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Creating a Remedy search string that prompts the user to enter the date

Q: Creating a Remedy search string that prompts the user to enter the date

Am trying to create a search/macro that will prompt the user to enter a date for the start of the search.
Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas.

Preferred Solution: Creating a Remedy search string that prompts the user to enter the date

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Creating a Remedy search string that prompts the user to enter the date

What are you using? Excel?

Try these sites for info and tips


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I have been trying to create a report with option that user will enter the date from and to.

I have created a form for the date option. I have created query and also report. How the heck do I link them all together so when user click on REPORT date window pops up and he/she will enter to and from date and the system would generate the report to and from that date.

I hope I am explaining it right

Thanks in advance

A:Creating a report in Access 2K with user having option to choose to and from date

If your query asks for the start and end dates, then create a report based on that query. It'll work!

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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We have a custom User Agent String defined on our clients. When I change IE9 to Compatibility Mode (over F12 Developer Toolbar), the User Agent String changed and the custom definied token stayed.
When I change the User Agent String in IE11 (e.g. to IE9) over F12, the custom definied User Agent String is removed.
Is this by default and is there another way to change the user agent string for troubleshooting but keep the custom definied token?


A:Post-Platform User Agent String and IE11 F12 User Agent String Change

no.. you have to add the custom token to both the x86 and x64 registry nodes.
Using userAgent sniffing is not Best Practices however. I highly recommend that you do not use it, also your ActiveX controls or plugable protocols should not use version sniffing from either the IE version vector or the iexplore.exe. Your long
term strategy should be towards addons and plugins free browsing wih html5 and native support in the OS.
To detect the presence of an ActiveX control on a client you can user new ActiveXControl ('clsid'). As well Enhanced protected mode IE9 also introduced ActiveX filtering which blocks ActiveX controls from loading (see Tools>ActiveX filtering), so you
have to feature test both for bitness and if new ActiveXcontrol('clsid')... you should distribute both x86 and x64 versions of your ActiveX controls (for public websites). By default EPM is turned off for the Trusted and Intanet zones.
You can determine the bitness of a website frame by typing
in the Dev tools console or examining the UAS for the win64 token.
Is there any reason why you have not yet upgraded to IE11? Please see
Post questions about html, css and scripting for website development to
Include with your questions a link to your website or a mas... Read more

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being stupid doesn't feel good:
please assist me by creating a report in Remedy for my client using the following spec it is quite straight forward but i've never created a macro before:

- Calls logged between 1 January 2008 and 12:00 on the 23 January 2008.
- Must be filtered between all provinces displaying Mission Critical, Priority, Operational and PBX/telephone calls in each province.
- These calls must include Reference number, Client information (including location), Problem Description, current status, Work log and Resolution information.

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Found this forum by searching forremedy $DATE$ and treid the solution proposed by the URL below but it doesn't work for me.


All I'm trying to do is generate a report for all records with a create date greater than today minus 30 days so in the advanced query block i use the drop downs to get the create-date field and the > sign then I type

$DATE$ - 30

When I run the query it selects all the records. When I change it to less than < it selects no records.

So I'm doing something wrong)

Any help much appreciated.



A:Remedy AR Request date comparison problem

Welcome to the forum. I do use remedy, but will have to try to play with this later on when I have a little more time on my hands.

Is the Date function like a NOW or Today function within Excel? Maybe you need to do >($DATE$-30) ?

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My business laptop (Elitebook 8440p) was upgraded to WIN 7 Enterprise Edition, and now when I attempt to use my CAC to access my Government client's webmail I get continuous prompts to enter my smartcard pin.  The CAC works OK on other computers (WIN
VISTA and WIN 7 Professional) where I only need to enter the pin 1 time.  Computer techs have been unable to ID the problem.

A:Continuous Prompts to Enter Smart Card Pin

Hi RufusTFirefly,
Refer to this http://militarycac.com/noactivclientwindows7.htm. It gives the details information.
Hope you find the clue.
Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. | Please remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer
your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I have Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge for my engine browser but when I attempt to use my CAC to access any Government websites I get continuous prompts to enter my smartcard pin.  Please advice



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Dear forum!

I want to create a very simple search in remedy to bring up all cases assigned to the person currenty logged in, but it doesn't work. It seems it doesn't work with the $USER$ keyword.

for example:

(status <= 3) AND (assigned person = $USER$)

Thanks in advance!

A:Remedy search help

What software are you using?

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I am trying to do a search and find repeat calls. where the customer calls in 2 or more times in 48 hrs. either by account number or name

Can i get help with any speacial macros or search tips

A:Remedy Search

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I am doing a project at work where my boss want a spread sheet set up with an on screen search feature. To search PO's, part numbers etc. I thought no problem, I simply used VLOOKUP on the sheet, entered the information he wanted and I am thinking i am done. But NO, he wants it to start searching as soon as he types in a PO or part number. So say there are 100 part numbers that start with "4". He wants it to start showing "possibilities" as soon as he types in the 4, then it starts narrowing down to the exact number.

Not sure I am explaining it clear enough. I know exactly what he is wanting. I just dont know what it is called, or find any code online to do it with.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Creating a searchable string in Excel

I don't think you can catch keystrokes in Excel, so no easy way. Maybe there is a suitable component for a form or if you do the searches based on a timer instead of keystrokes..

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Or tell me how to automatic logon hiden user ?2, when user ?1 logon in normal mode.

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Hopefully this question will have a simple answer.
I am trying to create an unbound calculated control on a sales report that has date grouping by both month and year. The month group includes both a header and a footer, and on the footer I have a summary of all sales for that month. The control source for the unbound control is the following expression:

=[monthorderdate] & " Total:"

The problem is that it is formatting the date as dd/mm/yy, but I would like it to be formatted to show just the month, so that for example April's footer would say: "April Total:" instead of "4-22-03 Total:" I have tried various things but I'm not sure the proper syntax to use. The field it draws from is formatted as "mmmm" and that footer/group level is grouped on the month. So does anyone know what function I should include in my expression?
Any help appreciated in advance.

A:Access 2000 String expression date format

Format([monthorderdate],"mmmm")& " Total:"

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I have a field that is date/time, formatted to display the long date (which starts with the day of the week). This has been extremely useful for some append, update and delete queries.

However, I would like to be able to do an update query based on the day of the week for each record. I know that the date/time field is stored as a number so I can't search for any string of letters. But, is there a way to take the long date format and copy what's there as a string so I can then extract the day of the week out of it? Otherwise, I guess I'm stuck with adding a separate field for day of the week, and manually inputting it. Seems like such a waste.

A:Solved: Access, Date/Time Field to String -- is it possible

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A predecessor designed a database that stores a text field that the end user fills with a date, like "Monday, August 13, 2007". Now of course the end user wants to sort the output by date (previously events were entered in date order so that retrieving alread had things in order). The web page that hits the database is written in VB Script under ASP. I'm looking for a function that can sort these dates either within the SQL query or afterwards in VB Script. I could kludge something together, but I'd prefer something elegant.

My current SQL query:

strSQL = "SELECT Event, EventDate FROM AcademicCalendar ORDER BY EventID;"

where EventDate is a text field (not a true SQL date field).

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Sorting text string as date in SQL/VBScript

I solved this one on my own. Probably far from the most elegant, but this is what I did:

The overall strategy is to pull the records from the database into a new array. That array consists of the fields I'm interested in plus an additional column that is a sortable date. That new date column has be be constructed from the text field in my database that contains a date as described in my original post. I use VBScript's regular expressions to extract the date portion of the text field then convert it to a useable date using CDate. Then the whole array is sorted on the new CDate field before showing the results.

First, I query the database and retrieve the recordset into oRS. The recordset has a forward-only cursor so I use the method described here to count the records to set up my array size. Note the need to use the .MoveFirst method to move back to the beginning of the record set.

The key to sorting is the function at the end (QuickSort). That function was "borrowed" from here.

Dim regEx, strMatchDate, arrResults()
arrTemp = oRS.GetRows()
intRecordCount = UBound(arrTemp,2)
ReDim arrResults(intRecordCount,4) ' I have 4 field to display
Set regEx = New RegExp
With regEx
.Global = False
.IgnoreCase = True
.Pattern = "[a-z]+\s[0-9]+,\s[0-9]{4}" ' matches on pattern Month Date, Year
End With
intCount = 0
Do While Not oRS.EOF
strDate = oRS("Dates")
arrResults(intCount,0) = strDate
arr... Read more

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I am trying to write a search query in Remedy Action Request System so search the active tickets to see if any have been generated for either of two servers between a given time. I must be getting the syntax wrong, so any advice would be appriciated.

'Created' >= "11/13/2008 11:00 PM" AND 'Created' < "11/14/2008 08:00 AM" AND 'Group+' = "Distributed Systems" AND 'Event Source' = "SERVER1" OR 'Event Source' = "SERVER2"

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QUICK CHARLIE  6/13/2017


Sounds like your one and only profile has been corrupted. You can enable the Hidden Administrator Account by using the guide here. After enabling the Administrator Account create an new admin account. You can burn the iso to a CD using any burning software can can burn a iso image. Isoburner can do this. If the computer supports booting from a USB flash drive you can use Rufus with the iso file. Use a MBR partition scheme and leave all boxes as checked.
Another option is to download Lazesoft Recover My Password Home and create a bootable disk which will allow you to enable the Administrator Account by Unlocking it.

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I currently have a PS1 script that takes yesterday's log files from a server, collates them into a single file and emails the file out in csv format. Out of necessity this always includes the first file from today's date, as that file contains the final activity from yesterday as well as the first activity from today.
Problem is, that means some lines of data will appear in today's file and tomorrow's file.
The filename of the daily csv file always contains yesterday's date in the format <7-char filename>dd-mm-yyyy.csv, e.g.:
At the outset, one of these daily csv files will consist of tens of thousands of rows of data, with all data in column A. Each string begins with a date/time stamp, so the values in col A are in the format yyyymmdd_hhmmss<log file information> e.g.:
20150319_093015< >long string of log information​
I then run a macro on the csv file, beginning with inserting two new columns to split the data into 2 columns using the formula:

Range("A2").FormulaR1C1 = "=LEFT(RC[2],15)"
Range("B2").FormulaR1C1 = "=RIGHT(RC[1],LEN(RC[1])-15)"​
In other words, it places the date & time stamp in one col A, and all the rest of the guff in col B. It then goes off and does a whole bunch of other stuff.

What I need to do first, though (don't mind whether it's before or after the column has been split into two), is delete all rows where the... Read more

A:Solved: VBA - del rows where date in string doesn't match filename

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Not very computer literate here. Is there an easy way to disable UAC prompts for specific programs in a standard user account? I've tried numerous things, none seem to work. Help appreciated

A:UAC Prompts for Standard User

Forgot, Windows 8.1

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I am using windows XP
whenever I try to log in to facebook from any web browser whether it is IE or Chrome or Safari Or firefox it says my browser is incompatible.
My user string reads Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 999.1; Unknown)

I have tried everything but of no help

A:User String

You have no problems with other websites?

System manufacturer and model?


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Searching for files modified in a specified date range (of the past 3 days) gets a search result list titled "date modified", and with the column heading "Date Modified" but the date listed against a file modified today is wrong. The date displayed matches the file creation date & is within the specified range ... but how do I know what the Search is doing?

Can't trust it... !

A:File search (by date range) displays incorrect Mod Date in results

That is very strange. Bump for a possible solution, since I can't think of one off the top of my head.

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After the IE 11 is upgraded, If the internet explore opened where home page is set, it prompts for user name and password. If it is canceled it opens the home page.
But need to know why User Name and Password Prompts.


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I went to do some trouble shooting today and this came up. I have ran superantispyware, malwarebytes and my av program. Everything came back clean.

Any one have any ideas what could be the cause of this??


A:Solved: cmd asking prompts for "Enter command number" pics

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Thanks for letting me join to ask a question. This is my first post on any forum as I've usually been able to find solutions to my issues over the years with research. My apologies if this question has been answered, but I was unable to find it. I'm also not sure which category it belongs in.

We have a Dell Windows 8 desktop (purchased from Costco) which has been functioning well. Upon initial set up, we had one admin on the machine (my wife's account) and four standard users (me and my three children) and one guest.

A month back, we installed Paint Tool Sai, for my daughter and had some issues getting it to run without prompting her (my daughter) for my wife's password (UAC). We weren't comfortable with my daughter have the admin password, and eventually solved the problem. However, we don't remember the details on how we solved it. We recall that we had to add her as a user somewhere, perhaps in one of the properties => security tabs. We also believe we changed the program to run as admin, and then disabled that change. Sorry to be sketchy, but we had to do and undo a bunch of things before it started behaving.

A week or so later, I wanted to network this machine to my Win7 laptop, and an XP desktop. I was unable to get the homegroup feature to work, despite a sincere effort. I eventually added this Win8 machine to my house's workgroup and the network functions acceptably. During this process I updated the said Dell desktop to 8.1 and decided to chan... Read more

A:Program now prompts std user for UAC after new admin made

Hello Jazman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

This may be what you after to create an elevated shortcut that a standard user can run.

Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I've got a desktop computer with XP Pro SP3 and a laptop with both XP and Win7(dual-boot). These two computers are connected through a router in a network(desktop comp-wired, laptop-wireless). Everything works fine, except the sharing in Win7. From the desktop computer I can access all resources on the laptop without problems. From the laptop, everything works fine too, when I try to access the desktop computer's shared folders and printers, but ONLY FROM XP. Every time I want to do this from Win7, I'll be prompted for a "network password". I have no idea what I had to enter - I did a search over the internet, and found following suggestions:

-turn on network discovery, file and printer sharing, public folder sharing at the Advanced Sharing Settings, and disable password-protected sharing
-both computers are in the same workgroup
-disabled the limitation of blank passwords in the group policy editor

NOTHING WORKED. (firewall might not be the reason, because I use Windows Firewall, and it's configured to enable sharing)

What username/password do I have to enter, or how could I access the resources without a password? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows 7 prompts "Enter Network Password"

Try this adjustment on the XP machine. This usually works to get rid of the password prompt.

Goto... Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > Security Options

Scroll down to... Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts

Select... Guest only and not Classic.

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I have IE 8 on my computer but my some website's see it as IE 6 and won't let me access the web site. I understand that I have a corrupted User-Agent String but I don't understand the fix. Microsofts fix for it reads like stereo instructions. Can someone assist me in understanding it and correcting my problem?

A:corrupted User-Agent String

Why not simply repair/reinstall IE 8, if that's the problem?

How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=318378

I would probably try the Fixit tool on that link, first.


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In my copy of Microsoft Word 2007, for some reason now, when I open a document or open Office MSWord, I get the prompt for User Name, with the two things to fill in: Name and Initials.

I have researched this and cannot find a way to turn this prompt off. When I enter my name and initials as found in the Word Options/Popular, under "Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office," I see my user name and initials.

I wish to turn this prompt off. Can someone tell me how to do so?

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We use "Internet Explorer maintenance" GPO to append the standard User Agent String for IE9 with "ADFSIntAuth". "Internet Explorer maintenance" is deprecated and will not work anymore for IE11 and later.
Now we want to move to IE11 and I can't find a solution to append the User Agent String. With GPO this isn't possible anymore (Why Microsoft?). And the registry keys I've tested won't do the job. I've tested 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform
So whats is the best way to append the user agent string for IE11?
http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/cdc999aa-faec-4aa5-9025-f12a524794f0/ie10-user-agent-string?forum=winserverGP didn't help.

A:How to append the User Agent String in IE11

Together with Microsoft we found a solution. You should use registry keys for this (distributed with GPP or other methods).
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform
Value name: [UserAgentString] (like .NETC40)
Value Type: REG_SZ
Value Data: IEAK

Without the Value IEAK this registry key has no effect. This seems undocumented so far so I hope this post can help others.
(I haven't tested if LOCAL_MACHINE has the same effect)

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  I was following along a you tube video where i attempted to create an Integrar  but hit String in error and created this:
    content.notify.backoffcount     and then the name was typed in just as i already have (here) and then the insertion of a 5 was put in and that should have been that. However, i noticed from video i accidently hit String...not the Integar field and now i have to delete it and i was wondering how i can do that as even with the Help menu, i wasn't able to clarify what i was looking for. I hope if I have here, with this, please let me know of a fix as I have already refreshed the Firefox already and created a old firefox folder now attached to the desktop and i would obviously not like to have to refresh once again and need to get better acquainted with functions of the browswer. It's taken me over 2 hours already to just get the home and search engine of Start Page lined up, then followed the video to increase or make FF faster.
It's a lot like the registry in windows 7 of this browser is what it reminded me as far as in the content (preferences(?)) and it may turn out to be refreshing browser after all if i can't delete or take ownership of this String i created in error when hitting the incorrect word and i believe it should have been Integrar or gar.

A:New Firefox (user) created an incorrect string...

Hi, @leis:
Unfortunately, I'm not sure I completely understand the problem you're reporting with Firefox (nor do I know what an "integrar" or a "gar") is.
I'm not sure what you were trying to change or how you were trying to change it -- perhaps you are in the Firefox configurations page at "about:config"??
If so, there's a reason why users are shown a warning about messing with those settings -- changing them around without a good idea of what one is doing can seriously break Firefox.
So all I can offer is some general advice.
First, Firefox "out of the box" is plenty fast, especially on a modern system with good hardware.  There's generally no need to perform complicated tweaks or fixes (e.g. from 3rd-party YT videos) to make it faster.
While it can be easily and extensively customized by both adjusting its built-in settings and by installing extensions (a.k.a. "add-ons") and themes, at some point, one risks the chance of creating performance issues by having too many add-ons, conflicting add-ons, outdated/unsupported add-ons, etc.
There is another overlay with "global" plug-ins (installed system-wide on the computer, rather than directly into Firefox), and with one's security applications (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, custom hosts file, etc.)  They, too, can impact performance.
Most problems with Firefox originate in the user's profile, not in the program itself.    So reinstalling Firefox will not a... Read more

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  I was following along a you tube video where i attempted to create an Integrar  but hit String in error and created this:
    content.notify.backoffcount     and then the name was typed in just as i already have (here) and then the insertion of a 5 was put in and that should have been that. However, i noticed from video i accidently hit String...not the Integar field and now i have to delete it and i was wondering how i can do that as even with the Help menu, i wasn't able to clarify what i was looking for. I hope if I have here, with this, please let me know of a fix as I have already refreshed the Firefox already and created a old firefox folder now attached to the desktop and i would obviously not like to have to refresh once again and need to get better acquainted with functions of the browswer. It's taken me over 2 hours already to just get the home and search engine of Start Page lined up, then followed the video to increase or make FF faster.
It's a lot like the registry in windows 7 of this browser is what it reminded me as far as in the content (preferences(?)) and it may turn out to be refreshing browser after all if i can't delete or take ownership of this String i created in error when hitting the incorrect word and i believe it should have been Integrar or gar.

A:New Firefox (user) created an incorrect string...

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How do I get this to work in VBA, a macro? Using Excel 2007


ActiveCell = Application.WorksheetFunction.If(IsNumber(Search(findthis, activecell.entirerow(1,2) ))_ ,activecell.entirerow(1,4))
Require that search picks out only whole words NOT part of another word like egghead.

if whole word is found, places result of another cell in the same row into the activecell, if not does nothing

Will be used in loop.

or how to sum the amount in col D if the word "egg" (whole word) is in col B

A solution to both would be appreciated if possible.

er, what does post a poll mean when submitting this request?

A:Search for word in string using vba

For the 2nd part this formula could be used:

If "Egg" is present in Column B then the sum of Column D is multiplied by 1, if "Egg" is not present, then the sum is multiplied by 0 (zero).
In VBA code, you can use

As for the 1st part, it's not clear what you want, and/because the expression activecell.entirerow(1,2) seems to be entirely wrong. Can you post an example workbook?


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I cannot figure out what is the set up need to tell IE to remember history of my search strings.
When I enter a search string in google search box I should not have to type entire string every day. It should remember the older strings and I should need to type only first few characters.
I am using IE 5.50

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I have often found the Windows search frustrating because it basically seems to ignore anything that isn't alphanumeric. So for example, I can't search things like "08 r" or "m((" or "#PD". This is annoying as I use all kinds of characters to tag my files and it would be great if I could use Windows to search these tags.

Does anyone know a way to search for an exact string?

Or does anyone know of any good way of tagging files so that Windows can search the tags? (I mostly tag text files, audio files, video files, and image files.)

A:How to search for an exact string?

I used to use FileSeek free version, now I'm using FileSeekPro [pay-for version]. It really does the job very well!
And, it does not need to build and maintain an index of the hard-drive.

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So I noticed 7 doesn't support a semicolon as a delimiter for searches. For example, A search like *.jpg;*.bmp always comes up with no results, even though I know there are both jpg's and bmp's in this folder, and running a search on *.jpg and *bmp separately yields those results, but now we just can no longer clump them together anymore in one single search with a delimiter?

A:Search string delimiter?

Quote: Originally Posted by club

So I noticed 7 doesn't support a semicolon as a delimiter for searches. For example, A search like *.jpg;*.bmp always comes up with no results, even though I know there are both jpg's and bmp's in this folder, and running a search on *.jpg and *bmp separately yields those results, but now we just can no longer clump them together anymore in one single search with a delimiter?

try using "*.jpg OR *.bmp" (without quotes). Note that the delimiter "OR" must be in uppercase.

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I have the following code

Dim EndDate As Date

EndDate = DateSerial(Year(Date), Month(Date) + 1, 0)

If ws.Range("K4") <> "" Then
'Do Nothing
[B]ElseIf Date = EndDate Then
ws.Range("K4") = EndDate[/B]
ws.Range("K4") = Date + (7 - Weekday(Date, 1))
End If

A:Solved: Excel VBA Enter Date

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I have a timesheet type Excel workbook. The week is official over on Saturday. When I open a blank timesheet, I would like for Saturday's date for each week to be automatically inserted. I also need a way for the date not to be updated, if the workbook needs to be reviewed at a future date.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel Enter Date

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To understand this question you may have to read my other thread. http://forums.techguy.org/t126463/s.html

I want to set up a conditional statement for the frameset script. If the search string doesn't have a period in it then it adds .htm but if it does have a period in the search string then it leaves it alone. That way I could add any page to the main frame no matter what extension. Also I wouldn't have to add the filename when adding another page, example: http://www.microsoft.com/ contains a period therefore it would be left alone, but on my own page I would just use the name of the file and all my pages are .htm so the script would work fine for that.

As a reminder, here is the script I want to add a condition to.


<script type="text/javascript">

correct_frame true ;

document.write('<frameset border="0" rows="142,*">'Read more

A:Conditional statement for a search string.

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I need the simplest way to find the position of any alpha character in the string "1234A" in a MS Access 2007 modulue.

I can identify the string like this WHERE (((STNO) Like "*" & "*[A-Z]*" & "*")) in the query criteria but...

When I go to a module to parse it doesn't like [A-Z] and IF THEN ELSE seems clunky for 26 characters.

Thanks TSG!

A:MS Access Module search string

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So we have a fixed drive as its a dual drives in a HP, when encrypting the second drive and testing unlocking with a standard user name, it prompts for admin rights after entering the bitlocker password. What can be done on group policy end to stop that
from happening? I don't want to have it auto lock, beats the purpose of encryption security.

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We upgraded all our users to IE11 so they would work with a lot of the newer sites.  We've run into an issue now to where one website will not operate properly.  We've tried adding it to compatibility mode, enterprise mode, etc and it doesn't
change anything.  The only thing that works is using the developer tools and changing the user agent to IE8 and then the site functions properly, but as soon as you close the browser the UA goes back to 11.  Is there a way to specify what UA to use
FOR A SPECIFIC SITE.  I know there are registry entries to change it in IE for every site, but I want to know if there is a way to do this on a per site basis.   Thanks!

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So my laptop is a good few years old, has a few issues but generally it still runs ok for what I need. However today, after logging off fine last night I am getting the error 'user profile service service failed to log on'. I'm usually quite happy to have a tinker about with stuff if I have instructions. So I found out about logging into safe mode and ResEdit and looking for the SID key but mine is missing the long string of digits I'm guessing this is not normal, is there a way to fix this and get back in again?I have tried system restore but I only have yesterday evening and that fails.
I apologise for shortness of message I'm on my new iPad and I'm not really use to it, much prefer my laptop ATM!
Thanks in advance

A:User profile service failed to log on: SID key missing number string?!


Try this:


Method 1 usually works.

If as you say, the sid key is missing, then try methods 2 - 3

Hope this helps


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Hi all,
tiny netbook running windows 7.
Some massive javascriptey pages take a while to load, and while usable, aren't very smooth.

Anyone have any suggestions for user agent strings so that I get redirected to mobile versions of sites?

My main issue is finding a User Agent that identifies as mobile/tablet but also allows flash (on Youtube) or HTML5 video, as opposed to using the RSTP thing or whatever it is.

I'm using Opera Mobile's one at the moment. Seems to be mostly good!
Opera/12.02 (Android 4.1; Linux; Opera Mobi/ADR-1111101157; U; en-US) Presto/2.9.201 Version/12.02

My actual browser is Firefox, though that's not that important.

Anyone know of a mobile user agent that allows flash?

thanks ~

A:User Agent String spoof suggestion for low bandwidth/resource env?

Well, if you use Firefox on Windows 7 you might consider using such lovely add-on as NoScript. It blocks all scripts out of the box, but you can add needed websites (like youtube) to the white list.

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I was wondering if anybody knew of a function (or has written a quick VB function) to search for a string in Excel and return a true/false. For example, if a cell contained "techforums" and I searched for "forums", it would return true. If it did not find forums, it would return false. I guess I could use the functions w/in excel, but I hate the #value it returns if it does not find the string... Thanks in advance!

A:Search for String within Excel Cell & Return T/F

How do you determine what string you are going to be searching for? Is the string you are searching for going to be a value found in another cell or are you always going to be looking for the same "hard coded" value in your spreadsheet? You can accomplish what you want to do using a VBA procedure, a user defined function, or a combination of the built in Excel functions IF, ISERR, and FIND. Describe in more detail what determines your search criteria and we'll help you out.

Here is an example of a "hard code" statement that looks at cell A1 for the string "forum" and returns either "True" or "False" to the cell depending on whether it is found or not.


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Next month the company I work for are changing their name. As part of this they need to update the registry on each workstation to reflect this change.

I have been asked I have access to a tool that can search the registry for a character string and replace with another as different apps register in different places.
Thanks guys.......

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I'm looking for some kind of a module or link from vb(on Access) to Word, in such a way that i can activate a search on a certain document for a string(just like the "find" - CTRL-F - command), and have the results sent back to me as variables, so that i can later insert them into my database.
Any thoughts?

tnx, ekoren

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Is there a disk recovery utility available that lets you search all disk sectors for a text string, display text around the found string, and save highlighted text to a file?

I have downloaded many shareware programs but they are all file oriented, not text string search capable.

Symantec (Norton) tech support said they do not have such a utility.

I used to have such a utility back in the CPM days, before IBM PCs.

Motivation - I lost a palm pilot memopad.dat file and would like to scan the disk for known text strings in the missing file to see whether any fragments remain.

Bob Briggs
Los Altos CA

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