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Laptop shuts off after plugging in charger

Q: Laptop shuts off after plugging in charger

I have IBM 1871PA2 thinkpad laptop. I have issues that it shuts off few minutes after plugging in the charger or sometimes it just freezes and I cannot do any thing. All I have to do to get back into laptop is force restart. I tried running on AC power without battery. Same issue. Need assistance.

Preferred Solution: Laptop shuts off after plugging in charger

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop shuts off after plugging in charger

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The past few days, my laptop has been freezing after about 20 minutes (lately the amount of time has been decreasing to now about 15 minutes). First it would only freeze if it went idle but now it's freezing randomly. It would only freeze when I plug in my charger.

I replaced my adapter to see if that was the problem, but it wasn't. I also tried changing my set up so that my computer wouldn't sleep but still, it would freeze. I also launched CCleaner to try and clean up my registry and though it did fix up some problems, yes once again, my laptop would freeze.

I installed several anti-virus/malware programs as well but none of them seemed to work. They wouldn't detect anything through quick scan but once I try full scan, it would freeze. I tried going into safe mode, but before making it in, my laptop would stop and go into regular mode. And just a few minutes ago, I got the blue screen of death.

Please help!

A:My laptop freezes 10-20 minutes after plugging in my charger.

Make sure the charger has same specs as original factory one.

Run memtest86+ - http://www.techsupportforum.com/2863029-post5.html

Run HDD diagnostics - http://www.techsupportforum.com/2828431-post7.html

Uninstall all of the security apps; reboot after each removal. Install MSE - http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Regards. . .



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I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a method to enable sounds for when you plug in or remove a charger connected to your laptop. It is not a problem with my pc, but is an option that is not available for me which i would like to install to let me know if i accidentally unplugged the charger, particularly if I'm working on a full-screen feature. Any help would be appreciated.
I have Windows 7 home Premium 32-bit installed.

A:How to enable sound when plugging/unplugging charger for laptop.

In the System Sounds, there is an option for device connect or disconnect. This will probably do what you want. You will have to assign a sound for those functions.

The System Sounds panel can be accessed from Start/Control Panel/Hardware and Sounds. Click on "Change System Sounds".

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Just noticed this whenever I plug or unplug the charger. The laptop lags for 1-2 seconds before returning to normal. This is noticeable when playing games or watching videos. Haven't seen any abnormal drops or spikes with the temperature of the CPU, GPU and HDD which would suggest a hardware issue. Tried doing this while running 3DBenchmark, and there is a huge drop in FPS, from 130-200fps down to almost 16fps esp. when unplugging the charger.Is this normal?

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Bought lappy from here recently: 
Issue with ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 16.10:
1. Laptop charged but not connected to adapter.
2. Earphones(Any) being plugged in
3. Shuts down instantly

Laptop model number: LAPDELL-INSPIROAMAZ291042872F19E
Specs: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 (Core i3 (6th Gen)/4 GB/1 TB/39.62 cm (15.6)/DOS) (Matte Black) 

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From yesterday the moment i remove my battery cord, laptop shuts down. This is all of a sudden and i did most of the troubleshooting with battery power managment. Right now i have no idea how to proceed forward. I have windows 10 running on HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f208(64 bit). I would be glad to provide more information, but right now i don't know what information is needed. 

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Hello! I have been looking online for websites where I can get help for my laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite L55-C5272. I broke the screen, and replaced it. Then I had one other issue, every time I remove the charger from the laptop, my laptop automatically shuts down. Even with 100% battery. I dont' know what the cause of this is, but I do know I was not messing with the battery. This laptop is about 2 months old, and I don't know what else to do.

If you have any advice or suggestions, you may email me at [email protected]

Thank you for your time,

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When I put in the original charger to my ThinkPad E555 after pressing the power button, I get a message the wrong charger is connected. But when connected later or when off the laptop charges fine. A BIOS bug? I have BIOS 1.18 and WIndows 10.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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I have a Lenovo G50-80 (Model: 80E5). The issue I am facing is that whenever i plug in the charger irrespective of the amount of battery charged it sometimes turns off the laptop. One of the things i have observed is that if I plugin the charger inserting the jack very slowly into the charging port it usually does not turn off. Has anyone else have this kind of a problem and can help me with this! Its really annoying to have your laptop restart whenever I have to plug it in. (My laptop is almost 3 years old but the problem came up after 2 years i believe.  Suggestions are welcome!!!!!!!

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Hello, as I mentioned in subject after upgrade from widnows 8 to windows 10 when I'm plugging in charger screen turns off. The battery is still chargin thou, and when I'm plugging charger out display turns on. I'm waiting for suggestions, Thanks.

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Hi I've been using my X220i for the last 3 years or so and decided to upgrade to an i7 X230 a few days ago. After a few days of no problems, using the same charger I've been using on my X220 (the 90w slim travel charger) I plugged it in to charge while the laptop was powered on. The laptop powered off instantly and now it will not power on again. There are no status lights visible and nothing happens when I plug it in. I have done all the steps of removing the battery and pressing the power button etc and on putting the battery back in the fingerprint sensor light was flickering orange - it is now back to no signs of life at all again other than the left side of the palmrest gets hot when I insert the battery. I am strongly suspecting a fault with the charger fried the motherboard when I plugged it in but am wondering if anyone else has any suggestions before i try to make a claim within my remaining 1 week of warranty. Thnaks

A:X230 dead after plugging in charger

https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X230-suddenly-powers-off/td-p/1853378 https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/x230-dead/td-p/1681933 YES, there seems to be some sort of problem!  

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Everytime I plug or unplug my charger from my notebook, the brightness keeps changing?!?!?  Its very irritating and I've tried everything to try to fix it including going to the advanced power settings and turning off the "enable adaptive brightness."  Nothing has worked, please advise.

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Hi, just bought the 2-1 laptop last week. I want to enable a notification sound while plugging in the charger and also when I'm unplugging it. I've checked the device sound properties but don't seem to find it. Please help ! vsen

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Plugging in or taking out my charger turns my screen black for a second before it flahes on again. I never really heard of a laptop doing this before so is this normal on the X1E model? Anyone else experience this?

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First of all, thank you very much for all your previous help. I'm back with more difficulties. 
My laptop (HP Envy dv7) recently forced a Windows 8.1 update. Ever since, whenever I plug or unplug the charger, the screen goes black for a second or two. Troubleshooting didn't fix it? Help is much appreciated.

A:Temporary black screen (un)plugging charger

That means your display driver is not usable for windows 8 and windows 8.1. I would advise you to download and install Windows 7 display driver in compatibility mode and review if it helps.
There are few steps to set up window 7 display driver
Install & download display driver
Right click on the driver & go the properties
Select compatibility’ tab and test the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for” and click Windows 7 operating system from the drop down.
Finally click on button ”apply” then “ok” and run the file to install it

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I recently bought a new Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop. Whenever I plug in the charger to charge the laptop, the IMDb webpage of the movie "Don't Breathe" opens. This only happens once, i.e. when I plug the charger for the first time and not after that. It's a really bizarre problem, which I am not understanding. Can someone else please shed a light on this?

A:A rogue webpage opens on plugging in charger

You'll want to give the system a deep scan with a malware removed - the free version of malwarebytes will clean up the system just fine.

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Product number: D1C68UA#ABA Serial number: CND3130F7F Hello, I am having trouble with my wifi connectivity. I've noticed that my wifi connection is generally much stronger and stable when I am not plugged into the the power cord. When I plug in my power cord to charge my battery, My wifi signal always loses strength, and most times loses connection. If i unplug the cable once more, the wifi signal will regain strength. I've updated my drivers, reinstalled a couple as well. I've also changed my power options for the Wireless Adapater Settings to Maximum Performance. Still this problem remains. Please help. 

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Hi, my new Acer V Nitro laptop makes a short, beep tone (coming from the speakers) when I plug and unplug the charger. I have read online that it is due to the driver and/or BIOS and I have done everything to disable it (installing new driver, searching for options in sound menu of Windows, going into the BIOS settings...). Finally, I have found the solution: deactivating the autostart of Realtek Audio driver on Windows start. Do you think that it is normal to hear this tone? I have completely reinstalled Windows and the tone finally reappeared (only after installing all updates). Thanks, 

A:Beep tone when plugging the charger - Acer V Nitro...

Hi, Well it makes a beep to tell you that the charger has been plugged in. Nothing wrong with this. It makes the same beep when you unplug the charger. It is normal, and it is implemented on more acer notebooks, not just yours.

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My computer was on and i had the power cord in the top socket in my room and a extension cord in the socket below it. I had the monitor and phone chargers. I plugged in another phone charger that i was going to use with an xbox one controller to play with and the computer turned off and i saw a flash and the socket zapped. I smelt a gross burnt smell coming from something and i noticed a small hole in the power cord that i havent noticed before. The computer would not turn back on. I dont know what to do can someone help me?

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anyone know how to do this? when plugging in to AC adapter, the system switches to a different power plan?

A:Any way to auto switch power plans when plugging in to charger?

In what way,
There are already different settings for plugged in and battery usage
Power Plan Settings - Change

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I recently bought a wireless 3G USB modem / hot spot. Although i use it primarily by plugging in my PC USB port, It just occurred to me that my smartphone charger also has a USB port. So i was wondering if i can use the modem by using the charger USB port or not. That way i will not have to keep my PC powered on all the time. My charger has a output rating of 5V and 830mA. I reckon there shouldn't be a problem but want to be sure lest i damage the modem.

EDIT: The title should read 'Power' instead of 'Charge'. Apologies for any confusion caused !!

A:Solved: Can i charge my USB hot spot by plugging it in the cell phone charger?

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I have a pcchips m848a rev 2.1 amd motherboard socket 462 2.8ghz and in the last few weeks I have had a problem that eveytime I plug in a usb the pc shuts down. I replaced the motherboard for the very same type believing that to be the issue but I have the same problem still. Now even more baffling is my keyboard and mouse are wireless usb devices yet they work and cause no problems.

I have researched a lot on these issues and have tried many things but to no avail, could it be an issue with sp3 ?

I have tried renaming intelppm in system32/drivers but no avail, I have searched for intelppm in regedit but it does not find.

the blue screen I get when I plug in a usb is 'stop 0x0000007E '.

I have deleted usb hubs in device manager and no joy either.

anyone able to help with this problem ?

cheers in advance


A:plugging in usb shuts down pc

First what device(s) are you plugging into the ports?
Is a device driver or file name listed on the second line of the bsod message?
Does it only happen on the front usb ports, rear usb ports or both?

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I am having a problem when I plug my headphones in (I have interrnal speakers) it shuts the computer off. I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of this happening. My guess is that there may be a short but I'd like to hear any other ideas.

A:Plugging in headphones shuts off PC

Tried different headphones? Have the latest sound card drivers? List some system specs too. Including, of course, your sound card. Also, is this into a CD drive, or the main audio out?

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I'm trying to get my webcam to work on my computer. (it is a USB, logitech clicksmart 510 webcam) But if I plug it in while the computer is running the computer shuts down. Then with it still plugged in the computer will not restart. It only turns on momentarily for about one or two seconds and then turns off. The only way to restart the computer is to unplug the webcam and reset the power supply. I plugged in just the cable and the computer works normally. I tried the webcam on another computer with the same operating system and it works fine.
My computer is running windows 2000 professional, has an asus (model TUSI-M) mainboard with a 1200 mhz celeron processor, 128mb ram, 115 watt power supply. It has four USB slots, two on the mainboard and two on a card. I've tried different USB slots without success but i know they work for other stuff like flashcards etc.

A:Plugging in my USB webcam shuts down computer

Hi and welcome. 115 watt power supply? How large is the power supply on the other system where the camera works? What other hardware devices are connected to the problem computer? Sounds like you simply don't have enough power.

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When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I am trying to use another display/monitor with my laptop. However, my HP Compaq LA2205wg monitor shuts down instantly when I plug in the HDMI cable into my Toshiba Satellite laptop. Once I unplug the HDMI cable, the monitor turns back on. I am plugging in an Insignia DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter into the monitor and then an HDMI cable from there to my laptop. Both of the connectors (DisplayPort adaptor for HDMI cable are new)

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I whiped my laptop and re installed windows xp and now when I plug in any of my removable hard drives or an empty 4 port usb hub a blue screen flashes for such a short amount of time i cant read one word. The computer will re start and go to the screen that asks if I would like to start windows normally or with my last known configuration that worked. This does not happen however when I plug in my receiver for my wireless mouse in the same port. These devices I am plugging in works fine on any other computer. I have 2 other usb ports which does not work. I am at the beginning of a business trip that will last 3 weeks and all my info is on these removable drives so this could not have happened at a worse time. This is on my Toshiba laptop 5205-s703. I have the 3 disks for my drivers and installed the 1st one fine. The other 2 didnt give me options to install anything. I tried to go to the Toshiba website and download the drivers but I couldnt find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated....

A:after re installing windows my cpu shuts off when plugging in removable hard drive

Try this... Start> right click on My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Startup and Recovery. Under startup and Recovery click on Settings, uncheck the box in Automatically restart under System failure. This will stop the automatic restarts. Once this is done you should get an error message rather than restarting. Please post the exact error message.

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Hi,My laptop won't hold a charge. I have replaced the battery and charger. The only time it works is when the charger is inserted into the laptop but even though it's plugged in it won't charge and will shut down immediately after the charger is removed. Please help.

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So on my laptop the battery says 86% all the time it does not indicate that its charging nor does it die or charge more. I even got a new battery, it ran on it until it died it never charged it. Laptop is Sony Vaio VPCF1

A:Battery says 86% but when i unplug the charger it shuts off

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Latitude Z 600
minor liquid spill while computer was off and not plugged in- mainly hit the a/c jack - female input of laptop
problem then was laptop now ONLY works on a) battery alone without a/c charger or b) a/c alone without battery
otherwise with battery in and a/c plugged in the a/c charger shuts off
tried starting up on a/c and then plugging in battery BUT NO GOOD - a/c charger cut power - same with the opposite running on battery and then plugging in a/c adaptor - adapter shuts off
I just replaced the laptop power-in jack - this did not fix problem
Can't flash the BIOS which requires both a/c plugged in and battery

A:Dell Latitude Z a/c charger shuts off when battery is in

While it's possible the battery was damaged, it's far more likely the problem is a blown charge circuit on the system board.
Next logical step - replace the mainboard.

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Laptop works fine on charger but as soon as I remove the charger it shuts off. I tried a different battery and charging cable but it still doesn't work. It won't even charge the battery, there seems to be an X symbol where the battery is? It doesn't seem like it detecting the battery at all. Anyone got an idea what it could be? 

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My Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't recognize charger any more. And unfortunately my warranty expired 2 month ago.It was plugged in and working in the morning, but then in the afternoon I noticed that it was running on the battery only. It wont start without battery (just charger plugged in).
1. So here what I have done to debug. Me and my brother, we have purchased the same Dell laptops at the same time a year and a bit ago. This is why for a debugging purposes it was good.I took my charger and plugged in to his computer. And it works. Definitely not the charger issue I guess. And when I plug charger in to my computer, green light is still on the charger. And I have the original charger that came with the laptop.
2. Now, laptop works on the battery only, so this means that motherboard is working. I guess.
3. Next thing I did was unplugged charger and removed the battery from the laptop. Then I pushed and hold "Power" button for 45 seconds to discharge a flea charge. Plugged charger back in but laptop wont start.
4. Next I started laptop on the battery, went to BIOS and checked if the charger is recognized in the BIOS. No, it doesn't recognize charger. So, if it is not a charger then what else can it be?
5. Laptop doesn't have any strange smells so I'm not sure if anything happened with the motherboard, but I would assume mother board is ok because it works of the battery.
6. I was thinking updating the BIOS, but I can't, because it wont update whi... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't work with charger. Charger is not recognized. Not charger problem.

Hi CJ777,
Thanks for reaching out with your query. You pretty much figured out all points of failure. Good job.
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS, it most likely is an issue with the mother board. In the BIOS set up, AC adapter should show up as 65w or 90w. If the adapter status is 'None' or 'Unknown Device Installed', it indicates that the mother board is not detecting the adapter for which the battery is not getting charged. Once the battery charge drains, I'm sure the adapter will not charge it again. Replacing the system board should resolve this issue.

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When I plug the AC adapter/charger in to charge the battery of the notebook, it just shut downs completely ( I was working on the  notebook on battery before I plugged the charger in).  It still works perfectly on battery only. I have taken the notebook to the store where I bought if from and we have tried plugging a new charger in, but it's still shutting down. Any idea what the problem could be?

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When  I unplug the power cord/charger from the computer when it is running the laptop will BlueScreen and reboot, message when this happens is Kernal_Security_Check_Failure.  Battery is fully charged and showing 100%.  The charger is outputting 19.5V DC.  I also tried another Dell charger I have and the computer does the same thing, bluescreens and reboots??  Ran Dell diagnostics on internet support and everything passes.  Drivers are up to date and it indicates devices are working properly.
Anyone had this happen and how to fix it?

A:Dell 7559 shuts down (blue screen) immediately after unplugging charger

Does the system recognize the AC adapter, or does it show "unknown"?  F2 at powerup to check.
Will the system power up and stay running on battery only (no power adapter connected)?

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IP330 15IKB when connected with a charger and put to sleep does not awake when tried to and automatically shuts down. Mouse cursor, esc button, enter or the power button wont help in screen awakening instead the lap shuts down.

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This started a few day ago and so far as per now i charge it almost every after 2hours but with 45% still remaining on battery.

A:My dell latitude battery shuts down at 45% of battery power remaining and on plugging it into ac, it starts from that same % so am not sure of what is happening to it.

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly boot the system into BIOS and check the battery health and Ac Adapter.
Also private message the service tag and email address.

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I Got my XPS 15 9550    Build Date Dec-16-2015 Bios Ver 01.00.07 4302.13 UEFI
The fault I was able to find so far that is disturbing issue.
Condition1  - "When pressing  brightness keys F11-F12" (little crackling distorted noise from speakers)
Condition 2 - " When music playing out of speakers also at sometimes can hear crackling noise coming" ( like speakers can't handle the frequency properly)
Condition3 major one -  "At the time of plugging in power supply in or out of laptop."                                                                                                                                                When video/audio/u-tube playing I can hear  short crackling noise&nbs... Read more

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Crackling Noise coming from speakers when plugging and un plugging power supply.

Hi Edwards, I am facing exactly the same issue as yours. First they delay the product, then they cancel the product and when they finally ship the product has issues. Please let me know if you found any solution for this

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I have a Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS on a Lenovo laptop. The laptop only has a VGA card and I have tried a VGA to RCB cable, but it does not work. Want to know if I have to get a converter or is there another solution?

Many Thanks.

A:Plugging Laptop to TV

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i have an xbox 360 slim i would like to plug into my laptop which is a HP pavillion g7 it has a HDMI on the side and then another slot whivh is like a trapazoid looking slot with holes in it with a picture underneath that kinda looks like a line then a rectangle then a line soo what cords woudl i need for the xbox to plug into my laptop and what would i also need for sound
sound is optional many thank

A:Plugging my Xbox 360 into my laptop

Xbox and laptop video ports are output only ports, you connect each to a display screen but not to one another.
You can network the two and share files that way.

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I'm rather rusty with working with computers, and I'm not even sure if this is right place for this, but I recently got a new Gateway T-6836 laptop which runs on Vista (64-bit). I noticed that while I have my computer on, if I unplug the AC adapter to move to another location and I plug the AC adapter back in, everything freezes. I can't even get the mouse to move and there even is no response that the caps lock is on. I end up having to force the laptop to power off.

There seems to be no problem when I unplug and plug back in the laptop while it is off.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated!

A:Laptop freezes after plugging in AC adapter

I would just suggest you don't unplug your system from an electrical outlet while on unless you eventually want to purchase a new system. That's just a common sense approach. I would imagine it would freeze up under those circumstances. You need to make sure the system is off before you try the plug n play with your PSU. Jazz

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I had to have my laptop drive reimaged, and I had to reinstall all my programs, etc. After reinstalling iTunes, I plug my iPhone in like usual to move over files, but my laptop doesn't even realize it's plugged in. I had to "installing device drivers" message at first, and every time I plug it in I get the *bong* sound that tells me it knows I just plugged something in, but I don't see the device either in Windows Explorer or iTunes.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. This hasn't happened before. I have Windows 7 64-bit laptop, and a Samsung R580 laptop with an iPhone 4.

A:Laptop not recognizing my iPhone after plugging in

Hello tricon7,

First I would like you to open up device manager (Control Panel>Device Manager)
Then, with DM open, plug in your iPhone.
You should see the new device manifest in DM.
Locate the iPhone device in DM... Are there any errors or notifications (small icons, either a red X or yellow !)?

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I noticed that my CPU works louder when I am plugging my laptop in.I am using an HWMonitor Version 1.40.0 Driver version 148 to check my status of CPU.I am worried that my laptop is going to damage. HWMonitor shows or my every core there is a Value around 3600 - 3900 MHz.When I am disconnecting my power supply from the socket HWMonitor shows 690 - 980 MHz.It's a big difference.Is it something wrong with my laptop, power supply or maybe there is something wrong with my an electrical installation at home?What should I check or fix?

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Hi all,

If this is in the wrong forum, please move, but I figured it might be Windows 10 issue.

I've bought a new laptop with Windows 10 (first time on this OS; last one was running Win 8), and am having an audio issue. Speakers work perfectly fine, but as soon as I plug my headphones in, audio doesn't come through them. If I check the Playback Devices, the green bars on the speakers are going up and down, so audio is there, but it's not coming through the headphones.

I've tried messing around with all sorts of things. Updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling audio drivers - just about every option I can find in the audio panels - but nothing.

The only solution I have is if I restart my laptop with the headphones plugged in. Upon reboot, the audio will work through them. But as soon as I unplug and replug, the sound is gone again. I've also tried with a different pair of headphones and had the same results.

Never had an issue like this before, and I'm at a loss as to where to look next, with nothing on Google helping me.

Thanks for any help.

A:No audio when plugging in headphones on new laptop with W10

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Can anyone help! My laptop crashes every time I plug in a USB. I get a blue screen error screen (see attached). I have not installed any new programs recently apart from my Adobe and AVG anti virus. To solve the problem I have tried updating windows 7, removing my wireless mouse (which works through the USB - coincidentally this is the only USB application which works) and restarting my computer.
Any other ideas appreciated.

A:Laptop (windows 7) crashing after plugging in USB

try updating your motherboard drivers

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Can anyone help! My laptop crashes every time I plug in a USB. I get a blue screen error screen (see attached). I have not installed any new programs recently apart from my Adobe and AVG anti virus. To solve the problem I have tried updating windows 7, removing my wireless mouse (which works through the USB - coincidentally this is the only USB application which works) and restarting my computer.
Any other ideas appreciated.

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