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Problem Installing Graphic Card Driver in Lenovo G...

Q: Problem Installing Graphic Card Driver in Lenovo G...

Configuration Processor - AMD A8-5550M RAM - 8GB (4*4 configuration) OS - Windows 10 (Upgraded From Windows 8.1) Graphics - AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8570M Dual Graphics I have upgraded my system on 30th July to Windows 10 Pro. Now i am unable to install Graphic Card Driver.I Even tried unninstalling the Drivers using DDU(Display Driver Unnistaller) in Safe Mode and tried Re-installing Driver but while reinstalling Driver my system always Restarts and installation interrupts in between I tried this 4 times then i tried using without driver but my laptop used to get thermal shutdown.So Finally i performed a System Restore, but i wanted to perform a clean install for which this problem must be solved as i won't be able to do system restore after clean install. One more Problem after i've upgraded to windows 10 my graphic driver is recognized differently as R5 M200 but actually its HD 8570M. Observations Whlile installing Driver :Laptop gets Heated and restarts firstly i thought its a Thermal Shut Down but it restarted and i even tried to preform the installation after placing my laptop in front of air-conditioner but it again restarted.Help me out finding the solution for this problem.Warm Regards,Rishabh

Preferred Solution: Problem Installing Graphic Card Driver in Lenovo G...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Problem Installing Graphic Card Driver in Lenovo G...

Same here.Tried to use the win 8.1 driver ( but this one does not allow me to use my 8570m properly. So i had to change it back to 15.200.1062.1004, which is the one who labels my 8570m into a "r5 m200 / hd 8500M series".Since i use the retarded win10 driver i have massevily fps drops while playing video games. I am thinking about chaning back to win 7 again.Hope we will get some support soon!

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After I installed the Nvidia Graphic Card on Lenovo Y400 on a Windows 7 64 bit system I installed Graphic Intel but an error message appeared that it did not match the minimum computer usage. even though I use a driver that has been recommended by Lenovo on https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/id/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-y-series-laptops/ideapad-y4...Please help me and provide solutions for solving this problem.Thanks. This specification of my laptop according to Piriform Speccy:

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I'm trying to get autocad to recognize the graphics card of my new laptop. autocad tests numerous cards for compatibility, and on their website, my card is listed as a certified recommended card. But when I run the autocad tunelog, it lists:
3D Device
Name :
Manufacturer :
Chip set :
Memory :
Driver :
Your machine contains a 3D Device that is not certified.

The driver that autocad tested the card with is different than my laptop’s graphics card drive. Perhaps that's the problem. The comments section for my particular card says: “This driver is supported on HP Compaq 8510w laptops and can be downloaded from here.” Now I wonder if I should actually install this driver... if that driver would work with a different laptop? I'm afraid that might be a problem because (from what I understand), it is only recommended to use driver updates provided by the laptop maker. Does installing a different graphic card driver void warranties on laptops? is it reversible by a restore point?

My notebook specs:
Lenovo T61p
Windows XP professional
Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz
2GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive space
Nvidia Quadro FX 570M

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Ok so a few day's ago my friend gave me his old (working) graphic card Nvida geforce gt 240. After putting it in i downloaded drivers from nvida website and installed them, after the installation it restarted my computer and i got the Blue Screen of Death and it said MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. So i had to start it in Safe mode and un-installe the drivers and restared my PC then it worked again.
So i took out the graphic card and put my old one again installed the drivers and it worked fine.
So I downloaded BlueScreenView and it says the problem is ntoskrnl.exe (NT Kernel & System).
I did some research and found out it could be something with my RAM or Hard Drive, but I dont think this is the problem because my old card works fine. 
Please help, this Graphic card that my friend gave me is much better then mine and i want to get it working.
What do u think is the problem and what should I do to fix it?
My set-up is:
CPU: Intel pentium D 935 3.20 GHz
OS: Windows XP Professional SP3
Motherboard: G41MT-S2PT (Gigabayte)

A:BSOD after installing driver for graphic card

The problem is older NVidia cards will not work with the newest NVidia drivers. You have to install one of their older drivers to get it to work properly. I am not sure what driver that particular card requires, BUT DonPedro could tell you because he is an expert on NVidia cards.
SO, go to this site :  http://www.k6plus.com/phpBB3/index.php?name=PNphpBB2  and make a post there asking for DonPedro's help on this matter.

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Hi,i recently installed windows 7 ultimate x32.when i install graphic card drivers i get "display kernel driver stopped responding and has been succesfully recovered" and i get TDR errors.i can play games with default driver that windows installed but games are laggy and crashes after 30 minutes if i play on higher graphic,i can only play on low graphics and i cant play minecraft cause it requires graphic card drivers .i have nvidia geforce 9600 gt and i can usually play games at medium to high graphic and older games at high but now without drivers i can only play on low graphic,and when i install drivers i get errors .only driver that worked for me is 306 beta but when i install that driver i get TDR error.pls help me
My specs:
Asus M3A78 motherboard
AMD Athlon II X2 260 processor (2CPUs) 3.2GHz
570W PRO PSU Dual Fan
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT

A:Error after installing graphic card driver

Have you tried a newer graphics card driver?

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I've been swapping back and forth between OS, and ended up on Vista Ultimate. Now, when I installed Ultimate, it appeared that my previous XP version was not uninstalled and nothing was formatted. That was fine. I could live with that.
Now, this morning I thought I should reinstall my graphics driver because my graphics were bugging out. Then I got an error message saying that my OS wasn't Vista at all even though I was in Vista. "Well" I thought and figured I should install the XP driver and I was told the exact same thing with that driver. Now I'm not very good with computers and such and as if everything hadn't gone wrong already my mate that fixes my computer left for gran canaria this morning. YAY is the proper term I guess... Figured I'd give it a shot here. Now, I have a graphic driver installed, but when I open up WoW which is the game I play the most, it runs smoothly, but everything is shown except the people. That means the NPCs, pets and shapeshifted classes appear properly (for you that play wow), but I can't see myself or any other players except the shapeshifted ones.

I don't know if you need any specs but please let me know if you do. Hopefully I can get this sorted without waiting for my mate to return sometime next week. When he does, I will have the computer fully formatted and reinstall Vista. I'm not 100% sure how this can go smooth for me as a man with close to no experience with these things

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A:Problems installing graphic card driver.

Hold down the windows button on your keyboard and press R
in the box type - dxdiag

After it loads click Save all information -> navigate to a folder that is easy to find, and Save. Attach the file here by clicking the paperclip icon above your reply and navigating to the folder that you saved it in. This will give us the specs that are needed

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Hello! In 2013 I bought Lenovo C340 All-in-One with Windows 8 activated, CPU Intel Celeron. Because Win 8 was very buggy I upgraded to Win 8.1 in January 2014. After the upgrade everything was fine only the CPU usage started to be very high during browsing images-heavy sites and sites with Flash Player/animations/streaming videos and during downloading. I tried to update graphic card driver but the system said I have the latest one I need. Probably it was customized from Lenovo for this specific machine and Win 8? This June I upgraded to Win 10 hoping the high CPU usage will be resolved. But no, it is even worse because now few times PC blocked from the high CPU and should be restarted. I changed anti-vir from AVG Free to Avira Free but this was very small help. I had this question posted in Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help Forums, Ten Forums etc. I was advised to ask my manufacturer too as being unable to update the driver might be because manufacturer's changes. I suppose updating graphic driver would resolve the high CPU usage as CPU usage was alright in the original Win 8. I'm desperated as I'm online almost 24/7. I don't play online games but use some online art/drawing tools with Flash Player and also I browse many images and having my CPU frying is terrible. Thank you in advance! 

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Can't login into my account so repost my question: In 2013 I bought Lenovo C340 All-in-One with Windows 8 activated, CPU Intel Celeron. Because Win 8 was very buggy I upgraded to Win 8.1 in January 2014. After the upgrade everything was fine only the CPU usage started to be very high during browsing images-heavy sites and sites with Flash Player/animations/streaming videos and during downloading. I tried to update graphic card driver but the system said and still says I have the latest one I need. Probably it was customized from Lenovo for this specific machine and Win 8? This June I upgraded to Win 10 hoping the high CPU usage will be resolved. But no, it is even worse. I changed anti-vir from AVG Free to Avira Free but this was very small help. I had this question posted in Microsoft Answers, Adobe Help Forums, Ten Forums etc. I installed Intel AppUp(SM) center and it detected outdates and updated the chipset but the update was refused by the system and also typing became slow and messy. I tried again with the same result. In Intel's site I read I that if I bought whole system I should ask my manufacturer as being unable to update the driver might be because manufacturer's changes. I suppose updating graphic driver would resolve the high CPU usage as CPU usage was alright in the original Win 8. I'm desperated as I'm online almost 24/7. I don't play online games but use some online art/drawing tools with Flash Player and also I browse many images and having my CPU frying is ... Read more

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I need help with my problem. So since last week my laptop suddenly shuts down while I am playing DOTA 2. It never happened before. So I searched in the forum for the solution and I run a hardware test using the lenovo solution center. By the time the graphic card is being tested, suddenly my laptop shuts down. It was by stress test of the AMD graphic cards. Can someone tell me what I should do next? 

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Hi guys! Last week i bought a Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y5070 with Intel® Core? i7-4710HQ 2.50GHz, Haswell?, 15,6" Full HD, 8GB, 1TB, nVidia GeForce GTX 860M 4GB, FreeDOS, Black. I installed all drivers from Lenovo but i have a problem with my graphic cards. The problem is that when i am trying to run a game like Far Cry, GTA, Sniper Elite or any other games with my dedicated video card (nVIDIA GTX 860M) my display turns into a black screen when i launch the game and nothing happens. But when i am launching the game with my integrated video card( Intel HD Graphics 4600) it launches and the game runs normally but i have very low graphic experience and i cant play the game with the integrated one. I want to say that my display runs on the intel integrated graphic card and i dont know how to switch it to nVIDIA. I think that this is the problem. My display is using intel graphic card and when i am trying to open a game with nVIDIA graphic card it turns into a black screen and nothing happens. When i use dxdiag it only shows me the Intel HD 4600 GRAPHIC card in the display section. Please tell me what can i do, this is very frustrating for me. Thank you and sorry for my bad english. I am waiting for an answer !

A:Graphic Card problem on Lenovo Y50-70

1) Which windows do you have installed?
2) Did you install the correct NVIDIA drivers for your system?
3) Can you go into Control Panel >> Device Manager and see what is displayed under Display category?
These laptops use NVIDIA optimus technology and the NVIDIA card only gets used when doing graphically intensive tasks such as gaming, it is not a problem.
I am pretty sure the problem is with your graphics drivers.
Also, check in your DXDIAG which DirectX version is installed.

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Hi.  742920-001 HP AMD Radeon R7 240 HD 8570 Graphics Video Card 2GB DDR3 DVI HDMI This is the new graphic card I´ve bought. When I put it in the machine (Lenovo H50-55 90BF) it all goes black. No output from the destop´s HDMI nor from the HDMI in the graphic card.  What can I do to fix this? Should I install a driver? Should I make some changes in the BIOS or CMOS? If so; how? Two of the pins on the card seems to be broken, but the cuts are so very perpendicular so it seems it may be supposed to be like that? Grateful for all replies that work. Kind Regards,Joachim

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I am having lenovo g700 laptop and i have a sticker on it that says nvidia geforce but my system does not display it how do i find the dedicated graphic card? , now i have already checked in the display manager under display adapters it shows only intel 4000, I also looked into the bios but it says optimus and uma only option, i have tried installing the drivers but i get an error that says that the graphic hardware is not found, what do i do since i want use the Solid Works software that i installed and it required dedicated graphic card, It says in my purchase specifications that lenovo g700 does have a dedicated 2GB graphic card

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Hello! Recently I bought a new Z51-70 laptop with 8GB RAM, intel core i7 and Radeon R9 m375. I have several problems with it. Firstly the device's performance highly drops when I disconnect the charger. I can see it in games. FPS drops from 40 to 15 :/. Secondly, I am disappointed with gaming performance and I think this could be caused by AMD graphic card issue. I have set "high performance" option in AMD Catalyst Control Centre and I have updated the drivers for both graphic cards but I'm still getting only 30 FPS in Xenoverse 2 on low graphic settings, even if the charger is plugged in. The same with Naruto Storm 4. AMD System Monitor says that the GPU usage is 0% but on the other hand GPU-z says its about 90%. I though that with this laptop configuration I would be able to get 60 fps in almost every game. Is Z51-70 gaming performance really so weak? Is there any way to fix it?Thanks in advance for the help .

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Hello everybody, I bought my new E580 few months ago and today I thought why not to try few games on it.So I installed Steams and was going to play CS:Go and I realized that FPS is jumping between 20 and 80-120. That can?t be true?So I realized that computer is working on AMD RX 550 for few minutes and then again on 620 Intel UHD for 10-15min.What is wrong with this laptop? Should i send it back? Any driver solution? I checked Bios there is nothing useful.... Any ideas? windows 10 64bit and all drivers are installed   

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hello friends,

i brought a new graphic card and installed it in my PC. everything went fine for 3 days, i have played all the high end games without any problem but after 3 or 4 days...the monitor started going into standby mode and some times it shows some gibberish colors on the screen.

Below are my PC specifications.

LG 17" CRT monitor
Processor : Intel Dual core 2.88 GHz.
MOBO : Intel D102GGC2.
ram : 2 Gb DDR2

Graphic card : NVIDIA GT 440 - 1 gB (DDR3) Purchased in September 2011.

I changed the screen resolution from least to max and tried in each instance but with no luck.
I removed the side cover of my cabinet but this did not make a difference.
Formatted the system and installed a new os but that did not help either.
I checked the temparature using Everest software and it showed around 39-40 C always.

Does any one have any inputs on this..

A:Problem with monitor after installing new graphic card

Have you tested your system with a different monitor?

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I'm not so sure that this is the right forum to post it in, But I do hope that reply will come soon (Thanks in advance)

I have a gigabyte W576V Notebook with GeForce 9600M GS in it.
My computer has a problem when I try to install any *.msi file to it saying somthin about the package not installed bla bla bla
My research brought up that because I moved my "documents and settings" folder (I use XP Pro SP3) to another patition, the windows installer doesn't recognize the package and refuse to install it.

(*)Got to that conclusion by taking the msi file from my temp folder in my user directory -> moved it to c:\ (where original windows is installed) and install works.

Now comes the problem:
I tried to update my graphic driver, and because the control panel uses an msi install the install fails. Problem is: none of the rollbacks works now and I CAN'T use my old method because the install is automatic and crashes before I can change folder and do the trick mantioned in (*).

Question is:
How to solve the MSI installer bug? Or does anyone has any idea how to Install the Nvidia drivers without the Control Panel?
I am currently using the original windows VGA driver which are very annoying and not operate able (plus I got a graphic assignment due in 2 days, so time is very important to find and solution to any nvidia drivers)

Any reference to any solution will be welcome, though if you can fix the installer problem that would be a great plus

Please mov... Read more

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 742920-001 HP AMD Radeon R7 240 HD 8570 Graphics Video Card 2GB DDR3 DVI HDMI
This is the new graphic card I´ve bought. When I put it in the machine (Lenovo H50-55 90BF) it all goes black. No output from the destop´s HDMI nor from the HDMI in the graphic card. 
What can I do to fix this? Should I install a driver? Should I make some changes in the BIOS or CMOS? If so; how?
Two of the pins on the card seems to be broken, but the cuts are so very perpendicular so it seems it may be supposed to be like that?
Grateful for all replies that work.
Kind Regards,
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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hi i'm use winows 10 home and my graphic card was working so good but oneday i tried to update the driver but it didn't work and my graphic card disappear from device manager after it i uninstalled the driver by ddu and tried to install the version that i was uesd befor but it didn't work with me and i have contact with amd support to talk with them about the problem and the couldn't help me and this all messages and the information about the problem i was using 18.2.1 adrenalin in winows 10          

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I have just reinstalled Windows 7 x64 which is OK then install Asrock H55 mobo drivers which is OK but when I install Nvidia gts450 drivers and reboot I end up with a black screen or just a screen with no taskbar or shortcuts, any advice please to get it working.
I have also done a Paragon image from a couple of months ago with the same problem that just shows an empty desktop.

A:Graphic Card Driver Problem

There could be a problem with the driver you are installing - or your video card just doesn't like it. You can try installing a previous version (older version) driver to test.

Or your video card may have gone south (died - the slow death). If it works when using the generic drivers that load from Windows but then fails when you load the nVidia drivers it means that the advanced features of the card - like 3d graphics - are failing or have failed.

You can play with the settings for the card in the nVidia Control panel to see if you can get it to work with the driver, or at the very least isolate wherein the problem lies. If you have played with these settings in the past you should try resetting the factory defaults.

Also try re-seating the card, and check that all the contacts are clean and there is no dust in the slot. Re-check the power cord(s) to the card too.

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I purchased a HP 15 ay005 tx. It is a DOS Machine. Everything is working except thr AMD Radeon R5 330 Graphic Card. I have currently installed windows 10 32-bit on it. I feel the graphic card is not working properly. When I click on AMD Radeon Settings, thr following error pops up-" AMD Graphic Driver not Found.Please try again afyer connecting AMD Graphic Card." I tried updating the AMd Radeon driver from AMD site too but even after updatinf the problem remain same. What should I do?Earlier I had installed Windows 7 64-bit but than majy of the drivers were not working. So I upgraded to Windowa 10 32-bit. It has switchable Intel Graphic 5500 too. Please help.

A:Graphic Card Driver Problem

Hi: There are no 32 bit graphics drivers for the graphics setup your PC has. I recommend you install W10 64 bit and use the Intel and AMD graphics drivers from your notebook's support page. You need to install the Intel HD graphics driver first, restart the PC and then install the AMD graphics driver and restart the PC.

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Hello all,

I have a strange problem with my nvidia graphics card driver. Recently I did a format of my laptop and re?nstalled Windows 7 Home Premium. Everything seems to run oke, the only issue I have is that I can't get my nvidia graphics driver installed. Windows tells me my graphics card drivers aren't up to date so I went to the Nvidia website and let it scan my laptop. When it's done it tells me to download the driver and install it. When I run the driverupdate program from the Nvidia website, it first scans my systems and then comes to tell me that it cannot find the graphic cards hardware so it cannot install? Can anybody help me with this?

A:Nvidia graphic card driver problem

Hi D71, If you would be so kind and tell the model of Sony laptop we may be able to help you further , It is always a good idea to get the GFX drivers from the manufacturer of laptops as usually they are tweaked to suit the needs of the manfs

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hello all, i have hp pavllion dv 7 beat audio, intel i5 core ati mobility redeon, 4g ram,
it was a great super fast laptop, untill i formated and installed fresh windows 7 on it, now its so slow and if i go to youtube and play something it will not play as before it will keep stopping and loading and freezing like there is not vga card installed,
now i checked in device mannager there are two graphic drivers installed
ati mobility redeon hd 5650
intel hd graphic card

so can anyone please help me out to sort my vga driver out,,,

A:Solved: Graphic card driver problem

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Hii have very annoying problem. My graphic card is not working right. I have HP pavilion dv6 Notebook, and i lost my (ATI 6490M graphic card driver and cata. switchable program).  i tried every method.. even download and install the driver from the hp support. but when i try to install the two driver i fail. 1. when i try to install the driver that allow the switch between the two graphic cards an error pups in : (The computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing  the softwar)!!this is the link this link:http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp55001-55500/sp55098.exe 2. When i try to install the ATI/amd driver with cata. and error pups (install fail) but the install continue ... and then the screen flashes (it's normal during vga install) but then the screen goes black and freeze. and when i restart the computre it freezes at the loading screen (that mean's problem with graphic card) and i must restore my pc from safe mod.This link:http://whp-hou9.cold.extweb.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp55001-55500/sp55092.exe PLZ help me ..  Note: I can't use system recovery due to changing the hard drive and do not have any recovery disk/USB!  

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Okej so i bought a old pc from my friend and i cant find the driver for my graphic card i extracted Dxdiag:
If anyone find any driver for this laptop it will server as well.

i uploaded it here :http://nemanja030.square7.ch/DxDiag.txt
Because it is too long to paste in sevenforums.

A:Graphic card driver problem Medion MP95300

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Go to the Medion Website the Link is below ..

MEDION UK - Driver

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Recently I purchased this new y700 laptop. After I start run the Lenovo solution center, it kept giving me the fail to run video card mathematical operation test. I double checked there are not any graphic card driver update. So how do i fix this problem.

Go to Solution.

A:Y700: hd graphic driver 530 video card problem

I have the same problem...

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I have recently experienced some problems winth my P50 win 10 computer, where I can't play full Screen video in webbrowsers Chrome (f.ex. Youtube) on an external extended screen (the screen just goes black, but I can hear the sound, and when I press Esc. it seems for a fraction of a second theat it actually is in full screen, before it minimizes), and If I try to play the wideo in full screen on the laptops display, the external diaplsy "crashes" and the desktop is only shown on the laptops display, while an error is shown in the corner of the screen (translated from Danish) "unable to start screendriver" As the computer is almost 1 year old, and I hadn't updated any of the drivers, I thought it would be a good idea to try that first, to solve the problem.  I had no problems installing the newest Nvidia drivers found on the p50 download page, but the Intel Graphic card drivers (also found on the P50 download page) wouldn't install, and when I tried to manually install them, The Inf file showed that the drivers would work with 510,520,535 etc., but NOT 530.  The drivers now seems to have been removed from the download page, so there are now no Intel HD530 drivers at all for P50. The Nvidia drivers date and driver version is 10 jan 2017,The Intel driver date version is 07 jan 2016 I don't even know if the drivers are the problem, but I find it quite strange that there are no update for the intel card, and ... Read more

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recently i have installed windows 7 ultimate on my DEll inspiron 5520 and i installed all the drivers and when i try to install the graphic card driver intel 4000hd it says "This computer dosent meet the minimum requirements ...etc " and i tried to intall it by windows update and i downloaded it from dell but it dosent work im windows 7 ultimate x64bit please help me

A:Problem With Intel 4000HD graphic card Driver

Please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the tool here in your next reply

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Hello, I've got a problem with graphic card drivers:

On newly installed Windows XP (sp2 updated to sp3) once I install drivers for ATI Radeon x1600 a reboot, everything seems fine until the drivers actually loads (on logon screen) - graphic card doesn't send any signal into my monitor.

If I start Windows in VGA mode, system starts up properly, but CCC shows this error: http://www.google.com/search?num=100...=&oq=&gs_rfai= and once I change resolution, screen goes blank again. But this problem in most cases is caused by incorrectly installed drivers, with newly installed OS it should not be the case.

I tried to remove drivers (CCC and driver) and install older drivers (10.2, 8.4, 7.11, 7.5) with and without CCC and nothing helped. And yes, I have DotNet 2.0 properly installed.

Could it be caused by legacy drivers form ATI (I installed them first)? Or maybe is the integrated graphic card on mainboard (ASRock 4Core1600-D800) causing it (although I've disabled it in BIOS)?

A:Windows XP - Graphic card driver problem (blank screen)

Uninstall all version of catalyst control center and all your ATI drivers including any legacy drivers. At reboot windows will use a standard vga driver and probably work in lower resolution at 640 x 480.


Find the latest catalyst driver for your card and download and install.

When your screen goes blank, your monitor probably switches into standby, this is caused by incorrect refresh rate or reolution your monitor cannot display.

It may also help to search for an updated inf file or driver for your monitor and update this driver before you install the catalyst driver.

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Hi I have a HP PC running the following:

MS Windows XP MediaCenter Edition v. 2002 with SP 2
Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz with 512MB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce FX5500 with driver

All were running fine before I upgraded to SP 2 last weekend and now after the upgrade whenever I run a program that seems graphic intensive the PC will go blank for 1-2 seconds, recover, go blank again, sometime having problem redrawing the screen with altered colors or frozen image, and sometimes I even get the blue screen of death with nv_disp error. I am not even talking about games, something as simple as Youtube with large screen or Real video player will cause the problem. I think there maybe a conflict with my graphic card setting or driver but I tried upgrading to the latest as you can see.

Any suggestions? Trying to go back to SP 1 using Restore does not go back to SP 1 any longer.

A:Problem with graphic card/driver after XP Services Pack 2 upgrade

Hello cougar91 and Welcome to TSF.
NV_Disp error is a Nvidia video driver which in your case seems to be corrupted. I would uninstall the old driver and reinstall the newer driver. Go here to find newest driver http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us.

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I use to have window xp i installed window 7 home premium and my graphic became big and some colors look ugly. i check to see what graphic i was using now and its "standard VGA Graphics Adapter"

so what can i download to fix his problem i try to use AMD, NVIDIA, and some Graphic drivers from Intel but nothing seems to work they all say beside the NVIDIA "this system didn't meet the requirement" and NVIDIA says (This graphics driver cloud not find compatible graphics hardware) idk what that means but i need your help guys.

i will list whats inside this graphic card/driver

The adapter type is: standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Chip Type is: Intel(r)845G/845GL/845GE/845GV Graphics chip

Dac Type: 8 Bit
Adapter String: VGA

Bios Information: Hardware Version 0.0

Total Available Graphics Memory: 832 KB

Dedicated Video Memory: n/a
System Video Memory: n/a
Shared System Memory: n/a

The Computer is a Dell Desktop

A:I have problem with my graphic card or driver on window 7 home premiu

Try using this if its an Intel chipset.

Intel? Driver Update Utility for graphics drivers

It should find the correct driver if its an Intel chipset.

"This graphics driver cloud not find compatible graphics hardware" That means you don't have a graphics card made by Nvida. You have something different, the drivers have to be exactly right.

Your missing drivers is resulting in poor resolution which is why it looks chunky.

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Hi, i'm running window 7 32-bit OS.
My graphic card is (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics)
My problem is that after i went to www.amd.com, downloaded,uninstall the old catalyst and installed a new catalyst which matches my OS and yet i got this message whenever i tried to run that catalyst.
"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.
Please install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware"
can anyone help me solve this problem?

I've downloaded the catalyst alot of times and kept install and uninstall but i'm still having the same problem.
I really appreciate any suggestions..

A:graphic driver can't detect graphic card

Try downloading the driver from HP; select your model from this list Compaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

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I moved a Dolphin FASTPCI-4006 card for my scanner from my old Win95 computer to new WinXP.
I downloaded latest Driver v5.61 from their site.
First try the Device Manager said the card was located in:
Multifunction Adaptor - Network Controller -PCI slot 1 PCI Bus 1, device 9, function 0]
And it says “The Driver for this Device is not installed [Code 28]
Device Manager also said:
System Device - Unknown Device.
And it says “Device is not configured correctly [Code 1].
I uninstalled the “!” Icon in both Multi and System .
Subsequent tries, the Device Manager says the card located in:
Other Devices - Network Controller - with yellow question mark.
Properties says “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28).
When I clik to Reinstall Driver and go through the steps, I still get The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
[Dolphin tech support non-responsive. Scanner company out of business. Not Compaq’s problem.]
1- How do I get the PCI card to the proper location?
2- How do I get Hardware Wizard and Device Manager to recognize the card?
3- How do I get the Driver recognized and activated?

A:Problem installing PCI card and Driver

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Hello. I am currently running Windows XP Pro with SP2 on a Dell with P4 3GHz.

Since my computer came with onboard graphics, I bought a vision tek ati radeon 9250 with a pci interface (no agp slots on my motherboard) to replace it. After a difficult driver installation a few months ago, my computer was running fine. I then began playing GTA Vice City a few days ago and thats when my computer started acting up. My screen would go blank at random times, so I decided to try system restore. After system restore however, my monitor only began working in safe mode (after booting up in normal mode, my screen would always go blank after the windows xp sign showed up). I found it odd that my video card only seemed to be working in safe mode.

So thinking my video card might have melted, I pulled it out of the pci slot and examined it...and found that it looked fine (no damage). So then I went into safe mode, uninstalled all ATI related drivers and software (while keeping my onboard graphics driver intact), restarted the computer and entered safe mode again, and tried to install the newest drivers from vision teks website. However, after extracting the driver...the auto intall program would initialize and then give me the following errors:

INF error, video driver not found

Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.

I tried installing the drivers from the CD that came with the video card... Read more

A:Problem installing video card driver!!!

problem fixed

PROBLEM FIXED!!!!! Thanks for the responses guys, I actually used Driver cleaner and the driver still wasn't installing. So I called Vision Tek again for help (like the fifth time this week) and I finally got a technician who knew what the error message meant. The solution was pretty simple: disable the onboard graphics driver, eventhough Dell told me that setting the graphics option to "auto" in bios would be enough and I should not disable the onboard graphics driver. When I told the vision tek technician that Dell told me that I didn't have to do that and that the motherboard should recognize the new video card in my pci slot and automatically disable the onboard graphics, the technician laughed and said Dell technicians were *****s. So I tried his advice (uninstalled all old ATI drivers and then disabled the onboard driver through device manager) then restarted the computer and just like that I got picture in normal mode, and I was able to install the new ati drivers without the error message.

What a relieff!!!

If anyone else is getting "INF error, video driver not found" I guess the best thing to do is to disable the onboard graphics driver through device manager (and of course set it off or to auto in bios), EVEN IF DELL TECHNICIANS SAY YOU DONT HAVE TO...they obviously don't know what they're talking about.

Thanks again everyone!

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I've been beating my head against the wall for days with this. I upgraded my Dell Latitude D400 laptop from XP to Windows 7. Unfortunately, there's a lot of hardware that's in it (made by Intel) that's no longer directly supported, like the video drivers.

I managed to fake my way around the video driver enough to get it working in SVGA rather than VGA mode, and had the 2100 3A wireless driver installed & working.

I upgraded the wireless driver. Dang! Bad move! It stopped working right. So, I uninstalled the hardware from device manager and removed the drivers.

But since then, I haven't been able to manually install the driver (all it says is Network adapter), or automatically by searching through the driver directories. It finds the driver & attempts to install, but then it times out.

Anyone have any help for this?

A:problem installing wireless card driver

You did not have to remove the driver. There is an option tap in the configure window to restart the old driver. But as you have none now you need to start the old driver and be sure that new driver is out of sight. With no troubles leave a driver as is, especially for your network. W7 accepts all vista drivers. Hope you manage. When you hide this new one with problems to find the old. Keep searching. When you are sure the old driver is in the right directory and you get stuck again with timeout, try a hard reset. And after no succes go to your bios f8 and see if your hardware is properly registrated there. If not or if it is , in both cases ask someone else.

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Hey what's up ,
i am having a problem that almost get me insane, i have a laptop (Toshiba Satellite L70-A-13P) well it's my friend laptop, it's been more than 2 weaks that i am triying to install drivers for it ,but what i am stuck at is the driver for the Graphic Card i've been looking for a long time for a compatible one ,and somehow i've managed to do that, but now i am facing a problem that everytime i tried to install it ,it gave me this error message "you must install intel driver first" and for me i gues all the dirvers are installed; what make me sure of that is that i've tried some website and 2 programs to detect drivers and they all gave the result that all the drivers are okay , what should i do now to make the driver work for my Graphic Design since i can't play any video game please if anyone has any idea please give me a hand much appreciated thanks in advance.

A:Graphic Card Driver (you must install intel driver first)

Hi Serious Gamer,

You could try running the Intel Driver Update Utility. Completely safe directly from the Intel site, it should find any drivers that our out of date and update them. Intel® Driver Update Utility

I know you said you ran multiple programs like that and if you've already tried that one, just let me know. I was trying to find a specifications sheet about your friends laptop, best I could find was this. Product data-sheet Toshiba Satellite L70-A-13P notebooks (PSKNEE-03X02WFR)

Does his laptop have the discrete graphics card or the on-board graphics?


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Ive just bought a geforce 6600 gt graphics card which ive plugged into the motherboard(Asus P4r800). when i switch the computer on it doesn't boot up just get a blank screen. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas?

A:Graphic card not installing

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HELLO THERE, i have lenovo g 50-70 with core i7 processor, 8 gb ram and amd radeon 2 gb graphic card.from couple months i m trying to play some games on this laptop, i thought i have big grahic card so i can play nice games but now i cant even play gts 5 on this one.. i installed all the driverrs i found.. latest bios updates too..still result is zero.. i cant even find any option to switch on board graphics  to amd.and right now in display adaptor it shows i got 256mb video memory..i have attached few pics here.. can anyone help me with this pleaase.. just right i downloaded amd auto detect drivers tool and i downloaded what the said.. still i cant find my dedicated graphic card.. need some help..?????

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Hello, My AMD Radeon R9 M375 is either not working or highly underperforming. Games like League of Legends run slow at a unstable FPS even at lower graphic settings. Graphically harder games (For example Maffia II) can't even run there is just constant lagg.Now I think the AMD is just not working at all because while playing these games only my CPU get's hot (really hot) because I believe the onboard Intel Graphic card is working. I have updated and installed all drivers, in my BIOS I have set my laptop to use both Graphic Cards. (I could only choose between either using only the Intel one or use both)I have tried disabling the Intel Graphic card, this only made things worse, and every single setting shows that the AMD card SHOULD be active. However, it seems that it isn't active. When I let my computer specs get pulled by Speccy, Speccy does recognize the AMD Graphic Card. Also the AMD driver software recognizes that there is a AMD inside my laptop. Is there anything I can try to do to make my AMD Graphic card work? I run Windows 10. Thanks,

A:Lenovo Z51 - Graphic Card not working

I almost forgot, I do run my laptop on high performance with the power plugged in. So that isn't the issue either.

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 Hi! I have a Lenovo H50-55 . Will Lenovo Bitland @ R7 240 @ 2G / A / DB / H VGA fit in on my pc ?? And is it in 2GB or 1GB ?? I already have a Radeon graphics card on my motherboard, if I buy this product from Lenovo : Bitland @ R7 240 , would it say that the graphics card i buy (Lenovo Bitland @ R7 240 @ 2G) will be able to cooperate in the same time with the another graphics card on my motherboard ?? Hope to hear from you soon.  Sincerely. J Hansen

A:Lenovo H50-55 Graphic-card upgrade??

Will it say That the graphic card on my motherboard (1GB) and this graphic card i buy on (2GB), Will be 3GB TOTAL??

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Hello. I'm using Lenovo G-5070 core I3, 2Gb ram with integrated graphic.I'm often playing game on laptop.So I want to ask that my laptop can add some kind of graphic card to increase the perfomance while playing game ? Thanks in advance

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Hi all,i have got lenovo Z51-70 for over 1.5 years, afew days ago i turned it off every thing was working fine next day when i start to play i notic fps drop i cheak my amd crystal and its not there check my pc manager and i didnt found my AMD R9 even dxdiag show only the HD5500

1.png ?14 KB

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Good day for all, I search about graphic card compatible with Lenovo thinkcenter E73 with serial number: PC008HYC to upgrade it. and i need to add RAM 4GB       This is alink for product  http://www3.lenovo.com/in/en/desktops-and-all-in-ones/thinkcentre/thinkcentre-e-and-edge-series-towe... thanks all

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Amd r9 375 Can't play League of Legends !!when i join a game , the screen keep flashing and go black then the lab stopped working and i have to restart it from power button ..  my windows is up to date same as my drivers ...i tried to change the windows , but its the same . there was a message says amd hardware has been stoopped and recovered....and there was another says AMD has blocked Leagueoflegends.exe note : when i play the game on battary it works normaly but low fps , when i plug in the power ,the scren flashs and restart ...etc i went to the warranty , they just told me we can replace the motherboard !! ... and it's price almost the same price that i bought that labtop !! please answer as fast as you can

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(Frames per second ) droped a lot while gaming so I went to a professional and he told me that the amd graphics card wanted knew cooling paste so he changed it it ran smoothly for 2 weeks and then whenever I start the windows it shows me the blue screen of death and restarts endlessly for different errorsso I went back to the pro and he told me that the card broke and it needs to be replaced I know it sounds strange but where I live I can't just buy a new laptop, so I need to fix my problem Right now to be able to use the laptop, I disable the amd graphics card and If I enabled it, the pc goes crazy ( overheats without even using it ) and shows me the blue screen of death So I want to Know what parts do I need to buy, to restore the laptop ?thanksthese are its specs Lenovo z51-70amd r9 m375 4gbintel core I7 5500u 2.4 gb8gb ram 

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