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trouble downloading spybot

Q: trouble downloading spybot

Hello, My internet explorer web page is reset everytime I turn on my computer. I have tried without success to download spybot. I have also tried downloading a "mini" program which would help me to download spybot, but I have had no success.

Is there anything I can do to download spybot?

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: trouble downloading spybot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: trouble downloading spybot

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Where is the best and safest place on the net I can download Spybot S & D?

A:Downloading Spybot S& D

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I chose to download spybot from the spybot site thru Shinobi Resources and also thru Lurkhere, and it appears that the page is downloading, but when 'done', all I get is a blank page. What do I do next ?

A:(Solved) downloading spybot

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2 Issues in this post

Had to replace the hardrive in my wife's computer so need to download AdAware Personal SE and Spybot Search & Destroy. I did a search to find links for each program but am skeptical about the sites. For example: I clicked on a link for Spybot Search and Destroy but a page opened up in Spyware Doctor for the download so I was skeptical about performing the download. The same occurred with Adaware Personal SE and different Adware sites appeared.

#2 I did select one that appeared to be AdAware Personal and downloaded it to a folder however, when I attempted to execute the file I received the following message:
C:downloads/aawsepersonal.exe is not a valid win32 application
The file would not install.

Can anyone provide me with valid links for each of the programs and also answer what the "not valid win32 application" means? Thanks

A:Need Help Downloading AdAware Personel SE & Spybot

link to spybot


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My computer has been so slow that I cant even open web pages at times.  I went to the tutorial for speeding up computers and spybot search and destroy was recommended.  I googled it and clicked on the link to download and ended up with 138 viruses that I removed with Malware Bytes.  I ended up clicking on a malware link that represented itself as spybot s&d.  Does anyone have a good link for this?  Im afraid to search for this myself after this incident.  Thanks!

A:I tried downloading what I thought was Spybot S&D and I got 138 viruses

Hi -
MBAM and your Antivirus (please list it) will generally out-perform Spybot S&D at the moment.
The program has been "down rated" for the last year or 2 now.
It still exists in the older versions of the help sections -
HERE is a safe download of the latest version from File Hippo if you do want it -
Thank You -

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The first time I used Spybot, right after download, it worked fine but since then every time I open the software it causes my computer to act strange. I went to the Spybot forum and I see a lot of posts saying that they are having trouble with some of the newer versions of Spybot.

Is there a version that you think it would be safe for me to use? Also, should I use HiJack This instead of Spybot? I was able to get the following scan log when it worked the first time. Would it be safe for me to let Spybot fix what it found?

Thanks for any help and I hope I am posting in the right forum.

MiniBug: [SBI $35005FC0] Settings (Registry key, nothing done)

Alexa Related: [SBI $9263101F] Link (Replace file, nothing done)

DSSAgent: [SBI $BF58EA32] Global settings (Registry key, nothing done)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Broderbund software\dss

DSSAgent: [SBI $F77E546B] Executable (File, nothing done)

HitBox: [SBI $4CDCC3D5] Tracking cookie (Internet Explorer: default) (Cookie, nothing done)
WebTrends live: [SBI $4CDCC3D5] Tracking cookie (Internet Explorer: default) (Cookie, nothing done)
AdRevolver: [SBI $4CDCC3D5] Tracking cookie (Internet Explorer: default) (Cookie, nothing done)
Zedo: [SBI $4CDCC3D5] Tracking cookie (Internet Explorer: default) (Cookie, nothing done)
MediaPlex: [SBI $4CDCC3D5] Tracking cookie (Internet Explorer: default) (Cookie, nothi... Read more

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Anyone else having probs downloading the lastest Spybot Detection Rules? Each time I try, Spybot just reports bad checksum.
Just checking to see if it's just me with the prob or not...

A:Prob downloading Spybot detection rules

Well, never mind... On the fifth try it worked.

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I have some kind of malware that is redirecting me to ad sites and has placed a google desktop icon on the lower right hand section of my screen. I first tried running mbam and it is blocked. I also tried spybot and it is blocked as well. I have McAfee Total Protection which I ran in safe mode with networking. It came up with nothing. So I have downloaded rkill now but I still can't open mbam to do a malware scan. I still can't open spybot. Is there another way to bring up mbam? Do I need to download rkill again since I have rebooted?

A:Can't open mbam or spybot after downloading rkill

Ok, so for starters, have you actually run rkill? If not, I would go ahead and do that as it should stop the virus from stopping you from running mbam. If you still can't run mbam, I would try running it in safe mode. I would do a full scan inside of safe mode, that way it can atleast detect and remove some of the virus' files required for running.

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I installed and ran spybot this afternoon, and now I am in BIG trouble because my DH's favorite game won't work and he is mad as heck at me. His game is counterstrike I think. I get an error message that some kernals 64 thing is missing and a couple others. I told him not to until I could consult here but he went and Undeleted everything in the norton protected recycle bin ( including the spyware I deleted already) anyway I'm screwed here and I don't know where to start. I tried using the recover feature on spybot and it did exactly nothing. Can someone help me figure out what to do so DH will stop yelling at me over his stupid malfunctioning game?

A:spybot trouble

Are you sure about the game?.. I haven't heard of any other people having this problem..
Many have SB and play Counterstrike..

If it's some "free ware" game, then chances are high it had spyware in it, and should have been removed any way...

Did DH, update his game today as well?..
The only thing you did was SpyBot?... Nothing else?..
I just hesitate to blame SB, as many people have it, and few if any say it "killed" their game.

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Just curious, has anyone else had trouble with Spybot S&D 1.6 beta 2? I figured since it is a beta, I would ask.

A:Trouble with Spybot S&D 1.6 beta 2

No trouble here, what trouble do you have ?

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I installed Spybot on a computer with Windows XP Home edition but when I click on the box "Check for problems" a box comes up with the message "You need to install the detection updates first by using the integrated update or the manual updater."
When I click the Update icon/Search for updates I get the error "Error retrieving the update info file! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found" even though I am logged onto the internet.
What gives?

A:Solved: Trouble with Spybot

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I have a problem with getting signature updates for spybot S&D 1.2. I get the list of updates OK but when I click on "download update" nothing happens. I uninstalled and re downloaded and reinstalled spybot but nothing but no dice. I did download an update once after severeal tries. Do I have a problem or is the site just busy?

A:Trouble with getting spybot updates

Sometimes the Default Download Location will produce an Error. If that happens, look in the right panel. There you will find a small arrow next to the name of the current Download site. Click on it for a list of alternate sites. One of those should be able to retrieve the files you have selected.

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I try to be a good doobie and keep both Adaware and Spybot updated regularly, though about 75% of the time when I attempt to update Spybot it stops responding and I have to End Task. Anyone else have this problem, and / or a solution? Thank you!

A:trouble updating spybot

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So I've used spybot for years and always been happy with it. But as of lately, I've noticed that the updater hardly ever works correctly. It will start the update and then just leave the update window up, presumably doing its thing, but it will never finish. When it does finish, it usually gives a "bad checksum" status and the updates aren't installed. What is this all about? I've experienced this problem on multiple computers, most of which I know to be problem-free otherwise. Is there something I can do to fix the program, or is there another update method?

A:Spybot S & D: Trouble Program?

Hi David Did you try one of the other update-servers yet ? Should do the trick if your default updateserver has problems :Here select another one:Good luck

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I'm not sure if I got the exact name of the virus correct but this was part of my problem.

I took down my firewall briefly to make a couple transfers. Well I did get the spybot worm and a pinfi virus. This make be get quite a few pops ups and a bit of spyware. I used google and managed to clean them, or atleast I'm not getting those pop ups again. The problem there after is I recieved another virus, the Trojan.Cachecachekit virus. This one is said to help the spybot one. I'm still getting a couple pop ups but I dunno what to do anymore. This is what I have done.

Restarted in Safe mode
turned off system restore
norton anti virus scan (found 0 viruses)
regedit (following instructions from symatec)

still I see no spyware/virus but I can do some of the following:
Open up javascripts (anything that opens something in a new window)
get to my task manager (icon display but that's all)
certain programs don't work fully (hijack this is one of them, I can get a log made)
There are the following trusted site I can not delete

Anyone got ideas besides formating?

A:w32.spybot.worm trouble

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Is it possible to download MS 365 onto a PC?  Access, Outlook, Notes and Publisher downloaded from the package but I have to go on-line to access Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

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have a friend of mine that recently brought me is laptop
to look at, and i cant put my finger on whats going on

it wont download anything, it will seem as though it is for instance

i went to download firefox for him
and i set to save to desktop when prompted however when its finished
downloading its not there, the download screen just disapears
upon completion even though box isnt checked,

so i tried just to run it and it gets to point where window pops up
to install and click instal and window vanishes and nothing happens

ive check temp folders and cleared them ive tried system restore
set all internet options to default closed all virus programs,
no firewall up and still nothing
and it does this on everything thats downloaded or rather attempted

its funny because there is no errors that come up it just acts as though
nothing happened , created a folder for downloads and assigned everything to download to it and following downloads nothings there..

im wondering if the windows defender is a culprit here but i deleted it and still nothing, but maybe still remnants in registry or something

i hope that made sense and if any1 has any ideas please help

i ran online panda scan and nothing shows , aside from that i checked
logs and comp seems to be clean

A:trouble downloading anything

Can you take the file/program from a cd/floppy and successfully install?

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Whenever I'm downloading something if I were to try to do anything else involving the internet, the download will finish but I get an incomplete file. Whenever I leave everything alone, it downloads just fine. Can anybody tell me how to fix this?

A:Having trouble with downloading

Which browser do you use?

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I have a windows 7 operating system

and I use Mozilla firefox

I am trying to download a whole page of lectures
unto my computer
they are media audio files

so that I can after wards download it on my Zune

so thatI could listen to it on my Zune

right now I can only download lecture by lecture individually
this is one of the links that I am trying to download


please advise on how I can download the whole page at once

it should do it lecture by lecture

please advise



A:Trouble downloading

you have a post here http://forums.techguy.org/windows-7/1049449-how-download.html - with an answer
please do not duplicate posts here

closing this one

continue here

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My computer recently crashed and I reinstalled the operating system to fix it. Unfortuneatly though, when I tried to download AIM the "download box" immediately dissapeared; making me unable to download it. I tried downloading other things, such as Flash, but everytime the download box opens, it closes alomst a nano second after it opens. Then same thing happens whenever I try to download things from my email too!

Is there some way to fix this problem?

I have Windows Xp and Internet 6

A:Downloading Trouble

Certainly. Make sure all drivers are installed. And try getting Microsoft updates then downloading and installing other software.

The worst case scenerio would be : you had a bad stick of ram and windows installation was corrupt. However I think you will be able to solve this problem with windows updates.

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It goes through everything, then a box pops up the says:

Setup was unable to initialize. Please look at the logs in C:\Windows for more

I have Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3. Any help would be appreciated - I don't want to go to IE 8 & have to go to IE 7 for my bank's
new security processes.


A:Trouble downloading IE7

Use your Windows Search to find Log Files. Since there's a lot there, zero in on the date of the event and see what the file relating to your problem says. It will be in plain text so you'll have no trouble reading it.

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I have tried twice to download win 10 each taking 6 hours, It gets to the end and then disapears. I have a pav g6.2240 laptop  running win 8.1 help please I am a silver surfer so in plain language i can understand please.

A:trouble downloading win 10

Boxergirl I don't know HOW you are downloading Win10, but the best way to do it is using the Media Creation Tool:  Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool - Windows Help With this tool, you have the option of (1) creating Win10 installation media (USB or DVD), (2) downloading an ISO file, (3) updating the PC directly.  What I recommend is getting an 8GB USB stick and using option (1) to create installation media, then inserting that media and running the Upgrade. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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I am trying to down load [email protected] and when ever I do, it say "Error writing temporary file. Make sure your temp folder is valid". The icon is on my computer, but I keep getting that message whenever I click it and I can't listen to the radio. What does that mean and what do I need to do in order to get the radio to work? I have Windows 97 or 98 and I have downloaded this and other items before, but now I can't. Thank you.

A:Trouble with downloading

Try http://ns-radio.netscape.com/radio/radioclient/radioweb/html/download.html

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I have been using Mozilla and want to go back to IE. I downloaded IE7 but I got a message saying that it was unable to install the latest Windows IE updates. I restarted the computer but it doest help. what do I do? How do I open IE7 when there is no shortcut to open it?

A:Trouble Downloading IE7

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Look over thie Preinstallation advice


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ever since i downloaded Mozilla Firefox it was cool i guess but i had trouble downloading files and i got a error msg that i never got with IE so when i tried to download the same link with IE i got the same error msg so i decided to remove Firefox to see if it fixed it and when i tried i still got the msg that i never got before downlaoding Firefox here is a pic of the error

any help would be cool

A:Downloading Trouble!!!

It sounds like you have a "download manger" installed and that it's, giving you grief. Do you have say ""Real Download" or something similar installed?

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I don't know whether this is an XP or an IE thing...

I inhereted this laptop at my company. I have full admin rights to it, btw.

This is kind of tough to explain. When I go to download certain types of programs - not files with a direct link to the file, but something that's supposed to run an installer on my machine - I don't get a prompt to download the software and the files don't start to download.

For example, go to http://download.sidestep.com/get/k00...&param=onlyGet

If you click I Agree, it should start to download a file. Except on my machine, it won't. I've had this same problem at other sites and it's becoming a major issue - I can't DL the webconferencing software we use, either.

I've gone into IE tools/Security/Custom Level and made sure that everything in ActiveX will download (or at least prompt me), but I don't get the pop-up box to download these types of programs. I've dropped my security levels to the bare minimums, but that didn't help either.

For what it's worth, the Sidestep site listed above gives me this error message:
This is taking too long.
A few possible reasons why your download is failing:
You are using pop-up ad prevention software that prevents our registration windows from opening.

You are blocking JavaScript and/or ActiveX with your browser configuration, firewall, or anti-virus software.

You are in an office and your company has blocked your computer from downloading programs that m... Read more

A:XP/IE Downloading Trouble

Can anyone help?

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I have purchased Greeting card factory deluxe 9 and it will not complete the download, it just sits there. HELP!

A:trouble downloading

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I have been having trouble downloading things,, I have tried to download
smilie central, and it wont download, I have tried downloading the new
version of sun java and it wont download,, is it possible that something got
clicked somewhere that stops me from doing any downloads?

A:downloading trouble

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My downloads timeout, or they say completed and when I open them its only about a quarter of the file I downloaded. Is there a manager or something I can download to continue unfinished downloads or to stop from only getting partial downloads.

Any help welcome.


A:Downloading Trouble

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hi. i have a sony vaio laptop and it does not let me download anything. i tried to download itunes and other programs and it would not let me. when i first got it i could download anything but now i can't. i can not even open any attachments. what should i do?

A:trouble downloading anything

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i literally have trouble downloading i have used every antivirus i could find it has not removed anything i dont know what do do

A:i am having trouble downloading

You may be infected with Poweliks or Xswkit (aka Gootkit, a Poweliks clone) which typically affects the ability to browse or download files using Internet Explorer and causes PowerShell error alerts. Task Manager typically shows numerous occurrences of (COM Surrogate) dllhost.exe or dllhst3g.exe. If using a 64-bit version of Windows, then these entries will be listed as dllhost.exe *32 or dllhst3g.exe *32. These processes are known to spawn and consume a large amount of system resources. When attempting to download files in Internet Explorer you may receive the message "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." or you may see a pop-up alert advising that "powershell (powershell.exe) has stopped working".If you are having trouble downloading files with Internet Explorer, follow these instructions to re-enable downloads/reset all Security zones to default.

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I'm just going to copy and paste what I have posted everywhere:


I recently installed WinXP. I had WinME before this, very few problems.
I formatted, installed WinXP, and everything is fine, except one thing. I
cannot downloading anything. for instance, I go to http://www.aim.com , and
I try to DL AOL Instant Messenger. The dialog may or may not pop up, and
when it does, I select a folder to download to, and the Time Remaining stays
blank, Transfer Rate is blank, and the Progress Bar does not move. The file
doesn't download. One of my friends told me something about having an NTFS
system instead of FAT32. I dont know if this will fix it, but if there is
something easier, I'll take that instead. I have RoadRunner Cable, I Obtain
IP and DNS addresses automatically, and am through a router. I have released
and renewed my IPs twice. I did not have this problem before WinXP came
along. I'm not a computer newbie, so I have tried all the menial things,
like Virus Scanners, Cookies, IE options, etc.. I would greatly appreciate
help please!


I also took a screenshot of what happens:



Update: I have reformatted my computer, this time with NTFS (just because). There is no change in my problem. I need all the help I can get, because I'm not going back to WinME! Please help! E-mail me also if you can, [email protected] Read more

A:Trouble Downloading

Hmmmm... what happens when you try this link?

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I have tried to download service package 2 several times and it gets about halfway done and then stops with a prompt that says "access denied". If you have any ideas, I sure would appreciate it. I seem to be unable to download some programs because they seem to require the sp2.

A:trouble downloading sp2

try downloading the redistributable package from the following source, this will allow the entire install to go ahead without your computer going online


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have tried several times to download avg 9 ... i keep getting this message and do not know how to fix .........

Error: Action failed for registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows: creating registry key....
Access is denied.

any help would be greatly appreciated ,,,,,,,,, thank you

A:trouble downloading avg 9

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Hi all.

I couldn't find any threads that cover my exact issue and I assume that this is the correct section of the board to post in... anyway, my issue is as follows:

IE8 won't allow me to download any programs. The download box pops up as normal and the progress bar goes to 100% but then it just closes and the download is nowhere to be seen. The search function won't find it either; the program is not on my computer.

The only bits of advice I've found online is to download Firefox (which would be great if it wasn't for the initial downloading problem) and also altering permissions in the Component Services bit (dcomcnfg), which did nothing.

I've also turned off Windows Firewall and am using Kaspersky 2011 with all permissions set so that it doesn't delete stuff automatically.

I also had an issue with uTorrent that I believe to be related: Whenever I clicked on a link to download a torrent, uTorrent wouldn't pick up on the fact that I was attempting to add a torrent to the download list. I was able to add a new torrent by inputting the URL but they would invariably fail.

(Foolishly, I had a bit of a tantrum and uninstalled uTorrent so as to install BitComet but then realised that I couldn't download that anyway. I blame quitting smoking.)

Any ideas?

A:Downloading Trouble

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Let's try to do some online scanning etc operations since presently you can't download.
MS Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety

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I sometimes download programs that have icons that look like this:
 unknown_icon_download.bmp   3.06KB
  16 downloads how can you download them on Xp it just says choose IE or select from list.

A:Trouble Downloading?


The icon you see traditionally means that there is no application set to open the file in question. or that the file in question is corrupt. For example, downloading a microsoft word document and not having microsoft word instaled on the system. Could you say what the file is that you are downloading?

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I am having trouble downloading anything from any website whether it's through IE, Netscape or AT&T browser. When I go to any website to download, computer acts like it's downloading, but the end result is a large solid window, except for a small white square in the upper left hand corner of this large white window. Within that small white square there's a even smaller red square in it's left hand corner. Then below that is a blue triangle. Then to the right of those two small objects, there's a small black circle. I have searched and searched the internet for any explanations, but to no aval. Even AT&T couldn't explain it either when they tried to use their remote assistance to help me with downloading their software. I have taken a picture of this weird looking icon with my cell phone. If anyone out there would give me their cell phone # I'll send the picture to you. I have dug deep into IE's internet options, but don't see anything that should be blocking me from downloading. All options are checked that allows downloading. Please help!

A:Having trouble downloading anything!

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Hello there,

Lets start with I make a living being an Network Admin. Yet I can not fix this machine. I had trouble installing HJT i renamed and install is all good. Same with spybot, avg. I can not access the net using anything other then IE If i try to update Spybot AVG or anything else using the net it gets an error. Any help is greatly appreciated. XP home SP3

A:Only IE gets internet trouble installing HJT, AVG, Spybot

Ok so I hear curiosity killed the cat...... I have downloaded all utils that I think I will need including CF. I will attempt to run the utils later today and let you know how i make out

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I've been trying to download Java for my computer for about a week or so, since Cybertech told me that I needed to uninstall my outdated version and upgrade to the new one. However, every time I try to install it, I get an error message about the file not being valid. I've checked the properties and apparently it's an empty file.

I use Firefox as my internet browser, and I've turned off my extensions, because I thought that the No-Script or something was messing up the download....still didn't download it. So then I turned off Spy-bot, AVG, Ad-Aware; but I STILL couldn't get a file that actually contained anything. What is going on? Why can't I download this file? Thanks in advance for the help!!

A:Trouble downloading Java

TRY HERE while waiting for TSG feedback


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Hi everybody.

My wife is a medical transcriptionist and has to download wav. files from a FTP site every day. Recently we switched to Cox cable internet and she started having problems downloading files. The files can range in size and generally when the files are 30mb or greater, the download never completes now.

My question is would this problem be on our end as a result of a firewall or router or something like that, or would it be an issue with the file, the FTP website, or the new ISP? We also just started using Vonage too.

Thank you for any help.


A:trouble downloading files

An error shows up when she can't complete the downlaod that says "Connection reset by peer: socket right error." Does this mean that it is taking too long to download and the FTP site disconnects her?

Any ideas?

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I want to install a POI loader for my GPS on my computer. When I try to select a folder where data files can be found, a message reads "There are no data files in that folder. Please specify a folder that contains at least 1 file with a (.csv) or (.gpx) extension." This is my first time ever downloading any GPS software, so I don't believe I would have any files with those extensions. What should I do?


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Hey guyz, i have trouble downloading things. Sometiems it works, sometimes it doesnt, its gonna download and it stops at 99%.... i turned off every firewall but its still doing it, even in IRC, when i try to download something, it stops at 99%... then if i resume the download, its gonna finish downloading but the file is always corrupt and not working. What's the problem? I'm almost sure its not a virus, it's some high security thing but i dont know what, i got nvidia Forceware but i turned it off... even the windows firewall with SP2. Can anyone help me? It's really annoying, thanks!

A:Trouble Downloading Stuff

Try to download in safemode with networking. maybe its a program causing the problem.

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It all started when I tried to run a scan for viruses from Trend Micro Internet Security Pro (2010). The loading screen came up for like a quick second but then it disappeared! Im guessing its a virus, so i came to this site looking for help, but i read around and found out that i have to download hijackthis. so i downloaded it but when it goes to setup it never finishes. the status bar is stuck gray. no green at all. is the virus blocking my antivirus doing this too it too? please help i dont know what to do

A:Trouble downloading HiJackThis!

In response to your Report:

If you have solved your issue you can post back the solution and mark the thread as solved using the Mark Solved button above your thread; this lets other people know the solution and lets the helpers know that you no longer need assistance.

Also be be advise that the Malware Removal section is very busy due to the high number of infections and it can take 24 hours or more to get a response and if your thread has been lost you can also bump it up by posting to it again. Patience is required as their is only a limited number of quality helpers giving their time for free. Also if you still need help with TIS 2010 or having your HJT log read and checked for infections you can post it.

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Whevenever I attempt to download the Internet Explorer Beta 1 I get an error. While it's downloading, in the middle of the download it will say it's complete. I click "run" and then it says that the file isn't compatable with Win32, any help?


A:Trouble Downloading IE8 Beta

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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I am using a Compaq Pressario 5900Z (600 mz) w/ 256 ram and W98.
Recently the computer has stopped recognizing jpg or jpeg files, instead it records said files as a bmp image which I find extremely hard or impossible to transfer to a web page or document.
I need help!

A:Trouble downloading pictures

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downloading using the run doesnt work
downloading using save works but need to do it a few times
I think i made a boob and deleted something i shouldnt


A:hijackthis trouble downloading

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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