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Far Cry Cheat Codes

Q: Far Cry Cheat Codes

has anyone been able to make cheat codes work with Far Cry for the PC? i found some text that u have to paste into a file within the directory, but that did not work for me. please help. thanks.

Preferred Solution: Far Cry Cheat Codes

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Far Cry Cheat Codes

Did you also right click on the desktop icon, select Properties and add -devmode to the end of the Target line?

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Dear knowledgeable techsupport person,

I don't know how to enter in cheats for my games. It tells me to use Excel, but I don't have that.
Example: starfleet command II says in order to give yourself more prestige points you need to go to "assets\specs\sfbspc13txt" in the main directory of the game using Excel.
How do I view these files?
I have a 600is e-tower celeron.

A:Using cheat codes

You know the path to the file they want you to open. Have you checked to make sure the file is there?

So go open Microsoft Excel.
Hit File-Open.
At the bottom of the File-Open dialog box, change the "Files of Type" to Text files (*.prn,*.txt,*.csv).
Now browse to, or type in, the path to that file and the file name.
Hit Enter.
It should give you what is called the "Text Import Wizard".
I don't think I'd be too concerned at this point unless it gives you explicit instructions to follow, just hit Next until you see the FINISH button become available (this could actually be right away), and then hit Finish.

If you can't figure it out, send the instructions and the file to [email protected] I'll see what I can do for you. I have no idea what game you're talking about tho.

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Hi there,

I'm cerrently having problems on how to do the cheat codes correctly where they work in the game Far Cry the first one? I've tryed everything that I can think of so I'm asking anyone if they can please help me out with this and tell me step by step on how to do the cheat codes correctly for all of the codes that they have to offer in the game..?

Please provide me with full detailed information..


A:Having problems finding cheat codes for Far Cry the first one!! Please Help!!!

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I'm playing the first Empire Earth and I read oline that all I have to do is press 'enter' durring game play, enter the code, and then press 'enter' again. I tried it, but nothing happend. How do I make it work?

A:How do I use cheat codes on Empire Earth?

doesn't work in campain mode if that's where you are doing it.

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I'm kinda stuck in the game is there anyway I can get a walkthrough or cheat codes to help me succed alittle bit faster.

A:Solved: Cheat Codes for Fallout 2

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Does anyone have any idea on how to unlock ALL of the vehicles without having to go through Tests and Courses. I'm getting kind of tired of driving these pokey A-- cars.


A:Mid-Town Maddness 2 (cheat codes?)

you should go to a cheat code site, like cheatplanet.com or something. There's plenty of cheat sites out there, I'm sure there's something for Midtown Madness 2

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Age of Empires III

Last week it worked fine, now today I hit the enter key & try to type a cheat code in & I cant enter anything. Nothing will type!!
Can you help me?

A:AOE Unable to type cheat codes in

In the options on the game is there an option for key binding or changing keys for different actions? cos it might have been reassigned.

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Does any one have the cheat codes for the James Bond Nightfire? I've been to cheatplanet.com, they tell you to open the autoexec.cfg file and punch the given codes. I've looked in the folders they mention and I can't this file. What I'm I doing wrong? How do I find this particular file? Most of the files listed are .dll files. It's suppose to be located in <C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire Demo\Bond> What the heck is Demo? That's not listed. Would it be somewhere else? Why do I want to cheat? I getting sick of level three that's why!! Any help with this issue would be great. Thanks.


A:Cheat Codes for James Bond 007 Nightfire

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Is there anybody who knows where to get the trainer for Alien Vs. Predator for PC? This is the first game of AVP. Thank you!

A:Solved: Alien Vs. Predator Cheat Codes Trainer

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i just recieved a new compaq laptop running vista for christmas. i'm an avid player of Sims2 and i use cheat codes often. when i tried to play sims2 it worked beautifully but with a small isssue. the keyboard combo to pop up the cheat code box does not work. anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:sims2 cheat help?

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Hello if any one else has this problem and knows how to fix it email me at [email protected] i bought some cheat code disks but they turn on and everything but when i pick all the cheats i want and when i load the game for it they never work if any one knows how to fix that email me thanks

A:Cheat disks

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Whilst I don't feel I have to justify my cheating I'm going to say that I'm cheating to get the BFG cos I missed it. I knew I had the code for it somewhere in amongst my PDA's but I couldn't find it. Also as my cousin was watching I felt obliged to play the game rather than look at PDA's. Also I didn't realise it was the BFG until after I found the plasma thing that I thought it was. Hellknights or whatever they are are giving me trouble and I want this gun to take them out. Anyway...

To access the cheat console I have to press Ctrl+Alt+~, however this doesn't work when I press it. Ctrl makes me fire and the other two don't do anything. Also F9, which should be quick load makes me fire too. I thought I fixed that by putting function lock on my keyboard, but it seems to have come unlocked and won't lock. I have to admit though there's no Func Lock button it seems to be a 'Mark' button that does it. I'm not 100% convinced though.

Anyway, my keyboard's one of those multimedia thingummies, is there anyway I can test whether function lock is on or that my keyboard is configured to ~ where ~ is? Or should I be doing something else entirely?

*edit* Whilst I'm here. I installed a mod without backing up my files. I know I'm an idiot, but there's a mod option and I assumed I could set it back, however it seems to have overwritten normal Doom 3 and I want to get rid of the laser sights. Is there... Read more

A:Can't cheat at doom 3

Dummm one!

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Ufo extraterrestrials cheat

I am trying to get the following cheat to work but am finding the instructions too vauge:

Note: This cheat involves editing a game file so make a backup copy of the file before going on.

Now start Windows Explorer and go into one of the game's save directory (\data\saves\slot<number>).

Then open a command prompt window, go into main game directory, then use the command ProjectX.exe saveEditor.xscr unpack slot<number>, (where <number> matches the number of the saved game file to be changed).

The game will load, but will not start. Now press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch to Windows Explorer until a few new files become available.

Then switch back to the game. Press [Esc] to leave the game. Open the "globeSave.xsv", "mission.xsv", or "basesav.xsv" files with your text editor.

I have found the correct save locations in windows explorer but I am not sure what I should be doing when it comes to opening the command prompt etc.
Note: This cheat involves editing a game file so make a backup copy of the file before going on.

Now start Windows Explorer and go into one of the game's save directory (\data\saves\slot<number>).

Then open a command prompt window, go into main game directory, then use the command ProjectX.exe saveEditor.xscr unpack slot<number>, (where <number> matches the number of the saved game file to be changed). The game will load, but will not start. N... Read more

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Hey does any 1 hav any need for speed underground 2 cheat that works i would great appreciate it if any 1 could help apart from that am looking for a blueprint of a nissan titan. does any 1 know where i can get 1

A:N.F.S.U.G 2 cheat that works

PC? PS2? X-Box?...

If it's PC, I like and use "Mega Trainer"...
Found here: (3.21MB) http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/trainers/needforspeedunderground2.htm

With that trainer you can have any car right from the get-go..
My first races were with a stage 3 Skyline!

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Alright, Some Srs BS going on here. 2 days ago i played MW2 everything worked fine, I played for multiple hours being owned. The next day i had no Internet so i just played Spec-Ops with steam in offline. Now When i try to open the game it says Cheat detected. Anyone know what to do?


A:MW2 Cheat Detected

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I have this Quake 3 Arena/Jail break in one CD.
When I try to enable the cheat mode in Quake 3 arena I use the following command by pressing the tilde key:
\devmap <mapname>
Then my game reloads by saying cheats are enabled on this server. But as the game begins I find myself alone in the arena with no contestants which of course doesn’t happen in the normal game. I have tried \spdevmap <mapname> but in this case the game simply reloads without enabling the cheat mode.

One more thing..when I forst ran Q3 the normal fights had a frag limit of 5. But now I have a time limit of 30 mins which is quite boring. How do I change this according to my wish?

Please help.

A:Q3 Cheat mode

Try this in the console
/sv_cheats 1

Otherwise instead of going to the single player menu choose multiplayer, create server, create your own server, just add bots, fraglimit, or time limit and have at.

Sorry can't try it, don't have quake installed at the moment.

Only problem is you don't get map rotation so you have to create a new server for a different map

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I tried navigating the labyrinth known as the ea.com technical support site, but I couldn't find ANY way to contact them about technical support (only account support, bah). Anywho, I can't seem to open the cheat console for Sims 2, and I read on the ea site that it's because I have something called CurserXP enabled..except where they say it is, under control panel, mouse, and CurserXP tab, it's not there. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Sims 2 cheat console

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Does anyone play Chess Titans on Vista? I think it cheats a bit. I got the computer down to its King & a Knight. I had three Queens on the board, just because I didn't get checkmate quickly enough it called the game a draw.

I am not bloody Kasparov, why not give me a break?

A:Chess Titans...Does it cheat?

Dave, please get a girlfriend

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I see spec tech Lenovo ideapad 300s (11).http://shopap.lenovo.com/id/in/laptops/ideapad/300s-series/300s-11-inch/#tab-spesifikasi_teknisit say the memory up to 8gb DDR3L.So I buy Lenovo ideapad 300s-11IBR. the memory ram 2gb. its very slow and lag for run in windows 10.So, I call the services centre, I say want change the momory. But they said, its cant change, because the memory is on board.anyone can help me? or may be i must complain to local police about this cheat? 

A:are lenovo cheat consument?

The machine has several configurations.  Motherboards can be bought with 2gb, 4gb or 8gb.  Yours is a 2gb model.

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I heard that there was some way to make the sims 2 automaticly load your cheats when it is started. does anyone remember this trick???


A:Automatic cheat loading...

You have to use notepad and just type each cheat you want to use in there. Just make sure you make a separate line for each cheat you use. Keep in mind, some cheats should not run at startup. Then save the file as "userStartup.cheat" The put the file in your config folder, located in c:/mydocuments/EA/Sims2

Hope this helps

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The newest wireless networking protocol is 802.11ac, due to be ratified sometime in 2013. Michael Kassner does the research and tells you what you need to know.

Wi-Fi junkies, people addicted to streaming content, and Ethernet-cable haters are excited. There?s a new Wi-Fi protocol in town, and vendors are starting to push products based on the new standard out the door. It seems like a good time to meet 802.11ac, and see what all the excitement?s about.

Cheat sheet: What you need to know about 802.11ac | TechRepublic

A:Cheat sheet: What you need to know about 802.11ac

I believe I saw somewhere a day or two ago that 802.11ac was recently ratified.

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Hi all, does anybody know about yahoo online game? I had a friend who is always best in some games with a very high score. I am wondering is there a cheat for that or not?

A:Yahoo game cheat?

There are no cheats for online games like Yahoo!

If it's a trivia game, your friend probably knows all the questions since they repeat them a lot.

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So I downloaded Cheat Engine 5.5 for Street Fighter 4. In the readme text I followed every step bit-by-bit although 2 problems occurred. They are: ''OK I went to the value thingy but for some reason it was already set to 1''. 2nd problem ''I wanted to unlock the last character which is Gouken but I couldn't do it

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I am trying to do a little hack on a flash game for infinite lives. I have been doing 4 byte searches, and using the x8 rule. I just multiply lives by 8, then lose a life, multiply that by 8, and continue to do so until i will hopefully be left with only 1 value. Normally this works but sometimes, as with this game, it will not. I alos tried just searching for the raw number without the x8 applied. Nothing is working. What can I do?

A:Cheat Engine Question...

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Hi, I'm having trouble with getting the cheat screen to come up at the start up screen. I have been simultaneously pressing R1 R2 L1and L2 with no luck. Which screen is the start up one they are talking about and am I doing something wrong? Please help

A:Sims Bustin' Out PS2 Cheat Help

You should try looking for other sites and what they actually say:

Sims Bustin' Out Cheats
(it says to quickly press those buttons, not HOLD THEM!)
It tells you to do the cheat for the GNOME first, then the subsequent cheats after the GNOME CHEAT. Says nothing about a cheat screen... but you may have to do the GNOME CHEAT for each other cheat if it wont do them after the first time you do the GNOME CHEAT.

Anyways, why buy the game if you going to cheat straight away?? Thats a waste of $50 IMO.

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Hi, I recently bought a new laptop which runs with Windows Vista.

My old computer was a Windows 98 and I had my Sims2 downloaded on that with...4(?) different expansion packs. It worked perfectly fine, it was just slow because I shared that computer with my siblings so it was very bogged down.

Anyway, I downloaded my Sims2 onto my new Compaq. It works great! Only, I can't get the cheat window to show up. I know how (ctrl+shift+c), it just doesn't work when I try.

My friend at Best Buy said it's because the hot keys are different for windows vista.

I've checked the maker's website, I've looked EVERYWHERE for an answer. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. I would be very very grateful, because I'm very frustrated and very desperate.


p.s the bolded areas are more important

ALSO, i wanna know if anyone else is having this issue or if it is just me. so if you can reply telling me if you do, thatd be great.

A:Sims2 cheat window

Hi littleemmylouwho,

After having searched around a bit, it seems that most of the time, other users have a program that uses the same shortcut for something else. So could you tell us the programs you have installed on your computer? Or if you wouldn't like to tell us as a matter of privacy, I would recommend you look at the settings of your different programs to make sure another program isn't using the same shortcut.

Hope this helps

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THE INQUIRER has seen show that running the tests without the 3D Mark test screens on all nVidia's high-end graphics cards, produces lower scores in the tests than with the 3D Mark splashes turned on.Click to expand...

Ok so see if i can get above 4944 now.

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Hi Guys Happy Holiday! I play Sims & when i try to open the cheat box (control shift c) the hp health center opens. Can you tell me how to shut off this laptop hot key so i can use the cheat box for my game?

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 Hello, I'd like to ask about why HP lied us and sold me an RGBW Fake UHD laptop. Model 15-bc000nx.It's been months now, and I've just learned about how HP and LG have lied to the market. All Pavillion / Envy / Omen 15'' UHD notebooks are allegedly fake UHD. I'm living in Saudi Arabia in a position which has close ties with mainstream media channels, and I will make sure this case will pop on the newspapers. Media will love to dig more over how popular & trusted(!) brands cheating their customers. RGB = Red Green BlueRGBW = + White In these panels, there is an included White sub-pixel that technically increases the number of sub-pixels & creating a non-colored fake density; which they sell us as UHD, 4K. In reality, those pixels are white-only. Therefore they are reducing the cost up to 30-40% of an UHD display panel and we lost massive image quality degradation. See the following images. Want to know the difference?http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/2398506-rgb-vs-rgbw-lcd-4k-ultra-hd-design... More reading?> https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/5jiwcg/psa_the_4k_uhd_3840x2160_displays_in_the_inspiron/> https://www.reddit.com/r/laptops/comments/5r3lso/do_the_new_hp_envy_models_2017_still_have_fake_4k/  Image from: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/2398506-rgb-vs-rgbw-lcd-4k-ultra-hd-design... See also:Image from: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lc... Read more

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My HP Pavilion G4-1304AU laptop was given for Service on 19/03/2016 at HP Service centre, Soundry Computer Systems[G16,Prince Towers, 94, Purasawalkam High Road, Opp.AbiramiMall,Chennai 600010]. HP Technician replaced 500gb hard disc which has 1 year warranty and recovered OS data. To my surprise, after 2 months, hard disk error occurred and unable to restart OS. I contacted the same HP service centre, but they said, now laptop services are handled only @ Hp Service Center in Anna Nagar[Chennai - 600040] branch. I reported the laptop problem @Annanagar branch.After checkup, they informed the hard disk serial number in the invoice does not match with the hard disk inside my laptop.The technician @Anna Nagar, alleged that I have given the laptop to some unauthorized service center and trying to cheat HP.Why Annanagar HP Service Center is acting like this? I have paid of Rs.4700 with warranty of 1 year.Please checkup with HP Service center at both branches and give me an answer. Invoice No: SCS/PUR/LSC/JINV/00147/15-16Order No: SCS/PUR/LSC/JO/00157/15-16

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I have Half Life Ver. had earlier enabled GOD Mode by this way-

Start Game Using -Console after the hl.exe
Type "~" to bring up console.
In game type "sv_cheats 1"
Type ?god? in the console
But now I want to disable it and can't do so.Also,the "impulse xxx"cheats don't work in my game.Please help

A:Half Life cheat disable

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To all members - we invite you to come and join the effort to help us build a Universally adaptable Anti-Cheat application at http://www.ennovative.net/uacp/ . Even if you don't have the technical know-how, you can help just by spreading the word. We've laid out the foundation to build an anti-cheat system with the following features:

- Applies to ALL online games (past, present, and future)
- Consists of a user end scanning/monitoring tool and a server end that receives an ok/not ok signal from the user
- Covers ALL methods of cheating intentional or not (not just 3rd party hacks, but less technical means, such as artificial packet loss)
- Updateable cheat definitions (just like your Norton Anti-Virus updates its virus definitions as they become available)
- Server end tolerance adjustment (ie., you clan sets its desired ping spike tolerance levels)
- Ultra lightweight to prevent performance interference

There are many other features, but the bottom line is that we are aiming for a 100% solution, unlike other anti-cheat apps which are all 80-90% effective, and even then, only for a small number of games.

Right now, the application has yet to be built, we're looking for a few key people to help in developing this (see forum section "What's Needed - People", which is why we're trying to spread the word.

This will be an application that can benefit each and every one of you. Just consider how many time cheating, or the potential for cheati... Read more

A:Universal Anti-Cheat Project

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(i was wondering if anyone has a list of all the hipaa guidelines for computers/networks/systems?

i've been trying to find a comprehensive list but all i can find online are legal documents. i'm looking for a list that i can use as a checklist.

like passwords must be this length and workstations must lock after so many minutes.

any assistance is greatly appreciated.

thank you. = ])

A:(hipaa compliance cheat sheet?)

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I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know how I could activate the cheat code without the joystick?

I'm using a boot disk to run the game, but for some reason the the joystick will not active the cheat code as it should.

Can someone tell me if there is another way to activate the code with out the joystick? Perhaps hack the program?


A:Rebel Assault Cheat Code Help

Here's the cheat code page...if the joystick doesn't work, maybe using the keyboard will?

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this problem does not exist on xp
what to do

A:Problem with anti cheat for CS source

Isn't Source's anti-cheat VAC; the same as all Valve/Steam distributed games? I just googled acdev.sys and found nothing that would indicate it's part of any anti-cheat software. I'd run a virus scan.

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Spam removed.

I didn't read the rules but I will read them before posting again. I understand that if I do this again, my account will be disabled.


A:Free braindumps and cheat sheets for certifications.

Spam removed.

I didn't read the rules but I will read them before posting again. I understand that if I do this again, my account will be disabled.


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Hi, since I got vista I can't access the cheat console, with the button ~.
This is with every game iv'e tried, oblivion, morrowind, total war series, heroes of might and magic V, neverwinter nights 2, fallout 3, etc

The console worked on all of them(except fallout3) when I had XP
several vista users have this problem if you google it.

Some say Vista comes with drivers for an IR receiver. These drivers interfere with the console somehow.

But I can't find any drivers for an IR receiver.

Any help? please

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okay, so i have the game, but i want to cheat a little, nothing serious, im just ina bit of debt, and my characters are sucking right now, but, when i look on sites, it tells me to "click and hold CTRL+SHIFT+C" and a box is supposed to appear at the top of my screen, i do that, but the box doesnt show up, anyone have any suggestions as to wat the problem is?

A:The Sims 2 Holiday Edition Cheat Problem

same here. if anyone knows how to fix it, please post or PM me.

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I typed in the boolProp Testingcheatsenabled true cheat code, then I noticed the game wasn't playing ANY sound effects or music or ANYTHING!
What should I do to get my sound back?? Please help me!!

A:I typed in a cheat code for Sims 2...... now my sound won't work!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First of all check in device manager for any yellow question or exclamation marks next to your audio devices.

If there are any, then try reinstalling your sound drivers.

If that checks out ok, then maybe doing a system restore to a point before you entered the cheat code may help.

If that still doesn`t work, then maybe uninstalling the game and reinstalling it will solve the problem.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Spam removed.

I didn't read the rules but I will read them before posting again. I understand that if I do this again, my account will be disabled.


A:Brain dumps, cheat sheets for exams like mcse ccna.

Spam removed.

I didn't read the rules but I will read them before posting again. I understand that if I do this again, my account will be disabled.


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For those who haven't read my first version of the WinDbg Cheat Sheet, I'll explain very quickly what is. The WinDbg Cheat Sheet is meant to be a easy reference for a majority of the data structures and extensions available when debugging BSODs using WinDbg.

I've included small descriptions for each command/extension, and is largely written for those who have some debugging experience.

Windows Access Tokens
Windows Registry
Windows Heap Manager
Local Inter-Process Calls (LPCs)
Windows Power Policy
There is more information about specific data structures and extensions on my blog (see link in sig).

A:WinDbg Cheat Sheet - Data Structures, Commands and Extensions

Thanks, that's very useful info :)

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anyone got new codes for ntl? cheers

A:new codes

What do you mean?

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I'm looking at buying an OS on a 2nd Hand Software site. Could someone tell me the the significance of Product Key's, Licence's OEM's and C.O.A 's and what importance they play when considering buying a OS. Some OS are advertised as retail and some as OEM.Some advertised come with one but not the other.Which is vital and what does it all mean to me the consumer?
Thanks for help

A:OS Key's,Codes & OEM's

<b>C.O.A.</b> Certificate of Authenticity
<b>O.E.M.</b> Original Equipment Manufacturer
<b>Retail</b> Boxed version of OS

The major difference between OEM and Retail Boxed is the contents delivered. Normally both items will contain a Product Key and Certificate of Authenticity. Here is a bit about Certificate of Authenticity. Click Here.
Also contained in boxed version is paper documents such as manuals ect. OEM version will just be the Install CD.

Personally I would only consider purchasing any of the above products if they contained the C.O.A. and the product Key which can be one in same if product Key is printed on hologram sticker.

Bottom line if you purchase any used licensed software make sure the official original license COA\Product Key is attached.

Another way to explain this is to set up an example:
If I have several computers using lets say WinME and have all the aforementioned CD's, Product Keys, and COA's. I could Sell all but one of the Original Install CD's with above items but if I leave the OS functional on my computers I am in violation of the EULA and am considered pirating. If I sell just the Install CD and scribble the Product Key on a slip of paper so you can install it, you will be in violation.

So Bottom line is purchase the item that contains the authenticity Sticker\Product Key included. Whomever holds that item has a valid license to use one installation of that OS.

Hope that helps.
... Read more

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Looking for Alt Codes for Sony Vaio Windows 7 plz

A:Alt Codes

Hey Lila I believe these are the codes for windows 7.

Alt codes - Keyboard Alt symbol codes

Let me know if that doesn't work.


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Well, I was wondering if there were any programs that allow me to put in a picture, and it converts it pixel by pixel into Hex Codes (I.E. #000000)
Is there such a program?


A:Hex Codes

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What is the safest and best website to download the app for reading QR Codes? Thanks.