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Keyboard totally dead

Q: Keyboard totally dead

Splashed water on my keyboard, now it is dead. After air drying 3 days I have taken it off and I see no moisture but I air dried everything with hair dryer on cool. Touch screen functions prefectly well. Device manager says keyboard ok. Is there a way that I can remove keyboard and test to see if it is the problem? For instance can I check for continunity with an ohm meter? I really don't want to buy a new keyboard and find the old one is not the problem but something in the electroniics.

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Preferred Solution: Keyboard totally dead

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


PC was working normally, suddenly put itself into hibernation. Switched back on, it started to boot, turned itself off . Suddenly switched self on and off again. This happens sporadically unless power is off. It responds to the on switch but how long it stayed on was a lottery. At first it would start boot more often than not, and sometimes it even got as far as windows ? I thought it had fixed itself when it was okay for almost a day, but eventually I got the hibernation screen/action again.

When I opened the case and removed the generations of dust bunnies that were congregated on and around the fan (clearly only needing a Frankenstein-boost into sentient life) I was actually surprised it had worked at all. I was even more surprised when foiling this dynastic bid seemed to have no effect on the problem at all. The fan is now clean, quiet and fast.

The computer is not. It starts, stays on long enough for everything to sound as if it?s really going to work, doesn?t get as far as boot, and dies. Is it a mobo problem? Current one is a replacement after a complete death 3 years ago - nothing like this.

NB: Not technically minded. I know how to put in/take out HD and memory but that?s about it. I?d just like some indication of what it might be (and if it?s something obvious and fixable) before I take it to the repair shop/prepare it for burial.

Thanks in advance!

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) @ 2.70GHz
Motherboard: Prescott 800 dual channel
RAM: DDR 25... Read more

A:Totally dead or is there hope?

I would try either getting the power supply tested or replacing it first before replacing a motherboard.

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I cannot use Firefox anymore. It's as if it's totally locked up: can't complete any online transactions, can't access searches, track packages, and it locks up my computer and I have to shut down completely and start up again. Nothing whatsoever can be done in FF. All the above work perfectly in Chrome but I don't want to use any related to Google. All FF updates are automatic; today the latest was downloaded. I've always used FF -- I really like it. This is bizarre. Your help will be greatly appreciated. ec

A:Firefox is totally dead

open firefox ,click help then click start firefox with add-ons disabled
see if it works ok then.
if so the problem is with an add on.
go to add ons and update them.
or disable add ons and then add one at a time until it locks up etc then you will have worked out the last add on added that is causing the problem.

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I have woken up today to a totally dead PC, and would really appreciate some help.

The problem started 2 1/2 weeks ago. After a long weekend away my PC would no longer turn on. I opened up the case, and it then worked again. I closed the case up... and it didn't work again . I decided some wires must have got into a bad place, rearranged some wires, closed the case up, and all was well.

I should have guessed I hadn't really sorted the problem out, but all worked well after that. I did a few re-boots to check all was working, but since then I don't think I have turned the PC off. However the machine has behaved normally. Until today.

After turning it off last night, today I cannot get the PC to respond at all. Not even a fan starting up. The only sign of any life at all is a small electrical "crackle" when I put the power lead into the back. This does not sound odd in any way, just the normal sort of sound you get when plugging many electrical appliances in.

I have tried two different power leads, and other devices attached to the same multi-plug are working, so I am fairly sure its a problem with the PC.

I have opened the case up, cleaned it out, and checked for loose connections. I have also as a result of a suggestion I read online changed the motherboard battery. Nothing has helped.

There is no sign of a bad smell or anything looking damaged to indicate a broken PSU, so I am thinking its maybe the power switch or the motherboard?

M... Read more

A:Solved: Totally dead PC

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My studio 540 died. Over the last year, the rear USB ports were dying one by one and I had to move everything to the front (I know this by troubleshooting). Then it wouldn't restart unless it cooled down so we just left it on. One day it just died. The power supply LED is green in the back, but the front indicator went amber once and now nada. No fans, no nothing.
I swapped out the PSU and did the green to black wire test and the fan on the new PSU worked but still nothing. I swapped out the mother board and CMOS and still nothing. Everything inside is disconnected, ram is out, cards are out, still nothing. I jumped the front switch, nothing. Other than the 24 pin connector and the PSU power cable to the board and the chip fan to the board and the front switch cable, nothing else is connected to the mother board. Nothing, I disconnected the fans and still nothing.
So new board and PSU and nada. Any ideas?

A:Studio 540 totally dead

Sounds like you've ruled out everything, aside from the CPU - unless the motherboard you swapped in has its own CPU...

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I have a Gateway Tablet Pc running XP Tablet Edition that won't boot.

I had a virus the other day and used rkill to stop it and mallwarebytes to get rid of it.

Today I was browsing the web and Ie 6 wasn't responding. I was going to use the task manager to shut it down but decided to turn off the pc as I had a message that windows updates were ready to install. So I did the install updates and shutdown. I then restarted the pc and had an update for java, so I went ahead and installed this update to get to version 6.22 I think. It launched ie to go to the website to check the install and it worked fine.

Since I was doing updates, I decided to do a manual update of Virusscan which worked fine. Then I decided to update my mallware software and run a scan since i had a problem the other day. This upodate updated and installed the latest version and then updated the software after the installl.

I then ran a quick scan with the mallware and it came up negetive.

Right after this the virusscan poped up with a virsu wardning that it detected and deleted something. I am prettry sure it wasn't the type where it said it had to reboot. I went to close the warinig window and the pc shut down.

When I restarted it goes through the initial boot sequence -- reading the system stuff and then there is a cursor blinking in the top left hand side of the screen and no other action.

I found the tablet pc recovery disks and tried to boot from them but no luck. Dur... Read more

A:PC Totally Dead -- Cannot Boot

Can you get into the BIOS to just set the boot sequence to the boot disk drive?

Is there are safe mode?

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Last night I left my Yoga 3 to shut down with "Windows 10 update and shutdown". This morning when I press the power button, it briefly lights the keyboard (a couple of seconds) then the keyboard goes dark again. Nothing appears on the display. The power button remains lit until I force shutdown by holding for 10seconds. Exactly the same as above is true if I attempt to access the boot menu by powering-up using the recessed "Novo" button. No boot menu appears, and the keyboard backlight goes out after  a couple of seconds. One last "odd" behaviour - when shut down, plugging in the power adaptor causes the Yoga to turn on (in the same state as if I'd pressed the power button). When "on" in all the above cases, the power button led is on (but seems dimmer than usual) and the battery led is on. Also, a USB power monitor shows 5.0V is available from the USB ports. Caps Lock does not toggle its led. Any suggestions?

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Absolutely nothing lights up about this Dell XPS M140.

I think it is a bad main board; but, just in case there are some things I don't know about this, I would like some other opinions before I drop it into the can.

The power supply is known-good. Nothing lights up at all -- absolutely no LEDs -- nothing. It is as though it has no power supply or battery. What is the chance it is the processor and not the board? Is that possible?

I figured even with a bad processor, it should at least light up the LEDs on its front.

A:Laptop Totally Dead?

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Can anybody please help me with my Power problem.  ?I have a HP Pavillion DV9000 Laptop that has had very little usage .I have had it from new and it is about 3 years old.I have no functionality what so ever from it.The only LED that it displays is the Blue circular light which surrounds the power input socket.I have no other LED's at all, including the lights above the keyboard or on the front.I turned my machine on and without me doing anything it decided to die and has not responded since.I have bought a new external power adapter but that did not help.I am desperate to get this machine working again.I am annoyed because it only lasted me such a short time.and cost me over £1000.Please assist if you can.

A:HP Pavillion DV9000 Totally Dead

 Sparrow1918 wrote:Can anybody please help me with my Power problem.  ?I have a HP Pavillion DV9000 Laptop that has had very little usage .I have had it from new and it is about 3 years old.I have no functionality what so ever from it.The only LED that it displays is the Blue circular light which surrounds the power input socket.I have no other LED's at all, including the lights above the keyboard or on the front.I turned my machine on and without me doing anything it decided to die and has not responded since.I have bought a new external power adapter but that did not help.I am desperate to get this machine working again.I am annoyed because it only lasted me such a short time.and cost me over £1000.Please assist if you can. Try a hard reset:Remove the battery and unplug the DC power adapter.press and hold the power button for more than fifteen seconds.plug in the DC power adapter (leave the battery out for now)press the power button best regards,erico

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Help! I have a HP Pavillion 5000. Simply put, out of the blue, it will not turn on. The issue is not with the cord or battery - both appear to be fine and I bought a new cord just to be sure. Other than the light on the AC adaptor, ther is no sign of life when I hit the power button. Any ideas?

A:Computer is totally dead - no power.

No power

A short or kazooed component including power supply.

I'm not familiar with machine. Is there a fuse?

If you have kids, turn machine upside down to see if anything rattles. No kidding, kids can make a piggy bank out of anything.

Remove all cards, then try. If it works, add in boards until you've found culprit.

Disconnect everything from power supply except system board. If that works (power supply fan comes on) try reconnecting other devices until found.

Disconnect everything (including system board) and connect only one device, e.g. hard drive.

Yes? Faulty system board.
No? Faulty power supply.


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This laptop was working perfectly. New W7x64 SP1 on SSD. Otherwise clean, no apps or data. New kbd and battery. Put it in case and into unheated storage room for 4 months.

Took it in to start. NOTHING! When I attach power cord, blue LED around socket lights up. No other lights on. No sound, No fan, No nothing.

Tried remove battery, remove memory (2x2GB), remove disks (128SSD, 500HDD), remove CD/DVD-drive.

Tried hard reset. Checked for dust (none). Power adapter does not heat at all.

Is this end of life problem? Or is there any hope? Anyone?


A:HP Pavillion dv9685eo totally dead!


I would suggest testing the power adapter to make sure the correct output voltage.

If possible test with another compatible adapter.

Troubleshooting No LED Lights Glow During Startup or Boot HP Pavilion dv9685eo Notebook PC | HP? Support

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I have a friend whose PC has, as of late, been experiencing failure to come out of hibernation. Instead of shutting down at the end of the day, the user would simply put the PC in question into Hibernation. This could go on for long periods of time (days at a time) without a shutdown or reboot.

The problems started with the resume being very, very slow when the keyboard and/or mouse was used to "wake up" the PC and then, finally, the PC stopped resuming from Hibernation altogether. When this would happen the PC was shut down (hard) and rebooted. That worked for a while, but the reboot was extremely slow or the PC would refuse to boot into Windows. At this point in time the PC refuses to restart at all.

By failing to restart, I mean the PC is DEAD. No fans spin-up when the power is turned on, no blinking lights, absolutely nothing happens. Think "doornail". Without (me) having had a chance to look at the PC itself, my first assumption is that the PSU is simply shot and needs to be replaced (this is an eMachine, we're talking by the way (model and spec's unknown to me right now)).

I have an old motherboard lying around with a CPU/HSF a video card and I might have a stick of RAM lying around that would fit. Could I double-check the PSU on the dead PC by connecting the main power connection to this older mobo to see if in fact the PSU is dead? I'm assuming by connecting the main power connector, that when I switch on the PSU the HSF and fan ... Read more

A:Dead, Totally Dead PC: PSU?

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I'm running Windows XP. Last night I was typing on my keyboard, I think I may have futzed around on a few keys around the spacebar (alt, ctrl, etc.) and now all of a sudden my keyboard is absolutely unresponsive. None of the keys work.

My mouse still works fine, so I tried powering down, I tried restarting Windows... what gives? I need a bit of help to figure out what just happened to my system!

A:HELP! Keyboard stalled, TOTALLY unresponsive

Is it a wireless keyboard?

If so the batteries just went out and you just need to replace them.

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Im not sure whats happened, But im having to use CTRL and ALT together to even type letters, the numbers arn working at all,  Really struggling and feeling like binning it, never had problem before, ive googled everything and cant get it to work,,  Keys , numbers nothing seems to be as it should, 

A:All of keyboard is totally messed up, struggling

Hello, What model do you own exactly?Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.

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Hi all, long time no speak and hope that all have had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season and start to the New Year!!
I don't even know what forum this should be in?? But I am about to throw my laptop through a window. I fell asleep 4 nights ago and left it on. When I woke up in the morning rolleyes: yes I was sober), I turned it off. Everything seemed normal. However, when I turned it on later that day, it beeped like a mad thing and the keyboard wouldn't work.

I have since run every troubleshooter, every scan and check I can find. I have done all possible updates, virus scans and Dell......... system, hardware and software scanners. ALL TO NO AVAIL!! They all come back as working perfectly. I am losing my mind.

I am running Dell Inspiron 6400 Notebook, with Windows Home XP V2. The putie is just over 12 months old, but have discovered today that the warranty has expired. Of course, lol. If anyone has any clues, I am open to almost any suggestions at this stage.

Thanks for putting up with my grizzling.

A:!!Totally Stumped - Beeps, but no Keyboard!!

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My AVG antivirus has detected a a file with a signed broken digital signature, issues by : DT Soft Ltd.
C:\Users|Denise|Desktop<Recovered programs and music<Downloads<DTLite4454-0315.exe (sorry somehow I have managed to activate the red keyboard items and don`t know how to inactivate them and get back to the normal keyboard items!)

Anyway, with this broken digital signature, I cannot get on to the internet and access my e-mail or open a file or anything. AVG does not have an option available to `remove selected`or `remove all` hence using laptop to send this message. Can`t even download the TSG SysInfo either to give you more details I`m afraid.

My main frame was recently upgraded to windows 7. I therefore have NOT been able to do the essentials like Hijack this, etc. before posting this message as am unable to use the keypad and get anywhere. Can`t type a single word, letters are repeated or missed and one cannot go back and try an insert or rewrite etc. In fact at this present moment in time, I cannot even get a single letter to appear when I use the keyboard!

Is there a way of getting rid of this with AVG or disabling it without having to type anything using the keyboard) so I am able to open the internet to connect to the forum and try and sort this out on said computerÉ

I am presently on the forum getting assistance from Jeff with my laptop,Windows Vista, for malware issues as well.

A:signed broken digital signature, keyboard totally inactive

Can I just delete this file from it`s location in the C drive as I cannot find it on my desktop for uninstalling or will it have attached to other programmes and filesÉ (question mark)!

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Heyy there, good people! Haven't gone here in quite a while! But tragically, I'm in a pickle, one I didn't cause for once :P
I got a new laptop a few weeks ago. A Sony VAIO VPCEB3KFX to be exact (oh my lord, just $650 for 500GB HD, 4GB RAM and an i5, couldn't resist!)
...but a few days ago.....something happened.

I was doing a curves adjustment on a fractal I made in Photoshop (yes, I'm that specific) when my ALPS touchpad freaked out on me and I suddenly found myself without the ability to left-click or tap-to-click. My (very) temporary solution was to switch the right and left-click settings, and that served me well...
UNTIL (bum bum BUMMM)
The touchpad decided to stop working entirely.

I restart my laptop, try to do as much as I can with the keyboard alone (no access to a USB mouse), and manage to download and install a new driver for it. Restart again, start typing my password...keyboard stops working 7 characters in. lkjaskjlkjlskjlfdskpwaeaprkvaslr; (that's probably what it would've looked like if my keyboard logged my inputs after it died)

Oh,and btw, got BSOD'd 10 seconds later; ACP_Index_mismatch
Then it restarted itself. Lather, rinse, repeat, until I cut off the cycle and let the laptop spend the night in solitary confinement in its bag.

The next day, ...blue screen errors...but nothing happens. I'm at the login screen...and I can type! Huzzaaaah! The keyboard works. So I manage to roll-back the driver, restart, and my trackpad and keyboard work ag... Read more

A:Win7 x64 laptop trackpad and keyboard being trippy (this is totally worth reading)


Supposedly a non related question, but where did you purchase "machine" from?

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Alienware Area-51 R2  
I bought my alienware desktop 3 weeks ago for £2500. For 1 week, I didn't have any problems and then my problem is started within the 2nd week and still I have this problem. I reported this issue to dell support at 3rd week ( and I still wait their answer ) after I returned to computer to its factory settings to fix this problem but nothing changed. Thus, I wanted to get some help and support from forum if you know how to fix this issue :(.

My problem is " When I open any kind of program or when I play any kind of game after a certain of time like 30 minutes sth generally  my computer totally freeze and even the keyboard is not working which makes me to shut down the all computer from power supply button... then I try to re-open the computer and only alienware emblem with loading appears without any respond + keyboard become in offline mode too. After 2-3 tries I can reopen the computer but the freezing issue still continues. I checked this issue on the google and it seems most of alienware users with windows 10 pro experienced it. I cannot find any solution how to fix it. Is the Dell ( Alienware ) sent me a broken desktop or what that I paid £2500 to experience this issue starting with the 2nd week !!! It seems this issue is random and started to be a certain problem because I even cannot use my python, arduino, eclipse, or play any kind of games in long term anymore and I am really *** off now. This is my only computer ... Read more

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I'm not sure exactly what's wrong with my computer, but here's the story of how I came to be here this evening...Earlier today, I was surfing the web, reading Oh No They Didn't (an online celebrity gossip magazie, of sorts) when I get a random pop-up from Symantec. Usually when I get a Symantec pop up it's reminding me that my subscription is out of date (probably problem #1) this time however, it's a very strange message saying "Your email message to [email protected] has failed to send the message Subject: Get free viagra!" I don't exactly remember WHAT the message said or who it was going to or really even what the subject line was, but this was something I had never seen before. I hit "ok" to get the message to go away, and that's when the madness happened. hundreds of little symantec "0% of 1% message completed" boxes popped up. I would close one, and 5 more would open, and they just kept coming no matter what I did. So I hard booted out of the computer. When I rebooted the computer, all of the programs I open upon start up had a "Bad Image" error. I tried to research on the net what this meant, but every time I opened an internet browser, it would shut down after several minutes. And then, my desktop would clear itself of my task bar and my icons, then bring them back. Every 10 seconds it would refresh, clearing itself of my icons, closing anything I had open, and bringing the desktop back up. The computer would not start... Read more

A:Oh boy, totally helpless and my computer is totally screwed

Hi My name is Extremeboy (or EB for short), and I will be helping you with your log.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a description of your problem, along with any steps you may have performed so far.If you do not make a reply in 5 days, we will need to close your topic.You may want to keep the link to this topic in your favourites. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top bar of this topic and Track this Topic. The topics you are tracking can be found here.Please take note of some guidelines for this fix:Refrain from making any changes to your computer including installing/uninstall programs, deleting files, modifying the registry, and running scanners or tools. If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.Even if things appear to be better, it might not mean we... Read more

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Hello, I would like to know if it is a hardware problem of the keyboard on my Acer AspireV5-571P, only some fkeys are working and the numpad enter iis working I already tried the following:
Reinstall keyboard drivers
Reboot computer
Remove battery
Windows actualisation
Tried with a live USBLinux and the keyboard isnt working in Linux too.

Is it a hardware or software problem? Thanks !

A:Keyboard is dead???

anything spilt on it

if not try an external keyboard and the windows on screen keyboard

control panel ease of access - on screen keyboard

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Hello everyone, new here and hope I can get some help. Ive looked around here a bit and searched some but without much luck.

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m with windows XP (still under warranty) that has been very problematic.

The last few months have presented a whole slew of problems, so to keep it short i have reinstalled windows, started fresh and have used adaware, spybot and avg to get rid of a whole bunch of viruses and spyware.

Now, the keyboard won't work. It went from working, to spitting out dashes, equal signs and smilies and bringing up the help window for whatever program i am running, to simply nothing.

As far as i can tell all the software and drivers are up to date, and there appear to be no other problems

Its never been dropped, HOWEVER, a couple months ago (yes i know i sound like an idiot) i got a little big of orange juice on the keyboard...the start of the problems (many of which in the beginning i left out). Cleaning the keyboard seemed to work for some time, but recently its been acting up again.

during startup there is a lot of beeping, similar to what would result from a stuck key, but no keys appear to be stuck, and the computer seems to recognize the keyboard as fully functioning.

Any thoughts?

I hope I gave you all the info you need, and i appreciate any insight you can provide,
thanks in advance

A:dead keyboard

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I have a laptop ( win xp home) that will boot up but the keyboard will not work , The mouse works but nothing else I reloaded the drivers for the keyboard but it still did not work . Any Ideas out there?? Thanks Joe


Welcome to TSG Joe! You've posted in the wrong forum and I've requested your thread be moved to the proper forum for a proper answer! Take care! angel

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Hey, Just bought a new keybord, logitech g810. plugged i tin and it worked fine, downloaded logitech gaming software and it told mei needed to update the keyboard. Told me to unplug and replug the keyboard to start the update, but i did and nothing happened, and now its just dead. tired different usb ports with the old and the new keyboard and they are not broken, tried rebooting and tried to find the g810 in device manager but i cant find it.

Plase halp!

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First I will say that my desktop has an extended warranty.

The desktop was behaving fine last night, and this morning, the keyboard appears to be dead. No lights glowing on it. I don't recall the connection in the back if it is USB or ??

Could it be mechanical or should I try a System Restore to yesterday or ??

Just wondering where to start to fix this ASAP.

Thanks in advance for any replies

A:Dead keyboard?

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I have the same problem as some others on this site. A brand new Spectre x 2, out of the box, and the keyboard won't work.  Mousepad is fine, I've got to the third screen in setup, and  I can't enter the network key, So, I skip it and then can't enter the computer name and password. I've tried turning it off and hitting esc when it restarts, but there's no setup screen. I've tried detaching and reattaching the screen but no difference. To say I'm unimpressed is an understatement. Hope someone can suggest a way forward.

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While typing in works I inadvertently entered an unknown combination of keystrokes which totaly killed ally keys on the keyboard. I believe one of the keys was the alt key.

I have had this problem in the distant past, but do not recall the remedy.

any thoughts?


A:dead keyboard

shrgood said:

While typing in works I inadvertently entered an unknown combination of keystrokes which totaly killed ally keys on the keyboard. I believe one of the keys was the alt key.

I have had this problem in the distant past, but do not recall the remedy.

any thoughts?

ShrgoodClick to expand...

Pressing random keystrokes won't screw up a keyboard. In windows, certain keystrokes can turn on windows sticky keys. To turn this feature off ctrl+alt+shift keys, or go to the control panel in the accessabilities options and unclick sticky keys option.

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Usually while surfing the web with my mouse, the keyboard goes dead. It does not work on or off the internet until I totally shut down and reboot. This did happen once while using my word processor. Restarting the computer doesn't help, only when completely shut down and then reboot will the keyboard work again. I have tried 2 different (new) keyboards, and the problem persists. All connections are solid.

I am running Windows 95 on a CTX 266 computer. Hope someone can help.


A:keyboard goes dead

Good move with second keyboard, my first thought.
How about the driver. If you the 95 setup disk, Go to device manager and remove driver and reboot. Windows will detect new key board and you will be prompted to insert win 95 disk.
Worth a try?

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A new fairly new HP laptop, and a couple of times recently when I leave it for a while and it goes into hibernation, when I come back to it everything opens fine and I can move around to where I want to go, but when I try to type, the keyboard is dead!! Nothing!! Screen is fine, mouse works, touch pad works but the keys are dead!! I've tried everything I know but it is simply dead!! Only thing I have found that will get it back into operation is to shut down and re-boot. This is time consuming and really aggravating!! I even tried a "System Restore" to date before it happened the first time. No help.

Any ideas on what causes this or how to prevent it will be appreciated. It's not consistent, so I hesitate to take it back to the store until I can reproduce it.


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I read the posting of someone who was having similar problems, but there was no sure answer. I think I have come closer to figuring out the trigger, now if someone can help me pin it down, then figure out how to fix it next time it happens. I believe that somehow the bottom of my hand is hitting a combination of keys in the lower left corner of my keyboard and it is disabling my keyboard(maybe alt or ctrl + something else). I'd like to figure out what I'm hitting and how to undo it. The only way I know how to correct it at this time is to reboot. Any ideas?

A:dead keyboard

Nothing you do would make it go dead besides it just wearing out, fluids spilled on it, plug on back of the computer loose, cord bad, etc. Pressing keys would not do it. Keyboards are kinda made for the keys to be pressed without the keyboard going dead unless it goes bad.

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My wife was typing an e-mail on my son's computer and the keyboard just stopped working. I went through all the troubleshooting exercises and it still doesn't work Would a keyboard just crap out all of a sudden like that? I should probably mention that it is a laptop computer.

A:Keyboard Dead?

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Hello. Thanks in advance for your expertise.

Recently my mouse and keyboard have stopped working. I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition on a Dell Dimension machine. When I reboot the machine (using the button on the PC) it loads up and gets me to the user selection screen but I can't do anything at all. Here are a few notes that should help:

I have tried hooking up multiple keyboards and mouses. None work (so I know it's not an issue with them as they work fine on my laptop)
I only have USB connections, no PS2 connections on my PC at all so I can't try a PS2 Mouse or Keyboard
I have tried ONLY plugging in the mouse or ONLY the keyboard and neither work
The Optical mouse lights up for about ten seconds then turns off if I unplug it and plug it back in. Even with the optical light on, the mouse doesn't move on the screen.
While loading, at the Dell screen where it says "Press F2 to enter Setup" the keyboard still doesn't work. So I can't get into BIOS nor can I start the machine in safe mode.

So here are my questions:

What do I do about this?
Can I install either new USB inputs or PS2 inputs without being able to use a mouse or keyboard or even load Windows (can't get past user/login screen)?
If I need to reload Windows, how do I get the data off of my harddrive?

THanks again,

A:Dead Mouse and Keyboard - help

Reset the Bios from the Motherboard


Power cord out
Hold in the ON button for 30 secs, dispersing internal power
Side cover off (who knows, some of the Dell's are hard to work this simple part out)
Take out (remove) the button battery (there's a small clip top side)
Locate the reset jumper, and move it to pins 2 and 3 (it's probably in pins 1 and 2 at the moment)
Wait 10 secs (no need really, but good time to rest )

Then put the jumper back (ie to pins 1 and 2)
Put the cmos round button battery back in
Put the power cord back in (and everything else)
Wha La :grinthumb

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In the middle of typing in a URL, the keyboard on the laptop went dead. Rebooting did nothing. Plugging in an external keyboard did nothing. Removing and reinstalling the driver did nothing. It doesn't work in the dos window either. (that was suggested) and I cannot get it to work prior to windows opening, like I was trying to get into the bios. Both the touch pad mouse and the external mouse operate correctly, but none of the keys.

I was thinking of erasing the disk and installing a new version of XP Pro that I have, but I might not be able to complete the install because I might not be able to type in the registration numbers.

Any suggestions??

A:HP Laptop Keyboard dead

If it will boot from a floppy first - try reloading the bios defaults, setting the floppy as the first boot device and then booting from a floppy boot disk - if it still doesn't work you've probably got a hardware problem. (if a floppy is out of the question then try 'safe mode command prompt')

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Hi Guys

Whist I was using notepad at home to write something I found that the following keys on my laptop are dead r, u,y, 2,4,and 0. virtually all the computing I have done in the last few days is general browsing for television listings and email. I use use notepad for wordprocessing beacuse its quick.

I have only tested out the lowercase alphabet and the set of numbers, but not the full set. I am using another computer from a different location to type this posting. My keyboard is a standard Sony laptop qwerty keyboard.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, WinXP Pro, 512Mb RAM. I have checked for viruses, fierwall and ran spybot and the laptop appears to be clean. I rebooted with a restore point from a couple of days ago when I know everything was working and it still made no difference this morning. The keys are still dead. I cannot check the keys with an external keyboard to compare becasue I do not have a spare one. I will try to get one.

In the meantime if anyone has suggestions it would be most welcome.

May I add I was helped out by you guys ony a few days ago when my external USB hardrive suddenly became inactive and the problem was solved by a 'USB drive cleanup'

Many thanks in advance.


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I searched a bit and cannot find a similiar problem,
after a power outage in our area the lights came back on,but the comp room did not.the outside breaker was blown,reset.tried to start my comp(it is on a powerstrip surge protector) and the lights will light up,the fans will start.but no video or my usb lighted keyboard will not light up or work.

I took out side and evicted a commune of dust bunnies,and replugged connecters.still nothing.
I replaced my motherboard with somthing similar I had a AMD a64 X2 5200+ chip on a gigabyte m59sli motherboard.and replaced it with MSI AM2+ motherboard with similar specs it still did not work.reinstalled old MB.I checked all my voltages from the power supply with my dvom and noitheing was out of spec (on all leads).
I dont want to keep throwing parts at it .is there any other thing I can check for?

Hope I described my problem enough.
and thanks in advance

A:Dead comp,no usb keyboard and vid

It's a good chance the power outage took out the Motherboard and or HDD, maybe even the PSU.
Remove the HDD and put it on another computer as a Slave or with a USB Adapter, this will test the drive and you can at least save any files off of it. Replace the PSU and unplug everything but the RAM, does the computer Post? If so, then start to add each individual part until you find one that won't let the computer boot.

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Fantastic, I have been running wn2k with no down time 4 a year and just when I need most, silly me decides to find out why some of those extra "helpful" net/media buttons on my cheap keyboard by asking 2K for the appropriate driver.

It warns me but I say OK and restart and POOF! no mouse or keyboard. Locked out. No kersor and I cant even press caps locked to show lite. (both work fine in my 2nd partition under 98)

The driver I picked was just the Micsoft enhanced (similar) kB I think.

Have tried Safe mode, Last Settings saved, Nope!

Tried dif keyboard, as you do, and no change.

Have read a couple of dif posts some saying remove Bios Battery for 5mins, others saying boot in DOS and bla bla...Im no good in DOS. (willing to keep trying)

Alot of the posts also say Logitec mouse was problem but dont have 1.

Can anyone direct me to something they may remember in this field.

Or can someone explain how I might fix using 98???????

Much appriciated, urgent work to finish.


A:Keyboard + Mouse dead

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My keyboard SK-2028 is dead . I could not login . Plesae help! Kiet Vo

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the keyboard is partially not working on the right side. not wet no dust. also it works just as i open the on-screen keyboard then stops again so software?thanks 

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My wife has been away from her computer for about 6 weeks and upon her return, the keyboard is inoperative. I can't log in to Tech Support Guy from her computer to give you her system parameters. What can I do to get her back alive? I replace her keyboard with mine but that didn't help. I have powered down her system, tried ctrl alt del but nothing seems to help. Here is my sys info. Her's is basically the same.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240e Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3835 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 917 GB (273 GB Free); D: 13 GB (6 GB Free); F: 465 GB (298 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0DPRF9
Antivirus: COMODO Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

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I have a problem. Its all fine during POST, no "keyboard not detected" msg

appearing, but I cant press delete or any other keys to get into BIOS setup.

Keyboard's "Num Lock" lights do not flash. Windows will load but both the keyboard and mouse is dead. Tried other keyboard with the same result. tried the keyboard on another PC - works fine.

Previously the windows had a pci.sys error - "pci.sys not found." ive transported the HD to another PC and reformats the HD, and installs a fresh WINXP on it. Windows now loads fine on the new and old PC, but keyboard and mouse is dead on the old PC.

Have a USB adapter for keyboard but same result. tried the USB ports, both 2 ports on back of PC, and 2 other ports on casing (front). So i guess shouldnt be a problem with the ports, because ive just changed the casing to new and the front ports are fresh,never been used.

System details:
AMD duron 750MHz
mobo EPOX EP-8KTA2
PS2 keyboard with USB adapter.
ps2 mouse.

some guy suggested flashing the BIOS, but i do know how to that when i cant get my keyboard and mouse to work.

maybe, and just maybe, my PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse ports are broken and the USB keyboard setting in BIOS is not enabled. then how?

any takers?

feiz kronfeld

A:Dead : Mouse and keyboard

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When waking system up from sleep state with knocking USB keyboard key - sometimes (pretty frequently) the system wakes up but the keyboard is deadlike - cannot type logon password, cannot ALT-CTRL-DEL, nothing.

That never happens when waking the system up with power button.

Any idea what is wrong???

A:USB Keyboard sometimes dead after wake-up

hello and welcome to the forums i had the same problem(Keyboard not resuming pc from sleep) and i solved mine by changing the the usb settings in power settings.

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Church lady decided to install Windows Live care on the HP XP machine.
Decided to delete Norton files since they were "old".
Now the computer goes thru boot process and looks okay, but no keyboard or mouse. Can't boot emergency boot cd or recovery cd as the bios is not set to allow cd boots. Can't get into Setup to change boot options, since F1 key is dead. Haven't tried boot floppy yet. Any ideas how to recover from this/why kb and mouse are dead?

A:Keyboard and mouse are dead

You need the drivers of the keyboard and mouse which you should be able to find in the website of the laptop brand with model. If you cant find the web or driver and have any other query dont hesitate to contact. My email is [email protected]

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I unplugged the keyboard from my PC whilst it was on, and it immediately shut down and now won't turn on, can anybody offer any help please?

A:Unplugged keyboard whilst PC was on- PC now dead

if the keyboard was a PS2 type you may have destroyed its ability to use
that jack.

if your machine has USB, then you could see if a USB keyboard works.
don't leave the other keyboard plugged in the PS2 jack when you try this.

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I have an HP DV9700T laptop. Is there a tech that reads this forum?
My (9 O L . ) buttons are dead on my laptop.
I ordered a new one & installed it. I still have the same problen.
A friend told me it may be a component (chip, diode, or resistor) on the MB that died.

There must be a tech that knows what controls these keys.

Any help, Please??

A:dead keys on laptop keyboard

Have you tried an external keyboard? This will test whether your problem is with the keyboard, keyboard connector, or keyboard controller. Let us know how you get on.

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A friend has an 2nd gen X1 Carbon (20A7), purchased with Win 8.1 Pro, long since upgraded to Win 10 pro."BIOS" as they keep calling it, is latest, GRET54WW 1.31 Windows automatically updated, Lenovo Vantage Auto Updates on. A while ago she "cleaned" the adaptive keyboard, since when, she thinks, it does not work. It is "dead", not even lit up. Note, this may be coincidental. She says she used firm pressure, but I think it unlikely she physically damaged it. Since then on power up a message is displayed: "Flashing Adaptive Keyboard Firmware... Please do not power off!" This stays for perhaps 30s before booting continues. I cannot get to the EFI by pressing enter at this stage, (but can from the OS). Then, all seems normal except the non working adaptive keyboard. Searching the message in quotes, even just the first half: "Flashing Adaptive Keyboard Firmware" produces zero hits. Zero! Looking in Vantage / Lenovo System Update, I saw that around the same time, "ThinkPad Hotkey Features Integration Package Setup - 10 [64] - V." was shown as successfully installed. Suspecting this, I googled how to uninstall, and was led to n1wvu28e.exe. There is however no uninstall option in that package. Further, running n1wvu28e.exe told me that its default install is to C:\DRIVERS\HOTKEY. Although Vantage showed it as installed, this directory had only a single "setup.exe". I ran n1wvu28e.exe which populated C:\DRIVERS\HOTKEY with 21 items. ... Read more

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I have been monitoring KB articles about dead keyboard on wake-up after sleep, but there is a related problem in Windows 7 as follows:
1. A DOS-based application using ISAM files running under CMD.EXE rebuilds an ISAM index requiring many tens of thousands of disk accesses. On completion the files are correctly closed, no errors have been reported, but the keyboard is dead.
2. Other parts of the same DOS-based app. are effectively a report generator working on the same ISAM files. On completion of a long report the keyboard is again dead.
This bug appears to be NOT hardware related in that it occurs in many makes of PC with many manufacturers' motherboards.
The bugs affects both USB and PS-2 type keyboards alike.
The bug is not in the keyboard hardware because the Windows on-screen keyboard behaves similarly.
The mouse is not affected. Indeed the only recovery from this error is to use the mouse to kill the application.
The bug was not present in any previous version of Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP) and seems to have been fixed in Windows 10 (either by design or accident).
Any advice would be much appreciated because these PCs are running 24/7 in a retail EPOS environment.

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My neighbor brought her Sony VAIO PCG-7y2l running vista to me to try to get the keyboard working. I have spent hours but with no success with this. I don't even see it listed in Device Manager and the keyboard does not even work in safe mode. USB keyboard works just fine. Any ideas as to what to try appreciated.

A:Solved: Dead laptop keyboard

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