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How to disable the "resuming windows" screen after sleep

Q: How to disable the "resuming windows" screen after sleep

I have WIN 7, and it wakes hard from sleep. at least if i could change the splash screen "resuming windows" because the bright white in the middle blinds me.
I have WIN 8 on another computer and it wakes at once, on the push of the power button, no splash screen.
Do i have to suffer it from WIN 7? is there a way to prevent the "resuming windows" part?

Preferred Solution: How to disable the "resuming windows" screen after sleep

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to disable the "resuming windows" screen after sleep

The Windows 7 computer is coming out of hibernation.

The Windows 8 computer is coming out of sleep.

Change the power settings on the Windows 7 computer so that it only goes to sleep.

If need be, see these steps:
Power Plan Settings - Change

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I have WIN 7, and it wakes hard from sleep. at least if i could change the splash screen "resuming windows" because the bright white in the middle blinds me.
I have WIN 8 on another computer and it wakes at once, on the push of the power button, no splash screen.
Do i have to suffer it from WIN 7? is there a way to prevent the "resuming windows" part?

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Hi there,

I'm not exactly sure where to post my problem/question, so I thought I'd try here since it's kind of a general category!

Here is the problem I am experiencing. First a little background. I'm running an HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC, purchased in November 2008. Have experienced no problems up until the past couple of weeks. I use the computer primarily for personal photo editing and digital scrapbooking. I run Windows Vista Home premium (64-bit OS), have a 300GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM.

I also want to note that I have 12 cell battery which by virtue of its size keeps the laptop propped up at all times, so it is well ventilated.

Not more than two weeks ago I was working in photoshop editing some photos when the screen went completely black, I lost my internet connection (the touch light board on the top the keyboard was still lit) - the fan was still running and for all intents and purposes the computer was "on" except that the screen was off and I couldn't get it to wake up - not by attempting to move the mouse, do a hard shut down, etc.

Eventually, I pushed the power button again and the screen "woke up" and I got the "resuming windows" screen for a minute or two, then everything was back to how it was before the black-out. Same programs open, no data lost, etc.

I assumed at the time that perhaps my computer had overheated because I was using it on my lap at the time, not my desk, so it wasn't venti... Read more

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on my other computer, a DELL Inspiron 620, I was trying to install the cd software for a wireless network adapter. I got an error so it said to unplug the wireless adapter, remove the CD and reboot and try again. After I rebooted, it quickly shows a screen with 4 swirling balls and says "windows resuming", then that flashes off and the screen goes black and stays black. An hour prior to this my computer was working completely fine, I don't know what could have caused this issue! Hopefully you can help me. Also, it is running Windows 7, and I can't seem to find the disk, I'm not sure it actually came with one when I bought it from Dell?

A:on reboot "windows resuming" but black screen

Hi skinnypuppy23,

Try this workaround...

Turn off the Computer > restart the PC continually tapping the F8 Key > this will bring up a screen with various options; such as, Safe Mode; Last Known good Configuration, and others.
Select Last known Good Configuration; then, allow the computer to reboot.
Upon reboot, all should be 'normal'.
Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,

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i recall reading somewhere (this forum, most likely) that i can disable the annoying "you have 1 unread mail message waiting" (or however it goes...). i find this function rather perplexing, seeing as i can go online, look at no e-mail of any kind (i HATE e-mail), and that message will come up. can anyone help me here?


oh yeah... i'm using xp home.

A:disable "unread mail" message at windows log-on screen

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I've set up a secondary account on my Windows 7 machine and I need to find out how to disable the switch user thing.

In Windows XP, I could hit winflag+L and switch user as I would instantly be taken to the user list.

In Windows 7, for some reason they had to complicate everything. When I hit winflag+L it just displays a picture of my account and a "Switch User" button, which for me serves no purpose what so ever.

Is there any way I can regain Windows XP's user switch functionality in Windows 7, where winflag+L takes me directly to the user list on the login screen?
Thanks in advance

A:Disable "user locked" screen in windows 7

First, everyones situation is important to them. Bumping does not speed up the process, in fact it may slow it up, since we all think that you just posted.

Click Start button>
Little arrow at bottom by shut down
Switch user.

Hope this helps

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Under the advance power settings in Windows 7, if I change the
Sleep -> Allow Wake Timers to disable, it automatically changes
to enable again the next time I check the setting.

Any idea why this happens and how to fix it?


A:Sleep -> Allow Wake Timers won't stay on "disable"

Have to ask: you are remembering to hit "Apply" before leaving the Advanced settings page, right?

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I was trying to save some files in restoring windows 7; now i can't boot my computer; 1st screen : windows resuming., then setup is starting services.... , "stuck" ; acer aspire 5742 Windows 7 64bit Home Premium; What can i do? now; F8;F2; F12; Ctr+Alt+Del; nothing runs all night ; have a recovery disk made with drivers & applications made by me

A:resuming Windows ... Setup is starting services..."stuck" Aspire5742

have a recovery disk made with drivers & applications made by me

Did you you make the Recovery disc?

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I have a custom-built PC using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. After I come home at night or get up in the morning while leaving my computer on during the day or night (i.e., computer has been on and idle for ~8hrs), I find that the computer has entered some sort of sleep mode from which I cannot awaken it. I moved the mouse, pressed every key on the keyboard (keyboard LED came on when I did that), and I pressed the power button as well. Eventually I had to switch off the power supply. Upon reboot it says "Resuming Windows..."

I thought I had turned off hibernation (Set it to Hibernate After: Never)
This is super annoying.

Anyone know how I can prevent this in the future?

Many thanks.

A:Unable to wake up computer, rebooted and "Resuming Windows"

Turn off hibernation, turn off sleep. Shut down the pc manually.

Some MB`s are funny like that. Has yours always behaved this way or is it something new ?

My XFX board behaved like that, my new MSI board goes into sleep and I just push the power button and bam, my computer is back up in 3 seconds, I love it.

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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Hey everyone,
        I am trying to get the REST queries to work with the sharepoint end points instead of graph end points. I first created an app with relevant permissions and have given it the admin consent. Then I am hitting the https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant>.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/token?Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded end
point with https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com as resource. I am then using the access token retrieved to give the rest call to https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/_api/v2.0/drives/b!3indYSbqZ0-hVSPnCgIZy-2xDMh7jH9AuQnEzJMc6TEfQoSJvJT-R6tT0lFBQiPr/root/delta
but it is failing with "error":{"code":"generalException","message":"General exception while processing"}}. The REST response code is 401 Unauthorized. I have filed a Microsoft support ticket but they
have asked me to post on these forms. Can someone please help me with this? I am not able to move forward because the error is pretty generic and doesn't give any additional details.
Sai Kiran Katuri.

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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This will be my most problem as i manage current user account in a call center industry.. any one who ca help me..

Thank you!

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My computer is in domain and i am using third party software for login (2FA).
i want to disable the "other user" option on logon screen or if i click on other user nothing should happen.

i should authenticate only using third party software via domain.

Kindly help to fix it.
Bachchulal varma

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Hi. Start menu -> I can only see shut down, or sleep, depending on how it's configured, but to access other power options I have to click on the small white arrow to the right of the power button.

So if the default setting of the big button is shutdown then it's a hassle to choose sleep because I have to click on the oh so small button arrow thing.

There's loads of room at the bottom right of my start menu so please tell me how to have a shutdown button AND a sleep button, because I frequently use both functions and don't want to have to choose only one for quick access. Cheers

A:Start menu -> Shutdown Button - "shut down" and "sleep"

It's that difficult to click the arrow?

There is/are gadget(s) with this functionality.

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When we press s on keyboard we get snip and sketch tool and i cant type letter s which is very annoying,
please let me know how can i disable this ? already i have uninstalled still problem persists

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Users are currently able to gain access to the control panel using the "options" key of the on-screen keyboard. Is there a way to disable the key?

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This just started about a month or so ago...
I'm sure this little pop up came attached to some program I downloaded, but it's not a large enough
program to even show up when you try to use Install/Remove or Revo uninstaller programs.
I would think that most programs will send out software updates or if I open a program they have
update links built into them.
Disabling the popup doesn't keep the program for looking for updates (or does it?), it just doesn't keep
popping up and being an annoyance, right?
Do I "REALLY NEED IT"? If I need it, then so be it, I just don't want it to be a nuisance and keep
popping up.
Thanks ahead of time....

A:How do I "DISABLE" the popup "Common Software Manager"?

Using a registry editor to search for Common Software Manager might give you the folder and file[s] this utility is in [on the harddrive]. Deleting that folder and said file[s] might be enough. Do not use any universal computer fixit utilities for this; such cause more problems than they fix.

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I'm posting this here because it seems to be either a monitor or video card issue. If this is the wrong place, I apologize. Please advise.

When I shut down for the night and reboot in the morning, everything seems to work fine.

When I put the system to "sleep", or it goes to sleep on its own, that's where I run into the issue. Somewhere between 20 seconds and a minute after awakening the system, the screen freezes. Nothing I do can unfreeze it. I have to do a hard shut down and then reboot. After that it's fine.

Yesterday I awakened the system, quickly logged into Netflix and started a movie. When the screen froze, the movie was still playing. That's why I think it's either the monitor or the video card. Obviously the computer is still working just fine behind the frozen screen.

I am experiencing absolutely no other issues with my system. My anti-virus is active and up to date, and running a scan produces a perfectly clean bill of health. Not even a single suspicious item is turned up (which I suppose is suspicious in its own right).

Any ideas?

Vista64 Home Premium Service Pack 2
Intel i7
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285
Acer H233H Monitor
Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (running and updated nightly)

Thank you in advance.


A:Screen freezing when coming out of "sleep" mode only.

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Honestly... I have read through lots of the "Blue Screen of Death" posts and the registry cleaner info. I am convinced I do NOT want to install and run a registry cleaner (thanks to informed folks on this message board). Will this blue screen eventually damage my computer? I have been getting it about twice a week. It appears to happen after computer has been in sleep mode (not every time, though). When I click on User to restart Windows, the desktop appears, then black, then blue screen w/
Technical info: STOP: 040000080 (0X86EA3848, 0X869A3378, 0X805512B8, 0X0000001)
Any suggestions how to stop this? I restored system to previous date. Still happening.

Thanks for any info.

A:Solved: Blue Screen after pc was in "Sleep Mode"

it sounds like a hardware issue.run chkdsk,and check your ram

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Hello people.

I have a Laptop Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile D9510 most of the time I never shut it down, i use the hibernate mode. Some times when i turn it on from hibertane i get a blue screen or the screen goes black and i need to power shutdown the laptop.

I have updated drivers, check RAM and HDD for errors, no luck yet...
Dumps in attachments
Can someone help me?


A:BSOD or "Black Screen" after wake from sleep

Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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I got my dell few days ago. Installed it with Samsung EVO 850 SSD 500 Gb and Kingston 8GB PC3L - 12800 SODIMM.The Windows 10 Home OEM home is installed on HDD 1TB so I decided to use Samsung Data Migration software to clone the data to SSD. However, the OS crashed and decided to install a fresh Windows 10 Enterprise to SSD and deleted the previous OS on HDD using diskpart.Now after Installing Windows 10 Ent OS files. Every after BIOS run, I got BSOD errors "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" + "Page Fault it non paged area" + "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" 

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I have a piece of software that periodically fails for some unknown reason. I have pretty much given up on trying to figure out what its problem is. I simply respawn the process if it fails to respond or no longer exists. The process runs several times a
minute. Occasionally, I get an error message saying my software "has stopped working" followed by another messagebox saying my software "is restarting". And then it restarts my process. This is beyond stupid since my process requires command
line arguments that are not being provided when this restart occurs. I simply want to disable these messages or at least
disable this auto restart. Is there any way to do this?

I have already tried the regedit hack:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting]
"DontShowUI "=dword:00000001

This didnt work. I still get these messages.

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Something happened today and I can no longer access my regular "user" account.

There are five "users" showing in the MMC program in Windows 7 and only one is working. The problem with this is that it does not contain any of the information and links that I use daily.

The accounts are as follows;

Administrator (disabled)
D (not disabled)
DCM (disabled)
Guest (disabled)
Homegroupuser$ (not disabled)

I cannot remove the "disabled" status or rename any of these users. An error pops up saying "access denied".

Is there some way to do this that I have not found?

I tried "googleing" this but did nothave any luck.


A:Cannot rename or remove "disable" from "user"

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I have an HP Pavilion and cannot get the machine to power down into Sleep Mode or Hibernation. When I first bought this PC the middle of last year I remember reading after my first Windows Update that the feature might be lost as a result of the Windows Updating process. However, as the months have gone by and more and more apps having been installed and loaded on to this machine, it now takes longer for it to boot up. I always liked the Hibernate feature on my old Windows XP machine, but since I lost the Sleep and Hibernation features on this machine and realized why they were gone shortly after having purchased it, I just went ahead with complete shut downs and cold boots. At this point though I'm pretty tired of the extended waits for the machine to boot up all the time so I would like to know if it's possible, and if so, how, I might get the Sleep or Hibernate features back on this machine.

I wasn?t sure what other Section to post this message in since I don?t see an applicable Heading, so I went with the General Folder.

A:Vista "Sleep" and "Hibernate" problem

Hello Ccantare,

You might look through the items in this tutorial below to see if it may be able to help you determine why your computer is not going to sleep.

Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems

Hope this helps,

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This startred a few days ago on it's own, and i hate it - i want a flat windows explorer....normal....i don't want this library style rubbish.

please help.

A:How to disable Windows Explorer's "today, yesterday, last week" groups

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Is this what you're wanting to do ?
Libraries Folder - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane

If not post a screen shot of what you want to remove

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According to the tutorial of Microsoft (Turn Windows Defender on or off - Windows Help), if I hope to turn off windows defender in Win7, I need to click Tools -> Options -> Adminstrator -> Uncheck "Use this program."

But I find that, on one of my virtual machines, the button "Tools", as well as "Scan" and "History", are inactive. I mean, I cannot click them. Following is the screenshot.

Spoiler: Screenshot

I do not know why. But I guess this is because there is no antivirus installed. So I hope to know how to turn off defender in such case.

Well, you may think that keep windows defender active will not do much harm when no AV is installed.

Maybe it is correct. But the problem is, when windows defender is not turned off, it will try to update in the run time.

In such case, some processes in the AppData\Temp\ folder will try to execute MPSigStub.exe, which will be located at a RANDOM folder in the root of some partition. Then MPSigStub.exe will try to execute some DLLs in Windows\System32\. These executions are a little boring when I only want to test some anti-exe programs. That is why I hope to disable windows defender.

Thank you.

A:How to disable Windows Defender in Win7 when the "Tools" button is inactive?

Stop and disable WD service.

Start/Stop Windows Defender service in Windows 7 from Services, Regedit or CMD

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I've gotten this message at various points when installing certain software. No more than anyone else, I expect. The thing is I don't care that the software hasn't passed Windows' super secret test. This has never stopped me from installing software. I know Microsoft wants to protect me from myself, but I really don't think they know best. So is there a way to blanket disable this message for everything?

A:Can I disable the "software has not passed Windows Logo testing" message?

CaptainSiberia said:

I've gotten this message at various points when installing certain software. No more than anyone else, I expect. The thing is I don't care that the software hasn't passed Windows' super secret test. This has never stopped me from installing software. I know Microsoft wants to protect me from myself, but I really don't think they know best. So is there a way to blanket disable this message for everything?Click to expand...
If you're talking about the software that comes with hardware, you can turn that off in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Driver Signing by ticking "Ignore". I've never seen any other software warnings but then my software requirements are pretty conservative.

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OS: Win7 64-bit

Problem: whenever I right-click to copy something (e.g., in Word or Excel), the computer makes a loud ringing "DING" sound, like the sound that accompanies the "idea lightbulb" going off over someone's head in a cartoon.

The sound is coming over the outboard stereo speakers, NOT the motherboard "beep" sound from inside the computer case. This "windows ding" noise is clearly audible over whatever else might be playing through the speakers (like music).

I'm copying and pasting hundreds of items to verify data, and the DINGING sound is more than a little aggravating. How can I turn this feature OFF?

Already tried:
Control panel > Sound > Sounds Tab > highlight "default beep" > select "none" for sound from drop-down list > click "Apply"

This may have done something (or not?), but it did NOT stop the windows "DING" from sounding through the speakers every time I cut or copy something.

Thank you for any assistance,

A:How do I disable the Windows "DING" sound when copy/paste or cutting?

You could try going to Control Panel - Personalization - Sounds and set the sound Scheme as None or manually go through each sound and selecting None, then Enable and so on to find out which one it is (in theory it is Move Menu Item or Start Navigation but I can not approve).

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I have a laptop with a USB 1.1 sockets only running Windows XP SP2.

Whenever I plug-in my USB flash drive or wireless card (both of which are USB 2.0 devices), I get the annoying ballon/message pop up stating "This Device Can Perform Faster" (if plugged into a USB 2.0 port etc).

Both devices work fine at 1.1 speeds, and I don't want to be reminded of the fact that I only have a 1.1 socket every time I plug the bl**dy thing in!

Is there any way of making a registry entry/edit or some other way to stop this popping up? I've found plenty of info on how to turn pop-up ballons/messages off altogether, but I only really want to stop this one.

If anyone knows, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

PS: I've searched on TechNet but that only returns the usual un-related crap.

A:Disable the "This Device Can Perform Faster" balloon/message in Windows XP SP2

In Device Manager, click on the USB host controller, click the Advanced tab and then check the box on the bottom of the window that says "Don't tell me about USB errors." I think you need to do this for each USB controller listed under USB in Device Manager so that the error message will not appear no matter which controller the device gets plugged into.


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How do I disable "delete browsing history" in Windows 7 Home Premium? it is my understanding that i have to edit my registry as Windows 7 HP does not have a Group Policy Editor. There was a tutortial that included a download to disable InPrivate Browsing that worked like a champ - Does anyone know how to edit the registry to disable Delete Browsing History?

A:Disable "Delete Browsing History" in Windows 7 Home Premium

Click on Start orb, type Regedit, right click on the result and select "Run as admin". Navigate to the following key.

Internet Explorer Delete Browsing History - Enable or Disable Access

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel

In the right pane, create a DWORD value named DisableDeleteBrowsingHistory, set its value to 1.

(That sets it for the currently logged on User)

If you set it similarly in the key

HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel

that sets it for all Users.

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I know that there are versions of Win7 that have this as an option, but is it possible to disable Fast User Switching in the Home Premium version?

Specifically, Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1


A:Disable "Fast User Switching" in Windows 7 Home Premium


If the correct section doesn't appear, scroll down to
"How to disable Fast User Switching in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista".


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I'm running a program that checks for broken links on domain pages, its called xenu.

I can't ever get it to run to 100% because every 5 minutes Im prompted to fill in the user/pass in boxes like this---> Screenshot by Lightshot

I disabled the credentials manager here--> Screenshot by Lightshot
Do you think I need to restart the comp to take action? Id rather not atm :l

I disabled the windows security for the time being here--> Screenshot by Lightshot

Yet it continues to popup, pausing my scanning in the mean time, arggg

How do I turn off that user/pass prompt?--> Screenshot by Lightshot

A:How can I disable this dumb "windows security" credentials prompts?

What happens if you enter your user name and password when it pops up then tick Remember My Credentials. What antivirus are you using and have you tried disabling the security center service if you're using a 3rd party AV and firewall

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I have my Toshiba laptop set to turn off the screen while it downloads overnight. Every morning, I find the same problem: the computer has completely locked up with no pointer. I can't do anything, so I have to press and hold the power button to restart the machine. On restarting, the computer gives me the standard "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" error. Yes, I know. Windows doesn't need to tell me this. I know there was an unexpected shutdown because I shut it down, unexpectedly.

I'm not interested in fixing the problem. I've tried, and nothing I do helps. What I want is to simply eliminate the error message. Is there a way to get Windows 7 to stop telling me what I already know? It's very annoying.

A:Disable "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" message

I figured it out. Tell Windows to quit whining. Go into the Group Policy Editor. Under "Computer Configuration," select "All Settings". Scroll down until you will find an entry labeled "Turn off Windows Error Reporting". Right click on it and select "Edit". Tick "Enabled'. This turns off Windows error reporting.

It doesn't fix the improper shutdown issue, but it's good enough for me and the girls I go out with.

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Is there some way to stop Windows telling me that the performance is slow?

I get this message: "Windows has detected that your computer's performance is slow", with the option to change to basic theme, or keep the existing. But even when i select to keep it, it still keeps nagging me.

What's even more frustrating, is that the computer runs perfectly fine.

This happens in two cases:

1. I view video in VLC on my secondary monitor (uses 3% CPU, 3GB RAM free...)
2. I run a virtual PC via VMWare (uses 2GB RAM and some CPU, but PC still runs perfectly).

There must be some way to disable this nagging? It's obviously not working like intended (since performance is not slow at all).

A:Disable "Windows has detected slow performance" nagging

You might want to go to Start-Run-Msconfig (type in if needed), then Startup. Go down the list of programs that start up upon boot. Many of those programs on the list can be unchecked. Obvious ones include programs related to Real Player, QuickTime, DVD burner programs,Nvidia,ATI, etc. Uncheck those and reboot.

Also, as a test, disconnect all periphials except your mouse and keyboard and see if the notification occurs.
And as always, run a malware program. Update video drivers.

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i what to know about a way to disable and enable the "use visual styles on windows and buttons" option by a command..

i want to do that every time i run a game..
it is improvs the performance significantly in games and especially in Emulators..

thanks for helpers!

A:disable "use visual styles on windows and buttons" through a command?

Well, you could always use this tutorial (Option two), but it requires log off (or I suspect, the restart of explorer.exe)
Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons - Turn On or Off

Also, you could apply Classic theme directly before doing your thing.
And then apply Aero theme after.

Two script files are included.

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hey guys.

i like to know how to force the computer to shutdown when i click " shutdown".

after i got windows 7 every time i try to shutdown the computer it will tell me
" there are programs still running in the background" and you can either choose
" Force shutdown" or " cancel "

i want it to choose " force shutdown" automatic and to be able shut it down without the message popping up and just shutdown.

i have a program that shutdown always @ 4 am it will always stuck on the windows shutdown confirm , and i watch hulu videos in firefox, and at 4 am which i am sleeping , the message will be " firefox is still running " do you want to " force shutdown" or " Cancel" . i'l see that in the morning

A:disable " Force Shutdown" confirm in windows ultimate

Open a CMD Prompt and type: shutdown /f /s /t 0 that should do it, or use the shut down shortcut below.

Shut Down Computer Shortcut - Create

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I have three computers running Windows 7 Pro 64.  All homegroups and connections worked fine until recently (system update?).  Now the "Main" computer cannot be accessd from the other two without asking for network name and password. (I never made
one from the beginning!).  The two computers cannot "see" USB printer on Main computer, and when browsing for printers on theother computers, the request for Network Name and Password comes up......also my new Samsung HD TV cannot "see" my Main computer
(wired connection), but it can see the other two computers fine (one wired, one wireless access point).
I have read lots of forum responses, but I have found nothing that works.  I have checked all the boxes, including the one for "turn off password" in advanced options for homegroups, also, "allow windows to manage homegroups".....everything that
was mentioned in previous forums....
?gpedit.msc?, local policies/security options, administrative tools....all these options given, DO NOT exist on my Windows 7 computer, even though they are printed under Windows 7 forum.....hmmmmmm.  Even under User Accounts, it is suggested to
click Manage Network Password (don't remember the exact term), but it doesn't exist either (maybe in XP or Vista?)...........
I have seen some suggestions to turn off secuiry settings or password, and others, but no mention of the steps to do so.
As I sta... Read more

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I am running Windows 8 64 bit

Apparently I scanned my system using full system scan (AVAST) and left my computer on thinking it would take for many hours. When I came back, my computer automatically shutdown because it was left standby for about 4 hours. I don't know if the scan was finished. When I try to boot, the screen gets stuck on "please wait" screen or "configuring windows. Do not turn off your computer".

I already tried going to System Recovery Options screen, then going to Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, but I tried everything there and still the issue persists even when I tried to boot in safe mode. I tried going to command prompt, and type sfc/ scannow but it says it can't scan right now. I also tried chkdsk / R but it says the same. I don't know how to run cmd as administrator from the System Recovery Options.

So now I tried to use system restore but I am stuck to the windows logo for about 1 and half hour. I don't know if I should wait for this or it is already stuck. In other forums I read, they used system restore with only the "C:" disk group connected. Should I also do this?

I am thinking to remove AVAST or somehow disable it.

Please help me.

A:[SOLVED] Stuck on &quot;Please wait&quot; screen or &quot;Configuring windows. Do not turn off your

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you have your Windows 8 CD?

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Recently, my company started working with a company where they wanted to redirect from an internal Intranet Kiosk site to a publicly available application site. The site apparently (due to lack of something) does NOT have the ability to remove any File Upload
links when coming from the Kiosk URL.  The Kiosk computers are running Windows 7 Pro with various GPOs and registry keys locking them down to using Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode replacing the explorer.exe on the user account. The problem is we have
not been able to find a way to Disable "Choose File to Upload" dialogs in Internet Explorer 11. This seems like it should be a pretty straight forward option as you can disable File Downloads using GPOs but apparently disabling File Uploads isn't
something commonly done. 
A number of blocks are in place, but there is always the fun the user could have of uploading files by using their Environmental Variables (Example: %WINDIR%\win.ini) that we would like to avoid.  In fact, I'd like to avoid any dialog to avoid any issues
with seeing Libraries or Desktop folder paths.
Given Kiosk Mode for Internet Explorer has been an age old feature, I'm amazed disabling "File Upload" isn't some default option when you set in Kiosk Mode.
Please assist!  Thanks!

"Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do." Magic: The Gathering

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I have a problem. Always I boot up I get this message:

I know that and I don't want to get this message each time I boot ...
Does anyone know how to disable this message?

A:How to Disable "Windows Defender Disabled" Message?

Hello MPREv,

What happens when you click on the click here to turn it on link in the message?

See also:

Windows Defender - Turn On or Off


Windows Defender Real-Time Protection - Turn On or Off

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I looked all over the net but couldn't find a single solution.
My windows 8.1 license will expire in next month and that's fine by me. the thing I don't want is that annoying pop-up alert everytime i start my PC.

A:disable "your windows license will expires soon" alert

This will disappear as soon as you activate it.
Do you have a valid key?

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I am using Windows 8.1 pre-installed on a new laptop used mostly for business, and use a mouse, keyboard and graphics tablet. I find that frequently a "Windows Accessories" app Windows Journal for note-taking and handwriting conversion opens a new file for no apparent reason. I have had as many as 20 empty windows start) and want to disable this but can't find away to.

When showing apps as tiles, there is no "uninstall" option for Windows category items (Accessories, Ease of Access, system) as far as I can see.

In Control Panel / Programs & Features/ there is no Windows Accessories Item.

In the Settings/PC settings/Search and Apps/App sizes only a couple of these "Accessories" are shown (e.g. Calculator and sound Recorder) but most others including Journal aren't.

Is there any other way to disable or remove this app?


A:How to disable or uninstall Windows 8.1 "Accessories" apps

What do you see when you right click the app/tile? Can you post a screen shot of the app/tile your talking about?

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I'd like to remove the ability to open or activate "task view" at all times.
I'm not asking for how to remove the icon from the task bar.
I'm wondering how to disable it from windows 10 entirely.

I find it very distracting how "task view" opens after you resize a window by dragging the window to an edge. At that point, the "left over part of the screen" fills up with task view, which is not wanted at all in my work environment.

Thank-you. I hope this Q makes sense.

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Hi all,

So I'm kind of stuck.. I currently have the problem where I am in an endless cycle of "loading files" -> "Windows Boot Manager" (see: How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 (The Easy Way)).
I have tried to load all of the options -- and none successfully load.
I also end up at a OneKey Recovery as well.. unfortunately, the laptop does not have initial backup or user backup images.
I have a Windows 8 CD for repairing purposes.. however, I cannot load the BIOS/UEFI to change the boot order to load the optical drives first. I have also tried to remove the CMOS battery to fix it.. did not work. .
Also - Windows Boot Manager:
Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] -- does not load properly (leads to OneKey Recovery) Safe Mode (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Networking (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Command Prompt (doesn't load - tries to boot and load all files onto partition that is too small.. can't change partition?)
Enable Boot Logging Enable Low-Resolution Video Debugging MOde Disable automatic restart on system failure Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Display Early Launch Anti-Malware Driver
Start Windows Normally
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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When I plugin an external USB hard disc or USB stick it appears that Windows 7 pops up a dialog window asking me:

"Do you want to scan and fix removable disc?"

After reading a while in Internet I saw two methods for disabling these popups:

1.) Disabling service "Shell Hardware detection"

2.) enabling "Turn off Autoplay" in gpedit.msc

Whats the difference?

I want be sure that if I plugin a new USB device (like an USB stick or USB printer or USB hard disc) this USB hardware IS successfuly detected and joined by Windows 7.

So I can imagine that the first method is too brutal because it prevents inclusion of new USB devices

Is this correct?

If yes: Why is it recommended so often for avoiding the popup?


A:Disable popup "Do you want to scan and fix remov.device""? 2 methods?

You get that message because Windows detects something wrong with the file system on the device. This can happen if the device was unplugged without "Safely Removing Hardware", and a transfer was not complete.

The methods you mention just mask the problem.

You can let Windows scan and fix the drive, choose: fix file system errors.
or, do a full format on the drive, not the quick format.
Or, run Chkdsk /f X: manually, X = the problem drive letter, you may have to run it more than once.

It is always a good idea to move all data off the drive first, then copy it back after the fix is complete. This also fixes bad file problems that can contribute to the error.

The drive probably has it's "Dirty Bit" set. This is a single Hex value that tells Windows the file system is no good. Chkdsk and formatting will often reset the dirty bit, but sometimes not on the first attempt.

To see if the dirty bit is set:
Open a command prompt > Start > type: cmd > right-click on Command Prompt and choose “Run as administrator”
and then type:
fsutil dirty query x:
(substitute the letter "x" with the drive letter that is giving you problems)

If the dirty bit is set you will get a message that "Volume X is DIRTY".

Keep running chkdsk /r , or chkdsk /f /r until the dirty bit clears.

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