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CD and packet writing problem

Q: CD and packet writing problem

I installed a used TDK (24/10/40) CD drive in my Dimension 8100 machine and then installed the Nero 5.9x version with InCD. Once in, my CD wouldn't read/recognize other discs, not even commercial text discs. It only recognized InCD formatted CD-RW discs. I uninstalled Nero but now my CD ejects any disc except the specially formatted InCD discs. I've run System Mechanic (a registry repair tool), I've checked the device manager and the system information but cannot find anything that works.I installed a used TDK (24/10/40) CD drive in my Dimension 8100 machine and then installed the Nero 5.9x version with InCD. Once in, my CD wouldn't read/recognize other discs, not even commercial text discs. It only recognized InCD formatted CD-RW discs. I uninstalled Nero but now my CD ejects any disc except the specially formatted InCD discs. I've run System Mechanic (a registry repair tool), I've checked the device manager and the system information but cannot find anything that works. Does anyone have any ideas?
K. Shane

Preferred Solution: CD and packet writing problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: CD and packet writing problem

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Is there any "independent", i.e. not coming with another CD program installed with it, packet writing software out there?

A:Packet writing

Packet writing information:


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Up until I moved from XP to Win 7 I?ve been using a rather good program on my old Roxio 7 to format blank DVDs into storage disks. The program was so good that, not only did it allow me to drag n drop files onto the disks, but also edit the data once it was on the disks, things like change names, making new folders and transferring files into those files etc. In essence they became little portable hard drives. But now, with my old Roxio being incompatible with Win 7, I?m without this ability. However, I?ve been told that Win 7 has this formatting program built in! I understand its technical name is ?UDF/Packet Writing?. Can anyone tell me where this facility is on Win 7? Be a BIG help if anyone can. Thanks.

A:UDF/Packet Writing


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Does anyone have any links to software for packet writing other than direct cd. i had too many problems with direct cd 2.5 and i would like to try something else. thanks

A:packet writing

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Nero INCD was not working properly,and after uninstalling INCD,
I downloaded a full upgrade of Sonic DLA from:
I installed the sucker and it is working "well sort of" cause just like INCD, after a few days, I see a file on my DLA R-RW disk, that says "non allocable space" (0 bite),and DLA won't work,
also the right click format DLA option disappears,
so I have to reinstall DLA again for DLA to be working again.
But the strange thing is, that after reinstalling DLA,
the "non allocable file" is still there (on the disk) and I can't use\write on my half full R-RW DLA disk. Until I insert a different and already full formatted R-RW and then I can do a quick format and all is well.
Now I reload the first DLA R-RW disk that is supposed to have the "non allocable file", but now that file is gone and DLA is fully functional till it became corrupted again! I would really like to know about this

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On our old PC and our fairly new laptop, my husband could view the photos on his Sony CD Mavica camera discs without finalizing them in the camera.

On our brand new PC, he cannot; and I have learned that this is because the older ones have packet writing software (Direct CD on the PC and Roxio version 7 on the laptop.)

I don't want to write CD's using this old software (and I don't want to mess up our new computer with Roxio!). However, if I could find some software to put on the new computer that would just read these discs, I might could get out of the doghouse with my husband!

Naturally, I prefer something cheap or free, but I will pay if I have to. Can anyone help?

A:Packet Writing Question

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I have a locked down system where the built-in CD burning functionality has been disbled. This work fine until I introduce a CD formatted for packet writing created on another machine. I am then able to use any application and 'save as' option to write
the file to the CD.  Using this method I am able to get around the lockdown of not being able to write to CD set using the GPO or registry update.  Any one know how to stop all built-in CD/DVD burning?  I have 3rd party software
which must still be able to burn.

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When I inserted my CD-RW into my drive I had 650 mb. Now when I formatted it I have 534 MB. Is there anyway to get rid of the UDF packet writing software off the CD again? It ate 100MB!

A:udf packet writing software

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Is there a packet-wriitng software for a DVD burner ? Or is this wishful thinking?

A:Solved: Packet writing for DVD

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Does anyone know of free CD-RW packet writing software? I do not need a full CD burning software suite. I am running Windows XP, and the built-in burning software does not appear to support packet writing on CD-RW disks.

A:Free CD-RW Packet Writing Software

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With Dragon disk, which enables pcs without the package to read the written files, and offering formatting versions of:

UDF 1.5 (supported by InCD as well -- so at least disks created with DD read by InCD)
UDF 2.00
UDF 2.50
UDF 2.60

InCD aside, what is the best UDF version to write with?

Priorities are that most modern
CD/DVD drives may read the disk, and that it remains stable.

A:UDF versions & packet writing software

If you want all PC's to read the disk, you should not go with UDF. Only machines with installed UDF drivers can read them. Though there is now a file system workaround where the disk is read as an is even though it is still UDF. Why is ISO not possible?

The version numbers represent the historical progression. The highest number is the version that most modern machines can read.

Is there some reason that "drag-and-drop" is needed?

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I'm using Nero burning ROM that came with a burner and it seems Nero has dropped InCD from the package. Where can I get a substitute for InCD, preferably free.

A:Need Packet Writing Software--Free

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Hello all,
I have several Direct CDs that I use (packet formated) and while I have not really had any problem with them, I have heard of all the problems other people have had and now I wonder how to verify that the Direct CD is working well.

I have seen programs such as CD-R diagnostic, and while the site says it checks packet writing, it does not appear to. It is great on regular CDs though. Any other suggestions on this? I really would like to hear anyone that has had experience with direct CD, good or bad.

Like I said I have not had any problems at all, but while the file is copying I am not doing anything else and I wait till the file is done saving to CD before I try to do something else with it (with the actual lights on the drive not when the computer says the copying is done as I have seen the drive is not quite done then).

Thanks in advance.


A:how to check driect cds (packet writing)

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After InCD for a number of years, I can say it's average at best.

If there is one area where reliability is an absolute must, it's with backup software/hardware solutions that includes CD/DVD writing software. To say that the Microsoft pre-packed solution is a waste of disc space would be optimistic, I've never had it work and it only errors. Calling Microsoft they suggest I purchase a third party solution to get it to work.
InCD can prove quirky and require tech support to diagnose issues and support is a lost cause. IN fact, they request the user forward issues to Microsoft who will ' forward the issue to Ahead Software'. Right.

Also, they've designed InCd so it will not install on a system already having packet writing software. Who designed this? At times a CD RW disk written to will come back as 'read only' format after being written to a second time.

What about Dragon Disk? I see the company info at http://www.ntius.com/utilities.asp claiming it is playable on any pc with XP/Vista but it is so and is it really UDF compatible to play back all of my InCD's?

Experience tells me to verify claims these companies are making if at all possible before buying.

A:Dragon Disc, InCD packet writing

Or, like the vast majority of us, you can just use single session, burn once CDs. With USB thumb drives and CDs that cost about 10 cents in volume, any packet-writing software is not worth even the potential headache it might cause.

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have a system with NT4, samsung 52x32x52 cd-rw drive and roxio directcd installed.

What I like to do is share the drive with a directcd formatted cd in it inside a network.

The problem is when ever I tried to open the drive in other computer's network neighbourhood, it comes out with a blue screen error....

Tried to map the drive as local but also same fault.

Anyone have any idea ??

A:sharing and maping a packet writing drive.

Just to add in. I can map as local z: drive but can't open it as the blue screen will appear.

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I was recently given a TDK 52/24/48 CDRW drive for Xmas. What a screamer! It came with Nero. I installed InCD as well as Nero Express because 99.9% of my writes are with InCD formatted disks (use them for zipped backups). However, InCD has a very odd and aggravating habit: It seems to check for the presence of a disk in the drive every 2-3 minutes, and when it does, the system is momentarily locked... as when the hourglass is on. Only lasts for 4-5 seconds, but drives you nuts when you're writing a report and typing fast. Only way around it is to unload InCD from the Task Manager.

Brought this to the attention of Ahead Software tech support, and got nowhere. So I'm considering dumping Nero and going with something else. I used to use Adaptec (1999 version) with an old 8/4/32 Plextor, and it was OK, but I don't like Roxio's update policies (which is mostly NOT to update anything for free). So can anyone recommend some really good software for mastering and especially packet writing?

A:Recommend good packet writing software?

If you were happy with DirectCD go back to it. The problem is that you canít get it without the package and it is expensive. Most people consider DirectCD to be the best packet writing software and Nero to be the best all around mastering software.

RecordNow has a packet writing component (DLA) and has a free trial. The damage is only $40 if you like DLA. It has a Prassi engine for the mastering software which I personally like. Iím still using the Prassi software on my old Plextor but will probably try RecordNow when I upgrade. http://www.stompinc.com/recordnowmax/index.phtml?stp

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I have a CD-RW that is formatted for the InCD program that is bundled w/ Nero... it formats the CD-RW so I can add, move, and delete just like a floppy disc. I was mvoing some files off my HD onto the CD-RW -- it moved the 1st file and most of the 2nd file. Then it stopped and said it couldn't find the correct path for the 2nd file. It looked like the file had already copied to the CD, but it was also still on the HD. So I assumed it had a problem deleting the file on the HD after it was moved.

When I tried to access the files on the CD-RW to make sure they were both there, the computer crashed. I rebooted, and now it won't read any of the files that are on the CD-RW It appears to be a blank CD. When I try to open it thru InCD, all it does is ask me if I want to format the blank CD. So my guess is that the program isn't reading the header on the CD becuz the header was corrupted when InCD was trying to re-write it after adding the 2 additional files.

So how do I gain access to files that are on the CD-RW? I had a lot of stuff on there I don't want to lose... I'm sure it's all still there, it's just a matter of getting the program to recognize that the files are there.

A:InCD packet-writing software from Nero won't read CD

ISOBuster may give some access to the CD, but this is one reason why you should never use packet writing unless the data is of no consequence.

It is the most unreliable form of data storage, one for which the CD was not originally designed. A CD-RW means ReWritable (erase and re-use) not Read-Write. They are OK in that latter mode generally.

I suspect you are quite right in your diagnosis that the TOC is corrupt, which means there is now just a heap binary data on the CD with no easy way of determining the start and end of each individual file.

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I tried this link- Burning to CD and DVD - Enable or Disable. It does not work if one has a packet writing program. In this case, InCD of Nero.

I want to be able to burn and save and delete the old files onto the CD/DVD.

But I cannot do so.

I wonder if it is possible to do so.


A:Packet Writing Software & Diabling Win 7 CD/DVD burn default setting

Why used some third party program when Windows 7 has native builtin support for packet writing?
Take advantage of Vista's Live File System optical disc format | Microsoft Windows | TechRepublic.com

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Hello! I have bought my new dvd writer drive, but I have problem with writing dvd's on it, it can't open blank dvd's and write to them media, but it can only open already disks, thta have some files on them. I am a lil bit confused, plus I got another simple cd rom writer, connected to same ide cable, maybe i should disable it and leave only this new dvd rom driver, I have read help on my Windows xp Proffessional home center, and there was said, thta i must disable recording on dvd-ram drive, i did it, but now, when i try to open blank dvd disk, it says inccorrect operation, can any1 give me advice? My dvd wrier drive is Optiarc 7170A and i got those latest drives, plz give me some advise, I am totally confused Thx

A:Solved: Problem writing dvd disks on new dvd writing drive

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Okay, my desktop was working just fine, on the internet and everything, but it all of a sudden, just quit connecting. Im on my laptop, but they are on the same router. So what could be my problem? All of the physical connections are fine. But, my desktop is only sending about 100 packets and recieving 6. Help? Please??

A:Packet Problem??? Help please?! :(

nevermind, i got some live support

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I am using a LAN network of over 150 PC behind my Sonicwall PRO 3060 firewall under workgroup.

From the last few days i am facing a serious proble:
1) I am able to open all websites except www.yahoo.com

2) I observed the firewall logs of sonicwall which are as under:

Broadcast packet dropped192.168.145.24, 62324, X0192.168.145.255, 64Protocol:138 Broadcast packet dropped192.168.145.24, 62324, X0192.168.145.255, 64Protocol:137

When i called an engineer to solve this problem he is saying by observing these logs that there is a broadcat in your network as every PC is broadcasting and due to which you are not able to open www.yahoo.com.

I want to add here that if we are by passing this sonicwall firewall and using simple Windows 2003 server as firewall the network is working fine and all websites including www.yahoo.com are working fine.

I want to know that are these logs are normal as i thing these protocols are being used by netbios or are really broadcast packets choking my network

Looking for prompt reply.

Thanx in advance

A:Packet Broadcast problem

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Okay! I have been having this issue for about a month now. Everyday from 7pm - 11pm, my internet has random lag spikes and my computer recives packet loss. I've tried calling my ISP (Rogers Cable, i live in Toronto, Ontario), and everytime i talk with some one, they tell me something different. At random times during the day, i won't be able to open my homepage for 10 minutes, it will be connecting, and then won't open the page, if i keep refreshing sometimes it might open (it all depends on the moment when i'm receiving spikes).

I have a 6MB high-speed cable connection. First, i called my isp and they told me they were pinging my modem and they could see lots of packet loss, they pinged my neighbors (i live in a building by the way) and they could see some packet loss with some of my neighbors. They submitted a ticket and a tech guy came to our building to check all the wiring or whatever he's supposed to check.

A few days later i got a call from Rogers, they told me the issue was resolved, but obviously it wasn't, because i was still getting the same issue at different times of the day. I called them again and this time, they told me that the problem was from my side, so they booked an appointment for a technician to come to my apartment and check everything out. When the technician came early during the day (4pmish) he pinged my modem and obviously he said that everything was fine, i told him that i knew it was fine just because the interne... Read more

A:Packet Loss Problem

When you're having the problems, try this:

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. Post the results link from the top of the test display page here.

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hi all, this is driving me insane, my laptop seems to decide which pages it will or will not open in my browser. rarely do i get a page that simply completely loads and with "done" in bottom left corner, its always left incomplete with "transerring data etc". this problem has slowly got worse starting from approx 3 or 4 months ago.
i noticed that my send and reciev packet activity status actually completely stops or at best goes at a couple of bytes at a time. also i seem to go from "local and internet" connection to just "local" quite frequently. by the way this is through a wireless router, but i have also tried with ethrnet cable and experience similar probs. ive had my laptop for just over a year and beginning to wonder if i need a new network card.
i realise ihavent put any specific tech data, but will if required

hope you can help guys

A:possible packet transfer problem

With a direct connection, preferably to the modem if possible, please run the following test.

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL
http://www.dslreports.com/linequality/nil/2357195 <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.

Here's also the Line Quality Tests FAQ to help you understand the results. This will answer some questions about the line quality display.

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my internet in painfully slow and I'm suspecting its comcast but wanted to find out a bit more.

when i run tracert and ping anyone, I usually have at least one of the 3 tries sent out in hop 4 time out but I cant figure out who it belongs to.


1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
2 32 ms 33ms 31ms ip-66-218-225-1.midstate.ip.cablemo.net
3 34ms 53ms 45ms 216-229-80-177-empty.fidnet.com
4 * 141ms * 216-229-95-189-empty.fidnet.com
5 * 51ms 69ms RLLA-cable-ATM2-0.1.fidnet.com[]

most of the time hop 5 doesnt time out. theres a couple random timeouts each time here and there but hop4 fidnet is consistent.

im on a linksys router and ive tried everything i know on my end but my nets slow and online games are filled with latency.

I use comcast cable with their "fastest" service and and its around a place called Rolla in missouri(U.S.A). I'm guessing Rolla is where the RLLA in hop 5 is comming from.

So does this look like it has to be my service provider?
I've checked this with another pc in my house as well with same results so i at least know its not the wi-fi.

Thanks for any of your expertise.

A:packet loss problem in hop 4 on wireless net

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During online gaming and streadming video/audio, I've been suddenly getting very poor connection quality. It makes online games virtually unplayable, which is quite frustrating. The internet in general is a lot slower as well. I do not use a router or anything else. I have a cable connection from Cox High Speed Internet.

I used a HyperTrace program to tracert to various websites, all with the same results. Intermittent high latency and about 10% packet loss. My first downstream hop is IP, so I used a ping plotter to see if the problem was there. Sure enough, I get about 10% packet loss to this machine (which has no DNS name), and latency spikes into the hundreds and thousands.

Is this an ISP problem, or something else? What can I do about this, since when I call tech support, they have no idea what "tracert" is or anything else. They suggest defragmenting my hard drive. Anyway, does anyone want to take a stab at my issue, or at least ping to check for packet loss?

Thanks in advance!

A:Help me solve this problem...packet loss

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I can't enable wake on lan on my computer.
First I tried with an on board LAN cart then I added external cart - Intel(R) PRO/1000 GT.
In the device manager I checked "Allow this device to wake up the computer" and "Only allow a magic packed to wake up the computer" for the network adapter.
In BIOS I enabled the PME Event Wake up property.

On my machine I installed a Magic Packect sender/receiver to check whather the packets can reach the computer and I see that the packets are received when I send them from my phone.
But when the computer is turned off I can't wake it this way. Also there's light from my LAN cart, so I assume that is has power from the mainboard when the computer is turned off.
My mainboard is Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 and the operating system is Windows 7 32bit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Wake On Lan problem - my computer can't be turned on with magic packet

First I think you should PM a Mod and have this moved to Networking.
What "Magic Packet" utility are you using? I'd like to research the software and see if there's something you might have missed.

Also, maybe you need to enable "allow remote access connections to this computer" in My Computer>Properties?

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I can't enable wake on lan on my computer.
First I tried with an on board LAN cart then I added external cart - Intel(R) PRO/1000 GT.
In the device manager I checked "Allow this device to wake up the computer" and "Only allow a magic packed to wake up the computer" for the network adapter.
In BIOS I enabled the PME Event Wake up property.

On my machine I installed a Magic Packect sender/receiver to check whather the packets can reach the computer and I see that the packets are received when I send them from my phone.
But when the computer is turned off I can't wake it this way. Also there's light from my LAN cart, so I assume that is has power from the mainboard when the computer is turned off.
My mainboard is Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 and the operating system is Windows 7 32bit.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Wake On Lan problem - my computer can't be turned on with magic packet

Not sure if it's always that way, but if the computer is turned off, Wake on LAN doesn't works. You need to hibernate or sleep it instead, and the it will resume normally.

Also, is your phone connected though the local network? Like sharing a router and entering by normal WLAN? If not, if you're using internet access to send the magic packet, you have to forward port 9 (by default) on your router.

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Hi all,

Through a C program, I am trying to read data(UDP packet) from port number 68 of my Linux machine using the function 'recvfrom' i.e

char data[342];
int sid = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM,0);

'ethereal' is showing the incoming packet, but not the function 'recvfrom'.

->dhclient is already running on port number 68.

Updated : for the above code i was getting an error (11,EAGAIN).Even after killing the process 'dhclient' running on port 68, and then running my code, probelm remains same.

Could you please tell me reason for this.

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Hi, Firstly appologies as this has already been answered but it does seem that each problem needs its own thread.

The problem
My computer is not wanting to connect to the internet, it will claim to be connected to the wireless network (occasionally showing limited or no connectivity) but it wont send or recieve packets (rate is VERY slow)

I am running a HP Media Centre PC and have been doing so since easter 07. I have had it working without problems on my network at home and also at two different addresses whilst at university. Recently I noticed that I had connected to another wireless network by accident which was unsecured and when I tried to reconnect to my house network I have the problem. There are 4 other computers in my house (one of which I am on now) which haven't suffered any problems like this which leads me to believe it is a computer related problem rather than a router.

I am not massively technically minded but I am running:
Windows XP
HP Media Centre
the router is a standard BT Home Hub which has worked for the previous 7-8 months.

So far I have tried the following:
Ipconfig \all
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int IP reset reset.log
ping yahoo.com
ping google.com -n 25

All to no avail, I have attached the results below if you can find anything out from it.

Thanks a lot
Command Ping google -n 25
Microsoft(R) Windows DOS
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001.

C:\DOCUME~1\HP_ADM~1>ping google.com -n 25

Ping... Read more

A:Problem with Wireless internet (low packet activity and limited no connectivity)

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Hello all, I ran into a problem with my computer in which it will start up fine, but once I get to the desktop, it freezes. Like I can't click anything.

I found the problem, it's with the nvidia nforce networking controller packet scheduler miniport. I know this because I turned off all nonessential devices and the computer worked fine, but I need this to get internet, so this causes a problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? I don't know what drivers to download, that's one of the problems.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

A:nVidia nForce Networking Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport problem

Reinstalling the NForce drivers may help. You can download the latest NForce drivers from here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
But you need to know what the chipset on the motherboard is to choose the right NForce drivers for your system. You shoudl also go to Add & Remove Programs to uninstall the current NVIDIA NForce drivers before installing the new ones. And if you have an NForce 4 series motherboard make sure to not install the NVidia Firewall when going thru the install, its problematic.

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I have a Blue-Ray Drive on my HP-G70 120. I am running on WIndows 7. Recently, my blue-ray drive has been disturbing a lot. I wrote to CDs and DVDs before, and it worked fine. Also, I can read from the discs, so I dont think there is a problem with the laser, rather I suspect some problem with the software.

My Problems are:
Clicking on the drive icon says its a blank disc, though the disc is not.
While at other times, ejecting the drive from windows or from the button says "An error occurred while ejecting BD-ROM". At other times it ejects fine.
I burned some files onto a CD that already had 80MB written on it, using BurnAware. Now, after burning, only the previous (80MB) are present there, but no sign of the newest write. Also, it shows "0 bytes free of 80MB" when clicking properties on the drive icon in Windows Explorer.

So How do I fix these problems?

Thank You

A:Problem with DVD writing


Please refrain from posting duplicate threads.

Which software are you using?

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Sir my HP 241 G 1 notebook pc automatically writes on search box,it also happens in word documents.When i check windows event viewer it writes " The device sent an in correct response following keyboard reset."  sir please help me!

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i have a p-III machine....till some days back the system was working fine....but now when i am trying to write a cd its showing methat the cd was successfully created but when i check the cd its still blank....
the writer is samsung 48x16x48

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Hello. Yesterday i decided to back up my games. I started to write my on dvds but i couldnt write the 2. dvd! Now i cant write any dvds (i m using ms's own software to write)!
Pls help me! There is a problem sth like this: 0x8007045d.
Thanks. My system is writin on my profile.

A:Dvd Writing Problem??

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I searched here and there a lot and still wondering is it a problem with sp3 or the dvd rw driver which mine is SONY DVD RW DRU 830A or it is a problem pertaining to the softwares that I use kike NERO, DVD Shrink. At present none of the copying and burning softwares cannot write in dvd driver.

A:XP SP3 and writing problem in DVD RW

It is XP SP3 that is causing your problem. I have a Sony DRU 710A that stopped working after I installed XP SP3. It would not recognize any blank DVD media with Roxio or Nero. I pulled the drive out and put it in another machine that only had XP SP1 installed. The drive worked great. I then installed SP3 and the drive quit working again. I then uninstalled SP3 and the drive started working again. Microsoft needs to fix this problem. I hope someone can put enough pressure on them to fix this issue.

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I run a Pentium 4 with XP Professional. It came with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2 installed but I've never got around to using Roxio. I can play music CDs OK via Windows Media Player.

Realised I should be backing up my HD and tried to backup onto a CD-R with no joy so tried a CD-RW - no joy. Went and bought new CD-RWs in case the disks were at fault but still no joy.

Eventually found out that the Roxio version that I have can't be used on XP Professional so downloaded Nero 7 Demo. Still getting same messages.

When I try to copy I get a couple of different messages:
"Buffer underrun protection activated" and shows Type of disk in recorder: Empty
"Waiting for disc - Please insert disk to write to"

And previously got "Unrecognised data" and "insufficient space left" but it's a blank disk.

I've tried using Nero to do a quick erase but the Erase option isn't highlighted so can't.

I'm obviously missing something really basic ... anyone any ideas? I've attached aerror log in case this is of help.

Also, do I have to format all new disks before using and, if so, anyone know how to format using Nero 7 demo?

Many thanks.


Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Core\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 02/11/2004 13:54:32

NT-SPTI used
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 7, ... Read more

A:Problem Writing To Cd-r Or Cd-rw

Hi Denise. Roxio and Nero don't like to cohabitate (I found out the hard way). Uninstall both of them for the time being.Download and run XP_CD-DVD-Fix.zip and unzip the contents. Run the EXE file. Reinstall Nero. If this doesn't work you could try using an inexpensive optical drive cleaning disk available at large retailers and computer shops.---------------------------There are 2 ways to store data on a RW disk. The first way is to burn to it like it is a CD-R and then erase the whole disc to reuse it. The other way is to use Nero's InCD driver to format the CD-RW. This will allow you to treat the disc as a 500MB removeable disc in which you can add and remove files and folders in Explorer as if it was a gigantic floppy. Only computers running InCD will be able to write to the disc.

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Just recently, when i try to copy a cd i get static, it is not on the original.....i have slowed the write speed down and no other programs are running, i am using clonecd which until now has been superb
Please help!!


A:CD writing problem....PLZ help

Have you tried re-installing software?
Or trying another burner software altogether to see if its the software or the drive itself?

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I have a problem with an LG SuperMulti 22x drive. All the dvds i try to write with Windows 7 built in software fails when there is roughly 30s left of the burn.

I tries Nero as well but the writes also fail. It is a brand new drive, is there any way to test it? I installed Windows and device drivers using it and it seemed to work fine.

Any ideas?

A:DVD Writing problem

Hi - have you AHCI enabled in the bios? If so it could be the driver Microsoft installs automatically during install - to fix this go to the below site and download and install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver if you haven't already installed it.
I think its updated with the chipset drivers now, so you could update them firstly, and see if that fixes the problem if not install the rapid storage driver - available on the same support page below.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P8P67 PRO

You could try this microsoft fix if you have the rapid storage driver already installed assuming its suitable :

Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media

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Hey techguys,

I'm trying to help my sister with a problem she's having with writing CDs. I drag the files to the CD drive and they appear in that drive's folder fine, but when I try to press the 'Write these files to CD' button I just get a bleeping sound.

I've used this process on my laptop multiple times and have had no problems with it.

Her laptop is an HP Pavillion dv8372ea


A:CD Writing Problem

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hi guys/girls

i am having a problem with my laptop (HP Pavilion dv2000 )

my problem is when i switch on my laptop after hibernating it , the keyboard starts to write different letters than it was shown in the buttons , to solve this problem i have to restart it or hold (FN) button while writing .

thats all thanks ;)

A:writing problem

You might want to try installing any updated drivers from the HP website.


That is a direct link for drivers for your FN keys. Try it and let me know how it works.

How long has the problem been occurring? If it just started happening, you may try to do a system restore. Make sure all of your personal files are backed up just in case of an error.

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I have got a Benq Cd writer(20*10*40). My problem is I am unable to write data Cd's (data from harddisk) of more than 650MB capacity even though the Cd's I use are of 700MB. If I do write the Cd gets damaged. For CD to CD writing I am able to write.

I use Nero 5.5.3 original version ( I have even checked its settings but there was no use) & windows Xp writing software. This problem also had started recently and also only for data CD's and not for audio CD's.

I have got a Pentim 4 system with Windows Xp. 40 GB hard disk and 256MB RAM.

A:Cd writing problem

You may need a firmware upgrade for your CD drive, and I'd cruise over to Nero's website and download the update to the current version of Nero, it should be free.

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I went to burn a cd and my burning program worked fine, supposedly. Uh-huh.
I went to play it, as a double check, and I got 15 -20 seconds of each song on every track and that was it.
I have two cd/dvd drives, different mfgrs. with the same results from either.
I can listen to or rip cd's, no problem but I've tried 4 different cd burners and get the same crappy results.
Is it time to trash BOTH of my CD/DVD drives, Update my already updated drivers, or give my endoctronial systems a ballpeen massage?

A:Problem with cd writing

System manufacturer and model?

What program was used to burn the CDs?


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I'm looking for help with a problem getting my DVD writer to recognise blank DVDs.

I can read and write CDs no problem and the drive will read already written DVDs(films,software etc). However when I insert a blank DVD the drive just keeps trying to access(green light on drive keeps flashing and drive is spinning) the DVD.

I am using DVD+R discs and have never had a problem in the past.

The drive is an Emprex 16X dual layer reader/writer. I have run the driver update and apparently the drivers are the most recent.

It may something simple or the drive might be just broken, but any help, advice or info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:DVD writing problem

Replace the drive, they do go bad just like this...

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My supervisor has a laptop with a removable cd-rom, Compaq cd-rom CRN-8245B. He has used it to burn CD's in the past, and it has stopped writing discs. A blank disc says, "Cannot copy files: Files on this CD-Rom are read-only. You cannot copy or move files to this CD-Rom drive." when try to copy files to it. Has it quit working, it still reads discs, any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Cd writing problem

The CRN-8245B is only a CD-ROM drive not a CD-R/RW drive. Is that the correct model number or do you have another drive?

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THE POINTER OF MOUSE  AFTER 10 [s]  MOVES IN ANOTHER WINDOW OR STOPPED IT DURING THE WRITNG AND THE PROBLEM IS I LOST CHARACTER DURING THE WRITING. IT IS A PROBLEM FOR DIGIT THE PASSWORD OR DOCUMENT. I clear the register, I change the mouse and the keyboard but nothing to do. During the start up I feel 4 short beep but I don't know what to do. Thanks for help 

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