish the template with a numbered list style that works the way it usually does when you click the numbered list icon in the normal template!

If I select "restart numbering" after clicking on the #4 shown above and then push ctrl-z, it will restart the numbering temporari... Read more

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