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Dell Optiplex 3010 Internet Issue

Q: Dell Optiplex 3010 Internet Issue

Hi forum members,

I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 desktop running Windows 7 Pro, 32Bit in my office. This morning I was unable to access the internet though I was able to print and access other network drives. I did a troubleshoot and found out that networks status changed from work to public. Error on network icon is "Unidentified network, no internet access". I did ping our router but timmed out. I can ping other servers & PC's on the same network but cannot ping the router or default gateway. I did the following

1. ipconfig /release or renew-did not work
2. ipconfig /registerdns/flushdns - did not work
3. Disabled network card or enabled it - did not work
4. Changed IP address from DHCP to Static - did not work
5. Updated, uninstalled, repaired network driver - did not work
6.Changed Speed/Duplex settings to 100Mbps, 1TB or Auto - did not work
7. Removed other networking services - did not work
8. IPReset All - did not work
9. Removed all Antivirus softwares -did not work
10. Disabled firewall

I am not sure about this issue. If anyone can assist me here. I will really appreciate him or her. I have been working on this issue for almost a day now.

Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Dell Optiplex 3010 Internet Issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell Optiplex 3010 Internet Issue

Hello jshix and Welcome to the Forums, try some of the fixes in this article first. There are a couple you have not tried yet: Windows 7 DNS server not responding
If still not resolved, we can try other things. post back results please.

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I can install 2x8 GB of memory?

A:Dell optiplex 3010 16 gb RAM

Manual says it supports 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4 GB RAM modules, with maximum RAM of 8 GB.
Those are the limits that Dell validated for this system. While you may be able to physically install 2x 8GB, it may not be correctly recognized and/or may not work right.
If you do this upgrade and have problems, crashes, and/or data losses, Dell won't be responsible...

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Hi! My Optiplex 3010 doesn't show nothing for screen. The cooler started, but then It sound 1-3-2 beeps. I have test with different Ram Memory, and new Power Supply, but It sound 1-3-2. What happen it? Do you know that happen? Can you help me? Thx

A:Dell Optiplex 3010

This is a "no memory" error - if swapping the RAM didn't help, the RAM sockets are bad.  Replace the mainboard.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 3010.
I want to install Built-Out VGA from NVIDIA geforce family .
The motherboard is the Dell Inc. 042P49 (CPU 1) and currently has a Intel Core i5 2400 Socket 1155 LGA installed.Motherboard Slots => 3xPCI Express x1, 1xPCI Express x16PCI Express Version Supported =>   v2.0P.S.U =>  Dell H265Am--00  Max Output Power 265w I need the advice to choose the proper graphics card compatible with my device Thanks

A:Dell Optiplex 3010 Built- Out VGA

You already have onboard VGA (and HDMI) video output on the 3010, so is there a reason you want VGA from an add-in (NVidia)  video card?
You'd need a PCI-e x16 video card, regardless of which exact card you pick.

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Have managed to get the above system for my nephew for his first computer.
It did come with a gtx 710 card but performance is very poor.
Can someone advise the best video card I can use as I have tried a 1050ti mini but wouldn't fit.
He won't be playing anything too major but even slither (snakes grabbing matter) got so laggy when I tried it was impossible.
Thankyou in advance  for any advice.

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Hi everyone, I have BSOD at least once a day, sometimes twice while browsing the Internet, and using text editors.

I've received following information after reboot:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA800881B2D0
BCP2: FFFFF88003F358C8
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
Files that help describe the problem:
Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows
If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

Could anyone please let me know what those codes mean and what should I do in order to avoid having BSOD? I've done a clean install already.
EDIT: Logs attached after running Log Collector

A:Random BSOD on Dell Optiplex 3010

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hi Everyone, I have a problem which started when I upgraded to Win 10. I have since downgraded to win 7 to see if I could resolve it but to no avail.
My audo stopped working. I have installed the drivers via the drivers download page. It says everything is working. When I play an audio clip it shows volume coming through the speaker but no sound through any jacks front or back.
Please does anyone have any idea. I see tons of posts online but nothing has worked.

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Hello guys!
I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 and I have recently installed Windows 7 on it.
I have also installed the drivers and everything works fine, except the video driver, and I cannot get rid of the black bars around my monitor. I know it is a scaling problem and I've read on some forums that this could be fixed easily using  catalyst, but I cannot install it.

Please help.

A:Dell optiplex 3010- cannot get rid of black bars around my display

I am not familiar with this particular system, but in the white box world one often has to set HDMI connections to overscan to use the full screen.

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Deployed 40 of these Dell Optiplex 3010 PC's last December for a customer of ours.  12 of the PC's have had the CPU fan clunk out with a loud grinding / fluttering noise.  They go out one by one and now almost half the PC's deployed have had the CPU fan replaced.  Also the occasional "hard drive not found" message at start-up, which surprisingly takes only a shutdown and reboot to fix.  Re-seating the SATA cable doesn't do anything whatsoever.  I don't have anything to tell the customer other than making constant calls to Dell support to get these fans replaced.  It looks bad on our part as the technical support people for this customer, even though we didn't initially recommend Dell PC's.  Upgrading the BIOS and running Dell hardware diagnostic is more of an attempt to make myself look like I'm troubleshooting the issue but you clearly know that it is a serious hardware quality control problem with Dell.
I would like to find out from people out there if anyone else has experienced this or this skid of PC's just fell off the truck which damaged the CPU fans (not very likely) and someone put them back in the truck as if something bad never happened.

A:Dell Optiplex 3010, constant CPU fan failure to MANY different units

Hi ronnieshih,
Apart from requesting warranty replacement, I'm not sure what else to suggest.

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I try Dell Celeron CPU but i chang it to CPU i3 3225 and use dual ram KingsTon 2G buss 1066 use normal. Now i check update and have newest bios and update. machine report update sucessfull and reboot. But machine not boot only Led blue power and 3 4 led code. Please help me fix it !

A:Help me ! Dell optiplex 3010 sff update bios A17 not boot error led 3 4

Did it work with the i3 after you upgraded the CPU, before you ran the BIOS update? And which BIOS update version did you run?
Is power button steady blue or blinking?
If you reboot and immediately press F2, can you open BIOS setup? If you can, copy down all current settings because you may need them later.
3-4 is a RAM error so try this:
Power off and unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Carefully reseat RAM modules in their slots
Reinstall battery
Close up and see if it boots now
If it still won't boot, repeat the process, but remove the module from slot B1, leaving only the one in slot A1.  Then repeat again but swap the other RAM module into slot A1 to see if you can find a bum module. If they both work in slot A1, repeat the process and add the 2nd module to slot B1 to see if there's a bum slot.

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Whenever i boots my Dell Optiplex 3010 desktop,  it stuck at press F1 to continue press F2 to setup.......
Power button Cable failure alert is ther, but my power button is almost working fine......

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I recently customized a Dell Optiplex 3010 Small Form Factor. The fans are okay but about 60dB and I'd like to find something quieter that's compatible with Dell since they have their own specifications for feedback, RPM, etc. Let me know if there's an option to install quiter fans that will be compatible for size and also avoid fan errors during boot. Fan Specifications are below:

Intake Fan - Sunon
DC 12V, 1.56W, 130mA
Dell P/N 99GRF-A00
CPU Fan - Sunon
DC 12V, 6.84W, .57A
Dell P/N V50GH-A00

A:Need Super Silent Replacement Fans for Dell Optiplex 3010 Small Form Factor

You must use the OEM fans -- anything else, and you'll be getting "fan failed - press F1 to continue" errors every time you start the system.  

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Hey guys
i just got a refurb 3010 and was wondering if i could run a RX 470 gpu
i will be changing the PSU so that's not the issue. I'm worried the motherboard won't support the gpu since it needs a uefi bios.
I can't find any info on whether this motherboard supports uefi.
Thanks in advance

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Hi. I recently bought dell optiplex 3010 at the refurbished deal.

and I changed Power supply, Graphics card and trying to add SSD as prior drive.

currently my computer has been operated windows 7, and trying to get an upgrade to windows 10.

but the thing is, if I would upgrade to windows 10, when I re-install to SSD which image should I use to do, also is my windows 7 serial would be available with that?
I found this link from dell () but it says to me as;
Recovery image currently unavailable.
The recovery image download could not be generated due to missing information. Please contact technical support for assistance.

so I don't know what to do to reinstall windows to SSD.

please let me enjoy my desktop with ssd...

and also, I found this article; 
it says, 
Q: What happens if I change the hardware configuration of my Windows 10 device?
A: If the hardware configuration of your Windows 10 device changes significantly (e.g. motherboard change) Windows may require re-activation on the device. This is the same experience as prior versions of Windows (e.g. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1).   The free upgrade offer will not apply to activation of Windows 10 in such scenarios where hardware changes reset Activation.
is this mean because I upgraded hardware(graphics, ssd) If I try to reinstall, it'll not be activated?

Thank you.

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I've just upgraded my CPU from a Celeron G1610T to a Core i3 3240T. For some reason the CPU reports correctly in BIOS but under Windows 10 it is still reported as the G1610T. The computer boots and works perfectly well (I'm typing this on it now). Any ideas?
The machine has the standard H61 3010 motherboard with recently updated BIOS.

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Hey, i just got a 3010 from dell and was wondering if a rx470 would be compatible.
I will be upgrading the PSU so thats a non issue.
My worry is that the motherboard will not support uefi. since the 470 doesn't work with a legacy bios.
I can't find any info anywhere telling me if it's compatible.
Thanks in advance

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Does the Optiplex 3010 support the Xeon E3 1240

Please provide an answer instead of links to the user manual

Dell's user manuals are useless

A:Optiplex 3010 Xeon Support

No - no Xeon support.

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I cant seem to update the bios beyond A09. I do not get any errors but it does not change after update. It has some other issues too such as only seeing 2 SATA devices unless I use command and configure to reactivate the other ports. I run the update from a cmd prompt and create a log file which gives no errors but does have no system manifest found under the info for the current bios version. At the end of the log file it says exit code 2 need to reboot to continue. Now for some extra info. The harddrive has been changed and there is only a single partition. Im not sure if that has something to do with it for example if its looking for some Dell files that it cant find ? I have also doe this from freedos booting from a USB and it does the same thing. It acts like it works but then reboots, messes up my SATA settings where I dont have a CD drive again, have to run the CC files in windows to fix that and reboot again to have CD. 
I guess my question is are there any others ways to update or flash the bios ?

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Hi All
I have a Dell optiplex 3010 SFF
Can I replace the slim DVD Drive with an SSD just using ssd caddy for laptop?
like this - 

Thank you

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Can I put a full size GTX 550ti into my Optiplex 3010? Or does the PSU not have enough power?

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Hi, I have a dell 3010 sff with an i5 3470 and 8gb ram. Im looking for a decent graphics card around 100 to 150dollars. I heard the gtx 750ti is good but im not sure my psu has enough watts? I have a 240watt psu. What do you guys recommend?

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I have main monitor connected via VGA output and another connected via HDMI output. I understand that the OptiPlex 3010 can support two monitors. However, I cannot get the second monitor (via HDMI) to work. The intel graphics and media control panel does not provide a selection for dual monitors, Only single display mode is available.
Is anyone able to assist me to resolve this problem?

A:OptiPlex 3010 Dual Monitors

I had the exact same issue on 5 machines. All 3010s with the Intel 2500 graphic card. resolved the issue by going in to the BIOS and making a change. Maintenance > SERR Messaging(or something to that effect) disable. No cables were replaced. It worked for the 2/22/2013? And the 8/2015 versions of the driver.

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Hello, I have a Dell OptiPlex 3010 with 4gb of memory.  I would like to upgrade to 16.
I went to crucial and ran the scanner to see what memory was supported, but it says that the maximum memory on the 3010 is 8. 
Is this a motherboard limitation?  Is it possible that a new BIOS version would increase the capacity?  Crucial has a great return policy, but I would rather not go through the hassle if there is simply no way to go to 16.

Thanks very much!

A:OptiPlex 3010 Desktop - Max Memory?

Total of 8 GB RAM (2x4 GB) is all that Dell qualified for this system.
It's a matter of both BIOS and the Intel chipset. The latest BIOS is A15, but looking back as far as A06, I don't see any mention that max RAM has been increased.
You might search these forums to see if anyone has reported more than 8 GB, total, in the 3010, and what, if any, problems they had.
Keep in mind that if you buy 2x8 GB, which is more the max amount of RAM specified for the 3010, Crucial might not take it back because you bought something they didn't recommend for this model and you exceeded the OEM specs.

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Purchased a 3010 SFF from the Outlet.  Installed Win10 and everything else I needed and assigned it to my user.  She is using Dual Monitors, one via Onboard HDMI and one via Onboard VGA.  The VGA side is "blurry"
I have tried:New CableUpdated DriversUpdated BIOSDifferent Monitor
No matter any of those, the onboard VGA is blurry.
So I decided to drop in a PCIe SFF Add-in card.  With this card installed, the system does not boot at all.  The system will turn on, full fan, then off, Then on again and sit there with no video.
If I connect the video cables to the onboard WHILE the add-in card is in, I get the usual "Unsupported Video..." error.
I have no idea what to try next.

A:Optiplex 3010 Blurry VGA No Boot with Add-In Video

Do you know that add-in video card actually works?
Is it in the PCI-e x16 slot? And have you tried reseating it in the slot?
Have you tried clearing BIOS with that card installed?

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery
Close up and reboot

Using onboard video, have you tried changing the resolution for the VGA monitor? Does Win 10  correctly identify the VGA monitor? Does it need its own driver?
Did you install all the right Win 10 drivers from Dell's site, including the chipsets?

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Optiplex 3010. no audio drivers available. Sound quit working after Windows 10 update. I updated the BIOS and the chipset, but still no sound. It worked before two updates ago. I hopped the latest update would fix it. But it did not. Dell drivers does not list any audio drivers, let alone Windows 10 drivers. Has anyone fixed this

A:No sound after Windows 10 update Optiplex 3010

The last Conexant CX20641/CX20651 HD audio driver we released was only for Windows 7/8. We did not release one for Windows 8.1 or 10 because those operating systems should be installing the innate audio driver. The only workaround you might try is to attempt to install the old driver in compatibility mode.

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Hi to all,
i'm, trying to upgrade some clients Optiplex 3010 [email protected] to the latest win10/prof by a clean new setup. machines work fine, but during shut-down i get a window as: the instruction ..... the memory could not be written, so i suppose there is something wrong around drivers.
Bios and drivers should be updated as table below:

Controller LPC Driver
Bridge da PCI a PCI Driver
Controller di memoria Driver
Bridge da PCI a PCI Driver
Controller del bus di gestione sistema Driver
Controller AHCI SATA standard Driver
Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver
Controller Enhanced Host USB Intel(R) famiglia Chipset serie 6/serie C200 - 1C2D Driver
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Driver
Controller Enhanced Host USB Intel(R) famiglia Chipset serie 6/serie C200 - 1C26 Driver
Controller per High Definition Audio Driver
Audio Intel(R) per schermi Driver
Dispositivo High Definition Audio Driver
Dell Command | Update
Dell Digital Delivery

what else? someone who can help me?


A:Optiplex 3010 [email protected] + WIN 10: memory could be... written

The drivers for 64-bit Win 10 are here.
Start with the 2 Intel chipset drivers, in order:

Intel Chipset Driver
Intel Management Engine Components Installer Driver OR Intel Management Engine Components Installer (For non vPro Systems)
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Driver
Intel HD, HD 4000 Graphics Driver
AMD video driver, if you have an add-in AMD video card
Dell WiFi driver, if you have the add-in WiFi card

Note: Some of the ones on your list should disappear after the 2 Intel drivers are installed, so reboot when they're installed and check the list of drivers needed again. Then continue installing drivers.
Do not install drivers for hardware you don't have. If you're not sure about the hardware, enter the Service Tag on the Support page to identify the specific system and click the link to find the factory configuration.
(Do not post Service Tags here.)

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Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I bought 2 years ago a dell optiplex 3010 mini tower, suddenly it stopped working, I have no screen, no video or any kind of sound, the only thing it does is to light up the number 3 & 4 lights on the front panel. What can I do ?


A:Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us ! 
To understand the cause of this issue I would ask you to try these steps and advise the result ,
*Disconnect the system from wall socket ,then press and hold the power button for about 15 - 20 secs .Then connect the system to wall socket and try to turn on the system .Here we are trying to release static charge from the system .
*Then disconnect all the peripheral components from the system and try to turn on the system .
*If the above step fails then remove all the memory modules from the system and try to turn on the system with only 1 memory module at a time .
If there are any more queries do reply to this post with system service tag sent via private message .
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kind Regards,

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Hi, I created an SCCM task sequence for a Windows 10 deployment. For one of my scenarios I also need to stage from an USB disk. Both the network and USB staging processes work as expected, except for one specific model in our park (Dell Optiplex 3010).
The phenomenon we observe is that after starting the staging from the USB disk and when the OS deployment and driver installation is completed, the process is supposed to reboot the machine and continue with the next steps of the task sequence. What happens though, is that upon reboot, the process restarts from the beginning. The only way I found to get around this is to remove the usb disk when the machine reboots and plug it back in when prompted.
Which changes do I have to make so that it works on the 3010 as it does on all other models (Optiplex 3020, Optiplex 5040 Optiplex 5050, Optiplex 7020) where it simply works as expected ?
Thanks for your pointers,

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I have an Optiplex 3010 that displays the Alert! Service Mode Jumper is Set on every restart.  Other than this message the system is running normally.  It passes Dell Diagnostics with flying colors etc.
Here is the head scratcher... looked all over the motherboard and there is not a Service Jumper to be found anywhere.   MB Model is a E145483 MS0520 Super Socket 1155
Anyone out there run into this?  Is there a fix?  Am I blind?

A:Optiplex 3010 - Alert! Service Mode Jumper is Set.

What form factor, desktop, mini-tower, small form?
It might refer to the Password clear jumper, the RTC reset jumper or the Security override jumper. But I have no idea which one or what pins to use when not in Service Mode.
If it was the Security jumper, the manual says you'd get:
Alert! Security override Jumper is installed.  
And for that error, the manual says:
The MFG_MODE jumper has been set and AMT Management features are disabled until it is removed.
I'll ping my Dell tech contacts, so stay tuned.

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I have an Optiplex 3010 that doesn't seem to want to post when monitors are just plugged into an add on video card.
It will post when a third monitor is plugged into the onboard but will give a the usual System halt incompatible hardware config error. After which if I shut the system down, unplug the monitor on the onboard and start the system it posts just fine with the dual monitors plugged into the add-on video card(ATI 2950).
I have updated the BIOS to A09 with no luck.
As far as I can see in the new Dell BIOS's there is no setting for me to manually set the system to either onboard or PCI-e as on previous models. This leads me to either the PCI-e card is not detecting the monitors on boot; keeping the system from posting or something of that nature. The monitors are Apple Cinema displays using a DVI breakout plug, but I don;t see why that would matter
This is a problem I have not seen before, and some net research hasn't turned up anything.

A:Optiplex 3010 won't post without monitor plugged into onboard

Long shot here 2 years later.  Did you figure this out?  I have the same issue, the system won't boot with an add-in card and there are no BIOS options.  

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I'm from Pakistan, recently I've purchased more than 20 dell optiplex 3050 with LCD E1916H. Most probably all the system are doing same issue which discussed above by many users. I connected the LCD with DP cable to CPU, nothing happens wrong until i opened Microsoft excel, watching YouTube video and sometime when switching from one tab to another in browser. On accessing these app, monitor display get disappeared while power continues coming. All the staff are suffering with trouble, plz giveimmediately some solution.
OS: Window 10 pro (64bit)

A:Dell Optiplex 3050 with dell lcd E1916H generating display issue with some application

The culprit seems to be the hardware acceleration enabled in the Intel HD driver. But, I have yet to find a way to disable it universally across the Windows 10 operating system.
For Office software =* Start any Office program* On the File tab, click Options* In the Options dialog box, click Advanced* In the list of available options, add a check to, "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"* Click OK
For all other software, you will need to check into their specific settings.

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I have an OptiPlex 3010 which has decided not to start up. When I power it on, the fans start, the green light on the back of the PSU lights up then the 3 & 4 LEDs on the front panel flash before the box turns itself off. By the way, when the power cable is attached there is a permanent orange light near the SATA connectors on the board - not sure if that's always the case or if it's a clue.
I read about these LEDs usually being the sign of memory problems so I've taken both slabs out but still it won't start. I have a monitor connected to it but it doesn't get as far as talking to that. I tried putting the RAM back in one-at-a-time as per the guide but still no joy.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what the error is or how I can home in on it?
Thanks in advance.

A:No POST on OptiPlex 3010, starts/stops LEDs 3 & 4 blink

What form factor, desktop, mini-tower, small form?
What color is power button, blue or amber, when it won't boot?
You can try clearing BIOS:

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
(Reinstall all RAM modules, if not currently installed)
Reinstall motherboard battery. Use a fresh one if this one is old. CR2032, 3-volt lithium ion battery, ~$2 at discount stores
Close case and see if it boots with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected

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Hello, I'm curious if there is a way to hack the bios or motherboard somehow to allow the system to boot without having to press F1 to continue every time.  We have two Optiplex 3010's in our organization that claim Alert!  Previous rear fan failure, press F1 to continue!.  All of the fans inside the system are running normally.  We've swapped the CPU fan and the front case fan from other working Optiplex 3010's and the message still appears.  It does not seem like the motherboard is sensing the fan's properly.  It's a shame because otherwise the motherboard functions normally and the systems work as expected.
These are the mini Optiplex 3010 systems (not full tower) with the laptop style pop out CD Rom drive.
Is there a way in the BIOS to disable this message, and if so, which screen is it on?
Thank you for your assistance!

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Hello, I own a Dell Optiplex 745, running Windows XP Professional 32-bit. The Dell System Direct isn't launching, even though it will download, it says .APPLICATION, which cannot be opened. Does anyone have a fix?

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Hello, I own a Dell Optiplex 745, running Windows XP Professional 32-bit. The Dell System Direct isn't launching, even though it will download, it says .APPLICATION, which cannot be opened. Does anyone have a fix?

A:Dell Optiplex 745 - Windows XP Pro 32-bit Dell System direct issue.

The older versions of Dell System Detect are security risks - if you're running an antivirus program, it may be flagging and intercepting the program.  At any rate, you should NOT be using Windows XP online at this point, as it has seen no security updates in almost two years - you really need to upgrade to a supported version of Windows (at this point, that's a minimum of Windows 7).

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I have a Dell U2515H monitor and an Optiplex 3010 with only integrated graphics.
Is it possible to connect this monitor to this computer? If so, what video cards would work?

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Dell Optiplex 3010 with latest Bios A12 (motherboard MS0520 or 042P49 A01 take your pick). GTX1070 card in PCI-E 16 slot, powered by 6 pin supplemental power from Upgraded PSU Corsair CS550M.
GPU- no fan spin, machine still booting using on board graphics, no message about using different card. I tried it without 6 pin power- nothing.
Bios doesn't seem to have a 'disable on board graphics' option, I have added various cards to other Dell machines and have never changed Bios before.
Any suggestions?

A:Optiplex 3010 GRaphics upgrade GTX 1070- card not recognised or even fans spinning

and yes it's firmly seated in the slot

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My enterprise has perchased many licenses of Windows 7 Pro.  including KMS activation license key.  And I have deployed the KMS activation infrastructure in my enterprise network.
Recently, we bought a set of Opliplex 3010 , 7010 & 9010 PCs, nearly 100 PCs. All of them are N-series without pre-installed Windows 7 by Dell factory.
I tried deploy OS and many enterprise APPs to these PCs through network , using MDT.

The OS image I used in MDT is Window 7 Pro Volume License Edition which was from Microsoft volume license site. But the KMS method cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 .

After deployment, the PCs telled that the the volume license key is invalid, MAK is required. Windows cannot be activated. 

But the issue has never come out on any other computers of our enterprise before.
I have been searching for the solution on internet, but get nothing. And some one said that the BIOS somewhere is locked or modified by Dell to prevent
prated operating system. But the OS and KMS we are using is lawful.
Can any one tell me how to activate our volume licensed Windows 7 Pro. by the KMS infrastructure in my enterprse? Thanks!

A:Volume license activation (KMS infrastructure) cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 ?

did you purchase these computers without any OEM Windows license?
Volume Licensing agreements only offer "upgrade", not "full" - an existing license such as OEM, will have the necessary SLIC table in BIOS populated, and this is usually what VL products look for, to confirm legitimacy.
You can use the MGADiag utility from MS to confirm the SLIC table in BIOS has been populated.
Without the SLIC table populated in BIOS, it may be necessary for you to use MAK not KMSDon
(Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable.

This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

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Could someone tell me some compatible part numbers for a power supply for an Optiplex 3010?
We have the desktop model. We have about 30 of these, They did work well for 4 years, now we've had 5 power supplies go out.
I want to buy a few replacement power supplies. One part number is Mpx3v for our power supply.
Someone is selling a power supply on Amazon and says that all of these part numbers are compatible. Is this true? Are all these compatible?
It would make it easier to buy a power supply if I could buy any of these part numbers.
What are compatible power supply part numbers for 3010, such as Mpx3v?
Are all these compatible?: Several computers probably use the same power supply, but I don't know which models are similar.

Compaitble Model Numbers: PS- 5251-5, L250NS-00 , PS-5251-08D, H250AD-00, D250A1005L, D250ED-00, DPS-250AB-67 A, F250ED-00, D-0250ADU00-101, D250ND-00, REF, DPS-250AB-73A, AC250NS-00, PCA038, TFX0250D5WB, D250AD-01 D250ED-01, DPS-250AB-68 A, D250AD-00, F250AD-00, D-0250ADU00-201, PC7068, HP-D2506R0, PS-5251-5, DPS-250AB-36, TFX0250D5WB, H250ED-00, D250E006L, PS-5251-06
Compatible Part Numbers: WX9P8, CYY97, 7GC81, 6MVJH, YJ1JT, 3MV8H, 3WFNF, 5FFR5, 76VCK, HY6D2, MPX3V, PWJ55, T498G, W208D, W209D, W210D, X3KJ8, XFWXR

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Hello, so i got to school this week and on our computer class we have a Optiplex 755 SFF,
When i turn it on, it just shows 3 4 diagnostic light..
Any help would be apprecciated..


A:Dell Optiplex 755 SFF issue

This is a memory error.
Unplug the system, hold the power button for 30 sec and remove and reinstall the memory module(s).
If that doesn't clear the error, try one memory module at a time in each socket until you find the bad module -- or, if more than one module fails to work in a single socket - the bad socket -- and replace the corresponding faulty part -- the memory module, or in the case of socket failure, replace the mainboard.

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I have a Dell Optiplex on the way from e-bay and I would like to go ahead and order some more ram so they get here about the same time but I am having a hard time finding out what ram chip to get for that model.

I normally don't have a problem looking up the correct ram but I am getting suggestions for PC-2-5300 and PC-2-6400 as well as some others. I know that it uses DDR2 but the rest is confusing me. I understand the chip speed such as 667mhz or 800mhz but the rest I am unfamiliar with.

Could someone please tell me what type of ram chip I need to get? I am going to get 1mb sticks so I don't care if they are exactly the same as what comes with it because it only comes with 215mb of ram so if I get one with a faster speed then it won't matter cause 215 mb is nothing for ram. Please help me with what ram chip to put in this unit if anyone can and thanks.

A:Ram issue for a Dell Optiplex

I could help you out with that. But first, I would need the exact model of the computer.

E.g. Dell Optiplex 360

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HELLO I bought this pc for my wwife (we are poor ) for 80 bucks no hard drive it was county surplus ,. it worked fine at fist but now it turns off unnexpectedly and sometimes when triying to start it freezes on first screen (dell optiplex 760 screen) wat i need expert advice on is should i buy new power supply ( it looks like a giant ac adapter ) its 200w power supply or does it sound to you like a mother board problem ,. also it some times spins h fans at high speed for a second then its fine also no BEEPS IT DOES THIS HIGHSPEED SPINING ON STARTUPS OR SHUTDOWNS NOT WHILE RUNNING WHEN ITS RUNNING EVERYTHING SEEMS FINE ITS FAST (DUOCORE 64BIT 4 GIGS RAM SO EVERYTHING SEEMS FINE EXEPT FOR THESE ANNOYING SHUT QOWNS AND POST STARTUP FEEZES SO WHAT DO YOU THINK POWER SUPPLY OR MB??? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWER

A:issue with dell optiplex usff 760

There is no way to know for sure. Typical causes of shutdowns, as you noted, are the power supply and motherboard. The only way to truly "test", is to swap one or the other and see what happens.

The fans "buzzing" (ie: running at full speed) is common for some PC's as the PC boots.

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When my computer stays asleep for a longer period of time, when resuming i see nothing but my mouse pointer. No login screen. I have to do a hard reboot to get things back working. Why is this?"

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I'm running WinXP w/SP2 on a Dell OptiPlex 740. I have an application that requires a barcode scanner to be connected and configured (via serial) to COM2 only. By default, the 740 has COM1 which I was able to manipulate and change to diplay COM2. Also, I changed the interrupt request to 4 and I/O range to 02E8-02EF. This configuration works... until I reboot the computer. At that time, the printer is no longer recognized by the application and it appears that Windows has reveresed the IRQ and I/O settings that I previously set. I have tried rebuilding this machine with Win XP but still get the same issue. Is this a problem with the HAL? A similar set up worked fine on OptiPlex GX150. The HAL on the 740 is currently set at ACPI Uniprocessor PC. Should I switch to Standard PC HAL and avoid the virtual IRQ setup altogether? Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

A:Dell OptiPlex 740 Com port issue

Creating a hardware profile after you have the configuration working and
using that profile to boot may retain the settings.
As it is now,windows is booting to the default profile.
To create a hardware profile
You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you from completing this procedure.

Open System in Control Panel.
On the Hardware tab, click Hardware Profiles.
Under Available hardware profiles, click Profile 1 (Current), and then click Copy.
Type a name for the new hardware profile, and then click OK.
You can customize your new profile by enabling or disabling devices for that profile in Device Manager. For more information about Device Manager, click Related Topics.

To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
The profile named Profile 1 (Current) provides a model for you to create new hardware profiles. It will not appear in the list of available hardware profiles shown during startup.

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Hi. This 24pix MINI atx power connector is basically the same as normal ATX connector (bur smaller of course)? At the pin settings is different? Where I can buy 24pix ATX to 24 pin MINI atx adapter that will work with those boards? Thanks.

A:Dell OptiPlex 760 (GX760) SFF and Dell OptiPlex 780 (GX780) SFF mainboard power connector?

Moddiy makes this.
Dell 980 960 780 760 PSU 24-Pin to Mini 24-Pin Adapter Cable (10cm)http://www.moddiy.com/products/Dell-980-960-780-760-PSU-24%252dPin-to-Mini-24%252dPin-Adapter-Cable-%2810cm%29.html

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I have Dell 755, and I bought a GeForce INNO 3D  low profile card but after insertion nothing happens. My Dell 21.5" monitor shows black.
The card has a 16 pin and USB. I'm assuming the 16 pin is for an external PSU connection? But what is the USB for?
My specs:
Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 46 °C Wolfdale 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 398MHz (6-6-6-18) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0PU052 (CPU) Graphics DELL SE2216H ([email protected]) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Storage 931GB Hitachi HUA721010KLA330 ATA Device (SATA) 43 °C 14GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Device (USB) 29GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Device (USB) 15GB PNY USB 2.0 FD USB Device (USB) Optical Drives TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L633A ATA Device Audio High Definition Audio Device

Can anyone please help me as to what I need to make this card work? I understand this is NOT the greatest PC but it's what I have for now so anything is better than the integrated graphics it already has.
Thank you!

A:Dell Optiplex 755 graphics card issue

The card might be incompatible. For integrated graphics upgrades, I've had great results with the budget Sapphire 6450.

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