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ThinkCentre M910Z Network Card/DHCP Issues

Q: ThinkCentre M910Z Network Card/DHCP Issues

Hello All, My company has been buying the M910Z systems since last year and I have noticed that the NIC card on these things will just randomly not pick up an IP address via DHCP when the PC is first powered on or when a network cable is unplugged. This doesnt happen everytime, but there are instances when the PCs go to sleep and the user is unable to connect back to the network due to the PC dropping the network connection. To resolve the issue, i have to either shut the PC down and then boot it back up or go into the control panel, diable/enable the NIC card in hopes for it to grab an IP. Is there a fix to this issue because im assuming its either a BIOS or NIC driver issue because I have isolated the issue down to these PCs and i wanted to see if the community could help me out here.

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Preferred Solution: ThinkCentre M910Z Network Card/DHCP Issues

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi, I am currently trying to deploy a TC M910z via PXE. It seems that PXE boot is only available in legacy mode but I would prefer UEFI PXE boot. Can`t find any setting for this in the BIOS, like there is one for the ThinkPad series. Do I miss something?BIOS has been updated today from the Lenovo support site...

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I am trying to figure out how to add a second hard drive to my new ThinkCentre M910z All-in-one. I have only been able to find instructions on removing or replacing the existing first hard drive, but not how to add a second hard drive. I have bought a 500GB 7200rpm 2.5? 6Gbps SATA Hard Drive (4XB0M60786) to install. This drive also did not come with a storage cable. Please point me to instructions on how to install it. 

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I have an older Lenovo all-in-one that's reaching the end of it's tolerable life. It's slow, limited upgrades, only supports one small hard drive. But I love the all-in-one form factor. I see the newer iteration ThinkCentre M910z supports SSD for the primary (horrah!) and includes a second 2.5" hard drive bay. What I can't find is what the largest supported storage size is. Can it support a 4TB-5TB drive like the Seagate BarraCuda ST4000 and ST4000? My goal is to have a SSD for OS and apps, big 2nd drive for archiving large video as opposed to having to have an external USB drive perpetually tethered like with my current all-in-one.

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I reformatted my computer because after installing service pack 1 and other updates from Feb 14th my computer has been having issues getting a dhcp from my router. I have a windows 7 home premium 32 bit laptop that works just fine. I also have a ubuntu machine that pulls an address from this router and an xbox 360. From what I've read other places online it appears this is a bug with dhcp that appears some time around windows 7 service pack 1 x64. Is this update the one causing issues with the dhcp problems I'm having? Should I uninstall service pack 1 or reformat and not let windows install this? I'm a little confused as to what this problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Dhcp issues and network connectivity issues since windows 7 x64 sp1

I've never heard of a service pack creating a DHCP problem.

You might want to try resetting your router either by pushing in the reset button "hold in for ten seconds" or you can reset the router from the router's service page or unplug the router for ten minutes then plug it back in again.

Just because other machines can pick up the DHCP address doesn't mean it's working correctly for all machines. Routers can limp along sometimes but the functionality becomes erratic until you reset them.

Or you can try using the ipconfig commands, such as the ones outlined in the link below.
ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility

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Hello guys, I've got this problem:I've bought a second-hand ThinkCentre Edge 72 SFF desktop and a Lenovo Radeon HD 7450 graphics to go with it. Since it was an OEM Lenovo-branded card and originally available for this very computer as a CTO option, I thought "what could go wrong?" Boy, a lot. I Plugged the card in, installed the OS (Windows 8.1 x64) and the went to fiddle with the BIOS for a bit. That's where I stumbled upon this problem: when the graphics was installed, you couldn't disable CSM and enable Secure Boot, because if you did, you'd lose video. It took me a few tries and a BIOS update to find out what was causing the black screens. So I did some googling and found out Lenovo knows about this and they offer an official solution, which is a VBIOS flash - see here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/dk/en/solutions/HT081709 Great, huh? So I followed the instructions TO THE LETTER and read everything twice before acting, ran the AtiWinFlash, but got a flash error after a few seconds. Clicked OK, closed the prompt and restarted the PC. To this point I still had video output, however after the reboot the screen was black like when the secure boot was enabled before. So I pulled out the card to see if it's gonna run on IGP and it did, so I loaded BIOS defaults and double checked that CSM is enabled and Secure Boot disabled. Put the card back in to no avail, still no change, which kinda made me sure that the card is bricked. Since then I ... Read more

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Hello everyone,
I am working with a moderately sized network of about 75 devices. We have a device for our VOIP that supplies DHCP for the phones. Unfortunately this device is also handing out IPs to our other devices and causing them to be unable to see our other network services ( Internet filter and hosted applications ). I need to put a system in place to force our network to prioritize our other DHCP over our VOIP server. Setting a static ip address works but this is not an ideal solution.
VOIP - 10.172.0.X ( Forces all devices to have an address in this range when assigned to DHCP )
Network - 10.170.0.X

A:DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

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Hello Everyone,

We our setting up a Training Company to assist unemployed IT people in the Silicon Valley area of California. Our group is very small and having a hard time even getting our network here started. Here is the problem: We have Windows 2003 Server Enterprise 180-day usage disc (from a book we bought to learn). We have 5 static IP addresses leased from DSL carrier. They are for example: thru with a gateway of [these are only IP numbers used for example to prevent hacking] my subnet mask is We tried and tried for 2 weeks now and still can not get the complete network to work. We need: Step1.) The server to be secure with a firewall (but willing to forgo that and add later) Step2.) the server to issue Ip addresses from a pool of thru 12 to 3 workstations running XP(we decided to make the server, subnet mask is and gateway Step3.) Have access to the internet on all workstations and the server too. All we have succeeded to do is get the dhcp to issue out addressses to the workstations and even that i think we got lucky. We think the problem is somewhere you need to tell the (maybe iprouting?) setup that the Public ip address is the and gateway, subnet info and to route to the server PRIVATE ip address
Thank you for any help. We are on very limited funds here and appreciate any help. My number is 925-984-9907 if you wish to call. We wil... Read more

A:DHCP Server using (1) Network card

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I installed my linksys wrt54G v1 router that has DD-WRT v32 SP2 on it and my network worked great. I then plugged in my linksys switch with about 20 devices (internet phones, networked printers, windows pc, linux asterisk phone system) already connected and on. Almost immediately my internet went down, I could not access my router hardly ever, and lan connectivity failed or was flaky at best.
The dhcp lease table did not show the new devices assigned except for several static assignments.

I unplugged the switch, power cycled the router and all was fine.
I then plugged in the switch without devices and worked fine.
I turned off all networked devices connected to the switch, turned them on one at a time. Then everything worked. The lease table showed all the devices with default lease time of 24 hours.
About 48 hours later I walked into the office with internet down, no lan connectivity, and could not log onto the router either.
I performed the same fix above, and now we are working again just fine.

I had the same problem with a stock linksys 8 port router and using either the linksys switch or a netgear switch.

I think I am having lease renewal dhcp issues, but I have never experienced this problem before. I would appreciate your advice to avoid the next network crash - it ruins my morning.

DD-WRT v23 SP2
linnksys WRT54G v1
linksys 24 port switch

A:DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

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I warmly welcome

I have a problem with configuring network cards

WIFI comes nicely with DHCP pool 192.168.0 .*

I have a virtual network adapter "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"
in it I have to have a static IP address
and set it manually (IPv4)

the problem is that the WiFi card is still changing my IP address of the virtual card

how to prevent it?

I wanted to wifi card automatically collects the IP address
but did not interfere in the virtual adapter's IP

A:Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

I quote (from ):

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a dummy network card, no hardware is involved. It is used as a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available. Also, you must use the Loopback adapter if there are conflicts with a network adapter or with a network adapter driver. You can bind network clients, protocols, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter, and you can install the network adapter driver or network adapter later while retaining the network configuration information.

Given that, there is no way your wi-fi card can "change" the IP address of your fake network adapter. If you set a static IP for ANY adapter, it WILL stay that way, regardless if one adapter is set to release and renew based on DHCP and one is not.

I even tried it myself. I installed the loopback adapter, set an IP and all that for it, released ALL DHCP'd IPs and renewed them. the static IP for the loopback adapter didn't change.

Take a look at your settings again, make sure you didn't miss something.

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my network card cant obtain IP from my DHCP server after I installed windows xp and loaded the drivers what i got was limited or no connectivity

thank you

A:my network card cant obtain IP from my DHCP server

Hello kwachaa and welcome to TSF...
Try to Repair Connection...
Double-click on Local Area Network and go to support tab and hit 'Repair' button...
Make sure you set to get Automatic Address automatically...
Hope this will help you mate...

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We have 7+ devices currently that will not all for us to change the discrete tpm from 2.0 to 1.2. when the switch on these devices is performed the device hangs at that portion indefinetly, bios become frozen, we've let the devices sit for mins, hours, days. if the device is shutdown we receive the following error messages: Fail on FmpProtocol->GetImageInfo(...), ErrCode[0x171] It might be TPM recovery Keep Process? we choose yes then we receive: Remaining updates available = 0 times. If remains updates = 0 times, TPM FW can't be switched anymore. We've tried clearing cmos, to update/Flash bios, at most we can change from discrete TPM to FW TPM, however under discrete 1.2 is locked and the OS doesn't see the device and we can not clear the ownership (if any) or act upon the TPM to encrypt the machines in question.

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Having trouble with my Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) wired LAN connection. Yesterday evening everything was fine, I was connected and doing some remote work into the office - I was playing with OpenVPN connections. I left the machine for a few hours logged on, came back and now the NIC appears dead.

I have restored windows to the point just before i installed Open VPN.

I get "Unidentified network" and "no internet connection" for my LAN connection in Network Centre. There's no gateway or ip assigned looking at ipconfig /all, just the self assigned 169.* ip

The ethernet cable is connected directly into my cable modem (note, not a router).

I have googled a lot and have tried (not necessarily in this order):

1. Ensured its not the WAN/RJ-45 cable - have connected successfully with an older laptop's LAN NIC. When switching machines i turn off both the machine and the modem for 30 secs, and typically tun network troubleshooter to reset the LAN.
2. Tested the internal NIC by pinging, loopback successful.
3. Uninstalled the LAN NIC and reinstalled it.
4. Removed all clients & protocols from the NIC's properties bar IPv4 and Microsoft Client for windows i.e. specifically removed IPv6.
5. Reset TCP/IP using netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt.
6. Have removed the wireless adapter. The only network connection is the internal NIC.

All forums I've scoured suggest one or more of these things, so I'm exhasuted of ideas.

There&#... Read more

A:Solved: Ethernet card - No DHCP, unidentified network

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I have a problem with my pc randomly locking up and having to be rebooted. I believe it has to do with the wireless card accessing my network, but I canít figure out how to troubleshoot it. (If this is the wrong forum, please let me know!)

I have a desktop, two laptops, and a printer on a wireless network. All of them have been working fine. Then, about a month ago, I loaded a new game on my desktop, which worked entirely fine for roughly three weeks. Then last week, I tried setting up a server in the game. On my first attempt, it locked up my pc at the setup server stage, and I had to reboot. On my second attempt, I tried a slightly different configuration, and it created a local server and worked just fine.

Everything seemed okay for a couple of days, and then the game started to lag after a few minutes of play. After two or three more rounds of play, the lag was then accompanied by the pc locking up. Couldn't figure out why, so I stopped playing it.

Within a day or two, my desktop would randomly freeze without warning, with no clear connection to any specific application or time of day. This has continued to today. Sometimes the lock up is preceded by erratic behavior, such as the wireless keyboard freezing up though the companion wireless mouse will work (or vice versa) and an occasional USB connecting-then-disconnecting sound, though nothing had been touched. Sometimes the lock up is for 10 seconds or so. Most of the time, though, there are no warnings, and it ... Read more

A:Solved: Lock ups due to DHCP / network card issue?

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Please help where to download. thanks, ddMessage Edited by canucks on 10-17-2008 10:50 AM

A:ThinkCentre M57 6072-BMU linux driver for the network card needed....

canucks, Here is the link to the generic linux driver, since you didn't specify the kind of linux distribution you were using.You can get it here: http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-006120.htm I don't recommend installing it though, because you will have to recompile your kernel with it. Unless you're a linux guru and know what you're doing of course.I'm quite surprised by the fact that it didn't get automatically installed, since it's an Intel PRO/1000 network card (according to the specs), which is a well known and supported card. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the only reason you're installing linux is "for fun" then why not install it in an emulation software? (Virtual PC is a free, excellent solution)It will make your life a whole lot easier and allow you to keep your existing productivity level undisturbed Elhay  Message Edited by elhaya on 10-18-2008 03:02 AM

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I come to you again seeking help. We have a problem with our logon and startup to our Windows 7 Enterprise system. We have more than 3000 Windows Desktops situated in roughly 20+ buildings around
campus. Almost every computer on campus has the problem that I will be describing. I have spent over two months peering over etl files from Windows Performance Analyzer (A great product) and hundreds of thousands of event logs. I come to you today humbled
that I could not figure this out. The problem as simply put our logon times are extremely long. An average first time logon is roughly 2-10 minutes depending on the software installed. All computers are Windows 7, the oldest computers being 5 years old. Startup
times on various computers range from good (1-2 minutes) to very bad (5-60). Our second time logons range from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. We have a gigabit connection between each computer on the network. We have 5 domain controllers which also double as our
DNS servers.
My original posts on:
Technet: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproperf/thread/e8400dbe-e6b8-4b1d-8851-a03e7af32e6e
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/w5f38/network_logon_issues_with_group_policy_and/
I followed a lot of what you all told me to do from testing the domain controllers with dcdiag and also completing netlogon tests. I did group policy tests where I got rid of the group policy
and just did default policy and it only slightly fixed the prob... Read more

A:Major Network Logon Issues (8 Domain Controllers and 3.5 thousand workstations) DNS, Time Server, DHCP, and Group Policy Errors


I would like to suggest using Network Monitor to troubleshoot the issue.


Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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i can not get my netgear WG311v3 54MB wireless pci adapter to work Device manager say the device cannot start (code 10)
so i tried update drivers and windows says i have the most up todate drivers for it. so i uninstalled the driver to try and get windows to reinstall the drivers but it fails any help please. i have looked on the netgear website and they say wwindows should install the drivers automatically, but no.
i have windows 7 64bit 4Gb ram

A:network card issues

Quote: Originally Posted by elmit22

i can not get my netgear WG311v3 54MB wireless pci adapter to work Device manager say the device cannot start (code 10)
so i tried update drivers and windows says i have the most up todate drivers for it. so i uninstalled the driver to try and get windows to reinstall the drivers but it fails any help please. i have looked on the netgear website and they say wwindows should install the drivers automatically, but no.
i have windows 7 64bit 4Gb ram

Hi Elmit! Try installing these drivers: Answer.

If that doesn't work, remove the card from your PC, then install drivers. Then put the card back and reboot.

If I helped, click the scales at the top right of my post.

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Hi there,

I have been having this problem for a little while now. My laptop used to work fine, but not too long ago, it started to disconnect from the internet randomly. I was able to somehow overcome the disconnection issue, but now, it has very slow wifi speeds at certain ranges. If i sit right next to the router, then it works just fine, at normal speeds. However, taking 2 steps away from it drops the speed. Normally i get around 30-40 mbps, but 5 steps away, it becomes 3mbps. In other rooms, the internet does not connect at all. My other laptops do not have this issue at all.

My network card is Qualcomm Atheros ar5bwb5222
Windows 8.1
Acer Aspire V

Please help,

A:Network Card Issues

Sounds like a loose or broken antenna. If the wireless adapter is easily accessible through a cover on the laptop bottom check the antenna leads. Disconnect and reconnect them to try to fix any corrosion problem.

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Ok so I did something and IDK what. a bout a week ago I had some Microsoft C++ errors that had something to do with my wireless network adapter card. My laptop is a Compaq evo n800c everything was ok until about 3 days ago when I reinstalled windows I have no yellow marks in the device manager. so I am pretty sure I have all my drivers I reinstalled the wlan utility but I do not see the net card at all in Dev man. Plug and play is not detecting it now I was thinking maybe the plug and play had been disabled but in an attempt to prove it I plugged a different printer to my laptop and plug and play immediatly found it. I have also tried manually installing but my laptop wont find it. Im at a loss as to what else I can try here could I have at some point burned the port out? Any help will be appreciated.

Oh the led lights on the card are NOT lit I have tried 2 other card but I am only sure 1 works.

A:EXTERNAL wireless network Card issues

If it is a card bus adapter are you inserting it into the slot right side up. If it is upsidedown it will appear to be in all the way but it is not.

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I recently performed a system restore on a computer that I put another ethernet card into because the one that was built into the motherboard got fried (HP kindly replaced it) . The computer will not recognize the card I put in and I'm have trouble finding the driver via google (many suspicious sites). There is no brand name on the card the serial on the card is 0347 820-00301032 ver.1.0 . The PC i'm running is an Hp Pavilion a1130n.

I came here because I am out of options. Any help is very appreciated.


A:Solved: Network card driver issues

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Hey guys as the title suggests I'm having issues with my realtek network cards on my windows 7 operating system. I have a build in realtek Pcie Family controller(wired) and a external realtek 8185(wireless) that both disconnect from my network at random. Their are other computers in the house that have no connection issues but i've been plagued with them for months now on both cards, and despite searching for solutions to the problems for months, have been unable to solve the issue alone and am wondering if anybody can help me as I'm tired of having to reset my network adapters so frequently?

Additional information: I'm also using a TP-link at the moment but i've had these issues long before I used the TP-link. Using the diagnose tool when the network adapter loses connection displays the message " default gateway not available" as the cause of the issue.

A:Solved: Windows 7 Realtek network card issues

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I have been without Anti-virus for 2 to 3 weeks, I renewed my anti-virus (Viper from Sunbelt), immediately after Viper was renewed and began to scan; AntiVir started to make it's self known and immediately afterward internet became unable to via wireless card. It reads the networks and connects, but w/o internet still. It does connect if plugged directly with Ethernet cord.I believe the malware has been removed. The computer was started up in safe-mode with networking, Malwarebytes was ran. It removed AntiVir and some other Trojans. After the removal I scanned with Viper to look for other problems on the computer further, yet Wireless internet still fails to connect. I tried reinstalling drivers with no luck.I'm using Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.Attached are the 2 logs from malwarebytesDoes anyone know what could be causing this?

A:AnitiVir Solultions Pro and others believed to be removed, now network card issues

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEmsconfigsafebootminimalactivexdrivers32netsvcs%SYSTEMDRIVE%\*.exe/md5st... Read more

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I am seeing a strange problem with very few dhcp clients.
It shows connected but the gateway will not ping.
If I give a static Ip or any other IP other than the IP the system is having network is fine.

But if I do a release/renew the system is getting the same IP.

DHCP server is in windows 2003.

How to get a new IP from a DHCP server when I release and renew it.


A:DHCP issues

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I'm having issues.

No matter what type of NIC I am using, if it is configured to use DHCP, it does not retrieve IP address information at startup. If I configure a static IP after it starts up, disable the LAN connection, and then re-enable it. Then reconfigure it for DHCP, disable, enable, then it will authenticate to the DHCP server and DHCP messages will be sent as normal.

I am running Windows 2000. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

A:DHCP Issues

might want to reinstall your tcp/ip protocol under network properties. what kind of network are you running ? is the dhcp server a router?

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered on this board...

Here's my problem. I live in an apartment complex that offers High Speed internet through an ethernet connection. Everything is supposed to be working fine. I've set up for DHCP the way they recommend. I've taken off all adapters and protocols except my NIC and TCP/IP and set TCP/IP to obtain addy automatically, etc. That part I know is fine. When I first start my computer (win98SE, with updates) and try to connect to the internet, it works just like it should. After about 5 minutes, I lose my connection. I goto winipcfg and can see all my info. If I click renew all, it says "DHCP server unavailable"... However, if I click release all and then renew all, it works just fine and i have a connection for another 3-5 min. and I have to do it all over again.

I plan on replacing my NIC and cable with brand new ones. I have no access to the DHCP server. If replacing those components don't work, is there any other suggestions? I'm not running any firewalls (that I know of) ... I'll try disabling Norton AV, although I don't see how that would cause this? Any help, advice, suggestions, ideas are greatly appreciated!


A:DHCP issues

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I need help on DHCP settings. I have a laptop that connects with a router whose DHCP is set to assign addresses in the 192.168.1.XXX range. The adapter is set to use DHCP.

I get Internet access through a USB WiFi adapter that connect to a WiFi network whose gateway is This adapter is also set to use DHCP. This setup seems to work sometimes, but other times there are problems that seem to be DHCP related.

What are the proper setting for this setup?

A:DHCP issues?

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I am having trouble accessing the internet; my IP address is not renewing. I checked online and read about making sure that the DHCP client has started and the steps to follow if it isn't. I tried everything and each time I receive the same "could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer" error. anyone know how I can fix this issue?

A:DHCP client issues

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I took apart my computer yesterday to get some CDs out of the drive my son had jammed in there. When I hooked everything back up I got the following error message. The System notification event service could not connect. Also my DHCP client only says "starting" and I can't stop and restart. I tried accessing my help and it's not available. Also I can not get on the Internet.

Any ideas of what is going on?

I'm using vista.

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Can anyone tell me how to stop the dhcp-client identifying the network connection
every minute? I'm running vista home premium and it's a wireless connection i'm using
on a laptop.



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Good morning everyone,  I am having issues with sound on the M92 or G1U3306 as stated on the subject. The sound works perfectly fine for everything with the exception of Istation, www.istation.com. I did notice that this is only affecting 2 out of the 20 plus computers we have, so its a bit hard to say its just the model. I have tried updating the drivers to the latest version, and as well verified that it was not just the input device for front and back jacks being wonky. Oddly enough the support agent I worked with, used TeamViewer and was able to hear the application just fine, however when I used speakers it was very, very faint but I could also hear it.   Is there any general help anyone can provide me to pinpoint the problem further?

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Hi there, our school district is having intermittent problems with USB devices on several ThinkCenter M83s (model 10AN-S0DE00). They have a clean Sysprepped custom WIM image of Win7x64 Enterprise, using the SCCM driver pack supplied by Lenovo. (So the specific  Intel chipset and Intel USB 3.0 drivers have been installed.) The problem is that some, but not all, of these machines fail to see all USB devices that are plugged into the machines until they are disconnected and reconnected again. For the most part, they are Ok when it is just a USB keyboard & mouse, but additional devices such as thumb drives, Smartboards, etc repeatedly fail to pop up unless their USB cable is disconnected, then reconnected back to the PC. Then they work fine. This is a hassle for our staff. There are no problems listed in Device Manager..... Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:ThinkCentre M83 random USB connectivity issues

 We've got a very similar issue with our clients' M83s. Their PCs just use the OS the systems were shipped with (no customized wims) and several have sporadic issues recognizing USB storage devices. The problem seems to be localized to the front USB ports. We've tried swapping in other front USB/IO cables but the problem persists. The Solution Center Hardware Scan consistently finds no problems with the systems and there are no errors in Device Manager or in the Event Viewer. Drivers are all up to date, as are the Windows Updates. Would love to see a fix for this.

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Hello there,I am looking forward for some help regarding my machine. I was prompted by the Lenovo system update software to run some update regarding my computer and then i took it up. I did take sometimeupdating and then after theupdate it asked to restart the pc. I did restart the pc and theni realised i cant connect to the internet (wifi) again. I have been struggling with it all day long. I looked at the lenovo solution here : https://support.lenovo.com/fi/en/solutions/HT501545 but is not of help. When i go to the device manager under 'Network Adapters', i dont see anything that says 'Wlan' or something that might help. I completely give up now. The more am searching, the more its getting difficult. Could someone with better understanding kindly help out.. Thanksin advance.  


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo Thinkcentre M93 wifi issues

Can you supply more details of the system, OS and BIOS?

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After upgrading to windows 8 i seem to have an issue when windows either boots without internet connection (yellow sign is present) or looses connection randomly.

When this happens i am unable to access my router as well. Its as if windows can't communicate with my network card (i have nVIDIA nForce 780i SLI (MCP55PXE) - Gigabit LAN Controller).

It seems that restarting DHCP service fixes this issue. Any idea why this is happening and how can i fix the issue permanently?

Updating network drivers won't work since nvidia hasn't released any new drivers since 2009. Also windows installs some 2012 drivers anyway.

A:Internet/DHCP client issues.

Did you have any luck resolving your issue yet?

If not:

Have a look in the computer's Event Viewer Logs (type in "Event Viewer" in the Win8 Search box). See if any errors are there related to the DHCP service. It is set to start automatically by default, and to restart automatically if it fails. But it also has a fair number of other system components on which is it dependent -
-Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock
-NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
-Network Store Interface Service
-NSI Proxy Service Driver
-Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
-DCOM Process Launcher
-RPC Endpoint Mapper
If you see any error messages related to either the DHCP service itself, or to these components on which it depends, make a note of the error - you can also click on the blue-highlighted link "Event Log Online Help" to see if any information is available from Microsoft for the error (clicking the link should open up your default browser, and check on the Microsoft webpages for error information).

You should have the DHCP Service and the DNS Client Service set to Automatic in the "Services" applet in Control Panel (type "Services" into the Search box).

It's pretty rare for a wired connection to have any trouble. I imagine you've already done the obvious hardware checks -- the cables, activity lights on routers/gateway/modem -- and the setup screens of these devices are OK, power cycled the router/gateway/modem, shutdown &... Read more

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I've recently set up a new office area in our home and hard wired 4 ethernet network points in it. I have been running a Netgear 4 port wireless broadband router in the kid's study and this has worked without fault.

I ran a cat5 cable to the router from the office. I have plugged in a Netgear 5 port switch (FS605) into this cable to connect the office (there appears to be no identified uplink port). I run at present both a Mac and PC laptop form the office.

Proble I have is the Mac will retrieve its IP address without fault from the router (DHCP set) but the PC comes back with a strange,, IP address and says it has limited or no connectivity. All cables test perfectly.

I am pulling my hair out. If I plug the PC directly into the cable from the router all is fine but when I put the switch between them the issues start. So the issues seems to be with the switch or the set up on the Laptop. It is currently set to DHCP. I have tried to overide that with a manual IP and subnet mask address setting - without luck.

Should I be using a router rather than a switch? But if so why will the Mac work fine?

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: DHCP Issues with new switch

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so sorry, was having issues with it getting on. wasn't sure it it worked or not. so sorry, please delete it if pos

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I have setup my network before and it was never this frustrating and confusing.

First off I have a Linksys WRT350N Router. Just like a WRT300N, with a gigabit connection.

I have 5 static IP's from Verizon FIOS. Now I have shut off my DHCP server in the Linksys, and entered all the static IP's for each computer.

All the computers can access the net just fine....but I have a webserver on one of the machines and I cannot access it at all.

I was thinking I had to still setup port forwarding to the specific machine that has the webserver, mail server, etc. but all the port forwarding options only give me the option to enter the last three digits of a DHCP'd address (192.168.1.*)

I am confused as to what and how to do it.

Can anyone help?


A:Static and DHCP mix up issues. Any help would be great!

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We are using  a DHCP Server,for our network we musst create new DHCP,how to add new DHCP and activate the scopes for

can someone give me some tips.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi everyone, i'm having an intemittent problem between my Tiny M720q and my 2010 Toshiba HDTV via HDMI. Occasionally, if I turn on the Toshiba first then I cold boot the PC I get a message on the Toshiba TV that there's no video signal. If I turn on the Tiny first, wait a few seconds then turn on the Toshiba HDTV, then I have a video signal. (Successful 98% of the time) Sometimes doing the above i.e. turn on M720q, wait a few seconds then turn on the TV will also result in no video. That's rare although it happened twice in a row this morning. I don't think it's a problem with the M720q as once I get past that quirk the display never loses a signal. So my question is, if this is just a HDMI Handshake quirk?

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Has anyone had issues with wireless mouse/keyboard connectivity? Recently obtained a new ThinkCentre workstation and have tried two different mouse/keyboard combos. It seems there is a glitch of some sort. The mouse never tracks efficiently and often freeezes, keyboard is doing the same thing with not recognizing characters as I type.  Thanks!

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I have been able to connect to my wireless router until yesterday it stopped working. I reset my router and that's about as far as I got....now when I try to diagnose connectivity issues it says "DHCP is not enabled for wireless connection 3". Help please!!

A:Wireless connection issues and DHCP not enables...

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I have been looking everywhere to no avail. None of the things, hotfixes, registry editing, flushing or reseting of my DNS Cache has fixed this issue I have been having for the past week. I have been able to connect to the internet but it is so much slower than usual. I have already contacted my service provider and they are not the problem. Here is some info: My computer is a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit connected at a 15mbps down speed and a 3mbps up speed through Comcast. And here is what shows up when I type ipconfig /all in the command prompt with admin permission:

C:\Windows\system32>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : homecomp
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 44-87-FC-7A-E2-3B
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::fdb0:53d0:bb4a:806f%16(Prefer
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:39:48
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Friday, November 18... Read more

A:How do I enable my DNS Cache and my DHCP? I am having internet issues.

Welcome to SF,

Visit NVIDIA site and download the most recent driver for your network adapter.

Also, are there a few of you sharing the bandwidth in your network?

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I have had a task dumped on me and am a little out of my depth.

We have a new EFM service, which is connected to a RAD Network termination Unit; in turn this is connected to a Cisco 887VAM router, which in turn is connected to a TP-Link TL-SG1024 switch.
I can connect any computer to the switch and can connect to the internet as long as I assign each one of the 5 static IP addresses I have.
How do I get it so that I can connect more computer and have them detect a generated IP address?
I gather this is to do with DHCP at the router but I don't know where to start.

Any help?


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Dear All,

Iím having some problems with my Wireless network.
Iím struggling to get my wireless devices to connect to my wireless network. The only way I can seem to do it, is by assigning them an IP address manually Ė otherwise they get given a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx number.
Ideally, I want the devises to get the IP address automatically.

Look at the diagram to see my network.

Itís not a secure network Ė I havenít given the Wireless Router any Mac Addresses. I live in a very remote area, so Iím not bothered about security until I have it all working.

The wireless Router has 4 Earthnet Ports and 1 ĎInternetí Port.

My ADSL Router has all my Internet settings
(Both are Netgear)

My question is: How do I get my Wireless devices to collect automatic IP addresses?

Hope you can help.

A:Wireless Network - DHCP - Help

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Hi all :-)
So I have bought a Lenovo thinkcentre M910s and wanted an extra harddrive.
The store I bought my M910s told me to buy following parts:
4XH0L08579       Lenovo ThinkStation M.2 SSD Adapter
WDS100T1B0B WD Blue PC SSD WDS100T1B0B - Solid State Drive - 1 TB
But it will not work? I have tried both PCIe 4x and 16x but the drive does not show up in bios or disk management. I have update bios.
Do I have the wrong adapter??
Best regards~ninatech~
Mod:  Edited Subject line to add M710 models and clarify title.


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A:ThinkCentre M710 M910 s & t: how to add M.2 SSD card

That SSD card has a SATA interface, you need PCIe.   Lenovo owners seem to prefer Samsung PCIe M.2 SSD cards (and is an oem supplier), you can search above for info on the different card models.  

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I have a refurbished Lenovo thinkcentre m58 and I'm looking for suggestions for compatible graphics cards to upgrade.  Currently has Intel Q45/Q43 express chipset....and can't play any games on it.my computer specs are Intel core 2 duo CPU 8400 3.00GHZRam 8.0GB1TB memory 

A:Upgrade graphics card thinkcentre m58

Hi Ehtabbat,Warm Greetings & welcome to Lenovo Community, happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding upgrading GPU in your ThinkCentre M58
GTX 750ti is the known card which has been seen successfully upgraded by many users.
For similar discussion check this & this threads.
Provide the requested detail to process further.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I replaced power with a 650w supply since i knew I was going to put a GPU in my PC (a Lenovo m91p desktop), and upgraded it with an RX 470 graphical card by XFX. When I put it in my computer, it does not boot up and none of the peripherals work either (the lights on my mouse turn on usually). All the fans spin including the GPU. My monitor receives no signal either. When I take the card out however everything works. My BIOS is up to date, the version is 9HKT58A which is latest version I found on levovo offical Website, everything is correctly plugged and installed.BIOS info: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/DS018245
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A:ThinkCentre: RX 470 graphics card GPU Not Booting

RX 470 is not included in M91P BIOS white list. I have to flash the graphical adapter BIOS or modify M91P BIOS white list.

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