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Widescreen monitor & video board drivers problem

Q: Widescreen monitor & video board drivers problem

Hi everyone.
Yesterday I bought a new monitor (Packard Bell viseo 190W), I've plugged it to my computer, but something is not working: while windows (I've XP pro) is loading the logo appears and everything seems to be ok, but just before the "user-interface" loads, the monitor goes black showing a "NO SIGNAL" message. I tried to uninstall ati-drivers (my graphic card is ati radeon 9250, 256MB ram), it works but obviously is in low mode graphic. If i try to reinstall catalyst + drivers the problem comes back. I tried Omega drivers too, same problem :\

What should I do? Any suggestions?

Thanks for help
@moderator can u change "video board" with "graphic card" in the thread title? thanks

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Preferred Solution: Widescreen monitor & video board drivers problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I recently installed a new Acer Model S211HL monitor and a new Nvidia GEForce 6200 video board. I'm running 1024x768 mode with True Color-32bit with large fonts. Everything on my video screen seems wider than normal and the height seems shorter than normal.

What could be the cause of this?

Thanks for any help.

A:Monitor/Video Board Problem

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I am trying to watch video on my 22" widescreen lcd. For some reason the video won't stretch and cover the entire screen.

The video used to do that; now it won't. I don't know wtf happened.

I'm watching xvids using Ffdshow and wmp11.

Any ideas?

To summarize: I have black bars on the left and right of the video now. I would like it to stretch.


A:WMP11 - Bars on video / widescreen monitor

What is your monitor's preferred screen resolution?
Check your monitor's documentation.

What resolution are you using?
RIGHT click a blank spot on the desktop.
Left click properties.
Go to screen size.

The above are for XP. Which version of Windows are you running? Which flavor or XP or Vista?

Have you tried to run WMP 11 in full screen mode?

Have you checked for the latest drivers for your video card / chip?


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Hi! This is my first post so I apologise for any noobishness.
My friend has a problem with her PC in that it seems to be outputting a 4:3 full screen image which is being stretched to fill the widescreen monitor its plugged into. The desktop is stretched and squashed and videos play stretched as well. There is also considerable screen tearing when watching videos. I've tried changing the display settings to every option available and none of them seem to make any difference. How can I fix this? If I remember correctly it's running Windows 7.

A:PC outputting full screen video to widescreen monitor

This sounds like a resolution issue.  Right click an empty space on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.  Change the Resolution to the recommended resolution and press the OK button.

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First, my specs. P51 with Xeon processor, 64GB of ram, Win 10 Pro, NVIDIA Quadro M2200 Video, Intel HDGraphics P630 Video, Docking Station.  I have two external monitors via my docking station, one on the VGA other on the HDMI port. I also have two monitors via Sabrent USB to VGA devices. While I was out of town last week, Windows delivered an update to the Intel P630 graphics. Got home, put my P51 in the docking station. Bam, video driver keeps crashing, reverting to the basic driver and disabling all my external monitors.  I finally tracked it to the Intel P630 driver, I can uninstall it and reboot and it works fine for a while, but then after a reboot it crashes again.  I've tried reinstalling the NVIDIA driver from both their site and the Lenvo support site, no change. I looked for the P630 driver, but couldn't find it on the Lenovo site, at least as an independant download. It may be included in some other download. I did try getting the P630 from the Intel site, but what I downloaded said it wasn't compaitble with my machine.  Right now it has the same image on the internal monitor and the two monitors hooked to the docking station. Yes, the exact same image on three monitors, which shouldn't be possible under Windows. The two monitors coming in over USB seem to be OK and not have the "same desktop everywhere" issue.  I actually have two docking stations with external monitors, I have an office upstairs in my h... Read more

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Hello, It would be outstanding if one of you intelligent gentlemen or ladies could help me with this issue.

I have a chaintech 7NIL motherboard and a chaintech FX5600 video card set to a digital Viewsonic VG171b which I have had for a few years.

The problem is that the monitor will flicker periodically. It is not flickering constantly, as per a refresh rate issue, but rather at random times. Sometimes the right side of the screen will flash a quick line, sometimes the whole picture just adjusts/flickers.

It is not a big issue that prevents normal use of the computer, but it is quite annoying!

I have the latest nVidia drivers. I have the refresh rate and resolution set ot the native for the LCD, and I have tried chanign the quality settings within the computer, but it hasn't worked.

Any suggestions?


A:Problem with Monitor and Video Drivers?

Plug out the monitor from the graphics card and check for dirt. Assuming there is none then try it on someone elses to see if the same thing happens. Double check the refresh rate on your and your friends computer. If it happens on there computer then there could be something wrong with the monitor. If it behaves normally then im stumped. Could be something with the graphics card. Try another monitor with it to see if the same flickering accours. It happens sometimes on my laptop but only when the bulb is warming up. OH The Bulb? that could be causing it. Dont know how to check though.

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Hey there,

Well, I using a 32" LCD TV as my primary monitor, it runs well at 1360x768 but I got the problem when a game runs in 1024 x 768 or other 4:3 resolution its not possible to stretch the image cause Win7 RC put the game in the middle and there are dark areas to both sides of the centered image. Thats really annoying, I never got this problems with 7000 release. Anyone got some idea about this issue? When its a feature, how to turn it off?

Im using a Nvidia 9800 GTX with the latest Win7 Beta Drivers from Nvidia.



A:Problem with a widescreen monitor

Im havin the same exact prob i guess its a bug with the new wddm 1.1 graphics drivers for now a temporary fix is downgrading to the 179.xx versions and running the setup in compatibility mode i recommend the 179.13 from NVIDIA & Laptop News | Latest NVIDIA drivers and related news | laptopvideo2go.com


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I just installed Windows 7 and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. I can run at standard resolutions but when I try to switch to native wide screen resolutions, my monitor indicates the "input is not supported".

Widescreen resolutions work fine in Safe mode or when the Nvidia drivers are not installed. I have tried using older versions of the drivers but it seems nothing seems to be working.

Is anyone else having this problem?

System specs:
-Windows 7, 32 bit
-nVidia 9600GT (driver version 190.32 WHQL)
-nForce 780i
-Asus AL1916W display

A:Windows 7 Widescreen Nvidia drivers - Problem

Here's a link to the latest driver.


Try that out.

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Hi, I just bought a Samsung ultra widescreen monitor but the text is blurred and the image is stretchd - so annoying. I tried downloading and installing the drivers both from samsung and nvida but nothing helped. Can someone please help me? (I don't mind if you take over my Pc remotely).
Graphics driver is Nvida quadro p620. Thanks!

A:Ultra Widescreen Monitor Display Problem

Hello Chapp,
What is the model number of the Samsung? There might be some setting that stretches the image to fit the wide screen. My Samsung monitor has two settings that could cause this. In my user manual, these are listed under the heading "Picture Size".

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I want to install a new monitor but I don't know what video board to get
my motherboard is GA-990XA-UD3 (Socket M2)
please help!!!
I am using windows 10

A:New Monitor - What video board?


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Maybe a dumb question for you experts : does a bigger monitor require a more powerful video board ? Specifically a 22" Samsung 226BW LCD and a Nvidia GeForce 8400GS 256MB for Vista - no gaming .

A:Video Board vs Monitor Size

No, those will be fine together.

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trying to salvage a Packard Bell Windows 98 machine. The on board video (driver/card) appears to have died. The monitor does work (tried it with a different computer).

How do I install a new video card when a can't see to change drivers/Cmos/bios/etc.

I did try to plug in a new video card into the PCI slot. Of course the machine never seemed to detect that it was there.

Any suggestions.

A:on board video dead, no signal to monitor

Putting a new card in may not work as some BIOS's require you to tell them that there is another card there. You could try finding the CMOS reset jumper, which is usually near the battery/BIOS chip on the motherboard. Using that may reset it and tell it to use the card you put in.

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I recently pulled my wireless adapter card out of my notebook before stopping the service. Ever since then I have lost my sound on the laptop. I have 2 devices that I can't seem to find drivers for on this old laptop. It is a Dell Laptop (Inspiron 7000) C336LT. The sound card is integrated on the motherboard. I went to dell and reinstalled the bios and the only other drivers they have listed is a network adapter driver. When I look at the system informations to try and find who makes the motherboard it says not available. Imagine that . My question is this. Is there anywhere that I can find drivers for this integrated sound card or do I need to find the drivers for the motherboard? I believe the sound card is a ESS Maestro2. I have searched everywhere I know and then some to find drivers. the only drivers I have found so far have been for a PCI ESS Maestro2 card. My other question would be, is there a way to find out who made this motherboard for Dell? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of my Device Manager.

A:Audio and Video Controller Drivers (Integrated Mother Board)

Service Tag for this laptop is V1J22 and I am running Windows XP and Server 2003. It doesn't work on either OS. My other question, can this be faulty hardware from yanking the wireless adapter card out before stopping the service? Thanks agian for any help in advance.

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On the driver page we have this:
Intel HD Graphics 530 Driver View detailsFile Name: Intel-HD-Graphics-530-Driver_28VH9_WIN_21.20.16.4727_A03.EXE
If the GPU is HD Graphics 630. Why is the driver 530???
Also in "View details" we have: 
Enhancements:- Update Intel 15.46 graphic driver branch for RedStone2 OS
Intel 15.46 supports OpenGL 4.5 and this driver doesn't: Intel-HD-Graphics-530-Driver_28VH9_WIN_21.20.16.4727_A03.EXE 
Then we have the following problem when I connect and external monitor to the HDMI port:
The window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 when dragged and snapped to the corner of the external monitor turns black but only sometimes. This rendering problem appears to be a driver problem according to Microsoft.

This needs to be addressed by Dell/Intel or NVIDIA as there appear to be many complaints.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am talking about Windows 10. And this is what I see: 

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Hi - I have recently acquired a new work computer with 1 widescreen Dell monitor (Dell E228WFPc 1680 x 1050, Monitor A) and my older 4:3 monitor (E178FPc 1024 x 768, Monitor B). The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 620. I cannot get them both working at the same time on an extended display.

One is plugged into (excuse my slightly less-than-technical language here!) the 'main' monitor port and one has a VGA-DVI adapter.

When either monitor A or B is plugged into the main port without the other plugged in, they work fine.

When monitor A, the widescreen, is plugged into the main port and B is plugged in via the adapter, A works perfectly and the PC detects monitor B (if I set it to extend displays, programs open in that screen but I cannot see anything - the screen is completely black).

When B is plugged into the main port and A is on the adapter, B boots up normally until the point where I would usually see my Windows log in, when it goes black and I can only see and move the cursor.

I thought it would be a case of adjusting the screen res down so that they weren't so drastically different - in fact I'm still sure that would help but I can't get the smaller monitor B to let me do so and it doesn't seem to make a difference when widescreen monitor A is plugged into the main port with B in the other?

A:Extended display monitor problems with one widescreen and one 4:3 monitor?

That is usually normal. Try dragging a window over to the other monitor and see if it works.

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When I'm adjusting my many icons and shortcuts on my desktop, often, particularly when I change resolutions, all of the icons will bunch together in the upper left corner of my screen, requiring me to rearrange them again. As I'm dragging them to the right locations, often the mouse travels across the screen, but the image of the icon has frozen part of the way across. It has transparency. I hold my mouse in place waiting, then after some 20 to 30 seconds, the icon snaps into the new spot where my mouse cursor is positioned. Is this a video card "overload" problem? My video is on-board, as delivered in the machine.

Should I consider replacing this on-board video or do I have another problem? It's been this way since new.

A:Is this a video board problem?

Hey tepeco

Does this only occur with the icon moving? Or does it happen with anything else?


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I am in the process of trying to get the onboard video to work on a FIC FR33 running a 430 processor (CPU Socket 370) . I have been able to locate the video drivers online at their web site, but when I try to install, I get a message saying it cannot complete the task due to not being able to find the "setup.dll" file.

I'm trying to get the correct driver installed as the current setup only has 16 bit color at 640 x 480 resolution.(no other options)..graphics are very grainy.

We just want to use this system for online mail/ internet/MSN Messenger.

Can anyne give me some assistance in getting this driver installed? It looks like right now the system is using the standard VGA driver from Windows 98 which is not working correctly.

Thanks for the help

A:FIC FR33 On Board Video Problem

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I need a litte bit of info here. I had a problem where I was getting horizontal red and green lines on my screen at times. I changed monitors and got the same problem. I sent my system in for repair. I was told that if a mother board had on video card that the motherboard its self would need to be replaced. The repair tech did a ReImage does that fix the issue? I am very concerned here. It has been a month messing with people to get it fixed. Was sent to Best Buy and they did nothing even though it was under warranty. Finally sent it directly to Gateway, and they ReImaged it. Just wondering if someone knows if this possible or did they just say they did something? Please respond. Thank you.

A:On Board video card problem

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on one of my computers the on board video isn't working in device manager it says the drivers are not installed (code 28).

i have tried to install some be searching the computer, searching the windows xp install disc i even tried the disc that came with a video card for another one of my computers and every time it just says cant find necessary software for this device

any ideas as to how to fix it any one

A:Solved: problem with on board video

On board means on your motherboard so you have to use the motherboard driver disc for the video drivers or identify the motherboard model and manufacturer and look that up online and download the proper drivers, most likely from the manufacturer's support website.

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I can not find the video and monitor drivers for a hp pavilion 4533. Can any one find the drivers for me?

A:video & monitor drivers

try this link click here

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If you have a widescreen monitor why and what size? I am thinking about a 22" Samsung. Any recommendations?

A:How do you like your widescreen monitor?

I have moved this to the video forum. You might get more hits there.

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Well I hoped I wouldn't be back here for a while and it is coming up for almost a year, so not bad going really!

I'm not sure what the best way to describe the problem is but since this morning, for no apparent reason my monitor is displaying everything in slightly drunken widescreen format. By this I mean that the display fits the screen horizontally, but vertically I have black bands both top and bottom. (Is any of this making any sense at all to anybody at all?) To make matters worse the display is lop-sided very slightly. I have spent a very frustrating afternoon messing around with settings to no avail. Is it just my poltergeist messing around or is there anything that I can do about this? I'm at my wits'end.

Go raibh maith agat
(Thank you)


A:Monitor in Widescreen!

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Hey Im looking into purchasing a Widescreen at minimum 19" height, and width hopefully a lot wider. I currently have a 19" but I would like a wide screen because I do a lot of programming and web development and design always having to scroll when making large projects.

So anyone have a monitor that they would recommend? I don't know the 700:1 aspect ratio, I'm guessing DPI but I'm unsure. And the MS response time, does it make a big difference? Does the aspect ratio and response time make a big difference?

I'm looking to spend under $200 if that is possible, the bigger the better lol Any help on good and bads of these wide screens I'd love to hear!

A:Do you have a WideScreen Monitor?

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We had an unfortunate accident last night, and broke our monitor. After checking out three different stores, it was obvious that the widescreens were the new thing. (Between three stores, at least 50 widescreens to choose from; maybe 7 "regular" screens, at most.) Anyway, my question:

I followed all the instructions on set-up: changed the settings to 1440 x 900 and 60Hz, and installed the monitor driver. My wife has a small collection of simple $20 video games, like Polar Bowler and Scrabble. The games are stretching to take up the entire screen, and hence, the image is distorting. I'm sure that you know what I mean; circles are now ovals, squares are now rectangles. Is there a way to make these games "full screen" without the distortion? Just like when you watch a regular TV show on a widescreen TV; with the vertical black bars on the sides? These games can be played in windowed mode, but on none of them are you able to re-size the window,so you are stuck with a window that is rather small.

I don't know what information may be relevant, but here's a start: HP Pavilion Desktop with Windows XP Home SP2; new monitor is an LG L196WTQ; and I'm not sure myself, but is this the graphics driver?: Intel® 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family.

Thank you to all who take the time to reply.

A:New Widescreen Monitor

You need to make sure you have the video resolution set to the native resolution of the monitor, that's probably why things are looking odd.

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I have a 22" widescreen monitor I have set my resolution to 1280x720 and everything is just the way I want it. Except when I open a browser IE8 for example everything is "crunched" not stretched. I'd rather have it stretched, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to fix this.

A:Widescreen Monitor

Need to know what graphics card your using. Or fillin system specs. Thanks. Fabe

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Hello everybody! Just got a new Acer 22" wide screen, looks great, fills the screen, but .....everything is short and dumpy...... Help! Please!

Thank You,


A:New widescreen monitor, need help

Make sure the VIS (visual image size) is set to match the output of your video card. If your new monitor VIS is larger than what your VIS on your computer can handle they you need to scale back the VIS to a smaller VIS that you can accept. Make sure you visit ACER and see if there is any Monitor driver or software to aid you with your monitor setup. Also I would visit the site where your system or your video card is made by and get the most updated video drivers for it.

Example: Monitor max is 1900x1600
Example: System max is 1440x900 this is what you set it at. If it still looks bad then you have to go lower. If you're not happy then replace the video card in your system with one that matches your monitor.

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My borther in law dropped off his computer to me in an attempt to get it going. He just installed windows 2000 pro on it and now only has 16 colors....I know its a driver problem but im having a problem getting it fixed. In device manager there is a Yellow question mark and says the drivers have not been installed......any help on what I should do next would be appreciated

A:video display problem with Abit board

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I bought a widescreen monitor that has a resolution of 1400+. But my PC is a bit older and the graphics card is showing a maximum resolution that it can handle is at 1280. I have updated to the most recent version of the graphic card's drive. Is there anything I can do for the graphics card to get the max resolution offered by the 1400+ resolution of the monitor?

A:Widescreen Monitor & Resolution

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I am in the market for a new monitor, and the Viewsonic VX1945wm seems quite attractive because of contrast, response time, and features. I have an Intel 82845G graphics card, but I am not sure whether the monitor (optimal resolution 1440x900) will be able to display an image without distorting it in some way, since the 82845G doesn't have a 1440x900 setting. Should I get a widescreen monitor, or just get a fullscreen one? Also, would games that don't support widescreen get stretched out?

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Hello, everyone! I'm really hoping someone here can help me.

Just had to buy a new monitor (old one kicked the bucket), so I'm now the owner of a new widescreen monitor. The problem is that my computer is no spring chicken and has no widescreen settings. I've got it set to 1024x768, which works for now, but the native resolution for this monitor is 1366x768, and the black bands along the sides of the screen are driving me nuts, plus, I figure if I've got the monitor, why not take advantage of the larger screen?

I know I need to update the video card, but I don't know what the computer can take. I've had the computer for a while, and it still suits my needs just fine. I'm not a gamer - the only game I play is Farmville on Facebook, lol. I just want to utilize my monitor, since I bought it.

Let me see if I can answer questions about my system. (Don't laugh, please.)

Windows XP Pro (SP-3)
Motherboard: Intel D845GRG AAA84341-204
1.0 GB RAM
CPU: 2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
Current video card: RAGE 128 Pro
The sticker for the power supply is in an awkward position, and I can't read the wattage, etc, but I can see that it's an SPI FSP300-60BT (12V), if that helps.

I don't know if that answers all your questions, but I hope so. I'm not as computer literate as I'm sure you all are, but I'm sure I could handle replacing a video card. Is there a video card out there that would do the jo... Read more

A:Trying to make the most of my new widescreen monitor

Your motherboard supports AGP graphics bus, which is an older type of interface but there are still quite a few options; most cards are relatively cheap nowadays. The bad news is that i think the motherboard can only handle AGP 4x and 2x speeds, so if you go with something newer and faster it's going to be limited in the performance dept. In other words, the fastest AGP cards are 8x, but you can still use one (i.e. it will only run @ 4x speeds max).

The Rage series is pretty ancient by todays standards, and good AGP cards are becoming harder and harder to come by. You can look around on Newegg.com or visit your local computer shop, but your best bet may be ebay or Amazon.com. Most retailers don't stock a lot of AGP products, but you can still find some great cards on ebay for less money.

Personally, I would look for a 5200FX (or 6200GT) or something along the lines of the Radeon X600. They are AGP 8x, but are still good cards to use on a 4x machine and sport 256MB video memory. You may be able to find some older cards, but the driver support will be better for the newer ones; you won't have to worry about making the 1366x768 screen resolution

Here is the guide for your board btw...


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I'm thinking of buying a 19" widescreen from Acer (on a side note, is Acer a notable company?)... But - the resolution is recommended to be left at 1440x900.

Now, can my Radeon X850XT go to that kind of resolution? It can surely handle it, but I'm not sure how do go to it (currently I have only options of 1024x768, 1280x1024, etc., but no 1440x900)... Or is it going to only be available once I start using the new monitor?

I just don't want to get it and then figure I have no way of switching to 1440x900...

A:Widescreen monitor resolution?

Usually the card is set to not accept anything other than the supported resolutions of the current monitor. So that means that when you do get your monitor, it WILL be able to go to 1440x900 because most cards can handle that.

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I just purchased a Samsung 920NW monitor for my Dell Dimension 4500 computer (Windows XP Home 2002 Edition). I think I have installed the correct driver, having followed the directions on the installation disk.

Everything on the monitor looks stretched. I have tried to adjust the settings in the display menu, but nothing works. Under the display menu, settings tab, I only have 3 options for screen resolution (800x600; 1024x768; and 1152x864). None of these looks very good. For what its worth under the display menu, setting tab it says Display: Sync Master 920NW on 32 MB ATI Range 120 Ultra.

Any help that anyone could provide to help me get rid of the stretch/picture distortion would be much appreciated.

A:Widescreen Monitor Distortion

I have a 19" Gateway and on the side I have a selection of buttons , one you want to start with is menu button and a list should come up which you want to look for the geometry settings. Hopefully that should take care of the problem you are having. I think or hope it does.

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Hi all,

I've just received a new Cibox 19" widescreen monitor with a very minimal instruction leaflet. The main problem is that I can't make the desktop expand to fit the screen. The monitor itself only seems to have some click buttons at the back which enable volume up & down and 'auto adjust' which is supposed to optimise viewing in some way, but I can't find any other control which could make the desktop bigger or change its placing as I have with older CRT monitors. I have tried altering the resolution but makes no difference. I've tried it with two computers, one working on XP Home and one on Windows 98SE. Have also looked in the device manager and nothing untoward to report there, nor any obvious way to alter anything. Any suggestions, anyone? I might otherwise decide to return it


A:New widescreen monitor - desktop won't fit

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I believe I'm in need of a new monitor...my current 17" CRT is pretty much useless. I'm not sure how to describe the problem, but the text upon startup is a mess, displaying what seems to be random numbers and symbols. It often is misaligned and rotated as well, and sometimes goes black then comes back a few times. It's been doing this intermittantly for a few weeks, but usually works after I restart the computer a few times...however, yesterday it wouldn't display correctly at all. The monitor is over 7 years old, and the rest of the PC is new, so it looks like I need a new monitor.

I'm thinking about getting a 20.1" widescreen. I'd like to have a little more desktop real estate, especially for editing videos with premiere and pics with photoshop. I also play some games...HL2, Quake4, civ IV, and oblivion.

My GPU is an EVGA 7800GT (N516), which supports 1600x1024 and 1600x1200. The monitors I'm looking at:

have a native resolution of 1680x1050. (I will use the DVI input)

Will these monitors work well with the graphics card? How will the display look, given the difference in resolutions? What will happen to applications that are not programmed for widescreen....will they be horribly stretched or can I just view them in 4:3 apsect? Reviews for both monitors are good, but ... Read more

A:Help with widescreen monitor decision

I'd suggest firsthand to check and eliminate that you dont have a video or pc problem.. its no use if its a new monitor and you cant use it if you know what i mean. Easiest way to test is to plug in another monitor, any monitor that you know works..

the 7800gt should be able to handle any monitor, as long as you leave it on its recomended resolution for the monitor, and have correct drivers if any needed...

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I just got a new widescreen LCD monitor. I very often have at least two, often more programs going at the same time. Already I have set up my widescreen to show two windows at the same time, but to do it I have to minimize both programs and manually pull them out to fit half of the wide screen. Is there any software out there, or settings available that will support a dual display (not dual monitor) set up on a widescreen monitor without having to set it up manually?

A:Widescreen monitor, what are the possibilities?

Never heard of one, you have one monitor, and it's managed that way.

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I just got a new Philips 244E1 SB 24" widescreen monitor which looks wildly out of proportion. I've adjusted the monitor to 4:3 aspect ratio and experimented with screen resolution (Windows XP, if it matters). There is no combination of screen resolution with either 4:3 or 16:9 monitor setting that doesn't make things look unnaturally wide. Is there something else I can check or change, or have I got a problematic monitor?

A:Widescreen monitor looks distorted

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I heard somewhere that XP has a method (?) of having, say, 1024x768 display proportionally correct on a widescreen monitor (granted, blank panels on the sides), rather than having it stretched edge-to-edge.

I wonder if this is true, and how does one go about setting it so that it only displays proportionally, instead of stretching anything? Regular computing and movies look real good on a WS, but gaming just doesn't do it. heh

For specifics, I'm using a KDS 19" k-92bw WS monitor on a GeForce4 MX 4000.

A:Widescreen monitor stretching

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Hopefully I've posted this in the right section. I just purchased a HP W2207 LCD widescreen monitor to replace my smaller HP 19" LCD. It's max resolution is 1680 X 1050 & I can't remember what it's native resolution is unless max & native means the same thing. It came with software to help adjust the monitor's settings, etc. The software recommended a higher resolution which I activated which make my desktops icons very small. FYI: The monitor does have a DVI-D connection. I had also just installed a Radeon HD 3850 video card which has DVI so I have my monitor hooked up to my HP computer via the DVI on the graphics card. When I set the monitor resolution to the recommended, everything (printing, fonts, etc) is so much smaller but fairly crisp. However the image does not fill the entire screen. If I lower the resolution, the image fills the screen, but everything looks stretched.
Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong, if anything?


A:HP LCD Widescreen monitor question?

Any suggestions would be appreciated..


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Hi, Am working with a PC with a new monitor and an ASUS P4S8X-X system board. When restarting, sometimes (over 50%) the monitor just doesn't make the connection, i.e. a black screen though you can hear the box do its thing. When this occurs, there is no display during any part of the boot process, not even a logo screen. You just keep restarting it and then it works OK. Haven't troubleshooted something like this before so I have a question. . . Would it be worth purchasing a new Video Card? I cannot produce any kind of a 'short' in the monitor port connection and have cleaned and reinstalled the video card. All seems to be in good working order. Have you heard of the on/off button doing this? Its a P4, 256 MB RAM, 60 GB HD. I clean installed Windows XP Pro from Windows 2000 Pro. It was having this problem for the past year or so. Any ideas would be very well recieved. Thanks

A:Solved: video card or system board problem?

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I have a game (ATCSimulator 2) that is not written for widescreen. The game tells me that in order to work in the mode I want the display must be set to a standard 4:3 setting. It gives the options of 1280x800, 1440x900 or 1680x1050. I tried to do this, but apparently my video card does not support any standard resolutions. I thought it might just show the screen stretched, but the game will not even go into the mode I want to use.

Does anyone know how I can change the resolution to display properly or possibly a workaround for this?

My video adapter is Intel HD Graphics 4000
Intel driver version
15.6" display
Max Resolution 1366x768
Windows 8.1

A:Standard resolution on widescreen monitor

Check your monitor settings to see if you have a setting in there to be able to switch to 4:3. Unless done by scaling through video card i am not certain how to do this.

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I have an old XP program, which when running looks very small (see jpeg) my monitor is 1920x1080... I have tried right clicking the icon and selecting compatability then run in 640x480 screen resolution, which then fills the screen, but loses its clarity, is there a way to run it so it is just in between these two sizes, so it's big enough to see and doesn't lose clarity of image. Any other ways or suggestions very welcome.


A:Xp program looks small on my widescreen monitor

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I know, I know look it up on google. I have and really there is no better place than here asking the experts. What seems to be one of the better widescreen 22" monitors out there today. Monitors are always being replaced with new ones every so often so it is hard to keep up. Thanks.

A:What seems to be the best widescreen 22" monitor out there today?

it depends how much you want to spend and if you need hdmi ports

samsung makes good stuff but there a bit more money
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001268 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001278
or for less theres and acer or hanns
i personally have an acer 19" wide screen and i like it and it wasn't to much money

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I just bought a nice new widescreen monitor. This site seems to work in widescreen just fine but other sites (yahoo etc) seem to still be in a box type shape. How do I make them go widescreen? I'm running Vista and IE7 if it matters.

P.S I'm a new guy here so forgive me if this is in the wrong board

A:Internet explorer + new widescreen monitor

Welcome to BC

Some sites (like Yahoo, MSN etc) hard code the width of their content. So you are out of luck for those web sites.
Other websites which dynamically resize according to the screen, are going to fill your widescreen monitor.

Have a nice day.

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I recently upgraded my laptop to an HP 6565b with docking station from an HP 6555b with the same docking station. Almost identical machines but the new one runs Windows 7.

On the new machine I cannot get it to recognize my 23" Samsung SyncMaster PX2370. The old machine did just fine (running Windows XP). I've downloaded the latest driver for my display adapter (AMD Radeon HD 6520G) and installed the proper monitor driver for the monitor.

I'm hooking the monitor up through a DVI cable on the back of the docking station.

When I hook up a basic 17" monitor, Windows recognizes the display and it works without issue. However I can't get my Widescreen to do the same. I don't know what else to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 does not detect Widescreen monitor

Have you tried changing the screen resolution?

Screen Resolution - Display Settings

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im not sure if this should be in the game section or here.

i just got a new widescreen monitor, a vx2025wm and im trying to play counter strike with the reslution of 640-480. when cs opens its in like a window mode, i want it to open up and imitate the size as if i were playing on a 17" monitor. is there a way i can do this? maybe some program? hopefully you all can understand my problem :/

A:trying to play old games on widescreen monitor

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So, I got a new video card at work to install and nothing will show up when I plug it in. I can go through the computers VGA and it works fine, but when I go to the video card only a black screen. Any help? Can't download drivers either, only black screen upon boot.

A:Display Drivers/Video Card and Monitor Screen


Have you tried removing the graphics card and using the on board VGA to boot into windows, you could then install the required drivers.

Then shutdown the PC >> Insert new graphics card and see how that goes??


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