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Print colors are wrong after XP upgrade for Epson Stylus 880

Q: Print colors are wrong after XP upgrade for Epson Stylus 880

Hi! I hope you can help with the following problem.

I recently upgraded to Windows XP from ME last month.

This week I attempted to print some digital photos on my Epson Stylus 880 printer for the first time since the upgrade and found that the colors are totally messed up.

All of the pics print with a definite GREEN tone to them. RED comes out bright YELLOW. I found out this happens when printing anything in any program; not just pictures.

I uninstalled the printer and the print drivers. And then re-installed using the XP drivers from Epson's website.

I have messed around with choosing different color settings with no effect.

The only other program I have installed after the XP upgrade is Adobe Photoshop 7.

This one has me stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Preferred Solution: Print colors are wrong after XP upgrade for Epson Stylus 880

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Print colors are wrong after XP upgrade for Epson Stylus 880

Two things to check on (1) clean the printer heads
(2) Ink levels are low

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Every time I change the black ink cartridge, the thing will not print. It's like the printer head is not touching the paper at all. It does go through the motion but prints blank. Or if I finally get it to work, It shows the brand new cartridge to be half empty and runs out after a few prints. But the color cartridges remain normal. This thing cost me $30 a pop as the black ink cost more than the color. I run the utility program: clean head, adjust etc... Does not work. On line support is very dopey. you click on Epson C64, it shows drivers for all kind of printers but not this one.
Does anyone know what's going on?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

A:My epson stylus c64 wont print

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Hi dear knowledgeable folks,

Well, here's what has happened. A few days ago, my printer suddenly wouldn't print and it, as well as my computer then froze up. I had to reboot in Safe Mode. I have an eMachine and run Windows 98. Anyway, I have run and rerun the printer utilities, head cleaning, etc. The test program will print out fine, (in color)but that's all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, including the driver. Now, when I try to print something, it shows that the printer is doing so, but the page comes out completely white. I am a technically challenged grandmother and have no idea what to do next. This printer has been perfect up until now. I've had it since January, 2000 with pretty light usage.

If anybody has any ideas, I'll surely appreciate them.

Thank you a bunch in advance.


A:Epson Stylus Color 740 won't print

My friend had a problem where it appeared to be printing (also an Epson) and a blank paper came out.
The solution for him was to change the field where you tell it what kind of paper you are printing on. We moved down the list of choices and it started to put ink on the paper.

The setting that always worked fine before just stopped working.

I hope something this simple also solves your problem

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My Epson 960 has 6 cartridges. It set without being used for a couple weeks (it has been longer in the past and worked fine) and now won't print. I used the "clean head" button several times, only 3 of the cartridges will print and they only print about 50% on the "check nozzle" button. What would make all of them dry out at once? A couple of the cartridges were new at the last printing. I have always used official Epson cartridges if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any input.

A:Epson Stylus Photo 960 won't print

Sorry for any inconvenience. After posting here, I went to the Epson site and found a troubleshooting area for my printer. I had printed an envelope a few days ago and forgot to set the lever back to paper and this seemed to be causing my problem.

Thanks anyway.

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My Epson Stylus color 740 suddenly stopped printing even though it goes thru the motions of printing and even of jet cleaning, but no image. The cartridges are nearly full.
I went thru the Windows XP pro troubleshooting prompts for printer and for usb ports.to no avail. control panel hardware and system listing shows "normal operation".
I deleted the printer out of hardware and let XP detect it and re-install driver (as recommended by epson).
No results.
Is there a reset within the printer to turn on the jet command? Or is there some command that can be sent to the printer to activate the jets? The printer displays no blinking lights.
I have not gotten a response from Epson so here I am.
Thanks for any help.

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I changed the black cartridge in my printer and now I get incomplete text (faint and only top half of text). I've tried everything the manual says - and some. Any ideas please?

A:Epson Stylus 660 Colour won't print!

It may end being just a defective cartridge, however you could try these things:
1) Remove cartridge inspect contacts for residue from covering material. Take Swab (q-tip) and alcohol clean contacts thoroughly.
2) Clean contacts on printer same way.
3) Make sure dust and/or coagulated ink is not present on ink nozzles.
4) Reseat cartridge and run printer utility to clean nozzles and run calibration/test page.
If all the above fails return the cartridge as defective and get a new Epson cartridge for your printer.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 2020M @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6023 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 714424 MB, Free - 549641 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

06/03/14 17:45
In my local C drive all that is shown are DVD rw drive(D, BD-Rom Drive
To the left of the C Drive is the word Folders with number 6 by it. Under Folders are Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos

There is not a USB in there. I have done so many searches for USB but nothing that will put a USB in there. I have two USBs I need to use.

A man in Largo said he could help me and in one sense he did as when I would reboot all I would get is safe mode. I can get on line now and into my email. Be he cannot seem to fix the USB problem. Told me he was a ITT professional and out of work for a year. He is not good in calling back. He did call me two days ago and said he was searching for the problem and would call the next day but did not. Can any of y’all help me?
Also, he messed up my Epson Stylus NX 430 printer, as it will not print. It need a driver. Have done many searches but cannot find one. Went to Device Manager and it says it is okay but it is not. If I go to Control Panel and delete it, reboot, will it come back?
This Toshiba laptop has been in a computer ... Read more

A:NO USB -Epson Stylus NX 430 printer, as it will not print

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I buy after MARKET inks instead of Epson as it is too expensive. In the past Epson would come up with message they didn't recognize the ink as theirs BUT said I could click and use what I had anyway.

Now it doesn't have that option and the red light flashes and won't let me print with my after MARKET inks I've been using for years.

Does anyone know how I can correct this and use the ink I have?

A:Epson Stylus CX3810 won't print

I have read that some printers might be programed to start having problems after it reaches its printing limits set by the factory. You might want to see if you can find a disc on ebay with the drivers to reset your printer.
Maybe the cartridges might be defective too.

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I am trying to set up an Epson Stylus C88+ printer with a new laptop that has Windows 8.1 (64-bit). The Epson site said that if the install doesn't happen automatically, then do the manual install. I had to do the manual install. The install seemed to go well. I chose to not have it on a network and chose the generic Epson Stylus C88 driver. What I found strange was that the port selection section did not have USB, only things like LPT1. The printer is hooked up via one of the USB ports. I chose LPT1.

After adding the printer, the Devices and Printers page under control panel shows the printer installed and has set it as a default. When I try to print a test page, an error occurs (no real info) and the document is stuck in the printer queue which I clear. I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer but am having the same results. I cycled power on the laptop. I unhooked the printer from the computer and did a test page on the printer as a stand alone device (hold certain buttons on power up) and that test page looks fine. I'm not sure what to do next. Thanks for any help.

A:Can't get Epson Stylus C88+ to print under Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Try manually installing using the driver from the Epson website.

Also, LPT1 is the common designation for a parallel port. So that's why it's not printing.

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last night, I posted a new post, same tittle, and 24 hours later, it is not here. So here's a repost:
Everytime I reinstall a black ink cartridge, it does not work. After fiddling with the utility, ie.
the head cleaner, adjust test page etc... Seems like the head is not reaching down to the paper. The thing is after performing all the cleaning and the trouble shooting, the cartridge shows the ink is going down. Now it's at 3/4 ink left without printing a single page. Windows does see the printer and send the print job to it. The printer in turn goes through the motion, but the paper comes out blank.
I am running Windows XP. Can anyone please help with this matter
Thanks in advance for any response.


A:2: my epson stylus c64 wont print

Hopefully this link will take you to your original post. I clicked on your name which gave me the option of viewing all your posts.

hope this helps?

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I have reinstalled my printer and driver, but I continue to be unable to print. I keep getting error message that says:
"epspmgr4 has caused an error in ESPSMGR4.EXE. espsmgr4 will now close."
Suggestions? Please help!!!!!

A:Epson Stylus Error, Can't Print?

Go here and download this utility for Epson Printers.

I have used this on a couple of Epson printers. On one occasion I had an Epson C20UX which stopped working shortly after I replaced the cartridges, Epson Cartridges not compatible. The printer was left in the box for almost a year until I came across this utility. I just started the program and reset everything I could.
One thing I noticed about Epson is that inside there is a small pad which soaks up any ink left in the nozzles after printing. Once this pad soaks up a certain amount of ink the printer stops working. It seems Epson don't tell anyone this so they will either have to leave it in to get fixed or they will buy a new printer.
Try it and see if it helps.

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The printer gets the message to print but then nothing comes out on paper. I've tried cleaning the nozzles, but still no change. The ink cartridges are all brand new. DO I need to manually clean something and how? Thx

A:Epson Stylus CX4600 Won't Print

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I run Windows 7 (64 bit) on an ASUS laptop and have recently bought (2nd hand) an Epson Stylus D 78 for simple printing needs. . I have downloaded the appropriate drive (Windows 7 64 bit) from the EPSON web site but while the printer chugs away and goes through the full motions of printing, the pages come out completely blank . I have cleaned the heads a number of times but am still unable to get it to print even a checking pattern . Since purchase I have inserted a new black ink cartridge ( the other colours seem OK ) so would expect that some impression would appear .
Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether it is a driver issue or whether I should consider physically checking the printer head to ensure that the nozzles are not blocked.

A:EPSON Stylus D 78 printer wont print

i suspect the other colours maynot be OK
But you should be able to do a clean and a head alignment from the printer - see if that prints out correctly

did you see the printer working before you purchased

also a lot of printers and particularly epsom, do often use the colour to print out just black text -

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Re: OS Windows 98/SE

Hi Tech Guys,
I've called tech support and all they offer is run "Head Cleaning" in utilities for my printer. At first it worked but now the more I run the head cleaning the less its printing. I've checked the level of ink remaining as well. Everythings full.
I've bought a "Cartridge & Printhead Cleaner" but what part is the print heads in the following statement: "Allow print heads to soak in the Cartridge & Printhead Cleaner to refresh the print nozzles and help restore print quality"?
At one point it states to fill syringe with 2 ml. of the cleaner and squirt the print head over the sink....I'm thinking this is not something you can do with the printer itself put the ink cartridge and if deductive reasoning prevails I'm also thinking its the part that the ink comes out of, at the bottom.
Help me for please...

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Ok, heres the deal... I am all out of blue, magenta, and yellow color ink, but just recently i bought a black cartridge becuase most of what I use is black and not color. So tonight i wanted to print a document and all these notifications keep popping up telling me that i have no color ink.

Is there a way to force my printer to print this document with just black ink in there?

ive tried removing the cartidges... same deal happens.

I click "OK" and nothing happens...

I mean.. if this pritner requires me to buy more ink, im going to be furious becuase that is a cheap way to make money.

A:Epson Stylus CX4800 Series - Cannot print with just black cartidge

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I just recently just bought a black ink cartirage but, it just prints out colored pages. Also, when i run a nozzle check, it just prints out the colored parts,not the black ink part. If anyone could help me out i'd greatly appreciate it.

THank you!

A:Epson stylus c44ux "can't print out black ink"

Could you have maybe not inserted the cartridge correctly or securely so that you printer can recognize its there. Also, double check to make sure your cartridge is the right number to be compatible with your printer.

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It's one year old, it is working fine for a while but it always create print roster for a lot of pages when the computer turned on and keep on pumping more and more.

2nd problem is that it has not been used for a year so now the print does not have any color. I did replace with new ink cartridge and kept on cleaing the nozzle so many times, it still print blank on black, a little line on color. Wasted $150 on new ink cartridge, 1st one ink was out in 2 minutes.

Any help will be appreciated.

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I had 4 pc's connected to a switch box to use one epson stylus 800 printer and it worked fine. It finally died so I got an epson stylus color 900 and connected it to the switch box. Now, whenever I switch between pc's the printer says its 'out of paper' and only after I shut it off and unplug and replug it, will it print on the next pc....any ideas?

A:epson stylus 900

have you tried contacting epson to see what they say?

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There seem to be two different black ink cartridges available for the 800:
SO 20108
SO 20025.
What might be the difference betwwen them?
Which might be better for graphics printing?

A:Ink for Epson stylus 800

Epson website shows only the SO 20025 works with the 800, so I would go with that one. click here

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Just been given an Epson Stylus D68 but can't get it to work on Vista! Seems like a drivers problem. Any help or advice most gratefully received. Thanks

A:Epson Stylus D68

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Hi using an Epson printer NX 400 with my vista home premium pc and was wondering how to get the printer to use black only for text printing and then when my color inks are empty how do i use black ink only ?

And how do i use the quiet mode in the fastest speed or is that mode for next to fastest ? Amazing how noisy the fastest speed very shocking can anything be done to get it quiet ! ? - thanks . .

A:Epson Stylus NX 400

This is a lesson that the people who are making printers are in the money business and selling printers is just a means to that end. I, too, have an Epson, a Stylus Color 960. You cannot print black unless all colors are sufficiently full to print full color, whether you need color or not.

I contacted Epson years ago about this and that was their answer.

Quiet mode has always been slower on all the printers I've seen.

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I cant reinstall my printer onto my system using instalation discs. I have a software disc but i am asked to also install disc 2. to my knowladge there is only 1 disc what do i do to reinstall my printer please.

A:Epson stylus 460

Ive tried getting info from epson and it seems that its my system that has a problem because when i try to install my printer i get the message ' a usable port for this printer cannot be found' flashes up. what can you suggest i do now?

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Hi...........does anyone know how to factory reset an epson stylus 880 printer.


A:Epson Stylus 880

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I have a Epson Stylus C80 that when I print a text document, every 5th line has broken or faded text. I have replaced the printer cartridge, but it seems to be getting worse.
Any suggestions?

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Trying to print XL spreadsheet. When I set up the page, the printer changes it. It makes it's own page breaks. It has printed up in the left hand corner in font size too small to read....
Any ideas?



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Will the Epson C46 printer (USB) run on Win XP without the installation CD (the person I'm helping has mislaid it).
My HP3300C scanner runs on XP using the operating system's drivers and was wondering
if printers can run in the same way.
Any help would be appreciated,

A:Epson Stylus C46 + Win XP

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I was using XP earlier but got a laptop with windows 8,my printer is a EPSON STYLUS C45 and the drivers that have been released for it is only up to XP ,is there anything i could do?

A:No drivers for my epson stylus c45?

Win8 doesn't include drivers that will support it?

There are entries at the Microsoft Update Catalog that are supposed to be compatible:

Microsoft Update Catalog

but they are from 2006 (before Vista was released).

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Just tried to install the drivers for the Epson Stylus C62 printer on a Win 98 machine and everything has gone crazy!!!

There is both a Centronics port and a USB prot on the printer. We followed the manufacturers installation instructions but no joy. Strange results indeed - when attempting to print the google home page, justthe top half of the google logo was printed, then on another sheet, the bottom 10% of the google page was printed.

We tried several installations but didn't manage to get anywhere. So, we then tried to revert back to the HP printer which worked fine before the Epson Stylus installation. Now we seem to be getting the same results with this printer as with the Epson!!

Has anyone experienced this type of error using this printer on '98 before ....

Thanks ....


A:Epson Stylus C62 - any problems ???


I don't know if this will apply to your situation.
I use epson printer and it worked fine. At some point, however, it started print my photos like your printer does. Into two pages.

I searched many sites and forum for the fix, but no luck.
Then Epson tech came up with this and fixed the problem.

What I did was, Opened up device manager and chose printer port, and then property. Update Driver from the driver tab, next, "display a list...", next, show all hardware, highlite (standard port type) on the left and "Printer Port" on the right.
Followed the instruction and the problem was gone.

I asked the Epson Tech why but he couldn't explain.

I hope this will work for you.


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it turns on when I power up. But it won't print anything. I get the "off line" message. I put in a new cartridge (often the cause of "offline") and no change. i have reinstalled driver. At what point do you just chuck one of these. I am an old guy with a strong ecological sense and hate to go along with obsolence and buy something new that will demand energy and raw materials so that my old one goes to contaminate a landfill somewhere just because I am too dumb to get it to work.

Hope you can help


A:epson stylus color 400

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i have been looking for epson stylus c50 driver (winXP)...

the official site
onli has drivers for win98 & win2k.

any1 know which site has this driver ?? thanks

A:epson stylus c50 driver


The one for Windows 2000 should be fine on that link you gave.

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I just purchased a epson stylus 780 printer. I have tried everything I can think of but I can't get it to print. My computer gives to a message that says - there was an error writing to LPT1 for the printer Epson Stylus Photo 780, there was a problem printing to he port.
I have done just like the directions say to do, over and over.
My computer is a HP Pavilion 8290.
Let me know if you need any other information.
[email protected]

A:Epson Stylus 780 printer

Only thing I can think of is enter your bios setup and make sure the printer port is set to bidirectional, ecp, or epp and try it. It maybe a communication problem being that the printer needs two way comm and isn't getting it.

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Hello Tech Support People! I own an Epson Stylus C64 Printer and have questions concerning an inkjet refill kit. The printer has 4 cartridges and I filled them appropriately, refilling black, magenta, cyan and yellow. (A few months ago I had a Lexmark and I had no problems with the refill kit and it printed beautifully) I was instructed to clean the cartridge heads 3 times before use, but it won't let me. The ink level message restates what it said before the refill, that the cartridges are empty. A new message says buy it online... blah, blah, blah.... so this is far as I can get with my attempt. Since the machine thinks it has no ink, it won't let me print. I figure this is an attempt by Epson to force an owner to buy their products at the much higher rate , but the kit says it will work on ANY and ALL PRINTERS. Would appreciate any input and information from you guys! THANKS NAN

A:Epson Stylus C64 Printer

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(help me please! i'm desperate! i was using my friend's epson stylus color 400 and when i was trying to print the paper got jammed. i was not able to feed it with the manual feed button so i pulled it back out. a corner of the paper ripped and got stuck inside. usually i'm really good at unjamming paper but i can't see it. i tried opening the cover but the paper is no where to be seen. someone please help me, i feel so bad! i tried the <a href="http://www.epson.com">epson.com</a> website but it simply advises you to carefully remove the jammed paper. = \)

A:(epson stylus 400 paper jam)

Try some canned air, but don't hold it too close......

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[COLOUR=Navy]xxx[/COLOUR] can anyone help m wi had my printer ofver 12 moth now easily but dont use it too often i went to use it the other day and i got a messege up saying that the parts in my printer had past their life expectancy, man that sounds bad, anyways i was told that i could download a fix of some kind to sort it out, does anyone have any suggestions, it would be well appriciated. thanx fretti

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I don't usually see printer questions on these forums, but hopefully I can post them.

Firstly, I am fed up with the speed at which my printer seems to be using ink. It seems to run out unbelievably fast, and i've read somewhere that the Epson Status Monitor tells the user it's out of ink, when in fact there is at least 25% still remaining. I agree with this. Is there a work around to this problem, or maybe an alternative to the Epson Status Monitor?

Also, I am thinking about buying some new inks, but I feel it would be better to purchase them online rather than in stores, because of the huge price difference. I am thinking of purchasing from www.bigink.co.uk , but I am unsure on what the quality is like, because as far as i'm aware they are not official cartridges. Has anyone had any success with cartridges that arn't branded by Epson?

I am also stuck to decide whether I should buy a pack of 4 sets of cartridges (all colours obviously) from here http://www.bigink.co.uk/products.php?arg[productid]=142&name=Epson+compatible.+Pack+of+4+sets.

or, a pack of two sets of high capacity cartridges from here http://www.prink.co.uk/ink-cartridges/pages/epsonc84photo.htm

I don't know how much ink in ml is in the basic Epson cartridges, so I can't work out which would be the better option. Can anyone help me here?

Anyway, any help is appreciated for all my questions!

A:Several questions regarding my Epson Stylus c84

You can go through the ink cartridge replacement thing through epson status monitor and just pop your old ones out and put them back in, that sometimes tricks it into thinking there is still more left in the cartridge. It works most of the time for me, but you do run out for real shortly after.

As far as buying cheap ink, I've ordered a lot of cheap ink from www.tylermartin.com for various epson printers. They are great for printing out stuff for yourself or papers to turn in if you are a student. I would not recommend them for photos, the color is usually fine but the problem arises over time - the ink fades in color, espically in sunlight, much more so than Epson branded ink. Perhaps the kind you are looking at won't do that, but if it smells like rubbing alcohol when it comes out of the printer I wouldn't use it for photos.

I can't answer the cartridge capacity part.

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When I click File-Print the printer dialog box that comes up is fine. However, when I click the printer properties button the dialog box that comes up is cut off on the right side not allowing me to see or use the "advance" button or the number of copies square. I have tried various resolution and pixel settings with no effect. The box gets bigger but the content is still cut off on the right side and there is just a wider clear margin to the right of the box. I have uninstalled the printer and then reinstalled. No effect. Ran anti-virus, anti-malware and spyware programs. Downloaded the latest drivers. It is apparently something missing in the Epson program because I have a Canon Selphy D5700 printer installed and a fax printer and the dialog boxes for them are OK.

A:Epson Stylus C84 Printer

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I have been happily using this machine for some years with no problems but yesterday I tried to print a CD label and it failed to work.
The ink and paper feed lights are both flashing red and the "On" light is not lit. The status monitor reports "General fault" The notes and instructions that came with the machine are not very helpful.
When switched on the machine goes through its usual actions of checking the ink flow and the carriage moves across the platen then the warning lights come on.
Searching on the net I found one article which stated the printer had an internal counter which made the machine inoperable when a certain number of sheets had been printed, requiring servicing and resetting of the counter by an Epsom repair shop. The writer of the article also offered for sale a CD with software to reset the counter. Could this have anything to do do with with this?
Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received.

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Hi. Hope you experts can puzzle out this one: my Epson Stylus 800 has been working happily for years, with 3 new computers. Now it doesn't know when it's out of black ink and neither nozzle check, head cleaning nor holding down black ink button 3 secs. and attempting to change will allow me to change the empty cartridge. Am I finally stuck with buying a new printer??? Thanks for any suggestions. Shoshana

A:Epson Stylus 800 gone nuts

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software? Also, have you gone to EpsonAmerica home site and checked to see if new drivers are available for your 800? Sometimes it is just a funny quirk that upsets the smooth operation. Try these suggestions and post back if they do or don't work. Gary

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I have a real problem. I have an Epson colour stylus 680 that was printing, connected via USB to a laptop using vista. I disconnected the USB cable for a while and now it refuses to print anything. Odd facts:
- The printer is installed again every time I connect the cable, (annoying)
- The PC detects the cable automatically, but still it doesn't print
- The print command is getting sent through, but isn't actually printing
- I have changed the ports various times and deleted printers, reinstalled them, and rebooted, etc, to no avail.

I have called Epson, who said it's better I talk to Microsoft, who then directed me to PCworld/Advent, and still I can't get the thing to work. Last time, the guy at Epson, by trial and error, I think, managed to get it working, but heaven knows how. Any help, however it comes, is extremely welcome. Thankyou

A:Epson stylus 680 not printing

Things I would try... not 100% bullet proof.

Uninstall the printer drivers and software, making sure no remnants still exists on your C:\ drive or Registry. Epson should have a Driver Sweeper or Uninstaller.

Download latest Vista x32 or x64 drivers for it... NO, Not the ones that came with the CD.

Go to Device Manager and Uninstall all USB Devices, making sure the Mouse or pointing device (if USB) is the last one you uninstall... it may take you a few tries. Once that is down, either reboot or "Scan for Hardware Changes" within the Device Manager options in Action (This is from XP, Vista may be different).

If nothing new exists as far as vista drivers, load the CD but do not use autoplay, instead, go to Explore and right click on the executable and "Run as Administrator" to see if that helps the issue.

Good Luck

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Recently upgraded to Win2K. I downloaded and installed the Win2k driver from Epson. While the printer icon appears in PRINT windows, and the activity light blinks when data is sent to the printer, nothing else happens-no output. What may be the problem?

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Hi- I've checked the LPT1 port, & have run all the troubleshooting diagnostics. The printer will not print even though it has all new ink cartridges properly installed. All ideas are welcome, please! The printer was working fine, before replacing the ink cartridge. It refuses to print a test page.


A:Epson Stylus C82- printer help?!

I just recently found out from Epson that even if your only printing with black ink, the color cartridge is still being used to "build" each character that's printed. So if you just replaced the black ink cartridge, thinking the color cartridge is full.. replace that one also. The printer will not work if the color cartridge is empty... or the printer thinks it's empty. If you did replace both cartridges, then obviously one of them is bad... the printer still sees one of them, or both, as empty.

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My printer (Epson Stylus Color 600) has now decided to only print black irregular horizontal lines, I am using Windows XP, tried all the utilities, nozzel/print head cleaning/alignment etc, after giving good results for quite a long time (in computer terms) is it time to replace this machine or can any suggest a remedy i might try ?

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I have purchased a Stylus color 860 that was a non printing unit for a good price. The previous owner stated that he had replaced the printhead per epson and then they told him that he needed to calibrate the printhead and he had no way so he sold it. It will feed and go through all the motions of printing but with no ink output on the paper. No errors noted. I have purchased the service repair manual but it mentions an Adjustment Program and I have found a web site that sells it but it looks like it went down before I could buy it. Anyone have any ideas.

A:Epson Stylus Color 860 Help

I think you probably bought a boat anchor. Hopefully you didn't pay too much for it.

You might have a read thru the owner's manual.


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This printer used to print photos from the scanner quite well. Recently I have been getting fine light colored horozontal lines across the entire print. I have run all of the utilities with no improvement. Any suggestions?

A:Epson color stylus 600

make sure your not using cheap(skate) ink..........i had the same problem with my 660........turns out they dont like budget ink cartridges.
you will need to run the cleaning utillity several times to purge the old(crappy)ink.
good luck

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I never could get this to work when I got this computer with XP. Is it destined for the junkheap since it is circa 2000 or so or might I find drivers for it?

A:Epson Stylus Photo 780

go to www.epson.com, they have drivers in the support section labeled for windows xp and 2000

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can anyone out there help me? I need to be able to change a full cartridge, but the printer wont move to the replacement position.
tried doing a nozzle clean etc but still can't get any colour printing at all
any ideas would be helpful

A:epson stylus 760 printer

I'm not familiar with the Epson Stylus 760, but most printers have an option in the properties to print with black ink only or print monochrome or greyscale only. Have you checked to make sure this option is not active?

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