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Help: Black screen with flashing line at top left corner

Q: Help: Black screen with flashing line at top left corner

I have seen this problem once before [posted in a different forum on this site] but it was a problem someone had on a laptop and it was for Windows XP.

I am using a desktop PC [Windows 7- HP] in a nutshell.

Anywho...The Problem.
I was minding my own business, listening to music and editing on a photoshop program, when suddenly my computer shut off on me. So, thinking that I might have accidentally pressed the power button with my leg, I restart it. Only to get a black screen with a little white flashing line at the top left corner of my screen.

I've heard people say to try to load it in Safe Mode. But I honestly don't know how to do that with Window's 7. I'm at a bit of a loss really. I've tried numerous things. I'm close to giving up...and so I'd really really REALLY appreciate any help given. I have a lot of files and etc...on this thing, and I really don't want to hear that there's nothing that can be done to retrieve them! :(

Preferred Solution: Help: Black screen with flashing line at top left corner

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help: Black screen with flashing line at top left corner

Press F8 at boot time to get the mneu and choose safe mode.

Try connecting it up to a different monitor and see if the results are the same.

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got hijacked last night and run spybot and full virus scan and when finished i restarted the computer and got a black screen with the flasing cursor in the left top.. Tried to start in safe mode (f8) and it willnt go to safe mode just the same screen...any suggestion???

A:black screen with cursor flashing left corner

Hi -

Use Vista DVD or the HDD recovery partition to boot into Recovery Environment.

1st try "System Repair". If no-go, then try "Windows System Restore"

Regards. . .



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My Acer has a black screen flashing mark upper left corner just after the opening screen, it just happened ,can I get some help thx ....

A:black screen flashing mark upper left corner

First backup any files you want off of the computer with an Ubuntu Live CD saving to an external USB HDD/Flash Drive.
If you have a Windows 7 DVD or Restore CD put that in the computer and choose your language and then Restore Your Computer.
If you do not have a disc, then you probably have a restore partition. Restart the computer on the logo screen when you see the message Press (Key) to Enter E-Recovery do so, this will restore your computer to Factory Defaults. Be sure to backup first.

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I am running windows 10, from windows 8. Free download.
I was usinf Skype, and the sound went off. I tried to restart my desktop, and after upgrade and restart, screen just black with blinking line.
What to do to repair windows 10?
Please advice.
Best regards, John From Denmark

A:black screen with blinking line in upper left corner

Hi, suggests it's not seeing your disk at all - nothing to boot from.

Check your connections, check your disk - e.g. using a live boot disk or connect it to another PC.

If you can manage to read it again, run chkdsk on it.

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When I turn on my computer all I get is a black screen with the flashing cursor up in the left corner of the screen. Any ideas as to how to correct this? I have a Dell from he'll computer-- inspiron E1505 about 8 years old and just had windows 7 home edition installed on it

A:Black screen with flashing cursor in upper left corner of screen

Hey I just went through something very similar. I found that my SATA cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard had failed. I replaced it with a new SATA cable, and it booted right up. Try the cable first if you have one lying around, plus its a cheap solution. If you replace the cable and it still won't boot up, it might be your hard drive. Seeing as how your machine is that old, it could fail at any time.

Do you get anything on the screen when you turn it on?

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I regularly use my Laptop Lenovo Y560i from last 2 years but today when i tried to start it shows a logo of lenovo and then goes black with white line blinking on the top of the left corner i kept it turn on for more then 2 hours but nothing happens please someone suggest me what can i do?

A:My laptop's screen is gone black with a white line blinking on the top left corner

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Firstly: try to boot in Safe mode ( Press F8 during startup and select safemode) Does it boot normaly now?

Also: when pressing F8 during startup you could also get the option to "Repair your computer". Click that and go to startup repair.

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Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere.

I have a Dell GX Piece of $H!t and when I boot it up all I get is a flashing white line in the top left hand corner. I don't see a BIOS screen. Am happy to install linux on it - just need to get to the BIOS screen so I can boot up off a USB drive.

Any suggestions gratefully received!



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Computer starts, but then it flashes a white line top left corner of the screen. stays there. I've called hp, but they charge a fortune! I have a hp pavillion desktop a6750f. Please help. Thanks!

A:Flashing white line. top left corner. windows vista premium. changed my faulty memory

and welcome to the Forum

what did you do just prior to this happening?

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hi people i have a adven laptop but she i boot it up just goes onto a screen with a flashing dash line in corner of screen

A:flashing white dash line in corner of screen

Go into your BIOS and verify that the hard drive is listed as the first boot device. If it is, it sounds like your mbr is corrupt, or your hard drive is damagedI'm still learning Vista, not quite sure if fixmbr is the same or not. Give yhis a look:http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/microsoft...-mbr-vista.htmlhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392

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Hey guys I have a Song Vaio RBG-53 (I believe) with XP. I was using google images when I clicked on a picture and got a fake anti virus pop up. It wasn't the normal one I've seen quite a few times so I alt f4 closed it and immediately ran my AVG virus scan. That found nothing so I ran Malwarebytes which found 4 infected files. Two were in the registry and two were in my temporary internet files...I believe. Then I had it remove them and it said I needed to reboot to safely remove the files. I did that and when the computer started back up, it showed the initial Sony Vaio screen and then it goes straight into a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left corner. The fan in my computer will run pretty loudly for about a minute and then slow back downto normal. At this point I'm not able to do anything. None of the F keys do anything. I tried ctrl alt del and that has no effect either. I can't get into safe mode or recovery console or anything like that. I've been researching google for the last hour on this and all the fixes involve just going into safe mode or using a repair cd, which I do not have. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.

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Hello, my computer will freeze every 2 hours or so and I have to restart it by holding down on the power button.

Then when I restart it I get a black screen with white underscore in the top left corner. Or sometimes a screen that says no boot device available.

I can still start the computer by going to boot menu and choosing HD at the start of setup. But if I don't press f8 then my comp will not boot up.

I don't have a clue whats wrong with it. I had to reinstall vista but still the same problems. Please help.

A:Black Screen with white underscore in top left corner

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Hi, I have an Acer laptop - Aspire 5315-2470 and when my son turned it on it goes to the Acer screen and then goes to black screen with cursor in the left hand corner.

I have tried to reboot in safemode but all I get is beeping noises. I also read in the manual on how to restore the computer back to day one we bought it, by holding ALT and F10 upon turning on . All I get is the same beeping noises.

This computer is only 1 year old , so if someone can give me any advice on how to fix this I would be very happy.

Thanks In Advance...

A:Vista with black screen and cursor in left corner

Look at your BIOS settings. The Acer screen may tell you how to access the BIOS (boot) settings with a function key - probably F2. Press that F2 or whatever it tells you when the Acer screen comes up. When the BIOS screen displays, make sure the "boot from" setting is your hard disk. If not, change it.

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When I turn on Lenovo thinkpad desktop it comes to the Gateway screen then to a black screen with the cursor at top left corner. F8 is not working - whether pressing intermittently or holding down so I can't get to safe mode. F2 was working ( set up menu ). But it has now quit working. When holding down F2 or F8 it just starts beeping. Where do I go from here?

A:Black screen with white cursor at the top left corner.

What model Thinkpad?


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I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question. My daughter was using my MSI laptop and when she tried to start the computer all that came up was a black screen with the cursor in the upper left corner. She selected the restore option which came up because the other options would not do anything.

Is there any possible way to recover my files, pics, etc. or is it just gone now? I'm really upset because I had five years of photos of my grandchildren. =(

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

A:Black screen w/ only the cursor in the left hand corner

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i have hp omni 105 pc and when i switch on the computer ...... it shows a black screen with a sign at top left corner. the sign moves a little down and after some time computer starts up...........
is it a sign of any thing bad in my comp?

A:black screen with someting blinkin at top left corner

It's not booting to your Hard Drive. You can set the boot order in your BIOS. It is either F1, F2. Delete, F5, sometimes F10. HP usually uses F10, try that first.

Then set your boot order as follows:

CD/DVD first, Hard Drive second, then it does not matter after that.

Also, in your BIOS you will be able to see if your Hard Drive is being detected, if not, try unplugging the power and Data cables and plugging them back in, HP's are notorious for dropping the Hard Drive, you have to buy new SATA cables constantly. You may need to do this.

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This is my first time posting here. Please forgive my ignorance, as I'm super not tech-savvy at all.

I'm going to try to explain what's going on as best as I can to see if anyone can throw me a bone here.

I have a Dell Inspiron 531, about 4 years old, and it's worked just fine up until yesterday.

I plugged my Canon camera into the front USB port to grab some photos off of it, when my computer froze. I had to hold down the power button to get it to shut off.

I restarted, and found that after the Dell logo comes up, the screen goes black except for a white cursor that flashes in the upper right hand corner. This has been going on since last night.

The only two options it gives me appear during the Dell logo screen when I can hit either F12 for the boot menu or F2 for startup menu. Once the screen goes black and I see that cursor, key punching does nothing.

I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning but, at one point, I somehow found myself at a memory diagnostics menu and it ran and found no errors but then froze at 99%. I have no idea how I was able to do that, and I can't find it again.

Sorry if I left out any info. Anyone have an idea on what I can do to start troubleshooting?

A:Black screen with flashing cursor in upper corner after Dell logo

Have you tried unplugging everything from the computer except for mouse and keyboard?

You may attempt a Startup Repair

Are you able to boot into safe mode? Safe Mode

If you have another computer, you can burn Memtest to a disk and run memory diagnostics.
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

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Hello , my computer won't start up to windows . I do not have the cd to restore my computer . I have a compaq windows xp computer . I believe it has to do something with a program called norton ghost that I was running , it froze so I restarted the computer and I chose to start windows normally . The blank screen then came up with the blinking cursor on the top left corner . Is there any possible way I can fix this problem myself ?

A:Blank black screen with blinking cursor at top left corner

Norton Ghost is a Clone/Imaging software to clone your existing HDD to a different HDD. What exactly were you trying to do?

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. Disk Check Outside Windows (Windows XP) The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools, or DriveFitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I have this problem that when i boot my computer the acer logo appears and then it goes to a screen that have some text on it and then it continues to a black screen with a blinking dash pn the upper left corner. I dont actually know what the problem is and I am hoping that someone could help me.

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My computer is about a year old now, built by me and my dad. Recently it's been having some issues though-- for a while I think it was over heating, causing it to reboot. At least I hope it was just overheating. One time when I booted up my computer it told me overclocking failed, which was odd because I hadn't messed with any of the settings (all still defaults).

But heres the major issue: If you boot it up, after the BIOS it'll give you a black screen with a blinking underscore up in the left corner. If you're quick enough you can get it to go into safe mode, etc. You can also choose which drive to boot from--- I found that it only gives you the black screen with certain drives. But, I did notice that its very slow when you have the "loading" screen for windows-- it'll slowly fade in and start loading, then it goes to a normal speed.

IntelCore2CPU [email protected]
Nvidia 8800 GTS (640 MB)
4 GB RAM (although I can't use it all...)
Don't know much about my mobo except its a P5K

A:Black Screen + White Underscore in Upper Left Corner

I could be a memory issue. Try removing RAM one stick at a time and seeing if any of them are causing it. Then try them individually in each slot. It could be the motherboard if only one slot is faulty.

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when i turn my dell on it starts up and then the screen goes black and their is a blinking bar in the left corner. i have tried almost everything but nothing seems to work. I press f5 or f4 and it does nothing. if i continue to press buttons..every time i press a button it makes a loud beep noise. is there any way to fix my computer?

A:when i turn my dell on it starts up and then the screen goes black and their is a blinking bar in the left corner?

What is your operating system?

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Hi guys,

The other day I was using my old desktop and using firefox when suddenly firefox froze up while browsing and I was unable to ctrl+alt+del or click start or anything for that matter in order to close it down. I then turned off my computer manually by pressing the power button as I sometimes do when my computer freezes and turned it back on. Unfortunately, when I turned it back on the computer is stuck on the black screen with the blinking underscore in the top left hand corner.

I unfortunately am not good with computers and would like to avoid reformatting my computer, as this old desktop contains the largest amount of my media such as music and movies that I had been meaning to put onto an external hard drive. Furthermore, I do not have an XP installation disc and am unable to locate the system recovery discs that came with the PC (like I said, it's old, circa 2006, and they are most likely lost somewhere in the house or thrown out by now). Thank you for all the help and support in advance.

A:Windows XP black screen with blinking underscore in top left hand corner

if you haven't tried, as you switch on press the F8 key up and down repeatedly, if this works you will be at the safe mode menu - try last known good config. If still no go, try booting to BIOS - if this doesn't work I would say hard drive issue. Download the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic program, this has to be burned to a disk. Then put the disk in and let it boot the pc and run the test.

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So my laptop is an old one however I know it can be fixed. I closed the top when it was updating the computer. Will that cause it to not start up within hours. It comes on shows the Dell symbol then goes to a black screen with a bliking underscore in the top left corner. What should I do? Will I be able to savee any of my work on it?

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Not sure if anyone has this problem.When I lift up the laptop by the bottom left hand corner (on the left of the track pad), the screens blacks out and flickers.No way to recover except to power off.I tried to repeat by lifting it on the right side of the pad. No issue.Hardware problem?Any advise is greatly appreciated.

A:Holding X240 by bottom left hand corner causes screen to black out and flicker

Hi, I had this problem several times as well. First time it happened was I picked up my x240 (with lid open) from the corner to the left of the trackpad, and the screen flickered and crashed. The x240 crashed the same way when I was using the x240 on my lap, while resting my left elbow to the left of the trackpad, supporting my chin reading the a document on the screen. I think the crash happens when there's pressure to the area to the left of the trackpad. It would be great if anyone else could replicate the same problem, and hopefully somone can find a fix!

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I'm sorry for the lack of any technical terms used to describe this but I'm a complete novice with computers.

I was watching a video when some warning messages popped up saying something like harmful stuffs trying to access your computer, then it restarted. Now it starts up, goes to the motherboard thing, goes past that then hits a black screen with a little white line flashing in the top left corner.

I've tried to use F8 to enter the safe mode start up but when I press F8 it comes up with



I tried the SATA option twice, first time the white line vanished so it was just a black screen and then it restarted. Second time it just went back to the screen with the white flashing line.

Any help in sorting this out would be greatly appreciated.

A:Black Screen with Flashing White Line

Hello, I'll move this topic to the malware removal forum.Try this please. You will need a USB drive.Download GETxPUD.exe to the desktop of your clean computerRun GETxPUD.exeA new folder will appear on the desktop.Open the GETxPUD folder and click on the get&burn.batThe program will download xpud_0.9.2.iso, and upon finished will open BurnCDCC ready to burn the image.Click on Start and follow the prompts to burn the image to a CD.Remove the USB & CD and insert it in the sick computerBoot the Sick computer with the CD you just burnedThe computer must be set to boot from the CDGently tap F12 and choose to boot from the CDFollow the promptsA Welcome to xPUD screen will appearPress FileExpand mntsda1,2...usually corresponds to your HDDsdb1 is likely your USBClick on the folder that represents your USB drive (sdb1 ?)Press Tool at the topChoose Open TerminalType the following and press enter:

dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.bin bs=512 count=1

Press EnterAfter it has finished a file will be located on your USB drive named mbr.binRemove the USB drive and insert it back in your working computer and navigate to mbr.bin, zip it up and attach it to your next reply.This will allow me to have a look at the MasterBootRecord of your drive and see if it is infected.

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Good evening:

I'm hoping some can offer some advice on this rather troublesome problem.

I have a Dell laptop that was recently formatted, XP Home was re-installed from the original Dell ReInstallation CDs.

Everything has been working perfectly for the past month. However, this past weekend, we're now unable to boot into Windows.

When powering the machine on, the Dell logo appears as normal. When the Dell logo disappears, instead of the Windows splash screen appearing, a flashing cursor appears in the upper left hand corner. Nothing else. After letting the machine sit for approximately 30-minutes, an error message never appears.

I've already attempted a few things...

Removed the drive, attached it to a working computer via USB adapter. There, I performed a scan disk. No error messages appear.
Placed the hard drive back into the Dell laptop. Inserted the Windows XP ReInstallation CD to access the recovery console. FIXMBR completed successfully, however the problem continues.
Verified that the system BIOS recognizes the drive and correct drive size/parameters...

I really don't know what to do. Apparently the repair install function is not available with the Dell OS ReInstallation CD... Can someone throw a hint or two? I'm almost out of gas on this one and need to have it running again ASAP.

A:XP Will Not Boot, Flashing Cursor in Top Left Corner

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HELP today when i was going to start my computer it seemed normal in all ways but it just didnt start it got a black screen with an underline on top left , i found almost nothing for this line on top left everyone else has the black screen with the pointer. I tried all the things of booting from the different drives etc. Could it be because of the thunderstorm today? And if , what did it do to my computer

A:Black screen with _ line on top left on startup

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Have my Dad's Fujitsu Esprimo laptop to uninstall Searchqu, Bandoo etc for him which were causing problems. That went fine, computer shut down and tried to install Windows updates. Now won't restart.

Hangs on Fujitsu screen with options for "<ESC>: Diagnostic Screen, <F2>:BIOS Setup, <F12>: Boot Menu" and Blue progress bar. Progress reaches about 75% complete VERY slowly (hour) but then hangs on black screen with white cursor in top left corner. Been like that for 2 hours now.

Have tried solutions from Google - click F2 then re-setting boot order in Bios to "default order", click F12 and choose different options, tried F8 for safe mode, but F8 doesn't do anything.

I don't know if it's related to Searchqu, to the updates or if it's just a creepy coincidence and the computer itself is actually broken.

He doesn't have a Windows7 installation cd.

Please help (i'm kind of regretting offering to help him now!)

Thanks very much - Nikki

A:Laptop hanging on black screen (flashing cursor top left)

Can you not borrow Windows 7 install media from a friend? Make sure it is of the same version (including SP1 if applicable), otherwise there could result more issues.

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Can get into startup menu but unable to get into any of the Information. Using F keys

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Here is what I have:

Dell Precision PWS470
Xeon CPU 2.8 GHz
1.0 GB RAM
Windows XP SP2

Yesterday, while attempting to download Windows SP3 to my wife's Dell, it became unresponsive. CTRL+ALT+DEL would not shut it down, so I forced it down by powering off. Afterwards the PC would not reboot and provided me the following error message:

NTLDR is missing
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

However, CTRL+ALT+DEL just brought me back to this same screen. I copied the NTLDR and NTLDR detect files from this computer and attempted a reboot. Now all I have is a flashing cursor in the Top Left Corner and a blank screen.

The Windows XP was preloaded so I do not have the software on CD nor do I have a recover (or boot) disc.

Can you give me any advice?


A:NTLDR Missing; XP will not reboot, Flashing Curson in Top Left Corner

I suggest you try to repair your OS..U will keep all ur data and get your OS back..

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Good morning,

Here is what I have:

Dell Precision PWS470
Xeon CPU 2.8 GHz
1.0 GB RAM
Windows XP SP2

Yesterday, while attempting to download Windows SP3 to my wife's Dell, it became unresponsive. CTRL+ALT+DEL would not shut it down, so I forced it down by powering off. Afterwards the PC would not reboot and provided me the following error message:

NTLDR is missing
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

However, CTRL+ALT+DEL just brought me back to this same screen. I copied the NTLDR and NTLDR detect files from my computer and attempted a reboot. Now all I have is a flashing cursor in the Top Left Corner and a blank screen.

The Windows XP was preloaded so I do not have the software on CD nor do I have a recover (or boot) disc. I am not computer savvy, so taking the thing apart is not avery good option for me.

Can you give me any advice?


A:NTLDR Missing; XP will not reboot, Flashing Cursor in Top Left Corner

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I have just bought a new ssd for my desktop and have winodws running on my old 500GB hard disk.
I installed winodws 7 home 64 bit on my new ssd and have winodws ultimate on my old HDD.
I the booted it from my ssd and it ran fine then I formatted my HDD with the old winodws using mini-tool Partion and had to restart to format.
The HDD did have a system restore Partion but my ssd did not, now when I boot from my ssd a white line just shows up In the top left corner.
I have Tryed windows startuP repair but no luck...
So any option with out reinstalling winodws as I do not want to loose all the programs I have to already reinstall ??
Thanks Nicholas

A:White line flashing in the topleft corner of windows boot ?

Proceed through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot and post back as you proceed with those steps too see if further troubleshooting steps are needed.

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Just purchased 3 days ago..now I watched a movie and I observed 3 white spots..I payed 1260$ have the full coverage but this is not the solve of the problem cause is not normal turn buy a new laptop and after 2 days to need attention and start fixing stuff..I was so happy thinking I made a good deal..tomorrow I'm going back in BestBuy and ask to replace it with a Samsung or something else..no way to go fix something that I payed 1260$ and in 2 days to let me down.I just berry my Acer that I bought it 5 years ago and was working perfectly..I'm so mad..I'm know HP is a good brand but really after I read the reviews I was shocked to see how many problems..And to let you know I tried to switch for better graphics performance and there is no changing there..

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I have a HP Omni 120 1220ea which shows horizontal lines during starup but dissapear when operating system is loaded. Fter this the lines are no longer visible and don't show up again.my question is has anyone else experinced similar or what could be the cause of this? is it the screen, graphics chip or something else?

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hi I recently brought a Acer aspire one d257 -n57dqkk running windows 7 starter. I downloaded the latest Ubuntu desktop image and used a program to install it so I could test it before installing it. so in effect I could boot win7 or Ubuntu I liked what I sore and when I tried to install ubuntu I got a error install failure just after the partition settings of the install wizard. the computer restarted and when I tried to boot win7 it wouldn't start. so I run start up repair and let it do its thing but it came back with failure to fix. when It started it did the following. it loads the Acer logo and bios menu then blank lit up screen with blinking white horizontal line in top left hand corner and will no longer bring up startup manager or anything. has no beeping sounds at all when it gets to this point. I think I might have accidentally wiped the windows partition when installing Ubuntu. any help would be greatly appreciated. PS I have created. a bootable winxp USB flash drive using Rufus and set bios to boot from usb. but it has 3 options USB FDD,USB CDROM and USB HDD tryed all 3 USB options and it won't go past blinking line it worked perfect before Ubuntu install and the hard drive is brand new

A:blinking horizontal line at start up on top left corner help needed

It sounds like what you were trying to do is to dual boot Windows and Linux?  
If that is true, Linux is very anal in terms of how you do this.  
You have to install OSs in a specific order.  First, do Windows - oldest OS to newest OS, then you have to do Linux last.  
Unfortunately, you can't just create a partition on your hard drive and install Linux to that.  
Assuming no issues with the hard drive itself, I'd pull the data from it by attaching it with a SATA and data cables to another PC, then put your data on a removable storage device of appropriate size (USB hard drive, flash drive, etc.).  
On this hard drive, erase all hard drive partitions and start over.  
This is why I refuse to use Linux as an OS - sure it's nice and secure but that's only because there isn't enough market share for criminals to make it worth their while to grab the source code and devise malware or viruses from there.  
It's a huge hassle to install, however, if you plan on using it.   

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Acer Travelmate 5542 turns on to a black screen with white line in the top left corner. I have changed all boot devices and still nothing works. will not boot t oCd drive USB or HDDProblem Started: Acer utility said the original hard drive was going bad and to back up all data. So i did. Then i went out and bought a new Toshiba 500gb HDD. I've installed probably 200 HDD into computers so i had no worries. I then went to boot to a USB drive with window 7 pro installed. However i couldnt get a boot menu to come up with F1-F12 and even ESC. So i then went into the BIOS and changed F12 to be the boot screen. ( Also while in the bios i was able to see the computer can see the new HDD and the Sandisk USB) So after i saved teh settings and restarted i was able to get the boot screen but when i select anything it goes to a black screen with a little white line in the upper left corner. I was able to remove the hard drive put it in a different computer and it worked fine to install Win 7. So i put it back into the laptop and still same problem. I cant boot to CD/DVD, USB, or HDD

A:Acer Travelmate Blackscreen with little white line in top left corner on boot

I would like you to use the tutorial below to access the Command Prompt to rebuild the Boot Configuration Data.
The tutorial below includes a link to download a Windows 7 ISO image and instructions for burning this to a disc to create a bootable installation disc.  You will need to follow the instructions to step 7b, in the instructions there you would normally choose the Startup Repair from the System Recovery Options, but in this case you will choose Command Prompt.  You do not need to use these instruction any further than step 7b.  This will open the elevated command prompt, it will look similar to the image below.

Copy and paste the command below in the command prompt, then press Enter.
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Instructions for a Windows 7 Repair installation.
A Windows 7 Repair Installation will require a installation disc.
If you do not have a Windows 7 installation disc you can download a free legal ISO image of Windows 7 SP1 at  Windows 7 Forums.  You will need to download the same version of Windows 7 that you have installed,  This image is hosted by the Digital River store which is an official distribution partner of Microsoft.  This is a genuine untouched image which is safe to download. 
Attention:  If you do have a Windows installation disc, skip Part A and go to Part B, Step 1b.
Part A, Steps 1a - 6a
How to burn ISO image using Windows Burn Disk Image... Read more

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I have a blue screen problem. Don't know if I should post it here or not but here is my problem.

I have windows 8. I updated to 8.1. So far so good. That is until this morning. I don't know if this is in fact a Windows 8.1 issue or if anyone has ever experienced this before. I turned on the computer. I got the 'Hi' message followed by the next message of windows getting my apps updated. I then had a blank blue screen with a 'start' in the top left hand corner and an arrow in a box pointing to the next page. On the next page I had APPS on the top left hand corner and a blank box. I typed in 'desk top' even tho' that is not an 'app' as such. It took me to a blank black page with a bin in the top left hand corner. It looked liked my machine had been completely wiped. This has never happened before and I tried to Google it but the answers given did not have any correlation to what happened to me...any clues anyone?" Sorry guys, I just reread my post....I forgot to say that my computer has been functioning as normal all day .. What I did was to turn it off and back on again and it worked as normal. The thing is, I don't now trust it and want to know what? why and is it something I need to address.

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Hey guys, i honestly can't believe how many people are having this issue, so simply once and for all... there is an easy solution to this problem. You do not need to uninstall/reinstall anything, change bios, get a new graphics card (in most situations, only significantly old graphics cards cannot play this game on minimum settings), or anything.

To fix... go into properties, compatibility and tick the box that says run in 640x480resultion... this minimizes the work the GPU needs to do and tricks the game into thinking it is adequate. In game, you can then alter the resolution to the correct one for your monitor.

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HI new to the site. Here is my issue. my Internet Explorer will not load. The screen remains blank with a black clock in the lower left corner. I have confirmed that my internet conection is active as it works both with wireless and if I connect a different computer. Help

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I googled the above and came across this site. Unfortunately, I have some ads that come across my screen in the bottom left corner and don't know how it started. Could someone help me get this stopped. I have downloaded rkill and malwarebytels but the ads are still showing up. HELP!!!

A:Ads in the bottom left corner of screen

Hi SuyimarLets get the ball rolling Step 1Download ADWCleaner to your desktop:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/NOTE: If using Internet Explorer and get an alert that stops the program downloading, click on the warning and allow the download to complete.Close all programs and click on the AdwCleaner icon.Click on Scan and follow the prompts. Let it run unhindered. When done, click on the Clean button, and follow the prompts. Allow the system to reboot. You will then be presented with the report. Copy & Paste this report on your next reply.The report will be saved in the C:\AdwCleaner folder.Step 2Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator".The tool will open and start scanning your system.Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message.

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I have an issue with a white rectangular box appearing in the top left corner of my laptop screen.

It covers the icons behind it and renders them 'unclickable'.

Nothing happens if the box itself is clicked on.

It does not stay on top of other windows, just the desktop.

It appears after the laptop has been to sleep and on occasions, just seems to appear randomly.

I believe it may be a problem with Display Link drivers i use for a universal adapter for multiple monitors. I have asked around on display links forums but i am yet to find a solution (updated all drivers, uninstalled, re-installed, etc.), so i thought I would ask you guys if you have any ideas.

Other places i have found similar issues:
White box in desktop corner on Dynadock with Windo... - Toshiba Forums
White Box on Desktop with Dynadock - DisplayLink Forum

I have attached a screenshot of the issue.

any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Ok, I have Windows XP Home Edition and I seriously doubt it has anything to do with this but, well.. the top left corner of my screen is like faded a small tint of green. it's not just one window, it's everywhere... desktop, any screen, any game, any program. Then, going down, it's sorta darker.. it's like fading into black but just barely. It's kinda blinking too, like an old flourescent light about ready to go out. Could this have something to do with my monitor? I checked to make sure all the plugs were in tight.

A:Top Left corner of screen...Fading?

Sounds like the degaussing circuit is going in the monitor and the screen is getting trashed. All color TV's and color monitors have these degaussing circuits built into them and you cannot replace them they are actually an integral part of the monitor. Save your bucks and purchase a new monitor.

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I am currently running windows 7 and getting pop up adds in both firefox and IE. I am running security essentials and it detects nothing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a good day


A:Pop up adds in the bottom left and Right corner of the screen

Greetings and Welcome to The Forums!!My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your malware problems.I have put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of usPlease do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.
We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.
Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.
A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the t... Read more

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So I just got my new Dell studio xps 16" laptop on Saturday. I reinstalled using my own Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit disk and have had absolutely no problems.

However today, I noticed that there is a single bright white pixel in the top left corner of my screen exactly at the (0,0) position.

It seems to only show up on the desktop, because running pictures over the corner where it shows, it does not show up. I also have run several programs to check for dead pixels, and it does not show up.

I know it is not a dead pixel because it shows up in a screenshot which I have included.

My video card is the Radeon 4670 1GB.

I have found a few threads online where people have the same problems but none of them really gave any soloutions.

I have found that if I terminate the wdm.exe (Windows Desktop Manager) process it disappears. However, that stops my window peeking from working.

Another thing, it does not appear right after I log in, maybe about 10 seconds after windows has loaded.

Any ideas?

A:White pixel/dot top left corner of screen?

Update the ATI Catalyst Driver to the latest driver. Older versions of Catalyst have been known to cause this.

Check this link
Bright pixel on Windows 7 Desktop

On a side note, Update your System Spec. It helps in trouble shooting.
You can use Speccy to get the details

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I have a HP Pavilion ze2000 running Windows XP laptop that I purchased new. it has been working wonderfully until all of a sudden all I get when I power on is a dark screen with a curser flashing  on the upper left corner of screen. It wont boot up but I can get to safe nide abd the PhoeixBI0S Setup Utility after pressing F10. I am not sure what the Boot Order should be, I have 1st, +Hard Drive, Network Adaptor, ATAPI CD-ROM Drive and last is Floppy Diskette Drive. not sure if this is why it will not boot to my front page and Not sure if this is the right order, but the laptop still wont boot to home screen.. Can you please help me. I do not have much money as I am retired and living alone with very limited funds. I really need my HP Laptop to get back working properly...Again, Please help me. Thanking you in advance,

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Hello! I was replacing the rear cover of the LCD. You know: the back cover with the Lenovo and ThinkPad logo on it. While moving all the antennas over, I found out that there are two magnets in the top left and right corner of the screen. The genuine rear cover with the same FRU as the original I ordered is a newer version I think, the magnets of the old version were less than a millimeter too high for this one. After a while I got sick sanding those magnets down, and to make things worse, I also lost one magnet while doing so. It's somewhere on my bench, but I can't find it.Anyway, I installed the screen without the magnets, and everything works just fine. I thought that they may be needed for standby, but I couldn't find anything like a sensor or something in the palmrest to which they 'magnet' too (if that's a word). Standby does work perfectly without these magnets. So my question is: does anyone know what these magnets are ment to do? I've added a picture of one of them below. Thanks in advance!

Thinkpad X220, ThinkPad L440

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