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anyway to delete read only pictures from a cd?

Q: anyway to delete read only pictures from a cd?

So, I have never had this problem before, and can't find a solution anywhere on microsoft.

I copied photos from m digital camera onto a CD. Now, i want to delete some of the photos from the cd, but I keep getting a message that says they are read-only files and that I can't delete them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: anyway to delete read only pictures from a cd?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: anyway to delete read only pictures from a cd?

once a file is on a CD you cannot delete it unless its an RW, in which case you could erase the disc.

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When I try and pull up pictures with .jpg I get a message that says file PictureViewer.exe cannot be found. However, I can get a preview picture to show. I've searched my computer and, sure enough, there is no file PictureViewer.exe. I have no idea how this file dissapeared. I last looked at a picture two months ago and had no problem. Can this file be restored? Where do I find a place to get the file?

As you can probably tell, I'm not very computer literate. I've retired and my grandson gave me his computer when he bought a laptop to take to college. Now I think I have to go back to college to learn how to use the darn thing.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:Can't read jpg pictures

My first suggestion would be to download and install Irfanview (freeware): www.irfanview.com When you get to the association part of the installation and setup, select “Images only”. Everything will work fine for you then.

If there is another program you want to view the pictures in you can change the association. I’m assuming your computer doesn’t have XP as it is a hand me down. Find a JPG image in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Highlight the file and Shift + right click. Select “Open with” and check the box to always use that program. Find the program you want to use and the JPGs will open there in the future.

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The JPEG files/pictures that I scanned in from slides on my older XP computer won't open under my newer computer running Windows Photo Gallery. In fact it hangs the computer when I try to read or open the file. I am able to read files from a CD that I created from a digital camera on the older computer. Therefore I know that it isn't the old CD drive that is incompatible with the new system. The CDs read fine on the older computer. When I try to import the pictures it says no new pictures or videos are found on this device. Please send me some words of wisdom and know how.

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I downloaded the pictures from my iphone to my chromebook thinking i could select which ones I would send, but now i have 200 unnecessary pictures. When i right click on the photos the delete option is faded. Sorry if its a dumb question.

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THis is driving me nuts! My Pictures is full of individual images and multiple copies of them. When I try to delete them, it just makes more copies!
What is going on?
Windows XP

A:My Pictures won't let me delete!

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I downloaded the pictures from my iphone to my chromebook thinking i could select which ones I would send, but now i have 200 unnecessary pictures. When i right click on the photos the delete option is faded. Sorry if its a dumb question.

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My wife and I went on vacation and took some pictures that.....well......shouldn't be seen in public. I transferred some of the "bad" pictures along with the "good" pictures to My Pictures. I sent the "bad" pictures to the Recycle Bin and emptied it, but when my screen saver kicked in, which shows a slideshow of My Pictures, I saw some of the "bad" pictures on the slideshow. How can I get rid of these pics? I would be grateful for any help.

I have a PC and use Windows XP

A:Can't Delete Pictures

Also look through My Documents and see if there's any hidden in there and maybe you film editing program

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As grandparents, we are new to digital photography. We got a new digital camera that uses a secure digital card. There were 204 pictures on the card. I put it in my media reader and downloaded the photos on to my computer Windows XP. I thought I took the card out of the reader but am not positive about that. Any way, I started looking at the pictures and deleting the ones that were out of focus etc. When my husband put the card back in the camera and started looking for certain pictures, they were gone. But there was a black space where the picture used to be. If I delete the picture using the camera, it just disappears as if it was never there and does not leave a space. So, I am in trouble because I deleted his pictures off his SD card.. I don't know how I did that. But the crazy part is that some pictures that I deleted from the computer are still on his card and some pictures that I have on my computer are no longer on his SD card. This is the part that is a real mystery to me to explain how I could have done this. I am in BIG trouble with my husband. Can any one explain the missing photos and what happened ??

A:How did I delete the pictures ??

How did you download them?

have you looked where you downloaded them to...? assumeing you gave the folder a name...

when you downloaded them did you give the folder a name you can recognize?

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On the desktop, after right-clicking and then clicking on Properties, under DESKTOP, how do i delete the choices i have for the background? my computer automatically puts pictures in the choice box whenever i put my pictures from my digital camera to my computer. theres too many background options!!!!

how do i delete those options?

A:How Do You Delete Pictures for the Backgroud

Are your digital camera pics in the 'my picturtes' folder? If so move them to a new folder....create one just for digital pics and choose that directory for uploading pictures....hope this helps.

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When I select a picture and hit control to select several more pictures to delete it automatically copies the pictures.  How do I select several without coping?

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I just installed Win 7 pro and have it set like I want it. I have 3 hard drives. Two internal and one external. after install I wiped out second internal and external drives clean. Then I tried to do a back up and it failed and in my pictures library it says I have a folder from my external drive that does not exist so I need to delete that folder and the path I guess to make this work.Everything I have tried has not worked.

Thanks Ivan

A:How to delete folder in pictures library.

Library - Remove a Included Folder

or see


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It is astounding to me that Microsoft would not allow users to delete a user picture, if the user didn't want one at the logon screen.

What possible reason is there to disallow deleting the picture. I know you can create a blank jpg, use a different picture, but why not just eliminate the user picture. A choice to get rid of that bad decision some of us make in testing and trying things is just too puzzling to let go.

Windows, do us a favor and listen.



A:Why can't users delete user pictures?

Hello there, Welcome.

Windows, do us a favor and listen

Listen to what or who?

How to remove previously used user picture/avatar images in Windows 8.1

If you don't want them anymore try this:

In File Explorer, type the following in the address bar (or just click folders until you get to it):

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\AccountPictures

Replace the "YOUR USER NAME" text with your actual user name.

Easiest way, you can hit winkey+S & type this


hit enter.

delete pictures.

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Hey there!
I have a problem that I wasn't able to google out so I am posting it here. It concerns yahoo email. I found out that yahoo saves all the pictures you send and receive as attachment in your emails into a separate picture folder. This folder is not visible in the yahoo mail interface on PC but it is viewable when logging in via smarphone (I do not use the yahoo smarphone app, just direct login through web browser - google chrome on iOS 7).

The pictures that are viewable in the "pictures" folder when logging through smarphone web browser cannot be deleted in any obvious way (such as a delete button or something). I figured they should dissapear if I delete the original message BUT that worked only partially. After deleting the said emails, I could no longer see pictures that I received from others, but I can still see pictures that I sent myself (and yes, I made sure to delete all the emails in "sent" folder as well). Please help! It is driving me crazy.

A:Cannot delete pictures from yahoo email

I don't have a smartphone and do not use the classic interface so I have never seen this photo gallery.
See if the directions here help

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I have some pics on my laptop i am trying to delete, whenever i try to delete i always get this message "Could not find this item.Verify the item's location and try again."
I tried unlocker and lockhunter but they dont work and i tried to delete them in safemode.

How do i delete the pics? they have been there for a week now

A:Cant delete pictures, verify items location and try again?


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I share IT responsibilities at my company and one of our (former) sales people added profile pictures to every single one of his contacts (787). To make matters worse, the large majority of them are celebrities & models if he liked the person, or "ugly people" if he did not like them.

We have a new salesperson onboarding and I need to transfer his contacts to her, but before I can do that I must find a way to rid all 787 contacts of their profile pictures.

Is there any way to accomplish this without having to manually remove each photo and resave the contacts? A setting, script, anything?


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Running XP and wanted to delete a folder (photos), right clicked and was told couldn't do it as file in use. I had shut down all other instances of it. Any help much appreciated.


A:Solved: Unable to delete a file/folder in My Pictures

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Help me please! Every time I delete a photo or move it to a folder, I get a "copy" in the original photo. I have tried highlighting & moving a group. I have tried moving them one at a time to a folder to delete. I have tried just deleting. I have more than 100 duplicates of some photos (just trying everything LOL). Any ideas? this is using the Picture Tasks on Windows xp.

A:Every time I delete or move a picture, it dulicates in my pictures file

Have you tried deleting them without using the picture tasks by just highlighting them and pressing the delete button?

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Iv'e been trying to do back-ups of, XP SP1, My Docs. & Photo's and not having a great deal of success using Nero Backitup. It seems to be O.K. until it gets to verification and then it shows a long list of ; 21:56:29 Read Errors from sectors 438800 to 438815, etc.,etc.,etc. However, when I give up and decide to delete the entries from the DVD + RW it shows ; Cannot delete this item, Read Only. Can I, "Blanket", change the status of these files to allow deletion and re-usage of the disc ?
It'a about a 2 1/4 hour back-up job which makes it a pain in the .....................

Regards, and Happy New Year, Gordon.

A:Cannot delete, Read only


Why are you trying to back up Sp1

Have you not updated to Sp2 yet

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I can't delete a file on my computer. It says it can't find the specified file. I can't rename, copy, or delete it (I can copy it actually if I copy the whole folder). When I right click those options don't appear either. I've tried programs, command prompts, safe mode, and none of theme worked. PLEASE HELP! Its causing major probs on my dad's laptop.

A:Cannot delete: PLZ HELP! I BEG YOU! READ NOW!

Try this... it worked wonders for me!


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I just move a bunch of emails to my DELETED folder and now when I try to delete them I get a message that says "MESSAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" AND THAT i NEED TO CHECK MY COMPUTER FOR LOW MEMORY OR LOW DISK SPACE!! I do NOT have low memory or dosk space (I have 368 of 455 gigabytes free space). Any ideas what I can do?!?

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I installed and then uninstalled Audible some time ago and did not realize that it had left files in the Program Files folder. On trying to delete the folder, I got a access denied (I am logged on to XP as Computer Administrator) and upon checking the properties found the folder was read only and I could not change the attribute, nor could I delete the file. Couldn't do it at Command Prompt within Windows XP either. I used to be able to do this in Win 95 by dropping out of windows into DOS, but how do I get rid of this file in XP.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How do I delete a read only file?

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Going through this fourm I found many great ideas as I too have a slow internet exployer. I did what many have suggested with good results. I used hijack this and got the following results. Can any one tell me which one of these enteries are no good and/or can be removed. THANKS!!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:01:24 PM, on 12/13/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\DeviceVM\Browser Configuration Utility\BCU.exe
C:\Program Files\DeviceVM\Browser Configuration Utility\BCUService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Pure Networks Shared\Platform\nmctxth.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Linksys\Linksys Updater\bin\LinksysUpdater.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Agent\VProSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgnsx.exe
C:\Program Files\TuneUp Util... Read more

A:what can I delete/ Please read this post!!!

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I have Windows XP and am using Word Perfect. I would like to know how to delete a read only file. The document I was working on went to read only when I save it. Thanks

A:How to delete a read only file

cant you right click on the file and uncheck the Read Only box?
also sometimes files that cant be deleted from Windows can be deleted from a command prompt

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I am unable to read or delete my windows hotmail messages on my desktop pc.

I am able to read them on my Iphone however.

This has been going on for at least a few weeks now.

This is occuring with firefox 6 and IE9. Once I reach my Inbox, anything I click doesn't seem to work.

I tried deleting my temporary internet files and cookies and it didn't work.

I tried running a malaware byte scan and it didn't work.

My computer is protected by AVG Anti-Virus and definitions are kept up to date.

I hope you are able to help, thank you!

A:Can't read or delete messages in hotmail

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When u go on to the url bar and type sumthing and it gives u suggestions of of site u have already bn on, how do I delete this. I done it before but have forgotten, please help.


A:need help to delete URL history, read inside for more. thanks

Hi fso520

In Internet Explorer,
Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > AutoComplete
Remove any checkmarks and click both the Clear Forms and Clear Passwords buttons.

or access Internet Options through the Control Panel.

Let us know if this works for you or not.

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I use 2007 Excel Recently I some how changed the attribute of a file to READ ONLY Now I can't delete it or change any info. I did save it under a new name but want it gone! Any help on this? I used Excel help which was useless.


A:Solved: Delete a read only file?

have you tried unlocker?

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Guys and Gals,

Is there a way to setup a folder's permissions so that users on the network can read it, write to it but not delete anything? I want the users to be able to contribute to a directory, but not delete anything off of it?



A:Read/Write Access But Not Delete


Our excellent tutorial on folder permissions:

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Im running Windows XP home edition. When I try to empty the recycle bin, this message comes up, it tells me there are two files in the recycle bin, but with the above message. Does anybody know how to correct this problem, I am running Bit Defender, Adware Away, Lava Soft Pro, Spybot, Spyware Doctor. Spyware Blaster, Microsoft Antispyware.

A:Cannot Delete Dc8 Cannot Read From Source File Or Disk

Have you tried deleting them in Safe Mode (mashing F8 when the system first starts to load Windows)?

Are the definitions for your antivirus and antispyware up to date? Have you scanned with them recently?

I wouldn't recommend running 2 antivirus programs at the same time (nor would I recommend 2 anti-spyware programs at the same time - but this is a lesser problem than the antivirus programs) because of conflicts that can arise when both programs compete for the same resources and files.

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So I am the sole administrator of my own desktop computer.  I recently observed a problem when trying to update GoG Galaxy.  The update was failing every time I tried it.  So I tried manually updating it, and kept seeing an error about some
file that already existed.  So I uninstalled the whole thing, and tried again, only to see this same error, again.  I went to look in the actual folder and tried to delete this file manually.  "You have to be an admin to do this."
Well I bloody am, so here we go.

Nope.  You need permission to perform this action.  So I went into the Security options for the folder and took direct ownership of the folder and all sub contents.... except that this one file refused my permissions.  When I tried to take
ownership of it directly, it informed I don't even have read access to see who the owner is.

How do I kill this file?

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I have requirement in windows 7 Pro
Users work on one software and save the files in D: drive, i want to prevent delete files and folder so give permission in user group
allow write.read, modify and deny delete
After giving that permission when user save the files than the error is "you dont have permission to modify in this network location",
but user try to save file second time than it will save, so first save error came and 0 kb file create in that location and second time it will save with actual data. so user need to save two times and two files created with same name.
Is there any solution to fulfill this, or any third parth software i can use ?

Thank you.

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When I copied a Word folder to a CD disk a PPThumbs file showed up in every document. I tried to delete them but they are read-only so I could not delete them. I moved one to desktop and deleted it from there but it is still on the disk. They do not show up in my Word files so I cannot delete them there. Can anyone tell me how to delete these files from both the CD and the Word files.

Most have only one date. One very large one has a second date of entry, but I can find nothing on my paperport to indicate use then.

Thanks for any help.

A:Delete read-only PPThumbs.ptn files from CD disk

I found I could go to My Documents through Window Explorers, click tools, then click folder options, then click view. I checked the option for no cache and also the option to show hidden files since mine were hidden documents. Now I can delete the unwanted PPThumb.ptn files as I come across them. Since I clicked no cache, they have not come back. I understand they do not hurt anything, just take up room, so if you don't mind having the ones in your folders that are there, you can click the hide option and they will stay but not be seen.

Once I got rid of the PPThumb files I then copied to a clean CD and it came out clean.

Hope this helps someone.

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I'm using Word 2004 for Mac version 11.2 at home on my lap-top, although this problem also applies on my office pc where I'm using Windows 2000.

As I'm sure you know Word allows you to create Read Only docs as a way of preserving an original document. It cannot then be altered or deleted. When you set one up you have to enter a password to enable you to 'unlock' it if you so wish - then it becomes a regular old document again.

My problem is a software engineer changed my operating system on my pc while he was dealing with a virus. This was thoughtful but it caused problems so he put it back the way it was - the only issue now is that all the files have come back locked (i'm assuming by the computer as an automatic safety precaution - are they sentient yet?) and I don't have the password, (and neither does my engineer friend).

I'm also a bit stupid computer-wise and a bit busy so it's taken me this long to figure out that the locked files will copy onto my memory stick (I was doing a back-up) but they won't come off it - hence now my memory stick is clogged up too. I have literally hundreds of locked documents on my computers and on my memory stick and can't get rid of them.

I know there must be a really simple way to sort this out. Hope you can help.

MH in Dublin

A:How to 'unlock' or delete Read Only docs in Word

I believe if you open a brand new document and then INSERT the protected document into it then it will allow you to make changes. From the Word Menu select INSERT --> FILE and then point to protected document)

This will only work on password protected documents that can be opened as "Read Only" and will not work on Documents that have password protection to keep them from being opened.


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Not really sure if this is a hardware issue or a software issue, however it is only occurring on a single external hard-drive so I guess it is a hardware question.

I occasionally find a corrupted image file on a particular one of our 1TB Transcend StoreJet external HDDs; not an epidemic, just a stray file once in a while.
Someone suggested that I should run chkdsk on the drive, as something on the drive might be the cause of the corrupted files.
So, the next time I connected the drive, I got the pop-up dialogue asking whether I wanted to scan and fix or continue without scanning; I had no idea what I was getting into.
I clicked "scan and fix" and that yielded another box with the choice to "find and attempt repair of bad sectors" ; so of course I chose the find and repair option.

Several hours later it finally finished whatever it did and provided a notice that any problem files would be in a newly created folder (I cannot recall the name); there was no such folder created and all seemed to be well.

Until today, when I tried to delete some temporary folders that I had created only minutes before; no matter what I tried, I always got the message "Cannot Read from Source File or Disk"

I tried to delete some unnecessary folders that had been there for years and got the same message.

I copied some practice files onto the drive and could not delete them as well.

Unlike everyone else that I have read about that has had this problem, I can quickly... Read more

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Hello I have run into several files on my system I cannot get rid of no matter how hard I try.

I'm running windows 2000 and the files in question are:

"My Pics" in the favorites folder
many MySearch files and zip folders throughout the system.

All file give this error upon deleting.

Cannot delete: cannot read from source file or disk.

I have read about many ways to correct this by using the *.*del command? but this has never fully been explained so I haven't tried it. Also there has been suggestions about gaining full ownership but I'm not sure how that fully works either.

Any further explanation or suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

A:HELP! cannot delete file. cannot read from source disk

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Hi, I've done an incredibly stupid thing. I've accidentally clicked to send a read receipt, and now it's stuck in the outbox of Outlook and I keep getting send/receive error messages.

Unfortunately, this has happened to me once before, and I downloaded OutlookSpy and followed the instructions I found online to remove the undeliverable read receipts. However, this was more than thirty days ago, and the free trial period of OutlookSpy has now expired.

Not being the kind of person who has any idea what MAPI is (or whatever), I don't need this program for any other purpose and am loath to pay $50 to register it, when all I really need to do is get rid of an annoying error message.

Is there any other way I can get things back to normal?

Many thanks in advance.


A:Delete undeliverable read receipts NOT using OutlookSpy

See this:


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For the last week I have not been able to delete my read items in Outlook Express. I was running version 6, operating system is 98 SE. I tried highlighting one or several and right click delete choice but that does not work. Tried dragging items from inbox to deleted items folder, that does not work. Tried using the delete icon on tool bar that does not work. I tried removing Outlook Express 6, now have OE5, still cannot delete anything. If anyone can help would greatly appreceiat any suggestion.

A:Cannot delete read items in Outlook Express

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When I open my Hotmail account I cannot read or delete messages. I click on the links, and it appears that nothing is happening. I have cleared the browsing history and cache and I have run an antivirus scan (AVG), Cleanup (which deletes all history), and a malware scan (Malwarebytes). I do not have this issue in Windows Explorer - only Firefox 4.0.1. This issue affects my laptop (an Acer Aspire 5532 running Windows 7), but not my PC (an old HP on Windows XP). The PC is also running Firefox 4.0.1.

Any suggestions?

A:Hotmail - unable to read or delete messages

Clear all cookies and java cache, restart the machine and see if any change.

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I have a problem with my USB its a 16gig model but when i go into the folder
where the dubious files are i cant not delete them or cant copy files from the USB itself anyway
usb is now 116gig because if this how

cannot delete file:cannot read from the source disk

plz help me i need my USB urgently

what software can i use the lose the error so i can delete

I already have unlocker doesn't work

A:cannot delete file:cannot read from the source disk

Does a quick format work?

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So my laptop, a Dell XPS M1530, froze and I had to force restart. Then when I turned it on it wouldn't get past the Log In screen no matter what I tried. So I pulled the hard drive out, hooked it up as an external, pulled my important data off, hooked it back up, and reformatted my laptop. Once the formatting was finished it restart, but now it pops up saying "Disc Read Error. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete," and this becomes an endless cycle. It wouldn't boot from a disc either and a friend of mine thinks my hard drive might be screwed. I'm really hoping that isn't the case.

I'm not a very technical person but I'm doing my best to try to fix this thing on my own. Any helpful suggestions?

A:Disc Read Error. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. . . Help?!

Okay this is a possible cause that the HDD is gone so please Hook it up as an external drive and then Run a checkdisk on it also Please Use a HDD checker

Check Disk - chkdsk

I use this for Checking HDD but the choice is yours

You will need to use the Health tab when using HDtune

HD Tune website


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I was recently transferring data from my camera card reader to my laptop (Dell, XP), when an error caused me to lose some of my files from my camera memory card (JPG & AVI). I ran data recovery software and managed to retrieve all of the files from my memory card. The files are now 'read only' and I can not delete, rotate or move their location. I have tried un-checking the 'read only' setting in 'properties' , only for it to return to 'read only' once I re-open it. If I try to delete the folder or a file individually, I get an error message saying;

'Cannot delete (file name). Access is denied. Make sure the disc is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use'

The file is not currently in use. I still get this error message even with all programs are closed as well as after re-starting my laptop.

During the file recovery process, I ended up with multiple copies of the same folder (and there were a lot of photos in there) and not being able to delete these files means they are clogging up my laptop. I
would also like to be able to rotate some of the images and put them on a memory card for a friend.

If any one can give me any advice I'd be very grateful.

Thank you very much!

A:Unable to delete read only files after file recovery.

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First my overall goal.  The program I am writing creates data files (XMLs) that need to be viewable by all the users and another program reads the data in.  However, I need to ensure that my program is the only one that writes to the files and
that users cannot delete the files (on accident).  I realize that there are ways around the permissions but making it difficult or purposeful to edit or delete the files is enough.
I think permissions is the way to go so I am working with icacls, and struggling.  The documentation and web searches I find don't seem to really answer how to do what I want, or how to "debug" the privileges.
So my first approach was to have the program run as a different user and have the program deny rights to all the other users.  It is doable, but somewhat a pain to query all the users but one and then loop through them to deny access. 
Second approach.  Deny the "Users" group using Icacls.  So the program creates the file and then denys the "users" group access.  Then if it needs to make an edit it just grants "users" full access, edits the file, and then denys access again. 
This appraoch seems hookie, but should work.
So my problem\question:
If I use " icacls "C:\file.xml" /deny Users:(D) " I can no longer delete the file.  Success, however I can also no longer open it to read in IE, notepad, or my... Read more

A:Windows 7: icacls deny delete also denies read?

Hi EvanC11,

Finally I found a method may achieve what you want:
1 icacls c:\file.xml /deny users:D
2 cacls c:\file.xml /E /G users:R

Note: icacls and cacls are different command.

Hope that helps.
Leo Huang
TechNet Community Support

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I can open my hotmail (msn) account but cannot open the emails listed in my inbox, move to a different section, delete mail or write new messages. It is all totally frozen. I have run my Norton AntiVirus, but it comes up clear. I think someone has hacked into my account and is using it to send out emails under my name because for the last week or so I have had some mail returned that I never sent... for things like Viagra.

A:Cannot open, read, delete or move emails in hotmail

Any help out there?

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hello. i am facing two kindsa problem with my ext hard disk!

1. there's a folder in my seagate 1tb goflex external hard disk, which am unable to delete. wen i checked the properties it showed that the space occupied by the folder is 1.5PB!!!! its ridiculous n strange at the same time! if i try to open the folder it says "you need to format disk before you can use it".

2. every time i try to copy some files onto/from my hard disk it says "can't read from source file or disk". i have some valuable data worth 700GB on my hard disk and am unable to transfer em onto any other device so i can format my hard disk. somebody,anybody please help me out. thanks!

A:unable to delete folder and can't read from source file or disk

You might want to give Unlocker a try. It deleted a folder I was unable to delete any other way on my Win 7 Pro X64 system.

If you have Win 7 X64 then you will need the 64bit version of Unlocker.

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When setting up a win2k pro system, I accidentally swapped the mouse and the keyboard. Seems harmless enough. When it booted up everything seemed fine, I was in win2k desktop. I realized that the mouse and keyboard were switched. I tapped a key on the keyboard, and win2k crashed into a black screen with a blinking cursor. I switched the cables, rebooted and now I get the following error "disk read error press ctl+alt+delete to restart" and I am unable to get any further. The bios seems to be autosensing the drive just fine. This is an NTFS drive. Any thoughts?

A:"disk read error press ctl+alt+delete to restart

Try booting the system to the "Recovery Console" and run chkdsk!

the full syntax you want to type is "chkdsk /r" (without quotes)

When chkdsk completes, you should be good to go!

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Hello there. I turned my computer on today. When I checked it some time later, I had an error of messages saying lots of files (mostly .dll) could not be found (or something along those lines). Explorer.exe kept crashing, before a constant bombardment of similar messages came up. After a while, clicking ok to all of them, the computer froze.

When I tried restarting, I got the message
"A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"

Any ideas what might have caused this and fix it? If it makes any difference, I am using SATA drives.

The computer no longer boots into Windows.

A:Disk read error has occurred Press Ctrl Alt Delete

It sounds as if your hard drive is failing. Boot from your Windows 7 DVD and Select System Recovery
Options. In the System Recovery window click on Command Prompt. In the command box type chkdsk /r
and hit the Enter Key. Follow the prompts...

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