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lenovo ideapad 110-14isk high disk usage, windows update

Q: lenovo ideapad 110-14isk high disk usage, windows update

Good day everyone,I just recently bought a new laptop which is a lenovo ideapad 110-14isk. When I booted it up, I noticed that it can't respond quickly so I opened task manager and saw that disk usage is always at 100%. Due to this, even shutting down takes a long time and seldom I force it to shut down because it is very unresponsive. I observed the laptop for a few days and found out that windows update was slowing it. I disabled the Windows Update Service, and when I rebooted it, the disk usage is at normal levels. So my question is, how can I update my laptop? and is there any way to use Windows Update without the laptop lagging? Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: lenovo ideapad 110-14isk high disk usage, windows update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello denizens of Bleeping Computer,
A bit of a long yarn here. Please bear with me.
I'm having some difficulty with my HP Envy M6 laptop. Things were fine until an automatic update ran two days ago. I'd been delaying the update to 8.1, but Windows updated itself while I was momentarily away from the computer. 
I came back to find the update had finished, but there were problems. The screen was blinking with my blue desktop theme color, and I was unable to even access my desktop. Finally, I was able to go back and choose the "restore" option.
However, for some reason, there were no restore points listed before the update. Rats! So I went back and chose to "refresh" my computer which seemed to work. Only one catch: the system is running loudly continually, lagging quite a bit, and there's a marked increase in CPU and disk usage in Task Manager. I have no idea what happened.
I've since updated Windows to 8.1 and run every update I could find, still to no avail. I've tried running MalWareBytes, disabled "Windows Search" and "Super Fetch" processes (which are common culprits). Curiously, CCleaner found quite a few .dll errors that keep popping up even when I choose to "fix" them. But it looks like these issues are beyond my novice understanding of Windows.
Here's a screenshot of Task Manager from a moment ago...
Note: The usage had dipped low when I took that screenshot. It's usually much higher. Oftentimes the disk usage is at 100%. It seems like the biggest hogs of disk us... Read more

A:High CPU and Disk Usage Following Windows 8.1 Update...

This smells like an infection of some type
I'm going to ask a moderator to move your thread into the 'am I infected" forum so you can get expert assistance
Keep us posted

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Hi all, i just received my new notebook (lenovo ideapad 320-15IAP) and I really like it. However I updated everything with Windows Update as well as with Lenovo Vantage but iam still encountering a problem. The IntelPTTEKRecertification.exe is  using 30-35% of my CPU time everytime and always L No Reboot or driver reinstallation of the Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface (TXEI) (Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ideapad 320-14IAP, 320-15IAP) fixed the high cpu usage of that thing. But the TXEI for the 320-15IAP is rather old (June 2016). I also found a discussion highlighting the same problems however I already used the newest version of everything. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T460p-Intel-PTT-EK-Recertification-Servi... I get the same Error in the Logfile:2018-04-17 23:48:05:040 0000000000001e18 IntelPTTEKRecertification: [INF] [0x10ff870] Executing command synchronously2018-04-17 23:48:27:368 0000000000001e18 IntelPTTEKRecertification: [INF] [0x10ff870] iCLS init status: 0x08 [STATUS_CONNECTION_ERROR]2018-04-17 23:48:27:370 0000000000001e18 IntelPTTEKRecertification: [INF] [0x10ff870] Executing command synchronously2018-04-17 23:48:43:949 0000000000001e18 IntelPTTEKRecertification: [INF] [0x10ff870] PTT Recertification status: 0x08 [STATUS_CONNECTION_ERROR] I have no clue how to solve this. Best regards,Gaby 

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New ideapad 500S-14ISK with Windows 10 keeps getting abrupt blackscreens, so I've to turn it off and on again.Anyone with the same problem or solving idea? 

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I've tried installing the latest update for my laptop's drivers but after installing the Anniversary Update from Windows I've found that the start up takes too long and my disk usage has reached 100% even when it's idle. I've considered using the Novo button then everything will be back to square one. Is there any solution as to how to reduce the disk usage? It would take too long for me to re install everything.

Capture.PNG ?170 KB

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hi, i bought a lenovo ideapad 320 15ikb 80XN (donr remember if it is 80XN but similar) 10 days ago.almost everything i do with the machine, its a 100%CPU and DISK usage, and memory (probably the memory is ok, because it has 4 GB). i cant use well a web browser. play games, etc,i used another disk and the problem persist.i downgrade from win 10 to 7 and the problem persist.i tried to install ubuntu, and it failed at the middle of the instalation.i dont know what is the problem, maybe is the bios? i read that the "ultra low micro" can make the disk slow.. but i dont know.maybe something to change in the bios?i live in argentina and i dont know if "use warranty is an option" because i guess in the store i bought, they made some changes in disk and another stuffs.Thanks and sorry for my english.

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Hi folks.I've a problem wiht my laptop and to be specific my computer slowed down boot longer than usual also it's show the high disk usage 100%. It appeared after Bios upgrade on windows 8.1I updated windows to 10 , disabled superfetch & windows search, did chkdsk but nothing seems to fix this for me.Thank you in advance for your help 

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Please help me, my fan became very noisy and does not lower its speed even in idle. It is maintaing its very noisy fan all around. Very irrtating

A:Ideapad 310 14isk Cpu fan constantly running at max after windows update

Cpu fan became very noisy and super active after the windows fall update. Anyone knows hoe to fix it? Done so many troubleshooting but no luck. Trying the BIOS solution but ubfortunately, there is no update gor the BIOS

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Hello. My laptop responding 100% disk usage and because of this it is very slow and make very loud sound and i have to turned off. 2 month's ago i changed the boot system. But it start it again. So what is the problem i don't understand.Needs help

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My lenovo note book recently bought from Jarir Book Store Saudi Arabia Yanbu city had problem auto shutdown and graphics driver it was just 3 days i bought,i gave to them sent for repair fault bad sectors hard disc replaced,ttill now its function is faulty now message displaydriver fault coming repeatedly,i am not sure aabout lenovo quality assurance this time.Thanks

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Good day everyone,I encountered a Blue Screen of Death on my laptop. It happens when I play League of Legends, and it does not occur at browsing or playing other games. Here's the Blue Screen:I think the SynTP.sys is linked to Synaptics Pointing Device, the touchpad.I have the latest drivers for my touchpad, yet another blue screen appears when I play LoL, and the same error is shown.Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help is highly appreciated.

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 i want to ask, for lenovo product ideapad 320 14isk, does it have 2 so dim or not

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Good day everyone.I encountered a problem with my laptop yesterday. When I restarted my laptop, it showed me this:   Running startup repair always says "Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC". I have no idea what to do with this. My important files are in here, so it would be great if anyone could help me. 

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I have Lenovo Ideapad 500S-14ISK i5 Processor, planning to replace the original RAM 4GB Ramaxel 12800 with Kingston HyperX Impact 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz or HyperX Impact 8GB DDR3L 1866 MHzCan i replace between this 2 RAM in my notebook?Really appreciate your feedbackThanks

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For my y700 laptop, I recently formatted the os disk and reinstalled windows 10. But before I could do updates, and at random intervals, the cursor moves to the middle of the screen and the computer freezes. I can't get any drivers because the computer freezes before it can finish installing. Any solutions? 

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I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapd 300 14ISK. I noticed when I got home(in a quiet room) that there is some consistent noise coming from the harddrive. I know its not from the fan because I know the sound that the fan makes. I dont know if it is normal because other laptops dont have the same noise. I need help on this one becuase it is getting frustrating and it makes studying using the laptop hard due to the noise that it makes. Any help on this concern is very much appreciated

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I've read that the RAM on my laptop can only run 2133Mhz speed. But can I install 2400Mhz RAM? will it be compatible? It doesn't matter if the RAM speed is decreased to 2133Mhz, what I worry about is the BSOD. Warm regards,Andre

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 Hello, I just bought this laptop last week. My past laptop's Function keys work just by pressing them, but on this one when I press it, it does a certain function. For example if I press F1, it mutes the sound instead. I tried to press F1 with FN key to actually use F1. But it didn't work. 

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hola a todos....Hace 1 dia mi lenovo empezo a reiniciarse al conectar el cargador.....abre el cmd y ejecuta una directiva que no alcanzo a ver bien.....despues de eso ejecuta el shutdown -r -t 0 y se reinicia.... y asi esta reiniciandose cada minuto hasta que desconecto el cargador... alguna sugerencia.... o solucion.... PD: mi garantia aun esta activa....tiene como 20 dias que la compre.

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Hi All, I just brought a Lenovo laptop few months ago and after some system update, my touchpad is not working. Tried various ways (Tried pressing on (FN+F6)) but none of it works. Please help me!!

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Hey there, Both hinges of my Ideapad 300-14ISK are now broken after 6 months of light use. The right one started to freeze after less than 2 months from the purchase date. It has resulted in breaking the LCD cover as a result as I opened or closed the lid. About a month later, the left hinge did the same. I can't open or close the lid at all now. I am now looking for a replacement for those hinges since I gave up on trying to resolve this with the support team although it is still in the warranty (however I bought it from outside the US. They're claiming that's why they can't help me). The Lenovo website has 2 parts for the hinges for this model but I can't understand the difference between them. First one is "5H50K14044 - HINGE L+R LIMR L300-14IBR" while the second one is "5H50K14032 - HINGE L+R L300-14IBR". I can't figure out the difference between both parts. The only difference in the name is the "LIMR" word in the description of the first one. Does anyone understand what the difference between both parts is? Thanks! 

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Hello,  I've got a problem with my newly bougt Lenovo Ideapad 500 14ISK. It randomly displays signs of shutting off/overheating. The screen turns black (not off but just like its not receiving signal) an de audio stops working. Only solution is to force shut off the laptop and restart.  I bought the new laptop two monts ago. Of those two months i'vo only had the chance to work on it for a few weeks due to this problem. I've read the forums when the first problems started acting up.  I've installen the new intel drivers, did a bios update, did a full system sofware and hardware check, and obviously found no problems. After giving up and returning it to the store, they said it should be a hardware issue, if the laptop just radomly shutts of (like overheating). It took them three weeks to send my laptop back.  Once i got it back, i read the reppair report, and guess what? they didn't found any hardware issues, so they installed a clean version of windows and did a bios update. After working on it for an hour in the universities library the laptop turned black again.  So if anyone can give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated, since the repair man of Lenovo also don't understand my problem.  Some info;doesnt matter if battery power or net power.Doesnt matter which programs i am using, it will juust randomly shut off. I did the intel upgrades listed on Lenovo's forums and the latest ones, still the same p... Read more

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Hi there, do you know the solution for this?

A:Screen flickers, Lenovo Ideapad 500s-14ISK

Hi Lruth,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
We are sorry to hear that display is flickering in your Lenovo idea pad 500s-141SK.
Please do confirm which operating system is running on your laptop.
Check in BIOS if issue persists.
Confirm if flickering happens when you are closing and opening the lid.
Best Regards,
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When I plug in the computer the charging sign blinks and then it stops and shows "charging" however, the percentage isn't going up, it stuck at 59 %. If I plug out then the percentage goes down. 

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Hi,I'm stuck trying to connect 2 external monitors to my Lenovo ideapad 320-14ISK (S/N: PF0TTV33). I've got 1 monitor connected through hdmi, that 1 is working. But my laptop isn't detecting the second one which I have connected with a Satechi adapter to my usb-c poort.I've read that it isn't possible to connect a monitor on this Lenovo laptop through an usb-c poort and even that it isn't possible to connect 2 monitors to this laptop at all!Can someone help me or tell me if this is true?Thanks for your help in advance

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My R9 M375 in my lenovo y700 laptop seems to have a problem, while in game and under load, the GPU keeps going from 820mhz to 1005mhz, this manifests as stutter in games and annoys me quite a lot. Here is a picture of gpu-z while playing a game.And also why does the gpu usage vary that much under the same loadIt is supposed to stay at a 1005 mhz at all tims under a game.

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When I first had this problem it would only freeze once a day. Now it happens everytime I try to play a game. I have seen some other posts on this forum to try to fix my problem but I still haven't found a fix. I have reinstalled windows, moved some games to my ssd, updated BIOS, updated graphics card drivers / downgrade drivers, etc and the problem continues to happpen. This it what actually happens: Im like 1 min into the game and then all of a sudden the whole laptop freezes and the audio from the game keeps on repeating. The laptop doesn't let me alt + tab, alt + F4, the mouse and keyboard doesn't work at all, I'm forced to do a force shut down. This problem only happens when I'm using the AMD grahics. If I play a game on the intel graphics it won't freeze but the game is barley even playable.I really want this problem fixed!  Please help me.

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Why OneKey Recovery does not work after installing latest update of windows 10? I have updated windows today (14 Oct 2017). I think the latest version of windows 10 has been installed on my laptop now. After installing this latest version of windows 10, I am unable to make system backup using pre-installed OneKey Recovery Software in my Lenovo Yoga500 14ISK laptop. An another issue is I found a windows.old folder in my system drive which is using approximately 15 GB. It is a very disturbing thing to me. It is appearing after installing the updates. Can anybody help me with the above issues. Thanks in advance. Sincerely,Rubel Ahmed

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Hi, I am playing a game getting great FPS Then it just quits.. I checked the disk usage and it's at 100%! What should I do? I am only playing that one game and nothing else! I have 8 gigabytes of ram.. PLEASE HELP ME!

A:Need Help With High Disk Usage! Windows 8

In DOS, nothing ran in the background when you were running aprogram.

Then Windows came along, and we had something new..... SERVICES.

I first discovered them in Windows XP. And I realized almost immediately that many of those SERVICES were redundant. (not required for the average user)

So I set about disabling all the services that I didn't need running all the time. Gee! My PC speeded up considerably!

I found a listing on the "Black Viper" website, of every SERVICE and which ones can be safely disabled for the average user PC.
I promptly disabled 24 services for Windows XP. I put that in a batch file, so I could repeat it, in just a few seconds.

That was continued to Windows 7 and now to Windows 8.

Most of what works well for Windows 7, will also work for Windows 8 or even 8.1.
They are not all that different. The registries are almost identical.

I'm still using my Windows 7 tweaks for Windows 8 and it works, just fine. Go figure!
Windows 7 and Windows 8 are more alike than MS wants you to know. (Big Secret)

Cheers Mates!

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting high disk usage on my computer, causing it to run extremely slowly.
Is there any way to fix this issue?
Just after I took the attached screenshot, my System went down to around 6MB/s and the "Service Host: Local System (Network Restricted)" jumped to around 16MB/s
Looking in resource monitor the main things causing the high read speed are: 'rundll32.exe' and 'ccsvchst.exe' and one just called 'System'
If you require any more information just ask because this issue is getting very annoying while playing games ect...

Thanks a bunch

A:Very high disk usage [Windows 8 Pro 64-bit]

I believe the ccsvchst.exe is a Norton executable, and, as Norton is know to be heavy on system resources, that may be the issue. Now, as to how, why, and what Norton is doing, I have no idea but you might want to try turning Norton off and see if that fixes your resource hogging. Just be careful what you are doing without the AV protection during this test phase. Good luck.

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i have high usage on my laptop lenovo g580 using windows 8. check task manager and i see cpu memory and disk fluxuating up and down to 3% can go up to 100 at times. when i open google chrome. watch video or play games. i hear my fan turn on and i think my hardrive and i check task manager and i see the problem happening. i did a virus scan and searched everywhere online. i couldnt seem to find a solution. when im not using the pc its a stable 3 percent but my memoryis at 37 which i barely have anything installed but 1 game and a google chrome. any idea whats going on?

A:Windows 8 High usage CPU/Memory and disk

Some AV programs use quite a bit of resources. They are running all of the time, I use an AV that only scans if significant file system changes are detected, like installing a new program or downloading files. Under normal use, the real time scanner is in an idle state.

Try tweeking your AV settings, shut off any real time protection, see if that improves the performance. If it does, I'd consider getting a different AV program. I use Eset but only after trying every other one there is, its the one that impacts my performance the least. Mcafee was the worst, Norton second worst. Also, new AV suites overwrite the already adequate Windows Firewall, I don't see any reason to install any of those. Eset makes a Smart Security suite, I only use that in XP systems that don;t have a real full firewall. Norton and Mcafee will put a full firewall in there and it is in a "Learning" state, which means it nags you as you use your machine.

There could be another program that hogs your resources as well, maybe something you weren't aware got installed. Toolbars, Chrome and Firefox Extensions, are all suspect. Look for icons in your tray that you don't know what they are, also change your taskbar settings so it shows all tray items without hiding anything.

Welcome to Windows 8 forums.

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I have a nice gaming pc that I built, all of my specs are pretty substantial and I should certainly not be running 100% disk with only task manager open, I can barely run a lot of my games, and I do not remember having this issue when I first built my PC. It is very frustrating, it feels like I've done everything to try and fix it from turning off processes, detecting maleware, and troubleshooting in the registry, nothing seems to work. PLEASE help

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Greetings to anybody is reading.
First of all, I apologize for my poor English.
The topic I'd like to begin is about a problem that, I've red in the Web, a lot of users have met in Windows 8: a high disk usage which make the pc more and more slow. And it's happen without any program is running. Just the services and something else of Windows itself.
Somebody says to unable some services like Superfetch and Windows Search.
Somebody else says to increase the virtual memory.
Somebody else says to unable some scheduling task, as defrag the HDD.
I'd like to know your opinion, because I think you are members of a very serious website.
Best regards to everybody.
Roberto from northern Italy.

A:High disk usage (95 up to 100%): limit of Windows 8?

Can you screenshot the task manager showing the processes running so I can see this high disk usage? Or even some logs to support timeouts etc.

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I have been using my desktop for a while now, and I notice that even when the memory, CPU are active or inactive but not at a high usage level, a single task (such as right clicking on a tray icon) or opening a program will stall the hard drive, as disk access shoots up to 100% or near it.

I have posted a screenshot of my hard disk activity as monitored by the system utility 'Resource Monitor': All I did was open up windows live messenger, and then right click some system tray icons a couple of times, and then the resulting spikes happened.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/hiYWM.png

When I first boot up my computer from a shutdown or sleep state, logging into an inactive account also hogs the disk access as everything slows down a lot for the first 30-60 seconds, as well.

I just ran the system discovery/specification utility, the results are below:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305141 MB, Free - 67058 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G31M-ES2L
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

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There have been some security problems with this machine, and I would like to rewrite the bios.  As it happens it also needs to be updated anyway.I can open the self extracing .exe file, 0vcn29ww.exe, and it gives me a directory structure.  But what do I do with it?   I've tried running this .exe file in wine.  I get a dialog with a button to continue.  I push that then it crashes with a "string too long" error.  I've read on some forums that one should make a bootable USB, but with what image?Ah so how does one do a bios update for a 510S-14ISK that is running Linux?

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Is there a bios update for the IdeaPad Y700-14isk 80nu anywhere?  I've been waiting patiently since January 2018, but none has appeared on the support page for it, nor on Lenovo's list of bios updates for Spectre/Meltdown.  I believe its bigger brothers, the 15 and 17 inch models have received updates.  I've stopped using this laptop since then, and have been using a competitor's model which did receive such updates in a timely manner.  Lenovo Vantage stated all was up to date, but the bios in this machine dates from 2016. 

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I think this is a sata issue or a BIOS setting or perhaps just a Windows 8 bug...

Basically this happens:

I recently installed Windows 8 and finally some free time to get Steam installed. Installed Steam and am copying over my Steam directory (Disk 2, K) from my Win 7 to where I installed Steam this time (Disk 0, C). This is the same physical computer as I had Win 7 on prior.

What has changed since Win 7 is I thought since I was doing a fresh install, I would turn on AHCI in the BIOS and do it proper rather than IDE emulation or whatever it is called. But now crap like this happens. I googled a bit a week or 2 ago trying to figure it out and basically all that I could gather is either a hard drive is dying or it is an NCQ problem. Hard drive is not dying, I've ran plenty of diagnostics on it, and plus, it has less than 200 powered on hours at this point.

Now I turned off NCQ on ALL my drives just to see if the problem went away. It didn't, but I think it may have improved a little.

Device manager doesn't show any yellow "!" for anything.

Obviously this is completely unacceptable. Ideas on what to change to make it behave normally? Hopefully I'm missing something obvious, I've never used AHCI on a system before, mostly because when I had a system capable of it I was on XP and didn't want to load 3rd party drivers. Then for Vista and 7 I simply forgot before installing to switch it in the BIOS. I remembered this time for 8, ... Read more

A:Unacceptably high disk usage/performance lag Windows 8

I was gonna give you an updated AHCI driver from Intel but noticed you are running Core 2 Duos, so it probably wont be compatible. I am confused, does this occur in Win 7?

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I am experiencing strange mouse pointer behaviour after my laptop has been running for a while and a program is working in the background. The mouse pointer is displayed in a very low resolution, while jumping up to another part of the screen. So usually, the mouse cursor looks like this:  But when the problem occurs, it looks like this (and jumps up to another part of the screen):  As mentioned, the problem only occurs after my laptop has been running for a while (this may take a day, but sometimes only an hour) but when it does, it keeps occuring untill I restart. This has been happening since I bought the system about two months ago. System: Lenovo ideapad 510S14ISKOperating system: Windows 10 I already tried:- updating my drivers (using Lenovo Companion)- reinstalling windows (while keeping my files)- uninstalling Lenovo System Interface Foundation as recommended here- unchecking the box "enhance pointer precision", also as recommended here The problem occurs both with my external mouse plugged in and plugged off. Any ideas what might be causing this problem? 

A:Strange mouse pointer behaviour when working in background - Lenovo Ideapad 510S 14ISK

Maybe related to this issue, maybe not: I also noticed a strange resolution in a few other places. For example, in the image below you can see that the text in the left box is displayed much sharper than that in the right box.  This occurs also after my laptop has just restarted and is of course much less anoying. Nonetheless, I thought it would be interesting to mention as the two issues might be related.

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I have the same problem as listed here:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-IdeaPad-100-305-500-Edge/Strange-mouse-pointer-behaviour-when-wo... I have tried the various solutions suggested here^, including the one that is considered to have "solved" the problem: downloading the new drivers. However, when I do this, it installs but I am left with an error message saying "Target drivers not found".Why will these mouse drivers not install on my laptop? Thanks!

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A couple of days ago, I performed a Windows Update of some sort, and I forget what was exactly installed, but now there is a MsMpEng.exe that is listed under my processes that was not there before. I understand that is somehow related to the Windows Defender, but I have had that from before, so I'm not sure why it's new. My PC runs at 100% on startup for a couple of minutes, and when idle, the CPU usage is fairly low, but it increases up to 100% when loading a website on both Firefox and IE. As for the specs it's an old laptop - HP Pavilion zt1000 with XP and service pack 3 (which may have been what was installed), running on pentium 4 1.5 ghz and 752MB RAM.

I have been tweaking this computer in the past week or so, and after running ATF Cleaner, I noticed a significant improvement, but like I said, after whatever update was performed, I noticed a significant decline in performance. I also just ran HiJackThis, and here's a copy of it:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:31:36 AM, on 6/9/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
... Read more

A:high CPU usage after windows update

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Hey all
I've been using W10 for a couple of months.. No big problems so after.
After last week's updates, the cpu usage is around 20% idle. Which would be around 4-5% normally. My computer is always hot and fans do not stop.
Anyone with a similar issue?
No malwares detected with MBAM and Windows Defender. Nothing changed after the update. CPU is mostly used by System, Antimalware Service Executable, and Rainmeter (I know rainmeter is not microsoft's issue.. But closing it does not help.)

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When ever this computer checks for windows updates CPU spikes up to 100% Will not go down at all.

I have updated the windows update agent.
I have ran a few fix it tools from microsoft.
I have determined its the windows update agent service causing CPU spikes because when I kill the service everything is back to normal.
I have scanned for viruses using, eset, hitmanpro, malwarebytes, and adwcleaner
I have deleted the softwaredistribution folder
i tried to install the windows update readiness tool. Nothing was found. Take a look at the log file below

-I have attached the windowsupdate.log file

Any ideas?

Checking System Update Readiness.
Binary Version 6.1.7601.22471
Package Version 26.0
2016-05-12 11:58

Checking Windows Servicing Packages

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs

Checking Package Watchlist

Checking Component Watchlist

Checking Packages

Checking Component Store

Seconds executed: 1618

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