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Monochrome interface in Win XP?

Q: Monochrome interface in Win XP?

Dear all,

I am not sure whether this is the right forum for my question. Excuse me if not.

Anyway, my question is - is it possible to change the whole Windows XP interface from color to monochrome on a "regular" laptop computer? If yes, then how? In the old days, it was possible to do it under the display settings if I remember correctly; but now in my present computer, there are only two choices: 32 bit vs 16 bit.

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Just because. There is no particular reason.



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Preferred Solution: Monochrome interface in Win XP?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I'm having trouble saving monochrome bitmaps.
Is this a 'known malfunction' ?
Or am i doing something wrong ...

The 'shading' function gets lost and turns to black.
Its ok til i save it, then it loses the 'Shading'


A:Help req with monochrome bitmap

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I`ve had a 2x 27" monitor setup ever since I got my laptop about a year ago. One monitor is connected via Displayport, the other one via VGA. I keep the lid of my W520 closed so I only use the two external monitors. Today I had my laptop unhooked from my workstation and now when I try to hook it back up again the screen that is connected via VGA shows up black and white.  Here is what I did while my my laptop was unhooked from the monitors:1) Took it to work as usual (it didnt drop or anything like that so I dont think it would`ve got physically damaged)2) Installed a new battery (just arrived today, Lenovo original) Here is what I tried to get the issue resolved:1) Update both integrated and Quadro 1000M drivers2) Switch monitors (the one that is connected via VGA is B&W always)3) Switched to a brand new VGA cable4) Restarted my PC multiple times5) Fiddled around with the settings under "Screen resolution"6) Checked VGA port - cosmetically it looks like it always has (no damage or anything like that)7) Switched back to old battery and tried everything again Please help me out! I would hate to have to take my computer to a hardware specialist because I am just out of warranty and I cant really afford professional servicing. Since I`m pretty sure nothing got physically damaged, what other software fixes could I try?  Thanks in advance!

-----------------------------------------------------------------W520 4270CTO, i7-27... Read more

A:Monochrome external VGA monitor

Check in the NVIDIA driver control panel under color settings. It might have saturation set to zero.

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I'm pretty colorblind, so a 32-Million color palette is, well... it's silly.

I want to set up Vista to run all black monochrome. I imagine this would also save compute cycles for my graphics card and, thus, electricity.

So, has anyone run across a black-and-white system palette anywhere?

A:Looking for an All Monochrome system setup

hm... haven't seen one.... tried making one yourself?

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Hi TechGuys,

I have the following question:

Is there any software which could replace the background in my webcam (if I get a mono-colored backdrop) with a photo or a repeating video of my choice (RealTime)?

A:WebCam: Replacing monochrome background?

Nobody having any idea?

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I have a dell D610 running XP with a SVG and a VGA output on the back. I need to display the screen on a cctv monitor that only has a BNC input. After some digging around I bought an s-video to BNC lead, full of confidence I plugged it in and got a monochrome, blurry image

I am a little confused, does anyone know what I should use to get a high resolution colour image on my monitor ?



A:s-video to BNC gives blurry monochrome image

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When I try to print a photo, I check the settings to make sure it is in color, but when I select color, it reverts to monochrome when I go to print. This happened before and I cannot remember what I did to fix it. I think it has something to do with photo
viewer or paint that is messing it up.

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I am looking for a method to run my system in black and white; not all the time, but only during certain circumstances (i.e. when focusing on writing or dedicated reading). Is there any way of doing this on a computer running Windows XP that does not require any programming knowledge or implementation of difficult solutions? Any solution that requires significant extra memory usage or WinXP visual themes probably isn't going to cut it. I'm looking for a way to do this that converts my entire user interface to monochrome temporarily. Is this possible or is it just an anachronistic pipe dream?

I am using a Dell Latitude D400 laptop running WinXP Pro SP2, with Integrated Intel Graphics.

A:Looking for obvious or creative way to run OS in monochrome (black/white)

Hello shoeshinesally and welcome to TSF !

Depending on your video drivers you may be able to play with some color saturation settings in the advanced display properties, but I don't think you'll have much luck with an integrated intel video.

You may find something that suits you in the high contrast modes in the accessibility options :
Click settings to access different color schemes.

Or some shell replacement utility could have a black & white color scheme. Be careful when installing one of these, make sure you've got the right one because they can be a pain to remove.

Maybe you'll find other clues in this thread :

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My problem: the Cancel button is stuck in the depressed position. How can I free it up so I can continue to print? The problem occurred when I attempted to print the reverse side of a double-sided print job. I've cancelled that job and two others I tried as a test, so there's nothing in the queue now.

A:Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

get a flat head screw drive out and pry the button out...
take it apart and get the button out.

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I used a monochrome ribbon in my datacard sd260 printer and when i put the color ribbon back in its stilll only printing in monochrome.help!!!!

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Dear team,
here i sm susil kumar. i installed windows server 2008 and i get error while i was testing the DHCP(dynamic host control configutration). that error i mentioned in title. so kindly give me the solution for that error.
Note: detailed of error i seen in command prompt

The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation.

An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 : The sy
stem cannot find the file specified.

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I'm building multiple interfaces (forms) in VB.NET. How do I make a button in my first interface which I'm calling "Main Menu" take me (or the end user) to other interfaces in the program? in other words, how do I make end users go back and forth between forms? Also how do I make the "Exit" button close the form? What kind of code do I need to do all of that? Does each interface has to be in its own project or is it possible to build multiple interfaces in one project?

Thank you.

A:How can I Connect an interface (or form) to another interface in a VB.NET program..

Okay, unless VB.net has changed dramatically from VB6, the code for your comand button should look like this:


to close it:

unload me


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I've just downloaded a software that tranfers interface Win Xp to Vista so that I can feel comfortable with a new interface, on the web: http://www.crystalxp.net/bricopack/en.htm but in its intructions, there is a warning saying that, it can make serious problems to your system! So, I'd like to ask friends who have been using this about this warning! Is there anybody having this problem with thissoftware, please tell me some problems you usually face with! Thanks a lot

A:Software to tranfer Win Xp interface to Vista interface?

Looks good and I've known it to work well with users but have no personal experience with it. You'd be better searching and asking on their dedicated forum here: http://forum.crystalxp.net

Keep in mind that every system is different, even with the same OS and hardware so others problems may not reflect yours. If you ever want to revert to your older style (at present) then all you have to do is uninstall this pack.

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Hello forum Gurus,

I Have a machine running Windows 7 x64 with two network interfaces. This machine is being used as a DVR and is connected to 4 ip cameras. The DVR software is Milestone Go.

When using interface one 3 out of the 4 cameras work without any problems but camera 4 constantly drops offline with lots of ping timeouts on average about %60 loss.

When using interface two there %0 ping loss on all 4 cameras but only Camera 4 has video the other 3 cameras have no video. That may be a DVR software issue but not positive.

Thank you in advance.

A:more ping drops on interface 1 than interface 2

The firewall is deactivated.

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I have my laptop set to sleep mode when I close it. Well, when I reopened it, I noticed that my desktop icons are fatter and shorter than before; my taskbar icons are a little bigger; my start menu is a little bigger in length and in width; the minimize, restore down, and close buttons on the top right of each window are spaced apart and much longer and shorter, rather than attached as they should be; and when I mouse over a task in the taskbar, instead of a little window that pops up over it to show what it is, the name pops up over it as in Windows XP. Thanks for the help.

A:my vista interface doesn't look like a vista interface

Hi there,

I used to have a problem similar to what you are experiencing, so I'm not too sure if my advice helps but here goes.
Right-click desktop > Personalize > Display Settings > Move the bar towards the right and adjust until satisfied
Not too sure if that helps, but thats just my 2 cents worth. Hope you get it solved


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I was making a simple library software in VB & thought it would be nice to have a "Spybot-search and destroy" type of interface. (ie. some 3 to 4 main navigation buttons in the left pane, with all forms opening in the right part)
But, being a beginner, I have no idea about how to design such a layout.
Any ideas or suggestions?

A:VB interface

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Okay right now I have a ST350041 8AS SCSI harddrive. My computer says that it failed. So I'm trying to figure out what Harddrive I can replace it with. Here is some further information.

Supported Standards ATA8-ACS, ATA/ATAPI-7, ATA/ATAPI-6, ATA/ATAPI-5
Specification Version ATA8-ACS rev 4

So does anyone know what kind of HDD interface I have and what Hard drive I can use to replace it? Because I have a few external usb hard drive sitting around that use SATA. I don't know if they will work.

A:What HDD interface do I have?

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not sure how to preview my system specs on these forums but when i use speccy to view my system information my sata hard drives show up as having an IDE interface. can anyone tell me why that is? is there something in the bios that i need to change? here is a screen of what i am seeing. thanks in advance any help is appreciated.

A:IDE interface?

Is there anything wrong? No. Is it worth switching it to SATA mode? Not really. The small (if even noticeable) performance increase isn't worth it, even more so when making the change on a working OS install can render the OS unbootable. This is one of those settings that is better to be set when the OS is installed than after.

P.S. You're also the second (at least) person to ask this same question this week,

Speccy won't recognize my hard drives as SATA. Should I be concerned?

If you do decide to make the change there is a link to a tutorial that will show you what you need to do before making the change in the last post.

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Need Internet Explorer 11.103.10586.0 for work. I have higher version.

Solved with compatibility view.

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Need Internet Explorer 11.103.10586.0 for work. I have higher version.

Solved with compatibility view.

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Do the Seagate Cheetah hardrives work on the same interface as the Barracuda ones do? I'm interested in having one of each on my next build and If they aren't on the same interface, could somebody please suggest any number of motherboards that could support both.

Thanks in advance.

A:HDD Interface

Depends on the model.


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Is the hd in the satellite DVR a plug-in to the desktop system? Or is an adapter needed? Anyone done this with a non-encrypted DVR hard drive?

BB Geek Squad techs said you have to do video capture, with the DVR's component output into the pc's Vivo plug. If you do it that way, 100 hrs of movies takes 100 hrs to unload/transfer.

Web info doesn't seem to definitive on the procedure.



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I own a Gateway nv 52 laptop.It has audio video editing. How do I use this ability? I have a lot of home videos on vhs. Is there anyway that I can directly interface my vcr with my nv 52 so I can burn and edit my home videos? Or do I have to burn my videos to my Magnavox dvd recorder and place the dvd into my nv 52 to download to my harddrive and edit and burn from there? I tryed to contact Gateway tech support to find out if there is an adaptor to interface my vcr to my nv 52,but they want 109 dollars to answer my question. Does anybody know the answer? m.williams

A:vcr interface


A video capture card is needed; like these - http://www.google.com/search?q=analo...0c07a4ca199aa8

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if u been reading this forum,i just installed XP,...excellent OS.

FIRST COMPLAINT came in. Girlfriend looked at XP's skin and smirked about the XP appearance(XP 's skin/that is)

is there software that can make a XP look similar to win98? i've already found some changes XP can do.


A:XP to Win 98 interface

do to Display Properties and set the THEME as WINDOWS CLASSIC" and that will give it the basic feel of Win98.

Right Click on the Taskbar and choose "Properties"
Click on the "Start Menu" Tab and choose "Classic Start Menu"

That should get the look of Win98!
Good Luck!


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Hello is there any was i can dl new interface for win2k?


There isn't any Themes Control Panel applet in Windows 2000, but there is still a desktop themes tool. Just click the Start menu, select Run, and, in the Open box, type Themes and hit Enter. You can then configure your desktop theme as you wish and click OK when you're done.

Also, check out http://www.windowblinds.net/ if you are looking for more of a replacement.

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My friend and I are making a custom computer in a gutted retro turntable. The turntable includes a CD player we gutted out and we wanted to use the slot the CD player was in for a DVD/CD-RW drive. The problem is that the drive doesn't fit very well in the slot so we decided to use a slim disc drive, similar to the ones in laptop computers. We found a few on newegg.com but we are not familiar with the interface for the drives. Here's one we are thinking of using.

look on newegg for slim cd drives to see the interface.

Anyways, we've never seen the interface before and we don't know enough to find or build a converter. Can someone help us?

We were also thinking of getting a slim external drive and modify the USB or Firewire interface to connect directly to the motherboard's USB or Firewire pins. The problem with that is that external drives are pretty expensive and we will also have to find the pin connectors.

A:cd/dvd rom interface

You probably need a converter


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I was going through the concept of Interfaces in Java.I came to know that since Java does not allow Multiple Inheritance, in such cases Interfaces are very handy.But i was not able to find good examples of how such things are accomplished using Interface.SO could anyone explain this concept ?
Thanks & Regards.


Caliraj said:

I was going through the concept of Interfaces in Java.I came to know that since Java does not allow Multiple Inheritance, in such cases Interfaces are very handy.But i was not able to find good examples of how such things are accomplished using Interface.SO could anyone explain this concept ?
Thanks & Regards.Click to expand...

Hi Caliraj,

I read the webpage in wikipedia about multiple inheritance, and here is an excerpt:
Multiple inheritance can cause some confusing situations, so there is some debate over whether or not its benefits outweigh its risks. Java compromises: it allows a class to inherit interfaces from more than one parent (that is, one can specify that a class inherits all the types from its parents and must have all of the same externally exposed methods of its interface-parents, and allow the compiler to enforce that), but can inherit implementation (methods and fields) from only one parent. Microsoft's .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic implement this interface approach as well. In contrast C++ implements full multiple inheritance.

You might be able to find a good example at codeproject.com You'll have to search for it, say: interface & java. The article, 28. Dynamic Inheritance, has a java example that can be downloaded - i.e. you might need to join the website (free) to download.

-- Tom

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Whenever I click at my network icon on the taskbar, it will of course show that box thing that shows your network connections but here is a screenshot of that box thing. I have to hide the name of my service provider.

The bug there is that the translucent border that is supposed to surround the box is missing. It had the translucent border before but now its gone and rebooting the computer does not fix that. It seemed to start happening since I changed the MenuShowDelay setting in the registry, I turned it back to the default value, the Menushowdelay is back to normal but that bug is still there. Anything I can do please???

A:Interface Bug

First thought would be to quit screwing around in the registry... Otherwise, have you tried a system restore point prior to your editing?

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For those of you that have used the Windows 8 RC for a while, what do you think of it? I've heard of many referring to it along the lines of Windows Vista 2. How do most of you feel about the new OS.

My main concern is Microsoft's insistence that every version look the same. The whole "tile" interface turns me off in a major way. If I had a Windows phone, tablet or a touch-screen laptop, I'm sure it would be cool. If you're using it on a "regular" desktop or laptop, I really fail to see the point and don't want to use it. Is there a way to totally disable this interface and get a more traditional Windows experience, ala Windows 7, with a Start button, Start menu, program groups, regular desktop, etc.?

I hate to miss out on the awesome upgrade price if I'm going to upgrade, and I've not missed a version of Windows since Windows 3.1 (even Vista) but if I can't turn off the tiled interface, I may skip this version.

I've also seen quite a few gaming videos showing Bioshock, or Bioshock 2, I can't recall which, refusing to run under Windows 8, along with several other "recent" top-shelf titles. I realize most of these were running on RC versions and things may well change before the final version hits the shelves later this month but, compatibility issues with relatively recent titles, coupled with the tiled interface doesn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about this new OS.

Someone out there help me out here. I want to like this new OS. I... Read more

A:Not sure I like the new interface. Any way to get rid of it?

Unfortunately, for those of us who are not enamored with this new start screen and such, there isn't a way to disable it from Microsoft and get it back to the way that it was. As far as a start button goes, there are options for that, but they do involve third party tools. Check out this tutorial;
Start Menu - Restore in Windows 8

It's a real mixed bag, some are just blown away and think the interface is refreshing, intuitive, stylish and uber cool, and there are others who dislike it enough that we plan to forgo the new features of the OS simply because we don't want to use it this way.

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So im looking to buy a wireless adapter... See Wireless Adapter Here

But the interface of the one i would like to buy is PCI 2.2, which slot on the motherboard would u put such a device ??

A:PCI 2.2 Interface

Any PCI slot... preferably the one that is the greatest distance from the floor...but it might be useful to move it from slot to slot to see if it makes any difference in your office. You might also want to elevate the desktop somewhat.

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I am trying to figure out what is this \\.\Display interface and why is it showing there,
does windows 8 has that built in ?

A:What is this interface ?!?!!?

That's for the VLC player.

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hello guys
every time I install any software, the interface of the software seems to be of very low resolution.
can someone help me with it ??


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Okay I have searched the web for 2 days on this and am coming up empty. I
get a dialog box at startup that says "Map Network Drive." If I <cancel>, I
can just continue on. If I <ok>, it tells me it cannot find the location or
something to that effect. At the same time, every time, there is a system
event logged that states

Event Type: Error
Event Source: RemoteAccess
Event Category: None
Event ID: 20106
Date: 1/17/2008
Time: 12:26:53 PM
User: N/A
Computer: WORK
Unable to add the interface {218D87BB-5BCF-4449-8B5F-7A9A6DCB6C1C} with the
Router Manager for the IP protocol. The following error occurred: Cannot
complete this function.
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: eb 03 00 00 ë...

Any ideas?


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Is there anyone willing to explain why the up and to a lesser extent the down arrow keys will insert a backslash occasionally. This happens at any time and has all other effects of hitting backslash such as interfering with movement in video games and starting a websearch when using the arrows to navigate in my browser. This started about three months ago, doing it rarely but now almost every press or the up arrow and half the time with down does it. Thank you.

A:Need Keyboard Interface help

Have you tried another keyboard?

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I was attempting a System Restore earlier and when I attempted to run it, I noticed that the calender has disappeared. Also, I have noticed that in the Help and Support option, I can not put the cursor on the Search typing place.

Additional Info:
Windows XP SP 2
Attached is a screenshot of the missing calender.

A:Error in Interface

A reinstall of System Restore would probably fix that issue - but it would erase all your restore points, so that wouldn't do you much good.

Is there a reason you would like to do a system restore?

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So i have an Xp laptop and i had deleted a file (cscogina.dll) from the system32 folder. by using a program... and it was part of a driver for a cisco network card. well it had changed the way a user logged in to the classic veiw. i deleted the file, and when i turned it off, then on, i had a message saing that the user interface could not load. and to contact the administrator. i tried the repair installation but i got the same message. and i can't wipe the hdd cuz all my file on on there, and not backed up. any suggestions? Thanks.

A:No User Interface

Hi & Welcome, SynShinigami!

You're missing a crucial system file, you need this! So, use this guide to get it back, Thanks.

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I had uninstalled HP Scanjet 4070 and tried to reinstall. I get the message that interface is missing and it won't install. What is an interface and how can I get it to install.?

A:Missing Interface

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Okay here's the deal. I was surfing the web on Saturday, when all of a sudden Spy-Blaster pops up and says that something is trying to change my registry. So I block it...well the windows keep coming as it tries again and again to attach itself to my machine. Thinking it's coming from an outside source I rip out my Ethernet cable to interupt it. No go, Soon new windows are popping up non stop. So in a blind panic I do a manual shutdown of my PC.

When I started it up again my Icons and start bar would appear and reappear. Watching it I believe that it was trying to load something over and over again and when it couldn't do it, it just crapped out. So using the task manager I went and scanned it with AVG and Spy-Blaster. Spy Blaster found about 9 things. So I deleted them, then I ran it again in safe mode, and I deleted about one more. So I hopefully restarted it and still nothing. Is there anyway for me to figure out what's doing this? I don't have any recovery disks or Windows Boot disks so starting over might not be the best thing for me.

A:Interface not loading.

Run a bootable virus scanner and scan the hard drive outside of the windows environment. Here's a link to a list of different ones to choose from.


Then use a different computer or a friends computer to burn the Rescue disk. You don't want to use your problem computer since it's probably infected. With the Rescue Cd you can then scan the whole drive without running the potential malware along with booting up and running Windows. This is because the system boots from the Rescue CD and doesn't run Windows.

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Was looking into the 1GB gpu's (I know, expensive), which is why I want to make sure I get the right one. My question: As far as GPU memory interface goes, which is better, 512-bit or 256-bit x2?

A:GPU Memory Interface

anyone know which is better?

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My PC is 6 years old, pretty sure USB interface is 1.1 (but how do I tell for sure?)....I'm researching to purchase an external hard drive online and want to know if the 2.0 USB interface is automatically compatible with my 1.1? Or must the specifications details need to indicate 2.0 and/or 1.1 compatible for me to be sure?


A:USB Interface Question

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At the back of my computer i have 2 round yellow and red slots, i think they are called S/PDIF-in/out interface or something but i have no idea what its for. Can anyone tell me what they are for

A:what is S/PDIF-in/out interface

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Hi, I have not been able to install a USB sound card/audio interface on my laptop and get it to work. The following is copied from my post at an audio forum. Hopefully, here there might be someone more savvy regarding these issues. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can offer. I've been using computers for years. I get by but I don't fully understand all the issues. I'm very good at following directions though!

The offender is a Behringer BCA2000 USB digital audio interface. The install seems to go fine, but no sound goes to the computer. Cubase says, "Cannot initialize Behringer ASIO driver". The unit shows up in the device setup box though. I tried it in another program too - same thing, it shows up to choose in setup but doesn't work. It shows up in Device manager under "sounds" and the control panel shows up in the tray. I downloaded the latest manufacturer's driver. Also tried previous driver. I have USB 2 and the interface is USB 2 (can also be switched to work with USB 1).

I have a Toshiba A75 laptop, 3Ghz, 60gb, 700mb ram, XP SP2 (recent sp2 upgrade installed from sp1 via Microsoft automatic thing. Windows says it went ok).

I sent my system information to the tech at Behringer and he talked to others and sent back some recommendations. So, I took out the USB wireless mouse and my Sprint PCMCIA modem card before trying another install (maybe I need to do it again on a fresh reboot?). One question I have on this... Read more

A:Need help with USB audio interface

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I just got another dvd burner poped it in and it doesn’t burn did some looking around and found nothing after contacting the support of the burner they told me this…

there is a problem with the ATAPI interface.
How do I fix this problem?

A:ATAPI interface........

We don't really know why they told you that without some additional information. What happened when you tried to burn the disc and how are you trying to do it?

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guys, i've got this problem that after my brother used the pc, he just went to sleep mode and when i came on , i used admin accout and logged off his , then when i loged into mine accout, there wasn't anything loaded, like just the background pic is there, i opened task manager and everything looks fine, i did AV(NOD32) and nothing was found. so i don't know what the problem is, i also tryed opening explorer.exe by task manager but nothing came up except for " explorer.exe is not a system 32 application. plz help me.

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Hello 8Forums, I'm new here (unless this is 7forums :P). Pleased to meet you

I was about to post this in the tablets section however, I'm not very sure.

My only disagreement with Windows 8 is when I don't have a touch interface to navigate through some parts of the UI. I am hoping to upgrade this PC from 7 to 8 once I get an answer if it's possible to link a tablet as my third interface hardware aside from my mouse and keyboard.

I don't mind the always plugged/charged aspect of the tablet if needed as I am at the moment making a new desk and will be including a tablet mount in the design. This thought came as I had once been shown by a friend of mine (who's overseas somewhere right now) that he did it but perhaps that was done remotely through an app?

If possible

Are there any limitations to this (tablet type branded vs china made?)
Input Lag?
(Prefer not to bluetooth it to my mobo. USB connection to constantly charge it and in hopes for the best latency)


Edit : Just realised there's no psu listed in the spec list. Plenty of overhead at the moment 1200W powering Xfired 7970 DCU2T

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Recently I been seeing the latest interface M.2 go yet again to another level, with speeds up to 32Gbs! Im wondering how they do it, and if you really could take advantage of such data transfers which looks pretty promising on paper..

A:Ultra M.2 interface

The secret is that they use the processor?s leftover PCIe 3.0 lanes to feed it, so it runs as PCIe 3.0 x4 (32Gb/s) which is over three times faster than the others PCIe 2.0 x2 M.2 (10Gb/s) and five times faster than mSATA (6Gb/s). You can find it on the AR Z97 Extreme6 model.. is there any others?

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