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Connecting Hard Drive to Motherboard

Q: Connecting Hard Drive to Motherboard

Hey all,
I just built the machine below last night, and have encountered a problem.
I just got a Gigabyte GA-8INXP P4 Titan 667 Motherboard, which has 4 IDE connectors, 2 of which are RAID. I also have an ATA133 Maxtor hard drive, and simply want to connect it, on its own, to one of the RAID connectors, to utilise the ATA133 capabilities of the Hard Drive, as the other 2 IDE connectors on the Motherboard only support up to ATA100, according to the manual. Can this be done? The Promise RAID manual only talks of installing 2 Hard Drives on the RAID connectors.
I have connected the Hard Drive to one of the RAID connectors - IDE3,
yet when I boot up past the BIOS screen, "Verifying Pool Data" appears, and it just hangs there.
If I try and install Windows XP, the Windows setup tells me that there is no Hard Drive installed, yet the Hard Drive appears on boot as "Maxtor Ultra DMA 6". Do I have to change something in the BIOS, like the "RAID Controller Function", because I changed this from ATA to RAID and back a few times, yet still nothing.
I say all this, because in the manual, the specifications state that the RAID IDE connectors support "RAID, Ultra ATA133/100, EIDE".
Any help much appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Connecting Hard Drive to Motherboard

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Connecting Hard Drive to Motherboard

Did you install the drivers for it? Did you press f6 at the prompt to let XP know you have an extra driver disk?

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Anything to know?



A:Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit

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I wanted to ask two questions...

1. I have an hard drive from an old computer who hasn't been working for about a year and a half (reason unknown my best guess is either it was fried or it was a touch of god...) , will it damage my current system if I connect that hard drive in order to extract some data? just for a few minutes, I swear...

2. If it's not dangerous than how is it done? do I need drivers or something? it's a WD 10GB if it matters and my current system is pretty new about a year and a half...

A:Hard time connecting hard drive?

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I have just removed the hard drive from the body of my advent laptop which had died with motherboard failure. my question is this, is there a way i can attach this to my new laptop, thrugh a usb or somethink similar in much the same way as an extenal hard drive. Im only asking as there are some photos i would like to transfere to my new laptop. Thanks in advance for any help given.

A:Connecting hard drive

Sure, just buy a USB enclosure for the drive and you'll have a backup drive after you recover your data as well.

Here's one of MANY of them on the web: http://cooldrives.stores.yahoo.net/ultra-mini-usb-aluminum-enclosure-with-one-touch-backup.html

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I am now using Windows XP in my new PC... nd.. i have been using Windows 98 in my older PC... Now i wanna transfer some of my files in the older one to the newer one... Can I connect my older PC's hard drive to my new PC?... If yes, whats the way... After connecting it how can i access it on my new PC?.. Pls post an answer if anyone knows...

A:Connecting another hard drive

You can get a hard drive to USB cable adapter and connect the drive as just another mass storage device on the new computer and copy whatever data you want. You can also hook it up as a non-system drive internally and get the data from it that way. No special method for access is needed.

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My HP 7 g2 tablet got broken and a friend removed the hard drive from inside so I could still retrieve my data I guess, but I'm not a tech guy like him. He tried to tell me there was a connection kit of some sort I could buy to connect the removed hard drive to my PC so I could retrieve the data off it....but I have no real idea what I'm looking for ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The hard drive contains pictures of my family and this way seems cheaper than the$500 services recovery experts seem to what to charge. Any help appreciated. Thank you.r

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Ok, basically my PCs hard drive needs formatting due to a virus, but I want to try and recover some documents and files I have on there before I do that. I figured Id hook up my hard drive to my Macbook laptop using a hard drive enclosure and store the files I need on there. Just a couple of things I need to know first:

1) Will this work? I know Macs cant write to NTFS partitions, but can they read and copy from them?

2) What kind of enclosure do I need? My hard drives 3.5" SATA, so obviously something that can accept that. I preferably want one with a Firewire port for fast file transfer speeds. Ive looked on Ebay for one but have been slightly confused by all the options I have.

3) Are they easy to use/setup?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

A:Connecting a PC hard drive to a Mac

1. It should. Personally, I dual-boot Linux and Windows. Linux is able to read and copy from my Windows hard drive fine, even before I installed an NTFS writer.

2. You shouldn't have much of a problem for getting a HD enclosure. In a few minutes of searching on NewEgg.com, I found this enclosure for $25, and it is just what you are looking for. Plus, it has good reviews.

3. I'm not sure. Theoretically, yes. Just make sure you don't boot from it.

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I own a seagate usb external 100GB hard drive. I have a internal IDE 60GB hard drive that I want to extract information from. Is there any way to connect the IDE hard drive to my usb segate hard drive ? Thanks in advance !

A:connecting hard drive ?

YES>Google ideexternal

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I have an external hard drive connected to a Toshiba laptop (vista). I have configured it to share all files to everybody. I can see the files and even copy the files from my other Toshiba laptop (win7), but I can't write to the file.

I am looking for guidance as to how to make it available for writing.


A:connecting to external hard drive

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I'm having a problem with a dying hard drive freezing my pc after having it installed.

I'm trying to transfer the files on it to an old hard drive but can't. I initially was able to transfer for about 20 minutes when the whole pc froze. Things seem to work normally after a reboot though and the dying hard drive unplugged.

Anyone have any ideas, I really need the data on that hd but its 1.45 tb I need to transfer.

A:PC Freezing after connecting Hard Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by polorsport

I'm having a problem with a dying hard drive freezing my pc after having it installed.

I'm trying to transfer the files on it to an old hard drive but can't. I initially was able to transfer for about 20 minutes when the whole pc froze. Things seem to work normally after a reboot though and the dying hard drive unplugged.

Anyone have any ideas, I really need the data on that hd but its 1.45 tb I need to transfer.

Have you tried connecting the drive and then booting off the hiren boot cd and copying the files that way?

Info Link: Hiren's BootCD 14.1 - All in one Bootable CD ? www.hiren.info
Download link: Download Hiren

This has worked for me many times for PCs that just wont boot with a faulty drive. I found the DOS filemanager tools the easiest for me to use; simple and straight to the task.

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I have a bunch of movies on my 500GB external HD. I would like to connect this HD to my PS3 and from there go to 'Video' and from there go to 'USB Connection.' However, the 'Video' part is as far as I get. My PS3 doesn't seem to like my external HD. I'm told that the PS3 will only play DivX files but I'm also told that this is rubbish, that the PS3 will play most formats, MPEG, MPEG-4 etc. Who's right ? Also, I watched a video (on YouTube) of a tutorial on how to play movies from an external HD on the PS3 so I know it can be done. But where am I going wrong ? I heard something about having to convert/format my Ext HD to something called Fat32. What is this and what are the pros and cons of it ?

A:Connecting External Hard-Drive To PS3

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 531S desktop and wanted to move my IDE 200 MB HDD from mo old PC to the Dell.

We tried connecting the IDE HDD as an external drive but the Dell would only recognize the case and not the HDD.

The TechSpot Q & A have saved me in the past so I hope someone can give me a solution

A:Connecting IDE Hard Drive to SATA PC

It dosen't have any IDE connections at all? You could always try a PCI card that will allow you to use IDE drives, however be warned that it would only be like ATA66.

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if I hook up a extra internal hard drive and it has virus can it affect my computer

A:connecting another hard drive internal

Yes it can . . but if your antivirus is up to date it should catch it . . there were some older viri that could load into memory at boot, but those have not been around for a while. . . attaching it to the secondary channel ( the one with the optical drives) for cleaning usually causes the fewest issues. after that you can attach to the primary channel . . be sure and set jumpers correctly.

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ok i have a Asus RT-N16 and a 500gb HD in a startech.com (info safe) case connected via USB to the router and cant see it. what am i doing wrong?

what i have done while connected to laptop
formated drive
dropped the partions
checked for errors
updated drivers.
i can see it while its connected to laptop

while pluged into router
nothing, it does not show up.

please help. i have maxed out the hard drive on the laptop and i wam wanting to move all of my media to the "network" hard drive to free up space on the laptop.

A:connecting hard drive to router need help

Is the USB hard drive enclosure powered by it's own AC adapter?

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Hey, I'm trying to retrieve data off a friends hard drive so they don't have to bring it in to a store. I've done this in the past with the same computer and other drives but for some reason it isnt working.

I have a WD and it is set to the master setting, the Maxtor which is faulty is set to Slave. My BIOS is set to boot HD1 first and it does list the drives as having the proper Master/Slave settings.

However when windows (XP Pro) tries to boot, I get an error asking me to insert system disk, which is the same error from when my friend tried booting her HD.

It's almost as if its booting the Slave drive first otherwise Windows should be loading.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Problem connecting second hard drive

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I am having a hard time Connecting my HP to Acomdata Hard drive E5 160 GB when I connect with the fire wire my computor won't regonize it????

Please help??

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I have a pavilion a1136w . The Sata drive came up with missing or corrupted files error and I cant recover from it . So I took one my older drives I had put it in my computer no problems ,,went to hook up my original drive as a slave so I could get some personal folders off it . The computer wont recognize it ..What can I do ? Also the older hard drve is a IDE with XP on it

A:Trouble connecting 2nd hard drive

Boot into BIOS SETUP mode.Look for a listing of the CD/DVD drive, the SATA drive, and the IDE drive.Are all of them present?Any setting to individually "enable/disable" each of your SATA ports? If you disconnect the IDE drive, leaving the SATA drive connected, is the SATA drive shown as "present"?  

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Hello, Everyone,

I have an HP ProBook 650 G1 that has a 500 GB SATA drive installed. Some time ago I purchased a 1 TB drive (also SATA) with the intention of replacing the internal drive but realized the installation would be tricky and beyond my skill level. So now I want to connect the 1 TB drive externally via USB. Would there be any issues as to why this may not work well? Will it slow down my system? Currently my system runs perfectly -- quite fast. Thanks for your help.

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Hi folks--I'm having trouble with this. My laptop, I believe, just has a dead motherboard but the hard drive is still okay. I bought an IDE cable from the repair store that I took my computer to so I could transfer my data to our desktop computer here at home, but as I said, having trouble. I have the adapter plugged into the secondary port coming off of the white cable that goes to the hard drive and (this is very hard to describe) the power plug is plugged into the only plug that I could find that it would go into, but I'm not sure what I unplugged to be able to plug it in (did I use the word "plug" enough?). Anyway, as far as I can tell, it's not detecting the laptop drive. If it IS detecting is, where should I be looking for it? Sorry, I know I should give more details, but kids are crying. I do have the powercord aligned with the red strip on the white cable and I've tried flipping things back and forth.

A:Connecting laptop hard drive to desktop

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i've got a GIGABYTE GA-73PVM-S2H mobo i've got all the power connected and that works fine however there only one socket for the optical and hard drive i know ones got to be master and the other slave but how do i do this? i know i've got to do something with the jumpers but how do i do this i'm completley loss on this bit

A:connecting optical and hard drive to mobo

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Hello! I'm having trouble transfering my files from my laptops hard drive to my desktop computer. My laptop won't boot up, and tech support determined the motherboard was dead, so before I send it in, they advised me to remove any important information from my hard drive, and anything I didn't want to lose. I bought a SATA HDD to USB device, but I can't open the folder. When I click to open it so I can transfer the files, I get this:
Recovery Partition

This area of your hard disk
(or partition) contains files used
for your system recovery.

Do not delete or alter these files.

Any change to this partition could
prevent any recovery later.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Connecting laptop hard drive to desktop

That's your recovery partition, and it won't contain any files you want to save, like My Docs.
Look for another partition.
You can image this drive to reinstall later, using Acronis, or one of these, like Drive Image XML:

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My old hard drive had a lot of error messages which I found in device manager. It all of a sudden would not load windows so I then bought and installed a new hard drive. The new hard drive works perfect and I have Windows XP Pro as my operating system. I am wanting to attempt to recover some of my data off the old drive and transfer it to the new one. The problem I am having is getting my computer to power on with the old hard drive set to slave.

Whenever I plug in the power connector to the slave hard drive my power light starts blinking and my computer will not power up. The moment I insert the molex connector it starts blinking. Whenever the slave is unplugged and I am only using the new master hard drive everything works fine. I have tried to rearrange the jumper settings on both drives to a number of different positions but have no luck.

One other thing that might be of some importance (but probably not), is that whenever I am only using the new drive and everything works, the ROM BIOS page appears. Once I hit F1 Windows loads up and everything runs perfectly. I have went into F2 and changed the order of the boot sequence so that the C: is the first thing in the list but it still shows up. My ROM BIOS page never came at all with my old hard drive when it was working. It only started to show up once the old drive started to have problems. I was getting the diskette seek failure message with old drive, and it now says that primary drive not found (but once I hit F1 ever... Read more

A:Trouble connecting slave hard drive

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Hi every one,

The monitor screen of my Dell desktop running Windows XP suddenly becomes black. I want to be able to continue working with my files on the desktop and wonder if there's a way to somehow hook up the hard drive to my SONY VAIO TXN laptop, also running Win XP, to work with just the laptop screen and desktop hard drive.

I pulled out the end of the cord connecting to desktop monitor and hooked it to the laptop instead. Then Press Fn + F7. Nothing works.

Please let me know what I'm missing here.


A:connecting desktop hard drive to VAIO TXN

You need an adapter like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812189169
It will adapt any desktop or laptop drive to USB.

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Hello All!
I would be so grateful if anyone could help me. I've been trying to work this out online and have trouble deciphering all the technical computer language! Basically I want to connect my old internal hard drive to my laptop as there are files I would like to access. I bought a sata usb cable and thought it would be a simple case of plugging it into the hard drive and then into my laptop and it magically working.. but it doesn't. Instead it either doesn't respond or says something about drivers?? Do i need to install a new driver? How? Help! Haha. One more thing the laptop is Windows 7 and the hard drive was XP, does this change things?

If anyone could help me I would be so unbelievably grateful.


A:Connecting an old internal hard drive to my laptop?

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I have a 2 1/2" mini external hard drive, that I haven't used in several weeks or more, that I now can't seem to get my computers to recognize when plug it into a USB port. I've tried it with the desktop I'm using to write this post, and also a netbook that has a Windows 7 64bit OS, and neither computer will recognize it in "My computer" or under "Disk Drives" in the Device Manager.

The first couple times I plugged it into my desktop I at least got a "found new hardware" reaction, and an installation wizard window appeared to load the appropriate software for it (which it couldn't find), but now all I'm getting is an audio beep or two when I plug it in, but no other recognition. What am I missing here?

Firstly, I don't recall the hard drive formerly needing any special installation or drive software, but my memory's not worth a tinker's damn these days so I'm not really sure. I thought I remembered it as a plug and play that provoked a window asking which alternative of options, such as, "View files?", etc. Also, I can't find the original hard drive cable that came with the purchase, but I do have a Type A USB to mini 5 pin replacement cable that I'm using for this now. It's the only cable of it's kind that I currently have so I can't try an alternative cable at this point.

Can anyone offer some suggestions as to what the problem might be? Thanks for your... Read more

A:Problem connecting an external USB hard drive

What is the make and model # of your 2 1/2" mini external hard drive?

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Hi i recently purchased a new computer and wanted to get some info off an old ide drive that i had so i purchased an external enclosure for my drive (akasa integral 3.5" enclosure ) when i connect it to my pc via usb it does not recognise it as a drive it just recognises as a usb mass storage device !! is there any way i can get it to work to extract the data i need????

running vista premium x64

A:Issue Connecting External Hard Drive?????

Is the drive formatted?

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My WD External Hard drive keeps connecting and disconnecting every second or so. I already went into power settings and disabled the USB selective suspend settings but that didnt solve the problem. I also went into the device manager and unchecked the option to allow the computer to turn of this device to save power option but no luck there either.

A:WD External Hard drive keeps connecting and disconnecting

Hello kieron22!
I'm sorry for your problem with a WD external!
Which model is it, a My Passport (which one?), a My Book?
You could try using a different USB cable, a new one, then on every port ? USB 3.0 and 2.0, then on another system. Does the same issue occur everywhere? Doyou hear clicking from the drive or any other unusual sounds? Any error messages? How is the drive's performance? Please use the WD Data Lifeguard software (Support Answers) and check the drive's SMART values, post the results here. Please, be careful not to post the drive's serial number, too!

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I have decided to make a linux server (Debian to be specific) and I am wondering if there is any way to connect a hard drive to the computer. The computer has usb 1 ports which I would like to avoid using and also a IEEE 1394 port at the front. I was wondering is there is a way to connect an external hard drive to it from the IEEE 1394 port. Any help is much appreciated. If there is no way of connecting to a usb hard drive, is you know any IEEE 1394 hard drives, that would also be appreciated. The laptop that is being used is an old IPC by the way.

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I have a Buffalo 1TB Drivestation with hardware encryption. When I try to connect it to my PS3 it does not give me the option of entering my password to browse my files, does anyone know a way around this? My flatmate connects his hard drive (which does not have hardware encryption) to the PS3 with no problems at all. Any ideas?

A:Connecting my hardware encrypted hard drive to my PS3

The only way to do it is to turn off the encryption on the Buffalo. The BIOS of the PS3 isn't set up for decryption.

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This is a followup post to the thread at
My original DVD/VHS combi does not support AVI files, so I bought a cheap player that does however burning AVI files to disc to play on that machine is so tedious I decided to connect a hard drive directly.

Unfortunately my DVD player cannot read drives formated as NTFS (apparently Microsoft own the copyright and charge a high license fee!) so I download a free utility from Seagate that allows large drives to be formatted as FAT32.


Everything works as it should, the hard drive with its own direct power supply is connected via USB to the DVD player, a menu similar to a Windows folder structure is displayed on the TV screen and I can navigate the list using the remote.

DVD files in vob format with the usual sub folders Audio_TS & Video_TS, and AVI files play as normal.

I have not tried other formats such mkv so I cant say whether they would also work.

Please NOTE if you format your external drive, the content will be DELETED, therefore if you choose to use this info, please dont hold me accountable for any unfortunate consequences.


A:Connecting external Hard drive to DVD Player

harry-uk said:

This is a followup post to the thread at
Unfortunately my DVD player cannot read drives formated as NTFS (apparently Microsoft own the copyright and charge a high license fee!) so I download a free utility from Seagate that allows large drives to be formatted as FAT32.


HarryClick to expand...

I forgot to mention in my original post that although this utility is designed for Seagate drives it WILL format other makes provided it can identify an attached Seagate drive, but that drive can be either internal OR external (as it was in my own case).

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Here, im like an amateur Technician. I know a lot of things, although there's something that really questions in my mind.

These are like the performance of my PC.

Normally, a hard drive can go like 32mb ( or more ) per second copying some files or something like that.

Installing Black Ops takes less than 4 or 10 minutes.

Loading a Counter Strike Source game takes around less than 2 minutes or something like that. ( For some reason. )
My friend's PC? its like fried.

Back then he told me that its not that slow. Of course i can see that it doesn't really seem to be so slow before.

After doing a format due to some reason that his PC became so slow, kinda realized that something weird is happening to his PC.

Loading a Counter strike game takes like 10 Minutes.

Installing Black ops took like an hour.

Loading a Modern Warfare 2 Mission takes like 5 minutes, In the middle of battle takes like 2 minutes. Frame Rate was really damn smooth, but its like when it reloads the sound file, it takes like a minute to load it.

Mid Battle of some game, shooting a shotgun one time sounded like BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT, then another shoot was normal.

We did another format, but it doesnt seem to budge.
One time his BIOS is telling him that his hard drive doesnt exist anymore in the system, so No boot. Next day, i opened it and checked the cables, and turned it on, it now tells me that it does exist.
So... Bad Hard drive? or Bad motherboard?

A:Bad Hard drive? BAD MOTHERBOARD!?

Have your friend run a diagnostic test on his drive.
It is best to use a diagnostic program from the drive's manufacturer.

However, I have found that Hitachi Drive Fitness Test works on most any hard drive.
Use the bootable Linux CD.

If the drive comers out clean, then you can start to suspect the motherboard.

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This is a similar situation as described in the locked post talking about doing a non clean install of windows after replacing the motherboard. The main difference is that Dell did a clean windows install on my original HHD during a warranty replacement of a faulty motherboard. Below is a post I made on another site in the hope of getting some help. Please excuse my very basic knowledge of computers when trying to answer my question.
I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop as my main photo editing device. I was quickly disappointed in its performance despite being sold that this was my best option at the price point. The 8th gen intel i5, 8gb of ram and 2tb 5400rpm HDD was not up to the task of quickly processing large photo files. I replaced the standard hd with a 2tb SSD and was finally happy with the performance of my lap top.

A few weeks ago my computer shut down to an immediate black screen and would not start up again. I sent it back to Dell for warranty but decided it was best to return it with the original HDD. It was found to have a faulty motherboard and in/out board. Both were replaced and the original hdd was wiped and returned to factory settings. Now that i have the computer back i would like to reinstall the SSD and get back to work. Unfortunately despite being told otherwise, the computer will not boot up with the ssd installed. All that happens now is it goes to a blue screen and notifies me that a problem has occured and that windows needs to restart. ... Read more

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When i went to turn my comp on it wouldnt fully boot up.. all that happend was the fan was running... no beeping or anything.. so i thought it was my power supply so i put a brand new one in and went to turn on the comp and its still doing the same thing.. so now im thinking its either the mobo or hd.. i have no clue how to figure this out so if someone could help me that would be great...

A:Motherboard or hard drive?

I'm having the same reply as you. One thing I hope for me its the motherboard. It suck if it was the HDD. Have so much stuff on the HDD.

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My Dell Inspirion 6000 Notebook has the dreaded Blue Screen with c000021a (Fatal System Error) and will not boot to Windows. This has happened numerous times and the problem has been resolved by reloading Windows XP and the drivers and software. The system will work temporarily, but eventually shuts down and returns to the blue screen. It seems Windows XP gets erased every time the system crashes. I'm assuming the problem is either my harddrive or the motherboard. How can I tell which one is causing the problem?

A:Hard Drive or Motherboard?

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I had all the parts for my computer selected and then I noticed that the MB and the HD might not go together. Im not goog with campat stuff at all Im thinking of building a computer. Could anyone tell me if this Hard Drive will work with this motherboard?

MSI P4N SLI-FI Socket T (LGA 775) ATX Intel Motherboard

Western Digital Raptor WD740GD 74GB 10,000 RPM 8MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive

A:Need help with Hard Drive to Motherboard

Yes, they should work fine. The motherboard has 4 sata ports, and that drive will take one of those ports. The motherboard also should come with the data cable, so you're covered in that area as well. The thing to consider is whether your power supply has a sata power connector, like this.

There are also molex(4pin) to sata adapters, so even if you don't have one, you can get an adapter. Sata drives can sometimes be troublesome to setup, but I doubt you'll have problems with that board, as it's newer and name brand.
Good luck on the system.

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The other day we had a storm, the power went out for a few minutes. When I restarted the computer, my hard drive was bare, it wasn't even formated. This has happened when the power goes out (not all the time). What I'm trying to figure out is if it is the motherboard or the hard drive. I have a Western Digital WD1600-JB hard drive and an Abit KV8-MAX3 (VIA K8T800) motherboard.



A:Motherboard or hard drive?

Replace the hard drive... Then if the problem persists, look at replacing the power supply before going for the motherboard

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I have a Dell XPS 4100 running Windows XP Pro with 2 hard drives 1)Western Digital(master) 2)Seagate(slave) both are 80 gig 7200 rpm. The problem I am having is this: When trying to access my Seagate drive a box popped up saying the drive needed to be formatted. It was already formatted to NTFS. When I tried to format another message said it could not be formatted. To make a long story short I somehow eventually was able to format the Seagate drive. Now when I boot up I get a message saying this drive needs to run check disk, which it does and then continues booting. I can write files to the drive but when I try to access them the PC will sometimes freeze. I purchased this drive about 6 months ago because a previous drive went bad. Can my motherboard be the cause of my drive issues? Thank you

A:Bad Motherboard or Hard Drive

Welcome to TechSpot

In PCs anything is possible, but I don't think the mobo causes it.
Rather, check the cables and the jumper-settings on the harddisks.
Those HDs would prefer a 80-wire flat-cable, rather than a 40-wire cable.
Check that the colourcoded connectors correspond to the instructions. Check that the red control-band is on the side of the connector where pin 1 is. Check all power-connectors.
Try another IDE-cable if you have it (or borrow one).
The first (WD) should be set to Master (or Master with Slave present), not to Cable-select. The second (Seagate) should be set to Slave, again not Cable-select.
Check in the BIOS that both HDs are recognised, write down their parameters.

In the Storage & Networking forum is a "sticky", get the HD-util for Seagate from there and run it.

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this all started last saturday. I woke up and i was hearing clicking coming from my computer. I moved the mouse to get out of the screen saver and it froze up... I restarted and windows xp pro wouldn't boot up, it would just sit at the loading screen and i would watch the little blue thing go from right to left o.o after that i restarted and got into safe mode to try and run chkdsk. it stoped at 22% and the system started to freeze up, but i would move my mouse and move widows around... but thats about it. from there i rstarted again. the drive no longer shows up on the ata133 onboard controller.

I took the drive to a shop and they ghosted the drive to a new one. the guy mentioned that the drive was giving him some trouble and that it was definatly bad. Anyway, i got the new drive yesterday. I plugged it into the same spot and all worked well... until i was watching TV on the TV tuner card it started to freeze up again. the tv was still playing but i couldn't do anything, so i restarted and then couldn't get into windows... then the drive didn't show up. SO! i moved the drive over to the primary IDE controller where i am now, in safe mode cause windows xp still wont load (this time is seems to hang after i log in and durring "loading personal settings"). System specs:

Gigabyte 8PE667 Ultra (onboard promise ata133/raid)
p4 2.8ghz
1gb ddr pc2700
radeon 9700 pro
120gb Western Digital hd (system drive that originaly screwed up)
120gb Western Digita... Read more

A:Hard drive then maybe motherboard?

You could have some kind of virus that destroys your hard drives.

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Hey guess i'm new but we'll save that.

So my laptop (compaq presario, 1.5 years old) was running very slow and choppy i ended up defrag etc. and ended up getting the blue screens of death. It was at the point the computer would work for 5-10 mins then BSOD. SOOO I reformatted totally wiped the hard drive etc. and did a fresh install of xp home (i was running pro before). Anyway, that went fine and I thought I was in the clear. Next thing I know same thing same BSOD:

0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x8244CDA0, 0x8244CF14, 0x805C749A)

While this happend for awhile, i began to get upset. Now the laptop is doing the PXE-E61 check media cable blah blah....

Long story short..I took it to get serviced..they told me nothing was wrong with ram OR the hard drive (wow thanks)

Then out of spite I took it somewhere else; the guy there basically just used an HD of his and installed XP and said..well it looks like a new HD is what you need. Tried that, but when I installed it...I still couldnt' get passed the media cable errors (which he didn't even have).

Yes i've tried changing boot orders etc.

Weird thing is..sometimes it will load windows...othertimes it won't? And usually when I try to install windows it says no hard disk found blah blah F3 to exit

Furthermore, in bios 9/10 times it will say NO IDE found for the diagnostic test, and only one or two times have I been able to run the test, both times giving an error something along the lines ... Read more

A:hard drive? or motherboard?

Well, if you replaced the HD and it still doesn't work right..

It could be a bad connection. Does your laptop use some kind of a tray or an adaptor for the hard drive? It may not give good contact. Maybe get another one?

I have also seen a ThinkPad that would lose the HD if you didn't bend the corner of the laptop right. Took it to the repair shop and had them re-solder all the hard drive connectors. Fixed it.

And yes, it could be plain bad HD controller.

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I have a Latitude 600 and when I turn it on, it may take up to 10 minutes or not at all. It will only stay on about 10 minutes or so then has a message saying preparing standby in order to eject.... The battery died just before this started happening. I have been in contact with Dell support 3 times...one said hard drive dying, another said motherboard, another said power supply...so which is it? I tried to do the test by pressing Fn and the power button but that does not work. I doubt this old thing is worth putting a new motherboard. I was also advised to never try working on a laptop myself..is it really that bad? Thanks

A:motherboard or hard drive?

Try replacing the power adapter first. Does the computer boot normally and are you able to access all of your files and folders. If the hard drive was failing those wouldn't be the symptoms in my opinion. Also go into the control panel and change the power settings to never hibrinate and to go into standby after say 60 minutes of inactivity and turn off hard disks after at least 60 minutes. See if those things help.

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My one-year-old out-of-warranty HP Pavillion dv1000 laptop (Windows XP Home) has been slow or unable to reboot, so I'm trying to diagnose it and figure out if I just need a new hard drive (where can I find instructions on upgrading a hard drive on this laptop?) or have to replace the whole laptop with a new one.

One of the problems found was the hard drive was in PIO mode, so I had to repeatedly switch it back to DMA mode (using the DMA-to-PIO registry hack or remounting the hard drive). This occurred weekly until I ran SpinRite, then it stayed in DMA mode for a month.

What I think is relevant from my Event Viewer Log include:

atapi event 9s: The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort0, did not respond within the timeout
atapi event 11s: The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.
a single atapi event 26: The driver has detected that device \Device\Ide\IdePort0
has old or out-of-date firmware. Reduced performance may result. [I think this may
just be a generic message when it gets too many errors]
cdrom event 7: The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block.
disk event 51: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging
disk event 7: The device, \Device\Harddisk0\D, has a bad block.
ftdisk event 57: The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption
may occur.

Recently the main hard drive went to PIO (even though it crashed while trying to burn a DVD, strange huh?) was unable to reboot u... Read more

A:Hard drive vs. Motherboard

It could be a bad drive, a bad connection or a bad controller.

Ideally, you would take the drive out of your laptop and test it with the manufacturer diagnostic utility.

In reality, you could just take the drive out, clean the contacts, put it back in and do the diagnostics in this computer.

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Hey guys, in couple days im getting a new MB, cpu, ram and case. I was wondering, can i put my old hard drive in, than just install drivers and bios for my new MB?

A:Different motherboard but same hard drive possible?

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I'm having trouble with my new system.

The system is as follows:

Asus P5N-D (nForce 750i)
Intel E8500 (Core 2 Duo @ 3.16 ghz, not overclocked)
4 gb of Ram (2 x 2gb)
XFX nVidia 9800 GTX+ 512mb - Latest Drivers
Samsung 500gb SATA HD
LG Optical Drive on ATAPI port
Corsair 650w PSU
External 750gb HDD on USB interface
Vista x64 SP1 w/ all Updates

I'm getting these errors in my system log (from disk or nvstor64):

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\DR0.

A parity error was detected on \Device\RaidPort1.

Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued.

I don't use a RAID - I'm running the Samsung 500gb drive that came with the system, but this sounds like either a bad motherboard or a bad hard drive. I'm not willing to go out and buy a motherboard and/or a hard drive to see if that's the problem so I'm hoping you can help. Please let me know how we can work this out, ASAP. I bought a nice, new fast gaming PC, so I'd like to actually play a few games.

I've ripped out and reinstalled the nForce drivers several times, including using DriverCleaner in Safe Mode to really get rid of them. I've installed the previous version of the nForce drivers. I've disabled command queing and write caching. I've tried another SATA port on the motherboard.

I've opened a topic on the iBuyPower forum (where I bought the system recently) in case there's more info there that might help:

http://www.i... Read more

A:Motherboard or Hard Drive?

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Hello, this is my first post here. I have an HP Workstation x4000 I use at work for Designing CAD Models. This is an old computer. My problem is that I am out of room on the Hard Drive. It is a 58 GB SCSI,68pin HP Hard Drive. My IT support guy purchased me a 1GB SATA Drive,Raid Card,enough Memory to fill the MEC Card, and Norton Ghost to flash over the new Drive. My problem is, the Card he bought will not fit into the Mobo. The ribbon in the Computer has an empty plug and a power plug,but they are for a 68 pin SCSI Hard Drive. Is there a cable made that I can use to simply plug the SATA Hard drive into the 68 pin ribbon,or do I need a card? Do they make such a thing? My boss is extremely frugal and doesn't want to hear that the best thing would be to replace the 12 year old computer! Thanks for any help you guys can give me

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i have 2 old hard drive's with some data in them and im trying to retrive it back to my current computer.
one of the drive's works perfectly, but when i connect the second drive it kills the cable totally.
i cant use the cable anymore.. even for the first drive.
it happend for the second time already so i figured out the hard drive is the problem..
any ideas how to fix the problem? what should i do?

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Good afternoon,

Can I connect my Western Digital External Hard Drive to my home network using a USB to Ethernet adapter? I want to be able to access the contents of the hard drive (pictures, music, and documents) from any computer on the network.

A:Solved: Connecting External Hard Drive to Network

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