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X1 Carbon 6th Gen Overheating

Q: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Overheating

Having been through the drama with my X1 Carbon 6th gen having major fan noise and overheating, I was pleased at the solution here on the forum, but recently the problem returned in a little different version. I think I've found a solution though. Here are the original two threads on the matter: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Carbon-6th-Gen-fan-always-on/m-p/3984330#M...https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Carbon-6th-gen-Fan-Noise/td-p/4053561 After a fresh install of Windows 10 64 and the above mentioned steps, my X1 stayed quite cool and quiet all summer, but over the last few weeks that changed. After a bit of investigation I found that Lenovo had installed what it calls the Intelligent Thermal Solution driver. Details here: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht506396 It became quite anoying and uncomfortable to have the laptop in my lap with high heat and the fan coming on constantly. I disabled the driver and it seems to have resolved the problem. Ironically, the computer seems much cooler with this driver disabled.

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Preferred Solution: X1 Carbon 6th Gen Overheating

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a 1st generation X1 carbon that was working just fine for three years. Since March, every time the processor exceeds ~20-30% usage, the system gets extremely hot - the base is too hot to touch, and the left half of the keyboard also gets very hot. I measured the core temperature : At <5% usage, average core temperature = ~45degCAt >30% usage, average core temperature = >85degCAt >50% usage, average core temperature = >92degC I run the system on Win10 and I don't have any bloatware. I also don't have any malware and I use my system exclusively for work. I have been reporting this issue to the Lenovo Support/Service Center since March, with innumerable phone calls to them, sending e-mail reminders, chats with agents, and logging complaints again and again. The response I received is abysmal, and they have still not solved the issue - it has been six months now. The only things the support center has clearly established is that they are incompetent and unwilling to do anything to fix the matter. This is despite the fact that my system is under warranty. Is there anything that I can do now to fix the problem I am facing? I welcome any-and-all suggestions.Thank you.Maha

A:X1 Carbon overheating

It sounds like you need either a new fan or the old one reseated with fresh thermal paste.  If it is under warranty, they should do it.

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My brand new X1 Carbon (i5 6300U, 8GB, 128GB SSD) is having the issue with uneffective cooling. The symptoms are that when I do basic tasks like working with one tab opened in my web browser, the cooling fan keeps on running at very high speed and the surface of the computer gets very hot. Needles to say that my previous laptop, the Dell Latitude E5450 with Intel i5 5300U, remains absolutely cool and quiet doing the same thing. I have read that this is a kind of common issue with the X1, therefore I suppose that you already have some experience with its solution. Based on that I have a straight forward question: Is the issue going to improve if I have the cooler fixed, or is it going to be useless and I'm just going to spare myself a lot of stress if I return the laptop and buy another model instead straightaway?

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I own a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga (1st gen as a Yoga; 4th gen as a Carbon), Product 20FQCTO1WW. Starting two days ago, it randomly reboots. The event log shows that it has had an unexpected reboot ("The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."), but reading the events leading up to the reboot doesn't give me much of a clue as to why. The only interesting events are messages that a core of the CPU is being throttled ("The speed of processor X in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report."). I took the bottom cover off and agressively blew compressed air in every crevice. This did remove some dust buildup, but the system wasn't as dirty as I expected. In fact, it looked pretty clean. I also vaccuumed. And I removed the fan and thermal heatsink and throughly blew compressed air through it and made sure that there was no gunk clogging the heatsink air fins. After reassembling, it seems to be slightly more stable, but it has still rebooted a few times. There are lots of threads where people complain about fan noise and ask how they can reduce the speed of their fan. I'd like to run mine at max 100% of the time (noise be darned) for a few days just to see if that keeps the system from randomly rebooting. However, I don't know of a sofware setting where I can control... Read more

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Après avoir fait la mise à jour vers w10 mon lecteur d'empreinte ne fonctionne pas. Dans la gestion des périfériques il n'est pas visible. J'ai installé le pilote mais c'est toujous pareil, il n'est pas visible.. quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider ?
Google translate: French >> English
After upgrading to w10 my fingerprint reader does not work. In the management of the pheripherals it is not visible. I installed the driver but it is always the same, it is not visible .. could someone help me?Thank you
Moderator comment: Please feel free to post in your native language, but as the principal language of this community is English, please include a translation alongside for the benefit of other members. Regards.
Commentaire du modérateur: N'hésitez pas à poster dans votre langue maternelle, mais comme la langue principale de cette communauté est l'anglais, veuillez inclure une traduction pour le bénéfice des autres membres. Cordialement.

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Hi!I just got a new "X1 Carbon 5th Gen - Kabylake (Type 20HR, 20HQ)" and a "X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock". I have an external screen connected to the dock and it works fine (VGA connection). I also have an other monitor with display (DP) connection that I want to use. But my computer can't find the other monitor, only the one with VGA connection. Is there any easy ways to fix this problem?Best regards

A:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen can't connect 2 external monitors in X1 Carbon Thunderbolt 3 Dock

[Posted moved and topic edited for discoverability.  AG]

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I used the 1st gen X1 Carbon for a while and found out that it's very robust and the touch feeling is very good. I guessed that all sides (A+B+C+D) of it are made by carbon fiber. Correct me if I'm wrong. But when I use my X1 Yoga 1st gen, which has only carbon fiber on A side (the cover behind screen) and uses "Super Magnesium" on C+D sides (the cover around keyboard and behind the keyboard), this design bring several problems: 1. " Super Magnesium" is still metal, if you crash it by accident, you may leave a scrath on it permanently, this happens more on edges;2. what's more, the paint at the edge of " Super Magnesium" will be rubbed away with time goes on, and you will see the white metal not the ThinkPad black;3. metal will suffer from deformation by force;4. the D side of my X1 yoga feels loose when you hold it with one hand, which make you feel cheap of this $1500 machine. Thus I hope the next gen of X1 Yoga or X1 Carbon can provide a pure carbon fiber version, for better build quality and user experience. How do you guys think about it?

A:Pure carbon fiber for X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon?

HelloThe small carrections about the case materials, according to the laptop specs.x1c gen1Display cover: Carbon Fiber;Bottom: Magnesium/Aluminumx1 yoga gen1Carbon-Fiber HybridSo, IMO the question isn't material itself related only, but the case parts painting quality.

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I used the 1st gen X1 Carbon for a while and found out that it's very robust and the touch feeling is very good. I guessed that all sides (A+B+C+D) of it are made by carbon fiber. Correct me if I'm wrong. But when I use my X1 Yoga 1st gen, which has only carbon fiber on A side (the cover behind screen) and uses "Super Magnesium" on C+D sides (the cover around keyboard and behind the keyboard), this design bring several problems: 1. " Super Magnesium" is still metal, if you crash it by accident, you may leave a scrath on it permanently, this happens more on edges;2. what's more, the paint at the edge of " Super Magnesium" will be rubbed away with time goes on, and you will see the white metal not the ThinkPad black;3. metal will suffer from deformation by force;4. the D side of my X1 yoga feels loose when you hold it with one hand, which make you feel cheap of this $1500 machine. Thus I hope the next gen of X1 Yoga or X1 Carbon can provide a pure carbon fiber version, for better build quality and user experience. How do you guys think about it?

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Okay i am a total noob here. So please keep your replies simple.

I have GeForece 9300M GS on my Acer asppire 4930G Laptop. The GPU is overheating with my idle tempratures at 65 C. When i start a game/HD movie the tempratures rise within minutes and my computer crashes (turns off) .

I got the laptop fans cleaned and got it serviced but the issue is still there. Also the cleaning got my warranty void. I have heard about underclocking and undervolting but dont know crap about them. Also are there any moded drivers that kick start the fan from the beginning as that might help.

Any other help/tips would be greatly appreciated (but please provide links to tutorials and details.)

A:Overheating GeForce 9300M GS, Overheating issues with 9300M GS on Acer Aspire 4930G

BUMP!!!!! anyone help!!!

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Been going back and forth and can't seem to find a screen that can replace my Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4 screen. Have found one for the 3448. Don't know if they use the same screen and pins?  See photo for description of the replacement screen I'm looking at.  


Go to Solution.

A:Can the Thinkpad x1 carbon 3448 laptop screen replace a Thinkpad x1 carbon 3460 1f4

The 3448 and 3460 machines use the same panels, hinges, lid, cables, etc.

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Only third day of my new Gen4 X1 Carbon.  Sound works fine .. then there is screechy sound from the earbuds that were plugged into audio.  Now no sound, no matter what I do.  I do have on site support but what do all of you think?

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 HiI own a X1 Carbon Gen 2 thinkpad and wonder if it is possible to replace the current keyboard with a X1 Carbon gen 3 keyboard (with proper mouse buttons), or if it will not fit?I have tried to check the manuals and the connectors seems similar although some things, such as the fingerprint reader, seems different. I have no problem "loosing" the adaptive keyboard and fingerprint reader if I can have all the functionality of the keyboard and trackpoint on the new "keyboard" (i.e. the gen 3 frontpanel).

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 Keyboard on X1 Carbon Gen 2

I am interested in this exact topic as well. Looks like the Gen 3 keyboards lack the adaptive keyboard - that clear stripe on the top that changes. The FRU for these X1 Carbons seem to be the whole keyboard, adaptive part, trackpad and bezel - they go for 150 USD or so. Problem is we don't know if it will work given the model year differences. A nice alternative would be just to replace the trackpoint. They came close with this one, but it is no macbook in terms of tactile feel of the pad. I really am having a hard time with it and it's been about a month.  Lenovo please help!

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Hey all,

A simple question to you in this hard times xD
So today i've experienced "Video card has stopped working bla bla" in a game, happened every few minutes, game froze for ~5sec then back to normal.
Searched on the internet and turned out there could be tons of different reasons.

So i tried to open up my pc and checked if everything's ok, all fans were working and stuff was fine.
Then i dled GPU temp check and saw that in Idle my Temp is ~70C, is it too much or is it normal?
Doesn't really feel like GPU is overheating, runs like usually, just that GPU fan making a little less noise now i think Oo.

My specs:
CPU Dual core 3.16
GPU Ati HD4870
PSU 550W
1. Should i change the fan on GPU or is it pretty much fine as it is now? ( I'm planning to change whole system in about 4-6months anyway )
2. Is it easy to change GPU Fan on ur own?

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Great site, new member here and first post!

Gericom Overd.2 PIII 800mhz laptop with a GERICOM/KAPOK INTEL 440BX/ZX
Motherboard came to me with a loose power supply pin connector, so no power, battery dead too and doesnt hold charge. De-soldiered motherboard connector then re-soldierd connector back onto mainboard. Laptop powers up fine now, only to develop what seems to be a overheating problem as it freezez and locks up after the first 5 minutes of power-up.

This happens even in the bios/cmos setup screen, it just freezez. Tested memory, fan is working when it freezez up in bios, heatsink cleaned, new thermal pad, tried thermal paste aswell, cleared cmos via disconnecting cmos battery, detached hard drive, re-seated processor, cleaned mainboard with commpresed air but Still no joy. Ive been up every night and now have great big bags under me eyes and the mrs not too pleased either, its all becoming a bit disappointing really!

Respect to all who read and reply and any suggestions tips or pointers would be highly appreciated!


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So, the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing bluescreens due to my gpu overheating. It gets into the 100's and then crashes, studders an odd sound, and restarts. I've tried to troubleshoot the problem but it says it cannot download a solution because I am not connected to the internet.

The first time it happened I went under the case and cleaned it out with compressed air. It worked fine again for a few days and then went back to crashing. At times it will work for hours, others it will crash after 15 or so minutes of playtime.

-I've tried increasing my fan speed, which also doesn't seem to help (Not even sure if it's working as I don't notice any difference in sound)
-I've tried dusting
-My drivers are all up to date

I'm assuming my GPU is fried or close to being completely unusable, just thought I'd come and ask for a second opinion.

Processor: Intel Premium CPU G630 2.70Ghz
Memory: 6 GB
GPU: Geforce GT430
OS: Win 7 64-bit

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 124
BCP1: 0000000000000000
BCP2: FFFFFA800A248028
BCP3: 00000000BE200000
BCP4: 000000000005110A
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

My GPU requires a minimum of 300 watts, which is what m... Read more

A:GPU Overheating

According to tests run by Anandtech, it's unlikely that your card exceeds 200 Watts power consumption: http://www.anandtech.com/show/3973/nvidias-geforce-gt-430/17

All the same, that still makes a 300 Watt PSU borderline at best. You can get a more realistic idea of your power requirements here: http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp Since blowing out the dust bunnies seems to help for a while, I suspect that the fan on your GPU cooler is going bad, so you might want to look at replacements, NewEgg.com, coolerguy.com etc. sell bunches of them, and there are plenty available around $15 bucks or so. I'm still concerned about that puny PSU.

Edit: It's also worth mentioning that a lot of utilities like SpeedFan, don't give you reliable temperature reports, or accurate control over your fan; so you shouldn't put too much faith in the numbers they report.

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Okay so I just bought a new pc and put it together and it seems to be all working fine but for some reason my HWMonitor is showing my CPU is around 60c idle not doing anything and when i took the side of the case off i felt the underpart of the motherboard the metal bit below where my cpu is placed and it is extremely hot, if i put my hand on it for too long then it would probably burn me. I will list my pc specs below ANY help is appreciated and thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming
CPU: amd FX8350
Graphics Card: MSI R9 380 4GB
CPU Cooler: coolermaster v8 GTS
Hard Drive: SeaGate barracuda 2TB
PSU: Corsair CX750M
PC Case: Corsair Carbide Spec 03
Ram: 2x4 GB Patriot viper i think 1600
Thermal paste: arctic silver 5 i believe

As I said before any help/suggestions is much appreciated.

A:CPU OverHeating, NEW PC

Okay so, Im an absolute idiot xD I left a sticky plastic thing on the bottom of my cpu cooler and put thermal paste ontop of it. How much would that effect the termps could anyone tell me?

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I recently purchased a Visontek GF4 440 video card. Well the first thing I noticed is that this card has a heatsink but no fan. I thought "Well they must know what they are doing", but I seem to be wrong. First let me say that I play a lot of Everquest so my card gets a workout and after about 2 hours of play I get lockups. Let me also say that my case runs cool. When I built this machine my big concern was for heat so I have it running cool.

So my question is....

Has anyone else had this problem?

How can I go about fixing this?

Also, my buddy bought a GF4 440 by another company....it had a fan.

A:GF4 440 Overheating

You should be able to simply put a fan on over the heatsink to provide much better heat discipation for your card. I like the crystal orbs myself, but its really a personal preference.

When I get a little more time I'll take a gander at your card and make some more suggestions. Right now though, its off to class...

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Hi this is my first post here

PC specs at bottom

I have been having this problem for a while and havent been able to completely resolve it but have managed to lessen it.

I built my computer in the early spring. The first game I bought/installed was half-life 2. As soon as I tried to start the opening cinematic, my computer would crash. I fixed this problem by disabling and unnecessary programs from running in the background of my computer. Since then the game has run perfectly. I soon decided to benchmark my rig with 3dmark-05. After about ten seconds of running the actual 3dmark app, the same problem reoccured - my PC would crash, the LEDs and power still on, but a blank [powersave mode] monitor screen.

My first suspiscion is my RAM. I bought Ultra 512mb pc3200 budget memory. Plus the memory does not have a heatspreader attatched.

Next would be my video card which is an XFX Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128Mb card. Since the problem only occurs during visually demanding apps, I had a feeling something may be wrong with my videocard. I have tried to see if my GPU's fan is operational but am unable to completely see because the fan faces the bottom of my chassis. Also, I have a Vantec PCI dual fan card running right under my GPU which should be adding extra cooling...very confusing indeed.

Finally, could this be a *gulp* proccessor problem?! I am running an Intel P4 3.34 Ghz processor on a Chaintech Summit series motherboard. The CPU has an Aerotech heatsink/fan on it but ... Read more


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Ive had this ongoing problem with my pc. My problem was that when i go into a game after a few minutes the monitor would just switch off and say no signal. So another guy told me that it was my psu that was too weak to handle the gpu. SO i bought a new one (700 watt for a gts250 green edition i know right)
But still when i go into games it does the same. I found out it was an overheating problem. My gpu would just cap 60 degrees celcius and itll switch right off. And for this type of card its very unusual. I bought 2 case fans. Its still overheats. Put new thermal paste on cpu and gpu, still not working. I even put a big fan next to my desktop and opened it up. IT STILL OVERHEATS WTF??? Please anyone help.



please help i cant play any games. What should i do

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Hi i bought the new hp spectre about a month ago and it is being really hot as it hits 80°C  on the processor just running an anti-virus scan and then the fans go really loud. i have taken the laptop to the shop i got it from and they said its normal. There is also another problem as some applications don't open for example Opera Browser as well HP support app doesnt work sometimes. Please could someone help me thank you in advance.

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Ive had this problem with my gpu that my psu was too weak. My monitor would then go off and ill see no signal. So i had some extra (weaker) psus so i connected them together and it works! Ive seen other people doing it aswell. But now my pc is constantly overheating. I have a 330 watt that power my hdd and dvd rom. my other 450 watt is powering my cpu and gpu. But it shuts down constantly due to overheating. Should i add fans (really dont want to cause its alot of trouble) Or what should i do. I really thought this wouldve helped

A:GPU and CPU overheating

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My CPU(AMD Athlon XP 2800+) is still overheating. As I write this, my cpu temp is at 73 degrees C. I just done the 60mm to 80mm fan conversion. I have the Dynatron Copper Heatsink with an Antec thermally controlled 80mm fan attatched and I used the Antec Silver Thermal Compound. I read that the fan is supposed to increase in RPMs as the temp gets higher. The RPMs are at a little over 2100 and won't go any higher. Should I get a non-thermally controlled one? Also, I can't seem to use the 3 pin to 4 pin connector either. Whenever I hook the fan up to the power supply, my pc stays on for maybe 10 seconds then shuts off. I can only use the mobo fan header but is this powerful enough for my fan? My exhaust fan(80mm Antec) is blowing out cool/cold air. Isn't it supposed to be warm? My case temp is at 30 degrees C right now. I'm so lost and not sure what to do.


A:Still overheating?

Go to www.majorgeeks.com and download and install cpuidle it will cool your cpu by about 10 to 15 degrees. If you haven`t got it already then you need to download Motherboard monitor also from the same site.

Also when you took of the heatsink how much thermal paste did you use?

You only need a small amount about the size of a grain of rice applied to the boss of your cpu.

Did you clean the underside of the heatsink and the small metal boss on the cpu? You can use a little alcohol to do this.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hi Peepz,

I've been using my puta fine for weeks, months infact, since I got it last Sep... this morning turned it on and for some reason within about 10 minutes I got a message from my biostart system control utility programme that the CPU was over heating and had reached 65c!!!

I have now idea why, or how to fix it so some help would be greatly appreciated, I've no idea what info you need so please ask and I will give everything I can.

Some basics, if this helps at all....

The PC is a p4 3ghz, 1ghz ram, running win xp, service pack 2, graphics card is an nvidia geforce fx 5500 128mb .. not sure what else you'll need...

Any help is appreciated!



A:CPU overheating...

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I have no idea what?s happening with my computer at this point.

My setup:
GTX 1080 ti Aorus Waterforce
i7 7700k
B8 Gaming MoBo
16GB Trident Z RAM
1200w PSU

Ever since upgrading from a GTX 970, I?ve been losing frames, progressively over the last 3 months to the point I?ve been on 10FPS on low graphics on a game like CSGO and LoL.

I?ve tried installing monitoring programs to see what?s going on but it has gotten worse from there. I upgraded my PSU today and it has gotten even worse again. After about an hour of light gaming my computer now makes a noise similar to that of a boiling kettle.

At this point my computer is screaming, my GPU temperature is at 85 Celsius simply at the desktop and any game I play maxes out at 15FPS.

I?m at my wits end at this point and I?m ready to go back to the 970 and get a refund on my 1080

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Hi I am an owner of a Thermaltake case. I recently found out the back of my case which has the TT-1245 fan is not spinning. For a month or two, my computer has not been working properly. I was wondering if it has to due with overheating or the back fan not working? My computer seems to be fine for the first hour or two and then it slows down to the extent where I cannot use the computer. I can't seem to find the reason for my computer to slow down. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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PCH is overheating in idle mode. What can I do?

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Since my CPU overheats. 65+ degrees. Should I just take the heatsink off and clean it? Or are there other ways. I tried cleaning it and it went down to 45 degrees but quickly climbs back to around 70. On a thread before this thread, I got amazing help. I just need some suggestions. Please and thank you.

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Computer shutting down during gaming.

I noticed that the CPU runs at 40 degrees celcius on idle. That was a couple of weeks ago.

last night my pc shuts down more frequently that usual. even on idle. about every 30 minutes. I opened the case. Fan is working.

Then this morning my pc shut down. Turns on for a second and shuts down again.

Turned off the pc (and unplugged it, ofcourse), CPU heatsink is hot. very hot.

Thermal paste is dried out.


Get a new fan? Or simply reapply thermal paste?

The CPU doesnt look damaged. No smells. No burn marks. Just the Thermal paste that looks dried out.

A:Overheating CPU...

I would use new thermal paste first

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These are my readings...

AMD Athlon XP 1900+
1.60GHz, 1GB RAM

This is too hot, how would you go about fixing this?

Everyone I call is like $70+ an hour.

Thank you


A:CPU is overheating, why is this?

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Hello! Here is a little background story: When i bought this laptop about 8 months ago I could play everything I wanted (except CS:GO which has minilags for no reason), on high performance levels, for countless hours. My spec is 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 960M, i5-4210H, 1000GB HDD+8GB SSD (flash). Then my system (windows 10) got a bit trashed and the overall performance was bad, the hardware wasn't going on 100% and I knew that so I reinstalled the system from scratch. Now my Lenovo started giving 100% but I had some lagging issues so I started taking temperature. And that's the moment I knew I found the problem. But I can't find solution. Here are my temperatures when idle:?And temperatures when running games (Not some high-end games, CS:GO for 15 mins...) ? The problem is, later on it can reach even 99 degrees and the temperature makes CPU downclock so I need a solution. I installed everything I could, even some power management driver (tech supp told me to do so). It can't be real that this laptop can't run CS that I can run on my 10 yr old PC. Hope to hear from anyone that can give me anything to try. Cooling pad isn't the solution (it worked without cooling pad well, so that ain't the problem) Temperature in my area is around 27 nowadays.

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Computer seems to freeze when it is working harder; I suspect it is the CPU overheating. The ting is, it has only been doing it recently. I'm going to try putting some thermal paste on it.

First Question: How do I apply it?

Second Question: How else could I stop the CPU overheating?

My CPU is set up like this one:


Thanks in advance, John.

A:CPU Overheating

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Hello!  I've roved the site for quite a long time, but finally signed up. 
I've got an issue with a laptop.  It is a Gateway Model MT6451.
It is running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2, 32 bit.
Processor: AMD Turion 64 [email protected] TL-50 1.6GHz
This is my uncle's laptop.  A couple of months ago, it was coming on, then turning back off almost immediately. I recommended a new battery. The new battery completely solved the problem until the other day, when the computer began doing the same thing again.
He called me again, after he had tried to start the computer a couple of times, and System Restore (or Startup Repair?) came up and said that Windows had not started properly, would he like to attempt to return it to a previous working state? So he did that, and brought it to me. It's actually been fine since I got it.
I know all to well how many problems can have the symptoms that this one has.
He tends to leave the laptop plugged in, since it will suddenly shut off with no warning if the battery runs too low.  So that shouldn't be it.
My initial thought was, "Ah, perhaps he needs a new power supply..." and then I remembered it's a laptop. I don't know much about laptop anatomy, so I don't know whether they have a power supply that can go bad like that.
I looked the event viewer. In Administrative Events, in the several days leading up to the problem, he got two Time-Service warnings (Event ID 134) a day. I'm guessing that he di... Read more

A:Could it just be overheating?

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
 Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

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I kept getting the black screen of death on my T-series emachine running Windows XP. After many hours, I opened up the side of the case and put a fan next to it. I have had no problem for well over an hour. My question is: there are three fans I see; how can I decide which one(s) to replace?


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So I factory reset my laptop about a week ago and since then it has been over heating on anything with graphics from games to even webpages. Prior to factory reset I never had a issue even would run 3 instances of games like everquest on the laptop and never once over heat. I am attaching my dxdiag file. I dont know why its overheating I also bought a laptop cooling pad which has not helped at all.


Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

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I currently have an i3 dual core processor, and it is running at 90+ degrees Celsius, yes Celsius. It is connected to a cpu fan and a heat sink, but is still at 90+ degrees Celsius. I have tried reinstalling the fan, heat sink, and cpu, but none worked. I could use some help

A:Need help with my cpu overheating

There is insufficient information in your post to assist you
1. Which i3
2. What computer motherboard and full make and model of computer if branded
3. Where is the temp reading from please
4. Are air flow vents in case clear as of course cpu fan must have cool air to draw in
5. Send paste of the results of this please

i3 for instance
Core i3-3220 28 to 35°C (Idle) 50 to 60°C (Normal) 65°C MAX
other i3 go to 72Max
if yours really was 90+ it would most likely have gone to low speed - throttled to protect itself and if it reached 95 + it would have shut down

6. Is it overclocked

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My stock gpu's (nvidia geforce 230) fan broke and I do not want to upgrade it because I plan on building a computer within a year. I bought the vantec iceberq fan as a replacement, however instead of being a simple fix, my gpu now runs at around 78 degrees idle, and 70 with the fan set to max. If I put any game on, temperatures reach about 105 degrees within a couple minutes and the gpu shuts off. Opening the side of my case makes no difference in temperature and I'm at a loss for a cheap solution.

Zero dust anywhere (also, its a brand new fan), fan spins properly and at a good speed, cleaned and reapplied the thermal paste included in the kit and the fan sits directly on top of the gpu chip (metal part seen in picture is removed, gpu chip is under the horizontal lines).

Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thank you.

A:GPU Overheating

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I've just cleaned up and reapplied thermal paste to CPU and heatsink but according to Speedfan the CPU is idling at 72 degrees and shoots up to 105 very quickly under load, any ideas as to cause?
I've cleaned the heatsink etc and the fan is running at 3800 rpm, is it time to replace the processor?

A:CPU overheating

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So originally the computer I purchased was the HP Pavilion P7-1010 Desktop computer.
(Computer specs)


And then I upgraded the power supply to the Corsair Enthusiast 550 W and then my Graphic card to AMD Radeon HD 6850

I've had this installed for a while now and I've played Crysis and games on it for hours on end and everything seems fine. Like the computer doesn't turn off or anything like that. But lately I've been playing Far Cry 3... and the game runs smoothly and I managed to play it for 5 hours, however after a while one of the fans got loud...so I just turned it off. I try to take a break. Play for 1 hour and then wait it out cause I don't want it to over heat.

But on idle the temperatures seem fine... (These are the temperatures literally a ferw mins after I turn the game off.)
But if I decide to turn on Far Cry 3... literally in 5 mins the temperatures rise to this:
Essentially what I wanna know is.. Why is it still playable and I don't see the computer turning off... The game runs beautifully on my computer with 40-60 FPS+ on Ultra High graphics. But yet when I alt tab to check the temperatures... its crazy hot. Which scares me so I end up turning it off. Any helps or tips? :/ Should I take a pic of the inside of my computer so y'all can see?

A:Why is it overheating?

The fans speed up to remove more heat and prevent it from shutting down, they are working as designed.

Your temps are not crazy hot, they are not that hot at all according to your screenshots. The CPU's max operating temp is 71 degrees, I can't find the GPU's max temp but generally their max is in the 90's or even above 100.

An easy check and way to lower temps though is to make sure it's dust free.

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I have 1GB Ram
AMD Athlon xp 2700+
Radeon x800 pro 256

Since I installed the radeon and started playing some graphically intensive games, like F.E.A.R the pc has started shutting down due to the cpu overheating.

I have a feeling that the graphics card is making the cpu work too hard. Could this be the case? Or could it be something else?

I was intending on upgrading my cpu anyway, can anyone give me any suggestions for what I should get?


A:CPU overheating.

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I recently replaced my power supply and now my cpu keeps overheating and shutting down.

A little history:
Built it in 2002 with a K7T Turbo2 motherboard and AMD Duron 1300 MHz. A little while back the temperature warning started popping up saying temperature was getting high, but the temp held pretty steady. And the warning would go away. I noticed the fan was not spinning at a constant rate and had a bit of a skip to it. I replaced the fan and had no problems for a little while. Then the temperature warning would come on occasionally, usually overnight when I wasn't using the machine. I cleaned the case out and tried to give the tower space for better airflow. The other day I had a BSD waiting for me when I got home. After rebooting and running for a day or so, the computer crashed. When rebooted it went to a very strange screen... hard to explain...not a BSD and no clear error message...lots of text, but not much sense to it. I figured my power supply was bad. Replaced the 250W with 350W. My old power supply did not have the 4 pin power plug for the mobo (ATX), but the new one does. I plugged it in (and all the other power connections) and booted up. The fan didn't come on at first, but after unplugging and replugging its Molex, it came on. The fan now spins at a constant rate. However, after a little while my computer crashed. Now whenever I boot it up, the temperature warning comes on and the temp steadily increases to 200F before crashing (about 5 minutes). I... Read more

A:CPU overheating

where is the power wire for the CPU fan going?? To a motherboard header? or a molex connecter??
You need to get the CPU fan running 100% 100% of the time.

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I have a computer that is overheating. I downloaded Core Temp 1.0 and it is showing my computer at about 100 - 110 C in temperature. I saw somewhere about undervolting the processor. I do know that you can download RMClock all day long to "undervolt", but it doesn't work (At least not unless you want to pay). Is there anything else out there to reduce the temp of my CPU? I was told by my boss at work that it was probably overclocking, but I saw nowhere to change the clocking speed.

I would like to take this time to say that AMD is awful and so is HP.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:CPU Overheating

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i know i'm supposed to listen for a beep if my computer is gonna overheat, but is the beep supposed to come from the speakers or the tower?

i was playing fear and i got two beeps from the tower about 3mins apart from each other does that mean it was starting to overheat?

if it makes a difference i'm running amd 64bit 3000+/nvidia 128 gt/2gbs of ram/windows xp pro

oh and i also have the standard fans/heat sink taht goes onto the videocard/cpu but none on my ram and no case fan


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I have a friend who has been getting an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error for a year or so...typically when his computer has been on for long times and such. He finally came to me for help...and his CPU was idling at 58 degrees Celcius with only AIM running. It crashes every now and again, semingly for no reason, and after a crash it'll be at 70 degrees celcius or so.

He's had it for three to three and a half years...could it be he needs new thermal grease? A new fan/heatsink? I know next to nothing about this, so if somebody could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please recommend any products if that happens to be the problem...I know heis processor is an AMD Athlon 2400 and that he has a Socket A motherboard...that's about it. And is running Windows XP/

A:CPU Overheating...

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my cpu keeps overheating and then turns off,
i am thinking about tomorrow sending it back as it is only 4 months old.

i dont know why it overheats, i could be just using it normally, with ie open and msn and media player and it will turnoff.
or i could be playing counter strike and it would turn off.

does anyone know of any common problems why they overheat?

i have enoughf resources, like

480wat p/s
1 gig ram
256mg gfx
280gig hdd.
4 case fans
full tower case

or could it be thats whats making my cpu going outa control?

well if i cant find a solution tomorrow i will try and send it back.


A:overheating CPU

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Hi there recently built a pc,sempron 2800 on a compatible motherboard with correct ram, the problem i have is when i plug a usb device into the pc mainly a broadband modem, what happens is the mouse freezes up and the back panel of pc heats up quickly, the cpu power supply etc are at there normal tempreature, Anyone got any ideas

A:pc overheating


What MoBo?
Does this cable modem have nic too?
Does it do this with all usb devices?
Do you have any front panel usb ports?

Try a different usb cable to start with.
Check to see if any additional usb connectors are
plugged in correctly to the MoBo.
Check bios for all settings on usb.
Possibly clear cmos.


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