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Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall

Q: Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall


I have done the WIN 8 upgrade on a Toshiba L870-156 laptop. The upgrade is OK, but I have no more Toshiba recovery media creator, as the upgrade procedure said that it had to be desinstalled before the upgrade and reinstalled after the upgrade.

I have one big issue : where can I find Toshiba recovery media creator to reinstall it ?

By advance thank you.

Preferred Solution: Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall

You need to install the Windows 8 version of the Recovery Disc creator. I think it's generic so grab it from the drivers page of one of the new Win8 model notebooks.

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Updated my Satellite Z830 to windows 8. In order to do that I had to uninstall the recovery program.
I thought that the program would be reinstalled when running the Toshiba upgrade Assistant - but that did not happen.

How do I update the program again?

A:Satellite Z830 updated to Win8 - missing Toshiba Media Creator


As far as I know the recovery media creator is part of the Toshiba image and not available after Win 8 upgrade

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Hey guys,
after upgrading my Toshiba Port?g? Z20T from preinstalled Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (using Windows Update) I cannot create a recovery USB stick (using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator) any more. After starting the Toshiba software and confirming administrator rights I get the message ?No HDD recovery area! The Toshiba Recovery Media Creator cannot be launched.? (Here in German: ?Kein HDD-Wiederherstellungsbereich! Toshiba Recovery Media Creator kann nicht gestartet werden.?) Before upgrading to Windows 10 I successfully created a recovery USB stick from this computer.
I did not format or re-partition the disk. This is the current partition list, created using DISKPART:
Partition ### Type/Typ Size/Gr??e Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Recovery/Wiederherstellun 1024 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 System 100 MB 1025 MB
Partition 3 Reserved/Reserviert 128 MB 1125 MB
Partition 4 Primary/Prim?r 226 GB 1253 MB
Partition 5 Recovery/Wiederherstellun 450 MB 227 GB
Partition 6 Recovery/Wiederherstellun 10 GB 227 GB
There are three recovery partitions I have not touched at all. Windows 10 is on the ?Primary/Prim?r? partition, which is the only BitLocker-encrypted one. (I did not find any evidence, that Toshiba Recovery Media Creator has a problem with BitLocker, and I don?t want to switch it off.)
I have installed the latest Version of Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.
Is the software working on your Windows 10 computer?


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Hi as a beginner as of today, I hope to address my quiry to the right forum. If not please let me know how to do it right. Thank you.

At the time I wanted to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 , I was given the advice to first de-activate Toshiba Recovery Media Creator otherwise it would not work out. Indeed the update went successfully. However, how can i activate the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator again or is it not possible to re-activate anymore?
Thanking you in advancde for your advice,
Kind regards,

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Hi i have had this problem for a week or so i keep getting a error when trying to uninstall this program i think this happened because i had to restore a week ago and since then it wont remove through programs and features, i have tried a few third party uninstalls but they wouldnt work either i have posted on another forum but havnt found a solution yet this is what i have said:

i cant seem to uninstall Recovery Media Creator everytime i try to uninstall it i seem to get a red x error message with error code (-5005 : 0x80070002),
I think this was caused by system restore it may have removed a file in the trusted installer folder, i have literally tried everything i know of but cant seem to remove it.
I have got all my recovery so i was trying to remove it because of that and it kind of annoys me when i cant remove a program i have no idea how to manually remove programs but i do have a bit of knowledge with operating systems so if theres any advice on that would be great.
Kind Regards

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i cant seem to uninstall Recovery Media Creator everytime i try to uninstall it i seem to get a red x error message with error code (-5005 : 0x80070002),

I think this was caused by system restore it may have removed a file in the trusted installer folder, i have literally tried everything i know of but cant seem to remove it.

I have got all my recovery so i was trying to remove it because of that and it kind of annoys me when i cant remove a program i have no idea how to manually remove programs but i do have a bit of knowledge with operating systems so if theres any advice on that would be great.

Kind Regards

A:Cant uninstall Toshiba Recovery Media Creator

Visit Toshiba download page, download and reinstall Toshiba Recovery Media Creator. I hope this will fix your problem and after doing this you will be able to remove it.

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Satellite L50-B-2G2.
Windows 8.1 pre-installed

Where do I find the "Recovery Media Creator" ?
I found a description how to use it but none where to find it....


A:Re: Satellite L50-B-2G2 - Where to find "Recovery Media Creator"?

Start please ?Desktop Assist? > Support & Recovery > and there you will find Recovery media creator.

You can also find it if you use search option.

Check it out please.

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I have a toshiba portege z930 pt234e With Windows 7 Professional
I connected the external optical drive and was running fine
But when I installed the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, the external optical drive disappeared
When I open the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, Shows, No HDD Recovery Area!
I want to make a Recovery disk of the system

A:Portege Z930 - Toshiba Recovery Media Creator issue


The Recovery Media Creator is an Toshiba tool which requires the Toshiba image files in order to create the recovery disk. The image files are placed on a different partition called HDD recovery partition.

If the HDD has been modified or this partition deleted, the recovery media creator will not be able to find the image files and you will not be able to create such disk.

So my question is: did you reinstall the Win 7 at your own hand? Did you modify the HDD in the past?

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I am at the end of my wits end....
This started on Sunday. I noticed that when I switched it on it behaved as if it had gone to hibernate when I know I had switched it off. It then went black and remained black.
I have tried all the usual battery tricks and eventually, it agreed to start POST-ing again.
Monday: It starts up ok but not internet connection whatsoever. Eventually, after updating the atheros card my interconnect connection worked again. It could have been coincidental, I don't know.
Tuesday am: I switched on briefly to check something and everything seemed fine. Away the rest of the day, computer switched off.
Wednesday am: switched it on and it went to black screen again. This time all the usual battery tricks did not work. I have had a variety of black, white and grey screen throughout the day. At one point, I had a striped screen...
Today I am trying to find someone local who could lend me a computer screen to check the state of my screen.

Anyone got any idea and constructive thoughts that will take me out of my despair?!!
Many, many thanks in advance

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Hi all,

Does anybody know of an issue that could cause a no boot (just stays on Toshiba logo forever) followed by boot on the second try pretty much every time on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L870 (Windows 8)?

Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Pro L870 stays on Toshiba logo forever - no boot

Usually the notebook performs the POST (power on self test) while the Toshiba splash screen is visible.
While power in self test, the essential motherboard hardware components (i.e RAM) would be checked.

I think the POST cannot be passed properly and therefore the notebook freezes at the Toshiba logo screen.

But unfortunately, I cannot say for sure what part might be affected? it could be an simple RAM problem or some serious motherboard issue.

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My old HDD got fried, but thankfully a friend had the same laptop (Toshiba satelite c660d) running windows 7 and kindly made me a recovery USB with toshiba recovery media creator.
Next I put in a new HDD (an old working 80gb that i had laying around) and booted up. It went through to the toshiba restore utility and it formatted the HDD but then a short while after starting to copy the files the screen said that there was not enough room on the disk.
Plugging the HDD to another computer I found that the utility created three partitions on the disk (400mb, 78gb and 900mb) the 900 mb (labled recovery partition) had been populated almost fully with files.
I tried expanding the 900mb partition but i was unable to.
Next I erased the 900mb partition and created a new 10gb partition, however when I tried to install again it just reformatted again creating a small 900mb partition - back to square 1!

Most of what i could see on the various forums spoke about re-installing over an existing os but not much about using a new HDD. I saw something about pressing 0 when switching on but it doesnt do anything for me.

Can anyone help???

A:How to reinstall windows on new HDD using Toshiba recovery media

You can try this: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Purchased the "SATELLITE PRO L870-18R" alongside a "Intel Core i7-3740QM 2.70 GHz FCPGA988 L3 6 MB 4 Cores CPU 2.70GHz" in order to perform a cpu upgrade and get a nice machine.

Machine boots as expected with it's stock i3, but the white LED blinks once and no post when the cpu upgrade is applied.
Is their a bios that will support this CPU, if not what is the max cpu this toshiba will upgrade to. Bit disheartened i cant upgrade.

A:Satellite Pro L870-18R - No boot after CPU upgrade

Is their a bios that will support this CPU

BIOS updates are not released to allow new CPU supports but BIOS updates are release to fix possible notebook issues…

if not what is the max cpu this toshiba will upgrade to. Bit disheartened i cant upgrade.

Fact is that notebook manufacturers don’t support CPU upgrades on own notebooks… this means that there are no further information about possible and supported CPUs.

However, usually an new CPU requires an chipset support and BIOS… so in case you want to perform such upgrade (of course only at your own risk) then you will need to use an CPU which is supported by Intel Chipset. But there is no guarantee that notebook would functions even if using an CPU which would be supported by chipset…

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My notebook runs a Windows 8 and I can not update to 8.1.

I tried 3 times and the configuration process stops at 83% and then the Windows 8 is restored

The "error" code is 0x800706BE - 0x2003

Any help?


A:Satellite L870-19N - cannot upgrade to Win 8.1 - 0x800706BE - 0x2003


The Windows 8.1 upgrade could fail if installed Windows 8 system isn?t up to date.
I recommend you to check for available Win 8 updates (control panel -> system -> Windows update)

You should start with Win 8.1 upgrade only when all patches for Win 8 would be installed

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Hiya all.
I have the above laptop however the backup partition has been damaged and no longer viable to use for recovery. I am looking to purchase the RECOVERY MEDIA ON USB.

The issue I have is "Where can i purchase it from"? Each link i try ends up been a dead link or i get the message no longer available in UK since March 2017 which gives a link to Toshiba EU. I can't seem to find a link for purchasing the recovery media.

Any assistance would be great please

Many thanks
Kind regards
Tony (UK)

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Hi team,
When trying to create the recovery media DVD with the Toshiba tool "Recovery Media Creator" after upgrading to Windows 10 I received the following message: "Error to open the following file E:\Boot\BCD - error code: 020123-F1-00000000"
I am using a Toshiba Satellite L755

Any idea how to proceed to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

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Hello all,

I need help.
My company sold a Satellite Pro R-50B to a client.
This laptop has windows 8.1 pro.
The selling was done with the option to downgrade from windows 8.1 pro to windows 7 pro.
The client needs the windows 7 because the 8.1 does not work with other software he have at his company.
Now my questions is:
-Where is the option to downgrade? How can I do it?

I have tried the "recover from hidden partition" but he still gives me one option: windows 8.1.
The recover cd's = windows 8.1 pro

Any help?

Best Regards to all
Luis Martins

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When I press the power button, it shows "no bootable device-Please restart system".
Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart.
1] I changed the Boot order to boot Knoppix but then I get:
"Boot Failure: a proper digital signature was not found. One of the files on the selected boot device was rejected by the secure boot feature"
then the laptop shuts down.
2] I also see the options to go into safe mode but it doesn't work and the system restarts itself.
3] I tried doing a factory recovery by holding down the 0 key as it suggests here:
but that does not work with the system restarting itslef.
4] Now I am seeing:
Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete"
If the above no.4 does not work, I am thinking I can try running a chkdsk but how can I do so from outside of windows? BTW, I am now sometimes hearing a "clicking" noise every now and then, I am guessing this is coming from the HDD while the system is trying to repair it?
BTW, I am now sometimes hearing a "clicking" noise every now and then, I am guessing this is coming from the HDD while the system is trying to repair it?
BTW, I am now sometimes hearing a "clicking" noise every now and then, I am guessing this is coming from the HDD while the system is trying to repair it?

A:Toshiba Satellite win8 booting problem?

The repair did not work, it restarted itself after showing another error message then shows now "Diagnosing your pc"

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Hi all,

First of all, I tried all possible fixes I could imagine and see and my last shot is here.
So, I wanted to uncheck motherboard issue ( soundcard ) by installing Ubuntu, and sound is working on Ubuntu, utleast last time I checked. But before Ubuntu (and right now) I have Windows 8, and I had that annoying sound problem, even my HDMI is not shown in devices when I want to play sound trough my 5.1 system from TV ( It worked on Ubuntu).

I know it has a problem with drivers, but I am unable to:
1. complete uninstall HD audio drivers (they come back after I refresh hardware changes)
2. Troubleshoot found error and try to reinstall driver, but it's unable to resolve it and reinstall
3. I tried many different versions of Realtek Audio drivers, even some sort of Intel Display drivers (with Audio) etc.. but nothing..
4. The problem appears first time after (I think) last drivers update of Intel drivers, even now I think Intel has buggy latest drivers.
5. But, even clean install of Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize Audio Output devices.
6. I upgraded BIOS few weeks ago from Toshiba website, I think 6.30, 640 or 6.50 was the last version on my laptop AND I upgraded it to latest 6.80. Maybe that is connected somehow with my problem? But I had that problem before I upgraded BIOS, and I tried Ubuntu few days ago without problem.
I want Windows 8.1 with sound


A:Audio problem - Win8, Toshiba Satellite

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Hi please bear with me as this is my first post.

I am having problems trying to reinstall Roxio Easy Media Creator 10. I have followed the uninstall instructions on their website but am still having problems.

On their site they say to remove ALL references to Roxio and Sonic. After trying this several times with no real success l ran an advanced search to see if there were any other references l may have missed.

l have found a whole bunch of folders called amd64_microsoft-windows-sonic-

I am running a Pentium E6600 and wonder if it is safe to remove these files

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

A:Easy Media Creator 10 Reinstall Problems

I'd suggest not being too agressive with manual file removal because it can be difficult to tell what's needed and what's not.

It sounds like there's a problem with Roxio that makes you contemplate a reinstall as a possible fix. What is that underlying issue which you'd like to fix? If you provide more detail about that, someone might be able to help.

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I bought a computer (Z930, 128 SSD, 6GB RAM) with Windows 8 preinstalled, and I want to remove windows 8 and install windows 7 for which I have the license.
my question is:
1 - is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
2 - after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
2 - Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)


Message was edited by: bassam
to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created? is there any partition necessary to the USB recovery media support

A:Satellite Z930 - Is it possible to reinstall Win8 after its deletion?


Last week I tested it on my Satellite U940 and my answers are as follow:
> is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
> after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
> Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)
Generally speaking no, it is not a problem. Only problem can be installation of some drivers, tools and utilities but I believe you will be able to install it.

Check also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2C03F80002R01.htm

> to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created?
I have tested it and there was no problem at all.

Before you start to do anything test recovery USB functionality.

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Hello. This is my first time in this forum.

But to get to the main point, I have lost but recovered the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator.ink file to a temporary location on the c: drive.

But it still doesn't seem to be working.

Here is some information on my laptop:

Toshiba L300-1BV

Intel® Celeron Processor 1.66Ghz

2GB Memory

Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Card

So except from using the f8 button and selecting repair your computer and then selecting Toshiba HDD recovery Utility, is there any other button that can restore my computer to its origional factory state?



A:Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator Lost! Any other way i can restore?

Have you tried...looking at the documenation (owner's manual) for your system?

Or the Toshiba website?


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I have Toshiba laptop that I migrated to WIN8 and had no issues, once I moved 8.1 randomly the computer freezes for some minutes where I can only move the mouse and nothing happnes, even the Ctrl Alt Del does not work, but after a while the computer comes back to life and everything that I imputed, clics and keystrokes, start to go on.

Is annoying since I cant see a movie now without getting freeze while watching it

I already clean install WIN8.1 RTM with lastes patches and drivers but the same issue since I thought is was a WIN issue for the upgrade.

Here are the specs

Date 2013/10/23 20:25:16

[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite L745D
Part Number PSK4GU-00H003
Serial Number deleted on purpose
OS Version Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 6.3.9600
BIOS Version 1.20
CPU AMD E-450 APU with Radeon? HD Graphics
Physical Memory4096MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity2,000,038,125,568 [Byte] 1.819 [TB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity1,253,948,272,640 [Byte] 1.140 [TB]
Video AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics version=
Screen Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound AMD High Definition Audio Device version=
Conexant SmartAudio HD version=
Network Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC version=2012.2.827.2013
Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30) version= Read more

A:Toshiba SATELLITE L745D-S4350 random freeze WIN8.1

I see lots of wifi errors being recorded in your event logs. I aslo noticed there is a wifi driver update available from Realtek for the RTL8188CE here:


Attachment 30172

Good luck.

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I am trying to use "Recovery Media Creator" loading on to a 16Gig USB drive.
The program instructs me to insert a USB flash drive greater than 12 Gig which I do.

It then says that the drive will be formatted and then comes up with "Format Failed (Error Code: 040E49-04-00000000)" and the USB drive becomes unreadable. Using Windows & Disc Management tool I can then format the drive and use it becomes useable except for "Recovery Media Creator".

I have formatted as FAT32, NTFS and exFAT but none work.
I have tried two USB flash drives, both behave the same.

As far as I can tell, there are no partitions on the drive and I have successfully used "Recovery Media Creator" on one of the drives in the past. I want the files to restore another computer, something else that I have done successfully before.

I can burn the data using DVDs but the DVDs didn't work so I want to try the USBs. I have read a few threads along these lines but have not found any answers so far. I am sure that there is a simple explanation but I can't find it.

A:Recovery Media Creator and USB

Usually the creation of the Recovery medium using the USB flash stick should work properly.

I read in some other threads that the preinstalled antivirus software could cause similar problems… so I recommend you to disable antivirus and any other security software… then it should work

Other guys said that deleting the partition completely and creating a new simple volume would also work.

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I have a new XPS 8900.  I want to create recovery media on external Hard Disk Drive.  I took a 40GB HDD, and using Windows Disk Management, I created two NTFS partittions. about 19GB.  Once I started  recovery media creator, it changed partition scheme to a 32GB FAT32 and an 8GB unallocated.  Why does this happen?  I was told only 16GB is needed for the recovery media.  I thought I could use this 40GB HDD to hold two recovery partitions. 

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My recovery media creator is not working. Its showing that "No HDD recovering area"
what to do for making a HDD recovery area??

A:Recovery Media Creator is not working.

The message on the screenshot says: No HDD recovery area

This means that the recovery media creator software cannot find the image files which are stored on the HDD recovery partition.
There are different reasons for that…

One of the reasons could be the missing HDD recovery partition or the files (image files) have been deleted…

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My wife?s Toshiba Satellite L300 is driving me nuts! Two of our grandkids got their hands on it recently and made a real mess of it. I knew it had malware and viruses on it so I decided to do the following:-

1. Removed HDD and wiped it clean using the ?KillDisk? software

2. Replaced the HDD and tried to reinstall Win 7 using the installation disk

3 All I get now is the ?Toshiba Leading Innovation? screen which then goes into a blank (black screen) with a flashing cursor which does not accept anything I type into it. There is also a continuous ?beep, beep, beep? which carries on until I switch off.

I?ve managed to get into Boot Manager and have repeatedly changed the boot order to CD/DVD but (just like Catch 22) it goes to the steps I?ve outlined above.

I?ve promised my wife that ?no problem - I can fix this? and will lose a lot face if I have to take it to the local computer repair shop.

Any ideas anybody?

A:Toshiba Satellite cannot reinstall Win 7

Hello drurylanetechsu and welcome to TSF,

Your installation disc, is it a Toshiba branded recovery disc, a retail Windows 7 disc or a System image you created?

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I had a version of Windows 8 installed on a secondary hard drive for testing purposes. When I no longer needed it, I uninstalled it and formatted the hard drive. What's odd is that the Bootloader for Windows 8 is still there, and throws up an error screen saying it can't find critical system files.

Ive tried restoring the MBR using my Win7 disc, but to no avail.

A:Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

Sounds like a boot menu entry pointing nowhwere. You should be able to delete it from msconfig>Boot tab

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I own an Ei system laptop but cannot make a recovery disk set because this message comes up;
(When I click on: Start>Programs>System Recovery>Recovery Media Creator)

"A Recovery set has already been created for this pc.
You are not allowed to create another set."

Along time ago when the computer was new, I started the Recovery Media Creator but I think someone shut the computer down before the process was completed and I haven?t tried it again until now.

So I do not have a recovery disk and can't make one.
Could someone please help me make a recovery disk?

A:Reset Ei system Recovery Media Creator


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After much work in the Malware removal forum, the conclusion was that an OS reinstall would be best due to my circumstances. So, I was posting this to elicit any tips/suggestions on the process. I have never performed a reinstall of the OS, but I have read and received the basic info on how to do it. I have the Windows XP Home recovery discs, but I was hoping that other Toshiba Satellite Laptop users who have done a system reinstall could tell me any insider info I need to know before I begin.

So, if you could please outline the steps to follow to do the reinstall I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

FYI, I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop w/ Windows XP Home. The model is a 2410-S206. I believe the operating system has been running since 2/8/2003.

A:OS reinstall for XP Home on a Toshiba Satellite

here is a pretty straight forward walk through of how do go about all of this from PC World [post="LINK"]http://www.pcworld.com/article/105866/stepbystep_reinstall_windows.html[/post]

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P35-s611. I tried to reinstall XP Home using a genuine xp home disk. I keep getting error messages. can't find file... unable to install. I can't find my original Toshiba disk. How can I reinstall xp home without original reinstall disk? I have a few xp home genuine disks and none of them work. Toshiba is NO HELP at all. Any suggestions??

A:Toshiba Satellite P35-s611 Reinstall XP

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Toshiba Satellite P35-s611 Reinstall XP
I have a Toshiba Satellite P35-s611. I tried to reinstall XP Home using a genuine xp home disk. I keep getting error messages. can't find file... unable to install. I can't find my original Toshiba disk. How can I reinstall xp home without original reinstall disk? I have a few xp home genuine disks and none of them work. Toshiba is NO HELP at all. Any suggestions?

if you boot off the CD ( are they bootable CD's) delete the partition and reformat the drive
These are legal copies of the OS
you will need all the drivers for the device on the toshiba


Not that easy...
I have repaired many laptops... Never a toshiba. I have deleted the partion, created the partition and formated. It goes through all of that no problem. But as the OS "copying files needed for instalation, There are many files "Cannot find ________" hit enter to try again or Esc. to skip.
If I try and esc. them all I eventually get a blue screen...

That is why I figured the Toshiba has certain things not on the reg. xp home disk.
is the CD clean and with no scratches at all
Experience: Intermediate
That was my thought as well... I cleaned the disk... then tried 2 other disks. All the same results. I then booted the laptop with a boot disk and checked the harddrive. Everything is good... The Only answer I can figure is I need the Toshiba disk because maybe it has some prop... Read more

A:Toshiba Satellite P35-s611 Reinstall XP

it would be best to keep to the other thread

you can add a reply with BUMP in to bring it back to the top of the pile if no replies in a 24hr period

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I just uninstalled an old program on this old laptop, when something BAD happened.
I hit OKAY button automatically while reading that it was going to erase everything in the program's subdirectory, and a 2nd directory (didn't catch the name) and a 3rd directory (drive c:/). Not seeing the drive c comment until the split second I hit the OKAY button ... is the beginning of BAD. I'd never seen such an uninstall screen before and thought nothing of it, until after about 15 seconds, I realized the disk activity was going on longer than it should have for uninstalling such a small program (less than 1 meg). So I checked Explorer and saw that the available disk space was getting bigger and bigger, meaning a lot of stuff was getting erased from the hard drive. That's the middle of BAD. So I powered off the laptop hoping I'd be able to at least salvage some of the files. Upon rebooting, sure enough, it would not boot. It came up with the initial WIn98 bootup screen, then a DOS-like screen saying "type in the full path for command.com" or something like that. Did it. Did not work. Accessed bios to change the boot disk order to boot from CD drive first. Inserted a generic std Win98 OS disk (I don't have the original Toshiba disk). Rebooted. CD drive was accessed, but then I guess it found some Win98 stuff on c: drive and then the DOS-like screen saying "type in the full path for command.com" popped up. Tried it repeatedly. No change. Th... Read more

A:toshiba satellite 2595XDVD reinstall win98

Never mind. I figured it out.

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Hi guys,

A good news.

If you read my previous long post titled:
Portege Z930-12Q can't boot after Windows Creator failed updateI had issues with an automatic upgrade of Windows 10 which forced me to install Windows Creator and that failed.
I managed to re-install Windows 10.

Few weeks later, indeed yesterday, the now automatic Win10 upgrade process upgraded me to Windows Creator, SUCCESSFULLY !
Still however the list of supported computers is not updated on the toshiba website.

What I can tell you is that the install process (thus software) sounds different, in fact instead of staying under Windows to upgrade it now just does not boot a full windows10 and stays in a full screen mode showing the installation progress.
The version installed for me is now 15063.540

Hope this will be usefull to you.

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I have downloaded W8 and tried to upgrade over Vista home premium. At the end of the installation there was an error message that Windows installation was not successful, and that the previous version of Windows was being restored.

The machine is a Satellite M100,series PSMAAA-026007, with CPU T2350.
When the Windows 8 upgrade assistant was run, part of the report was that NX was not turned on, and that setup will attempt to turn it on during installation. It is presumed that in this it was unsuccessful.
I had previously downloaded and installed the latest BIOS update for this laptop that I could find.

If the failed installation is due to not having NX because the CPU/BIOS does not support NX, is it possible to install another CPU which will.

Any advice would be appreciated.

A:How to upgrade Satellite M100 to Win8?

Maybe stupid question at the beginning but is your M100 supported for Win8?
Have you checked it on Toshiba support page?

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I'm planning to upgrade my op. system (XP) but don't no if windows7,windows8 or 8.1 runs on my laptop.

Can anyone please help me answer this question?
And which op.system you suggest me to choose?

Where can I download drivers (videocard, usb, TOshiba tools) ?

Thank you for your kind help in advance :)


A:Satellite M60-159 - system upgrade to Win 7, Win8 or Win 8.1

At first visit Toshiba download page - http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp and check which operatings systems are supported for your notebook model.

I thinkyou can install Vista or eventually Win 7 32bit. Not more than that.

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HI, I need help to reinstall my vista op on my lap top toshiba satellite A100 , It came with 2 disks Product recover DVD ROM..I dont know how to wipe clean first hardrive, or if i have to do that , or just put in the disks and it will do it by itself..i did put in the first disk and immediatley i got a blue screen. my laptop was bought in may 2007 , if that helps. I am very green wen it comes to hardware and reinstalling OP systems..can some one please help , ? OH and I think all this happened cos it has a virus.

A:Solved: help to reinstall VISTA OP on toshiba Satellite A100

Reinstalling is sometimes the best and fastest way to sort out a problem, but can also be a major time drain and source of frustration. If you prefer you could detail exactly what problem is prompting you to reinstall, and we could consider addressing that instead.

The process will empty your drive itself, which means that you don't have to do any wiping (unless you want to sell/give away the computer). It also means however that all programs and files on your computer will be lost. Make backups of important files (Documents, pictures, etc) before you reinstall.

Another point to bear in mind if you suspect a Virus caused the problem, is to ensure that you install Anti virus software immediately, before trying to replace your backups.


If you have two disks one will be for the Operating System (Windows) and the other will have Toshiba Software and drivers. Make sure that you use the Operating System Disk.

To use the recovery CD you have to boot from it--basically load its own Operating system which does the work of replacing Windows. You don't put it in while Windows is running--Windows very sensibly protects itself from being overwritten. When your computer first turns on and before you get to Windows, you should see the POST screen. At the bottom it prompts you to press F2 for Setup or F12; you have to press F12. Actually the easiest way is to repeatedly press F12 from the moment you turn it on until you get the menu.

The menu in question should give y... Read more

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The touchpad on my toshiba was not working. I uninstalled the driver after reading some posts. Then I deleted the device. Clearly not my best moment. Now when I go to the start menu I can find the driver, but the device has been removed. Is there a way to reinstall it? I am using Windows 10 and I'm not computer wise....obviously. Thanks for the assistance.

A:Toshiba Satellite C55t-A5222 Touchpad how to reinstall

Toshiba Satellite C55T-A5222 Laptop (PSCF6U-01T00D) - originally came with Windows 8 64-bit

If it's now running Windows 10 64-bit, select that Windows version for the operating system, then select the "Drivers & Updates" tab, then select "Keyboard and touchpad", then select and download the driver.

After it's been downloaded and saved, close all open windows first, then install it.


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My toshiba click2 mini stopped working so I reset it and tried everything even burning windows 10 and 8 to several usb drives to reinstall windows but when I boot into the windows settings it doesn't respond I can't touch the screen to change options or go forward using the key board .

the reason why Ive been trying to reinstall windows is because when I get to the windows 10 setting screen I enter my WiFi and English settings then the pc says please wait and a minute later the screen flashes black and it restarts and I have to enter the settings again I've reset it several times the pc do sent restart if i leave the choose language park on the screen .

toshiba want 80 pounds just to reinstall windows but I don't know how they are going to do it if I can't

A:Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Mini - Cannot reinstall Windows OS

So you have re-installed Windows successfully, but when it boots to "first time" settings wizard where you enter the computer name, user name, wifi settings, etc. you can't use the touch screen or keyboard? I've had this issue before as well. If you've done a fresh install of Windows then the drivers for the keyboard and touch screen aren't available. The only way around this is to plug in a USB keyboard. I can't remember exactly but I don't think the full-size USB port on the keyboard dock works until the driver is installed, so you may have to get a USB On The Go adapter so you can plug a full-size USB keyboard in to the microUSB port on the tablet.

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I've had this laptop for a month now and have been trying to get it back into it's original condition. Apparently they've been using a universal power adapter and it was overvolting the laptop at 22V instead of the rated 19V. The battery won't charge which I'm sure is due to that. Anyway most likely from running on adapter only the OS got hosed from being turned off improperly. So I wanted to do a factory reinstall from the recovery partition. Tried system restore to no avail btw.

So from what I've learned recovering a Toshiba laptop back to factory you're supposed to hold down the 0 key turn it on and it should take you to a recovery menu which it does not. There are no beeps but I do see something about recovery in the bottom left hand corner for a split sec, but then it goes to a normal start in safe mode screen. My last option from what I can see is to order a recovery disc direct from Toshiba, couldn't find any images online as far as free goes.

Anybody have any other suggestions before I spend money?

It has Win Vista 32 installed.

A:Toshiba Satellite U305-S5077 Factory Reinstall

Send it back...


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I?m new to this forum so apologies if I?ve posted in the wrong place.
I have just purchased an Sat Pro L870-18R for my wife as a christmas pressy.
Before she gets it I was going to upgrade the Ram from 4GB to 8GB.

I know it has a single stick of ddr3 1600Mhz in it but without opening it up does any one know what manufacturer of Ram Tosh use for this machine?

I would like to keep the same manufacturer.
If I can to at least give it a chance of running dual channel. I know i could just take it apart and look as I?m going to have to open it anyway to fit the new ram.

I just i didn?t want o keep packing it and unpacking it and opening and closing it up it is a present after all lol .

Any help appreciated thnk

A:What Ram modules are used in Satellite Pro L870-18R

First of all the RAM brand is not very important to get the RAM running in dual channel.
Important is that both RAM modules would support the same specs.

As far as I know the unit was equipped with an SO-DIMM 4GB RAM DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800) module. I guess the part number is: *PA3918U-1M4G*


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Due to general failure of my old motherboard, I had to change it for a new one on a toshiba satellite L870-18x.

The new one i bought seems not to have a win8 license in its Bios

So when I try to install win8 i'm stuck on the license number asking box.

I'd like to find my old win8 license number in order to reinstal win8 on my satellite.

Could someone help me do, please ?

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Hey, I have a Satellite Pro L870-18G with a AMD Radeon HD 7670M card installed. I've been reading up on the specs and see that this specific card uses HyperMemory that works together with the RAMs installed in the laptop. I want to install 16GB RAM instead of the standard 4GB installed and so I am interested in how this will affect my graphics.

According to Toshiba?s own description it will work this way:
+2,048 MB dedicated VRAM. Available graphics memory can be expanded using system memory, through HyperMemory? technology: up to 3,823 MB with 4 GB system memory installed, and up to 5,871 MB with 8 GB system memory installed+

Where can I see if HyperMemory is enabled and can I see how much memory the graphic card is currently "giving"?


A:HyperMemory on Satellite Pro L870-18G


If you expand the RAM to 16GB RAM, the bigger part could be shared with graphic card.
The graphic card driver assigns the part of the system RAM to graphic memory automatically and this means that its impossible to change this value manually.

In case more graphic memory would be necessary, the driver would share this part automatically.

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I have a L870-179 with a i3-3110M Processor.

Can I install a i5-3230M

The i5 does support, Intel Boost Technology
Eny possible CMOS/BIOS issues ?


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Hello, and thank you so much for checking out my question.

I'm trying to backup many *select* programs and files (audio, video and documents). I own a Toshiba Satellite (bought in 2003), which uses Windows XP and other files that came standard. I have added many, many programs and files to my PC since that time.

I would like to create a backup of most (but not all) of these programs and files. Then I would like to restore my computer to its original condition (I'm hoping that this process will take all of the little bugs and snails out of my daily struggle with this machine; I'm also hoping that this will help me to use the brand new iPod I bought 2 weeks ago that has stopped working with itunes and has not been fixed by any of the solutions I found on the iPod help site - but that's another story).

Here is one of the ineffective results of my exhaustive search. I have found information on how to use the XP backup program found on the Windows XP CD. Unfortunately, however, I don't have that CD because my computer came with XP already installed. I DO have the CD that came with my Toshiba Satellite called "Toshiba: Recovery and Applications / Drivers DVD Instructions".

The problem is that it seems like using this CD will erase all of the new files and programs I have on my computer.

1. What is the absolute best way to backup these select files without having to go out and buy new CDS or other products?

2. How do I go about... Read more

A:How to Backup Select Programs and Files on my Toshiba Satellite Before Reinstall

1. Norton Ghost, Nero Backup or other backup utilities, some are free as well.. these type of backup is taking a image snapshot, and some of them can take just snapshots of a certain folder/groups/drives/files (selective backup). Once backed up, you may need to reinstall teh programs or re add their registry keys, file associations etc (if you know what they are, easyer just reinstalling..). Media to backup to can be tape, cd/dvd, anohter hdd, network storage etc...

2. the toshiba cd is just like a windows xp cd, but only for that certain laptop, and does a full wipe and reinstall of the OS plus its customised software and drivers.. if you dont want those customised software, then just use a retail winxp cd and use the licence key on the bottom of the laptop.. but i havn;t tried that before...

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Hi, I'm the owner of a Satellite Pro L870-173 Notebook.
During writing an email the functions of the keyboard changed.
Some keys have another meaning, here are some examples

Space lab = ?
4 =? v4v4
c =The optio? for a secodon display

What can I do?
Is the cause a defect keyboard?
Do somebody have an idea?

The system is a Win8? 6v4-bit
The settings of the keyboard is still the same: German language

Thanks a lot!

A:Keyboard issue on Satellite Pro L870-173

> Do somebody have an idea?
Yes, I?ve got an idea.

> Is the cause a defect keyboard?
I?m afraid, yes.

You can confirm my idea connecting external USB keyboard to the notebook.
In case your external keyboard would work properly, the issue is related definitely to the internal keyboard.

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Hello everyone!

I have the L870-17M laptop, originally bought with Windows 8 OS but upgraded to Windows 10 about 9 months ago.

Recently, I have been getting BSOD but it would get fixed every time. However, when I turn on my laptop now I only get to a page with the following error...

Any advice? (I do not have any installation media...)

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