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Microphone Array

Q: Microphone Array

I have a brand new pc purchased from hp and my Bang and Olufsen Microphone Array keeps moving to mute. I have uninstalled and reinstalled under hp recovery however it is still moving to mute after I move it to max volume it will stay for a couple of seconds then go back to mute. What can I do???

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Preferred Solution: Microphone Array

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Running windows 7 professional 32-bit (x86) on a Dell Inspiron 1521.

Computer originally purchased with windows vista, but has been recently upgraded. After installing skype, I noticed that my microphone (built-in) was not working. Puzzled, I tried the line-in to no avail. After spending nearly 4 days scouring internet forums for a solution, I have given up.

When installing the Sigmatel Audio Drivers (R167846) an error "ExitError.Error=Device Object not present, restart the system and run setup again."occurs.

Have tried:
-Restarting computer
-Uninstalling all audio drivers and letting windows reinstall them upon reboot
-Reinstalling intel chipset drivers
-checked Sound->recording devices and made sure they were not muted, volume up, and set as default device.
-disabling driver signature verification
Device manager shows no irregularities.
Sound plays perfectly fine. Only error I'm having is the microphone line-in and integrated array.

Sigmatel has no real support, and Dell does not have official windows 7 drivers.
-attempted running in compatibility mode for windows vista, vista sp2, vista sp3.
-Running as administrator
Anyone know what to do? I'd really like to be able to skype with my family across the country.
Happy Holidays.

A:Line In + Microphone Array not working

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Hello everyone,

Up till a few hours ago I have had no problems with my integrated microphone and today I can't seem to figure out why it is not working. I have tried various things such as making sure it is the default device etc.

So I come here for your help. This is currently what it looks like when I am in the sound window.

The green bar to the right doesn't detect any noise or voices.
Can someone help me go through all the things I should check?


A:HP Pavillion Dv6 - Integrated Microphone Array Problem

As this has worked OK and now does not, a System Restore may fix it. Restore the PC back to an available restore date when it did work.

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I was able to use skype until I was recently messing around with the recoding tab under the sound options.  I believe I deleted something, and now only the external mic and stereo mix devices show.  I didn't discover the problem until I tried to use skype again and have no mic available.  I went into the IDT HD Sound options (trying to figure out how to fix it) and can see that there is an integrated microphone array, but it appears to be disabled with appearent way to fix the problem.
Thank you in advance for the help!


View Solution.

A:dv7 Pavilion integrated microphone array (Skype)

Hi, On Sound Window, on Recording Tab, right click on Empty Space, click 'Show Disabled Devices', and 'Show Hidden Devices'. If Microphone Appears, right click and click Enable, select it, click Set as Default. Check if it works, if not, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Driver. 1. Click Start, type: DEVMGMT.MSC in Search Field and Press Enter. It opens Device Maanger Window.2. Go to 'Sound, Video and Game Controllers' category, and expand it. Right click on IDT High Definition Audio Device entry and click Uninstall3. Click Start->All Programs=>REcovery Manager->click Hardware Dirver installation, select Sound Driver entry, and click Install.

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My computer will only recognize sounds from my array microphone and not from my headset microphone...

thats the problem in the link

A:Only Recognizes sound from array microphone, and not line-in

help pleaseeeee

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So I'm new to this forum stuff, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong area.
I have been having some issues with the microphone input on my Alienware M14x R2 since upgrading to Windows 10. I can use any headsets with mics that I have, it doesn't recognise any voice or sound. I have used the Windows troubleshooter and it says the device is working properly and the driver is up to date.
I obviously didn't believe this so I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers from the Dell website (found the link on the Microsoft website). This enabled me to use the Sound Blaster Control Panel but still no luck even after turning off the CrystalClear enhancement. 
I went onto the dell website and ran their tests. This, for some reason, allowed me to hear a very faint output from my mic jack, but not the microphone array jack.
i then done an Echo/Sound Test on skype with my headset connected into the mic jack, but no output from this.
Anyone have any ideas to help me try fix this? Or am I out of luck and have to get a repair, I'm out of warranty :(

A:SoundBlaster Recon3Di Microphone Array not responding to input

Hello. Dell does not recommend putting Win10 on the Alienware M14R2 model. On the support page Dell says "If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected." The feature not working "as expected" appears to be the mics.
DeanD95 I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers from the Dell website
Dell does not provide a Win10 Sound Blaster driver for the M14R2 so you must have installed a 7, 8, or 8.1 driver. Try removing that driver completely then installing it again, but this time use Windows compatibility mode.
If doing that doesn't help then try posting on the Alienware Club board. They might know something about this issue that I don't.
DeanD95am I out of luck and have to get a repair
If the mics worked okay up to the time you got Win10, then most probably not hardware. You could revert the laptop back to the operating system in which all of the features worked as expected.

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High Definition Audio Device from IDT integrated microphone array not working after Win 10 upgrade
I have try the Microsoft UAA and different drivers to no avail . i got it to work intermittently using a diagnotic tool on one laptop but theres still a yellow triangle in DEV Manger and the 2 nd laptop still no mic both same models
HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC
Model #: BW083US
Serial #: [Personal Information Removed]
integrated microphone array  - IDT HD audio CODEC
Device 1:  IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
Status:     Enabled
Driven:    5twrt64.sys
Version:  6.10.6257.0
Device 2: High Definition Audio Device
Status:    (1O)
Driver:     HdAudio.sys
Version:  10.0.10536.0

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Hi Everyone,

I have just cloned a RAID array and I am concerned about it's performance.

A bit of background...

My Motherboard = ASUS Z9PE-D16
RAID Card = PIKE 2008 LSISAS RAID card

The initial RAID array consisted of 6 x 1TB Seagate Constellation (ST1000NM001) SAS drives in a RAID1+0 (10) configuration.

The new array consists of 6 x 4TB WD SATA drives in a RAID1+0 (10) configuration.

Initial performance is quite slow, but this may just be due to parity checking. On paper the original, and new drives are comparable.

Whilst the original drives were SAS and the new drives are SATA they both operate at 7200RPM and have 6Gbps interfaces.

My question is - "Is my initial slow performance likely due to parity checking, or will I experience ongoing slowness?"

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Furthermore whatever you offer with regard to help may assist a piece of Australian Cultural heritage!

Kind Regards,


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Suddenly and out of nowhere my microphone has started transmitting system mix to the microphone output and no one can hear me. I've uninstalled audio drivers and reinstalled them to no avail. I have been using Realtek drivers and I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Computer Sounds being transmitted through Microphone output, not microphone

Are you plugging into the Back Pink audio jack of the computer not the front? Open the RealTek audio control panel in the Task Bar or in the Control Panel. Here you can adjust the Mic and test it.

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I have a Dell Vostro 1500, running 32-bit Windows 7. It came with Vista, but I upgraded to Windows 7 a couple months ago, which I think is causing the issues I'm experiencing. According to whoever I'm speaking with, the sound for the microphone built in to my webcam fades in and out and gets really loud randomly. In an attempt to solve this, I bought an external microphone which also does not work.

The sound driver is the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC, version When I tried to update it through Windows 7's update driver software it says I have the best version for my system, but I still suspect that this could be what is causing the problem. I can't seem to find a better driver though.

Any ideas?

Thank you

A:Built-in Webcam Microphone and Microphone Line-in Not Working

Got the same problem with a Dell Vostro 1500 microphone line-in not working. I can't help I'm afraid; I am just posting here so I get notified of any responses.

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Microphone not working - Which driver for the microphone elitebook 8540w? I recently downloaded the driver and got the webcam working, but no sound from the microphone. Thanks, Jon

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Sorry if this has been posted before but some searching hasn't
revealed any results

I have just bought a headset with microphone for use with skype.
I also have a usb webcam with a microphone, but the microphone isn't
as good as the headsets.
When I have the webcam plugged in the headsets microphone doesn't
work, I guess the webcam's takes priority. Fine.
When I remove the webcam (which will be the norm) the headset
microphone doesn't then work. I have to restart the machine before it

I've tried control panel->sounds and audio devices->voice->voice
recording and I can see that there are 2 options when the webcam is
plugged in but only one when not. Nothing I do here seems to help

thanks for any help

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Can anyone explain why my left headphone picks up speech while the microphone barely registers any sound? The headset is a headphone/mic set used with skype. and the microphone is on the left side.

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Im very new to C++ and im using the program as sort of a comprhension check on what i know so far. im stuck bc of an array. i want to change the value of an int to an array value based on a selection. such as:
entry.orville based on user input changes to entry.orville[0][0]; something along those lines. Any help is sooo much apprciated.
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

struct database {
int orville;
int tiffany;
int robin;
int dawn;
int dad;
int mom;
int choices;
int arraychoices;


int main()
system("TITLE Orville .1");
database entrys;

cout<< "Welcome to the box." << endl;
cout<< "In this im displaying my knowledge of what ive learned about in C++ this far" << endl;
cout<< "Please select a choice to continue:" << endl;
cout<< "1. Orville 2. Tiffany 3. Robin 4. Dawn 5. Dad 6. Mom" << endl;
cin>> entrys.choices;
cout<< "Next we will want to put these values into an array(grid)" << endl;
cout<< "Select where you would like Orville to go," << endl;
cout&... Read more

A:Any one can help with c++ array?

None of these lines are needed and can be (and recommended) to be removed. Smart compilers will remove them anyways for you as they do nothing:

entry.orville based on user input changes to entry.orville[0][0]; something along those lines.Click to expand...

You cannot change an int into an array (Not directly, anyways.) If you know the size of the array, make orville an array in your structure and just set the corresponding index to the value that you want.

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Q: array

yeah i'm a real newbie in C++ but I need the code for a 2D array that will display on screen a 4X3 Matrix


Here's an example

(assuming matrix 4Rows x 3Columns)

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
float x[4][3];

x[0][0] = 1;
x[0][1] = 2;
x[0][2] = 3;
x[1][0] = 4;
x[1][1] = 5;
x[1][2] = 6;
x[2][0] = 7;
x[2][1] = 8;
x[2][2] = 9;
x[3][0] = 10;
x[3][1] = 11;
x[3][2] = 12;

cout << endl << endl
<< x[0][0] << " " << x[0][1] << " " << x[0][2] << endl
<< x[1][0] << " " << x[1][1] << " " << x[1][2] << endl
<< x[2][0] << " " << x[2][1] << " " << x[2][2] << endl
<< x[3][0] << " " << x[3][1] << " " << x[3][2] << endl
<< endl;

return 0;
just for a guide, visualize the array like this...


I defined the values of the array in groups of rows just for visualization purposes. There are times when you want to define them in groups of columns for visualization purposes instead, so keep that in mind. Despite the order that they are defined, the output of the above program is the visual representation of the array.

Use int if the values are going to be whole numbers, but if they are non-whole, use float, which I used above so you didn't have to change that if you decided to use non-whole values.

If you wanted 3ro... Read more

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ok so we got a problem to read data from a file and it represents restaurants and some info like food type, avg meal price, and a rating
i believe my algorithm is correct but i'm gettin tons of compilation errors and i don't understand why

here's the first major issue i have:

//Function Declarations
int getSize(void);
void readFile(int size, restaurant *list);
int menu (void);
int search (char *looking, restaurant *list, int num);
void sortmenu (void);
void display(int size, restaurant *list);
void alphabetize(int num, restaurant *list);
void spoonsort(int num, restaurant *list);

//Main Function:
int main(void)
typedef struct{
char *name;
char *type;
double meal;
int spoons;
} restaurant;
//find the size of list from file
int size=getSize();
//define a list of restaurants
restaurant restList[size];
ok so i want my functions to receive an array of restaurants
but the compiler is not recognizing restaurant as a type
i'm sure i have many other errors but if anyone can give me a clue on how to allow my functions to recieve a typedef struct?

A:using an array of structs in C

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So I currently have a Vista Business 64-bit. I also have 2 1tb drives. I have one of the terrabyte drives with vista on it and over 300 gigs of information. I would like to put this drive in a Raid 1 array and do not want to have to reinstall vista and lose all of my stuff. Is there anything I can do to make sure this all gets to the RAID 1 array?

A:Raid 1 Array

Setting up a mirror RAID Config should mirror to the second disk. You should not lose any data, Set it up as a broken array, and let it "rebuild". (approx time to rebuild 1TB is 12 hours)

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I have intialized an array with some values and now i am trying to print them one by one. But i am getting errors. Could some please help me, thank you.

import java.util.*;

public class ArrayList {

int static [] array = new array [] {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

public static void main (string [] args) {

for (int i=0; i<array.length; i++){
System.out.print(" " + array[i]);

A:Java array

Hi jacy,

There are 2 mistakes in your coding :

int static [] array = new array [] {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
must be
static int[] array = new int [] {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};

public static void main (string [] args) {
must be
public static void main (String [] args) {
(Java is case sensitive)

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[email protected]llo all,

I have been given the task of reading from a text file in the current format:

Name, Score
Name, Score
Name, Score
.... and so forth.

After reading the file i am required to enter the seperate values of name and score into an array, however the array must be an array of objects!

I have 2 data classes, one named PlayerClass and one named PersonClass both of which will be used to 'get' the players' name and scores later in the program.
PersonClass has a constructor as follows:
Public Sub New(ByVal pFirstname As String)
firstname = pFirstname
End Sub
firstname is an attribute declared at the top of the data class.

My other data class (PlayerClass) inherits PersonClass, however the constructor includes one extra parameter (score) as follows:
Public Sub New(ByVal pFirstname As String, ByVal pScore As Integer)
'pass parameters onto base class constructor
score = pScore
End Sub
Again score is an attribute declared at the top of the data class.

I was given a skeleton form to work on which contained the following sub method:
Private Sub LoadPlayers(ByRef pPlayers() As PlayerClass)

'reads details of the player names and current scores from a delimited text file, into an array of objects

End Sub
Now the thing im not too clear on is the parameter which has been entered into this sub, (ByRef pPlayers() as PlayerClass), so far i have managed to come... Read more

A:Need some VB help (Array of Objects)!!

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Hi, something weird has come up. I was working on my XP desktop, stopped to grab a cup of coffee and when I came back the screen was black and these words are on it:
MediaShield ROM BIOS 6.33
Detecting array". The little white cursor thingy is flashing.

I rebooted and thought everything was fine because it worked fine until I left it for 5 minutes. It said the same thing again. I rebooted and the same thing happened two more times. Now it's sitting here with the screen black, same words and the little cursor blinking at me. (I'm on my laptop). Help! patwannabe

A:Detecting array

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The Intel Matrix Storage manager does not support adding an additional drive to the array. I have 3 160's now and want to add the 4th. I can set the drive up as a spare only. Is there any other way I can add the 4th drive to it without starting all over and having to install all again. If I have to I will set it up with both a raid 0 and a raid 5 to have the best of both worlds but if I can get the array to take the 4th and migrate whatever then I will leave it with just the raid 5 setup.


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Hello. I am new in installing SATA HDD so i am confused when i installed the drive for the first time the nvidia raid bios setup asked me what type am i going to use on the HDD so i selekted the first one that was working (striping). Now my question is: did i selected the proper type ? because i saw that there is other like mirroring and stripe mirroring. If a made a mistake how can i fix it.

A:Raid array

It depends what you want to do. Without getting into a discussion about the value of RAID on a home system in general stripe is what you want. Do some reading here. RAID0 is stripe and RAID1 is mirror.

Just make sure you do back ups of your data to another storage source.

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ok so it started like this... I have 2 hard drives in my computer. All was working fine till a couple months ago and it would not recognize the 2nd drive(thats where i keep all my important family pics/videos, etc). So I get the bright idea to go into bios and see if I could "fix" the problem... changed the RAID setting to enable, saved and exited... Now I'm getting the message "MediaSheild ROM BIOS 6.84 Detecting Array" with the curser flashing... It will not let me F2 to get into BIOS to change it.. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!

A:detecting array

So if you power on your computer and IMMEDIATELY start hitting the F2 key repeatedly... it does not eventually go to the BIOS? I know by enabling a RAID array, it will always show that RAID message before going to the BIOS. But as long as you hit the right key at the right time (which is long before the RAID message appears) while booting, you will get in.

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I have written a few Fortran programs that uses dynamic arrays but couldn't find this feature supported in another language. Does anybody aware of such possibility in another language as I am thinking transferring the programs to a more modern alternative.

The dynamic array can be called by the stating element number in a vector and change into a 2 or 3 dimension array inside a subroutine. It is very useful in calculations, like sparse matrices.


In the main program

Dimension A(10000)
Call another (A(1), A(101))
Subroutine anther (c, d)
dimension c(100), d(10,5,7)

In the above the c(100) occupy the first 100 cells of vector A and d matrix follows with the next 350 cells. In application the dimensions of the matrices can be variables too.

Currently I can only compile the Fortran programs into .exe files and execute them in a shell from within Visual Basic.

A:Is the dynamic array still in use?

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How do I create an array which prints the following and adds the weights to get the total
of 129 lbs ? How do I dimension the array ? I only have a very,very basic book of
VB6 from which I cannot figure it out.

Robert 46 lbs
Jim 24 lbs
John 33 lbs
James 26 lbs
Thanks fore your help


A:Array Question

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This formula works well for what i am trying to do on a single row, but i have multiple rows and sheets in a workbook and each row needs to have their own average per data inserted in that row. So rather than go line by line i want to use and array. When i use array for this formula it fills the columns with the formula, but it averages all the number in each cell as a whole for that column. For instance E3:E12 = Avg E13, but if i use an array E3:E12 = avg A13:E13. the array does not differentiate row E:3E12 from A3:A12, all number inserted give 1 avg no matter what cell/row.

A:Help with using this formula as an array?

Sorry, forgot to mention i am using Office 2010 Pro

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I have the following coding:


Dim varBooks
Dim varBook
Dim varPrograms
Dim varProgram
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook
Dim strPath1 As String
Dim strPath2 As String

varPrograms = Array("Conneticut")
varBooks = Array(varProgram & "_DailyReport1.xls", varProgram & "_DailyReport2.xls")
strPath1 = "C:\Users\Main\Monday\Alpha\" & varProgram & "_Tyner\"
strPath2 = "C:\Users\Main\Monday\" & varProgram & "_Last\Tyner\"
For Each varProgram In varPrograms
For Each varBook In varBooks
Set wb = Nothing
If Len(Dir(strPath1 & varBook)) Then
Set wb = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=strPath1 & varBook)
ElseIf Len(Dir(strPath2 & varBook)) Then
Set wb = Workbooks.Open(strPath2 & varBook)
End If
If Not wb Is Nothing Then
wb.SaveAs Filename:="C:\desktop\" & Worksheet.Name & ".xls"
wb.Close False
End If

Next varBook
Next varProgram

Now what I am trying to do here is for each Program in the Array, I want to look for the two varBooks (DailyReport1 and DailyReport2) and they are always prefaced with the program. So it would ready like this...NewHampshire_DailyReport1.xls, NewHampshire_DailyReport2.xls. And these varBooks are housed in either strPath1 or strPath2, but again the Program Name is in there, s... Read more

A:Solved: Help with Array

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So i'm using vb in excel to form an array , copy the dates from one colum and place in another....
But i seem to be stuck...cause it will work for integers, but any string , or date format i use comes out wrong.

May seem simple, but it's been driving me nuts for the last day. Any help would br appreciated.


Sub SetAppt()

Dim anotherIteration As Boolean
Dim I As Long
Dim arraySize As Integer
Dim hearArray() As Variant

arraySize = I
I = I + 1
Loop Until Cells(I, "f").Value = ""
ReDim hearArray(arraySize - 1)
For I = 1 To arraySize
hearArray(I - 1) = Val(Cells(I, "f").Value)
Next I
For I = 1 To arraySize
Cells(I + 1, "m").Value = hearArray(I)
On Error Resume Next

Next I
End Sub

A:Solved: Array help

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I would like to know how to set up three hdds to read as one. Is it possible to make all three small hddsto be read as one for ease?

Thank You

A:RAID Array

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I've got 2 150GB SATA HD's with much data on them can I stripe them without losing the info?

A:RAIDing an Array

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I'm in need of help. Here is the situation. I have a workbook in excel that has two columns of times in 24 hour format. These two columns of times need to be incremented by five minutes everyday. I was thinking that you could do that with an array. Would this be right? and if so can someone help me get started with the code. I have Excel 2003. Thanks.

A:Excel array help

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My daughter provided me with a wonderful new gift last night which included an array of pop-ups that appear whenever they feel like it along with desktop icons which included poker, gambling etc. I have run both Ad-Aware and XoftSpy but it has not solved my problems. There were items in my Privacy options under popups that I did not enter there such as dns-look-up.com and mysearchnow which I removed as being allowed to have pop-ups. When I went to shut down my PC there was a popup box that indicated liesba.exe failed to initialize or something along those lines. I did even have a virus pop up last night, however, AVG has it in the vault. I believe some of this initiated through myspace.com but who knows?

This is my hijack log and ANY help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 7:31:03 PM, on 5/22/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\program files\support.com\client\bin\tgcmd.exe
C:\WINDOW... Read more

A:Solved: Have a whole new array of Pop-Ups, etc.

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Well this morning my 1tb drive seemed to have failed. i got home and was, surprisingly, able to access it again (so im backing everything up off of it now) im thinking, once i get this replaced, of buying another drive and setting them up as RAID 1. do raid 1 drives have to be the exact same model, or just the same capacity? i currently have a St31000340AS which i cant find in stores, only online. would adding a ST310005N1A1AS-RK still allow me to set up a raid 1 array?

thanks for the help
edit - also, how would setting up a raid 5 array work? once again, would i need 3 of the same drives? if not, would having two 1tb drives (not exact same model) and a 200 gig drive work? if so, how? i know it limits the capacity by the size of one disk. which disk would it the extra capacity be removed (like would it end up being a 1tb + 1tb or a 1tb +200g?) also, for each way, do i need any special cables or hardware for each one? my mobo is the Asus A8N-E which i looked up on and it says it supports raid 0/1, but im not sure how support for raid 5 works, if mine even supports it. how would i check or know?

sorry, im new to raid arrays lol. basically, anything a newbie to raid arrays should know, help me out XD (i am very computer literate though, fyi)

A:Raid 1 array

plasma dragon00 said:

Well this morning my 1tb drive seemed to have failed. i got home and was, surprisingly, able to access it again (so im backing everything up off of it now) im thinking, once i get this replaced, of buying another drive and setting them up as RAID 1. do raid 1 drives have to be the exact same model, or just the same capacity? i currently have a St31000340AS which i cant find in stores, only online. would adding a ST310005N1A1AS-RK still allow me to set up a raid 1 array?Click to expand...

Most cards that support RAID1 will allow you to use two hard drives that are not identical. The smaller of the two capacities will be the size of your RAID1.
ie: Drive 1 = 998GB and Drive 2 is 1TB, the RAID1 size will be 998GB

plasma dragon00 said:

edit - also, how would setting up a raid 5 array work? once again, would i need 3 of the same drives? if not, would having two 1tb drives (not exact same model) and a 200 gig drive work? if so, how? i know it limits the capacity by the size of one disk. which disk would it the extra capacity be removed (like would it end up being a 1tb + 1tb or a 1tb +200g?) also, for each way, do i need any special cables or hardware for each one? my mobo is the Asus A8N-E which i looked up on and it says it supports raid 0/1, but im not sure how support for raid 5 works, if mine even supports it. how would i check or know?

sorry, im new to raid arrays... Read more

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I just made a 2-drive raid array on my kid's computer like this:

Iwill KK266 motherboard with 1.4 ghz Athlon, 256 PC133 ram.
Promise Fasttrak66 raid controller
Two IBM 8.4 gb ata33 drives, each a master on its own channel.

I fired it up, and made a raid 0 array with the two drives, 16 gb total, 64 kb stripe.

Ran the Windows XP Pro install CD, and created two partitions on the array of about 8 gb each, and installed WinXp on the first one, formatting it with NTFS. It took a LONG time to format (well over an hour)

Once the Windows desktop was running, I installed a few more programs. The ATTO disk benchmark showed transfer speeds in the 17000 range for the C: drive, so I thought all was well.

But then I noticed I only had less than 700 mb free on the drive! I checked the size of what was installed, and found it to be just over 1300 mb, giving a total of just under 2 gb. These figures are shown on the drive properties screen.

Next I fired up the Disk Manager in the Administrative tools, and it showed both partitions in their correct size of 8 gb. No clue why I was only apparently accessing 2 gb of the C drive.

I then tried formatting the D drive, but after another long process, the format failed. No reason given.

What's going on?? I seem to recall there was some sort of 2 gb partition limit in FAT, but I'm using NTFS.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Am I missing something obvious?

A:I need some help with my Raid array...please!

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would like to reformat hard dive, but new motherboard will not detect cdrom and floppy drives. when i boot up it says that there is no array defined..... so how do i find the cdrom so i can reformat.........thanks

A:no array defined

If your mother board won't pick up or reconsize the floppy or hard drive or cd when it starts to boot watch and somewhere on the screen usually bottom left corner you will see something like to enter setup press delete.

Do this and go into set up and have the motherboard find them and then all you will have to do is accept the settings and save and exit.

The floppy you might have to tell it that it is there or another problem might be you have the cables on backwards or a pin might have gotten bent.

I know the last suggestions you might think stupid but we all do make a mistake every now and then so it won't hurt to check. Not trying to insult your intelligence.

Also you might want to check the mother board jumper settings.

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Dell Power Edge 2900
Windows server 2003
Previous thread here:
I was given this server for the purpose of getting the ACT database files. which I've successfully.
done. I actually got it to boot once and ran the backup tool.
It's consistently had a memory error ("One Dimm has been disabled") and occasionally one of the RAID 1 drives blinks amber instead of green. The battery backup (Whatever that is) is also not present.
It was my duty, of course, to continue fooling around, and I've managed to break the array ("No array defined"). I took one drive out to run chkdsk, which got almost to the end and quit. I've had an error previously about "unrecoverable error". I can see the drives in the array manager, and I'm pretty sure all the data is still there.
Is there a way to get the array working again?

A:No array found

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So i'm trying to make a program that uses Caprekar's constant, but whenever i try to pass an array into a function to sort it into ascending or descending order i get the error "Unknown Type Name"


int increase(int arr_orgn2);
int decrease(int arr_orgn1);
void main(){

int num=0; //original number
int inc=0; //number in increasing order
int dec=0; //number in decreasing order
int sort=0; //to store a number during sorting
int a=0; //used as a counter
int b=0; //used as a counter
int temp = 0;
int arr_orgn1[4]; //used to organize the numbers
int arr_orgn2[4];
int arr_skip[9]={1111,2222,3333,4444,5555,6666,7777,8888,9999}; //unacceptable numbers
int flag =1;
for (num=1000; num<9999; num++){
for(b=0;b<9;b++){//check to see if we skip this number
if (num==arr_skip[b])
a=num; //store variable in different number
for (b=3; b>=0; b--){
arr_orgn1[b] = a%10; //store last digit
arr_orgn2[b] = a%10;
a/=10; //remove last digit
printf("\nnum is %d: ", num);
dec = decrease(arr_orgn1);
inc = increase(arr_orgn2);
for(b=3; b>=0; b--){
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A:Trying to Pass array

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Does anyone know what SAM (Sil Array Manager) is? It keeps popping up when I turn on my computer.


A:SAM (Sil Array Manager)

Did you try googling for it?

It's a Java based application to setup RAID 5 on your machine.

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
struct inflatable{
char name[20];
int number1;
int main(){
inflatable fred={
" ",
inflatable jan;
cout<<"Please enter your name: "<<endl;
cout<<"Welcome "<<fred.name;
cout<<"Welcome "<<jan.name;
return 0;
this is how far I have gotten with C++ but the book I am using states that you can use an array of structures but this kind of throughs me off balance could anyone please explain how you declare an array of structures and how you would use it

A:Struct array

Hi gfxrelay,

There are examples of arrays of structure on the following document :


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how do you make an array of strings in c++?


A:array of strings in c++

I can tell you how to do it in C and you'll have to translate it (if needed) to C++. (I'm a little rusty on C though so I hope I get this right.)

There are two methods. The simpler method is to create a two dimensional character array. The inner dimension would be the strings and the outer dimension would be the array.

The more complicated (but preferred) method would be to create a character pointer array (single dimension) and dynamically allocate the individual strings as needed. That way you can set the length of each string in the array to fit it's contents.

This is all assuming that you are not using string literals. To create an array of literals the best method would be something like this:

char * my_array[] = {"string1", "string2", ... "stringn"}

This will create an array of pointers with each member pointing to a string literal.

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Not sure (and this may be a dumb question) but is it possible to add another HDD to my box and set up a RAID array between the new HDD and my existing HDD WITHOUT having to reformat the existing drive (thus, without having to reinstall windows?)

Thanks in advance for the the big "NO!" that I think is coming

A:RAID Array

Quote: Originally Posted by eduede

Not sure (and this may be a dumb question) but is it possible to add another HDD to my box and set up a RAID array between the new HDD and my existing HDD WITHOUT having to reformat the existing drive (thus, without having to reinstall windows?)

Thanks in advance for the the big "NO!" that I think is coming

Hi and welcome

Could you be more specific about between?
Ken J+

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i have an problem. I must sort the following arrays:

PHP Code:

[Hashtable]$z = @{x0="2";x1="101";x2="99";} 

I need a script which gives me this solution:

PHP Code:

[Hashtable]$z = @{x0="2";x2=... Read more

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I am having a problem with setting up a Raid 1 array. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 32 along with an Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard. After viewing videos on Raid Array setup on Youtube, I decided this chore should not be so difficult. I entered the bios and followed the prompts and made my Raid 1 array. No error messages, and both of my WD3200 HDD were listed, and the array was boot enabled and labeled healthy.
I then inserted my Windows Vista Ultimate CD and clicked on Repair, and on to restore my pc. Windows discovered my external backup, and I then chose the backup that I wanted. I followed the prompts and then clicked restore and received a message that stated that there were to few drives or not enough space to continue. I now do not know how to proceed. Any suggestions would be helpful.
I call this PC my "learning PC". I am trying to learn some of the more exotic functions of my PC. I have read that the Windows Vista built in backup utility is good for backup restore, but not to be used for Raid. Is this true? If so, what product would help me with this issue? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Raid Array

I'm no expert but i do know ... On a complete pc restore "which I'm guessing your trying to do" Your new HDDs must be as large or larger than the original.

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Well it won't let me post a GMER log, because when I launch GMER my computer freezes after about 30 seconds of it running. (utter freeze, I have to hold the power button to do anything)I have a Mbam log though, and I managed to get that DDS thing.

A:Big array of viruses :(

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Do not Attach logs unless I ask you to.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Options. If you click on this in the drop-down menu you can choose Track this topic. By doing this and then choosing Immediate E-Mail notification and then clicking on Proceed you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.Note** If you are having problems posting the complete log into this thread upload them here http://www.rapidshare.com/ and post the links in this thread Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.Gmer is the best but can be hard to get a log lets try this and see what we get.Scan With RKUnHookerPlease Download Rootkit Unhooker Save it to your desktop.Now double-click on RKUnhookerLE.exe to run it.Click the Report tab, then click Scan.Check (Tick) Drivers, Stealth. Uncheck the rest. then Click OK.Wait till the scanner has finished and then click File, Sa... Read more

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Hi Folks,

Thanks to all that help the newbies.

I need some help with arrays and file processing.

Heres what I have..

Filename(cntr) = the name and path of the file

cntr = the file array number

How can I use this to open [Filename(cntr)] and process the data
before it gets another file from the folder???

I tried this

fnum = cntr

Open #fnum (Filename(cntr) As Input #fnum

But I keep getting errors
Thanks So much!!!!!!


A:A Ray ARRAY HURRAY!!!!!!!!

Hi. Welcome to TSG. Most of us are here because we enjoy helping people and we occasionally have a question of our own that so many here are kind enough to lend an ear to. From the code snippet that you've posted, I'm guessing it is VB that you're working in. It will help us to help you if you tell us the version you're working with and the error(s) that you're getting. We're glad to be of assistance but be mindful of the fact that if it's homework that you're doing then you're welcome to ask for help solving specific problems but "here's the problem - how do I do it" will generally be ignored. You haven't done that in this case and I applaud that. So many others have.

Help us help you. I've been writing VB (6) code for years now and I am certainly willing to provide whatever assistance I can.


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My dad wants a new PC built - he wants a half-decent one, he only surfs web , music and streaming videos - he plays Flight Simulator X but thats all...

his current setup is:
3Ghz Pentium 4 with HT
1Gb Ram
160Gb SATA-II / 8Mb cache
nVidia 6200GS / 256Mb / 300Mhz
Windows XP SP3

now where thinking
Core2Duo (or quad if cheap enough)
2Gb Ram
2 x 160Gb SATA-II drives in RAID array
better nVidia graphics card
Windows 7

my question is this: WHICH IS BEST RAID ARRAY TO USE?

the reason we decided to use these method is for extra performance - now im aware that RAID '0' stripes the data so if 1 drive were to fail then he would have to re-place it or re-install windows on single drive - but you get the most free space and best performance from this...

what about MIRRORING? as he doesnt use much space anyway would he be best with this option? DO YOU STILL GET THE SAME PERFORMANCE FROM MIRRIRON AS YOU DO WITH STRIPING? (except you get less space but if one drive fails everything will still run off other drive....)

his disk usage would only be about 40Gb (without mirroring)

if you DO get the same performance with mirroring then how much space would he get from 2 x 160Gb...? (and installs obviously use double)

would he still get 320Gb with the 40% performance increase from raid'ing two drives together - just installs are double? (thats fine in that case he would only use 80Gb of the 320Gb which leaves him AMPLE)


A:RAID ARRAY - which is best?

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