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standard windows fingerprint logon stopped working

Q: standard windows fingerprint logon stopped working

im using a toshiba satellite p300 laptop with a authentec aes1610 fingerprint reader

when i updated to windows 7 it worked fine and i could log onto windows using my fingerprint, then i installed all the toshiba drivers to get my webcam and bluetooth working. when i did that it installed the toshiba finger print logon software and after removeing the toshiba fingerprint software i can no longer see the finger print logon option (the standard windows one) at the logon screen. i have checked the biometric settings and it is all turned on.

how do i get the standard fingerprint logon back?

Preferred Solution: standard windows fingerprint logon stopped working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: standard windows fingerprint logon stopped working

Try device manager, personal identification devices, right click on the fingerprint reader and rollback driver.

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Latitude E6230 fingerprint reader stops working after Windows 10 upgrade. Reader is recognized in Win7 but not in Win10. Reinstall OS several times, same results. Applied Dell security driver P5T4G but same result. Device status: This device cannot start (code 10) Current device power state cannot support this request. USB\VID_0A5C&PID_5801&MI_03

A:E6230 fingerprint reader stopped working in Windows 10

I am having the same issue on my latitude E6430

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I am running Windows 8.1 that is up to date with maintenance, etc. Windows fingerprint login was working fine until a few days ago when it stopped working. I have done extensive research online to no avail. I have restored my system to a point in time (3/15/2015 via a system image restore) when fingerprint login was working and still have the problem. My system is

Product name:HP ENVY TS 17 Notebook PC
Product number:E1P13AV
Serial number:5CG3487Y00
BIOS (Configuration):F.65-11/20/2014 (097F110000405E00000620000)
Keyboard revision:KBC Version 93.52
Total memory:8.00 GB
Processor name:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz

Can someone please help get this thing going again? I'm completely out of guesses!

Thanks ...

A:[SOLVED] Windows Fingerprint Login Has Stopped Working

Check HP Support for updated fingerprint software -

HP ENVY TouchSmart 17t-j000 Select Edition CTO Notebook PC Drivers & Downloads | HP? Support

(Not sure if the above link is for your exact model or not)

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Gents,I have tried everything, unfortunately I have failedAlways received error code E7210005 for the sensor device cannot be foundI have ThinkPad T430s, product # 2355DA4 ? BIOS # G7ETB2WW (2.72 )I have read all the massage written hear before in this regard and tried all the solutions as far as I rememberI need someone from Lenovo to guide me how I can solve this issueThank you in advance for your support..

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Have seen several posts but no solutions. After a windows 10 update a couple of months ago, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. It recognises me but then says "your credentials could not be confirmed".
Microsoft have sent endless messages blaming the driver, the scanner etc etc. Finally they say it is an issue with the update, but they have not solution at this time. Good old Microsoft and their helpful updates, which you cannot avoid.
Anyone have the same problem and how did you fix it??

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Hello,Today I updated my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen with the latest drivers recommended by Lenovo Vantage program, as well as the latest Windows 10 Pro updates. After conducting those updates, I can no longer sign in using the Fingerprint sensor.When I open the Device Manager to check the status of the Biometric Device driver, it shows the following message: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"The sign in option using the fingerprint does not even show up in the Windows settings for Sign In. Things I have already tried:1) Update the driver through the Device Manager 2) Download and reinstall the fingerpring driver from the Lenovo drivers website3) Reset fingerprint settings in the BIOS and making sure it is enabled4) Change configuration in "gpedit.msc" -> computer configuration -> administrative templates -> windows components -> biometrics -> allow the use of biometrics and allow users to log on using biometrics set to enabled None of the 4 attempts above solved the problem.Can anyone please provide any solution for this case? It looks like a lot of people have been experiencing this issue and no one from Lenovo provided a clear and definitive solution. The latest drivers must have bugs and, in my opinion, Lenovo must stop distributing them until this issue is fixed. Thank you very much.Best.  

A:Fingerprint stopped working after latest Drivers and Windows updates (Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th gen)

I know you have a X1 carbon and not T570 but did you see the below post from a Lenovo employee?  Specifically the part about SGX?  It fixed my problem on my TP25.
Hope this helps

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Hello. . .
I use the fingerprint reader to login to my Latitude E5550 every time.  However, I was unable to do so after the latest Windows 10 update (version 1607).  

It did still show in the Windows Device Manager (i.e., no "Unknown Device" listed)
I went into the DDP Console to try to register a new fingerprint (for troubleshooting), but it wasn't reading the swipes
I attempted to update to the latest firmware/drivers, but that only caused unknown devices to show up in the Device Manager (ControlVault Firmware v3.3.15.0 and ControlVault Drivers v3.3.14.68)
Switched back to the older driver (v3.0.48.26) and all devices were once again recognized

Any suggestions for how to get around this?  It's not the end of the world, but I *really* like using the fingerprint reader (I paid extra for) to login.  If I can provide additional helpful information, please let me know.

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After the last update, April 2016, my Windows login PIN stopped working. I can say I want to reset the PIN and enter a new number but it just seems to ignore it. I tried to remove the PIN but the "Remove" button is not there? Normal Windows login works fine, I'd just like to be able to use the pin. I'm using a new Kaby Lake 13.3 inch convertible 13t-wx00 running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro with all updates applied.

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Dear all, I've just received my P50 (20EQS00600, M1000M, i7-6700HQ, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) about a week ago, and I quite like it. However, there is one thing that is driving me nuts: after I upgraded from Win 7 Pro 64 bit to Win 10 Pro, the fingerprint functionality stopped working. This issue seems to be related to the ones reported in these two threads for the P70 but at the same time appears sufficiently different to warrant a new post: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P70-fingerprint-software-issue/m-p/22517...https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/Fingerprint-and-Sound-problems-P70/td-p/... So, here's what I did:1) I clean-installed Win 10 w/o retaining any data/settings from the previous Win 7 installation; I even reformatted the SSD.2) Upon initial installation I was asked by Windows Hello to enroll fingerprints which I did.3) Fingerprint worked on the first login but then magically vanished. Windows Hello is no longer showing up as a login option in the Win control panel.4) I discovered in Device Manager that the Synaptics WBDI reports the following problem: 'This device cannot start. (Code 10)'.5) Repeated uninstall and reinstall of the drivers are to no avail. I tried both having Win look up a driver and manual installation of the drivers I downloaded from the Lenovo page.6) When I uninstalled the drivers and then wiped the stored fingerprints in BIOS, I was again able to enroll fingerprints with Windows... Read more

A:P50 Win 10 Pro -- Fingerprint stopped working

Same problem on my W550s under essentially the same circumstances.  Unfortunately Lenovo is taking the tack that FP problems on new machines are the fault of the software not the hardware so they will not warranty the bad FP sensor. I had 3 FP sensors in my W520 over the 3 years of its warranty as they are far from foolproof devices.  But now that Win 10 has taken over the software side of the usage, Lenovo has apparently decided they will save some service calls by not warranting the FP sensor and blaming the problem on software which they don't warranty. Good luck.  If you do find a solution, I will be listening closely.  

PerryW550s I5 QHCD, W520, I7 2720QM, M4 512 GB SSD OS/Program Disk, C300 256 GB Data Disk in Ultrabay Caddy; X220, I7 2620, Samsung 256 GB SSD, Intel 310 mSata Drv, T61, ancient but working, Asus MoBo, I7 2600k overclocked

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i am using a Toshiba Tecra running windows vista business with fingerprint sensor. now the finger print sensor has stopped working. the error message reads like this 'Fingerprint Server Process for Vista stopped working and was closed'. can someone help me out with the solution?

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The fingerprint reader on my T470 has been a little glitchy since I bought it - occasionally doesn't work, but usually resolves if I restart it. Just performed some sort of update, though, and since then the fingerprint reader hasn't worked at all.  I had to go back and figure out what my password was, which took a while since I've never used it before.Any ideas? I am not a computer person, so if I can't fix this really easily I'm going to have to get it repaired (it's still under warranty).

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My fingerprint reader has stopped working again. It started working after the last Windows 10 update, but after some time it just stopped working. I got a message saying to "swipe my finger slowly". Other times it said to "swipe finger more to the left" But no matter how many times I tried the reader just did not recognized my fingerprint. Now the reader's light is not even visible when I swipe my finger. I have not updated Windows again since I'm waiting for the latest update of Windows Creator to be available for my laptop.  All the other available updates for my laptop were supposedly installed on 4-17-17 Any help? Thank you.       

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since this week's windows update, fingerprint stopped working. uninstalled and installed the latest driver from lenovo support, no luck device status shows :This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. this usally means incorrect driver, but updated to the latest available 5.2.3531.26having no luckany suggestions? is it a known thing ?

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Lenovo yoga 900-13isk Bios c6cn39ww, I have been having trouble using the laptop, as soon as I move the screen it will go off, if I slowly move the screen back to a certain spot it will show again. it as if I just dim the screen, if I hook up an external monitor it works fine. what I've done so far, removed and reloaded the complete computer to factory, no help, I then removed the battery - reinstalled and again same problem., next I read the ribbon cable might be loose, I removed the back and moved the ribbon and did not get any flickers on the screen so My thoughts are the ribbon cable is good. I then re installed the lenova drivers and I'm having no luck repairing. I then ran the lenovo diagnostic, all passed until I got to Accelerometer interactive test it failed (9s)??? the error is unexpected values read from the sensor.and Gyrometer interactive test failed (39s)?? unexpected values read from the sensor.. I'm not sure what the 9s or the 39s stands for.also these test were run while the external monitor was connected in extended screen mode. nothing on the laptop monitor back light on just no desktop, the external monitor was perfect..Ideas appreciated. this laptop has been great its been used very little, basically just to read the paper in the morning, never droppedthank you

A:Fingerprint Sensor stopped working

I think you mistitled your post. 

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This problem has been reported several times before, but no answer whatsoever  The fingerprint reader stopped working, apparently after a windows update upgrade I have tried EVERYTHING there is, from uninstalling and deleting the driver files then reinstalling, downgrading the drivers, rebooting, upgrading, updating chipset, video card and display drivers, updated BIOS, etc. etc. etc. and the best thing that can happen is for it to work a couple of times and stop working again... it is a less-than-a-month-old computer and it seems  MANY users are having this problem....I already ran Lenovo Diagnostics tool, Lenovo system update tool, Microsoft's windows update and have latest definitioins for everything, Microsoft trouble shooter recognizes the problem but can't fix it. the only thing I haven't tried is downgrading my windows 10 to a previous version... computer: Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 Model 81C9Processor Intel Core 17-8550U @ 1.80GHzOperating system: Windows 10 Home 64-bit  Ver. 1803 Synaptics WBDI driver version: 5.5.2613.1050 Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 ver. BIOS version 4QCN43WW(V2.07) Thanks for any help I can get to solve this annoying situation

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My fingerprint reader randomly stopped working a few days ago. I first noticed it when trying to log on to my computer because the reader doesn't respond at all and now it doesn't even give me the fingerprint reader option when it comes to the welcome screen.

Thanks in advance for this help, please let me know anything you need informationwise.

A:Fingerprint Reader Stopped Working

The only thing i can think of is uninstall then reinstall the driver for it and see if it works again. i have two ibm thinkpad laptops with that feature and i dont even use them because to me personally they are a nuisance and after one went haywire and locked me out of the computer i said i dont need this headache anymore.i had to take the hard drive out remove the driver for that and reinstall the hard drive. no more problems after that.

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The fingerprint reader on my W541 laptop stopped working.  It's been working for more than a year, and worked last week.  Now it's not working - not illuminated & doesn't read my fingerprint.  Going into 'Settings' (Windows 10), 'Accounts', & 'Sign-In Options', it says "Windows Hello is not available on this device".I believe 'Windows Hello' is the software that runs the fingerpront reader.Any ideas of what to look for to get this working again? I have not loaded any new software since last week (when the fingerprint reader was working).The last system update installed was:"Intel Corporation - Bluetooth - 11/14/2016 12:00:00 AM - 19.30.1646.853" - installed on 2/1/17 (4 days ago).The fingerprint reader worked OK after that update.  

A:Fingerprint Reader stopped working

First, look in the device manager and see what it says under Biometric Devices

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I've been using the new 6th gen X1 Carbon for about 2 months now. All of a sudden today, my fingerprint sensor does not work. When I turned on my laptop, I tried using the fingerprint sensor for log-in. The sensor won't even flash (orange for failed, white for success). Did anyone have this similar issue? How do I fix it?

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I tried doing a search but came up with nothing. The fingerprint scanner on my P50 just stopped working last week. No changes were made by me. In device manager there is an exclamation under Biometric devices/Synaptics WBDI. I tried disabling/reenabling and also tried uninstalling that and re-installing the Synaptics drivers from the support page but nothing is helping. I'm working on a project right now so don't have the time to do a Windows 10 re-install or contact support and inevitably ship this computer in for repair....so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone was experiencing this lately and if there was a simple fix (assuming the hardware just didn't fail suddenly). Thanks

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Hope someone can help me with this, Windows update offer me newer driver for my fingerprint reader AuthenTec AES2501A and after that update reader simply stopped working. If I try to enroll fingerprints it sais Windows did not find any biometric devices, also it says same at logon screen and I always need type password which is annoying. There are no 7 drivers for my laptop model, only Vista. I upgraded from Vista to 7, driver was installed under Vista and it did always work with 7 with no problem, stupid me I went and updated it I removed driver and now when I do new hardware scan Windows can not find driver for my device or if I tell it look online, it will install same driver that does not work. Vista driver comes with ThinkVantage security solutions and the installer simply will not run under 7 (operating system not supported error). What to do? Is there any way to make installer not check my system? Or how I get driver out from exe file? I don't want install Vista and then 7 again and all the programs, I will spend all day on it

A:Fingerprint reader stopped working

Quote: Originally Posted by Kika

Hope someone can help me with this, Windows update offer me newer driver for my fingerprint reader AuthenTec AES2501A and after that update reader simply stopped working. If I try to enroll fingerprints it sais Windows did not find any biometric devices, also it says same at logon screen and I always need type password which is annoying. There are no 7 drivers for my laptop model, only Vista. I upgraded from Vista to 7, driver was installed under Vista and it did always work with 7 with no problem, stupid me I went and updated it I removed driver and now when I do new hardware scan Windows can not find driver for my device or if I tell it look online, it will install same driver that does not work. Vista driver comes with ThinkVantage security solutions and the installer simply will not run under 7 (operating system not supported error). What to do? Is there any way to make installer not check my system? Or how I get driver out from exe file? I don't want install Vista and then 7 again and all the programs, I will spend all day on it

You can use the vista driver if you install it in compatibility mode. to do this right click the installer>properties>compatibility mode>check vista. then install


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I woke up this morning, turned on the laptop, and completely out of the blue the fingerprint detection stopped working with the message "Sorry, something went wrong" (It had been working for months).  So I removed fingerprint detection in Windows setup so I could reset it, however it will not let me set up a new fingerprint.   Here is what happens when I try and reset it: 1) Click Setup.2) Click Get Started.3) Message comes up "Touch the fingerprint screen" (NOTE: The green LED illuminates).4) Place the finger on the screen and the following message immediately appears:     Sorry, something went wrong.  Close Windows Hello, and then try going through the setup again.5) So rebooted to make sure that was not the problem and tried again and it still does not work. What else I tried: 1) I uninstalled the Biometrics Driver and reinstalled it from the Lenovo site.....Same problem. My laptop = T470OS = Win 10 Pro 64 bit (Latest Updates from Microsoft)All Drivers = (Latest Updates from Lenovo)Biometric Device = Synaptics WBD(SGX enabled)    The device is working properly    Driver = 5.2.3515.26 (05-23-2017)

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I recently updated Windows 10 Pro x64 on my Envy 14 to the new Creator Update from Microsoft and now Windows does not recognize the fingerprint reader. HP Simple Pass recognizes it when I manually open the app but will not recognize any fingerprint. I updated the driver manually through device manager to no avail and HP Update Assistant says there are no updates for my computer. Help please.

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Hey there!My X1Y3 was working fine (except powerdrain the first few weeks). After the BIOS Update (I can't exactly say when) the fingerprint reader does not work anymore. I also switched to secure boot and for diagnostic back. First it was still listed under "biometric devices" then it disappeared. I found it under hidden devices. Tried to unsinstall the driver and after removing the drivers it completely disappeared. I can't remove Fingerprints in BIOS, no device. Reinstalled windows, no success.Windows 10 1809, all updates via System Update. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!Marc 

A:X1Y3 Fingerprint reader stopped working

First, in the BIOS under security/I-O Port access, make sure it isn't disabled

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Two weeks ago I bought a Yoga 720 and it has worked fine (including the fingerprint scanner). Three days ago it just stopped working. Now the Windows Hello says that my device doesn't support that feature. In the device manager it indicates that the Windows can't load the driver (Code 31?). I have been trying to reload the drivers for the fingerprint scanner from Lenovo without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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So lenovo replaced my motherboard because of a defect HDMI port. The HDMI works, but now my fingerprint reader isnt responding. When trying to add or remove fingerprints in win10 settings... nothing happens. In form of no windows or program starts. No error in device manager, and Synaptics WBDI (SGX enabled) has no errors. Fingerprint reader is enabled in bios. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Noe effect... Help?

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For some reason a windows keyboard shortcut I use a lot (right click Shift del, to permanently delete a file) has stopped working. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to trouble shoot this or get it working again?

It only works if I select and click delete from the menu while holding down the shift key, but of course, that's not much of a shortcut.


A:standard keyboard shortcuts stopped working

when that's issue you got??
i'm guess maybe you have change something or you hold shift twice times, so the stickykeys change.

Sticky Keys - Vista Forums

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After a Windows update, I can no longer use my finger print to sign in! It says "Your credentials could not be verified" after the fingerprint reader goes green and says "Hello <my name>" This is windows Hello with Microsoft live. If I try another (wrong) finger, the reader LED will go orange and will not even say "Hello" so I know the reader is working... but something broke after an update. I tried changing the group policy settings to allow biometric sign in, but I still get the error... Please advise, this is annoying!!

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I upgraded to Win10 last year. The fingerprint reader has been working fine since then. Recently it stopped. Device Manager says the device is working properly. SimplePass doesn'r report an issue. I'm still prompted for my fingerprint when logging into web sites. But the reader doesn't appear to be on. The light doesn't flash and my fingerprint isn't read. Device Manager lists the driver as: 1/7/20124.3.301.0 My SimplePass is:

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Hi,I am suspecting a hardware failure, but wanted to check the forums first anyway.I have an X230 Tablet running Windows 8.1 Update. Fingerprint software 6.0. Was working fine (i.e. swipe to power on and log on to Windows and the Lenovo Password Mgr) until this morning. No more green light on the sensor, no function. Windows says that the fingerprint sensor is not available.It was still showing up in Device Manager, I uninstalled it as part of some troubleshooting and it's not being detected anymore now.Any ideas other than hardware?Thanks,SA.

A:X230 Tablet fingerprint reader stopped working

It sounds like hardware failure but try one more thing:
Reboot into BIOS setup (by pressing F1 at the ThinkPad logo screen).
Go to the security -> fingerprint menu.
There's an option about clearing the fingerprint sensor storage (or something like that).
What happens?

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Whilst running ComboFix I received this error many times
Commandline Standard Stream Splitter has stopped working
But it appears ComboFix completed and rebooted the computer.  But, do I need to run ComboFix in SafeMode?
Here is the log:
ComboFix 14-06-30.01 - Acer 07/01/2014   9:18.1.4 - x64
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional   6.1.7601.0.1252.1.1033.18.16183.10186 [GMT -7:00]
Running from: c:\users\Acer\Downloads\ComboFix.exe
AV: avast! Antivirus *Disabled/Updated* {17AD7D40-BA12-9C46-7131-94903A54AD8B}
SP: avast! Antivirus *Disabled/Updated* {ACCC9CA4-9C28-93C8-4B81-AFE241D3E736}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
ADS - Windows: deleted 192 bytes in 1 streams.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((   Other Deletions   )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\.BackupManager\BackupManager.list
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\chrome\.BackupManager\BackupManager.list
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\chrome\ComplitlyChrome.crx
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\FireFoxExtensionWithFF8Fix.exe
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\FireFoxUninstaller.exe
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\InstTracker.exe
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\[email protected]\.BackupManager\BackupManager.list
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\[email protected]\chrome.manifest
c:\program files (x86)\Complitly\[email protected]\chrome\.Bac... Read more

A:Commandline Standard Stream Splitter has stopped working

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Yesterday out of nowhere my fingerprint sensor just stopped working, doesn't turn on, doesn't show up in device manager, I have disconnected it reconnected it nothing... Lenovo Vantage no drivers... I need to know what is going on. Someone, please help.

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I've now tried installing the Windows 10 Pro Creator's Update twice, and both times my fingerprint reader stopped working for Windows Hello. I just get "Your credentials could not be verified". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver (and I'm on the latest), removing and re-registering my fingerprint, and I've also tried the trick I saw suggested elsewhere of switching to a local account, then back to a Microsoft account. That works temporarily but as soon as I switch back to my MS account, it breaks again. I've rooted around the BIOS but everything seems fine. I have the same fingerprint set on startup and that still works fine; Windows just doesn't recognize it, either when it's passed on from the BIOS or when I try to do it again manually. Has anyone had this problem and managed to fix it *without* reverting permanently to a local account? I don't see why that should be necessary and it definitely isn't supposed to be. I have reverted back to the Anniversary Update both times because of this issue.

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A couple of days back, after a windows update, the fingerprint scanner on my Thinkpad X270 has stopped working.  Initially, in Device Manager, it displayed the following:  "This device cannot start (Code 10)" But after I tried to update the drivers, it now displays: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful." Any ideas what I can do to fix it? It's as if it just suddenly stopped working overnight.

A:Thinkpad X270 - Synaptics WBDI Fingerprint Scanner Stopped Working

Did you see the below thread? https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T570-Fingerprint-stopped-to-work-after-d...  

If a post answers your question, please mark it as an?Accepted Solution?!TP 25 Retro, W510 850 EVO, A30pRetired 385D, A20p, A21p

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Logging into Windows with fingerprint and Windows 10 native fingerprint integration did work well after a fresh Windows 10 installation.However, yesterday I got the Windows 10 Threshold 2 update aka as 1511 update. After this update I cannot logon with my fingerprint anymore. Deleting the fingerprints and re-learning the fingerprints with Windows Hello also does not help. I tried different fingers and did the recognition very careful. But still when locking the windows screen and trying to log on with fingerprint scanner does fail. Windows just says that it's the wrong fingerprint and after 3 attempts I need to enter PIN for logon. How can I re-enable fingerprint logon? Driver: 4.5.317.0 ( Synaptics FP sensors ), Signed by Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility 

Go to Solution.

A:Logon with fingerprint does not work after Windows...

Good day.
Please post which device you have as it may facilitate assistance from the community.

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Ok...I have a Lenovo ThinkPad W500 notebook running Windows 7 64bit. It has an integrated fingerprint reader which uses AuthenTec TrueSuite. MY PROBLEM IS NOT WITH THE FINGERPRINT READER HARDWARE, as it has the latest drivers and is detected by Windows. I am even able to register my fingerprint via Biometrics in the Control Panel. However, when I go to log into WIndows on a fresh startup, the option for fingerprint logon DOES NOT DISPLAY and there is no "Other Credentials" button that would allow me to navigate to the fingerprint logon. Here's the strange thing- if I do a simple logoff (without shutting down) then the fingerprint option appears on the logon screen and I can log in using my fingerprint. It is only when I power on the computer and first log in to Windows that I encounter this problem. Please help, as this used to not be a problem but suddenly started occurring, and I like using my fingerprint to log in.


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I'd update my laptops Tecra R850-1EP on windows 8.1, after a windows update, I couldn't use the fingerprint to logon my windows account.

When I'm in my session, the fingerprint do it's job, I can manage my fingerprint.

I'd already try to unistall/install the fingerprint utility and the drivers.

On the logon, I've not the fingerprint logo like as I'can't use it

Any idea ?


A:Tecra R850-1EP: Cannot use Fingerprint on logon Windows 8.1


To be honest, I don?t know exactly what?s going wrong with the fingerprint procedure but I guess this can be related to wrong update to Win 8.1
Probably you did not follow exactly the update procedure which was recommended by Toshiba.

Here you can find the Update to Windows 8.1 Toshiba EU website:

and here you can find the [Step-by-Step Instructions to update to Windows 8.1 |http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/]

You have to follow exactly these steps in order to get the notebook working properly.

Therefore I recommend you to set the notebook back to factory settings and to repeat the whole update process once again following the +Step-by-Step Instructions+

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the left hand standard-usb port yesterday stopped working on Thinkpad X1C. only charging, no data connection possible. already tried the "emergency reset" suggested at https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/USB-port-stopped-working-Thinkpad-X1-Carbon/m... - without luck (this is also the reason to open a new issue as _this_ one is just not solved) the other usb port is fine. the last 2 lenovos always has such annoying issues :/ i'm working with the device every day, so sending it in for 2 days for repairing is no real option. so, if anyone has a hint, these would be warm welcome.

A:data connection for left hand standard-usb port stopped working on Thinkpad X1C

nb: using ubuntu 18.04.1 lts

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So lenovo replaced my motherboard because of a defect HDMI port. The HDMI works, but now my fingerprint reader isn't responding. When trying to add or remove fingerprints in win10 settings... nothing happens. In form of no windows or program starts. No error in device manager, and Synaptics WBDI (SGX enabled) has no errors. Fingerprint reader is enabled in bios. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. No effect... Help?


Go to Solution.

A:X1 Yoga fingerprint reader (Synaptics WBDI) stopped working after repair / motherboard replacement

Okey!  Few rounds around the Internet got me absolutely nowhere. Lenovo said that it was a known problem and the only way to fix it is to do a factory reset.... BULLS** is my response to that. Anything software related can be fixed without nuking your system. So i refused to give up and with a bit of trial and error i found a way. You have to tie your Microsoft account to a pin AGAIN! Even if you already had one. I guess the account is tied to your hardware somehow. Here are simple steps to fix it:  1. Make shure to Activate and Resett fingerprint reader in the BIOS Reboot and enter the BIOS (f1 during boot) Go to Security > fingerprint Make sure Predesktop Authentication is [Enabled]And to to "Reset Fingerprint Data" and press [Enter] to reset Save and exit   2. Make shure drivers are up to date and working Run Lenovo Vantage (windows store) to make sure your running the latest drivers for everything including the fingerprint reader. You can also download the drivers directly form Lenovos product support page, but Vantage actually works (so Kudos to Lenovo for that one). After that check you device manager if the driver is running currently. Like this: (Start menu > type "device manager")Like this... You don't want the yellow triangle warning or (SGX disabled)If you got a yellow triangle or (SGX disabled).. Then uninstall the ... Read more

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I have upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. During the procedure a screen showed that Dell Access had to be removed before Windows 10 could be installed.
It was removed, and everything else went smoothly.
Now during logon, at the login screen, the system will take a while to initialize, and say "Failure to initialize". Luckily I am able to login using a password.
I want to use the fingerprint reader to login. Dell says that this system have no issues with upgrading to Windows 10, but not now. So how can I solve this problem?
I will like to do either the following:
1. Get the fingerprint reader working.
2. If it cannot work, I want the logon screen to stop trying to initialize and just use password to logon.

Also, I am getting 2-3 nos of the same user on the login screen. There is only 1 user on this computer but I see mostly 2 but sometimes 3 of the same on the lower left of the logon screen. I also want to remove the extras. Not an issue, but I think it may be related to the above as well.



A:Precision M4700 Win10 upgrade - Failure to initialize fingerprint reader during logon, and multiple same users on logon screen

I'm getting the same thing and the same lack of response.  Has anyone from DELL done any research on this?

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The User Profile Service failed the logon.

User Profile can not be loaded.

This is after I enter the password and hit enter. This is on my daughters HP laptop.

A:Logon stopped working and I get this messsage. HELP!

Hello Bill,

The tutorial below should usually help with this error message.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

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From past two months i am facing the problem in windows server 2008 standard that my two servers are restarting daily same time in afternoon session and evening session with blue screen error and error codes will be codes 1. 0x0000007e(0xc0000005,0x889da413,0x8a5dcaa0,0x8a5dc79c)
and error code 2: 0x00000050(0xb0425000,0x000000001,0x8186dd80,0x00000000).

For this I was reinstalled my operating system but still facing same issue.

we are not checked all possible causes but still no solution for the same.

Please suggest me....

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I want to apologize for the long posting, but I am not looking for someone to give me the standard big hammer solutions for my issue. I have done a lot of Google research about this issue and have conducted most of the repairs, fixes, diagnostic tests recommended for similar issues. I have included a brief description of all the diagnostic tests that I have run and am looking for some technical expertise that will help me identify the source of the problem and possible solutions.

After logging into a user account a dialog box is displayed stating that Explorer.exe has stopped working. Additional details show that the Faulty Module is SHLWAPI.dll. Other than the error dialog box, the screen is black except for the mouse pointer; no desktop and no menu bar. I can use CTL+ALT+DEL to get to the Task Manager, and subsequently start some new tasks such as a command line window or the control panel from Task Manager.

This issue appeared the day after updating Apple iTunes software (from version 9.3.something, to the current 10.1.2). I believe it was the first reboot the day after updating iTunes. Immediately after updating iTunes an error dialog box appeared stating that the Bonjour service had stopped working. Bonjour is Apple?s automatic network discovery service that is integrated with iTunes (i.e., a required installation for iTunes to work properly). My suspicion is that something in Bonjour is conflicting with Window Explorer and causing the error... Read more

A:Black screen after logon, explorer.exe stopped working, faulty module shlwapi.dll

Hi & welcome.

I am not sure if this will work or if you have tried or consider this as a "Hammer": -




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Hi,I just upgraded to Windows Insider 17074 and now the Fingerprint stopped working. (Error 31) in Device Manager (Windows is not able to load the driver)I already tired to reinstall Synaptics Metallica MOC Touch Fingerprint Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPadAny idea? Regards Dirk

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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: setup.exe_Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
Application Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Application Timestamp: 5010a298
Fault Module Name: setup.exe
Fault Module Version: 6.2.9200.16384
Fault Module Timestamp: 5010a298
Exception Code: c0000096
Exception Offset: 000020f4
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

A:Windows installer has stopped working or setup.exe has stopped working


Lets start here:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click 'Copy' - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the validation tool here in your next reply


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I'm completely new at this lap top thing, and I hate the fingerprint logon function.

I want to get rid of it from my welcome screen so I looked and went into the Fingerprint Reader Suit, clicked on Settings, then System Settings, got a pop up window, clicked on the Logon tab to try and switch from Fingerprint Logon to Standard Windows Log on but that screen is greyed out and it doesn't allow me to switch off the Fingerprint Logon!!!! How do I change it and delete the icon from my welcome screen!!?

A:Fingerprint logon

Hello littlehouse0781
When you have a problem it is generally helpful to others if your system specs. are filled in via User CP.

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