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Dell Inspiron 15 5559 - No backlit keyboard...?

Q: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 - No backlit keyboard...?

Hey guys, I just had a Dell Inspiron 15 5559 delivered to me yesterday and I noticed there wasn't a backlit keyboard installed. At first, I thought it was just off, but after looking around this site and doing some research to first make sure I wasn't just not able to turn it on, I've arrived to this conclusion.
I've tried doing Fn + F10. I've tried Ctrl + F10. I've tried going to Mobility Center and changing multimedia/function key.I also have all my drivers updated and made completely sure everything was updated in case it was just a software issue. I also updated BIOS and went there and checked if I could change keyboard settings there; no luck.
The thing is, my laptop is the touch model and to the extent of my knowledge, all touch models are equipped with a backlit keyboard. So what's going on...? Do I have to pay out another $50 for a backlit keyboard?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 15 5559 - No backlit keyboard...?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I sent computer back for repairs now the keyboard does not light with touch or come on at startup. I tried to install enhancement package 2.2 as suggested but said remove newer version first. I can see it in progams to remove. They had to replace KWH3G - LCD and Accessory, KD4T9 - Cables and Cords, and94MFG - Daughterboard. The board works manually with Fn and F10. I changed Bios to 100% but only came on once. Computer just 5 months old!

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Hi all,
Just got an Inspiron 15-5559 Signature edition from the Microsoft store and I can't figure out how to turn off the keyboard backlight. I want to turn it off to save battery when it's not connected to AC.
I've tried pressing Fn+F10 as well as just F10 when FN is locked. I've installed Quickset and the backlight slider doesn't change the backlight levels at all. I've also went into BIOS and the backlight stays on even if I choose "Disabled".
Any ideas on how to turn it off? Thanks

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I recently bought a 7559 laptop from a Dell certified re seller of refurbished laptops. I didn't get the backlit version but i regret that now.

I see I can buy the backlit board on numerous sites, but im unsure if the connectors are  on my model ready for me to connect it to :(

Any ideas if my NON backlit model with accept a backlit board?

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Hi there!
My dell 5559 keyboard is not working as i accidently spilled some coke on it...
I got the keyboard replaced but the keyboard quality is very poor , i am having alot of trouble while typing.
i have another laptop Dell Inspiron 15-5542 , can i use the keyboard of Dell Inspiron 15-5542 as replacement for my Dell Inspiron 15-5559???
Thanks in advance

A:Dell Inspiron 15-5559 Keyboard Problem

What is the exact issue with the replacement keyboard? Where have you purchased the keyboard from?
The keyboard layout ideally depends on the system. So, if the 5542 and the 5559 have the same keyboard layout, then you could replace and use it accordingly.
The layout depends on the region and language as well. The # of keys on a standard US keyboard for 5559 is 101 keys. It will vary for the other language layouts.
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ 
You could order the right keyboard for your model here as well.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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The combination of keys Alt + PrtScr in not working to capture actived window screen in Windows 10.
I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S…; Reset bios default; Update bios; Install Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 again. But still get that issue
The PrtScr capture whole sreen is ok.
I have tried new Dell 5559 but still get the same problem.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559 keyboard issue

Please check if the fn key is working - Are you able to use the fn with other combinations on the keyboard?
Disable desktop composition and check if it works - http://bit.ly/1UIz9lp
Could you advise what is the procedure you followed in reinstalling the OS? What media are you using?
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Keep us updated.

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The combination of keys Alt + PrtScr in not working to capture active window screen in Windows 10.
I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S/....; reset bios default; update bios; install Windows 8.1 again and Windows 10 again but I still can't capture it.
The PrtScr key to capture whole screen is ok.
I have tried a new Dell 5999 but still get that issue.

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The light on Caps lock key stays on, it types randomly anything on its own without even touching the keyboard

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559 16 months old having problems with keyboard it types on it own!

Thank you for your message.Did this start after any Windows update or software changes like game installation?Has there been any liquid spillage on the notebook?Disconnect the power cord & remove the battery, press & hold down the power button for 30 seconds, this will release the static.Connect the battery & power cord back in & start the computer by tapping F2 to get into bios & check if the issue persists.For my reference, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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My laptop doesnt have a backlit keyboard....Can i install a backlit keyboard on my dell inspiron n5559? & Also can i use the backlit keyboard of dell n5555/n5558???
Processor-Intel core i3 6th gen
ram-8gb ddr3


My keyboard doesn't have backlit.....Can i install backlit keyboard on my dell inspiron 15 N5559????& Also does the backlit keyboard of N5555/N5558 will work on my laptop????
processor-INTEL CORE i3 6th gen

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Hi All,My Dell Inspiron 15 5567 just arrived today. I thought that it has a backlit keyboard but it says non-backlit keyboard when I saw the configuration.Is there any way that I will be able to have a backlit keyboard for my laptop?

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Hey!I ordered Dell Inspiron 5567 laptop from my local retailer and it did not have backlit keyboard. I have seen the same model with backlit keyboard in Dell's official page. So I was wondering that if I order new backlit keyboard from ebay is it possible to replace it. The main question is does every model of inspiron 5567 has a backlit keyboard connector. If it is possible, is there a manual how to do it?
Thanks in advance!

A:Replacing Dell Inspiron 5567 non-backlit keyboard with backlitted on

The connector will be there.  That said, this model is one of the growing number where replacing just the keyboard is far from a trivial exercise -- the keyboard, touchpad and palmrest are essentially a single, partially glued together assembly designed to be replaced as a single unit.
The service manual details the replacement process for the palmrest assembly -- but not just the keyboard, which isn't designed to be replaced separately.

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I have read that some touch-screen laptops support backlit keyboards. However, I am not completely positive this model can do so. I have not found any info on the Internet.

Thank you.

A:Does Dell Inspiron 3000 series 3567 support backlit keyboard?

On the Dell parts page for the Inspiron 3567, there is no reference to "backlit" in the keyboard descriptions =
KPP2C Keyboard, English-US, 101 Keys
JYP58 Keyboard, English-International, 101 Keys
JD8C7 Keyboard, French-English Bilingual, 101 Keys

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I have no idea how to turn on the backlit keyboard feature. There is a button (f10) which is supposed to turn it on, but when I press it nothing happens. Would appreciate some help here! Thanks. 

A:Just bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 - How do I turn on the backlit keyboard feature?


Contact Dell Technical Support and they can help with this issue. Since you have the sticker, if it's not working, the cable may have come loose.

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Hello all, I've recently purchased this laptop (Just out of best buy direct return policy) and It has remained docked at my desk since.  

I used the keyboard briefly during setup, but otherwise have been using my mechanical - well the other day I decided to use it and the backspace key popped up. Saw that the clips on the key itself were broken on one side.

I don't want to have to wait without my computer in hopes that this may be covered by warranty repair if I send it in, but I cannot find this keyboard anywhere but Ebay.

I would purchase it from ebay but the only sellers are located in hong kong and it would take quite a while and not be an assured fit.

Any ideas? Part number, etc? Basically I would just buy a new keyboard and take the backspace key off of it. 

I saw that theres a website for laptop replacement keys, but this particular model isn't listed. Is this keyboard shared with other models, just with either no backlight or with white text instead of red? I would accept a different kind of key if its the right size.

Thanks, sorry for the wall of text. Just wanting to get my keyboard back to new :-(

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Hi, I need some help on finding out whether it is possible to replace my current non-backlit keyboard with a backlit one. (Dell Latitude 3150, service tag:<Service Tag removed> and I have no idea if my laptop supports it)
Thanks in advance!

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yesterday i got the update info so i clicked on it to update my laptop but it wouldnt waited for couple of hours but it wouldnt. it didnt even begin it was at 0% for hours. so i forced turn it off... now the only things it shows is his dell logo and the black screen for 3 sec and then dell logo... pls help T.T

A:My dell inspiron 5559 wont start up and only shows the dell logo

Windows 10 is on the system?
In the meantime, power on system, wait about 3 minutes,  close the lid ( please don't power off), turn over the computer, remove AC adapter and then battery. Press the 'Power On" button for 15 seconds to release Static Flea Power. Replace battery, adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully system start normally.

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Hello group,
I'm having trouble turning off the keyboard backlight in my Dell Inspiron 15-5559 with windows 10. All the self-help sites tell me to go to windows mobility center and do it from there, but there's no keyboard option in mobility center. Also, the backlight will sometimes go on and off all by itself when I'm not even touching the laptop. Am I missing a driver or something?

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recently i bought Inspiron 5559 i5 -6200u laptop, and i want to know if my laptop has back lit keyboardI have tried the fn and f10 buttons with right arrow and it seems that it isn't working, how can i know if my lap top has back lit keybord

A:Back lit keyboard on inspiron 5559 i5

Thank you for writing to us!
The system ( Inspiron 5559 ) can be upgraded to the backlit keyboard.

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The wifi just shows with an x in front, I tried to see what the problem was and it said to turn off wifi capability. I've tried many things, I even reset the computer hoping that would help.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559

You tried pressing the Fn + PrtScr keys on Keyboard to turn on WIFI ?

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My new Inspiron 5559 suddenly freezes and I can do nothing. I have to power down and get it back again. In between the screen blanks too.

I purchased a new one just one month back.

A:Dell Inspiron 5559

Start with the Dell diagnostics -- F12 at powerup.

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There is an obvious bulge in the keyboard.  This seems to be due to backlight wires against the keyboard.  There is height difderence around keys 9, O and L.  The keyboard is also flimsy around 8, I, K. Because of the void between keyboard and base.
Has anyone found a fix? I called Dell who said this is not a technical malfunction and all keys on the keyboard is working. As such tech support didnt help me.  I called the vendor who told me to call Dell's tech support.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5559

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id and the image of the keyboard.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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I want to know the manufacturer of the hard disk of Inspiron 5559 ......????????As I bought one from two weeks and I found that the brand of hard disk is Toshiba from 2006??????Is it right??????Or some thing wrong

A:Dell Inspiron 5559

Could be Toshiba, WD (HGST) or Seagate (Samsung).  Some have easily decoded manufacture dates, while others do not.
Large capacity (1T and up) drives didn't exist in 9.5 mm or slimmer format in 2006, so it's not that old.

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Hi ,
I have i 3 weeks old dell and while watching a movie the imagine froze and after restarting it fron button the laptop is not staring.
I tried removing battery , a triend staring it withiout battery.
The LED battery in front blinks 4 times white 2 times orange in sequence and nothing happens?
Is it the motherborad? What is the problem i realy like and all my docs are now in this laptop .
Any ideeas?

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I have the Dell Inspiron 5559 for a while and working perfectly.
One day the shortcut keys in the keyboard stopped working (volume up, down, mute, etc.).
I didn't find any relevant driver in the site and updating all other drivers didn't help.
I'm running windows 10.
Any idea about what can i do about it?


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Hi everyone,
I have an Inspiron 15-5559 laptop and I've been trying to turn OFF the backlight on the keyboard but none of the methods were successful.
Here are all the things that I tried:
1. Pressing Fn+10, as well as just F10 while the Fn key is locked. Keyboard backlight stays on. 
2. Installed Quickset, same as above.
3. Installed DFEP 2.2 Utility (after uninstalling Quickset), same as above again. 
4. Changing the settings in BIOS in the Keyboard Illumination section.
All of the above will allow me to change the settings on the software side, whether it's selecting OFF/50%/100% brightness, or ON/OFF, or on-screen slider. None of them actually changes the keyboard backlight brightness.
Please give me a hand on how to turn off the keyboard backlight. Thanks.

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I have recently purchased Inspiron 14" 5459 in India. This comes with a non-backlit keyboard.
Is there a way to get it upgraded to Backlit Keyboard? If yes, can this be done via Dell Support or I'll have to procure the OEM part on my own and replace?


A:Inspiron 5459 Keyboard upgrade to Backlit Keyboard

Have the same laptop and the same question in mind. Let me know if u find a solution to it.
Thanks mate!

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Good Morning,
We have the laptop for several months and we began to have problem with it last week, LCD do't turn on, and the front light of the laptop flash 2 orange and 7 white ?
If I plug and exrernal monitor on the HDMI port it works. !
1- I did the test  by pressing the D key when powering on the laptop  and I see the colors 
2- I ran the Diag  from F12  and received error 2000-0415 validation 119822
3- I updated the bios
4- I updated the video driver 
In the system information of the bios it says 
Panel type = Unknown Panel
Native resolution = 0 by 0
What can I do, sometimes removing and putting back  the battery will cure the problem for 1 boot, next time nothing !?

Best Regards,


A:Dell Inspiron 5559 blank LCD

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id
To private message: please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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i recently have problem with my usb 2.0, sometimes usb 2.0 is working but sometimes is not working, how i solve that problem ?


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Is the display screen removable so it can be used as a tablet?

A:Dell Inspiron 5559 laptop

Hi Darlula,
As this is a notebook and not a tablet, the display cannot be removed and used. It is part of the system.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address, if you have any query.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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brand new corei5 6200u inspiron 5550 is not charging....
plug off battery and replaced not solved
update bios not solved
any one knows how to solve >>>

A:New Dell inspiron 5559 plugged in not charging...

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
The troubleshooting steps performed by you indicates that the battery might be faulty.
Please private message us the service tag of the system in discussion.
Kindest Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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     I recently bought Dell inspiron 15 5559 laptop. It is i7-6500u @ 2.50GHz  2.60GHz with 8Gb ram. The problem I have is it freezes a lot. It even freezes while watching a movie or browsing chrome. I've run the Dell online diagnostics tool as well as system diagnostics but it passed every test without any problems.Some times it wont freeze for a long time and sometimes it would freeze a lot.
I would be thankful for the help.

A:Brand new Dell Inspiron 15 5559 freezes

You need to start gathering info about the exact circumstances when the problems are occurring.  Is it after a restart or some other event?  Can you tell if the hard drive is working?
Use the Performance page of Task Manger and watch the Drive and CPU usage.  You might open the Resource Monitor and do the same thing.
There are many utilities on my new system put there by Dell.  Also anti-virus and indexing or even log writing utilities can cause high activity on systems.
Basically, just try to be aware of what is happening with the system and if you can tie it to a circumstance or time.  Check the Event Viewer to see if there are recurring errors/warnings.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 that, when you press the power button goes for a good 10-15 seconds before anything lights up... I did switch out the original 1tb HDD for a 1tb ssd but there has always been a delay before the bios shows up

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Hello, i have on my display (monitor) two white rings . it looks like the shining lights in the background ...
Do you think that display ist KO?

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I just bought a brand new Inspiron 15 5559 that comes with Windows 10 Version 1511 and I want to upgrade or swap the HD with an SSD.  I did some reading, a lot of reading and I found mixed replies some which were not applicable to me.  The main issues that remain are as follows:
1. Can I plug the SSD on this model to the optical drive?  Is the optical drive Sata 2 or 3?  Or should I plug it into the HD slot?

2.  How do I go about transferring Windows, drivers, etc to the SSD?

Any help and extra tips or advice is appreciated as well!!!

I thank you in advance...

A:Dell Inspiron 5559 (i7 6500U, 8GB RAM) Upgrading to SSD

1.  Only if you can find an adapter for one (Dell doesn't produce one, so you'll have to look third-party).
The optical drive is SATA 3G, so you won't get the maximum impact out of an SSD.  Better would be to replace the HDD with a 2.5" SSD and move the hard drive to an adapter if you can find one.
2.  There are cloning utilities (Macrium Reflect, Acronis TrueImage) you can use to clone the existing setup to the new drive.  NEVER boot the system for the first time with both drives attached.  Shut down after cloning and remove the original drive leaving only the new one.  Once you've successfully booted Windows, you can reinstall the new drive and format it for storage.

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Sir I have bought Inspiron 5559 a year back and now its display is flickering and showing green and pink colours. My laptop warranty is yet not expired. Also the flickering is there while starting my laptop and the dell logo appear and even in BIOS diagnosis. My laptop's service tag is J9X7DC2. Please fix the display issue.uh

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Machine Currently running with Win 7 Pro from DELL.  It supposedly also has Win 10 PRO option, but I see no read me files on how to upgrade. The DVD included with laptop says "Windows 10 PRO 64 bit - USE THIS DISK ONLY TO REINSTALL THE OPERATING SYSTEM"
The Dell tech on the Chat told me to use the DVD and boot off of that. Now computer wont run on anything!
PXE - E61 Media test failure, check cable.
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM No boot device found.

A:How do I activate Windows 10 Pro that came with new Dell Inspiron 5559?

Very confusing question. What machine is running windows 7? Did you order a new computer with windows 7? The free upgrade to windows 10 will work and you will not need to activate it. Don't boot to the dell disk. That is for reinstalling windows 10 not upgrading. Just upgrade the normal way by booting to windows 7 on the new machine and open your browser and go to the upgrade site. Here-
Windows 7 must be running to get the free upgrade. Do not do a clean install You would not be able to activate a clean install. 

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Dell inspiron 5559 laptop show nothing some times ,i try plug monitor to it and it show normal desktop then after restart it work normally i think it the lcd ,but why its not happen all the time,maybe lcd power ,how to fix that

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Helloi've got Three Dell Inspiron 5559 with "factory hard disk" (no solid state drive).Windows 10 in always in 90-100% disk usageI've stopped Windows Update, Transfer background Service, Superfetch, Startup Optimiziation, Windows Search.. but the problem is still here.
Any suggestion?

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My new Dell Inspiron 5559 crashes overnight while I am logged out. I come in to a Windows recovered from a crash message. I have installed WinDBG, and it always reports:
BugCheck 1E, {0, 0, 0, 0}
then (after the rest of the analysis):
Probably caused by : Rt64win7.sys ( Rt64win7+1dd04 )
Probably caused by : Rt64win7.sys ( Rt64win7+1d836 )
I suspect they're the same error, of course, with different memory addresses.
I've run system cleans (ccleaner), uninstalled all questionable software (McAfee and Norton), and reinstalled different versions of the RT network drivers.
Any other ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 5559 - BSOD Overnight

The Realtek ethernet driver is causing the crash.  Are you running the latest version (check support.dell.com for an update)?

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This laptop is less than a year old (OS: Windows 10) and is getting the "plugged in not charging error." The unknown AC watt error pops up when booting the laptop and I have to unplug the adapter just to get to the desktop. The AC adapter will sustain the battery although it obviously drains over time when being used, but slowly. The AC adapter and battery are those which came with the laptop. Also, the backlight for the screen and LED light on the laptop do work when I plug in the adapter.
I have tried the following:
- BIOS reset- BIOS update- BIOS Diagnostic Test & Dell Diagnostic Test- Blowing into DC Jack- Testing a new Dell brand/approved ac adapter- Testing a new Dell brand/approved battery- and basically anything else Dell has suggested through its troubleshoot suggestions
Any other thoughts here? Next step is to contact technical support as the laptop is under warranty. 

A:Dell Inspiron 5559 (New) Plugged in Not Charging

Contact Dell for warranty support - one of three things is bad:  the adapter, the DC jack in the system, or the mainboard.   The warranty will cover the repair (assuming it's not due to a physically damaged adapter or DC jack).

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I have tried everything I cant think of.  All internet searches and dell documentation seems to indicate:
Alt + PrtScr should capture the active window.
PrtScr works and captures the entire screen.
Alt is working (alt+ctrl+delete)
I have tried both alt buttons.
This laptop is only a couple months old and I am assuming it has never worked as this is the first time I have attempted to capture just the active window.
I use this regularly at work and it is clearly not working on my home laptop
What am I missing?

A:DELL INSPIRON 15 5559 Alt+PrtScr Not Working

I'd suggest you press PrtScr key + windows logo key to capture the entire screen. I also suggest using the Snipping tool on the system as well. Please type Snipping Tool onto the [Cortana] search box, you'll see the tool.
How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 (Print Screen ...

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Inspiron 17R SE (7720): Is it possible to manually enable/disable the backlit keyboard ? Is it possible to program it via software driver ?

A:Inspiron 17R SE - Backlit Keyboard

Welcome to the Community. The F6 key is  - Keyboard back light on/off and brightness control.
If you are using the Function keys. Press < Fn >< F6 > once to turn on the keyboard back light. Press < Fn >< F6 > second time to decrease the brightness of the keyboard back light and pressing < Fn >< F6 > for the third time turns off the keyboard back light.
Thank you.

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I'm running windows 10.  The touchpad on my new Dell laptop has ceased to function.  There is no touchpad tab in the Mouse Advanced Settings Options.  I've downloaded the touchpad driver.  There is no Fn key associated with the touchpad.  Anyone know how I can get this working?  It worked when I first purchased the laptop one month ago.

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I brought this Dell Inspiron 5559 with Service Tag: <Service tag removed> Express Service Code: <Express service code removed>  with windows 10 home Prelaoded from Costco.I checked all the ports that time except blue tooth one as i didn't had blue tooth speakers that time.Now i got a Bose sound link mini ll and i paired with laptop .but the audio breaks in between and its not having range even i stand between the speaker and laptop it breaks.But my I phone works superb with this speakers even in other room !!. I updated all the drivers and ran a diagnostics still issue is not resolved.I contacted customer care but they are not able to help me .Does anyone faced this type of issue ?I think its a hard ware issue and next time i won't buy nor recommend Dell .

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I have a new dell inspiron 5559 which I bought two weeks ago I had a problem with the fan that was really loud for no reason and after doing that for a few days the laptop started to shut down when gaming due to overheating.
I sent it to the lab due to it being on warranty and they replaced the fan and the heatsink.
After I recived it I wanted to play the game I was playing last mounth - Foootball Manger 17 and it shut down again.
I ran a few tests and discovered that when the AMD GPU is on it's stating temp goes immediately with a straight line from 0C to 50C which is not normal I believe. It also shuts down while I performed A GPU stress test.
All my drivers are the latest so I figure the problem could be with the thermo detector or the thermal paste they applied in the lab.

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My three-week-old Inspiron 5559 will not recognize USB recovery media received from Dell. I have been working with Concierge for three weeks on this system. They insisted I reinstall the OS from USB, but not even Concierge can get the system to recognize the USB key that they mailed to me. Is there a problem with the USB key or with the USB port on the computer? Or is there a trick to using the recovery media that is unknown even to Dell's highest level of support?

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