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Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

Q: Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I've got a computer that's turned off. I press the power switch, and nothing happens. Now, I unplug the network cable and the computer turns on.

Why does having a network cable connected prevent the computer's power switch from functioning? And why does unplugging the network cable cause it to power up?

The computer has worked fine for a year, but was recently moved to the other side of the room, and a new switch replaced the old network hub at the same time.

Preferred Solution: Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I swapped network cables and the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

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I've just bought a new mainboard (socket 478 f) and since there was sadly no documentation with it i don't know how to set up the various cables from the power switch(front of case) to the mainboard... (power sw, power reset, power led +, power led - and so on) can anyone help?

"mew" - nerex

A:new mainboard: power switch cable to mb setup

need more info. What motherboard and who made it. Chances are you can download a manual of the net with this info.

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I hope someone has crossed this issue and has a solution.

I have a Thinkpad 600e and use it in a situation where it needs constant power. I use it as a monitor for my summer home when we go on vacation, However, we have constant power outages and I want to have the laptop boot up automatically when power resumes and we are away. I don't rely on batteries and when I try to keep the power switch engaged (tape), it starts then shuts down.

Can anyone help?


A:IBM Thinkpad 600e power switch issue...please help

Power switches usually rely on a momentary "on" connection to turn on. A continuous connection invokes a shutdown.
If there is no option under BIOS to restart on power restore, you need to make a pulse generator that provides a contact close on power up and hard wire it in.

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Hi guys,

I recently posted about trying to troubleshoot a power inverter vs a backlight. With some troubleshooting and help I was able to trace it to the backlight.

Now I've run into a slightly different problem. The screen is black (very dim and even looking at it in the light its hard to see the icons but you can very barely make them out). When I press the standy switch by the monitor it flashes on for a second with perfect colors (NOT purplish like in most ccfl bulb issues).

I took another ccfl bulb just to hook it up and the bulb did the same thing, flickers on and off. I hooked the laptop up to an external monitor and it works just fine (if i press standy I can see it going into standby on the external monitor).

I would say it is the power inverter at this point but would like a second opinion Thanks!

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The power switch on my Dell E510 hasn't worked for awhile now. Everytime I wanted to start it up, I would have to open it up, and use a paper clip to connect two wires together in the 24 pin connector. This would power up the psu (the fans would spin loud), and then I could press the power button to turn my computer on.(the fans would slow down and spin at a normal pace, this is how I knew it turned on. The monitor would also show start up screen). This worked fine for awhile.

The other day, I had it on when I left, and when I came back it was powered off. I tried to use the paper clip trick to get it started again, only this time the psu wouldn't even power on. Everything appeared to look normal and in place. I figure the psu is dead so I order a new one. I get it and install it, everything is hooked up to where it should be. When I use the paper clip, the psu powers up like it normally should, but when I click the power button on my cpu, nothing happens (the fans don't slow down, and the monitor shows no activity). My dvd drive will open and close, my processor turns on. The mobo light is green. All the cords are connected and nothing appears to be lose.

When I use the paper clip trick, when I first contact the wires, the lights on the front of my cpu light up for less than a second and then disappear. I checked the numbers with dell diagnostics and the combo isn't even listed.

Is this a mobo problem? Is there a way to jumpstart my cpu to actua... Read more

A:Dell E510 power switch issue

You would have been much better off if you spent a few bucks and bought a momentarily closed mini-pushbutton switch, and mounted on the case front, using the original Dell switch wires. It is possible that the motherboard is now damaged from all the shorting over time

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Am I posting in wrong forum? I'll try not to make new threads but I've
been searching for a while now, it's hard to browse the pages and I'm
in hurry because my comp might die any second!! Do you know any
Swedish forum similar to techspot? Well, I'm Swedish

I still have a AGP system and the day before yesterday the comp didn't start
because it said I haven't connected the Power extension cable!!! I tried over
and over again but it was the same. I opened the comp and reconnected all
cables even if all seemed alright. The comp worked another day...

Yesterday evening it happened again. This time in Windows XP. The screen
started to flicker and a warning message said some ATI driver was missing.
But it was because of the Power extension cable again. I reconnected all
the cables but the comp still claimed about the Power extension cable
over and over again. I gaved up and went to bed. Hopeless.

In the morning (today) I unplugged all extra stuff like sensors and leeds for the
case and I replaced the cables so there was no other stuff on the same cable.
Well... then the comp didn't start because the CPU was unworkable!!! "check
CPU soft menu"... Ok, but I saw nothing wrong in there and PC health looked
good. But the CPU was still unworkable. Back to the CPU soft menu I saw
nothing wrong except I knew that I changed it for many months ago because
I didn't want it to be overclocked. It w... Read more

A:Power extension cable issue

might be the monitor

No replies :/
Ok... Actually I've had no problem since I changed the settings in BIOS
and it's very weird. I've still bought a new power supplie, a Hiper 580W.
I'll install it later I hope it's good ...and quiet enough. The first step in
the upgrade process :dead:

Why I couldn't start my comp and why it said the power extension
cable wasn't connected... Here's what I think, even I'm not a pro.
Sometimes I switched off my old Nokia monitor while the comp was
working a long time during defrag, virus scan and more, because I
thought it will decrease the lifetime and because the screensaver
didn't always work as it should. I think something happend to the
BIOS because the monitor wasn't on... ​

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I've had this strange problem for a while. I tried googling but I ended up with no luck. This is how it started:
whenever I turned my computer on, the first thing I had to do was change my "power plan" (the one from battery icon thingy) to "power saver". If i left it at balanced, it crashed within 1 minute or less. If i switched to "power plan" it ran fine. Then I could play the game and in between the game if I alt+tab'ed and switched to "balanced power option" then everything would be fine. The computer would not crash.
Also if I left the computer idle (w/o doing anything; no game etc) then it would crash.
It's not the heat issue. There is no virus either.
anyway, the issue progressed with time. eventually it became like flipping a coin. even if i switched to "power saver" on startup, it would still crash often. usually it took like 5-6 tries before it "worked". then business as usual: play in power saver for a bit and switch to balanced in between the game.
recently, the computer doesn't even start. i would be lucky to get to login screen now. i can only run in safe mode.
please help.

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Yea...so we finally got my girlfriends new PC up and running. The problem im having...or more of a concern really. Is when you flip off the power supply, and then flip it back on, the PC gets a short burst of power. IE the lights and fans all come on for a second or two. Then you can press the power button and turn it back on.

Any ideas guys?

A:Power Flashes when I flip the power supply switch..

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Emachine with XP Home - was running fine, but in the middle of copying a file got an error "Windows has encountered an error and will shut down."

The machine then refused to boot.

When I plug in the power cable, the PS boots without use of the power switch. No POST, no display, no error beeps. Power seems to be getting to the mobo and hard drive (LED activity), but nothing more.

What on earth could cause this? Where should I start troubleshooting?

Any help would be handsomely rewarded! :giddy:

A:Attaching power cord starts power without switch?

u unplugged the power and still nothing ? u could try clearing the cmos , if u cannot locate the jumper unplug the Power cord , open the side case up and then locate a watch battery remove it count to 30 and then replace the battery and then rehook power and see if it works that way .

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I have an emachines w3052 and i had to replace the motherboard in it and i didn't pay close enough enough attention to were i pulled the led and power switch wires from if anyone knows what i can do to fix please help. Also the motherboard is a fic-k7mnf-64 i looked at the manual no help i also looked beside the 10pin connector were they go and it doesnt give a description so if you know please tell me lol

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Last night my computer blue screened about 3 times then it just stopped turning on altogether. Wheni plug the power supply into the motherboard the neon fan turns on for a milisecond but that seems to be the only way that i can tell that there's power going to the motherboard.

I've tried 4 different power supplies, different processor, different BIOS batteries, different RAM, etc, but no matter how many times i try to turn it on it just wont turn on.

I do recall doing something innthe BIOS last night which seemed to start this dilemer. I went into power management and did something to the power switch option, then set everything back to default settings.

This is when things started to happen then my pc just wouldn't turn on at all.

It's a socket939 MSI CoreCell.

Could something i did in the BIOS really be causing this problem and is there a way to fix it?

Like i said there does seem to be power going to the motherboard but it simply wont turn on (i even tried different power switches just in [email protected]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to buy another 939 motherboard as most shops don't cell them any more and it means i'd have to buy a new processor too.

A:Computer wont turn on with power switch but there is power going through it?

If it is a BIOS setting, removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes should clear it. Since you've already changed the battery more than once, it would seem that is not the problem. Considering what you already tried, it might be the motherboard itself or possibly the graphics card but my money is on the motherboard. Just to be sure do you have another graphics card to test with?

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Right. I am trying to build my first computer (yay me), and I ran into some problems. So far, all the parts that I have, I have gotten for free, so I wanted to continue that trend for the hard drive. I had an old laptop that I am no longer using, so I decided to try using its hard drive for my new computer. I have an adapter for 2.5-3.5 inch IDE drives, but the power cable that is attached to said adapter has only the red and black wires (2 out of the 4 connectors have wires). are the other ones (yellow) necessary, or can they be skipped?

Also, would there be any particular way that I would need to arrange the jumpers on my laptop hard drive, and how would I go about doing so.

thanks for your replies in advance


New comp specs:
-Asus Tusi-M motherboard (given to me by a friend's dad). the mobo already had a celeron processor and heatsink attached.--350-Watt PSU
-Being short on cash, I decided that I would use the motherboard's built-in video chipset for the time being (upgrade in future)
-512 mb RAM
-30GB laptop hard drive
-integrated sound card

(as a side note, anyone got any suggestions on a cheap graphics card? Not anything top of the line, think 50-60 bucks.

A:Hard drive power cable issue

A 2.5 inch drive only uses the red and black as they run on 5v this means they can be plugged into the USB and ran from the 5v on the USB bus, the yellow wires carry the 12v needed for 3.5 inch drives.

However 2.5 inch drives very rarely have jumpers on them (some do and they are tiny little things) this means the PC would only see it as Master, so bear that in mind when adding any other drives especially those that require the master to be set to have a slave or else it wont work properly.

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I'm having a bizarre issue where simply unplugging the official Lenovo power supply from the orange USB power port causes the laptop to immediately issue the subject warning, along with the detail "A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port".   This warning pops up every 5 seconds, unless clicked on, where reset/close options do nothing.  Crazy thing is, NOTHING is plugged into any USB port!   Reattaching the power supply does not clear the error.  Only rebooting with the power supply cable connected clears the error.   Remove the power cable, and the error instantly comes back.   All of the USB ports actually work fine, including the USB C port, whether or not this message is active. Maybe it is a hardware issue, but ALL the USB ports actually work fine.  I can't figure how unpluging the power source can trigger a USB power surge when nothing is actually connected and the battery is fully charged.  I've removed/reinstalled the USB Root hub, eXtensible Host Controller, Generic USB Hub, etc., drivers multiple times to no avail.   No errors with any devices are apparent in the device manager. I've seen a lot of issues reported about USB power surges but none like mine.   Anyone have any ideas about this?  System: Lenovo Yoga 900/16GB/Windows 10

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Goodafternoon, I need additional (451-BBVQ) Dell Portable Power Companion (12000mAh) PW7015MC USB-C Power Out Cable but unable to find it on the parts page.

Where is it on Dell's site? Just the Power Out cable, already have the battery packs.

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my Lenovo Y400 is facing a problem. The battery is charging, but when unplug the power cord, the laptop lose all power and off. i thought battery problem but after replaced, it is still the same.Seems like the laptop just won't draw power from battery. i suspect i overheated parts of my laptop, since the left speaker which is near the heat exhaust not sounding well.The power plug point is also at the top left side, i wonder will it have anything to do with not getting power from battery?or are there other possible cause?

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hi all,

I'm in a bind, and a friend referred me to this site, where I might be able to find some decent answers.

I run a small computer store in my hometown, and I was fixing a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV35 Notebook, It's fairly old, p4 with 512mb ram... But anyway, I was just removing spyware and viruses from it, and finished that up, then he said his sound wouldnt play, i started by reinstalling drivers and all that good stuff but it didnt play, I decided to lookinto the notebook to see if the speaker wires were connected and everything was fine there...

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now. I've troubleshooted for 3 hours already on it, tried a multimeter to check to circuit connections, tried _everything_

I have no idea what to do now, this guy want's his laptop so he can work with it, and I dont feel like having to replace a laptop... this is like a techs worst nightmare >_<

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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Please help. My on/off power button on the front of my tower is disconnected from my motherboard. Where exactley should I reconnect it too? So I can power up my computer. Thanks

A:no power to tower , power switch hookup

Not all motherboards are the same. To find the correct header pins you have to refer to the motherboard manual although sometimes the motherboard labels the pins clearly enough so you can figure it out. However, with the motherboard installed in the case, it could be difficult.

If you can't find your manual, try going to the motherboard's manufacturer site to download a copy of the manual (usually a pdf format). If you have a major manufacturer made PC (Dell, HP, Gateway, Emachines, etc.), you might have to try their websites. Good info from those sites might be hit or miss.

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I have my Windows 8.1 setup so the display turns off in 1 minute.

I have the power options setup so that the power switch shuts the system down.

But it doesn't. If the screen is off and I press the power switch on my PC the screen comes back on. I then need to press the power switch a second time for the computer to power down.

Is there anyway to configure Windows 8.1 so that the power switch does not turn the display back on, but just immediately shuts the system down?


A:With display off want power switch to instantly power down

You don't have to do that.
When the display is turned off and when you press any key on the laptop, it will bring the display back on.

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hi all,

I was fixing a Sony Vaio Notebook, because i was getting a weird error and i cant remember what it was.

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, thinking it might be the cmos battery and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now.
I have no idea what to do now,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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I have a ECS P4.945GCT-M/1333 (3.0) 775 mATX Motherboard and I installed Intel E2180 cpu and put memory stick on it. The computer won't boot - the cpu fan moved a second when I plugged in the power, and the stopped. If I disconnect the auxillary power cable, the CPU fan just can start, but of course it won't post. If I also disconnect the cpu fan, the power supply fan starts and I can see keyboard lights turned on for a second.

I measured the power on auxillary cable and it is ok: 2 12v and 2 GND. I am pretty sure that the power supply is good: I put on another power supply there and it is the same thing.

A:Computer won't power on when auxillary power cable is connected

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Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and I have an issue with my motherboard, the issue is as follow;
1- When I connect the 4 pin ATX 12v to the motherboard everything stop nothing works, the CPU fan stop working and everything else, The Motherboard brand is FOXCONN 865A01, even I change the Power supply and still have the same issue.

I would like if someone can show me the right direction on how to fix this issue.
Thank you in advance for any help someone can give me.


A:4 pin atx12v power cable causes power short

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. The usual cause of such an event is either
A. a defective motherboard - unlikely but could be
B. If this is a new build - a build error and the motherboard is shorting across a ground fault when that power is connected
C. You are using the wrong connector or connecting it on the incorrect orientation - eg the clip is not the correct way on the motherboard header
D. CPU error - bent pin on insertion of CPU

3. Please post some more detail of
is it new build
CPU details
What checks have you made if new build
Re 865A01 - which one please there are variants

4. I presume now having looked at the board it is NOT a new build, so when please did this first occur
and what problems were seen first, if any , before this
Most likely cause now, as I think the system is of some age is the board or the processor, if you refer to the 12v aux power

ATX 12V Power Connector: CN11
The 4 pin ATX 12V power supply connects to CN11 and provides power to the CPU.

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After shutting down, my computer will not power-on again unless I unplug the power-cord, then plug it back in (or use the psu on/off switch).

I have tried changing PSU, same thing happens.

My guess it has to be related to my motherboard.
I have the latest bios. I have reset the bios.
This happened after upgrading to a opteron 180 cpu. But I'm not sure if its related.
I have tried disconnecting the RAM, harddrive, graphics card to no avail. Also tried refitting the power-button cables.
Computer is rock stable once its on ...It powers on fine if I switch off the PSU with the button that is located on the psu, or pull out the power-cable before turning it on.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Epox 9npa+ultra motherboard, amd opteron 180 (939), win xp sp3, 2gb ram

A:computer will not power-on unless I unplug power cable first

Unplugging the power supply, or disconnecting from the source allows everything to reset in the power supply and on the motherboard. This situation is most always associated with a defective power supply.

Since you have changed the power supply and the condition persists then the problem almost has to be a fault in the motherboard POWER GOOD circuitry.

If it were my machine I would just get in the habit of turning off the power supply after use, and live with it. Unless the problem is something obvious such as a "bulging" or leaking capacitor, chasing a problem like this is like chasing ghosts.

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Hi, I have an Acer V3-772G which I have had from new (Semi New from Amazon, warehouse cosmetic damage), Have never experienced any issues with powering on/off/charging until recently. Here is where I am up to; Laptop will power up from the battery.Laptop will not power up with cable alone (Battery removed).When powered up with the batter inserted ? the laptop will (according to the battery monitor on the laptop) charge the battery, however, the battery continues to discharge and the laptop will eventually run out of charge.When the power cable is inserted whilst the laptop is powered up, the laptop recognises that the cable is connected and will enable the "Plugged in" power settings etc. If I then remove the battery, the laptop powers off.Laptop seemingly charges the battery when it is powered off, however, even after a full night plugged in the battery doesn?t have the charge to start the laptop.Both the external cable and the battery are in perfect working order (Having tested both with a separate Acer laptop).I have opened and cleaned all connectors / fan / CPU / GPU inside the laptop and nothing looks out of place.All USB / Optical Drive / HDMI ports ETC all work without issues. I?m assuming a cable issue and not a main board issue because there are no other faults besides the DC cable (Battery will still power the laptop etc.). I have ordered a replacement 120w internal DC cable from the spare parts website to test my theory. In the meanti... Read more

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Hi guys
I have a problem with my medion mt6 desktop pc.
While running a game i accidently dislodged the power cable and now when i press the button the screen recieves no signal.l also when i press the button again it powers down like ive pulled the plug. I have tried a new screen but no luck. Also the motherboard was recently replaced by medion but it worked fine for about 2 weeks. What is wrong and is it software or hardware?

A:Computer won't power on after pulling out power cable

You need to go into 'device manager' (which is a part of your Windows program). Click 'start menu': choose 'Help and Support' icon. Type 'device manager' in the 'search box'..print out the instructions. If you are new to troubleshooting your computer: print all instructions. It will save you a lot of time and mistakes. Look at the device manager screen, click on 'monitor', then 'properties'. Next do the same on 'display adapters' This will tell what's not 'operating properly' and whether it's the driver's. 'Help & Support' has much help to offer...but not all the answers by a long shot. Good Luck.

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No power on Z1620, no light, fan.Installed new power switch and has a new power adaptor.

A:My Z1620 has no power at all, new power switch and...

It sounds like this is most likely a hardware problem that would require repair. We would suggest contacting technical support in your region for further assistance with this issue.Acer Service and Support

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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No power on Z1620, no light, fan.Installed new power switch and has a new power adaptor.

A:My Z1620 has no power at all, new power switch and...

It sounds like this is most likely a hardware problem that would require repair. We would suggest contacting technical support in your region for further assistance with this issue.Acer Service and Support

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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Here's an interesting one. Please read complete note.
I am running a "private party" built P-II 333. I have recently had installed :

128 PNY PC100 RAM (upgrade from 2-32's)
Reused one 32 stick for a total of 160 RAM

Added a CD-RW 8/4/32 as slave
56x CD-Rom as master (old 40x apparently went bad)

Nothing major...so I thought....

Now my system will not power up with the front intermittent switch unless I turn the switch off at the rear of the machine for 20-30 seconds. I turn the rear switch back on, push the front switch and the unit powers up normally. The unit is housed in a heavy piece of furniture that is difficult to move. This makes access to the rear switch difficult

What could have happened during these installs that would cause this change and what can I do to fix it??

A:No power to PC unless I use rear power switch

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Hello All:

I have a HP DV6275US, Pavillion DV6000 with Vista Home Premium on it and I am trying to go to XP. Dual booting is too much of a ruckus and I do not like it anyways, so I bought a Scorpio to install it on.

When I installed the Scorpio, it initially would not detect the drive, so I disabled SATA Auto. in the BIOS, and it then recognized it.

So, I start to install XP, formatted fine, copied sys. files fine, but when I got to the actual GUI install it asked me if I wanted to install a driver for my battery, which could possibly disrupt installation, so I choose yes and anyways and it proceeded fine for about a minute, then power failure. Tried again, and again, and same thing.

I put my Vista HDD back in, a Seagate 160GB, and things worked fine.

I have read something about having to manually load the drivers for the nVidia RAID chipset, as the ones XP Install loads do not suffice. I could not find any problems about the battery, so please, ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Had to up upgrade my power supply on my hp envy 750-116. The new power supply(500b evga) does not have a power cord for the slim laptop like drive. looking for possible fix for the problem

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My computer seems to switch to Power Saver mode of its own volition. I'm not sure what triggers the switch from Balanced mode to Power Saver. Yes, I know and how to prevent screen dimming and sleep mode, and I know how to change the plan settings for any power mode...

...but what is the specific setting I need to use to prevent my computer from ever automatically switching to power saver mode? I want it to boot up into Balanced mode, and never, ever switch from that plan.



A:Prevent switch from Balanced power mode to Power Saver mode

Do you have some program in auto startup that might be doing this ?
Laptops may come with some utility for this ???
You could review your startup programs, or try a clean startup.
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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I recently got a new battery as a result of the recall.  For about a week the battery worked.  Then unexpectedly, it shut down.   Issue 1 [Resolved, kind of]: Thinking the battery just lost power, I plugged it into an AC adapter, powered it up, but logging in was weird.  I'd type the password but only a few characters would get picked up, seemed like I had to hit the character on the keyboard multiple times before it would pop up before moving to the next character.  After messing around with it, I didn't really do anything, but eventually the keyboard worked. Issue 2: Then once I got logged in, I noticed in the lower right hand corner the icon for "No battery is detected." Problem is the battery was connected.  I googled the issue and performed a hard reset thinking this would solve the problems.  It didn't, which leads us to... Issue 3: The laptop will not power up when I plug in the battery.  With the AC adapter plugged in, pressing the power button causes the small LED light next to the adapter to blink 4 times in white, and that's it.  I waited 15 minutes, maybe it was a low charge, still nothing happened.  I decided to take out the battery and press the power button, and it booted up normally.  So right now I'm operating the laptop without the battery in, and everything's normal. Issue 2b: When I put the battery back into the laptop - while on - the laptop remains on, the LED next to the ada... Read more

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Hi Again All -

For reference here I would ask that you please look at my post yesterday , the 6th at 9:52 pm, which has a sad smiley in front of the title. I finally got my computer in order and it did not turn on and off repeatedly while attemptng to load (thanks to all the helpful advice posted). However, I am in the habit of setting it at night to go to either stand by or hibernate. Last night I learned that I no longer had those options available, so I turned the system off. Probably 5 or 6 times during the night I faintly heard Bono and U2 singing away (yes, I'm delusional). Actually, it was my screensaver and apparently my computer was turning itself on. After the obligatory 20 mins. the screensaver would come on. The system must have shut down and the whole processes started again repeatedly throughout the night. This is too bizarre. I turned off the computer with the Start button and the button on the machine. I guess I have to crawl under the desk and unplug the thing, but I shouldn't have to. Can anyone think of what is going on here?


A:Yesterday's Power Problems Create New Power Issue

If you change the power settings in the BIOS, the machine won't come back on when power is lost and restored, which is the setting I always use.

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Hi Guys,

I'm currently suffering from a random power shutdown issue. The PC boots up correctly and is totally useable and in working order.

However after different varied amounts of time. 20mins - 5 hours on occasion. The PC will just randomly power down as if the power cable has been removed.

I am getting the following error within Event Viewer 'Event 41, Kernel-Power' - "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

I have checked all power settings and have currently set to High Performance Mode, with Hard disks 'Never' to turn off etc.

After suggestions and help as to what may be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance,

A:Random Power Down Issue - 'Event 41, Kernel-Power'

If this were a desktop machine my first question would be "How old is your power supply?"
If this is the Compaq laptop shown in your specs, I am wondering if the connection to your battery is not as good as it should be. I'd double-check the contacts or connections. There may be a loose or broken wire, or even a failing connection inside the battery itself if it's old.

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Hi, Having a 90B error (fan having troubles) prior to booting up the system, I consider it a good time to clean the fan. So I completely dissassembled the laptop down to the fan to remove dust. This in order to have less sound and less heat. After reassembling it back to its original state, my laptop started with two errors. Firstly one I cannot remember (skipped to fast) and secondly the recurring 90B error. But skipping those the system started up and everything worked. The laptop was running slowly but I thought it was normal behavior. The day after, my laptop wouldn?t startup. I?ve pressed the start button and the lights went on of both the start button and speaker on/off. Immediately after that it shut down and started back up, producing a startup loop as long the laptop is feed by power (battery or charger). Anyone can help me out? If further details are needed, I will certainly provide those. Kr,JeromeBertrem  

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Hi there, I have a toshiba A75 laptop that does not boot when on ac power without a battery beyond bios. It shows the splash screen but then dies on normal boot.

When I have the battery in and the unit is powered off It does charge the battery.
When the battery is fully charged, it will run and boot into windows but does not recognize the ac power at all. It just drains the battery, then when the battery is at 0 it shuts off and this is while connected to AC power and the LED see's the AC power.

When on AC power I can boot into bios and it will sit there for days without a battery, but when I try to get to the OS it just shuts down. I have replaced the mobo twice. I have replaced the hard drive as well. The odd part is that with the hard drive out of the laptop, I can get the laptop to run with out any power failures. It just recycles the media device failure message but does not crash.

I have tested the power supply on other laptops and it seems to work just fine.

Any one have any ideas?

A:Toshiba Satellite A75 boot/power issue with AC power

Since you have replaced the system board twice, this probably does not apply to you... but we have seen a number of Toshibas with the same or similar motherboard where the power jack on the board became loose or disconnected. A new jack had to be obtained and soldered back into position.
If you bought used boards or refurbished boards, this difficult jack problem could have been the cause. It requires a special cold solder technique and is awkward to access, but when done properly by an experienced tech, it can save a laptop.
There are several Dell Inspirons and Sony laptops with the similar problem.
We have seen costs in a shop as high as $160 for this repair... but the part is only $6.00 so I don't know how they justify the high cost.

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I purchased a Lenovo 110S a week ago. I?ve found that I have issues turning it on sometimes whereby the power indicator flashes a few seconds but the laptop doesn?t power on. This happens with enough battery power, for example it?s happened when I have had 50% battery power remaining. I plug the laptop into mains AC power and it will then power on.  But im stumped as to why this doesn?t happen all the time. If anyone can offer help it would be appreciated! PS: my battery is a concealed one ie; in the laptop casing with a cover that?s screwed on.

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My Yoga S1 has contradictory, intermittent power issues that I'm trying to chase down. Culprits are bad power bric/cord/plug or power socket on mother board or power board that feeds into power button/led on. One day it blacked out and wouldn't restart to hard drive or windows stage. I did get an error code which I can't remember 5100 or 5500 poss?, that seemed to indicate the power board or ribbons to that needed replacement or re-attachment. So fiddled with it and it did fire up in windows all ok. Then ran out of power and died again. power button wouldn't light up. plugging in power unit did light up led as getting charge. Left it overnight and then it miraculously charged up. pushed power button light up twice then nothing. took out power board/detached ribbon, then it fired up to windows, fixed some hd errors and has been restarting without problems. Except now there is no plug showing on battery icon when plugged in. So not recharging but I'm sure the battery is good. And logically, the power brick and plug must be feeding electricity into laptop to get it to recharge enough to start up. So power socket and plug may be suspect with intermittent contact problems. Or the power board somehow is involved in this? I've ordered a new powerboard as easy screw in and cheap. My question about powerboard is does this control ability of plug to charge battery? power brick with new plug is next order from ebay. but the power socket, which see... Read more

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I have a Dell Optiplex 240 that just quit getting power. I changed the powersupply and connected all of the cables correctly. I have tried different outlets and cords but still no power at all. I am guessing that it has something to do with the power button. How does this swith connect with the motherboard and how could I get the face cover off to make sure that I am getting a proper trigger. I have the P.C. open but it is really hard to get to or even see the internal side of the power button with out ripping the face of the P.C. off. Can anyone give some advice that has maybe ran into this same problem?

A:Bad Power Switch Please Help!

The wires from the case usually connect to a set of pins located in the front left corner of the motherboard (follow the wires from the front of the case). The small plastic connectors at the end of these wires hopefully will be labeled as will be the pins on the motherboard although the writing is not easy to see. On some cases the wires might be bundled together into one block connector--I don't remember if Dell does it that way, they didn't used to.

Anyway look for a connecter that says PWR or PSW or something similar. That wire comes from the "power" button on the front of the case. If you remove this connector and use a small screwdriver to short the pins touching the two pins that the connector went to you are
bypassing the front case switch. If your system starts up when you do this then you'll have a bad switch.

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Okay, so this is a continuation of this thread: Help with Front Panel/Power Button Connector

Okay, so I don't know why, but when I have the 24-pin connector for my motherboard halfway in (or halfway out, if you're that kind of guy) all of my led fans kick on, but none of my front panel configurations can turn it on. Please see the above thread for more information!

A:Help with Power Switch/PSU?

Maybe you could continue posting on one thread.............

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I have P3 600Mhz about 2years old.
My computer's power don't work! I thought it might be the switch or the power supply and so I have changed to new case and new power supply. But, it has same problem! It won't turn on. Of course, I checked the plugs, wires, switches, etc. I had to press the power button MILLION times before letting the computer to start and boot. Even after changing it to new case and new power supply, I will still have to press power button MILLION times to turn the computer on. Maybe my old motherboard causing this power failure? What can be other possibilities causing this stupid problem?? Please Help!!!

A:Power Switch

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i was wondering if ne of you guys know where i can buy a new momentary contact type switch for a cheap price... one of the wires for the 1 i own have disconnected and am unable to solder it pls help me out guys :-/

A:Power Switch...help!

Welcome to TechSpot

In the UK, check Maplin www.maplin.co.uk
In the USA, check your local RadioShack

Any electronics shop has switches like that, maybe not the exact model that you need.

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Usually we don't use the power button on my custom-built pc, since we generally just leave the thing on all the time. So I noticed a few days ago when I did use it that it was sticky, like dust had gotten in around it or something. Then, a few days later, the pc started shutting itself off, at random, but usually within 5 minutes of turning it back on.

It's gotta be the power switch, right? And are these easily swappable? This one came with the case, built-in. I've never even tried to buy a replacement switch, so I have no idea. Hopefully I don't need to buy a whole new case or something.

Thoughts? TIA

A:Is this my power switch?

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Now I have my new Motherboard and CPU up and running(Socket A FSB266, Duron 1800). Everything works great except everyonce and a while, usually after being on for a 1/2 hour or more, the computer starts making a funny noise every 10 to 20 seconds. It is the sound the power switch makes when it shuts down. But it doesn't shut down. The graphics sometimes freeze for a split second, but othere than that nothing happens becuase of it.

Is it the switch shorting? Maybe the power supply is bad or not enough (250W)? The power LED switch is not connected. I could not find the pins for it. There is a 'casfan' hookup where the pwr LED was on my old board. Could this be shorting on the frame of the case? Or maybe is the CPU overheating even with the fan. It is a good quality fan(made for Athlon 64's and other Socket A's which mine is.

Thanks for your help,

A:CPU or power switch or PSU? not sure

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on a friends computer you have to press the power on switch several times to get it to power up some times you just leave it after pressing the power switch and it will start to power up about 10 to 15 minutes after.
Its an old Packard Bell computer using WinXP o/s and a Celeron processor thats all i know of the computer i was wandering could i by pass the power up switch by shorting it on the board itself how do i identify right pins to short, i want to do this just identify if it is the switch thats faulty.
Although ive never seen it do it he tells me it switches itself back on sometimes.
Thanks Haddo

A:power switch

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So since recently my laptop shuts off randomly. The battery is also getting old and with battery, my laptop runs only for about an hour. Sometimes it runs just fine, and other times it shuts off suddenly, usually when I turn it back on right away, it shuts off again while booting. And also, since that started to happen, my games run with extreme lag.
I hope/think its just a power issue that makes it suddenly turn off. The reason I think this is the problem is because there is a Mic, webcam, hdmi screen, speakers and sometimes Phones, connected to it, only the screen and speakers are self powered.
Before i buy new battry and adapter, first I want to make sure what you guys think it might be?what to do to find out more?

Alienware M17XR4

A:alienware Power issue, power issue or something else?

Does it do it if it's on charge? It could be over heating

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The power switch on my Compaq Deskpro went faulty, so I bought a replacement generic switch. Installation seemed no problem, when I switch on power lights come on, but only for a few seconds, then system shuts down. I don't think I did any other damage when replacing the switch. What should I check out?

A:PC doesn't like new power switch

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