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HELP! freeware server/client based pc monitoring?

Q: HELP! freeware server/client based pc monitoring?

A software to install on client machine to report to server machine if it's alive?
Preferably using web port.
Is there such a freeware??

currently in use, Teamviewer. but it'snot freeware

Preferred Solution: HELP! freeware server/client based pc monitoring?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HELP! freeware server/client based pc monitoring?

If I'm understanding what you're asking, you simply want to know if a machine connected to the server is turned on?

If that's the case, you shouldn't need a program; every server software I've ever worked with maintains a list of connected clients. Even if it doesn't, couldn't this function also be performed by pinging the computers?

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I am looking for a freeware client/server style backup solution I can deploy over the internet.  I have looked at urbackup, and it seems perfect, except the files are not encrypted on the server computer.  I need a way to have those files encrypted on the server computer, so they can only be accessed by the password set on the client computer.
Basically what I am trying to do is set up a cloud backup service for my customers.  I ask in advance that everyone refrain from answers such as "Well, this backup service has a great re seller program, you should just use it" I am familiar with many of the already existing solutions, but I want to create my own.  
Thanks in advance.

A:freeware/open source client/server backup solution

You might start by reading this recent thread on cloud backup.

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I was wondering if it's possible configure a Windows 2019 IIS v10 hosted Web Server to perform OCSP checking of client certificates that are used to authenticate?

It is my understanding that typically the Responder URL that the Web Server contacts in order to validate the client cert is extracted from the AIA attribute in the client certificate. But is it possible to override/supplement this with an additional Responder?

For instance, what if I set up an OCSP Responder in the same domain as the Web Server and associated its revocation configuration with the SUB CA binded to the IIS Site. Now if client certs come in for authentication  and have an unrelated OCSP Responder
in their AIA, can I somehow tell the Web Server to check also the aforementioned Responder that has been stood up in the domain?

A:OCSP Based Validation for Client Certificates Using Responder Defined by Web Server

Per a reply from Mark B. Cooper at PKI Solutions this is indeed possible. You must edit the following GPO in order to override the default behaviour of the web server which is to only check the Responder URL specified in the client certificates' AIA extension.
Default Domain Policy > Computer Configuration >  Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > expand Public Key Policies
Once a custom Responder is specified in the CA / SUB CA's revocation properties the above GPO will allow it to check that custom Responder URL first, then ocsp as defined in the AIA extension and then CRLs
Thanks Mark!
Will post reference links once MS verifies my account.

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i have the server with windows 2003 SP1 and i executed replication active directory, domain controller on the new server, as i have two servers. all expect one client computer work ok.onthe problematically computer is with the windows me.
problem is:
when i shut down old server,the computer with win me drop out from domain and he don't see new server.when i power on old server the client computer work ok.i deinstalled the win me on this computer and i installed to him win xp pro but problem is same. this computer don't see new server and he don't see others client computers in network.
what i do?
i tryed to make new user account but nothing i can't because of this computer don't see new server.
on client computer light green indicator on network adapter (Realtek 8139d) all the time.
i use commands: ping with the ip address of server, with the name of server nothing, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /registerdns.

ip address of old server is and new server
maybe problem is when i type ipconfig in dosprompt on new server
i receive: DNS server and DHCP

plz help me thanks

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Hi there.

I need a freeware LAN messenger, monitoring and surveillance software.

I have a workgroup between a Windows 7 and Windows Xp systems. Details of the systems are here. And I want:

1. A messenger software to send and receive messages across the two systems.

2. A monitoring and surveillance software for my workgroup, most desirably I want to be able to see the desktop of the Windows Xp system from Windows 7 system.

I have searched a lot on the Internet but I could not found.


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Hey guys

Basically as the title says, I'm after a free LAN based messenger utility; something that allows me to chat over the LAN, send URLs etc.

Not really interested in sending files, just a chat program.

For some reason, I get serious delays chatting to others on the LAN when using MSN.

A:Freeware LAN based messenger utility

hi admles,

have a look at this ..

WinSent - free instant messenger for LAN. Messenger Service, WinPopup and net send replacement for Vista/XP/2000/98. Communication, instant messaging, chat program for local area network

a replacement for the old net send

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I'm running Win2K Pro w/SP4 on a Dell Inspiron 7500. I'm seeking suggestions for names of Software/Freeware for monitoring and controlling ALL running Services and Process, hidden or otherwise. I'm aware of WIN TASKS Pro 5, but am uncertain it is what I seek. It seems to do nothing more than I can With System Manager and Task Manager. I have several services that I can't stop (option not available) even though they are in manual. I'm also curious if this software exists in "public domain" versions? Any thoughts GUYS? BTW: I am the one and only Administrator on my system, and permissions are full on for my user name and group.

A:Solved: Software/Freeware Recomendations for Services and Processes monitoring and control

Can get WinPatrol.

See WinPatrol Help on what all it can do.

Compare WinPatrol FREE and WinPatrol PLUS

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Dear All... I work in a Private bank and manage an inventory of almost 2000 devices (not regular Desktops or network devices, but banking automation products like Queue management systems, Cheque Deposit Machines, Kiosks etc). These devices are built upon a regular intel x86 based platforms. I want to know if there is any simple IIS based (web based or thin client) utility which will provide me with a single screen dashboard of how many devices are up or down at any given time using nothing more than a simple ping command. Also, this utility has to be web based, since the banks's security policy does not allow me to install any s/w on the PC and free because, I would like to see whether this concept works before venturing into procurement. So to summarize, my basic requirements are:
An IIS (Web) based utility
Should be able to ping a list (may be from a CSV file or from a text file) of devices
No client/agent can be installed on the devices
Display the status ( a simple red / green indicator would suffice)
Should not strain the network

I know this is too much to ask from a free utility, but if there is then it would really help me a lot. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Ping based network monitoring

Since this is a corporate environment, I usually defer to commerical products...which means you have to pay. If you have problems, you can have tech support which is practically non-existent with free software. A software package I've used and has been around a long time is called WhatsUpGold from Ipswitch. You can download a trial version to see if it works for you.

If you have to go free, Nagios is a NMS package which has a strong following. But you are your own tech support. And I'm not sure if things have changed much since I last touched it in version 1, but there is a steep setup curve. You better be good at scripting. Plus I don't think it has native SNMP Trap support.

Both packages have a web interface to monitor your network.

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I have a problem with certain Youtube videos where the volume is very low, even though I have system volume and all other volume sliders at max. I'm assuming the issue is with the base volume of the video itself since it's only in occasional videos. Is there some sort of program I can use to amp volume beyond that? Something that won't require I spend money on a headphone amplifier box.

A:Is there a freeware software-based volume amplifier for Windows?

Hi Diosoth

Some Video Converter applications can enhance audio play back to (eg) %200, some are free and some are retail .. but Google is your friend

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Can anyone please advise the best and easiest way to monitor my networks internet bandwidth?

What I want to try and achieve is a way of monitoring individuals bandwidth on the 'net so I can see who is causing the biggest problem.

Many thanks

A:Client bandwidth monitoring

Can anyone please advise the best and easiest way to monitor my networks internet bandwidth?Click to expand...

Don't know how anybody could guess the best and easiest way w/o knowing about your equipment, budget and how much detail you want. For me, if I wanted to do so, the best and easiest would be to look at the display on my Belkin N1 Vision.

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I can't seem to find anything that mentions this anywhere. Are they the same? I know you can get viruses from downloading/opening emails in a client, can you from the Web? Which is more secure from hackers?

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I am wondering if anyone knows of any sites that have a web irc client that they allow to connect to any server of my choice. Anyone know of anything like that?

A:Looking for a website with a web based irc client that i can use to connect to any...

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Hi there

I'm trying to look for an alternative robust email client to outlook -- want to start gradually moving away from Ms Office to cheaper solutions.

I don't like the way Ms is going with subscription based Office 365 and Office 2013 is IMO "The Pits" - office 2010 works fine but I want where possible to start using alternatives. Libre Office is fine for some things but not quite ready for prime time yet (IMO) especially for EXCEL but I can start moving away from office gradually with an email client first.

The email client must NOT be web or browser based (I Hate webmail type of things) and must support IMAP. I don't want it to have ADWARE or NAGWARE (you know those that keep persuading you "Please update to PRO version etc etc"). It must also support MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. It should ideally have a similar or identical interface to OUTLOOK -- simple plain, not like the background I've seen on some Gamers machines !!!!

If it can integrate with GMAIL that's fine but not mandatory. Preferably free too .

I did see a portable client ISCRIBE at i.Scribe and InScribe: A Small and Easy to use Email Client but it looks as if it might be a little experimental.

I discarded OPERAMAIL -- don't want any BROWSER or web mail type of stuff.

Linux has some decent choices such as EVOLUTION (probably one of the best if not the best) but Windows seems a bit lacking in this area -- pity OUTLOOK EXPRESS wasn't continued after XP -- it was small, simple and could als... Read more

A:alternative email client to Outlook (NOT WEB BASED) please

From my previous post in Need a good email client :
Mozilla Thunderbird. You might be put off by claims about its future (no more development) but it will still be supported for a long time (stability/security fixes still going on). Zimbra Desktop Incredimail Pegasus Mail Opera Mail eM Client Windows Live Mail / Windows 8 Mail App
When have you tried opera mail last ? It should be separate from the browser today (it still uses the old presto engine while the browser uses the chrome one), check here : Opera Desktop Team - Opera Mail

Thunderbird, and Zimbra are all good choices and should fit your requirements. eM Client is very nice but it supports only 2 mail accounts on free version. Pegasus Mail is quite good but the UI is old now and it doesn't feel like outlook. Incredimail has promotional tag lines in your outgoing email and some ads show up.

Not included in this list is Claws Mail - the email client that bites!, since I never tried it. It seems to be OK, it's open source and works on both linux and windows, the interface looks a bit like outlook express, and it supports multiple accounts and IMAP. It might be what you're looking for.

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Hello message board! Just a few questions here I can not seem to find out via Google, manuals, and reading other forum posts... We are attempting to utilize a t610 with the Linux based o.s. and are running into a few hurdles... I have seen on "Windows" based thin clients, after you make a change to something, you must "Commit" the changes... Is there a way to do this on a Linux box? It seems that the o.s. partition is Read Only?? Also, is there a way to navigate files and folders on this type of thin client? I see the terminal in "Admin" mode and I can kind-of nav files and folders through the text editor, but I am at a semi-loss doing things this way... I know this may be a stupid question, but is there a way to re-image this thin client to a "Windows" based o.s.? The main problem I am experiencing is an add-on/extension in firefox is not "sticking" in my firefox browser.... I have installed the extension many times, and after I restart the browser, it is gone and my settings are reverted to "original"... I am taking a guess here, but I am guessing every time this client "reboots" it is booting to an image?? One last question, is there any "manuals" for these Linux based clients? I see most or all of the helps seems to be geared towards Windows, and would just like a reference... Thanks for reading!Brandon


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A:T610 Linux based thin client

If you're talking about the HP ThinPro OS- Before you can make changes to the file system, you need to run this command from the terminal - "fsunlock". When you're done, "fslock" locks the file system again. There isn't another file explorer tool included that I'm aware of in ThinPro. Command line and the notepad tool are the only real ways to navigate the file system. If you're looking for help with something, keep in mind it is basically a stripped-down version of Ubuntu, with some extra utilities and GUI provided by HP. The nuts and bolts are the same as an Ubuntu build so I've gotten quite a bit of insight from Ubuntu forums online for problems that I've had. As for your browser extensions issue, depending on how you're doing this, you can configure connections to allow them to configure their own settings, or to use HP ThinPro settings. If you haven't allowed Firefox to create and use its own settings in the file system, nothing you change inside the browser will stick. I haven't tried installing a browser extension but I'm pretty sure that's where your problem is.

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I am new to Exchange and am having some problems with it. I have two aliases set up and would like to move messages sent to either alias to a specific folder. In the past, I have successfully done this with client side rules based on a value in the subject line. Unfortunately, the text in the subject line is not standardized. When I receive an email sent to the alias it resolves to my username from the address book and is delivered to my inbox. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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I am having an issue with offline files created offline syncing back to the server. I have set up a network share to be available offline on a client computer. All files are available offline without issue. Here is the issue however. If I set the folder to work offline any file I create in the folder when it is offline just disappears when the folder comes back online, there are no conflicts or sync failures reported in sync center. If I create a new folder offline the folder does sync back to the server. Any changes made to an existing file are also replicated back to the server once the share is back online. So the issue is only with newly created files when the share is offline. I have not been able to replicate this error on any other file server in our environment, However I have recreated the issue with multiple shares with multiple Win 7 clients on this file server.

Steps taken so far.

Checked and reset permission levels on the share.
Recreated new shares from scratch for testing.
Disabled and enabled offline files on the client computer and cleared the offline cache.
Check various registry entry settings.
Disabled cashing on the File server.
Tested with XP the issue does not exist with XP.

I have spent hours researching this error online to no avail.

The clients are running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
The File server is Server 2003 Standard 32 bit with SP2

Any help or ideas would be most welcome.

A:Offline Folder sync issue, Win 7 Client Server 2003 Flie Server.

I've seen the complaints about this problem but with no clear resolution. There are some hot fixes listed that may help, updating to Windows 7 SP1 is supposed to help in some cases but nothing seems for certain.

No way for me to recreate this problem but apparently others have the same problem.

Offline created files disappear after re-connect

Browse by Tags - The troubleshooters and problem solvers... - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Administratively assigned offline files on Win7 client disappear from server (Network Steve Forum)

The Group Policy settings in the next link may have an effect on this problem.


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There is a process running on my computer called csrss.exe
I went to http://www.processlibrary.com and looked it up and came up with 2 different things. One says it is a Trojan and needs to be removed. The same exact process name also says it is Microsoft client server runtime server and SHOULD NOT be removed.
How I am supposed to tell the difference so I do not make a mistake by either leaving it alone or removing it???

A:Process: csrss.exe (trojan or Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server?)

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***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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Update for Windows 7 Client Beta for x64-based Systems (KB963660)
Install this update to resolve issues with Media Player or Media Center for Windows 7 Beta where multimedia codecs are not functioning on or after 15 March 2009. For complete details of this update, see KB963660. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. This update is provided to you and licensed under the Windows 7 Prerelease License Terms.

An update is available that will replace certain audio and video codecs that expire in prerelease versions of Windows 7 on March 15, 2009
Yesterday update installing fail with error 80070643. Tryed manually also install it but no luck, any suggestion how to debug it why it fails or solution for this?

A:Update for Windows 7 Client Beta for x64-based Systems (KB963660) error

Same problem here, anyone get this to install after it fails the first time?

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I try to connect to https://vpn.par01.softlayer.com web site with IE 11 and I always get the same following error message :

This page can?t be displayed
Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to https://vpn.par01.softlayer.com  again. If this error persists, contact your site administrator.

By clicking on the "Change settings" button associated with this error message, the IE Advanced option tab is displayed :

from there, I can see that SSL 3.0 and all TLS versions are correctly checked ;

When I do the same test from a colleague's PC with the same Windows 7 version and exactly the same IE 11 version,  there is not problem to reach this web page

When comparing Wireshark traces taken on both PC, I can see the following differences in the SSL CLient Hello packet sent by IE :

1) in the good case,  this Client hello includes 26 Cipher Suites, with TLS 1.2

2) in the bad case, this Client hello includes 24 Cipher Suites, with TLS 1.2

The 2 missing Cipher Suites in the bad case are the following ones :

Cipher Suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA (0x0005)
Cipher Suite: TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 (0x0004)

In the good case, the Server hello sent by the server (in response to the Client hello) shows the TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA Cipher Suite is the one selected ;

In the bad case, the Client hello is answered by the server by a packet showing the following message :

TLSv1 Record Layer... Read more

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was trying to network my computer to the server but keep getting the message 'server not responding from client computer' can anyone help please.

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Hi I'm working on a client/server with the Java programming language and trying to figure out how to protect my server. With my current Virus/Firewall protection suite theres nothing I can do to keep out unwanted Java applications on the port I choose to allow the Java SE Binary through for clients accessing the server application. ESET Smart Security 4 is what I am using. Does anybody know of a security suite that would allow only a specific Java application to get through the firewall? I'm not to sure on this subject because my firewall is identifying any Java application as only the "Java SE Binary" and not I'm sure if you can even really name your Java application like you would something you would write in C++. Any information would be appreciated, thank you.

A:Java Server/Client + Server Firewall Safety

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I have 6 computers in a workgroup that need to be synchronized to a workgroup server.  The server is a virtual Win 7 running on a Windows 10 host.  Neither the server or client computers have internet access.  I started the process by configuring
the host to use its CMOS clock as its time source, which seems to have worked. The client computers are not virtual and can communicate with the Win 10 host as I am able to RDP to the host from the clients.  I made the following registry key changes to
get that accomplished.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






<-------End of REG file------->

After applying these changes, I ran the following 'w32tm /config /update /syncfromflags: NO 
I get a message that the command is successful.
These changes are based on the following post:
https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/04865e36-d43d-4167-a07d-9f28fd4f22fa/how-do-you-configure-windows-time-synchronizati... Read more

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I'm looking at setting up windows 2003 terminal servers all over the place to replace the awful thing people are currently doing here - vncing servers with one small shared password among everyone <holding my hands over my ears for the backlash>. Don't blame me, it's another awful legacy I have to get rid of...

1. I've got to set up a Terminal Server Licensing server and was thinking about putting this on my second domain controller. I was wondering what would happen in this server dies, though. Is there some way of having resilience in this scenario? Perhaps a second Licensing server or something, the way you have 2 or more Domain Controllers?

2. Also, I know that Windows XP has an RDP client, I've used before on many occasions, but what about all the Windows 2000 clients that I still have out there. What should I do for them to access the new Terminal Servers?

A:Terminal Server license server(s)? RDP client for Windows2K?

I'm not 100% sure on #1, but I believe that the TS licensing becomes integrated into the AD, so if one DC goes down, the other one will be able to check licensing. On another note, if you are using the TS for administration only, I don't believe you needs the TS Licensing to be installed.

For #2, you can download the latest version of the RDP client from MS's website. It should also be available through Windows Updates, although I think Win2K isn't supported any longer, other than Critical Updates.

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A friend is moving his business, and the new business park that he's setting up shop in does not have anyway to get any wired internet to his building, excluding a T1 line, which he can't justify the cost of.

One windows 7 machine acts as the server, primarily for Quickbooks database, and there are two other windows 7 machines that are clients, reading off said database.

He's getting one of those usb dongles for wireless internet service, for the server only (the other two computers will be tethered to a smartphone for internet for QB and windows updates periodically).

They do NOT want to share the servers wireless connection to the other machines.

My only concern was if the server will continue to try to check the LAN for internet connectivity, or will it check both network connections when one fails, or is there a setting I can tell them to change to ensure it knows to go to the wireless dongle for internet all the time, without interfering with the workstations talking to the server over the LAN to get to the database?

The setup at the old office was business class DSL, they are using a relatively new Linksys router, which had the DSL authentication information.

Thank you!

A:LAN network for server/client only, USB hotspot for server internet.

I managed to find a solution this morning, for anyone that's interested, the whole article is here: Multiple Network Connections at the Same Time on Windows | Ivan Zlatev

But the short answer is, under the advanced properties of TCP/IP v4, uncheck automatic metric, set your internet to a value of 1, and the LAN to a value of 9999.

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what tools do you used for monitoring win2000 server performance?

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Does anyone have any reccomendations for a reliable and easy to use website monitoring software for windows? Right now I I'm using Monitance since they have a freemium service to try out. Anyone know of any others that offer free services that I could test drive? Has anyone tried Thwack or NewRelic? Thanks!

A:Server Monitoring

I am using the software called Anturis which is extremely easy to use for server monitoring. This is a SaaS tool which can any type of servers, quick to set up and various types of alerts even by the phone which I like more as you will always try to answer the call.

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Hello fellows!

I am being heavily monitored by the company server (AS400), I keep my computer downloading torrents almost 24/7.... The chief at the computer department called me to ask me what where 5 archives of 700mb each my computer downloaded the past 5 days..... I was shocked to hear the question!

Can they really know what I'm downloading?... Is there a way to bypass their monitoring system?..... I don't see any unusual software on my computer so I guess it has to be windows based(WinXP no service packs)...... Please Help!

Thanx in advanced!

A:Server Monitoring!

Firstly, the internet is transparent. Anyone with access to the wire sees everything you do with the exception of encrypted content (your online banking is safe).

Secondly, if it is your work computer then your work admins can do anything in there with their administrative rights. And there is nothing you can do about that either.

You just have to accept that it is the company computer and the company internet connection and that you will have to use them on the company terms.

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I am looking to upgrade our TV to use as a monitor for a server I built to keep our videos on. The TV we have now only has S-video' Any suggestions as to how to use what I have or what should I upgrade to?

A:Monitoring my network server

Monitors are so cheap these days... In our part of the world, the White Elephant, Salvation Army, and GoodWill sell 19" monitors fo $5.00 as the world is donating them when they move to LCD.
You can find TV's that will work, but at relatively low resolution, and always too much trouble to be worth the aggravatioin.

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Hello friends...

I had used Windows server monitoring tools of Tevron.com are a great product. But I am looking for another company products to compare the functionality?please let me know some windows server monitoring tools...

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I have windows 2000 server with about 15 users on it. I was wondering if there is a way in this OS to monitor sites ppl are going to, when they were there, for how long, etc. Also what about monitoring any programs that they are using?

If this is possible through win2k server, let me know and explain how I set it up, or where i navigate to to see it. If not, what programs are most commonly used to monitor these types of things. Thanks

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I've got a windows 2000 domain runing with active directory. How do I monitor who is logged into the domain and at what computer they are logged into and what files they may have open on the server? Is this possible?

What time they logged in? etc?

where can I find this?

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Is there a certain program that will let me actually read the emails people are sending on my network? I am able to see who is sending and how often, etc, but there is no way that i've found to actually read the contents of the email. Any help would be appreciated, HR is waiting for me to provide them the exact contents of a "questionable" email. Thank you.

A:Monitoring e-mails on exchange server

There is a way to open the user's email without you knowing their password and without the user know you opened it but I have those notes elsewhere and won't be there until tomorrow.

What you can do right now and I have done it here myself is; reset the user's password to what you want it to be, log in as the user, get what you need and get out.

Reset the password so the user will have to enter a new one next time he/she logs in. For good measure, do the same to a few of the people around the questionable user - reset their passwords.

If anyone asks why this is being done, simply state that there was a "problem with the server and some accounts had to be reset".

At least it gets you what you want.

Good luck.

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I've written a socket server in C++ running as a service on NT4 that serves one or more wireless devices on my network. Since its inception, I've wanted a way to watch the traffic going back and forth on the socket between the server and the client and the other night as I was trying to go to sleep, the answer came to me. I developed a simple visual basic program containing a list box and upon program startup I send a message to the socket server containing the hwnd of the list box. Then the service uses the SendMessage API to insert rows into the list box through the provided handle. All of this works beautifully in the ide/debugger but when I run it in a production/release environment, the messages don't get put into the list. I suspect it has something to do with permissions - the service is by nature a system level program while the vb application is running as the logged on user but the service is using the same user account in its startup parameters. What am I missing?

A:Monitoring a socket server service

Have you tried to set it up to run as a system account using an admin account running locally? Setting it up a service might give you better results.

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Does anyone have any experience with a temperature monitoring unit we can install in our server room that we can use to moniter the room temperature? We had a near catastrophe recently when the air conditioning unit failed to restart following a power outage. I've looked a couple, but if anyone has a suggestion, I'd be grateful

A:Server room - remote monitoring temps

It may be overkill but here's one:


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Hello, i want to check why my bandwith is overloaded. I have server on my own computer, and want to check what exactly users are downloading from it, is there any program for it?

A:monitoring folder on server(what users are downloading)

This tutorial might give you some tips: Audit (log) Access to Shared Folders


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hi there..

I'm handling a win2k advanced server as a firewall in my department. Before this, we're using linux RH9 and in linux, i can even view current activities of all clients within the network using ETHERAPE programme. Is win2k server provides any similar facilities??

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi. My friend is writing an article about network and server monitoring systems. She has prepared a 2 question mini-survey to determine which of the most popular systems are most widely used and the correlation of the used system with the size of the infrastructure. The survey is inteded for system/network administrators who are responsible for network and server support and maintenance. The survey is available > here <.

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Alright some of you here know I am a Firefighter and I am also our IT director. Well my Chief made me the IT guy, I told him what I was going to do, I changed over from P2P to Windows Server 2003. Now he got mad at someone for locking THEIR computer in THEIR office (not his the Chief's office) and now he wants NO PASSWORDS on any computer. Not to mention I brought my OWN server from my house and spent my money buying the parts, software, and monitor for it.
I need help with gathering all the Pro's and Con's of having a Server Based vs P2P Network.......
Please help me from not wanting to quit my job.

A:P2P vs Server Based

What's to say? The thing that springs to mind is: No good deed goes unpunished.

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Application Management Pack is designed to help e-mail administrators of all experience levels monitor and manage an Exchange 2000 deployment. The detailed alert descriptions and integrated knowledge base empower less experienced Exchange administrators by helping them to diagnose problems. Included in this document:

Application Management Pack Features
What Application Management Pack Monitors
Alerts Generated by Application Management Pack
Integrated Knowledge Base

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Minimum Requirements - Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader



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I have a 2 PCs that are randomly powering off. One more than the other. Both are giving the same symptoms but I have no clue how to figure out what is going on. I need help from a software to figure these out.

1) Event logs are clean no stop signs or exclamtion points prior to shutdown.
2) Just gives an indicator last shutdown was unexpected.
3) memtest runs through fine.
4) Shutdown is 100% random not any timed thing.
5) Happens when idle and at full use.
6) No blue screen at all.
7) No dump files.
8) Different power sources have been used/on top of the fact one is a laptop with a fine battery.

I am all out of troubleshooting ideas. Any thoughts on something that is a realtime system monitor that might catch WHY these systems are shutting down?

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Hi, I've been using badblue for awhile and looking for a better program for sharing word doc's etc from my computer. Maybe something with more bells and whistles, you know?
Price?, nothing more than 200 or so. Or freeware would be even better, any ideas? Thanks, Jay

A:web based file server?

if you don't mind everyone able to D/L what you send out then use kazaalite if you need a simple P2P then there is one in msn 6.0

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I want to know if the domain name server is Linux based than asp pages will work or not?. Or there is any limitation of linux based web server.

A:Linux based server

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Can anyone recommend a server. We are looking at setting up a dictation system. Three dictation stations all writing to the server. The files would all be word or word perfect and this is all it would be used for. The only thing it would really need is redundancy for security reasons. A raid system and some sort of way to back it up.
Thanks in advance,

A:windows based server

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A:whats a good tool for monitoring network traffic with server...

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i have a web server hosted in my network and as its published outside people will be accessing it. and that website is having video streaming files alslo. now my requirement is i would like to know what is the bandwidth usage of the server by protocol wise. ex.port 80 - ??? bandwidth and 5222 - ??? bandwidth? etc.. please suggest me if you know any third party application where i can install in that sever and can monitor the protocol usage traffic or i can install it in a remote machine and can check it. if possibel please send a mail to [email protected] with your precious reply

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